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afind your strength and walk in Freedom

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Ministries I do what I do because I’ve

seen God’s power transform my own life

and he will do it for you the key to

everything is found in God’s

word I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe that

God can heal you everywhere you hurt


you know why God doesn’t tell us a lot

of stuff because to be

honest mystery is what makes life

exciting Now Dave and I kind of have a

thing we’re a little turned around

backwards he watches Hallmark movies all


time and I I

just God bless them but

I I don’t do well with something that

five minutes after it starts I know how

it’s going to

end I I don’t do good with

that and with Hallmark I don’t know if

you notice or not but the kiss always

comes at the last

scene you wait the whole thing to see

this one kiss at the last

minute I like Mysteries I like something

that’s going to keep me kind of on the

edge of my seat

and I was thinking about that the other

day I think that’s part of the reason

why God doesn’t tell us all this stuff

we’d like to know because there are

Mysteries the mystery of the ages is

Christ in me the hope of

glory how many of you agree God’s a

little mysterious he doesn’t you know I

mean you can ask him anything you want

to but a lot of stuff he’s not going to

answer you and some of the stuff you ask

you probably better be happy he’s not

answering you because you might not like

what you find

out well God why did this

happen well because you blah blah blah

blah believe you have received

it and you will get

it can’t tell you exactly when that’s

where the test of faith comes in at

But Here Comes really the most important

part of this that we haven’t dealt with

much this weekend verse 25

and see we get all excited about praying

you’re going to get it yeah wo

Glory tell the mountain to move and it

has to move woo

Jesus I feel the Holy


and when you stand and praying if you

hold anything against anyone forgive

them well where’s the noise at


now man it got deathly quiet in

here I didn’t hear one

amen not one


not one person even quietly agreed with

me this is one of the most important

scriptures in the

Bible and when you stand praying if you

have anything against

anyone anything against anyone you don’t

even get to be mad at the post



them yeah now you’re getting

it forgive them so that your father in

Heaven May forgive you your

sins well now

look what are we going to make out of

that other than what it says if I don’t

forgive you God’s not going to forgive

me whoa that’s

scary isn’t that what it says do you do

you know how many Christians there are

that are

mad if I would ask and I won’t I won’t

bother because I’ve done it enough that

I already

know if I would ask how many of you are

mad at somebody the there’s a good 60 to

80% of the people in this room right now

that are mad at

somebody and then you’re going to want

to take the part of my message about

this praying and getting

everything and being powerful and in

prayer and defeating the devil we like

that stuff man it’s right the devil’s

not going to walk all over me

but then when it comes to forgiving that

person that hurt you you’re going to say

well that’s not that’s not right they

don’t they don’t deserve my

forgiveness well you know what even if

they don’t you deserve

peace did you hear

me let me ask which one of you in here

deserves God’s

forgiveness no you don’t


have you not learned anything there’s

not half the people in here Charles put

their hand

up we don’t deserve anything that God


us what we deserve to do is die and go



we don’t deserve God’s forgiveness but

he’s gracious and he’s kind and he’s

loving and he forgives

us and he expects

us to forgive other

people and he says if we don’t won’t


us well I could just say amen and go

home and leave you with that and see

what you do with

it well you just don’t know what they

did to

me well I know what my dad did to me and

I know that my life was going nowhere

till I forgave


and I’ll tell you something that’ll help

you do

that remember this this helped me when

God told me this hurting people hurt

people my dad had something all messed

up in his

life he grew up in an incestuous

situation and to be honest I think he

was demon-possessed

he told me when he was 80 when he

finally apologized to me he was


80 and he carried that burden around

with him his whole

life and this is what he told me he said

there’s no

way when you were

young and I was young that I could have

there’s no way I could have prevented

myself from doing what I did to you

you he was

controlled now that

doesn’t make it

okay it doesn’t make it


but we can be

merciful I mean would you rather be

merciful or be mad merciful

and here again this is where we get in

trouble you say I’ve tried to forgive

them but this is where the we get all

mixed up with the feelings thing again

you can pray God in Jesus name I forgive

them Lord I forgive them I want to

forgive them help me to forgive them I

forgive them and then the next time you

see them you want to punch them in the

face so now listen to me because when

you see them you don’t Fe feel any

differently about them you assume that

you didn’t forgive


them I’m not leaving till you get

this but if you make a

decision and you do what God tells you

to you pray to forgive

them and then you pray for them

to be

blessed oh my

god well I’ll be honest with you I told

God I don’t want them to be

blessed but see here’s the thing when

you pray for God to bless somebody

that’s hurt you that doesn’t mean he’s

going to give them a new car and a new

house the first thing he may bless them

with is some



truth and then I’m about to tell you how

to add some real power to your

life you want me to tell

you that person who hurt you who treated


unjustly that you’re now praying for and

you’re blessing them even though it’s

hard and you may be still don’t feel any

differently about them

but you keep saying I did my part I did

what God told me to do see our part is

obedience God’s part is the

feelings but no

wait now if you want to add some real

power to your life


if they need help you help


them let’s just say Charles you Pastor

of this church here for all these years

and you’ve worked so hard and let’s say

somebody on your staff and this is not

going to happen I’m just making stuff up


not somebody on your staff that you

trusted and loved and

mentored goes behind your back and they

stir up strife and so they leave and

take about 60 70 people with them and

start a church down the

street well man that’s going to hurt

hurt hurt and the first temptation is

going to be to get mad mad

mad but I tell you what you could do you

could buy him a sound

system you’re not smiling

yet I’m talking about do you want to

know how to break the devil’s power over


life you buy them a sound system and you

pray for God to bless them just as much

as he wants

to and don’t think for one minute that

anybody can mistreat you and

succeed now come on you got me going in

a different direction than what I’m

supposed to be going in

here God says if we obey him he will be

an enemy to our enemy


when God taught me

this I felt like I had found a secret

bomb bless your enemies the Bible says

Be Good to those who have used you and

abused you that’s what it says Luke 6

be good to them bless

them if your enemy is thirsty give them

something to drink if he’s hungry give

him something to

eat meet his need help

him if you work with somebody that’s

just been a jerk to

you and let’s just say you hear the

engine in their car blew


their car is going to be in the shop for

a month

and they don’t know how they’re going to

get to work they’re going to have to

take public

transportation well what if what if you

offer to go out of your way and pick

them up every morning and take them home


night I love these patty cake things I



W oh that would

hurt that would be so

hard but every time you do the right

thing when it feels

wrong you’re


growing you’re

growing and I am not joking one bit I

have done this and I want to tell you

what the minute that you do it you are


free you said I just can’t do that yes


can because the Bible wouldn’t tell us

to do it if we couldn’t do it there’s

nothing that God tells us to do that we

can’t do and everything that God tells

us to do is for our


but now remember what I said about the

feelings cuz that’s the thing that mixes

people up about this forgiveness stuff

you think because you don’t feel any

different that you didn’t forgive them

so you keep going to the altar one more

time get in prayer to be able to forgive

somebody you need to say I did forgive

them God I sincerely prayed to forgive

them I’m praying for them I’m praying

for you to bless them if they need help

you show me and I’ll help them and I

will tell you what it won’t take very

long and your feelings will catch up

with your

decision oh that was worth you coming

today and I could give you examples from

my own life but I really want to go on


so yeah that’s a great scripture in Mark

11 whatever you ask

for believe that you have received it

and you will get it


woo God is so good

and whenever you’re

praying if you have

anything anything against

anyone forgive them leave it and let it

go so that you’re having father May

forgive you your sins and

trespasses I want to tell you

what this thing I’m talking you about

right now this is why the church is so

weak I’ve been reading the book of

Acts and I know this because I’ve read

it before but the reason why they had

such Miracles and such power was because

they were in


they weren’t all mad at each other and

hating each other they all sold all

their stuff and they had everything in

common and they made sure that nobody

had needs they were taking care of each

other they were sacrificing for each

other I mean back in those days if you

lied to the Holy Ghost you fell over

dead well we could probably use a little

bit of that today you know why and I’m

not joking because you know what’s

missing the fear of

God I’ll tell you something and I’m

telling you the honest of God’s truth I

would be where I’m at in my life right

now and what God is letting me do I am

well aware the devil hates

me and I can’t play games and even stay

alive and I would be afraid to stay mad

at somebody

you know why because I know

better and I would open a door for the

enemy to do me harm now you may not

agree with that but I’m telling you

that’s I that’s what I believe I believe

that we are responsible for what we

know we are responsible for what we

know to know what is right to do and to

do it not it is

sin and you know I talk to you like this

because I care about

you oh I hope and pray before I die I

can see the church in


power I wish that people were afraid to


God in a right way not afraid that God

will hurt you but just having that

reverential respect and

a that God is so awesome and mighty and

so powerful

I was reading this morning yesterday

morning something about


when when God was on the mountain giv

the Commandments to Moses that nobody

could even touch the

mountain if an animal even went near the

mountain they would

die because God’s

holiness was there and when God appeared

in that burning bush to Moses he said

take the shoes off your feet because the

ground you stand on is Holy

Ground and we go to church and sit there

and while the pastor preach and text our

friends get up and walk out during the

altar call climb all over the people

that need to be

saved see I can say what I want to now I

got 10 minutes I’m leaving

town and by the time I come back you’ll

love me


again it’s


true I mean we even need to tell people

how to

dress you know if you’re a woman

everybody doesn’t need to see

up your skirt and down your

blouse well it’s

fashion I remember trying on

a dress or something in a store and

there was a slit that came up to about


here and I said no that won’t work for

me and the lady said oh honey that looks

great on you that’s fashion I said it’s

not fashion I

work the Bible says Come Ye out from

among them and be separate it doesn’t

say go out there and be like

them and it is my personal opinion that

pastors need to tell people this

stuff because

honestly sometimes people just don’t

know their parents didn’t teach them

nobody’s taught them and we need to be

practical in the church and teach people

things that will keep them going in the


direction before you go out of your

house in the morning go look at yourself

in the


and say do I look like a Godly woman and

that doesn’t mean you I I dress

nice but I

don’t but you can be pretty and be

holy being holy doesn’t mean

you can’t wear any color and you can’t

wear any makeup and you can’t fix your


that’s all legalism and dead

religion Lord help me where am I at what

am I

do I don’t guess it matters now I got

seven minutes I might as well do what I





you know what you got

it I’m going to pray for you I’m going

to close

there’s no point in me saying anything

else you

got what God wanted you


to man if

some if if you just go out of here and

you just live a little bit of a better

life thank you it’s worth all the work



all that it’s worth

everything we serve such an awesome

God and we need to respect

him fear is everywhere and affects

everyone including me but with God’s

help I’ve learned how to move forward in

the presence of fear and do it afraid I

wrote this book because I want you to

experience the peace that Jesus died to

give you in these Pages you’ll learn how

to understand and confront fear and

change your mindset for lasting Freedom

if you open your heart to God he’ll help

you Embrace courage in the face of fear

find your strength and walk in Freedom

From Fear today when you order Joyce’s

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learn how God gave you a spirit of power

love and

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