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Let me just tell you, that I was so selfish. Oh my gosh I was so selfish. I was always on my mind.

Ya know if Dave was going to go play golf,
the first thing I’d think was, “What about me?”

And if Dave was going to watch a football
game, “What about me?” And the kids would

go outside with Dave to play, and I had work
to do inside… now mind you I could of not

worked and gone out and enjoyed myself, but, no, I wanted to work so I could feel sorry for myself.

Come on, and everything was, “What
about me? What about me? When is somebody going to do something for me?”

And I started early in the morning,
before I was even fully awake thinking about myself.

Any of you like that? And so many,
many, many years ago I was lying in bed one

morning and I wasn’t even fully awake yet,
and I was thinking about how I could get Dave

to not do what he wanted to do that day, and
do what I wanted. Ya know, how I could maybe

get the kids to do the housework so I could
just kinda chill, have fun.

It was like I was just thinking about myself. Just lying there in bed and thinking about myself. And you know that is a dangerous

way to start your day, because however you
get started that’s usually the way things

go the rest of the day. You’re much better
off to lie in bed and purposely think, God,

what can I do for somebody else today? How
can I be a greater blessing to my family?

God, how can I be a better wife today?” The
last time I asked that he told me to cook

Dave’s breakfast. I haven’t asked that in awhile. Cause I’m not into too much cooking.

Poor guy about fainted when I said, “I’m gonna
cook your breakfast.” You got to be ready

when you ask God that kind of stuff. But it’s
been life changing for me. The principles

I am sharing with you tonight really has been
one of the key elements in my life that have

gotten me from where I was to where I am.
So I’m lying there thinking about myself.

I kind of had this little vision and the Holy
Ghost began to deal with me in my heart. And

He said, “You know, the enemy comes and starts
putting thoughts in your head real early in

the morning and it’s like he’s getting you
wound up for the day.” He said, “You remind

me of the little robot. The devil comes and
he’s like, ‘What about me? What about me?

What about me? And, what about me?’ And then you
put your feet n the floor, and this the way

you look to me the rest of the day: ‘What
about me? What about me? What about me? What

about me? Beep, beep. What about me?
What about me? What about me?'”