When we come to God with faith, it pleases Him because He wants to give us His blessings.

faith has nothing to do with what we see

or what we feel faith is something in

our heart that says in our heart God is

good god keeps his word

and if God said he’ll do this and I

believe you’ll do it I don’t care what I

see or what I feel like or what anybody

says or how long it takes

without faith it is impossible to please

God and those who come to him must

believe that he is and I love this part

and that he is the rewarder wow wow wow

wow wow wow it’s not just that he is

he’s good and he wants to be good to you

without faith we cannot receive and walk

in God’s good plan for our lives and

that’s why he’s not pleased when we try

to come to him without faith because he

wants to give us good things faith is

not the price that buys the blessings of

God it’s simply the hand that reaches

out and receives it grace is the price

that bought every blessing from God it’s

not my faith that buys blessings Jesus

bought the blessings with his blood but

I can receive with the hand of faith

there’s no reason for God to want to

bless me there’s no reason in the

natural if you want to know the truth

for him to want to bless you I don’t

deserve it you don’t deserve it but I’m

ready I’m willing to receive it

I’m willing to have it and I think the

fact that we don’t deserve it makes it

all the more amazing amazing amazing

absolutely jaw-dropping

amazing you say well what does God want

me to do that’s everybody’s biggest

question what do you God what do you

want me to do

you’ve prayed you’re not getting your

breakthrough so what do you want me to

do if I’d like you to stop doing

something try like some worship or

something like that well you want what

you want me to do anyway did God what do

you want me to do I’ve done everything I

know to do God nothing’s work I just

don’t know what to do and I still

remember one day falling in the floor

dramatically do you ever do the dramatic

thing with God God I just give up

I’ve done everything I know to do God if

nothing’s working I just give up and

honestly I’m telling you the truth I

heard the Holy Spirit excitedly st.

really really I remember like really and

I thought well why are you so excited

and then all of a sudden it just like

came to me like as a revelation because

the only time that God gets to work are

those few moments in our life when we

get out of works of the flesh long

enough to say God I could do this if you

think it’s done it’s gonna have to be

you oh really like God surprised by that

come on do you ever have you ever get

dramatic with God house goes get a

script anymore some of you tell God God

if I don’t get a word from you at that

seminar I just can’t go on now look at

me yeah you will go on because God is

not going to let you quit all right John

628 then they said what are we to do

don’t you love it that we may habitually

be working the works of God what are we

to do to carry out what God requires

somebody asked me the other day God’s

been really dealing with them about

waiting on God and spending time as a

presence and they said what am I

supposed to do while I’m waiting on God

that’s the whole point isn’t it what are

we to do what is it that God requires

and I love this verse 29 jesus replied

this is the work the service that God

asks of you that you believe see that

that’s such a shock to some of your

systems that are workaholics you’re like

well yeah I believe but what else well

obviously you know if God tells us to do

something then we need to be obedient

but a lot of times we’re in works of the

flesh and then we actually miss the work

that God would have us do we get into

what I call works that don’t work and

then we get frustrated because we’re not

flowing under grace when our own

strength trying to be holy ghost’ jr.

not just wonder if I bought that

forgiveness book of choices and

underlying some stuff and left it laying

out on the table at home I just wonder

if my I just wonder if maybe my husband

would read that

so you get my point

I also love John 11:40 jesus said to her

did I not tell you and promise you that

if you would believe you would see the

glory of God isn’t that wonderful

what do you want me to do believe well

every time we set ourselves to obey to

believe to receive something by faith

you can count on it fear will come fear

will come but we can meet it every time

with faith and say I will not fear I

will not fear Hebrews 11:1 now faith is

the substance of things hoped for the

evidence of things not seen now look at

that faith has nothing to do with what

we see or what we feel faith is

something in our heart that says in our

heart God is good

God keeps his word and if God said he’ll

do this and I believe he’ll do it I

don’t care what I see or what I feel

like or what anybody says or how long it

takes you have to understand what faith

is because if you think it’s something

you’re supposed to feel you’re gonna

miss the whole thing I just don’t feel

like God loves me don’t ever say that

don’t ever say I don’t feel like God

loves me no the scripture well enough to

say I don’t care how I feel I am rooted

in his love his love makes me more than

a conqueror through Christ God loves me

he loves me unconditionally

when I was still an enemy of the Cross

he died for me and loves me can I tell

you that God will never love you any

more than he does at this moment right

now come on

I said God will never love you any more

than he does at this moment right now

you say well what about if I behave

better nope he won’t love you any more

than he does right now you’ll be happy

for you because that obedience will open

up new levels of what God can do in your

life but he won’t love you any more than

he does right now

God loves even the person that is

unsaved as much as he loves those of us

who think we are the most religious we

don’t obey God to get him to love us we

obey Him because he loved us first and

we’re responding out of that love in

amazement that he could love us fear is

the enemy of faith well everything has

to have an opposing force in the earth

and I can’t really think of anything

that doesn’t you know for faith to work

and be valuable there has to be fear

coming against it you said well I’d

rather not have all this opposition well

you know what you might be surprised if

you had no opposition you might be a

worse mess than what you or we might be

worse messes than what we even are I

think of the bee who was taken on a

space shuttle into flight to go to the

some other planet and in the weightless

atmosphere with no gravity they never

had to flap a wing he just floated

around in the weightless atmosphere no

opposition no wing flapping just

floating around and the end of the story

was he enjoyed the ride but he died

and that’s exactly what would happen to

us if all we could do was just all we

had to do is just float around

hallelujah hallelujah I’m sorry girl if

all we had to do was just float around

and be spiritual

never have to deal with anything we

would never develop we wouldn’t grow an

eaglet when it’s born has a little tooth

on the end of its beak and when it’s

still in the egg it uses that little

tooth the peck peck peck peck peck peck

peck peck peck peck peck peck peck peck

peck peck peck peck

I mean hours and sometimes days pick

pick pick pick pick pick pick pecks and

picks and picks and finally gets a

little correct and then Peck and peck

and peck a peck a peck peck peck peck

peck peck peck peck peck now you know

the way we are but we have to picked a

peck peck peck peck peck peck that we’re

like come on God enough with the pecking


could you get me out of here come on

well one man reported that he saw the

little baby eaglet trying to get out and

just decided to help well it didn’t work

and died

it needs the opposition to be strong and

we need opposition to be strong amen

so just remember the next time things

are taking a little longer than you’d

like just they devil I’m going to keep

on back and peck peck peck peck peck

peck peck peck it in faith everything

has to have an opposition for there to

be good there must be evil otherwise who

would even know what good was love and

hatred depression joy harshness kindness

noise quiet positive-negative generosity

greed light dark fear faith

opportunities adversaries you know we

see that in each one of these God gives

us one and the devil comes against us

with the other trying to steal the one

that God has given us but we’re going to

keep on picking

I think I’ll change the name of this to

the peck of faith you know why there’s

opposing forces because God does not

want robots mechanically serving him

because that’s all they can do you know

why God created man he wanted fellowship

he created us for relationship he wanted

someone to have a relationship with and

so he made us in His image because it’s

kind of cool if you can fellowship with

someone that’s kind of like you now you

know I love my dog but I don’t get the

same kind of fellowship with my dog that

I do a really good friend well sometimes

I do but we won’t go there okay

God gives these opposing things because

he wants us to choose our choices the

choices that we make are some of the

most important things that we do in our

life every choice is a seed that we sow

that brings some kind of harvest in our

life when we have the privilege of

leading people to Christ we always tell

them this is the most important decision

that you will ever make and you can make

a decision to not stand against fear to

just let it go ahead and rule you

because it’ll be a little bit of work to

stand against it may be a little

uncomfortable sometimes but then that’s

your choice and you will reap the

benefit of allowing that fear to stay in

your life which means you won’t

experience the fullness of everything

that God had for you he’ll love you you

go to heaven but there’ll be things that

you’ll miss here that God had planned

for you

that he won’t be able to release to you

if you don’t learn how to develop your

faith and be bold and courageous I mean

do we honestly think that I could be

doing what I’m doing if I was timid and


no.not is right not I could not well

Joyce you does naturally bold well you

know in some ways I am but in some ways

I wasn’t there have been many things

that I’ve had to do afraid many many

many things I’ve had to do afraid

Deuteronomy 30:19 I sent before you life

and death good and evil God couldn’t you

just give me the good stuff I set before

you death and life good and evil

choose life that you and your

descendants may live we have to be

responsible for our choices amen well we

like to take responsibility for the good

ones the ones that work out good oh yes

praise the Lord

but we’re not always so keen on taking

responsibility for the bad ones let’s

look at John 14:27 peace I leave with

you my own peace I now give and bequeath

unto you not as the world gives do I

give to you do not let your hearts be

troubled neither let them be afraid I

can’t help the way I feel feeling fear

is not being afraid being afraid is

caving in to the fear and doing what the

fear is telling you to do rather than

what God is telling you to do amen time

that you knit you need me to say that


neither let them be afraid do not let

your heart be afraid you see I can’t

help you answer you we’re not talking

about the way we feel you can feel

afraid but that doesn’t mean you are

afraid unless you cave in to the fear

and do what the fear says instead of

what God says now let me be clear you

know if you’re afraid of deep water I’m

not suggesting you go dive off the

diving board tonight to prove something

somebody asked me the other day if I was

a good swimmer I said well let’s just

put it like this if I fall in you better

come in too but I have no need to do


that’s not something God is telling me

to do I’m talking about the things that

God is telling us to do fear has torment

first John 4 says fear has torment

now obviously the only way we can ever

totally get over fear is to know the

perfect love that God has for us first

John 4 16 through 18 perfect love

casteth out fear and he who has fear has

not yet known or had love perfected in

them so the more we know and have a

revelation on how much God loves us the

less we have to be afraid of because we

just believe like a little kid my daddy

is going to take care of me

and you know what to be honest even if

we don’t get what we wanted we don’t

really even care all that much because

we trust dad so much that we know that

what he gives will be better than what

we wanted amen

and that just gives us such peace man I

tell you when I was struggling to get

what I wanted all those years I was so

miserable and I imagine I got a few

people here tonight and you’re like

right there like yep well you know what

what do you just give it up

why torment yourself just like God if

this is never going to happen you’re the

only ones going to make it happen and if

you want it to happen nobody’s going to

stop it from happening and if you don’t

want it to happen I’m not going to make

it happen and you know probably one of

the biggest areas that we fuss and fume

over is what we would like to see happen

in other people’s lives that we love

come on now don’t you miss what I’m

saying I said probably one of the

biggest problems that we have is fussing

in fuming over what we want to see

happen in our kids and the person we’re

married to in our parents you know what

I finally figured out you can’t make

somebody love God I don’t care how hard

we try we can’t make somebody love God

now we can live a life in front of them

that will make them maybe righteously

jealous we can be salt make them thirsty

but we can’t make them make the choice

if God can’t make them we sure can’t

make them it’s one of the hardest things

to watch somebody that you love make bad

decisions he’s all I can do is pray well

let me tell you something that’s the

most powerful thing that we can do

but still when it comes right down to it

God will protect that person’s freedom

to make their own choice amen when we

pray it gives God an opportunity to work

so keep praying but losing your joy is

not going to make things any better do

not let your hearts be troubled neither

let them be afraid stop allowing

yourselves to be agitated and disturbed

and do not permit yourselves to be

fearful and intimidated and cowardly and

unsettled isn’t John 14:27 wonderful so

see now if we put that back up and you

look at it realistically that’s given

all of us a responsibility he didn’t say

pray and I’ll make it all go away you

said whether what am i praying for for

strength for courage for confidence for

boldness for the power to endure

whatever comes with good temper – never

give up – never quit

– keep a smile on your face even when

you’re hurting so bad you feel like you

can’t stand it not to be phony but just

to let the devil know he’s not going to

get your joint and do not for a moment

be frightened or intimidated in anything

by your opponents and your adversaries

for such constancy and fearlessness when

fear comes against us what should our

position be to remain constant to keep

going forward to keep putting one foot

in front of the other one for such

constancy in fearlessness will be a

clear sign of proof and a seal to them

your enemy of their impending

destruction but a sure token and

evidence of your deliverance and

salvation and that from God so it’s

almost like when we’re in a battle

there’s God’s watching in the devil’s

watching and if we remain constant and

steadfast it’s assigned to God that we

really have our faith and confidence in

him but it’s a sign to the devil that

his day is just about over and then