Joyce shares about a time when her daughter, Sandra, refused to feel condemned after receiving God’s forgiveness, and the opportunities it opened up for her. If you have a hard time forgiving yourself and moving on from your mistakes, this is a must see.

sitting around thinking about everything

is wrong with you is not a holy thing I

think religion sometimes almost makes us

feel like it’s it’s good to feel bad

about ourselves but we should grieve

over our sins but we should also receive

forgiveness for them and then just go on

and if you don’t do that there’s no way

that you can help anybody else I want to

tell you a story that my daughter shared

with me this morning that happened to

her and she told me that it was fine for

me to share it she’s here in the middle

of this conference she’s my daughter

which means maybe even in her mind and

other people’s minds she should even

behave extra-special good and she had a

little fit yesterday she got upset

really upset about something with

herself but then she kind of took it out

on her kids by getting frustrated with

them do you ever do that when you’re

really frustrated about this but you’re

not you’re not ready to deal with that

so now you take it out on somebody else

because really God is trying to deal

with you inside man I did that for so

many years so Sandi’s had a history in

the past of having a lot of problem with

condemnation a lot of problem with

legalism a lot of works the flesh and

God has really done a great work in her

in the last I’d say couple of years in

particular and he’s really really has

just I mean I’ve seen it I’ve witnessed

has really set her free from

condemnation and when I say you’re free

from condemnation that doesn’t mean that

you’re free from ever doing anything

wrong but it does mean that you finally

get it you’re like okay I’m no surprise

to God he knew what he was getting when

he got me I love God I’m not where I

need to be but thank God I’m not where I

used to be my goal is to get up every

day and just make a little bit of

progress and even if I have a day where

I seem to go backwards or maybe another

do I need to go backwards I’m not gonna

let that stop me I’m just gonna keep on

keepin on until I reach the place that

Jesus wants me to be she said here’s

what happens she said yesterday after

having that episode she said now I’m

almost at the dome so getting ready to

come in here and how youhow are you

gonna feel what are you what are you

gonna do so she said because of what

God’s been showing me I asked my girls

to forgive me I took responsibility I

think that’s so important that we learn

how to take responsibility for our bad

behavior and stop blaming it on

everybody else including the devil amen

just because I act like the devil

doesn’t mean that it’s the devil’s fault

amen so she’s now learned she repented

she asked God to forgive her told her

girls she was sorry and she said I

walked into that dome and I didn’t have

one ounce of condemnation and she said

now here’s what happened before she got

through the dome walking through here

for different opportunities presented

themselves to pray with somebody

encourage somebody minister to somebody

pray with somebody else and she said I

know that I know that I know that I know

that if i were to walked in here

condemned that i would have totally

missed those opportunities because i

would have been so self focused that i

wouldn’t have even realized the needs of

these other people now that’s what I’m

talking about that’s what I’m talking


that’s why we’ve got to come to the

point where we stop all this nonsense

and we get about God’s business