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let me tell you something if you want to

go all the way through with God you

better have some

guts I mean that’s about as plain and

simple as I know how to put it I mean we

need to have courage and we need to be

determined I’m not going to be a wimpy

whiny whitewashed Christian I am going

to go all the way through with God and

if I’m going to be a Christian I’m going

to be a real one I’m going to stand

strong for God and I’m going to help

other people I’m here to help other

people you would be absolutely amazed if

you knew some of the things that some of

your leaders go

through while they’re ministering to you

and you don’t even have a clue what

they’re going through so first of all

let’s just read a couple scriptures 2

Timothy CH

4 verses 7 and

8 I tell you I spent so many years as

what I call a yo-yo Christian up when my

circumstances were up and down when they

were down up and down up and down and up


down and when you get tired enough of

that then you start wanting to have

stability in your

life I have fought the good worthy

honorable and Noble

fight everybody say I I

fight I have finished the

race I have kept

firmly and held on to the

faith as to what remains

henceforth that is laid up for me the

Victor’s Crown of righteousness for

being right with God and doing right

which the Lord the righteous judge will

award to me and recompense me on that


day and not to me only but also to those

who have loved and yearned for and

welcomed his appearing can I tell you

something Jesus is coming

back and I decided toward the end of

last year that I needed to do a little

more teaching about living for eternity

and not just living for this moment that

I’m in right now do you know how short a

life is compared to

eternity we are going to live

forever so what if I don’t get my way

while I’m

here I mean so what if everything that I

want doesn’t happen to me while I’m here

in Hebrews chapter 11 we call it the

Great Hall of Fame of Faith where there

was so many of these great men and women

that were talking about they did this by

faith and that by faith and this by

faith and that by faith but then it gets

down to a certain part that I really

love and it says all of these although

they did not receive the Fulfillment of

their faith they held on to faith and

they died in faith believing God and you

know what the most important thing is

not even really that I get what I want

it’s that I keep walking in faith that I

keep trusting God that I keep believing

God that I keep saying good things about

God you know what it’s not about

us he said I fought the good fight and

I’m waiting for his appearing and I’ve

seen so many scriptures in the Bible now

it’s amazing when God is leading you to

I have seen so many scriptures where

they were encouraged to do this because

the Lord is coming sooner do that

because the Lord is coming soon one

place Paul said live unselfishly because

the Lord is near and so we don’t want to

wait until the trumpet blows and then

quick try to get

ready we want to live ready and so that

means every day of our life we pursue

God with all of our heart and I’m just

so excited about seeing people that are

that are maturing and growing in God and

that are actually running their race and

being a blessing to other people no

matter what is going on in their life

and now let’s look at Acts chapter 20

beginning in verse

22 so beginning in verse 22 Paul says

and now you see I’m going to Jerusalem

Bound by the Holy Spirit and obligated

and compelled by the conviction of my

own Spirit not knowing what will befall

me there except that the Holy Spirit

clearly and emphatically affirms to me

in city after City that imprisonment and

suffering await me now you know I hate

to say it

but do we have enough strong Christians

of this type

today that would say I don’t care what

happens to me God says go and I’m

going see I believe that we need to be

stronger we need to be more determined

that we’re going to finish our race and

that we’re not going to quit and give up

he said I I’m compelled by the holy

spirit that I have to go do this but

none of these things move me and I love

this verse 24 none of these things move

me neither do I esteem my life dear to

myself if only I may finish my course

with joy and the ministry which I have

obtained which was entrusted to me by

the Lord Jesus Faithfully to attest to

the good news the gospel of God’s

grace and now observe I perceive that

all of you among whom I have gone in and

out proclaiming the kingdom you will see

my face no more Paul knew that he was

about to die but he said I’m going to

finish my race I’m going to keep doing

what I’m supposed to be doing until I

draw my very last breath now God does

not want us

to let a bunch of little petty things

bother us and upset us all the time

actually Paul said some interesting

things he even told people in 1

Corinthians 7 if you’re married that’s

good but if you’re not married don’t

seek to get married because if you do

you’re going to have other issues to

deal with that you wouldn’t have to deal

with if you weren’t

married I mean it’s actually really

funny you have to I mean I don’t want to

take the time to go there tonight

because I’ve got some other places I

want to be but it was like Paul was just

saying you know I mean there there’s

nothing wrong with it but you know

please understand that when you get a

husband or a wife you’re going to have

to deal with stuff that that you

wouldn’t have to deal with and Paul’s

whole attitude was the Lord is coming I

mean he thought Jesus was coming you

know in a couple of days and so if he

felt that way then how should we be


now I don’t know exactly when he’s

coming but I know it’s sooner than it

was back

then and I know that every day that goes

by it’s sooner than it was the day

before and just as sure as we’re sitting

here tonight the trumpet is going to

blow he is going to split the Eastern

Sky the dead are going to rise up out of

the ground and we’re going to rise up in

the air and we’re going to all meet


Hallelujah and that is when you’re going

to be glad you didn’t


quit but we need to live like that day

may be in the next

hour or it may be tomorrow morning let’s

don’t be like the foolish virgins who

waited until the bridegroom showed up to

try and get ready

to meet him and obviously you know I’m

not just talking to you I’m trying to

talk to people all over the world and

I’ll tell you something you’re here in

church tonight so you may be ready to do

these kind of things I’m talking about

but there’s a whole world full of people

that this is just like


what the world is just needs so much

help and it needs the word of God and so

many people will never go to church but

they all watch

TV and they’re probably not trying to

watch me on purpose but I try to be on

enough that they can’t help

it you

know I just feel so impressed to keep


people let’s be the real

deal you know what stuff is going to

happen to

you and we can’t get all you know

I don’t understand why is this happening

to me I don’t understand well why not

you why is it okay if it’s somebody else

I mean why why is it if it’s somebody

else they should trust God but we should


apart when you don’t know what to do

keep doing what you know to do get up

and pray confess the word go to work go

to church keep your commitments pay your

bills be kind to people be loving walk

in love and if you really really really

want to make the devil mad I mean you

really want to make him mad when he is

throwing his best shot at you you go out

and do more for other people than what

you’ve ever done before in your