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today we’re in the second chapter of

philippians and paul starts out in the

first four verses

and he says so if there is any

encouragement in christ

any comfort from love

any participation in the spirit any

affection and sympathy

complete my joy by being of the same

mind having the same love being in full


and of one mind


what do we get out of that well if we

just read over it probably not too much


paul is basically saying here so if you

want to encourage me

if you want to bring some comfort to me

if you want to participate in the

spiritual work that i’m doing

if you have any real affection for me or

any sympathy for me the one thing you

can do for me that will make me really

really really happy and complete my joy

is if you will just get along

so we’re going to talk

about a couple of really important

things though we’re going to talk about

how to get along

unity and how important it is to get the

strife out of our lives

now when i said the word strife some of

you don’t even know what that word means

i had somebody asked me recently what is


well strife is bickering arguing heated

disagreement but it’s something else

that is very dangerous it’s an angry


and you know what an angry undercurrent

is it’s when everybody is smiling at

each other

praise the lord brother

glad you’re here thank you jesus

but you’re gossiping about them behind

their back or

you know you really don’t like them i

i’m not surprised at all that the world

is not impressed by us

we as christians must

lay aside our pride

come on

our pride

and our vanity

and we have to learn

to stop fighting in our homes

in our churches in our neighborhoods in

our schools

about things that really

when you take a look at it in light of


are just so petty

so totally completely petty


you know if you’ve been married more

than 20 years or say

who here has been married more than 30




how many of you can remember things that

you argued about year one two three four

and five

that you look back now and think how


now only four or five people that have

been married that long have realized


well i might have to change my message

i mean so many things that dave used to

do that made me so mad and now i think

they’re funny

all those things that we think drive us

crazy about a person is really what

makes up that person

and we love them as a whole but we try

to pick everything apart

that they do

when we first started our ministry

god said i’m going to tell you three

things i want you to do and if you do

them i’ll bless your ministry

and every one of these was news to me i

didn’t even really fully understand what

they were

but he said do what you do with

excellence be a person of integrity

first thing he said

and basically

being a person of integrity means you

keep your word so even in the very

beginning what god put on my heart is if

you’ve taken a speaking engagement from


a small church

and all of a sudden you’ve committed to

them but you get a huge opportunity

to speak in a big conference

i want you to keep your word to the

first people


so it’s things like that from the very

beginning from the foundation of our


god was dealing with us about

truthfulness and

keeping our word and he said do what you

do with excellence i talked a little bit

last night about excellence

being an excellent person somebody who

always goes the extra mile

and being excellent

or doing something with excellence

doesn’t mean extravagance

some people think if they don’t have a

boatload of money they can’t do things

with excellence but all it means to be

excellent is to take what you have

however little that might be and do the

very very best that you can with it

even if you have an old car you can keep

it clean



if you’re going to roll down your window

your car window at a stop sign and throw

your trash out

get the fish off your bumper sticker



if we would just follow

one thing the bible says and we even

call it the golden rule

i guess that

phrase means hey this is like the most

important thing

and it basically is so simple it says do

unto others as you would have them do

unto you

what would happen in a family

or in the church

if people would just treat other people

the way they would want to be treated

or not say anything about another person

that you wouldn’t want somebody to say

about you

each one of us is responsible

to maintain peace

in our lives and as much as is possible

to be a peace