The demands of modern life can be all-consuming, making it hard to mute the distractions around you and receive God’s peace. Joyce calls this problem OVERLOAD. With her book, Joyce will help you identify the catalysts of worry in your life, as well as offer you the practical, effective advice and scriptural wisdom you need to manage stress—whether it arises from work, family challenges, relationship conflicts, or keeping up with the constant stream of information in a social media society.

i wanted to chat with you a little bit

today about a new book that i released

this week called overload

and i’m pretty sure that there’s

probably at least somebody watching

right now that’s dealing with stress in

your life you might feel overloaded

today i actually had a little case of

that myself this morning i was real busy

trying to get to the tv studio and kept

getting phone calls and things kept not

going the way that they should

and so i could probably use my book

myself today i need to get it back out

and look at it again

you know today our world is so full of

stress and so many people are not

enjoying life because they’re just

running from thing to thing to thing to

thing and i can tell you that is not the

way that god wants us to live that’s not

the way he wants us to live

i believe that we need to be

peaceful relaxed

being aware of the things

going on around us

excuse me

aware of god’s presence and

just uh really enjoying every day that

he gives us you know every day that god

gives you is a gift from him

and you need to open it up fully and

celebrate it so why don’t you

think about

why you’re stressed out and start

praying about those things and really

asking god to help you get to the root

of them and make some changes you know a

lot of times people will say well i’m

stressed out because of all the things

that i have to do

but let me ask you a question do we

really have to do everything that we

think we have to do

perhaps you’re giving yourself to things

that really is not something you even

should be doing anymore it might have

been right at one time but it’s not

right now

you know i’ve discovered in my life that

if i’m doing what god wants me to do he

will anoint me to do it which means

he’ll give me his grace and his power

which is his ability and it can have a

nice smooth flow in it but if i’m doing

a bunch of things that’s not what god

wants me to do or it’s old things that

he maybe wanted me to do at one time but

he’s finished with now then he won’t

give me that grace and that anointing

and i’ll struggle on my own and be



just before i go today let me ask you do

you have to do everything that everybody

asks you to do

you know so often

in order to please everybody around us

we just get our lives so messed up

trying to do so many things

so i want to encourage you to get the

book overload i think you’re going to

really enjoy it and if you know

somebody’s all stressed out when you buy

your copy why not buy two

and give it to somebody hey love you

hope you have a great

day and stay calm