It can be stressful if we are always trying to control people or circumstances in life. As Joyce shows us, one of the ways we can relieve that stress, is by minding our own business, doing what God has for us, and not looking at what others around us have.

it’s also pride that causes us to feel

that we must always give our opinion

about things

that are actually none of our business

you know there’s three scriptures just

as plain as they can be

that tell us to mind our own business


how many of you kind of like to get into

other people’s business

come on i don’t want one of these

down here things how many of you like

dave and i used to live next door to a

single man that owned a

a big house and

we just couldn’t figure out why this

single guy wanted a house with four

bedrooms in it it’s like you know

what a waste of money

now keep in mind we didn’t even know

this guy’s first name


one day we’re driving out and

so dave david i said well maybe he did

it for an investment and then

the other one said

well but he could have found a lot

better investments than that because

he’s got to take care of this big place

and so we spent maybe 10 minutes

planting this guy’s financial future

and we didn’t even know his name

can i tell you that in romans 14 the

bible says that every man will give an

account of himself

god’s not going to ask you about anybody


not going to ask you about your husband

i’m going to ask you about your kids

your friends

he’s going to ask you about you

and another way we can keep a lot of

stress out of our life

now come on

another way we can keep a lot of stress

out of our life is just by staying out

of other people’s business

you don’t even need to have an opinion

where you don’t have any responsibility

not even an opinion well i think well i


well nobody cares what you think

and nobody wants to know what you think

the only time we really should give an

opinion is if it’s asked for

and then we need to do it carefully

ii thessalonians 3 11 for we hear that

some among you walk in idleness

not busy at work but being busy bodies

first thessalonians 4 11

and to aspire to live quietly and to

mind your own affairs

and to work with your own


and first peter 4 15

but let none of you suffer as a murderer

or a thief or an evil doer or as a


you know what i think it’s interesting

about that

a meddler

is in a list with murderer thief

and evildoer

i just noticed it today i thought wow

those are heavy hitters

you know most of us wouldn’t think that

being a little nosy was a problem


i mean it’s right up there with a bunch


serious stuff

sometimes i have to say to myself joyce

it’s none of your business it’s none of

your business it’s none of your business

come on anybody besides me ever have a

problem with this

no this doesn’t mean we never

correct a person who’s in sin or try to

help them in any way but there’s a

difference in genuinely trying to help

somebody and trying to get into their

business when you don’t need to

great example in john 21 beginning in

verse 18.

this is jesus talking to peter

truly truly i say to you when you were


you used to dress yourself and walk

wherever you wanted to go but when you

are old you will stretch out your hands

and another will dress you and carry you

where you do not want to go

so he’s given peter the

the heads up that

things are going to be a little more

difficult for him in life now than they

have been

and i don’t think that he was talking

about young in years i think he was

talking about when you were younger in

the lord

and you know when you’re younger in the


to be honest

you do pretty much just do what you want

to do and pray for god to bless it

and a lot of times he does for a period

of time because he’s establishing a

father child loving relationship with


but just like

when our own children grow up we don’t

want to have to keep

taking care of them all the time we want

a transition to come at some point where

they say mom dad what can i do for you

and so

jesus is saying when you were young

you pretty much did what you wanted to

but things are going to change now and

i’m going to lead you into some things


may not be the most fun for you but it’s

what i need


in verse 19 it says this he said to show

by what kind of death he was going to

glorify god you know peter was crucified

upside down on the cross

and then after saying that he just said

to him follow me now peter just needed

at that point to say yes lord


peter turned and saw the disciple whom

jesus loved

that happened to be john

john wrote the book of john

and he referred to himself

over and over as i am the disciple whom

jesus loved


i know peter’s personality well enough

to know that that just got all over him

yeah you’re the disciple of him jesus i

mean you know these were people just

like we are i mean it’s even a little

bit aggravating to me to hear john say

that so i can imagine how peter felt

about it

and i mean these guys had problems just

like we would have problems if we were

in a group they were jealous of each

other they competed with each other

and i think that knowing peter’s

personality that he probably just had a

hard time with all the ooey gooey

you know

john laid on jesus breast

dinner and they just had this great

loving relationship and you know peter

always wanted to run the show so

he’s gotten the bad news that things are

going to be a little hard for him

toward the end he sees john

and he’s and he says

when peter saw him he said

jesus what about this man

what’s what’s going to happen to him

well you know we’re not really good at

it if we’re having a hard time and

everybody else is having a good old time

at least if we’re going to be miserable

we’d like some of our friends to be

miserable with us

and jesus said verse 22

if it’s my will that he remains until i

come what is that to you you follow me

so jesus just told peter

mind your own business now think about

it for a minute

we’re having a problem we’ve been having

a problem for a long time maybe you’re a

single girl and you haven’t had a date

in 12 years


your friend who’s not nearly as

attractive as you are in your opinion


she just can’t beat the guys off with a

stick they’re just after her all the

time and so

you don’t like it

and you love her with the love of the

lord but you don’t really like her

how many of you know about that i love

you with the love of the lord i can’t

stand you but i love you with the love

of the lord okay


all you have to do

you don’t have to try to figure out why

you haven’t had a date and she has

you have to tell god how unfair it is

you just have to remember that god has

a personalized


perfect plan for each one of us

and we might as well just quit looking

at other people trying to figure out why

we don’t have what they have

pastors can get into the same thing

get jealous of another pastor because

he’s got

a bigger church and

you’ve got this and you’ve got that yeah

yeah yeah you know

you know anybody that’s successful is

always going to have a certain amount of

people that aren’t going to like him

and you know why


just plain


so i’m just going to say it the sweetest

kindest nicest way that i know how to

mind your own business

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