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the Bible says we need to have peace

with others so here we’ve got peace with

God peace with ourselves peace with

other people now that’s the problem

isn’t it my goodness do I have enough

time to preach this I don’t know second

Timothy 2:23 but refuse shut your mind

against have nothing to do with trifling

ill-informed unedifying stupid

controversies over ignorant questions

the Bible

welcome to the Bible for you know they

foster strife and breed quarrels so

what’s he saying resist the devil is on

set as soon as a thought that’s going to

create strife our disagreement our

disharmony our disunity comes to you

shut your mind against it that’s when we

need to get violent and say no I’m not

going there

well I wish I didn’t have these thoughts

that’s not going to work

well I just wish the devil would leave

me alone Joyce could you pray for me the

devil would leave me alone no not really

don’t even ask me to pray that I’d be

wasting my breath

I can pray that you will be full enough

of the Holy Ghost that when he comes

around in your space you are be the one

that’s gonna run him off he’s not gonna

rule you oh man Jesus didn’t mess with

him get thee behind me Satan you are an

offense and in my way amen submit

yourself to God resist the devil and he

will flee and all this upset and lack of

peace and offense it is something that

the devil provokes the servant of the

Lord must not strive let’s look at verse

24 and the servant of the Lord must not

be quarrelsome fighting contending

instead he must be kind mild tempered

preserving the bond of peace on and on

and on so here’s the bottom line look at

me and let me give it to you simple

hello everybody

isn’t this cool right now I am talking

to hopefully millions of people in in

Asia and Russia and India and Africa and

the United States and Australia

in Europe this is so cool and here is

the word of the Lord far today be easy

to get along with