Feeling constantly triggered and overwhelmed with stress? For many of us, it’s never been easier to feel buried by the weight of the world, the challenges our loved ones are facing, plus our own personal issues that just don’t seem to end. That’s why Ginger, Jai and Erin wanted to let you in on some of their everyday stressors, share the keys that will help you overcome yours, and remind you that no matter what surrounds you, peace is possible.

are you ready to open your entire

life to jesus

i mean are you really ready to get in

and put everything out before him

and say okay lord if there’s anything

i’m doing that you don’t like

oh yeah we’re going there



if there’s anything i’m doing that you

don’t like

if you’ll show me and help me

i’ll be willing to

sacrifice it to have more of you

in my life you see god never takes ask

us to give up

anything if he doesn’t intend to replace

it with more of himself


and the things that we cling to are the

things that make us miserable

we think it’s what we need but it’s like

a mirage

it’s like that person out in the desert

who thinks they see water and when they

get there it’s not water at all

you know we see these things oh i gotta

have that oh my god oh man i gotta have


and then we wonder why we still stay


i appeal to you to make a decisive

dedication so it’s a decision

that’s a dedication and bring yourself

as a living sacrifice

yes the word sacrifice is in the bible

as a living sacrifice he doesn’t want

dead sacrifices anymore he had those

under the old covenant

now he wants living sacrifices

they’re going to get out in the world

and show people what it’s really like

to have an intimate relationship with

god through christ

and what it’s really like to be full of

the life of

god okay

so you want to go there with me right

all right now

we’re going to break this up into four

segments this weekend

tonight i’m going to talk to you about

being spiritually healthy

because if your spirit is not

right none of the rest of you is ever

going to get right

and then throughout the weekend i’m

going to talk about

your body i’m not going to tell you what

meeting i’m going to do these in because

if i do you’ll decide that you don’t

want some of them

because i’m going to really just kind of

mess around in stuff that’s probably

none of my business but we’re going to

go there anyway like

eating and sleeping

and we’re just gonna cover everything

this weekend because you see god wants

us to dedicate

all of it i said he wants us to dedicate

all of it

not just some part but all of it so to

be spiritually healthy

obviously the first thing we need is to

receive christ as our savior

that’s the beginning and so

what does it mean to be born again

well you’re born again

inside your spirit is made new

god comes to live in your spirit

and you become the home of god now that

to me is just an amazing thing

and we’ll talk about that a little bit

more when we talk about the body

god lives in you as a believer

but i’m particularly fond of first john

3 9

and so we’re going to share that in

talking about

the new birth no one born of god

are born again deliberately

knowingly and habitually practices sin

now it doesn’t say he never sins

but it says you don’t habitually

knowingly purposely

live a lifestyle of sin

you can’t do that anymore if you’re

truly born again and if somebody says to

you that they’re a christian

and they’re doing that then something’s


because you get a new nature god’s

nature comes to dwell

in you you get a new heart and so you

just cannot

keep doing all the things that everybody

in the world does

can’t keep doing all kinds of ungodly

things because

and it’s not even because it’s wrong and

god doesn’t want you to do it you just

can’t do it because it’s not your nature

to keep doing it anymore


and so you you can’t be happy with it

now i’m not saying that you never sin of

course you sin and there may be things


are bondages in our lives that it takes

us a while to

get free from and you know we make

allowances for all those things

but i’m just saying that if you’re

really born again

then you can’t just live in sin

and just be happy with it

you just can’t i mean if you thought you

were miserable

in your sin before you were born again

you just get god living on the inside of

you and keep it up and see how miserable

you can get



he cannot continue to live that kind of

life because god’s nature abides in him

now i love the way the amplified bible

puts this

his principle of life the divine sperm

remains permanently within him

and he cannot practice sinning because

he is born

or begotten of god now

now what’s this divine sperm thing now

we all know that when a woman gets


the sperm of her husband is planted in

her womb

and she becomes pregnant with a child

now i’m real fond of this

because this is putting it about as

plain as it can be

jesus as far as looking at this

would be the son of god the divine sperm

of god

when you’re born again he comes to live

in you

he’s planted in the womb of your spirit

and i love to say it this way i’m not

trying to be

cute or weird or anything else but i

think when you’re born again

you become pregnant so to speak with

everything that god is

he’s in you joy is in you peace is in

you righteousness is in you

holiness is in you you are just

you are so full of good things

you are amazing


and many of you don’t even know it yet

you don’t even know how amazing you are

the anointing is in you the presence of

god is in you

power is in you

i mean you’ve got what it takes

to live an amazing life and to do

amazing things but the devil doesn’t

want you to know it

so see no matter what you have and i’m

telling you you got it

if you’re born again you got it i got a


song that i teach people i got it i got


i really really got it i got it i got it

i’m not much of a singer but there you

have it

you let that jingle get in your head and

you’ll walk around and sing and i like


i really really got it

and that’s better than looking for it

all your life


see that doesn’t even work i’m looking

for it i’m looking for it

i’m really really looking forward i’m

looking forward i’m looking for it

i mean that just wears me out even

trying to sing it

but when i say i got it i got it i

really really got it


and see you you’ve got it

god is abiding in you and so when he

comes everything he is comes

but just like when a woman gets pregnant

she gets all excited

just like a born again


and but when she’s first pregnant one of

the things that people say is well you

sure don’t look pregnant

well that’s what people say to us a lot

of times when we first start serving god

while you

you don’t look any different you haven’t

changed you’re no different

but see god sees the end from the


and everything that he does comes as a


come on and as you

water it with the word

this just gets so exciting as you water

it with the word

and the sun shines on you

yeah you got it and then pretty soon you

know what people say i see it

i see it i really really see it


and that’s what we want we don’t want to

just know we’ve got it but nobody else

believe we’ve got it

we want people to see god

working through us and that comes from

doing just what you’re doing here


that comes from spending time in the

word spending time worshiping god

spending time just in an anointed


and trusting that god is working in you

and changing you

from glory to glory amen give god a big



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