We all know how hard it can be just to talk to somebody that’s hurt our feelings. Here is a spiritual secret that took Joyce many years to get. Learn how to forgive someone who hurt you. When we choose to love our neighbor, even though it hurts, we give the devil a black eye!

Come on, when you love somebody that knows
you have no reason to love them, now they’re

seeing something that they cannot deny and
they cannot argue with.



How about if somebody at work has really told
some lies about you and maybe they finagled

around and got the promotion that you deserved.

Now, you hear that their car broke down and
that they’re having to ride the bus to work

and that the problem with their car’s a serious
problem and they’re not going to be able to

get it fixed for quite awhile.

And as gut-wrenching as it is for you, you
hear God whisper in your spirit, “Why don’t

you offer to pick ’em up for work and take
’em home at night?”

>> [audience laughing] >> Joyce: Okay, here
comes a good one, are you ready?

When we choose to do what’s right while it’s
still hurting to do it– >> [audience applauding]

>> Joyce: You know, it’s good to do what’s
right all the time, but when you do what’s

right when it’s hurting but you know that
it’s what God would have you do, you know

it’s what God wants you to do, man, you are
growing spiritually in an amazing way.

>> [audience applauding] >> Joyce: You guys
don’t look like you believe me.

I’ll go talk to them.

>> [audience cheering] >> Joyce: Come on,
how many of you know how hard it is just to

talk to somebody that’s hurt your feelings?

It’s like you see them and you just–your
body, without even making a decision, you


And then what happens?

The Holy Ghost says…

“How are you today?”

>> [audience laughing] >> Joyce: You know

It has become a delight for me in my life
to just give the devil black eyes and obey

God even when it hurts because I understand
that spiritual secret now, and it took me

so many years to get this, so many years of
suffering, that you only overcome evil with