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I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe that God

can heal you everywhere you


hurt the main way the enemy speaks to us

is by putting thoughts in our

mind that’s why we definitely need to

know the word because if you don’t know

the word you won’t recognize the lies of



amen when you know the word

let’s say you’ve done something wrong

and you’ve prayed you’ve admitted it

you’ve confessed it before God you’ve

asked to be

forgiven and then tomorrow you still


guilty if you really know the word

you’ll know that that’s the devil trying

to make you feel guilty because if the

sin’s been forgiven then there can’t be

any guilt attached to

it but if you don’t know the word then

you can just waste

most of your time feeling guilty about

stuff that God’s already


amen I don’t I don’t mess with that

anymore I spent years feeling guilty I

didn’t feel good if I didn’t feel

bad when I first started experiencing

peace I was

bored I was I


young you know you can get addicted to


upset being

tense if you so the devil said to him if

you are the Son of God so the first

thing he does is attack his

identity who Do You Think You Are

order this Stone to turn into a loaf of

bread so what was the Temptation here

one he attacked his identity and two he

tried to get him to move independently


God if you’re

hungry just tell that stone to become

bread but that’s that’s not what God had

told him to

do we need to follow the leadership of

God and not let the devil move us in the

flesh to just do what we want to do when

we want to do

it even sometimes when

there’s we could do something to get out


something but maybe inside we sense no

God wants wants me to stay even though

this is a hard place God wants me to

stay here he he doesn’t want me to run


this and you know when Jesus was in the

garden one of the

soldiers Peter got his sword whacked off


ear Jesus picked his ear up and put it

back on his

head and he said to Peter don’t you know

that if I wanted to I could call 12

Legions of angels 72,000 angels He said

I don’t have to do this but if I do that

the will of God won’t be

done so there’s times when I don’t have

to put up with


hello there are times when you don’t

have to put up with something you can

say I’m putting up with

you but is that what God

wants come on I said is that what God


is that going to be the best for your

children it’s so easy to

run but David stood and confronted

Goliath and Jesus went into that

Wilderness and he confronted the

devil and we don’t have to be afraid of

the enemy because God’s given us power

over him but wait a minute before you

clap and cheer if you’re going to stay

mad at

people it you might as don’t shout about

your power because you just you threw it

away this is why you we have so much

available to us us Jesus has provided


everything but it’s

time there’s one big word I want to give


tonight full


surrender come on I

mean don’t look at me like a little

dough at a new G you know full

surrender what do you have going on in

your life that you know full well is

against the word of God but you

just won’t give it

up CU you say well I’ll probably go to

heaven anyway well you may but you may

have a miserable

trip I don’t know about you but I want

to enjoy the


amen and not only

that I love

God and and if we love him we should


him you know we we think about Eve

and she was

deceived by the lies of

Satan in the

garden and by the way the devil has an

speci special hate for

women and that’s proven all throughout

history and

that’s because

he he was told in the

garden that a woman would bruise his

head by giving birth to the

Savior so he don’t like us and I bet

he’s especially mad now that women are

really rising up and being used by

God woo


but you know Eve Eve wasn’t deceived


she was evil or bad you know why she was

deceived because she loved God so

much that when Satan said to her if you

eat this you’ll be like

God well she wanted that was she wanted

to be more like God she loved him

so she did what God had told her not to

do but the intent of her heart do you

know that most of the people that get

really weird and off into a spirit of

error are people who really love

God and the devil takes advantage of

that and he starts telling them stuff

that’s really not

scriptural and they start doing

it and get into

trouble that’s right I don’t I don’t

care if you’re quiet all

night then the devil like okay verse

whatever it

is the next one five then the devil took

him up on a high mountain and showed him

all the kingdoms of the habitable World

in a moment of time in the twinkling of

an eye and he said to him to you I will

give all of this power and authority and

their Glory all of their magnificence

their Excellence their preeminence their

dignity and their

because it has been turned over to me

and I give it to whomsoever I

will well how to get turned over to him

in the

garden Adam gave the power that God had


him to the

enemy and if you read that and

understand it don’t think for one minute

that the devil can’t make a wicked man

Rich Prosperity is no sign of spiritual



amen the devil can give people

stuff but he can’t make you

happy he can’t give you peace he can’t

give you

Joy you know your life is like a blip

y on gravestones let’s say I live to be

100 I was born in 1943 so let’s say it

says here lies Joyce

Meer born 1943 died 2043 dashed died

2043 the only thing that really matters

is what happened in the

dash and so I want to ask you what are

you doing with your


dash and that’s it’s about I mean I

can’t believe that I’m 80 I can’t

believe that I look back at my life and

I think I’ve given birth to four kids

I’ve had a miscarriage I’ve had 12

grandchildren I’ve preached all over the

world I made 67 mission trips out of the

country been married today for 57

years just I’m like

and I don’t know how much is left of my

Dash but I know what I’m going to do

with it

amen come on I I want you to wake up

tonight if you’re living in some kind of

sin and you know that you are you know

that what you’re doing is

wrong get it straightened out before

your dash is

over because eternity is a long long how

long is forever

wow is it worth staying mad at

somebody is it worth it of course

not so I think that’s interesting to see

that the devil can give people

stuff and then I love this in verse 7

therefore the devil says if you will do

homage to and worship me just

once if will all be yours the Just One

S just just one time it won’t hurt it

won’t hurt just this one

time everybody else does

it well you ain’t everybody


else we’re supposed to be


Sanctified means set apart for God’s

use holy and set apart for God’s use

this is my glass right

here I’m supposed to be the only one

that uses it this is set apart for

me for these little lips right

here this is my Kleenex

box that needs to be shined

up you understand what I mean you belong


God you are not your own you were bought

with a price the precious blood of Jesus

Christ you don’t get to just do whatever

you want to do whenever you want to do

it I mean you can if you want to but you

will pay a price for


and many of you are paying a

price well Jesus had his stuff together

he replied to Satan and said get behind


Satan hit the

road it is written you shall do homage

to and Worship the Lord your God and him

only shall you serve then he took him to

Jerusalem set him on a Gable of the

temple and said if you are the Son of

God cast yourself down from here because

he will give his angels charge over you

and they’ll he he can even quote

scripture the devil knows the Bible he

can quote

scripture and Jesus replied you shall

not tempt test or try the Lord your God

and I love this part when the devil had

ended the complete cycle of Temptation

he temper temporarily left him to wait

for a more opportune

time so guess what truth be told he’s

never going to completely leave you

alone I know that’s not very good news

but the Bible says you got to fight the

good fight of

Faith remember we’re just in the


it won’t so what if you never get what

you want it won’t last that long and the

day will come when you’ll have

everything you could have possibly ever


wanted you can put up with a little

something now if you have

to the thing that the devil loves more

than anything is a passive

Christian somebody who

just well God will protect me

well we work in tandem with God we work

in partnership with

God I bought this book and read it and I

don’t call my office Monday and ask what

the name of this book was if you want to

know you write it down now power

lines power

lines by Leona Choy c h o

y and this is what great evangelicals

believed about the Holy Spirit from 1850


1930 that interested me because there’s

so many different opinions and

theories about all this there’s 24

different Great Men of

God that talk in here about what they

believe about the Holy Spirit the gifts

of the Spirit being filled with the

spirit baptized in the Holy Spirit

and shocking I know but they don’t all

agree there’s probably at least eight

different very strong and reasonable


opinions some say

that when you’re born again you

receive the fullness of the Holy

Spirit some say it’s a second blessing

that you get later after you’re born


I’ve always said when you’re born again

you have the Holy Spirit I don’t think

that’s the problem the problem is does

the Holy Spirit have

you and after reading all this and I’ve

come to the

conclusion at this point could change my

mind later you know we do change our

mind the more we

learn that I believe when you’re born

again you do receive the full power of

the holy spirit because you you know if

you get the Holy Spirit you don’t I mean

you get the Holy Spirit he doesn’t come



but until you’re ready to yield or

Surrender come on we’re going

somewhere until you’re ready to


see if you look

in on the day of Pentecost

when the spirit was poured

out it says and when the day Acts 2 1-4

when the day of Pentecost had fully come

they were all together in one place when

suddenly there came a sound from heaven

like the rushing of a violent Tempest

blast and it filled the whole house in

which they were sitting and there

appeared to them tongues resembling fire

which was separated and sett on each one

of them and they were all filled

diffused throughout their souls now I

want you to see that diffused throughout


souls you have if you’re born again you

have the Holy Spirit in your

spirit but when you

are if you want to be filled with the

Holy Spirit you have to let him have

control of your soul and that’s your

mind your will and your emotions you you

have to let him fill you completely not

just keep him kind of off in this one

little room that you go to when you have

an emergency we live an emergency

and I look back at my own life and I say

I was baptized in the Holy Spirit when I


1976 there was a move of God going on

basically all over the Earth thousands

and thousands of people were being

baptized in the Holy Spirit but if I

really want to be doctrinally correct

which believe it or not I do try to

be uh

I had the Holy

Spirit and I don’t think I just had a

little bit of the Holy Spirit but the

Holy Spirit only had a little bit of

me and so half of these guys say what

I’m saying now that you receive the

fullness of the Holy Spirit

but you can lose some of that you don’t

the holy Spirit never leaves you he’s

there to abide but you can lose the full

power of the Holy Spirit by living the


way so I’m asking you to make a decision

tonight do you what’s more important to

you to do what you want to do when you

want to do it to say what you want to

say when you want to say it to think

what you want to think when you want to


it to watch stuff that you know you

shouldn’t be watching listen to stuff

you know you shouldn’t be listening

to gossip and laugh at dirty jokes and

what you know whatever you

whatever or do you want to have the full

power of the Holy Ghost in your


I’m going to tell you something and I

sure don’t mean this to sound anyway but

just I’m trying to tell you the

truth I believe that I carry an

anointing on my

life that’s the only thing that helps

people it’s not my great speaking

ability it’s God’s

anointing but I pay a price to keep

that and I spend a lot of time by


cuz sometime you just you just can’t get

involved in all of

it you know it’s

just I mean the devil will get

you how easy is it to start gossiping

about people when you sit with other

people all the time who

gossip how easy is it to start murmuring

and grumbling and complaining about

every little inconvenience if all you

hang out with is other grumblers and



on how easy is it to compromise just a

little if all you hang out with is

people who always compromise just a

little and I’ve got some good Godly

friends but I like to hang out with

positive people I like to hang out with

generous people because I’m a

giver come


on which do you

want do you want this


self-will or would you be willing to

walk away from

anything I’m calling people to decision

tonight would you be willing to walk

away from

anything if God put his finger on it and

said you know that that’s

wrong would you be willing to walk away

from all your friends if God showed you

they were all poisoning your life and

keeping you from


God in order to have the full power of

the holy spirit in your life I have got

to have all of God I cannot do with any

less I cannot do with any


less and we need the gifts of the Holy

Ghost and some of them say they left

with the early church and some of them

say they didn’t you know what I think

people do I think people make a Doctrine

out of their own

experience however they got something

that’s how everybody’s supposed to get

it or if they didn’t get it at all then

nobody’s supposed to have it you know

the holy spirit is like the wind you

don’t know where it’s coming or where

it’s going but you sure know when it’s



and the Holy Spirit does different

things in different ways in different


lives and we got to just let him have


way you say well what about this

speaking in tongues thing well okay what


it people have fought more over

that and it’s the last gift on the

list and whole denominations have split

and parted ways over that well I speak

in tongues but if you don’t want to I

can love you


anyway you know some of them say God

doesn’t give everybody that

gifts let me tell you

something I know some Christians that

are meaner than snakes that speak in

tongues and I know some people that I

believe are Godly and full of the Holy

Ghost that don’t speak in


so get off

it I mean just get off

it I mean I want everything God will

give me so I begged him to give

me I opened my mouth I tried I I did



cuz if anybody can have anything I want

it I’m a spiritual


hog you know you know what’s getting


people they want to be religiously

respectable and it’s our deadly

respectability that’s keeping the

power out of the


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Peace the m actually is the battlefield

that’s where we win or lose the war with

Satan he said all he gets to

say of the day is mine you start asking

God to heal you and he will restore he

the God of all comfort and I am so

grateful that I know how to call on