Joyce invites you to her favorite place for a pity party.

when I used to get into these self-pity

fits I always had my party my party

always ended up in the bathroom for some

reason I don’t know why in particular

but I’d mope around the house and feel

sorry for myself because dave was

watching football the kids were out

playing and everybody enjoyed their life

but me

come on though I got any relatives out

here tonight

everybody man I just I work all week

cleaning this place up you guys come

home on the weekend you just lay over

there and watch football games and play

golf and the kids playing who care who

cares about me nobody cares about me

what about me what about me

and I would always when I started

feeling sorry for myself I would work

loudly come on do I have any women here

no you work say loud you slam doors and


you vacuum in front of everybody and

when I was finally at the point of being

ready to weep now I would go to the very

back bathroom in the back of the house

get in the 400 Tyler

and yes I was already teaching the word

by then still in my living room floor

with my twenty five people that I had

for five years one time I heard the Lord

say what are you doing what are you

doing nobody little bitty can see I one

time I was doing this I was like seven

months pregnant with my last child down

the floor crying my head off what do you

think you’re doing you know how

ridiculous you look why do women cry in

the bathroom because when we’re done

it’s also ridiculous I mean the mascaras

running the eyes are red they’re mud

shot you look so bad

you got your hair going in four

directions now and you didn’t and then I

would do this I would go back to the

house where Dave was

now I was trying to preach and be a

woman of power you can’t have power in

the pulpit and be pitiful at home

and I actually remember this happening

honey if you’re going to the kitchen

could you bring me a nice tea

there’s nothing that makes you matter as

a woman and when you’re trying to get


and you know what I wanted I wanted to

hear one thing honey is anything wrong

and then when he would finally say I’d

say no what makes you think something is


pity is always accompanied by negative

thoughts always it’s always about what

you don’t have what people are not doing