The power of words, life and death is in the power of the tongue, we are changed by looking into the word of God and asking God to help us change.

one of the best examples i know is when

i started hearing messages about

the power of words well i was convicted

to say the least because i had a very


mouth that worked pretty much constantly

see when you have a gift in something it

can also be your greatest fault

honey i can talk amen

and so boy when i would first start

hearing these messages about the power

words the power of life and death is in

the tongue

don’t you know because i was always here

and you shouldn’t have said that you

shouldn’t have said that you shouldn’t

have said that

why did you say that so i would hear

these messages

and i would go like that’s it

i’m going to go home and i’m going to

keep my mouth shut

i had my plan for holiness and good

behavior and so then

but because the flesh is out of balance

all the time

i wouldn’t say nothing

mm-hmm uh-huh

so then pretty soon people be saying

what is your problem

and then i would think that’s it you’re

not happy if i talk

you’re not happy if i don’t talk come on


and the other thing that i didn’t

understand and this i think will help


the quieter i would be on purpose the

more depressed i would feel

and i thought what is this i’m trying to


what i believe god wants me to do why do

i feel so depressed

and this is what god said you’ve shut

your mouth but nothing’s changed on the


see i was trying to conform myself

to the image but the bible says be not


but be ye transformed by the entire

renewal of your mind i was never going

to change what i said

if i didn’t let god work with me on

changing what i thought

we’re changed by god’s grace not our

works and effort

you say well what is my part i’m

supposed to do something

here it comes four things

believe dare to believe god

is changing me i want god to change me

i’ve asked god to change me

i want to be what he wants me to be and

i believe that god is working

and that i’m getting better and better

all the time i actually believe

that god changes us in such minute

little degrees that we don’t really see

it or recognize it

that’s why sometimes you have to look

back to

how you were 10 years ago

and then say wow god really has done a


so first thing believe second thing


god’s word now i didn’t say read the


that’s cool do that too but i’m talking


studying the word of god

even if it’s 30 minutes a day even if

you start with 15 minutes a day

study don’t get into the bible for

quantity look at it for quality

stick with it till you can say okay

i learned something today i saw

something that encouraged me

don’t just go through it at warp speed

and then feel proud of yourself because

you read three or four chapters

if you can’t remember one thing you read

amen get in a bible study

study the word it’s great to hear

preachers i’m glad you watched my

program i’m really glad you came to the


but i want you to study

and we have things to help you and don’t

use the excuse i can’t understand the


there’s too many modern translations of

the bible

for anybody to say they can’t understand

it and there’s too many

other books and things to help you study

second corinthians 3 18. and all of us

as with unveiled faith because we

continue to behold in the word of god

as in a mirror the glory of the lord are

constantly being

transfigured into his very own image and

ever increasing splendor from one degree

of glory

to another so how are we changed from

looking into the word of god we see in

the word what jesus

is we see what we’re not

we say god i want that to change will

you help me will you work in me

and then god goes to work amen

now god has a few tools that he uses

that we’re not always very fond of

oh god help me love everybody

help me lord even love the unlovely

well so do you think that’s going to

happen then by god just surrounding you

with lovely people

if you want to learn how to love the

unlovely then you’re going to have to be

around some unlovely people

come on oh god help me be patient

you’ve just asked for a problem

amen so on and on you get it

james 1 21 i love this scripture james 1


so get rid of all uncleanness and the

rampant outgrowth of wickedness

and in a humble gentle modest

spirit receive and welcome the word

which implanted and rooted in your


contains the power to save your soul

that doesn’t mean the power to be born

again you’re already born again

your spirit is all fixed up honey you

got it

it’s the soul that needs to be saved now

my mind my will my emotions god is

working his way

out of our spirit out through our soul

and finally out through our body where

the world can get some benefit

out of what christ has done in our life