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you are

worth the death the

Bloodshed of the only son of God and to

think today that he would have done that

if you would have been the only person


Earth I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe that

God can heal you everywhere you


hurt thank you for joining me today on

Enjoying Everyday Life we’re so glad

that you tuned in and I believe that

you’re going to enjoy the program today

I want to talk to you about the search


selfworth and I think most of

us do spend at least some time in our

life searching for selfworth and many of

you may still be doing that and we but

we tend to look for it in all the wrong

places we look for it in how much

education we have we look for it in what

kind of automobile we drive what the

label is in our clothes what kind of

title we have at

work how we look there’s you know how

much success we have how much money we


and it can be absolutely EX

exhausting I was listening to a little

bit of a program yesterday and the the

man at one point had been a pro football


and since then he’s become a minister

and uh he had written a book about the

difference between success and

significance and that most people think


success will give them significance but

he said I found that keeping my success

at a high level was

exhausting you know and so when you when

you try to get your s wor worth out of

all those outward things that are con

you I mean like your looks for example

no matter how good you look you’re not

going to stay that way forever so what

happens when you get a few wrinkles or

you get a little bit older then are you

no longer worth anything you know I’ve

thought about myself a lot and you know

I want to be very very careful not to

get my worth and value out of what I’m

doing in the ministry

because although I believe that I’ll be

able to do it till jesus takes me home

what if

someday I can’t do this you know what if

I’m not Joy Meer but I’m just Joyce

Meyer you know well I and I hope I never

hear anybody say did you used to be


Meer that

would I would I would have a good answer

for them

and um so what does it mean to be

worthless because the devil really loves

to try to make you think that you’re

worthless and uh it means good for

nothing no

good without

value piece of


incapable therefore having nothing

anyone would

want and being useless and this can

occur through many different

things uh a lot of times through abuse

verbal emotional physical or sexual

abuse in your childhood or even

like some women that are

battered in their marriage or in a

relationship with a man they can they

they put them down so much that they

begin to believe that they are no good

and they actually deserve these beatings

that they’re getting and uh so the the

devil loves to try to make us feel

bad about ourselves I was just talking

to somebody yesterday and they were

changing jobs and they said they were

going to have to take a pay cut to

change jobs and then somebody talked to

them and said no you go back in there

and you stand up for yourself if you

don’t value yourself they won’t value

you and

so just by confronting it they got what

they wanted and a lot of times we don’t

have enough value in in

ourselves to make other people value US

you know for me like if I’m around

somebody that’s

confident it causes me to have

confidence in

them but if I’m around somebody that’s

shy and insecure and afraid of

everything then that’s not the kind of

person that I enjoy working with because

I don’t feel like I can count on them to

come through when I need them to and so

we there’s a lot of reasons you know

why you can begin to feel worthless I

mean it could be words that your parents

spoke to you it could have been being

con uh compared to other siblings you

couldn’t do what they did or you’re not

as smart as Johnny or you know it could

have been something that happened to you

in school but the point is is that

you are

worth the death the bloodshed of the

only son of God and to think today that

he would have done that if you would

have been the only person on Earth so

you really need to take it personally

you know yes he did it for everybody but

look at it like he did it for you and

the Bible now says I think it’s in 1

Corinthians 6 that we no longer belong

to ourselves that we’ve been

purchased with a precious

price the blood of Jesus we’ve literally

been bought

back from the devil who thought that he

owned us but God had a big surprise for

him amen and so you’re worth

more than what you can ever possibly

imagine and I’m talking to those of you

watching by TV too you’re worth more

than you can possibly ever imagine and

you have gifts and talents and abilities

that will never be released in you if

you don’t gain confidence in who you are

in Christ now obviously we’re warned in

the Bible about Pride so we don’t want

to get full of ourselves and start

thinking that Bible says don’t think

more highly of yourself than you ought

to so what we always need to do is see

ourselves in Christ I always like to say

I’m an everything nothing I’m everything

in Christ and nothing in

myself apart from him I can do nothing

but through

him we can do all things any I mean you

you’re each one of you is capable

of more than what you can even imagine

but how often does Fear keep us from

even stepping out our train and I wonder

how many times you know there’s a job

opening and you’d love to apply but

you’re afraid you won’t get it so you

don’t apply and

that’s what would be the harm if if you

applied and didn’t get it you know see

if you know who you are then that kind

of stuff doesn’t have to bother you then

you can just say well that wasn’t what

God had for me that wasn’t God’s will

for me at this time when we totally put

oursel in God’s hands and we really

begin to believe that he is ordering Our

Lives then you don’t have to try and

figure so many things out and you don’t

have to take on a false sense of

responsibility make yourself responsible

for things that you’re not responsible

for maybe somebody doesn’t like you well

that’s their problem not yours I mean

yes you can ask yourself you know am I

doing something

that’s I shouldn’t be doing that’s

causing this problem but statistically

10% of people won’t like you no matter

what you do right so I figured a long

time ago if I’m going to go out and be

in the p put all the time and preach I

might as well just be bold enough to say

what I believe God’s telling me to say

because no matter what I say somebody’s

not going to like it amen am two kinds

of cover up we

either if we feel like we have no value

we either become extremely shy timid

fearful and

withdraw and just kind of live this

lonely isolated life where we don’t want

to get involved in any way anything that

way we can’t make mistakes and nobody

can judge us or we go to The Other

Extreme and become extremely

bold with a harsh

forwardness that attempts to hide our


insecurities and it’s interesting how

people respond to abuse because I know a

woman that became the shy

fearful timid because she was abused

sexually in her childhood I went to The

Other Extreme where I was like extremely

bold and I mean I have a bold

personality anyway but I was obnoxious

and there’s a difference in that and

so the

search can end at Christ

am he’s the end of your search for

selfworth because in

him you’re accepted by

God made right with him 2 Corinthians

5:21 wonderful

scripture he that knew no sin became sin

see it’s amaz he didn’t just take on our

sin he became sin I can’t even imagine

what that had to be like

for one so holy and perfect to literally

on that cross


sin so sin died with

him on the cross that doesn’t mean we

can’t sin but it no longer has any power

over us and you know what I believe the

power of sin is I think it’s

guilt and

condemnation I think that’s you know you

how many people Christians do something

wrong and they ask God right away to

forgive them but then they still

continue to feel guilty about it I did

that for years and years and years and

years until God showed me that I

actually was trying to pay for my own

sin good with that guilt that’s good and

that he did a perfect job and I didn’t

need to try to add to that you know and

so think about it if the sin is gone and

the Bible says he not only forgives us

but he removes our

sin remembers it no

more in Isaiah 53 it says he bore our

sin and our

guilt and so I remember a long time ago

the Lord saying to me speaking in my

heart and he’s saying you know you’ve

tried to use your faith for everything

imaginable now if you want a real

challenge use your faith to stay free


guilt so I love this scripture Isaiah

43:25 I only I am he who wipes out your

transgressions but listen to these next

four words for my own

sake and I will not remember your sins

he wipes out our

sins for his own

sake and I think that’s why he wants us

to forget the sins of other people and

forgive them it’s really not for them

it’s for us because we’re the ones that


tormented when we’re full of hate and

bitterness for somebody and it still

amazes me even this last Women’s

Conference that we had 16 ,000 and a

half people in attendance and when I ask

how many needed to forgive somebody for

something at least 90% of the people

stood up and I you know I have to talk

about this every time I preach because

the Bible says that we if if we won’t

forgive then God can’t forgive us so

that puts a a wedge between our

relationship with him and everything is

messed up so that’s like a key issue we

have to we receive the Forgiveness that

God gives us that he gives us for his

own sake because he doesn’t

want to have that between us and

him he wants us to have that good

relationship and what an example to the

rest of us about how we

should forgive other people and how we

should look at other people one

scripture in the Amplified Bible says

that God views us as righteous

it’s just how he’s decided to see us you

know well what would happen in

relationships if we would just decide to

always believe the

best of every person you know we are

supposed to love one another and we’re

certainly not going to be any example to

the world as long as all the Christians

are fighting and not getting along and

you can’t get along without the

Forgiveness right so you need to get so

good at forgiving that while somebody is

still offending you you’re already


them that’s my goal just while you’re

still trying to offend me I’m going to

go ahead and forgive you because I’m not

going to let that stuff get stuck in me

and live like

that God chooses to see us as righteous

why because he wants

to not because we deserve it not because

we’re good but because he’s good God

chose to love us and view us as

blameless because he wanted to it

pleased him and here’s the scripture

Ephesians 1: 14 and

5 even as in his love he chose

us actually picked us out for himself as


own he picked you

out might say he picked you out and he

picked you

up in Christ it’s always in Christ it’s

through our faith in Christ before the

foundation of the world why because he

can look down through time and he

already knows who’s going to receive him

so before you’re ever born if God knows

you’re going to make the decision to

Believe In Christ he already

says I love you what did he say to

Jeremiah before I formed you in the womb

I knew you and I chose you as my

instrument amen

amen that we should be

holy consecrated and set apart for him

and blameless in his sight even above

reproach which is shame and blame before

him in love and he foreordained

us destined us planned in love for us to

be adopted and revealed as his own

children through Jesus Christ in

accordance with the purpose Pur of his

will because it pleased him and was his


intent so the good news is is everything

that God’s done for us really has

nothing to do with us it’s not our

goodness or our good behavior or our


record but it’s all because that’s what

he wanted to do and if we understand

that how can you not respond to that

then with spending your whole life

wanting to please him and love him and

then what’s important to him that we’re

good to other

people so when you what comes to you

should flow through you amen so he

forgives you you forgive other

people he loves you you love other

people to you and through you amen amen

he’s kind to us we’re kind to others

he’s patient with us we’re patient with

others because he’s given us everything

that we need to do what he wants us to

do now the Bible says that God adopts

us and you

know our oldest son David is adopted by

Dave I had him from

a first marriage when I was 18 years old

desperate to have anybody that would

take me because of being abused I

thought nobody would ever want me and I

knew I was doing something dumb when I

did it but you know desperate people do

dumb stuff how many of you know

that and interestingly enough I named


David and then met Dave when he was 11

months old and I remember when Dave

asked me to marry him I said well you

know I have a son and I love his answer

he said said

well he said I don’t I I haven’t had a

relationship with David

so I can’t say that I love him but I

love anything that’s part of

you and so that’s kind of like when God

adopts us he’s like you know on your

own you haven’t done anything to make me

love you but if you’re part of Christ

see then I love anything that’s part of

him and uh in our home you never hear

the half brother half

sister that there’s there’s no half he’s

holy and

completely Dave’s son and my son and has

all the same when when we went through

the adoption process I remember the law

you’re saying to da now you do realize

that if you adopt him that he has all

the same

rights privileges to

inheritance that your blood children

have there’s never any difference so

that’s why we talk about being joint

heirs with

Christ you see what Jesus

earned we get yes because we’re in him

right well wow you know you can spend a

lifetime thinking about this and never

get tired of thinking about it but I

think sometimes we don’t spend enough

time thinking about it you know what you

know what a lot of people do they spend

more time thinking about what’s wrong


them than they do what God has done for

them we have redemption in him and to be

redeemed means to be bought back to be

purchased Ephesians 1:7 in him we have

Redemption through his blood the

Forgiveness of our trespasses according

to the riches of his

grace we are

redeemed because we are precious in

God’s sight Isaiah

431 and 4 but now thus says the Lord he

who created you oh Jacob he who formed

you oh Israel fear not for I have

redeemed you I have called you by name

you are


so I like to say my morning prayers I’m

yours and you’re mine I’m in you and

you’re in me you know confessing the

word is a good way to keep it stirred up

Amen on the inside of you remind

yourself of what the scriptures say

verse four says because you are precious

in my

eyes so anybody listening to me who


worthless it’s a lie from Satan

because if you have placed your faith in

Jesus as your


would have been taking my

application there would have been no way

right I don’t have the right education

for this I don’t have the right

training sometimes I think I don’t even

have the right

voice you know I don’t sound like nice

and sweet like

you but you know it doesn’t matter what

you have or don’t have it’s not even my

level of Education I could have 25

degrees and God still couldn’t use me

you know what qualifies you the

anointing that’s good and the anointing

is the presence and the power of God on

your life and with that


wow the anointing destroys the Yoke of

bondage so if I’m anointed as I teach

the word that word can actually break

bondages off of you and heal your

wounded soul but somebody could stand

next to me and preach the exact same

message word for word with no anointing

and it would put you to

sleep it’s amazing so we might as well

take a look at it verse TW 1 Corinthians

1:26 for consider your own calling

Brothers not many of you were wise

according to worldly standards not many

were powerful not many were of noble B

birth but God chose what is foolish in

the world to

shame the

wise God chose what is weak in the world

to shame the strong and here it comes

God CH what is low and

despised in the world even things that

are not to bring to nothing

things that are he chose you and wants

to lift you up give you favor give you


and have people just with their mouth

hanging open and a I can’t believe


you I can’t believe that you could ever


that so that no human being might

boast in the presence of God now that

doesn’t mean that God doesn’t use smart

people and people that are Highly

Educated I mean Paul the Apostle Paul

was I heard yesterday that he in all

probability was a

genius and yet he said that his speech

was not

eloquent which I think is interesting so

he apparently wasn’t an awesome

speaker but he was

anointed and he was chosen by God to do

what he did and so he wrote 2third of

the New Testament he had to be brilliant

so yes God uses brilliant people but

Paul was totally dependant on

God and so that’s the key you know I

don’t think that there’s very many

people that God can allow to do great

things without them getting full of

themselves try staying

humble as God lifts you

up is the

key to staying in that position and even

being promoted beyond that and I can

tell you one of the quickest ways that

you can see pride in somebody is if they

mistreat other people under

them if they mistreat people people that

are they are in authority over nothing

aggravates me worse than to see somebody

in Ministry that’s got a large

staff treating them like dogs or talking

to them like they’re no good or they’re

stupid I absolutely hate

that because of him you are in Christ

Jesus who became to us wisdom from God

righteousness sanctification and

Redemption so as it is written let the

one who boasts boast only in the

Lord amen amen where everything in

Christ and nothing in ourselves so thank

you for being with me today and I pray

we’ll see you again tomorrow when I end

up this series talking about a sure

foundation and how important the

foundation of righteousness is in your

life God bless


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