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and it’s next to Impossible without the

grace of the Holy Spirit to believe that

God is pleased with us when we know full

well that we don’t do everything right

so that’s where faith kicks

in I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe that

God can heal you everywhere you


hurt well thank you for joining me today

on Enjoying Everyday Life and you know

that’s exactly what God wants you to do

but the subject I’m going to be talking

about actually today and for the next

couple of days if you don’t really have

this as a foundation in your life it

gets very very difficult to enjoy your

life I want to talk to you about the

free gift of

righteousness that comes to us through

our faith in Jesus Christ now

righteousness just simply means that

you’ve been made right with God if it’s

not in the biblical way of looking at

righteousness it’s not

about doing everything

right it’s about knowing who you are in

Christ who did everything right for us

and if we put our faith in him then God

because he wants to views us and sees

us as right with him so until you

know that you’re right with God you

suffer a lot of guilt condemnation and

usually live a lot under the law trying

to do everything right and that can

really wear you out I went through a lot

of years of that which I’m sure a lot of

you did too so the Bible actually says

in Isaiah 61 that we have a robe of

righteousness which is a covering says I

will greatly rejoice in the

Lord my soul shall exalt in my God you

see you see the joy that there and he’s

going to tell you

why for God has clothed me with the

garments of

Salvation he has covered me with the

robe of righteousness I like that let’s

think about that again I will greatly

rejoice and my soul shall exalt in my


because he has saved me and he’s put me

in right standing with him the word

salvation means to be delivered from

from your sin but it also means preserve

from harm from ruin or from loss and you

know the

more the more we believe what God says

the more we trust him the easier life

gets of course I’ve been doing this for

a long time and I started you know like

most people trying to trust God

but not really trusting God most of the

time or I would trust God a little but

have a backup plan you know in case God

didn’t come through and

um certain things like finan money was

really hard for me because I never

really had anybody to take care of me

when I was growing up and you know

because I was abused sexually in my

childhood I already felt really bad

about myself before I ever even got

started in a relationship with God so I

had a real tough time with really

getting a revelation that I was the

righteousness of God in Christ and um

but this

robe is a

covering and I want you to listen to

this it is impossible to defeat the

Devil unless you know who you are in

Christ and you’ll hear me say in Christ

a lot because it’s not about your do

it’s about your who and when we believe


Jesus as amazing as it sounds God

considers us to be in Christ and Christ

is in us and so he says when he died you

died when he was raised you was raised

so everything that Jesus went through


did it’s put to our credit because just

because of our faith in him I mean what

a change the New Testament was from the

Old Testament because they had to try to

follow all the laws that just kept

mushrooming and getting to be more and

more and more I think I heard the 10

commandments turned into 2200 laws or

something by the time they got done with

them and the Bible says that the whole

reason why God gave the law was to show

people that they couldn’t keep it so

they would

know that they needed help that they

needed a savior and then of course Jesus

came but a lot of the people still

didn’t want to believe in him and Paul

the Apostle Paul prayed and it’s

recorded in I think Philippians 3:9 he

says I pray that I might be found as in

him not having a righteousness of my

own that comes through works of the law

but the righteousness that only he can

give that comes through faith in Jesus

Christ now how many would rather have it

as a gift than to try to earn it all

your life I certainly would and then um

Ephesians 6 10-18 would be what you

would want to read if you wanted to get


whole concept here but it talks about

the armor that God has given us and it

is a gift from God protects us from the

enemy but we have to put it on and

that’s it’s all something in the

spiritual realm it’s not like you pick

up a natural piece of armor and put it

on your body but it’s it’s what you

believe and so Ephesians 6

11 says put on the whole armor of God

that you might be able to stand against

the schemes of the

devil so you see he is a

schemer and a

manipulator and a

trickster and a


and he can even come as an angel of

Light he knows how to quote scripture

and our defense against him is to know

the word of God and to apply it when we

need it and to know who we are in Christ

it is impossible to defeat the

Devil Without and this particular piece

of armor is the breastplate of

righteousness which the breastplate

covers your heart so in your heart you

need to

know God loves you he’s never God will

never love you any more than he does at

this moment right now no matter how many

how much your behavior improves in the

future which it

will uh but you can’t buy God’s love

with good behavior and I like to say it

like this we we love him because he

first loved us and we want to and make

an effort to do what’s right because of

what he’s done for us not to get him to

do something for us so we need to always

come at I’m daily making an effort

because God loves me and I’m so thankful

for what he’s done for me but then when

we make

mistakes the really good news is is if

we admit those

mistakes his forgiveness is already

there he already paid for all of our

sins and so you might say the

forgiveness is already in the bank all

we have to do is receive that

forgiveness from God and when you get

the forgiveness then the guilt goes with

it he bore our sin and our guilt and

we’ll be talking about all of that more

for we wrestle not with flesh and

blood but against the rulers against the

authorities against the cosmic Powers

over this present Darkness against the

spiritual forces of evil in the Heavenly

places so this would be so big if

people if all people knew this our war

is not with

people right right it’s with the devil

that’s right it’s not even with the

government it’s with the devil and now

the devil Works through people he works

through governments he works through

Nations so we have to be on our guard

and make sure that we have

discernment I pray very seldom does a

day go by that I don’t pray that God

will give me great discernment and

Discerning of spirits that Discerning of

spirit spirit is so you when you’re

around somebody you can tell if they’re

evil or if they’re good and sometimes

you can’t always even figure that out

it’s like you just kind of know

something’s wrong you don’t know what it


and you know we don’t want to be judgy

we don’t want to judge people and so

sometimes we stay around people longer

than we should but I would say at least

this we do want to believe the best of

people but when you get that

caution Uh something’s just not right

here at least at least you better open

your eyes a little bit wider and do a

little more praying and really watch and

pray so you don’t get taken in by

somebody that’s evil and I don’t have it

all written down here but in Ephesians 6

it talks about tightening the belt of

Truth when you’re in Trials I like that

it’s like okay you know the word but

when you get in a difficult time when

you get in a trial or tribulation you

need to tighten that up you need to

believe it even more because the

Temptation is

to think well that’s never going to

happen and you know sometimes God is not

as fast as we would like him to be he if

you’ve noticed he takes his time about

doing things in Mark chap 11 it says

that when we pray that we will get what

we asked for but it doesn’t say when

that’s right and now of course we’re not

going to get anything we ask for if it’s

not the will of God or if it’s sometimes

something we ask for is the will of God

but we’ve just totally got the wrong

timing right it’s like you have a you

have something in your heart that you

really feel you’re supposed to do or

that God has said he’s going to do for

you and it you know look at Abraham I

mean it was 20 years after the promise

part of that was his own fault because

he got involved and tried to take

matters into his own hands but David

King David was anointed to be king 20

years before he wore the crown right

Joseph was 13 years after his dream

before he ever saw it come to pass and

so it’s during that in between time you

know we get excited when we first feel

like God has shown us something he’s

going to do and of course when you see

it come to pass that’s exciting but we

got to make it through the middle and

that’s the part where most people lose

it is in the middle when it seems like

nothing’s happening and you’re getting

very tired of waiting and

then when you get in a weakened position

that’s when the devil loves to attack

over this past week and I just taught a

message called is the devil real because

a lot of people today have decided he’s

not real and I thought well I don’t know

who you think it is it’s aggravating you

all the time but you know trust me the


is real and that we went through Luke 4

where Jesus was taken by the Holy Spirit

out into the Wilderness to be

tempted by the devil that seems like a

strange thing why in the world would the

Holy Spirit you know lead now the Holy

Spirit had just descended on Jesus right

after that he led him out into the

Wilderness to be tempted by the devil he

didn’t eat anything for 40 days and the

Bible says that when the 40 days was

over and he was hungry then the devil

began to lie to him and attack him and

so one of the things that we need to

keep in mind is that you do yourself a

favor if you don’t let yourself get too

tired because if you just push and push

and push until you’re

exhausted that’s a very good time for

the enemy to attack you you have to be

very careful careful when you have a lot

of other things coming against you to be

especially careful to watch for the

enemy if somebody has really hurt your

feelings and you’re wounded you have to

be very careful during those times

that’s time for a little extra prayer

and so it talks about tightening that

belt of Truth and then uh putting on the

breastplate of

righteousness and wearing your shoes of

peace which means that even in the most

difficult trial you

stay in peace the more we can stay in

the rest of God the happier we are and I

think sometimes it just takes a few

years of trying to do things

yourself until you finally just run out


yourself and realize that yeah you do

what you can do but there’s a lot of it

we can’t do and that’s the part that we

need to just say well God if you don’t

do this it’s never going to get done I

tried so hard to change myself and make

myself what the Bible seems to say that

we should be and I finally just told God

this is it if you want me any different

than what I am you’re going to have to

do something about it because I’m tired

of trying to change myself and so you

stay in peace put on the helmet of

salvation that means to learn to think

with the mind of Christ with the mind of

the spirit not that human mind that we

all have the mind of the flesh we need

to learn how to think like God thinks

and then it talks about wielding the

two-edged sword we have the word of God

it is that two-edged sword but the time

to pull it out and use

it is when the devil’s after you that’s

you know sitting in church and hearing

it and underlining it in your Bible is

great but you got to use it when the

enemy comes after you in Luke four when

Jesus was being tempted out in the

wilderness what was his weapon that he

used every single time it is

written and he quoted a scripture and

that was the end of it and so then it

says to cover everything over with


now what is righteousness and who is

righteous well righteousness is defined

as to be

right which is the opposite of being

wrong and

I don’t know about you but I don’t I

don’t like feeling wrong about myself I

don’t feel like I don’t like feeling

like I’ve done something wrong I don’t

like to feel like somebody else thinks

I’ve done something wrong we all want to

feel right and good and to feel that

we’re pleasing God and I love that

scripture that says this is my beloved

Son in whom I am well

pleased and he said

that two different times in the New

Testament and I think we’re to take that

personally and believe that God also

speaks that over us and

it’s next to Impossible without the

grace of the Holy Spirit to believe that

God is pleased with us when we know full

well that we don’t do everything right

so that’s where faith kicks in and says

well I believe it because you tell me to

believe it and because it’s a promise in


word uh it is figurative figuratively

used of power and

authority with God so knowing who you

are in Christ gives you power and

authority over the enemy without that

you don’t have it if you feel bad about

yourself the devil’s going to walk all

over you just he’ll just walk all over

you and believe me he will try to make

you feel bad about yourself two two of

The Temptations that Satan brought

against Jesus in that time in the

wilderness were a attacks on his

identity well if you are the Son of

God turn this Stone into a loaf of bread

so there were actually two different

temptations there one was to try to

prove who he was and the other was to

get him to move independently of God

don’t wait on God if you’re hungry just

do it

yourself and then the other one was he

said if you will just Bow Down and

Worship me once just

once the just once lie I hate that one I

hate well it’s only a little

thing I don’t like that one and I don’t

like everybody else does

it got to be careful for those three

three things you know the whole world

can do it but that doesn’t mean that

it’s right for you to do it but the

devil told him I will give you he took

him up on a high place so he could see

all the things in the world and he said

if you will bow down to me just once I

will give you all of this because it has

been turned over to me and I can give it

to whoever I will well who turned it

over to him not God Adam did when Adam

disobeyed Adam and Eve when they

disobeyed they gave the authority and

the power that God had given them to him

Jesus has redeemed us which means he’s

bought us back from the enemy and he has

restored that Authority and power to us

in Luke 10:19 the Bible says that God

has given us power and authority over

all the power the enemy possesses and I

love that it doesn’t say the devil has

Authority he does have power and we need

to respect that don’t never make jokes

about the devil because he’s not funny

believe me and if you if you look at him

in a light-hearted manner that’s a good

way to open a door so you respect his

power but you know that he has no

authority to use

it and so you take authority and you can

do that in the name of Jesus so it


freedom and it signifies being just and

I I love that because when we’re

Justified which we are in Christ it

means that we have been made just as if

we never

sinned I tell you got to think about

that a long time for that to sink in you

know we get a lot of

information in information is everywhere

you can get 12 sermons in one day if you

know how to dial in the right stuff but

information has to become

Revelation before it really does you any

good that’s why sometimes we need to

stick with one

thing for a long time I would I felt so

bad about myself that really getting a

revelation on the fact that God loved me

was very challenging chenging I mean I

had to meditate on and think

about that God loved me for over a year

before it finally just sunk in and once

you get it as a revelation nobody can

ever take it away from you there’s

there’s no trouble that comes your way


no anything that can happen to you that

will get you to say well God don’t you


me you know if you ever hear yourself

saying that when you’ve got trouble then

you know that you still need more re

ation in the area of how much God loves

you just imagine if he if you had one


child which one of us would be willing

to let that child suffer the way Jesus

suffered for a bunch of people who

didn’t even know him and didn’t

care you know it would be like this is a

terrible example but it would be like me

giving up my child’s life to save all

the ants in the

world you it’s like I mean what he did

for us is absolutely amazing and so the

word just or Justified means to be right

to be acquitted declared not

guilty so I just want to speak that over

you today and everybody watching the

program if you have received Christ as

your savior and you have your faith in

him then I pronounce you not guilty in

the name of Jesus

amen and I can just kind of see the

shackles falling off of some people

watching by TV because maybe all you’ve

ever heard all your life is what’s wrong

with you but I’m telling you today that

God sees what’s right with you he has

made you right with him through your

faith in Christ and then the resulting

fruit of that is no condemnation not

guilty and you can have confidence and

boldness when you know who you are in

Christ you can step out and try new

things because you don’t even have to be

afraid of failure it’s like big deal you

know if you try something it doesn’t

work that doesn’t mean you’re a

failure it just mean what you tried

failed and so now you know not to do

that again and you can go and do

something else you have to have

confidence in God not yourself but

confidence in him if you’re ever going



anything beyond just

exist here on the earth justification

and righteousness and this is an


transition will be seen in right

living so I’m not in any way saying that

we don’t make an effort in the Holy

Spirit I want to clarify that because

it’s not a fleshly humanistic works of

the flesh effort

but we ask the Holy Spirit help me do

what’s right today help me represent

Jesus as well we’re ambassadors for

Christ help me get along with people

help me love people help me walk in the

fruit of the spirit so we lean on him

but we don’t do any of that because we

have to to get God to love us that’s

right you see God gives us righteousness

so we can produce right

Behavior I always say and I got an

understanding of this a long time ago

God never expects us to do anything if

he doesn’t give us the equipment that we

need to do it

with wouldn’t it be foolish if one of

you was a TV editor if we just put you

in a room with no equipment and said

edit Joyce’s

program I mean that would be like how

frustrating and foolish would that be

every one of you who has a job you’re

given the equipment that you

need to do that job

well God gives us righteousness

so we can behave right otherwise there

would never be any hope of us ever

behaving good and in uh the New

Testament it says to work out your own

salvation with fear and trembling so I

like to say he works it in and he helps

us work it out and the work it out

doesn’t mean work for it it means to

work with the Holy Spirit to let what

God has put in

you change your soul the renewal of the

mind you learn to think different you

learn not to live by your feelings you

learn to use your will to choose the

will of God and I know I’m saying a lot

in a short period of time but thank God

for books and listening again and again

you know if you’re recording this

program you can listen to it 20 times

till you get it so that’s good and

uh we H he gives us everything that we


to do what he’s asking us to do so I can

get up every day and and yes I try to do

what’s right but I’m not trying to do

what’s right to get God to love me I’m

doing it because he loves me and I love

him so much for what he’s done for me we

love you but more importantly God loves

you and he will never stop loving you so

learn how to receive that and start to

enjoy the life that Jesus died to give



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say rest of the day is mine you start

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restore it’s the God of all comfort and

I am so grateful that I know how to call