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the first thing that jesus said to a lot

of the people that he encountered was

get up

make up your bed

and go home

and what he meant was get up get some

gumption shake that junk off decide

you’re not going to live like that


and let’s clean up the mess and leave no

evidence that you were ever in that kind

of a situation

well joseph decided

that he wasn’t going to stay in that pit

he decided that he was going to

shake it off

and he ended up

in the palace

second in charge

to only the pharaoh

you may not have anybody that

understands you may not have anybody


you think cares you may feel like you

are totally invisible in this earth but

let me tell you tonight and don’t you

ever forget it god sees you

he knows your name he’s got a plan for

you and if you will cry out to him and

believe just a little teeny teeny teeny

tiny bit it doesn’t even take much more

than a mustard seed of faith if you’ll

just believe just a little tiny bit

he’ll reach down in you there and he’ll

lift you up out of that pit and he’ll

set your feet on a rock

come on this is a night of hope

a night of hope the spirit of the lord

jesus said well this is isaiah talking

about the coming of the lord the spirit

of the lord is upon me

because he has anointed and qualified me

to preach the gospel

of good tidings to the meek the poor and

the afflicted he has sent me to heal the


to proclaim liberty to the physical and

spiritual captives and the opening of

the prison and of the eyes to those who



now you know just about the time you

begin to get just a little tiny bit of


someday you’ll be walking along and you

can kind of feel that pit trying to pull

you back in


i’ve spent enough time in that pit i’m

not coming back in again no thank you

you know i spent a lot of my life in


i felt sorry for myself because i’d been


and i just felt so sorry myself i felt

sorry myself because we didn’t have much


i felt sorry for myself you know blah

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

and when i started trying to serve god

and wanting to be a powerful woman of

god god said to me you can be pitiful or

powerful but you’re going to take your

pick because you can’t be both

you can’t be both and i’m throwing that

out to you tonight do you want to be

pitiful or do you want to be powerful

and if you want to be powerful then you

got to give up the pity god said i’ll

give you beauty for ashes but you can’t

keep the ashes and have the beauty

i guess i got to say tonight are you

willing to let go of some things are you

willing to let go of some attitudes are

you willing to stop feeling sorry for

yourself are you willing to

be bold and say if anybody can have

freedom i can have freedom and i’m not

going to shut up god until you bless me

let’s be like jacob i am not going to

let you go until you bless me i may have

a limp all my life but i’m going to limp

off with my blessings

isaiah 61 verse 7 i love this love it

love it instead of your farmer’s shame

you’ll have a twofold recompense instead

of dishonor and reproach your people

shall rejoice in their portion therefore

in their land they shall possess double


what they forfeited and everlasting joy

shall be theirs double for your trouble

why verse 8 for i the lord love justice

that’s just the bottom line god

loves justice now let me tell you

something i know that a lot of you have

been through a lot of rough things

but you can let it make you bitter or

you can let it make you better

and actually the things that i went


i had to make a choice at one point but

they’ve actually made me strong

i mean i am strong

strong inside i don’t quit

i don’t give up

if i got a goal

i’m going to go after it

i’m strong physically

i’m strong

and you can be strong

but sometimes

you got to go through some stuff and in

the middle of that going through you’ve

got to make a decision i’m not going to

park here at the point of my pain and

give up on life i am gonna go through

with god and i believe this is gonna

work out good



all right point number one


first point to the healing of your soul

you must receive god’s unconditional

perfect love for you

you receive it as a gift

you can’t deserve it you can’t earn it

and i don’t care what you do you cannot

keep god from loving you because love is

not something he does turns on and off

it is who he


who he is but if you have a revelation

not a teaching

come on we don’t need another teaching

we need a revelation

in our life

and the only way that a teaching that

i’m doing becomes revelation to you is

if you go home you take it you get out

your bible you look at it

you write things down

you got to put some effort into it you

you can’t just sit there and want

somebody else to download a victory into

your life

i mean we love free downloads well i’m

gonna tell you this is not a free

download tonight what i have to say here

tonight cost me

an unbelievable amount of pain and i’m

very happy to share it with you but i am

not offering you a free download what

i’m showing you is that you can have the

same thing that god has given so many

people if you’re willing to do the same

things that they did

come on get up make up your bed

it’s time to have a life

how many people here tonight need to

make a decision about going home and

beginning to just be a little more

tenacious about not letting the devil

walk all over you come on

man i just might get excited if i stay

up here long enough tonight

you are accepted

close your eyes and swallow this god

loves you unconditionally

he is not going to love you any more

when you behave better

god god will never love you any more

than he does at this moment right now

because he already loves you with a

perfect love




even though my mother and my father have

forsaken me the lord will take me up and

adopt me as his own child nobody in here

is an orphan we are sons and daughters

of the most high god


sons and daughters of the most high god

and i think sometimes it’s how we see

ourselves if you see yourself as broken

if you see yourself as an orphan then

you’re always going to be that and i

want to tell you something if you’re

still in the pit i know exactly how you

feel but i’m telling you this is your

night to come out when jesus walked up

to the tomb of lazarus he said come out


when king when the king went and opened

the door of the fiery furnace and he saw

not three men in there that went in but

he saw four because jesus is always with

you in your fiery furnace he said come


and when they came out they didn’t even

smell like smoke and i’m telling you

right now it’s time for you to come out

it’s time for you to stop living like

jesus never died for you and start

acting like the unbelievable amazing

human being that you are come on give

god a praise


if you want your soul to be healed

you have to receive

god’s forgiveness and that means that

you have to forgive yourself

now obviously we can’t forgive ourselves

for our sins but when we receive god’s

forgiveness receiving it means

that you take it and you let it go

and in essence

you forgive


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