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all of Galatians is really about the

fact that when Jesus died we were set

free from the Old Testament law not the


law not the civic law but all of the uh


U the ceremonial laws all of the

sacrifices that had to be made I last

night I read just a handful of things

and we just saw that it just

you know when when a legalistic person

gets a hold of something that’s even a

truth and they start turning it into a

law it just like the Ten Commandments

I’ve been told the legalists eventually

turned it into 2200 rules and

regulations that people had to follow I


cannot there’s no way that we can fully

understand what Jesus did for us when he

was on the cross and he said it is

finished and he meant that old whole old

system was finished that we no longer

had to serve God under the law we didn’t

have to be

afraid uh every time we made a mistake

that God was going to punish us that we

didn’t have to live under guilt and

condemnation that something new was

happening now called the dispensation of

Grace and that we’re saved by grace and

grace alone not by keeping the law now

that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to

keep the law not the ceremonial law but

we know we we still can’t kill people

and we can’t lie we can’t steal and

there’s lots of things that the law said

that were really good but the problem

was was they had no ability to keep it

no matter how many they kept under that

legalistic system if they missed it in

one thing they were guilty of all of it

and so no matter how hard they tried

they could never

really have peace with God through

keeping the rules and the regulations so

this should have been like unbelievably

good news to them and it was for

many people that Paul was preaching to

had been Idol worshippers they were

Gentiles not Jews and so you know

sometimes if you haven’t learned

something it’s much easier to learn the

new thing than if you’ve got to unlearn

the old thing first and then learn the

new thing you know for example if you

grew up in a


legalistic religious denomination how

many of you did you grew up in something

that was just very legalistic okay well

you know that all those things that you

were told for years and years and years

that you couldn’t do that you’d be

punished if you did them that God would

be mad at you them you didn’t just get

over that overnight it took a long time

to get over that I grew up with a

tremendous amount of guilt and my dad

was always

angry because he was angry he took his

anger out on everybody else and you

never knew what he was angry about he

was just angry so the whole game in our

house was to keep dad from getting upset


so I went into my relationship with God

like that and I felt guilty every single

time that I didn’t do everything exactly

the way that I thought it should have

been done how many of you know what I’m

talking about there well here’s the one

thing I want to say to you this

morning I want to get you to the point

today where you can be completely

comfortable with

God I mean like when you’re hanging out

with God like you put on

your women probably right to this a

little bit better but your most comfy

fuzzy PJs and you’re snuggled up in your

most comfortable chair and you know we

we can just be ourselves with God we

don’t have to be rigid and legalistic

and follow rules and regulations I you

know most people if you get down to the

laws that we create for ourself we make

a law out of reading the

Bible you’re told read your Bible read

your Bible every day read your Bible

every day well I think it’s better to

say study the word every day and

sometimes the word that you need to

study comes from a different book that’s

got the Bible in it but also explains

some things about it well last night I

said you know what I didn’t read my

Bible this

morning and you should have heard the

silence in this

room here I’m coming to pray you didn’t

read you didn’t read your

Bible now there would have been a time

when I would have made myself do it even

though it really wasn’t what I wanted to

read but I would have made myself do it

because if I wouldn’t have done it I

would have felt guilty all day if I

didn’t do it but instead I’m reading a

book right now that I’m really enjoying

about how to hear from God and that was

what I felt led by the Holy Spirit to

study yesterday morning now I did get


to reading my Bible later in the day

studying for what I was going to do last

night but I just thought it was

interesting the reaction I got when I

said I didn’t read my Bible this

morning so we get these things we that

we need to read the Bible every day we

need to go to church every week we need

to maybe do a few good works you know be

nice to somebody whatever and if we get

our three or four check marks on our God

calendar then God’s not mad at us but

the whole thing is is we miss the whole

thing because he doesn’t want us to be


I’m not telling you not to read your

Bible but I am telling you that if you

don’t do it every single day as long as

you get the word of God in you in some

form or fashion then you’re still okay

you don’t have to you don’t you don’t

have to pray one hour every day so God’s

not mad at you you know people can take

that can you not pray with me one hour

and at one time there was a whole big

movement that went all across the the

the world about everybody praying one

hour a day

well if any of you were like me you

really didn’t have an hour’s worth of

anything to say but you made up stuff

and bored yourself and talked in circles

and anything just to say that you got in

your hour because then you come on is

anybody with me you know

know what I’m talking about I remember

an intercessor came to our church one

time and talked about how she prayed

four hours every day from starting at

4:00 in the morning you know that woman

seems so spiritual and she seemed to

have such a strong anointing on her so I

decided that if I did what she

did come on now if I did what she did

then I would have that same anointing

that she had but that’s not true God

doesn’t want you to do what somebody

else does he wants you to do what he

wants you to do for


and then his anointing and power comes

on you because of your obedience to him

but you know what when you start being

led by the spirit it gets a little bit

scary because you’re going to be led

outside those lines of just following

rules and regulations and that’s when

you’re going to be free and that’s when

you’re going to be comfortable with God

I spent years where I felt guilty all

the time I mean I I didn’t even know

what I felt guilty about I just felt

something’s wrong with me I just I felt

guilty and if I didn’t feel guilty I

felt like that was a sin because surely

I should have been feeling guilty about

something and can I tell you something


now I don’t ever feel

guilty that’s worse than not reading my

Bible yesterday morning right what you

never feel guilty no not really you know

why because God has taught me and it

took so long for me to get this but he’s

taught me that it’s a total waste of

time and all our feelings of guilt are

is us trying to pay for what Jesus has

already paid for when you sin and God

convicts you of it you agree with him

you don’t give excuses you

repent which means you’re not only sorry

but you want to turn away from that and

not do it again you realize that you’re

not going to succeed by yourself so

don’t ever promise God you won’t do this

I do this again go God I promise if

you’ll just forgive me God I’ll never do

this again yes you

will you will the only way that you

might not do it again is if you say God

I’m going to do this again unless you

help me because I cannot do this by

myself I need you to work through


amen so Paul had his handsful because he

was trying to teach these Gentiles that

they everything came to them through


not through works of the law but they

were saved by grace through faith

everything that we get from God is by


grace through our faith so all this good

stuff can be there but if you don’t

trust God for it you still won’t get

it g we don’t need Jesus to

go do anything else for us he’s already

done it all what we need is to believe

in what he’s already

done and learn how to receive it through

following the leadership of the Holy

Spirit and being promptly obedient to

God just because we’re not under the law

doesn’t mean that we’re still not

required to be obedient to God but now

he’s given us a heart of want to not of

have to let me read you a little story

this is this is

what hopefully I find my story

quick and if not I’ll find it slow and


wait here it is Bill was a man who’

lived an especially Wicked and sinful

life a friend of his said bill I feel so

sorry for you having to give up all

those things that you enjoyed now that

you become a

Christian and Bill replied oh I can get

drunk anytime I want

to I can see any kind of movie I want to

I can

gamble I can treat people bad anytime I

want to his friend looked at him very

puzzled and said well how can you do all

those things to be a Christian and Bill

said oh you don’t understand I don’t do

them anymore because I don’t want to God

gave me a new want

to and see God God doesn’t want me to go

to church every week because I’m afraid

I’m going to get in trouble with him if

I don’t he wants me to go because I want

to he doesn’t want me to study his word

because because I’m going to get in

trouble with him if I don’t he wants me

to do it because I want to well the

truth is is God has given you a new want

to but if you keep living in the realm

of have to you’re never going to get

around to finding out what you really

want to do and the truth is you want to

do everything right you want to please

God you want to be good otherwise you

wouldn’t be taking a Saturday morning

sitting here listening to me all day so

you don’t have to feel bad about

yourself God is proud of you he’s

pleased with you you’re not where you

need to be but thank God you’re not

where you used to be you’re somewhere in

the middle you’re on your way and that’s

okay here’s the good news it’s okay that

you haven’t

arrived it’s

okay that you haven’t arrived at the

place of perfection yet

and I don’t want to depress you but as

long as you’re in a fleshly body you



sorry you’re always going to make

mistakes until Jesus comes and gets us

out of here but none of us are surprised

to God he knew what he was getting when

he took us

on Amen all he cares about is that

you’re making

progress that’s all he cares about all

he cares about is that you care about

what he thinks and so because you care

and you do or you wouldn’t be here he’s

pleased what must I do to please God

this is the work that God requires of

you that you believe in the one whom he

has sent