We all want to be used by God, but before He can use us, He has to prepare us. In that preparation, there may past hurts, problems, fears that we have run away from, but now God needs us to confront them. Joyce shares with us Moses’ story of facing his own past in order to be used by God and encourages how we can face our challenges today.

you know i have found

in studying the word of god and over 45

years of experience with god

in allowing him to deal with me and

being set free from so many problems

that i had

i have found


whatever we run away from

god always ends us

ends up taking us back to that thing

or to something like it

and we have to face that and learn how

to deal with things because as long as

we’re running from our enemies they will

always be chasing us

i really feel like there’s some people

who need to get that as long as you keep

running from your enemies and your enemy

can be anger it can be fear it can be

impatience it it can be a lot of

different things


in acts 7 34

moses who had

ran from egypt you see he felt

a call in his life


help his brethren who were slaves in


he actually had been

as a baby

they were killing all the young babies

and so moses’s mother put him in a

basket and he was rescued

by pharaoh’s

daughter and

he was raised in the palace

as one of pharaoh’s sons

but he knew he was an israelite and when

he got to be a certain age

he felt the call of god on his life to

bring deliverance to

his brethren

however he got out a little bit ahead of

god and

long story short

he ended up

thinking i’m going to get in trouble for

doing this i’m going to have problems

pharaoh’s going to find out and the

bible says that he fled or he ran to

the wilderness

well you know god never told moses to

run it was his plan

he ran well now in acts 7 34

god speaking to moses 40 years have gone


he had a lot of spiritual growth out

there in that wilderness and if you’re

wondering why you’re in a wilderness

time in your life maybe it’s because you

needed some spiritual growth that you

couldn’t get anywhere else

you know we don’t tend to grow

spiritually when all of our

circumstances and situations are great

because in those times we may feel like

we don’t need god

but when things are tough

when they’re hard

when we’re dealing with things that we

don’t know how to deal with

we have a tendency to really seek god

and to dig in it’s amazing how we can

find time to spend with god when we’re


well i found out quite a while ago that

i just need to pretend like i’m

desperate all the time whether i am or

not and make sure that i spend that time

seeking god on a regular basis and then

maybe i won’t get have as many desperate

times as i would if i didn’t

so moses has been out in the wilderness

for 40 years he’s married he’s got

children by now and he’s forgotten all

about this call

on his life he’s going in another whole


and so

he comes up to a burning bush a bush

that’s burning


it was kind of like on fire by itself

and it was a curious sight so he stopped

to see what it was

and god begins to speak to him out of

this burning bush well i guess that

would get your attention wouldn’t it

and he and god says i have indeed seen

the oppression

of my people in egypt

those people were still praying for a


i have heard their groaning

and i have come down to set them free

you know i noticed the other day when i

was reading that

god comes down i’m glad that

it’s amazing

god doesn’t make us try to get to him

he comes down he comes down to us

he came down

through his son jesus

he came down through the power of the

holy spirit

and god will meet you where you’re at if

you will cry out to him and say i want

to be set free i’m ready to deal with

whatever i need to deal with

i don’t want to stay in this bondage any


i have heard the groaning and i have

come to set the people free now listen

to this

now come and i will send you back to


now where did moses run from he ran from


and now god after 40 years is telling

him i’m going to send you back there

well i doubt that he was really too

thrilled about that why did he run to

start with well for one thing

he was being misunderstood

he thought that his brethren

would understand that he had been sent

to deliver them but the bible says they

did not understand you know why because

moses was out of god’s timing

he had a right heart

but his timing was all wrong

moses had to learn some things before

god could actually really use him and

maybe you have a call on your life maybe

you’ve sensed a call on your life you

believe that there’s

some way particular that god wants to

use you or you’re supposed to be in

ministry or you’re called to the mission

field or whatever it is and

all these years have passed by and you

haven’t understood why what you’ve

sensed hasn’t come to pass well maybe

there’s some work that god needed to do

in you first

i always say that god prepares something

for us

and he often shows it to us

but then he has to prepare us for what

he’s got prepared for us

i know that was the case with me

god told me i was going to teach the


all over the world

and have a large ministry helping other

people and i thought well it would just

happen the next day

well you know we’re 45 years down the

road and now i’m

doing what i saw 45 years ago and it

happened a little bit at a time a little

bit at a time but it was very slow i

mean for five years i just taught a home

bible study in my home five years not

five days or five weeks

and then i worked in somebody else’s

ministry for another five years

and then we started our ministry and it

was very small and everything i did was

very small but i had a big vision and

all that time god was working in me and

he was making changes in me let god do

the work in you that he needs to do

don’t be so caught up in getting what

you want

that you keep ignoring the work that god

wants to do in you

you may want god to do something through

you but he may have to do something in

you before he can do something

through you

you know god never told moses to leave


that was his idea moses ran

moses had to learn some things before

god could use him

surely moses had to return in faith

from the place he ran from in fear

well i’ve gone through that there’s

things that god’s told me that i had to

go back and face

for example god spoke to me at one point

that i needed to go and confront my


well all i’d ever

did was

avoid my dad and not want to be around

him and

never wanted to talk to him about what

he did to me when i was a child i never

we we just all ignored the big elephant

in the room

and god told me that i was going to have

to go back and confront him the time

would come when i needed to confront him

and that doesn’t mean that would be the

case with you if you were sexually

abused but that’s what god wanted

me to do well i ran in fear but it took

a lot of faith for me to go back

there may be something in your life that

you have ran from in fear but you can go


in faith

well what was he running from i already

said from being misunderstood from being

rejected by the people he wanted to help

fear of confrontation with pharaoh and

the egyptian authority

we often want to fulfill the call of god

on our life but we don’t want to

confront the people that we knew are the

life that we had in egypt let me say

that again we often want to fulfill the

call of god on our life but yet we don’t

want to deal with the things

that we left behind now maybe there’s

nothing for you to deal with but if

there is

then you have to deal with it

maybe there’s people from back there you

need to forgive that was one of the

things i had to do i had to forgive my

mom and my dad

not only forgive them god asked me to

help them