God is our healer–sometimes people receive a sudden miraculous healing while others face a longer journey. Join Joyce today as she prays for healing.

there’s real disease i mean the devil’s

alive and well on planet earth and

you know if you don’t get what you asked

for then you trust god to take you

through and

miracles and healings are different you

know if we somebody gets a miracle it’s


but healings take time and i believe

sometimes you have to cooperate

with those healings so i just want to

tell you that

i believe that you can experience the

healing power of god in your life

and i don’t care if you’ve prayed a

thousand times before we’re going to

pray today and we’re going to believe

god that every day you’re going to get

better and better

in every way amen

but i’m also going to pray that god will

show you

anything that you need to do

so it’s not just about trusting god but

it’s having our hearts open

to now lord is there something that you

want me to do that will really make a


in my life and so

here we go let’s all stand up and we’re

going to pray

he looked at peter and john and said

would you give me a gift

and they said look at us and there’s an

exclamation mark here so i guess they

yelled i don’t know

and the man paid attention them

expecting that he was going to get

something from them

but peter said silver and gold money i

do not have

but what i do have that i give to you in

the use of the name of jesus christ of

nazareth walk

all right so i love this

i mean he didn’t even really pray and

ask god to do something

he commanded healing to come in the name

of jesus christ

you know why because there’s healing in

that name

the name of jesus is above every other

name that at the name of jesus every


must bow come on i’m wanting you to get

an attitude of

okay i’m just not gonna lay down and

just put up with this anymore

i’m going to press in like the woman who

had the issue of blood

i’m going to press through the crowd

and i’m going to touch the hem of his

garment and

trust him for healing

and wholeness amen father we

thank you for what jesus did for us

on the cross and that by his stripes

we are healed and made whole

healing is in us because christ

is in us healing is in the depths of our


and lord effective today we declare war

on sickness and disease and pain and

we’re not going to just invite it and

put up with it and

love it and claim it and name it we’re

at least going to stand

with you and say we believe that you are

our healer and we thank you

for healing us and for giving us the


to value what you’ve created

and to take care of ourselves

and so in the name of jesus christ of


i say be healed

and made whole in jesus name

come on give god a big praise

i feel better already

amen amen amen amen amen