Our words can affect us positivity or negatively, we should line up our words with what God says about us, don’t complain if you want to experience God’s goodness in your life.

i’ve kind of learned by experience that

i can increase or decrease my own joy

just by how i talk

anybody agree with that you can

you can just talk yourself into being


or you can actually

help yourself and make yourself better

now we were talking at the break about

how sad it is

that so many people know so little


the power of words

and how their words not only affect the

people around them

but how they affect

themselves and also how our words affect

our future

i believe

that we can kill god’s good plan for our

life just by continual wrong

talking now we all say things that are

wrong and thank god for mercy and

and he covers us in our mistakes and we

can be forgiven


to just be a negative person

who always finds the fault and the flaw

in everything

and always finds what’s wrong with


i mean it’s going to leave you very sour

and unhappy

and it’s going to really hurt your

future now i’m just going to assume that

nobody here is like that

but we’re just going to call this like

an insurance policy today

i just want to preach this message just

in case you ever would be tempted to be

like that

that maybe you’d remember this and i was

not kidding when i said i was going to

preach to myself

you know i am a talker

and the more people talk the more likely

they are to get into trouble

sometimes i’m just jealous of those nice

quiet people

now i don’t know what’s going on inside


and that can also be a huge problem but

god has to deal with me


about my words

and i’ve come a long way

but i’ll tell you one thing that i never

want to be

is so satisfied to the point where i

don’t think that i need to change



anytime that god shows me a fault or a

flaw in my life

it does not condemn me

and i want to encourage you when god

shows you things that are wrong in your

life or your behavior or when he

chastises you for something do not let

it condemn you

conviction from the holy spirit

is a totally different thing than

condemnation from satan

and a lot of times what we do is when

the holy spirit convicts us which is a

good and a positive thing and the bible

says that god chastises those whom he


when god shows us that we should not do


or that something we’re doing is wrong

it’s actually an act of his love thank

god he won’t just leave you alone in

your mess

and let you stay the same the worst

thing that god could ever do would be

just never convict us again and just

leave us alone and let us

stay the way that we are

but it’s a big mistake when the holy

spirit convicts you to then get

condemned because the moment that you

get condemned you hinder yourself from

any kind of change or spiritual growth

so anything i say today is not under


when god deals with me about things like


i just take it like well

i must need this

and there’s some areas in our life

that we will have to hear

over and over and over and over

until jesus comes back to get us

and one of those things is our mind

another one is the mouth

and another one is attitude

come on you better get a little happier

than that

there’s nobody in this building today

that doesn’t need this


god’s been dealing with me

again about my words

and i’m glad that he does because

no man can tame the tongue we constantly

need god’s help

and i don’t know about you but just i

said this this morning but i think if i

could ever just get through one whole

entire day without complaining at all it

would be a miracle equivalent to the

parting of the red sea

it is amazing how blessed we are

and how much we find

to murmur about

and it is

really complaining is a sin

i mean it’s not just an

oops it i mean it’s actually the bible

says it’s a sin and if you really study

the bible and this actually put the fear

of god in me

if you really study the bible you’ll

find out that one of the things that

kept the israelites out in the

wilderness for 40 years trying to make

an 11 day journey was they murmured and

grumbled and complained about everything

you know the word complain means to


so the more we complain about something

the longer we’re going to stay in that

situation the more we praise god the

quicker we’re going to get raised out of

that situation and be delivered


and i might add that the place to start

praising god and being thankful is when

you’re still in the middle of your mess

i’ve noticed that jonah

if you read the

the book of jonah

in the amplified bible

it says that he started to praise god

while he was still in the fish’s belly

and i liked that so his bad attitude got

him in that situation

but then the thing that got him out was

he started praising god while he was

still in the situation

and god caused the fish to vomit him out

and he

he got free from the situation so

whatever you’re going through right now

ask god every day

god help me not to complain about my


help me to find something to be thankful


help me find

a reason to praise you and you know when

you’re in relationship with people it is

so easy i am so good at finding flaws

oh my gosh if there’s one there i’ll see


do i is anybody else like that are you

one of those sweet people that just like

oh i didn’t notice that well honey i

notice everything

i mean how many of you are like that you

just if it’s there you’re gonna find it

you don’t have to you know

i mean dave he just likes everybody

you know that i mean i can honestly tell

you that in 50 years of being married to

him i think i’ve heard him say two times

in 50 years that he didn’t like somebody



we’re so happy for you


and you know to be honest i’m sure one

of the reasons why the enemy

does that to me is because of what i’m

doing and how important it is that i

walk in love and i have the right

attitude toward people because let me

tell you something we all need god’s

anointing and that’s his presence and

power in our lives you don’t just need

an anointing to preach you need an

anointing to drive in traffic and get to


these days you certainly need an

anointing to raise kids and i believe

that god’s anointing his presence and

his power in our life is partially in

part connected to the words of our mouth

and i just think it’s

a pitiful shame

how little people know about this area

you can be in church 30 years and never

hear a message like i’m going to preach

to you today

i was in church for years and i never

heard anybody say anything to me about

the words of my mouth

nobody talked to me about stuff like

that and maybe there’s even people here

this afternoon that you’re like this is

the first for me

well maybe not but maybe it is

and the thing is

words are containers for power

in the very beginning

god said

and it happened

now just like this glass has got some

sparkling water in it

it’s my glass and i could put anything

on it that i wanted to in it that i

wanted to i could fill it full of mud if

i wanted to

well our words

our words

are containers for power

and they can carry

positive power

that can add benefit to all the people

around us and add benefit to our life or

they can carry negative power

that harm us

and hurt us

and so i can’t think of any message is

more important to hear every once in a

while than this one right here

because the mouth literally is like a

wild animal

no man can tame the tongue the bible

says it is just like


a wicked evil that starts all kinds of

fires and it i mean you can ruin

relationships with words

you can get yourself fired from a good

job with words

you can depress yourself with words

you can make yourself happy with words

the israelites murmured and grumbled and


and the bible says that eventually

they let a plague into the camp and 23

000 of them fell dead in one day just

because of complaining now i’m not

saying if you complain you’re going to

fall over dead that’s not what i’m


thank god for that but i do believe as

good as god is to us that one of the

last things in the world that we should


is complain and murmur does anybody have

a problem with complaining besides me

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