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because nothing is better than Joy come

on Paul talked about Joy 19 times in

this epistle he wants people to be

happy I do what I do because I’ve seen

God’s power transform my own life and he

will do it for you the key to everything

is found in God’s

word I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe that

God can heal you everywhere you


you are the house of

God I am the house of God God lives in

here and he lives in you through the

Holy Spirit and the holy spirit’s main

two titles are the comforter and the

helper so if the spirit of God is living

in us how can we not want to

help I mean I would say if you don’t

want to help anybody something’s wrong

you might want to go back and check

about your

salvation because if Christ is in us his

nature is in us we’re going to be

grieved when we mistreat

people we’re going to want to go back


apologize we’re going to want to treat

people good because we know that God

doesn’t like it when we mistreat his

people I’ll tell you the truth good

number of years ago I got an

understanding on this and I have a

reverential fear on me of Miss treating

people it’s just not something that God


amen Paul almost always started his

greetings with this these this term

Grace and peace be unto

you and boy that’s another I mean I

could get a four-part series out of

that because you can’t have peace if you

don’t understand

grace and grace is God’s undeserved

favor but it’s also the power of the

Holy Spirit In Our Lives to accomplish

through us what we could never do on our

own with any amount of struggle and

effort in other words it’s basically

apart from me you can do

nothing so if we learn how to talk to

God about everything and ask him to be

involved in everything and to strengthen

Us in everything as I said earlier in

the exort pray your way through the

day now 3 through 11 would be the group

of scriptures that we would put together

to study and I’m going to read it and

then do some teaching I thank my God in

all my remembrances of you always in

every prayer of mine for you all making

my prayer with joy because of our

partnership in the gospel from the first

day you heard it until now like now keep

that in mind there’s such a lesson

there and I’m sure of this that he who

began a good work work in you will bring

it to completion at the day of Jesus

Christ now you know we like to just pick

out scriptures we like and use

them but if you notice

here he says I thank God for you all the

time because of our

partnership in the

gospel Paul shared spiritual wisdom with

them and they supported Paul in his

ministry so that word could be taken to

other people and he said and meaning

because of what he just said I am sure

that he who began a good work in you is

well able to complete it and bring it to


finish and I believe that if we’re

stingy and all we do is take take take

we will reach a point where we cannot

grow anymore


and he said it’s right for me to feel

this way about you all because I hold

you in my heart for you are all

partakers with me of Grace both in my

imprisonment and in the defense and the

confirmation of the

gospel for God is my witness how I yearn

for you all if you listen to some of the

words of Paul he he loves these

people he’s not just like somebody who

gets to tell them what to do or or the

great apostle soul that comes to town

that everybody admires he he says I came

to serve you and I I yearn for you I

have a longing in my heart for

you boy you need to be under leadership

that cares about you people who really

love you who pray for you who really

want to see you be the person that God

wants you to


amen and if you’re not under that kind

of leadership I’d keep looking till I

found somebody that was not just going

to tell me what to do that was going to



amen and it is my prayer that your love


abound while we’re going to talk about

that and that you may approve what is

excellent we’re going to talk about

that and be pure and

blameless till the day of Christ that’s

another message

filled with the fruits of righteousness

that come through Jesus Christ to the

glory and the praise of God

now Paul was very thankful for the

partnership of the people in helping him

spread the gospel you know we ask people

to partner with us they talked about

partnership earlier and he thanked God

for them every time he prayed just as we

pray for our partners at the

ministry and this amazes even me but he

he says that they became a partner with

him him from the first time they heard


gospel and they

continued until the present day whenever

Paul was writing this so Paul didn’t

have to try to talk them into giving

they were so excited about what they

heard come on maybe we’re just a little

bit too used to

Jesus maybe we need to be refreshed in

what what we really

have my

gosh your sins are completely forgiven

and washed away you’ve been Justified

made just as if you’ve never sinned your

name is written in a book called The

Book of

Life Jesus is in heaven preparing a

place for you that where he is you may

also be


there I love you

we don’t need to just be return be

excited about what God can do for us but

just excited about

him my gosh you’re not going to



so Paul was very thankful for these

people I want us to look at a minute at

First Corinthians chapter

8 the first four

verses I don’t I don’t know exactly what

these people had that we’re missing

today but they sure didn’t have to try

to talk them into

giving 2 Corinthians

8 all right now just listen to this just

just a man imagine this we want you to

know Brethren about the grace of God

that has been given among the churches


Macedonia for in a severe test of

Affliction their Abundance of Joy and

their extreme

poverty have overflowed in a wealth of

generosity on their part for they gave

according to their means as I can

testify and beyond their means of their

own accord begging us earn ly for the

favor of letting them take part in the

relief of the

saints come on beg me to let you

give I have never had anybody come to me

and say oh please please please can I

give partnership is not a one-sided

relationship there are two or more

parties each who have a

responsibility Paul helped them through

preaching and they they helped

him through continuing to

finance the preaching of the Gospel now

I have to tell this story because it

makes the point better than anything

that I’ve ever heard and it’s a real

story and it makes my point about how

you if you don’t start giving

back I mean you know

you you don’t really have to as a new

believer just soak it in but you you’ll

get to a point where God’s going to

start putting it on your heart to give

and if you

don’t and you keep not doing it long

enough you’ll get to the point where you

can’t you can’t take anything in anymore

I had a woman come to me one time and

she said I’m embarrassed to tell you

this but she said I feel like I’m

supposed to she said I’ve been coming to

your conferences for years and I’ve

loved them I’ve grown so much you’ve

taught me so much but she said have to

be honest tell you the last couple of

years I haven’t really gotten anything

out of them and she said I I

actually thought that maybe you had sin

in your life and you were losing your

anointing so I started praying for

you come on this goes on all the time

well I’m not getting anything out of

going here

anymore think I’ll try a new church so I

can get


and she said

that as she was praying for me one day

to recognize my sin and repent so I

could get my anointing back so she could

enjoy my

meetings she said God just spoke her and

he said there’s nothing wrong with Joyce

the reason you’re not getting anything

is because you so full there’s no room

to put anything else and until you start

putting something

out you’re not going to get anything

else come on come


on come

on I think we all know that the church

and I don’t mean any particular church

but just the

church has

problems we’re the most selfish

generation that ever lived and we have

more than any

generation that’s ever lived so really

the more stuff you have sometimes the

more selfish you

get we have so much that we can use to

be a blessing to other

people but no we want to keep it in case

we ever need it and then when you do

need it you don’t know where it’s at and

you go buy another one

anyway come

on and listen the reason why I’m telling

you this is because you’re going to have

more joy amen

honestly it is more blessed to give than

it is to

receive because nothing is better than

Joy come on Paul talked about Joy 19

times in this epistle he wants people to


happy in verses 7 and 8 Paul mentioned

his affection for the people and how he

holds them so close in his heart

you know and I can honestly tell you and

I’m not just trying to say something

cute I actually I’m I’m doing this at

this point in my life

because I love the people and I really

really really really want you to have

the life that Christ wants you to

have I mean a miserable sinner is one

thing but a miserable saint is a



amen I so want us to live to glorify

God the church could shine so brightly

and draw so many lost people into a

relationship with Christ if he would

just get ourselves off our minds long

enough to look around us and realize

that everywhere you go there are hurting



see I’m talking about something you can

do when you leave

here and then Paul says I pray that your

love would abound yet more and

more there’s so much in that statement

CU you know what he’s

saying they were walking in love and he

told him he was proud of them but he

said I want your love to abound he’s

he’s saying I know you’re walking in

love but but I want you to grow in

Walking In Love Yes amen you know one of

the worst things we can do is get

complacent and get satisfied with our

St well I’m doing pretty

good no no no no no that’s not it I want

to do

better because I want to glorify God

more I want to abound in love I really

want to learn how to love people the way

Jesus loved

people can any one of us say that we

really know how to give


love so much of our love is still based

on how people treat

us the word abound means to exist in

large amounts to be

packed to

overflow to be crowded with to be full

of to do more than you have to

do he wants them to have more knowledge

and more discernment

man I could preach for an hour on

discernment woo we need

discernment oh and then he prayed that

they would learn to prize and approve

what was

excellent how does an excellent person

behave well they always do what they say

they’re going to do

H they’re on time for their appointments

they get to work on

time they don’t leave messes for other

people to clean

up they don’t park in handicapped

parking spaces if they’re not

handicapped and especially not at

church they replace the toilet paper

when they use the last of it on the


roll they don’t tinkle on the seat out

in the public restroom and leave it for

somebody to sit in

it o I hate that

when they take the last Kleenex they go

get another

box if they’re giv too much change when

paying a bill they return

it they put their grocery cart back and

the space marked off for grocery


carts okay I’m going to make a statement

maybe you didn’t come for anything but

this but get


what we do when nobody’s looking is who

we really



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