What does God think about Tattoo? Most people have an opinion and Joyce shares own personal beliefs about tattoos and other religious, legalistic rules, with Scripture to back her up!

we’re going to talk about tattoos for a


but I want to talk about that

now see some of you think it’s fine and

some of you think it man you get a

tattoo you’re on your way to hell

and you’re free to think what you want


but you’re not free to judge people who

do what you don’t think they should do

Isaiah 49 16.

behold I have indelibly imprinted or

tattooed a picture of you on the palm of

each of my hands


Guys these are my kids

look look at my kids look at that

so ever since I read that scripture that

said people


tattooed on their hands I belong to the


I thought I’m gonna get a tattoo that

says I belong to Jesus



I said that about five years ago in a

meeting in Australia

a tattoo artist heard me say that


it’s really a neat story I don’t know if

I can get the whole thing out right but

he had gone through the most hellish

thing first of all he had bipolar


and so his mind was already kind of

messed up and then a bunch of religious


got him convinced that because he was a

tattoo artist that he was going to hell

but when he heard me say that

I want to get a tattoo that said I

belong to the Lord

I belong to Jesus

he said

he decided to go back into business

you got to be careful when you got

influence on people


so he said he decided that he wanted to

do my tattoo

and he wrote down a piece of paper

what I said I wanted and he kept that

for five years

well two weekends ago I was in Dallas

and a friend of mine in Dallas

was telling me about this

tattoo artist that he knew that was a

friend of his who was believing

that someday he would get to tattoo me

now I mean these things are not


and so long story short

two weeks ago

I got tattooed on my shoulder

I have a nice little cross back there

and it says I belong to Jesus

and just for good measure I put love on

my foot

to remind me to walk in love


and of course Dave he got a flag

what does it say I can get it mixed up

all the time I lost in the morning


okay listen to this

Dave’s 82 and got a tattoo

I’m 79.

and I’m doing fine


and the guy said that we were the oldest

people he had ever tattooed


here we go now why did I do that

well part of me didn’t want to because I

already know that I’m going to get


but here’s the reason why I’m telling

you this this is the kind of stuff that

we do

the whole thing is it’s between me and


and it’s a matter of my heart

and when I stand before God on Judgment


before he makes any decision about me

he’s not going to call any one of you

and say is there anything you’d like to

add about Joyce

come on

each of us is going to stand before God

and give an account of our life and he’s

not going to ask somebody else what they

think about what we did

do you honestly think that I am so

stupid that I didn’t pray and pray and

believe with all my heart I I did it as

an honor to God

let’s stop the judging

the criticizing

and really just don’t bother writing me

letters telling me you think it’s

I mean they’re there they’re not going


I like them I don’t have any conviction

about it and there may even be people

here that think it’s wrong and I’m okay

with that

I’m really okay with everybody having

their opinion

but I have a right to mine too

and this is what we’ve got to get

through our head if you think

something’s wrong don’t do it

you know we’re happier about that tattoo

than I thought you might be


no you can’t see it

it’s in a place where I can’t show it


that’s why it’s between me and God

I love God and I wanted the devil to

know I belong to Jesus he bought me and

paid for me with his blood I am not my

own I am seriously committed and

dedicated to God and I am not going to

let some snooty religious attitude keep

somebody else out of heaven