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in our life we should have a flow of of

Joy a flow of

Peace a flow of the fruit of the spirit

coming out of us a flow of goodness

flowing out of us Mercy we should have a

flow of good things in our life and when

the right things are bubbling up in us

and flowing out of us we not

only enjoy our lives but we’re able to

be a blessing to other people so guess I

want to ask you today what is Flowing

out of

you I’ll ask myself what is Flowing out

of you Joyce well sometimes good stuff

and some days we just get a little spurt

and I’d like to fix that

amen What flows out of you is more

important than what comes to

you we get way too concerned about what

we’re getting in Life or what we’re not

getting or not having a bad circumstance

and God wants us to to understand that

it’s what’s in us that is much more

important than what’s coming to us

because if we’ve got the right thing in

us and we get rid of the hindrances in

our life then the right thing will flow

through us and it won’t only be a

blessing to us but it will be a blessing

to other people so is a good flow being

hindered in your life is what’s coming

out of us dead or is it living does it

Minister life does it Minister death is

there flow at all do you feel like you

can’t hear from God you feel like you

can’t sense God’s presence there’s no

joy there’s no peace nothing seems to be

working everything is a struggle some of

you know exactly what I’m talking about

like I don’t understand I go to church

and but something’s just not right

something’s just not right well

sometimes we’ve got some things clogging

up our

pipes and you know when you’re a

Believer but you’re not living the life

you should live live it’s very

frustrating because before you received

Christ and got into the word you could

sin all day long it didn’t bother you

that much but once you receive Christ

and you start learning better now if you

continue in that kind of a lifestyle you

will be miserable can I just say this

and I want you to remember this there’s

nothing more miserable than a guilty

conscience a lot of people that have a

hard time sleeping not everybody

obviously but a lot of times when you

have a hard time sleeping there’s

something on your conscience that’s

bothering you something that you have

not attended to you know we’re very good

at just glossing over things and finding

someplace to kind of stick it in a back

room in our heart somewhere and just

pretending like it doesn’t exist and I

had a situation two or three years ago

that I well remember where I just wasn’t

sleeping good which normally wasn’t the

case for me and I tossed and turned and

kept waking up and didn’t know what was

going on finally about 5:00 in the

morning I said to God I wish I would

have done it much sooner but I said what

is wrong

wrong what is wrong you know if you ask

God what’s wrong and you really want to

hear the truth he’ll tell you but you

may not like everything that he says we

always want our problems to be something

somebody else is doing but in that


quickly God brought to my heart

something that I had said a way that I


behaved that day before I went to bed

towards somebody else and I just kind of

glossed over it made an excuse and

didn’t take care of it see we should be

smart enough to know that if we hurt

somebody’s feelings we should say I’m

sorry if we act rude we should say I’m

sorry not behave badly and then say well

I had a rough day at work you know we

make too many excuses for bad behavior

and what we need to do is let God deal

with us about these things and say no

God I don’t want to be like that and I

need you to help me nothing is worse

than having a guilty conscience


4:14 Jesus is talking with we call her

the woman at the

well and he says whoever takes a drink

of the water that I will give him shall

never know never be thirsty anymore but

the water that I give him shall become a

spring of water welling up flowing

bubbling continually with him unto

eternal life I want you just try to get

a picture of that what how good is life

when we’ve got we just feel like life is

bubbling us up in us and there’s joy

just bubbling up in us and you know I I

live too many years where I’d get up in

the morning couldn’t wait to go to bed

and then go to bed at night and couldn’t

wait to get up you know I wasn’t ever

really satisfied with anything and man

it became so important to me when I

finally got a hold of John 10:10 and

realized that Jesus didn’t just die for

me so I could someday in the sweep by

and by go to heaven but he died so we

could have and enjoy our life life and

have it in abundance to the full until

it overflows and enjoying life does not

mean that I’m going to get everything I

want or that I’m going to live on

vacation I’m going to have the perfect

people in my life enjoying life means

that there’s a place in Christ that we

can come to a place of spiritual

maturity where although we may not like

our circumstances nobody likes difficult

circumstances we still can find a place

where we can be happy and joy ful no

matter what is going on in our

life and isn’t that really what we want

Paul talked about it when he

said my determined

purpose is to know him and the power of

his resurrection that lifts me out from

among the dead even while I’m in the

body that’s exactly what we’re talking

about here today he said there’s a place

that we can come to In Christ where with

all the deadness around us and all the

trouble and all the bad circumstances

and The Grouchy people and the high

finances and all the things that are

going on where in him we can be lifted

above that in a resurrection life you

know the Bible says in Isaiah 40 that

when we wait on God we will Mount up

with wings like eag eagles who Mount up

close to the Sun Well if you’ve never

really looked any further than just

reading that scripture you may not

really understand the total beauty of it

but an eagle has an ability to fly so

high they’re not afraid of the storms of

life they actually have tunnel vision

and they can see miles and miles away

when a storm is coming and instead of

running from it or having a a bad

attitude or a fearful attitude they

actually wait for it to come and they

let the the draft of the storm when it

hits them it pops them up above the

storms and they can fly around in

Freedom and just look down at what’s


well see that’s the way that we should

be as Believers we don’t have to run


problems amen and you know why you have

to have enough experience with God and

it takes some time to get to this point

but honestly and

truly none of us like

trouble but if you love God and you want

what he wants in your life and you don’t

give up there’s nothing absolutely

nothing that comes your way that God

will not be able to take it and somehow

or another work it out for your benefit

in your life the thing may not be good

but God is

good that doesn’t mean that God brought

your trouble but he’ll use your trouble

to make you a stronger believer and to

be a better witness to somebody

else how many of you are going through

some things right

now okay well see we have stuff too you

know I had in the last three years I’ve

had both of my hips replaced kind of

nice now you can get replacement parts

you know and

uh that’s cool so you know you go

through a healing process and blah blah

blah blah blah well I’ve been having a

little issue with this one and so they

don’t think it’s my hip they think now

it could be something with my back I’ve

been having trouble with Sciatic Nerve

this morning getting ready to come over

here I had this pain going down the back

of my leg well you know my life’s not

perfect either but I have to apply the

same principles to my life that I

encourage you to apply to your

you don’t you know you don’t get a pass

from problems just because you’re

preaching the word matter of fact you

get attacked

more then if you weren’t doing anything

but you know what we do have authority

over the enemy and although he comes

against is one way he’ll flee before us



days Romans 8 right in the midst of all

of these things we are more more than

conquerors you know what it means to be

more than a conqueror I believe it means

that before your problem starts you

already know that whatever comes your

way you will ultimately have the



okay so I want to ask again what’s

flowing out of you now interesting

thing the Philistines who are

the enemies of the children of


they had a way of doing Warfare that

also the Israelites did Warfare the same

way back in those days one of the ways

that you defeated your enemies was

to throw dirt down their

well see you already know where this is

going don’t

you they would throw Earth or dirt down

their Wells and Stones Pebbles and

Stones until they got it stopped up to

where there was no water flowing out of


well another thing they did is they

would throw stones all over their

property so nothing would grow well when

I saw this scripture years

ago I taught this message once I don’t

know why I’ve never taught it again

because I think it’s a great example

but Genesis

26:15 now all the wells which his

father’s servant had dug in the days of


his father the his father the

Philistines had closed and

filled with Earth so let’s just say that

Earth represents the world in all of its

ways well if there’s anything that the

enemy wants to do he wants to fill us

our inner life with all the ways of the

world so even though we get up and go to

church two or three times a week and we

read our Bibles and we may give a little

bit in the offering there’s still not

much difference between us and the most

of the people out there because the

enemy is constantly trying to fill us

with the ways of the world does anybody

seem to have any Temptation these days

about having to really stand steadfast

and not get sucked into the system out

there and you know many times even as a

Believer if you’re going to really take

a firm stand against ungodliness and

against sin you may have to be willing

to stand alone a great deal of the time