Great things happen when we apply God’s Word to our lives. Today, be encouraged to pursue the Truth in a deeper way.

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proverbs promises us


if we walk in wisdom

that everything else that we need

will come along with it i mean the

promises and proverbs

of what god will do for us if we operate

in wisdom are astounding i mean it’s

riches and honor and promotion and long

life and good health and all the things

that we really want if we just apply


anybody who would take the book of


study it

and apply every principle in it

would have a life that was so amazing i

mean it would be like jaw-dropping



before i go any further

i want you to consider are you applying

to your life

the things that you say you know


do you often hear yourself say i know i

shouldn’t do this but

or i know i should do this


well that means you know what to do but

you’re not doing it

wisdom is a depth


of insight that goes beyond the surface

of a thing

wisdom takes us beyond the way things


to the way they really are

wisdom goes beyond

how we feel

to do what we know

is right

you see we have a flesh

and the flesh consists of our body and

our soul

and what god wants he comes to live in

our spirit and he wants

to be able to have control of the soul

if the spirit and the soul are in

control then satan has already won

well the soul is mind will and emotions

and so often people live based on what

they want they think and they feel i

want i think i feel i want i think i


but proverbs is telling us that we need

to go way beyond all that

we need to live beyond how we feel i

mean our feelings are

are real


you know we don’t have to say we don’t

have them we can admit that we have them

but we can’t let them control our


our mind how often do we say well i

think i think i think i think but what

does god’s word say and even what we

want well i want this i want that you

know god didn’t call us to have

everything that we want in life he’s

called us to do his will and if we do

then we’ll end up with everything that

we want that is something that we really

should have i want to know today if you

want a deeper

relationship with god or if you want to

just keep stuffing your head full of

knowledge and not applying it to your

life and i know many of you are applying

it but i’ll tell you writing proverbs

was good for me

studying to teach this today was good

for me because these are things that we

need to be reminded of and reminded of

very very often

wisdom involves discernment and it’s one

of my favorite things to

ponder and think about we’re going to

talk a little bit more about it later

but discernment is something that

doesn’t come out of your head it comes

out of your spirit and so if we can

learn how to discern what’s right and


and live by that

it’s going to make our lives so so so

much better but you see to go deeper

takes more time

and the problem is is we’re in a hurry

and we’re impatient and so we if we feel

like we want it jesus we just want to

get it and if we’re going to walk in

wisdom we’re going to have to take more

time to really discern and properly

understand exactly what it is that we’re

doing wisdom always thinks about later

on matter of fact there’s a lot of

different definitions of wisdom that are

all great but i have my own little

definition that i like wisdom always

does now

what it will be happy with later on

you see a foolish person never thinks

about later on

they just want what feels good right now

but later on always comes

please understand that

later on always comes and the bible says

we reap according to what we sow and so

if you’re sowing bad seeds or seeds of

disobedience it may appear for a period

of time like you’re getting by with it

but eventually

we will reap on those seeds that we’ve

sown if we’re obedient we’ll reap on

those seeds if we’re disobedient we will

reap on those seeds hebrews 12 says no

discipline for the present seems joyous

but grievous and nevertheless later on

it yields the peaceable fruit of

righteousness to those who have been

trained by it you know let’s just say

somebody who’s

who are physically out of shape and they

need to exercise and they need to lose

weight well nobody likes being hungry


if i’ve overeaten for a long period of

time and i want to lose weight then i

have to cut back on my eating and i will

be hungry for a period of time and i

won’t like it and it won’t be

comfortable but when i’m 20 pounds

lighter i’m gonna love it

later on always comes

proverbs 1 7

says the reverence and worshipful fear

of the lord

is the beginning

and the principle and the choice part of


its starting point and its essence

but fools despise skillful and godly

wisdom instruction and discipline

anytime you run into somebody that knows


you can’t tell them anything

and anything

if you even suggest that they might be

wrong about something

they get all upset about it then you

have just run into a foolish person

because actually a wise person the bible

says loves correction

now i have to admit

that i’ve at least learned how to not

get upset when i get corrected but i

still working on loving it i don’t think

any of us love to have somebody tell us

that we’re wrong but it is important

that we can receive correction from



give us wise correction

the fear of the lord well what is that

that’s not something that you hear

talked about

very often matter of fact i think we

need to hear it talked about a lot more

what is the fear of the lord it’s not

being afraid of god god loves us he’s

good he’s not going to hurt us but it

means to have a reverence and a respect

for god that means you know how powerful

he is

you know that when he says something he

means it and so you’re not going to go

against things that he says just kind of

hoping that you’ll get by with it

when dave and i were raising our

children and they were young because of

the way i was raised in a dysfunctional

abusive home

and i got a lot of unfair


i had a difficult time

sometimes being as strict with my kids

as i should have been

and so let’s say they did something they

shouldn’t have done well i might be the

one that would say you’re not going out

of this house for 30 days


after i calmed down i knew that that was

going to be punishment for me not them

and so it was easy for them to talk me

into changing my mind

but my husband dave was not like that

he thought about

whatever kind of punishment he was going

to lay down and if he said it he meant

it and the kids knew that if he said it

it was going to happen and so they had a

more reverential fear of dave

than they did

of me

and we need to have that reverential

fear of god it’s something that’s really

missing for people the world is full of

people today that call themselves

christians that think that they can do

things and they’ll be the one that’ll

get by with it well god understands or

you know it’s the 21st century well you

know what god doesn’t change he’s the

same yesterday today and forever and

what his word meant

a hundred years ago it still means


the bible says that we need

understanding i actually talk about

seven foundational principles and

proverbs and they are wisdom and

understanding and knowledge and

the reverential fear of god and

discretion and discernment and i don’t

know if i forgot any but we’ll get

around to all of them and so those are

the things that we learn and they’re all

deeper things they’re not surfacy things


means mind or intelligence reflective


knowledge or to perceive

with the mind well

you know you might like in in school

when kids are being taught reading


they not only are taught how to read but

they’re given tests on their

comprehension in other words a person

might read a book real fast but

they might not really understand

what they read and i think in time the

more you ponder something the more you

understand it mark 4 says the measure of

thought and study that you give to the

truth that you hear is the measure of

virtue and knowledge that will come back

to you again so let me ask a question

do you ever

take notes when you’re in church

or maybe buy

a recorded copy of the message


actually then take that message and

maybe spend

the next week in your private bible


going over it and over it looking up the

scriptures pondering and praying over

what it says

see i think this is what i mean when i

say we have all this knowledge but how

much wisdom

do we really have

how many people go to church and maybe

you you know let’s just say you went to

church and i couldn’t make it that week

and i said to you well how was church

say oh it was great the message was

great well what’d the pastor preach on


and sometimes an hour after you get out

of church you can’t even remember what

the sermon was about well that means you

were paying attention on a surface level

and not on a level where it got really

down deep on the inside of you i

actually think we have too much

available to us today and we just go

from subject to subject to subject to

subject and never stick with anything

long enough for it to really become a

revelation in our life

i desperately needed to have a

revelation on

god’s unconditional love for me

and i can tell you i didn’t get it from

hearing one scripture

i had to study the love of god

for a year

before it really became a reality to me

and now i know

that i know that i know that i know that

god loves me

and when i’m having a problem in my life

i never say well god don’t you love me

it goes along with what the bible says

in proverbs 8 about being more than

conquerors not proverbs 8 i’m sorry

romans 8 and that nothing can separate

us from the love of god that is found in

christ jesus and so we need to know

these things in a deeper way i know that

i know that god is with me all the time

rather i can feel his presence or i

can’t feel his presence or it seems like

he’s there he’s not i know that i know

that i know that he is but i’ve studied

that for a long period of time

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