Faith begins where the will of God is known. As you watch this special healing school session with Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, get ready to make a demand on your faith for your own healing. Now is the time for the manifestation of signs, wonders and miracles! Believe you receive and take your healing during this Saturday morning session of the 2015 Washington D.C. Victory Campaign in Woodbridge, Virginia.



thank you lord


the healers in the house and his name is

Jesus ha ha

oh ho praise you lord thank you lord

hahaha hallelujah

thank you lord this

this is a day of significant and unusual

miracles signs wonders and the healing

of the main praise the Lord

that’s what I heard the Lord say Amen I

asked Gloria if I could do healing this

school this morning and she said yes

amen brother

God but the Lord Lord put some things

very specifically on my heart today so I

want you to shake hands with several

people and say today’s the day of my

miracle praise God I receive it I

receive it I take it

thank you lord

thank you lord thank you lord


hallelu angular Jesus thank you Lord

Thank You Heavenly Father we praise you

bless you this morning glory to Kuppa

praise God’s glory hallelujah hallelujah

thank you lord thank you lord before we

before we get into the word this morning

I want to show you again the the picture

that I showed Thursday evening I was in

Canaan land Nigeria this suburb of Lagos

Nigeria with Bishop David oud PO back in

in May and we had a minister’s

conference and we had something like

nine to ten thousand preachers there

praise God and then Sunday morning their

church seats fifty thousand and he had

four services on Sunday and I only got

to preach two of them I got to preach to

a hundred thousand nine morning praise

the Lord and then pastor finished up

well just a few weeks ago I got a call

from Bishop o UT Pope and he has a brand

new grandbaby and his daughter and

son-in-law live in in this area and

pastor here in this area and he came to

see his new grandchild and so he called

me and said I want to come see you while

I’m here not good as we flew down he

said this this move and outpouring

increased while you were here now now

now I was there in

May and Steve where are you this morning

you here this morning okay

and then they came down this is November

it was about the first week of October

and he said now since you were here

we’ve had over a hundred and thirty

thousand people come into the church and

he said we’ve had to go to five services

on Sunday praise God and he said you

know you could imagine the workload on

the on the pastor’s I mean yeah you

already already passed her in two

hundred thousand people you know you’re

busy and so he said one of our pastors

my gunshot wound years ago had just

destroyed his his elbow and so they did

and like knee replacement hip

replacement they did an elbow

replacement in this man’s arm and and it

had pain with it ever since day one and

just he’d suffered with this thing for a

long time and the word of the Lord came

to him and he said now you go home and

you go to bed you go to sleep you’ve

been working for me tonight I’m going to

work for you amen

now is the picture up yet alright xxx

now he woke up the next morning and now

that that’s that’s that that elbow joint

right there it was laying in the bed

next to him

nope nope no scar no blood perfect brand

new elbow at sea on the left side there

that’s that’s where the doctor put the

artificial bone that that his natural

bone could grow up in fashion to then

and there it is and it’s easily it’s

easily checked out because all the

serial numbers on that flat side at the

top there

there’s the dr. serial number the serial

number that part and so forth Alec in

that a good thing I said in that a good

thing now that is an example of the

healing of the maned remember they

brought the MAME to Jesus and and any

human that means people born with with

without limbs or eyes or whatever or

something destroyed something that

whatever it is main is it is a according

to the book of Matthew is a category

itself hallelujah I’m expecting that God

has had that on my heart for over a year

I’m expecting it today all over the

world everywhere this is being

I’m expecting it in this room now Traci

come here you can just stand here next

to me and talk through my microphone I

want you to tell about those teeth

yes sir we’ve had several experiences of

this over the years but just recently we

came from the Outer Banks a woman came

up there were a number of miracles in

the meeting but she said look at this

and she pulled her cheek back she was in

her 50s when she was very young she was

an alcoholic and all from her eye teeth

backward all of her molars all our teeth

had brought it completely out they were

gone and had been gone she couldn’t you

need any of that God recreated and gave

her a brand new teeth and praise God

hallelu yeah that’s me that’s me that’s

what I’m talking about yeah amen it’s

here right now glory to God thank you

Lord Jesus oh oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah ha

hallelu glory to God

louia thank you Lord Jesus now faith

begins where the will of God is known if

you’re not quite sure what the will of

God he is concerning a certain thing

whatever it is then the very nature of

faith itself well let me let me back up

a little bit faith is a spiritual force

comes out of the born-again human spirit

and when it’s the power of God lies

dormant until a demand is made on it now

the power the healing power of God the

miracle power of God and the forgiving

power of God is all the same force

that’s written is so important so

important that take care of any

unforgiveness and you don’t have to you

don’t have to feel better about it

you just need to be obedient feelings

will change those are the symptoms

forgiveness is a decision and an act of

obedience I forgive them because I’m a

soldier in the army of the Lord I have

been ordered to do so and it is done

today they’re forgiven today that’s into

that they’re forgiven today I do not

hold that in my heart now the spiritual

force of faith that is resident in the

born-again human spirit

when that force is released it makes

connection with the healing power of the

holy spirit and the healing power then

flows but now that spiritual force

doesn’t move the force of faith that’s

in your spirit doesn’t move without a

determined decision and action it’s

released through the mouth and it’s

released in course on the action

now I’m getting ahead of myself here

here some buff well no no I’m catching

up with God here’s what I do

amen let me quote mark 11:24 to you now

whatsoever thing you desire when you

pray believe you receive them and you

will have them you will now God’s giving

his word amen

but now if there’s any shade of doubt

about whether it belongs to you not then

believing you receive is which is

believing is an action word it’s not

passive believe you receive receive is

not passive it is action let me give you

an illustration of this you’re in a

theater and someone comes out and says

the theaters on fire everybody that

believes that we’ll get up and leave

all the foods will sit there until they

smell smoke now that happened in New

York City a number of years ago it

happened the people thought it was part

of the show

and they didn’t smell any smoke and they

waited too long to get out the guys

jumping up and down and screaming get up

and get out of here and they just sit

there still they until they smell

smoking over a thousand of them died in

that place that none and people have

been dying of the same situation for

years because it didn’t feel anything

because it didn’t see anything well when

you know and you know that you know and

you know that you know that you know

that this belongs to me it’s mine and I

believe I receive it I take it unto

myself now now when you start doing that

you start confessing that that’s when

faith cometh and it begins to it begins

to move the faith begins to move and

grace goes into action what happens when

grace goes into action

that’s when the power flows

hallelujah I did it already a ton preach

myself happy glory to God thank you lord

thank you lord thank you look now let’s

look in Luke chapter five and if you

didn’t bring your Bible this morning

look on with somebody else it’s

important you put your eyes on this Luke

chapter five and let’s read beginning

with verse twelve now you remember Luke

is a physician and there’s a difference

between the way Matthew Mark and John

wrote and the way Luke wrote his account

of the gospel and the book of Acts

that’s all one writing and and it’d do

you good sometime to take the book of

Luke and take the book of Acts and put

them side-by-side and just read them as

one document because Luke wrote as

documentary he said so in the book of

Acts when he declared that so he he

questioned people he looked into the

situation he talked to everybody that he

could agree good finally he penny he had

a he came up with a lot of information

particularly on the sicknesses and

diseases involved because he’s a

physician now it came to pass when Jesus

was in a certain city a man now look now

that now full of leprosy all the rest of

them say a leper but Luke says this man

was full of leprosy this disease had

gone as far as it could

go the next step is death he’s in that

stage he’s full of leprosy who’s seeing

Jesus fell on his face and besought him

saying Lord now that’s a good start

Lord if you will what’s another way of

saying that if it be your will you can

make me clean you’re too far away

if you will you can so he had no problem

believing that Jesus had the power had

the authority because he recognized his

authority because he’s asking him about

his will so he said if you will I know

he can

you know there’s millions of people

today in that same situation I’m from a

Christian people that know God heals

they don’t question the fact that he has

the power to do it that he can done and

that he is doing it today but will he do

it for me Jesus Christ of Nazareth the

same yesterday huh

today and forever

so what whatever he says here that

should fix this situation right put your

eyes on it because there’s something

here that’s so precious that that if you

don’t take a look sometime and meditate

don’t you miss this and he put forth his

hand now back up back up back up back up

Beca a man full of leprosy who’s seeing

Jesus fell on his face so the man is not

standing there talking to him he fell on

his face

he showed great respect and honour for

him he fell on his face but there’s more

to the falling on his face than first

meets the eye this man has been sick a


he looks horrible he doesn’t look like a

human man he’s full of leprosy boozing

nasty smelly sores his clothes are

absolutely filthy he’s had nobody that

would even get up close to him for a

long long time there’s a whole lot wrong

with this man his hearts broken that’s

what happens when you stay sick long

particularly some nasty filthy terrible

disease like like leprosy and

particularly in those days when nobody

would have anything to do with you

nobody so he fell on his face in front

of him but now can you see Jesus and the

men is what’s he doing what there’s a

lot of respect in this but there’s also

some groveling in this he’s I know you

can if you will you suppose he’s

wondering why he’s got this disease why

he’s been this miserable all these years

do you suppose he’s been crying out to

God you most likely they don’t know how

to cry out to God

but before Jesus said anything to him he

got down here and he touched him and I I

see it in my spirit I see it in my

mind’s eye when Jesus touched him and

and while he’s down here like this he

says yes I will oh yes one translation

says of course I will yes I will

be thou pleased now if this the this

these are things that have come up in me

over over a long period of years and

reading and meditating these things and

I see Jesus yes I will he’s got him by

the face you know and this man is

thinking he touched me nobody’s touched

me in all these years he’s touched me

that was what was the big indicator I

will because he touched him but I see

him he has his face in his hands and

Jesus starts standing up and so does the

man I’m telling you Jesus is the man

that’ll get you up out of sickness he’ll

get you up out of disease he’ll get you

up out of poverty he’ll get you up out

of any kind of down you happen to be in

sweetheart because that’s who he is he’s

the get her up her

he’ll raise you up and cause you to sit

with him in heavenly places however

there’s a lot of coming up in here this

morning glory to God yeah that fella

woke up and found that old bad elbow

journos you know he got a good night’s

sleep I mean that thing ain’t hurtin all

night another man’s testimony I’ll give

you this morning he he had a terrible

hard condition he went to bed and he

woke up in the middle of the night and

there’s a man standing over him with his

hands in his chest

and it was Sheila startled him he should

go on back sleep everything he went back

sleep woke up the next morning Newhart

don’t you know he got up probably went

for a run hallelujah with a good heart

working right hallelujah friend of mine

and in recent days has become a good

friend of glory mine when he was a young

teenage man about 18 years old he was

killed in a car wreck and big semi ran

over and he was killed his sister was

not and she is just screaming and

praying in the spirit and and and

finally some help came but Gary was dead

well while he was dead of course he went

to heaven and he spent some time there

they pronounced him dead and he said one

of the places that he went while he was

there was the parts room

that and then one of his friends that

had that hadn’t gone home to be lured

short time before that was showing him

around and he took him to the parts room

he said this place was absolutely huge

in fact I talked to Gary about this just

just a week before last when we were at

prayer mountain with Billy brim and Gary

was there and we’ve just we had

discussion about this because you see in

that wreck Gary woods voice box was

crushed now he was already a preacher he

and a singer amen well he preaches him

sings and he still doesn’t have any

voice box

the main that’s the reason because I

read his book and I heard belly toy and

I had met him a couple of times before

but this this time I had the tens kind

of corner him a little bit and talked to

him about some things about that and but

I was very very interested in that parts

room this situation we saw this morning

those are parts he said when they walked

in that room he said there was just legs

and arms and just just ears and feet

hanging everywhere are just huge plays

he said what is this he said it’s the

parts room and he said when he said when

people on the earth pray and use the

name of Jesus

he said angels are dispatched with new


and I’m sad to say that most of the time

those requisitions were negated through

doubt and unbelief because see once you

turn the switch of faith on don’t you

ever say anything else don’t you ever do

or talk about anything no feeling makes

any difference

no I’m ten I don’t care what anybody

says to you I don’t care what happens

after that you stay with it praise God

you stay with it yeah but what if I die


Oh may I help you with that you are

going down you should have known that by

the time years four years old it’s

coming hey you bad now it’s mostly up to

you when that takes place because you

can you can add a length of days to your

life my faith amen

but get get get the dying part off your

math I don’t want to suddenly be in the

presence of God saying I’m afraid I’m

gonna die no no I would have come

through the gate shout and praise God I

told you I feel I told you how the

healed hallelujah

one woman whose husband just stayed on

her all the times all of her bad

confession and she said what I’m telling

you I’m sick he said no you’re not to

heal she said yes or no ma’am I’m

telling you I’m sick and he just stayed

on her all the time and she did

eventually when she of God you know

inside revelation we should change it

but she just got irritated with him one

day and she said I’m gonna put on my

tombstone see that told you our sick

don’t don’t make a case defending your

feelings come on get over that there is

so much of that going on Satan is

showing that and pushing that and

pushing that that’s what political

correctness is all about it’s all about

yielding to your feeling it’s all about

being a findi well

tell me that’s not Satan the scripture

said Jesus said he’s coming the solar

cells the word the Satan’s coming what

is it what was the first thing jesus

said that he does he comes to steal the

word and the very first thing that Jesus

listed was becoming offended and he’ll

steal a word from you think he’s not

pushing that you have offended me well

so what you offended me you offend me

one more time I’m a fydd offend you

serious here in a minute

Satan just has a field day with churches

you’re full of it but not in this house

not in this house when I was a when I

was a young man very young man I was in

my 20s and a man that was a friend of my

dad’s and he owned a clothing store he’s

Jewish and I was visiting him with him

one day when my dad was in there buying

some clothes and he smiled now now

listen this is coming from a Jew who

does business according to the blessing

of Abraham then he is very I didn’t

realize back then what he was telling me

but I look back on it now and I think

know what I wish that had sense enough

to spend more time with him

he smiled real big he said Kenneth I

have been insulted he said I have been

called every kind of thing you can think

of he said I and he went on and on about

that a little bit but he said you know I

have never really been insulted and he

smiled real big he said the moment you

get insulted you will never do business

with that man again she wants you once

you receive that insult once you’re

offended you receive an offense then

there’s a wall between you and that

person but he said you know he said

don’t pay attention to that he said he

said he’ll get over it and he’ll be back

isn’t that good

it’s necessary good if you’re going to

walk in health you’re going to have to

stay there because like I said Jesus

said the devil is coming he’s tried to

talk to some of you in here this morning


we’ll shut him down just shut him down

some little some little little kooky

quirky thought comes squirming around

through your mind just say no no no you

don’t know I don’t know my mind is my

mind I control what goes through here I

don’t think that I certainly don’t see

that a thought unspoken dies unfulfilled

but you won’t have any business nickel

worming around in your in your mind

either cast that imagination down just

tell the devil you don’t have to spend a

whole lot of time talking to him just

tell him you’re a liar and the father of

it shut up

in the name of Jesus now then we just

established from the mouth of Jesus it

is God’s will to heal now take the time

go through Matthew Mark Luke John the

book of Acts go through there read

carefully and slowly read the different

the different translations particularly

amplified the New Living and silver and

and and look at look at these scriptures

and notice how many times faith is

brought into the Equator your faith has

made you whole be it done unto you as

you have believed see you have a part to

play the woman with the issue blood

touch the hem of His garment her faith

did what

activated the healing power god that was

in Jesus Jesus didn’t even know she was

there he’s going with Jairus whose faith

had activated him to go home with him

because of what he said to him but that

activated when she said what she said

and did what she did now not Jesus did

not say to her daughter my anointing has

made you hope now Jesus said the Spirit

of the Lord is upon me for he’s anointed

me and we know from study that the

anointing of God is the burden removing

yoke destroying power of God and we know

that’s what happened because the

scripture when the King James used the

word virtue but the Greek word is

Dunamis which is power amen power

healing power flow it out of him how God

anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with

the Holy Ghost and power healing power

miracle power forgiving power and it


but he didn’t instigate it she did but

he didn’t say my anointing power has

made you home no he said your faith made

you hope now there’s something else I’ll

bring up right here while I’m talking

about her and talking about him in his

relationship with her the woman with the

issue blood oh the woman that’s now

without the issue of blood amen

and and we’ll look at this maybe later

this morning if we don’t probably

tonight but I want I wanted you to see

this fact let’s turn over mark chapter 5

I want you put your eyes on this this is

important for right here today

verse 34 and he said to her daughter

your faith wait back up daughter

daughter daughter whose daughter is she

now wait a minute we just jump out and

say something listen to this do you

Spirit listen to the Holy Ghost somebody

said it

Abraham’s daughter you remember when he

another woman healed he said ought not

this woman be made whole she and she’s a

daughter of Abraham see if you’re a

daughter of Abraham you’re a son of

Abraham you you’re supposed to be healed

you’re supposed to be well it belongs to

you by covenant well if you’re in Christ

then are you Abraham’s seed and heirs

according to the promise that’s a big

word you and me daughter say it I’m

supposed to be here I’m supposed to be

well all the time it’s in my covenant

now while you’re at it and I refuse to

be in the other way

I’m supposed to prosper

daughter your faith made you whole

she said if I may touch but his clothes

I shall be whole I stay within it

Healing was only part of being hope she

had spent all she had she had suffered

many things of many physicians was

nothing bettered but rather grew worse


it got to the place where she had no

more money the Greek word translated

plague means a reoccurring sickness it

just plagues you it just reassure you

think you’re doing better and it comes

again this this blood issue with her not

only that now she’s been physically

injured by doctors so now she steadily

getting worse

I expect just from what I read in the

sense that you have here you get the

sense this woman um she no live long she

been that’s been going on for 12 years

she not gonna live long if something

doesn’t happen she she’s gonna die

and she’s going to die broken she’s

going to die miserable now that makes

the word hold really big can you see

that because there’s there’s the big

issues here so there was more on her

mind than just stopping this blood issue

she needs to be healed but she needs to

be made whole she said that with her

faith she is

published that before she ever got out

of her room and went out there and got

hold of his prayer shawl that’s that’s

the garment she was out to touch

now notice again daughter that’s big

because that’s referring to you that’s

referring to me as the seed of Abraham

your faith that’s big because we’re born

again people we have faith your faith

has made you whole glory to God

immediately her financial angels went to

work immediately things started changing

immediately things started happening

around her people and different

twelve-year issues here are being

changed but listen to this go in peace

and be whole now that’s not as big in

your mind right now as it’s going to be

in just a few seconds go and peace you

know what he said to her Shalom

nothing missing nothing broken you know

what else Shalom means we are one amen

Oh glory to God can you hear what are

you saying to that one don’t you think

Riddick he is telling her Shalom now go

in shallow hallelujah oh it’s shouting

time in the church right now it’s

shouting time in the church right now do

you hear what Jesus is saying to you do

you hear what he’s what we do you hear

what he’s got on his heart and what he

has on his mind for you this morning for

those of you on video V network those of

you online those of you watching in on

television anywhere in the world glory

to God and anybody listening to the CDs

of this praise God do you see what Jesus

has on his mind he is saying you and I

are one you are the seed of Abraham

you’re supposed to be well you’re

supposed to be healed and I’m here glory

to God now you you take it and you go in

Shalom you go in peace you go in

wholeness nothing missing nothing broken


and if it takes a new kidney to do it so

be it if it takes and you said of

eyeballs to do it so be it if it takes a

new leg so be it

Oh hallelujah Holly

now then Thank You Lord let’s let’s put

our eyes on the hundred and third song I

want you to understand this I’m I cannot

enforce this strongly enough you are not

the sick trying to get healed

you are the heel if you know Jesus as

your Lord and Savior

you’re the seed of Abraham healing

belongs to you you are the heel and the

devil’s trying to steal your life


healing belongs to you it belongs to the

redeemed and let the redeemed of the

Lord say so meditate on this take time

to think about it take time to talk

about it everybody needs a faith buddy

I’ve been married to mine for 54 years

she’s my faith but well she’s my best

buddy in but budget but she’s my faith


and we talk these things we talk this

back and forth we talking back and forth

which we praise God about it at meals we

set out on the back porch and we praise

and talk about glory to God

this is so important talk about what is

yours now 2004 I had a disc 2 rupture in

my back and it ruptured under such

pressure that it it just it literally

exploded and there was a piece of that

disc got down in the the nerve canal of

l4 and l5

no it was helpful and got down in there

and got pressed up against that big

nerve in there woohoo

Oh Sun man but and before going any

further I want to give him a testimony

all right no surgery no no praise God

and I’m healed and my back is rebuilding

and that’s 2004 now one of the first

things that the Lord led me to do that

pain was going down the left leg and

just horrible it was it’s an inner pain

it’s just unimaginable and so I’ve got

out I got out on my back porch and I got

two heating pads and I wrapped him

around that leg and took the sash off my

robe and tied that tied those heating

pads around it and turned them both up

high as I could get them so one pain get

worse another and I’m sitting out there

and I started praising God I want to

thank you and I want to praise you glory

to God and I noticed the louder I praise

the less that hurt yeah well the

scripture says it’ll stop and still the

enemy see you as something happened to

you like that I’ll tell you Satan will

move in on it he’ll move in on you every

way if you’ll start talking that pain

he’ll just move in right on top of it


he’ll do everything he can to get some

kind of doubt and unbelief out of your

mouth because until you do he can’t work

but that’s immediately what he starts

doing working on your mouth

because he is stuck with the

principles of the kingdom of God all he

can do is twist them he can’t change it

and he has to work inside the boundaries

of that that’s the reason the solar

cells the word Satan comes immediately

to steal that word because if you if if

you keep that word and it gets down in

your heart and it gets in your mouth and

you begin to say and you begin to say

and you begin to do it’s coming to pass

it comes the father dwells within will

do the work

that’s the heavenly process Jesus said

my words are not my own it’s the father

glows within me he does work I only say

what I hear my father say and do what I

see my father do that’s the process you

can’t change that all you can do is

change the words so what does he do he

comes immediately to get your attention

on what they said on how you feel about

now if you ever start saying what he’s

trying to get you to say which is

anything other than the word anything

other that mark 11:24 1:25 if he can do

that then you have lice and him to do

the work that’s what he’s after so I got

there on that port I started shouting

and praising God

I was thinking God for the trees I thank

God for the birds that fly by I thank

God for the grass in my yard I thank God

for this beautiful place where I live I

thank God praise God just thank God the

praise God thank God praise God thank

God praise God and then

right there and then I’d kind of slow

down I’ve a well you know glory to God

yes and then about I’m still thinking

but while I’m thinking it you’re coming

back to pain no no no no no here I go


now they Lou you that set up the pattern

for the healing and the miracles however

you amen so this is the pattern to adopt

right now right now because believing

God in here this morning it’s pretty

easy amen this place has been charged up

since Thursday night and it is pretty

easy but I can tell you by the words of

Jesus the devil is coming and I can just

tell you right now get your fighting

suit on it’s not a hard fight if you let

the word do the work he has no defense

for that it is however and always called

the sword of the Spirit amen so use this

sword on him take the word this morning

the scripture that you’re standing on

because we’re going to go through

several of them here and make note of

them put them in your eyes and in your

mouth and in your ears amen every day

every day every day your healing

manifests this morning you know that man

that don’t mean anything you just keep

those scriptures going keep them in your

mouth every day every day every day how

many of you are familiar with Dodi

Osteen Joe Losey Dodi was literally

dying of liver cancer when she and John

called glory and me and we stood on the

Word of God with him over the phone she

was she was within days of going home to

be with the Lord and the doctor said is

all over this is over with

she said she she got all of her healing

scriptures she went through all of these

scriptures and some of them

in fact get get the little mini-book of

her testimony the whole list of them is

in their glory to God and but every day

when she got up she read those

scriptures out loud every night when she

went to bed she read those scriptures

out loud she said sometimes she was so

sick she couldn’t hardly think to even

sail but she did it anyway she would not

let anything get in the way of her

reading those scriptures and saying

those scriptures and actively making a

decision to believe them they know yeah

but yeah but I’m so sick now yeah but no

no no I believe this I choose to believe

that by His stripes I was healed by His

stripes I am healed by His stripes I

always will be here okay nasty you feel


she just kept on and on and on and on

and on and the cancer got up and left

her body

there is no demon in hell big enough to

stay under the pressure of that the only

thing he can do is try to pressure you

to quit

well you pressure him put the pressure

on him say listen to this cancer man

gentle lay it any but she told glory and

me personally years later she said I

still go through those scriptures every

day day and night every day because she

said I know if I quit I’ll die now I

think she’s she I believe this is right

Gloria her baby you probably know I

think she’s five years older than I am

so 10 two and four she did that every

day and still does she is still in

excellent health and she said and she’s

at least five years old and I am Nam

I’ll be 79 in a couple of weeks so so

you figured out and she she was supposed

to be dead before she was 70 she was in


in her early six mid fifties early

sixties something like that 34 years ago

thank you James 34 years ago still

reading those scriptures every day

every day every day that is bad news to

the death and particularly now that you

found out about it

amen all right one hundred and third


how many of you work for a company and

you have benefits number of people in

here have benefits well you got better

benefits than that bless the Lord O my

soul now now you have two days you got

to know this right now right now right

now he’s talking to his soul

specifically talking to his own soul you

are a spirit you have a soul and you

live in a body your soul is made up of

your mind your will and your emotions

now it’s very important to speak to your

soul and put a control over your

emotions and you do that on the promises

of God it’s the emotional part of you

that gets insulted it’s the emotional

part that gets if offended let me say

that as some things well let me put it

like this you know this well as I do

when you’re overweight you’re they’re

physical things going on in you in your

body that shouldn’t be happening well

I’ve been trying to lose the weight well

I know it somebody asked me when times

how much weight you Lord I said oh I

don’t know thirty-five forty thousand

pounds something like that

it was actually the same the same dirty

five pounds I used to weigh a hundred

pounds more than this as remembering

this up now if Satan can build a case

with you where you get offended if

anybody talks about fat your emotions

are out of control because God can’t

correct you along you like you won’t

listen to anybody

cuz they’re louder to call you fat let

me let me can I help you with that

you’re fat now get over it okay just get

by there and get burned by that amen

it ain’t gonna dangle causing any any

problem between you and me okay I’m big

again I love it let’s go but you’re not

at your best and we need to be at our

best right

Oh rid of God amen we’re soldiers in the

army of the law and the war is on now

all of these things have effect in the

soul realm now if your soul is weak and

it is if you’re not feeding on the Word

of God and speaking to it

bless the Lord O my soul and all that is

within me bless His Holy Name I’m taking

control of my soul and soul you’re gonna

do your job you’re gonna do your duty

and part of your job and your duty is to

be strong willed

oh brother coconut uh I I thought it was

wrong to be strong we’ll know it’s wrong

to be strong will on your will only

doing your will and forget about God

know when you get strong

in the Lord and you adopt his will as

your will glory to God

see we’re created to have strongholds

amen of the right thing it’s when we

build up strongholds of imagination and

so forth that are crosswise of the Word

of God then that’s when that stronghold

needs to be pull down but a strong soul

strong will power I want you to remember


Thomas unless I see and feel I will not

believe now compare that with what Jesus

said continue ye in my word and you will

be my disciples indeed as he put the

word first continue in my word you’ll be

my disciples you will begin to conform

to me to my lifestyle my my words my way

of doing things that’s what disciple me

and you will ask what you will and it

will be done unto you why because your

will has been discipled God’s Will has

become your will God’s Will has become

your strong mode hallelujah

not the will of your flesh but how do

you get there

by talking to you so talk to it now then

bless the Lord O my soul all that is in

me bless His Holy Name bless the Lord O

my soul and forget not

forget not now hang on you’re jumping

the gun on me a little bit here that’s

good but do you realize he’s dealing

with his memory forget not don’t jump

the gun on me forget not say forget not

soul forget not mind forget not brain

forget not forget not memory be he’ll

forget not forget not all of his



the soul is being ministered to here the

will the mind the emotions you get

strong in your soul you get hard to

offend a man somebody says oh you are

you you are really chubby you can say

come on darling

hang around about three months come back

around here about three months we’re

talk till you ain’t gonna know me three

months from now

amen hallelujah

me and Jesus got something going how my

faith is working and don’t turn to the

world and get some kind of died nobody

that no no no no they don’t know nothing

and all they know how to do is sell you

a book on diet and some fat guy wrote it

I don’t know that came about forgive me

bless the Lord O my soul and forget not

all his benefits

we have benefits we have benefits who

forgives all thine iniquities who heals

all your diseases who redeems your life

from destruction hallelujah

Oh Florida God glory be to God

well the Lord wanted me to take one more

step and help you with this uh a person

my age that’s in really good physical

condition should have 18 percent body

fat or less now you get down where it

it’s too low particularly it someone my

age you you get into a place where you

it’s going the wrong way to find so it

needs to be rocking along in there from

12 to 15 18 percent so find out what

your body fat percentage should be then

put your faith to work and you stand

there looking at your good looking self

don’t you ever come up to that mirror oh

they all not let somebody this fat got

in public

you’re fixing to eat about nine of the

biggest meals you ever ate in all your

life because you said it you want to

change your mouth and you have to get

your faith on the line then you you’ll

begin to receive leadership from the

Lord on what to read how to go about it

the books that you should read and get

help and and so forth so you stand there

and you say in the name of the Lord

Jesus Christ of Nazareth all the fat on

this body above 20 pounds be thou

removed and be thou cast into the sea in

the name of Jesus see you know G I mean

your body weight go up down all that

you’re dealing with the fat you’re going

right straight to the heart of it right

straight to the core of it you’re

dealing with the fat that’s what’s

happening when you’re dealing with your

soul you’re going right through the roof

Jesus spoke that fig tree dried up from

the root amen now so what do you do then

you go over to the book of James count

it all joy when you finally fall into

different tests temptations and trials

why because he’s offering you the wisdom

of God about what to do in it he said

any man that means any person that lacks

wisdom let him ask of God who gives

liberally to all men and upbraids not or

does not find any fault

he will not bring a fault of yours up

and refused to give you his wisdom

because of that fault how could you ever

get the wisdom to get rid of the fault

if that was the case no that be God

working against himself remember you’re

supposed to be healed right

you’re supposed you’re not supposed to

have all this stuff you’re supposed to

be prospering in use in the in your in

your body as well as your spirit and

your soul amen

need to be prospering in your thinking

you probably know not probably you do

have because the power of death and life

are in the time you can’t get around so

I don’t know whatever I do

you’re a product of what you said

yesterday amen

so you go to the Word of God and it but

it says let him ask in faith nothing

wavering you ask you can’t change your

confession and get it no you’ve got to

have your confession right on the Word

of God you’re gonna have to go back and

mark love 11 22 23 24 and 25 you have to

do what the book says you’re going to

have to do what Jesus said but if you

will do it you will get it not one time

in all of these 49 years glory and I

have been living and walking by these

biblical laws not one time have we ever

set time aside and inquire of the Lord

about a situation for his wisdom we have

never gone a full three days without the

answer but you’ve got to do it by faith

you get hey well I just don’t see how he

could get any wisdom to me you keep on

like that dummy you’re going to stay


now I used a kind word when I said dummy

you know what the scripture uses stupid

yeah in the end the wisdom of the

Scriptures particularly the 3rd chapter

of the book of Proverbs hey said wisdom

is crying out in the concourse in the

highways hey stupid

how long you gonna stay stupid I’m here


hey now I didn’t call you stupid God did

but let me tell you something I’ll tell

you two things one without God’s you

can’t fix stupid with God you can fix

anything I love you

oh really God yeah you can fix it you

can fix it amen

so you take that leadership from the

Holy Spirit and you make your statement

of faith and in the case I was using

there and this in my case all fat over

20 pounds on this living sacrifice now

if you haven’t dealt with that go to the

twelfth chapter of Romans and deal with

it it says you need to be offering your

body a living sacrifice holy and

acceptable under God not you can’t make

it holy

you take the Word of God and receive

holiness self-induced holiness is

religious correctness it’s worse than

political correctness

you’ve got to wear the right color

clothes all the time and

I just religious tradition makes Word of

God no effect be thou removed be thou

cast into the sea I receive by the Holy

Spirit by faith

your wisdom concerning the change of

this holy an acceptable sacrifice see

God sees it as holy and it is acceptable

to him now if you offer it as that then

his word begins to the this is this is

another one of those words but you’ll

understand one of me the word of God

will begin to hold if I your body

well I’ve been holy 503 times God

well Scripture word for it sanctified

but I don’t know see me like holy fire

that helped me because sure it’s my

faith working there’s my favorite amen

another and there’ll be things come

across you and you look at that but I

was sitting in glorious study with her I

mean we’re both still in our pajamas man

we are home and with it had the days

gone by with his loving being at home

and sitting there we’re talking the

television was on but the salmon up on


and I at Anna we’re just talking here

but I had done what I just described to

you some time back and out of the corner

of my eye I saw a commercial was on and

the word of the Lord came to me and said

order that book before dark

I wrote it down and ordered it well

brother Cogan was the name of the book

pray and find out

now I’ll say this was something this was

something in particular that I needed to

know hill-hill begin to build your case

for you he’ll send people across your

path you’re walking and the Holy Spirit

I’ll let you knock knock no no don’t pay

attention to that they’ll not forget

that’s a gimmick but then it’ll come it

yeah oh yeah amen now I can tell you

this because I’m involved in this a good

place to start

once you’ve settle these things in the

word and I’m still talking about your

physical habits and those kind of things

you can go to dr. Donald Kolbert because

this man is an apostle of healing amen

and he has material that you can search

out and see if that’s something that

that is is that the Lord wants you to

get into praise God are you getting

anything now that’s the process that

anything where your spirit is in law

where your soul is involved where your

body is involved where your money is

involved where your family is in get the

wisdom of God before you go shooting

your mouth off a bunch of stuff making

up a bunch of confessions put the word

in your mouth put the word in Yuma

search the word until you find a promise

and promise says that cover your

situation and latch on to them and fill

your heart and mouth with I’ll show it

to you right here in 100 and third

something then we read some more

scriptures here and then we’re going to

minister here verse five well let’s read

verse four who redeems your life from

disgusting destruction who crowns you

say I’ve been crowned

with loving-kindness

say it with loving-kindness and tender

mercy now that’s a little blind to us

because it’s a King James translation of

covenant words that are actually hard to

translate the Hebrew word Hesed is

covenant commitment my covenant Hesed

loving-kindness tender mercy it

literally can be described as one man

described it to me well done it really

helped me he said God has willed that’s

what the word agape means is not an act

of feeling it’s an act of decision I

will love you there’s nothing to do with

what you do I love you amen and he said

covenant Hesed is when a little guy

covenants with a really big guy and by

covenant he suddenly is as big as the

big guy cuz you mess with the little guy

you got the big guy to deal with

that’s acid that’s tender mercy

that’s mercy that says I don’t care what

you did darling I’ll take your part if

you were just bleep he and it this man

said brother Copeland III I know no

better way to describe it than this he

said I spent a lot of time in Africa and

particularly around in places whether

elephant herds and he said if you see

Craig Big Mama elephant and she’s got a

little elephant abated and you take

about three steps and her ears go like

that you fixin to get some acid you

fixin to get the results of her tender

mercy over that baby is she going to

stomp you like a bug he said that’s

Hesed we’ve been crowned with his

covenant of mercy hallelu that’s what

that verse is saying now we’ll look at

this very next verse before we read it

the Hebrew root word for thing th ing a

thing is word that’s that’s the word for

thing because all things came out of his

word are you getting this come on lessor

in you’re supposed to be speaking words

faith is the substance of the

things he feels he satisfies your mouth

with good words so that your youth is

renewed like the Eagles hallelujah well

yeah what Lord you know I I do you know

brother Copeland I’ve missed it so many

times we just got the rating up here

that’s one of your benefits he forgives

your iniquities and heals your diseases

yeah but you know that okay grab me I’m

on them let’s fix that let’s go to the

cents now you know about hesed let’s go

to the Isaiah 54 will read 53 first and

then we’ll go to 54 Isaiah 53 surely

Verta in the third verse he is despised

and rejected of men a man of sorrows and

acquainted with grief and we hid as it

were our faces from him he was despised

and we esteemed him not

surely he had borne our griefs and

carried our sorrows yet we did esteem

him stricken stricken smitten of God and

afflicted now this is the the Youngs

literal translation of those verses in

the third verse he is despised now these

are the words that are translated grief

and sorrow now grief and sorrow is not a

bad translation it’s part of it but the

main line translation is not in the King

James but now just in case you need that


the Holy Ghost will interpret it for you

in Matthew 870 amen and it says as

isaiah said he hath borne our sicknesses

and carried our diseases that’s the way

the holy ghost translated that in the

New Testament

so that’s good authority in it now

listen to young third verse he is

despised and left of men a man of pains

acquainted with sickness and as one

hiding the face from us he is despised

and we esteemed him not

surely oh I love that work this is a

guaranteed sure thing surely our

sicknesses has he born and our pains he

has carried them and we have esteem him

plague smitten of God and afflicted he

is pierced for our transgression reboot’

bruised for our iniquities the

chastisement of our peace on him and by

his bruises there is healing to us Oh

glory be to God amen verse 10 look at it

in the in the King James first 5310 yet

it pleased the Lord to bruise him he put

him to grief then thou shalt make his

soul an offering for sin he will see his

seed he’s looking at you darlin he was

looking at you when he did it and

prolong his days that guaranteed him to

be raised from the dead and the pleasure

of the Lord shall prosper

in his hand verse 10 Jehovah hath

delighted to bruise him he made him sick

if his soul does make an offering for

guilt he sees seed he prolong his days

and the pleasure of Jehovah in his hand

does prosper he made him sick so you

don’t have to be


amen all right now then let’s go down in

the 54th chapter now see that Isaiah is

prophesying concerning that the the

cross death burial and resurrection of

Jesus then he comes in the 54th he’s

talking to the body of Christ now

remember one of our benefits is tender

mercy loving-kindness hesed we’re

crowned with that right we read that

103rd son now notice this starting with

the eighth verse as if it’s for eight in

a little wrath I hid my face from thee

for a moment when was that three days

and three nights three days and three

nights that Jesus spent in the bowels of

the earth in hell I hid my faith in a

little rat read it out loud in a little

wrath I hid my face from thee for a

moment now get this

but with everlasting Hesed covenant

promise hallelujah with everlasting

Hesed will I have mercy on you says the

Lord your Redeemer oh yeah my brother

Copeland I missed it you know how it was

so what fix it repent confess it before

the Lord it doesn’t take all day and all


till you feel a little better about it

now use your faith he said if you do sin

we have an advocate with the father even

Jesus Christ the righteous who is

faithful and just to forgive us our sins

when we confess them and cleanse

from all unrighteousness that is a Bible

fact a Bible promise you can hang your

faith on it my brother and sister and I

don’t care how guilty you feel spit in

the face of that guilt system cuz you’ve

been cleansed Gloria

cuz he’s faithful and he’s just they

don’t make a bit of difference in the

world what your feelings have to say

about it’s what your faith has to say

cuz you got covenant hessen


ah you and me the little elephant

it doesn’t cried out and big Mama’s on

the scene whoa now I’m gonna read you

something here I’m gonna read you

something that many of you know anything

about but thank God the whole world

gonna know it here in about three

minutes this is gonna rip up and tear up

some old religious weeds and jog we’re

gonna knock an old religious cow right

smooth to her knees barn we cook we

don’t take her down right now I miss me

a lot of the Lord you know I just I just

feel like it

there’s something wrong with it soon I

don’t think I can get my healing

take a deep breath and shut up


and listen to this thus saith the LORD

thy Redeemer verse 9 this is as the

waters of Noah under me for as I have

sworn its covenant hesed as I have sworn

that the waters of Noah should know more

go over the earth

so have I sworn I would not be rough

with you or rebuke you


look at me

God ain’t mad noble the wrath of God

alone knows hallelujah the grace of God

belongs us where he’ll where well I

don’t care what you did yesterday your

healing is here today hallelujah

rise up and take it rise up and take it

rise up and lay hold of it rise up and

take your miracle do it now

rise up and take it rise up and take it

rise up and take it right now it’s mine

it’s mine

glory glory glory glory glory glory

glory glory glory to God glory to God

Doria Khalil hallelujah hallelujah in

the name in the name of the Lord Jesus

Christ I Pig Authority glory and I as a

team a healing team together right now I

take authority over every sickness every

disease every spirit of pain everything

everything under the curse of the law

every weakness every grief every sorrow

in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I

take authority over every principality

every power every ruler of the darkness

of this world you don’t rule us I bind

you and I cast you


and I declare healing

I declare miracle we took authority

now you take healing hi Lu you




thank you right

get me a microphone hallelujah thank you


thank you lord thank you Lord Jesus

thank you thank you Lord Jesus thank you

go ahead go ahead

thank you thank you

yes ji woo hallelujah Jesus himself

think about it again now

Jesus himself took your infirmities your

sicknesses your diseases your weaknesses

and we have it written in black and

white right here written in the blood of

Jesus that you are here a man all we

have to do is take it ourselves

it will make my healing I

I take my deliverance in Jesus money

hello you shut up God set up eternal law

yes where the law has to be satisfied

justice it’s called justice isn’t it

yeah it’s justice he’s a just gun and

the law has to be satisfied but he did

not say that the person that broke the

law had to take the punishment for him

and he began to say then no no no don’t

don’t kill the man kill an animal I’ll

take the animals blood well I know he

you know I know he took that woman for

me but I just I just feel like there’s

just something I need to do right after

I mean we’re still in Tulsa oh I was

still in or you and and I I started tell

you about this earlier then I got

sidetracked from it

but I did tell you that Gloria married

me and my notes but then yeah what no

way I was like she’d asked me out a lot

about it because I didn’t know the Lord

then a lot allow us to things yeah a lie

in those days a lie was two things it’s

an abomination to God and an

ever-present help in a time of need

that’s what I looked at him brother and

I was hanging this is she belong to me

right it first time I was armed so

anyway I had a three thousand dollar

note at the bank and if anything that

had I’d had a long time and I’d pay a

little on it and something that happened

and you know and it got to the poet

place where it was no longer Bank record

it was just in the bank president’s desk

drawer I called him and I said mr.

McCanless things are different now

I’ve accepted Jesus as my Lord and


I’m a student old Roberts University I’m

going into ministry and I want you to

know sir that I have made a firm

commitment to God and I’m making a firm

commitment to you in the name of the

Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth as soon as

the money comes into my hands I will pay

that note and he laughed and he said

Kenneth he said somebody came in here

and paid that note

well of course you know my first

question with who who did that he said

I’ve been sworn to secrecy I was to time

to tell you to give Jesus the credit for

it because he’s the one that has the

person pay it up yeah now do you think I

went in and told Gloria well you know

Gloria somebody paid that $3,000 but you

know I still feel like I owe this and

and I feel like I probably need to I

need to really find out who that wasn’t

paying back and and that never crossed

my mind

gonna happen I can tell you that right


think about it was just as paid as if I

had paid it it was just as paid as if I

had earned the money and put it in the

bank and paid it off it was just as paid

but how much more gloriously when Big

Momma stepped in and paid that note

the big elephant stepped in and paid

that note and that started happening

that started happening and in 11 months

time we were completely out of the out

of debt and we had been in debt since

praise God 49 years ago see that sister

grace of God before grace we couldn’t do

it after grace we still didn’t do it the

grace did hallelujah oh I’m telling you

there’s healings going on all over the

place take it get your heart on it get

your mind on it right now

hallelujah thanks the healers he takes

our healing the healings in ours

I am healed by your savings in that the

healing the healing the healers in them

every praise goes every praise goes

under praise God and I’ve been reading

the curse I have been redeemed from the


warranted praise God hallelujah praise

God praise God praise God come on praise

go begin to praise Him


begin to praise begin to praise


galatians chapter 3 verse 13 Christ has

redeemed us from the curse of the law

being made a curse for us for it is

written cursed is everyone that hangs on

the tree and the 28th chapter of

Deuteronomy the first fourteen verses

first thirteen verses are the blessing

of Abraham but then begins the curse

verse 22 now in the King James

translation of it an older translation

use the word the Lord shall smite but if

you do take the time do your study

that’s very plainly written that God

never was the smiter

see this is covenant business as long as

they were obedient to him they didn’t

have any sickness the God said right

here in the book of Deuteronomy he said

there should be no poor among him if you

will listen to me the blessing of the

law there be no poor money how they

don’t you the destroyer came in

well I won’t spend any more time on it

actually I can do it like this

the fifteenth verse it is translated

correctly it shall come to pass if

you’re not hearkened to the voice of the

LORD thy God to observe into his

Commandments and his statutes which I

command thee this day all these curses

shall come on you and overtake you see

the curse is out there it came when Adam

did what he did

the curse is out there and if you get

off the New Testament law of love the

curse is just waiting on you get back

only get back on the law of love repent

confessing before God did get right back

to stay there amen

now verse 22 you shall be smitten with

consumption fee

her inflammation extreme burning with

the sword or drought with blasting and

mildew or mold jaundice liver problems

that’s all in that word mill translated

milieu extreme burning means violent

fiery heat caused by streptococcus

encephalitis praise God

and you just go down the line all of

these days you’ll be smitten with the

botch of Egypt dear Lord man nobody

wants the botch but it’s been taken care


Emraan scab itch where if you can’t be


blindness astonishment of heart see all

that’s under the curse Jesus bore all of

that at one


shout it back at me already

he is not wroth with me he loves me

he’s my healer take it down

I’ll say it I said because I believe it

I take it now I will never believe

anything else as long as I’m only sure

there belongs to me I have it according

to the Word of God




stomach ulcers stomach tumour heal right

now go ready to go pain right where I

have my hand migraine

be thou removed be thou cast into the

sea pressure be thou removed be thou

cast into the sea and yer ISM be thou

removed and be thou cast into this year

hallelujah hallelujah yeah I see that

Lord just did it just he said just moved

my hand down and put it right over that

right ear in the name of Jesus ear

problems heal infected ear heal

inflammation healed see that was under

the curse but your best

hallelujah said I’m the blessed of the


you can’t curse what God’s blessed right

here right here at the base of the skull

oh there’s all kinds of things going on

right there glory glory glory glory

glory glory go oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

hallelujah eyes are being healed eyes

are being here

receive it take it into your eyes I take

it hallelujah thank you Father

sinus problems are being swollen sinuses

are being healed pressure pressure from

sinus drainage sore throats worse than

sore throats strep throat praise God is

being healed

we’ve had that we had that already in

one of the services in this meeting well

it were that it’s here again healing for

strep throat

praise God all kinds of lung disease

tuberculosis praise God that’s he you in

the name of the Lord Jesus I see I see a

dark-skinned person

where is that Lord I see a dark-skinned

person just very very frail very weak

about to die with tuberculosis the one

I’m seeing is not in the United States


thank you Lord Jesus


your faith has made you whole


now if you have any kind of lung

situation asthma bronchitis anything

anything that has to do with your lungs

your upper respiratory system at all

take your heating right now take it

right now thank you lord

oh thank you Jesus thank you lord thank

you lord thank you lord thank you lord

thank you thank you lord thank you lord

thank you are you seeing anything you

have anything head injuries head

injuries head injuries has that already

been said today head injures head

injuries every kind of damage head every

kind of brain damage every kind of

injury in your head they’d be from here

up any way to God be healed and be

delivered right yes yes in the name of

Jesus we take our healing in Jeff yes


head injuries are healed yes yes God

praise God praise God Tracy what do you


praise you Jesus

praise the Lord

it’s not surprising you talk so long

about the lungs as I was praying over

into the service today I saw two or

three things one of them was he began to

say lung blockages of all kind absolute

blockages in that area even blood clots

in the lungs things that are causing

shortness of breathing and cancer of the

lung I saw tumors dissolving

well yeah yeah yeah yeah tumors disaster

yeah and and yes sir yes sir and I have

a couple more things I saw over in the

spit that happened in this meeting but

when you first took authority over all

the disease here’s what I saw by the

Spirit of God I was in a meeting

recently the meeting where the teeth

came in and a woman was there whose dad

was in the meeting with William Branham

when he saw men over here and he saw the

demon hanging on and it was a demon of

lung cancer and the demon said he said

lung cancer come out when he did he said

he could hear the demon screaming oh no

no no and there was a an eternal version

said and lung cancer come out over here

and they heard the demons this demon

called to that demon said come help me

come help me he said I can’t come help

you or he’ll cast me out too

and when the first time I’ve ever seen

anything happened like that in the

spirit was today when you took authority

over these diseases I began to see

shaking like this and here’s what the

Lord told me to say he said say to the

people say to you that from this day

forward is going to operate in you every

time you deal with this reigns God

however he said say to the people the

spirit life behind your disease has been

absolutely cut amen

and he said because of it all kinds of

paralysis and disorders and when you

talked about the back people began to

get healed the moment you said to stand

up somebody a fire shot through

somebody’s lower vibration that Wesley

healing their hips came in order now

created miracles are happening any

paralysis this here anybody that needs

to just step out there now and begin to

do how they move and when that happened

brother couple ice over into the meeting

he said there was a person here that

would even come to the meeting with a

brace on their right side or right leg

somewhere I saw him in strap if they

will here’s what Thorne said if they

will receive it and act on it they will

unstrap that brace today and come down

these aisles ready to run God amen this

yours right now in Jesus name Amen

yo alysus is leaving now a may spirit of

infirmity over he said daughter loosed

from 93 man there’s a spirit life has

been kiddo

I have a figured out your back gathering

your spinal cord it is loose at the

roots brigade let me heal walk when you


come on thank you long and finally a

Salah spirit was God was giving joints I

had not seen that picture we haven’t

talked about that I haven’t seen that

picture and this morning you particular

the right hand I saw someone’s wrist and

elbow to the wrist being recreated when

you said that’s ah huh that’s it that’s

what they needed to see but there’s knee

joints being recreated all types of

joint issues are being recreated over

here that are prepared for knee

replacement and reconstructive surgery

and they’re getting the story they’re

getting a meniscus they’re getting a new

ACL MCL little take off begin to move

and run and dance and shout they this

show in particular here is had a bad car

accident it destroys your right ankle

the ligaments were damaged the bones

were crushed

you could not flex and lose you haven’t

been able to do that for years but

you’re being healed right now you’re on

ankle you mean totally recreate it right

now in Jesus name

begin to do some big toes all types of

toe injuries are being healed Yelp’s

leave me with an egg check it out

a Protestant leaving Lynn Lynn Lynn here


what what happened what when okay now

tell what happened I had surgery on the

foot and it was healing but then I

started having I’m painting the foot

again and just painting the foot and so

they put me back in though brace shoe so

today it came and I received really mmm

is it working is it working perfectly

yes I don’t feel the pain in the bottom

hey man thank you Jesus thank you thank

you whoa oh my gosh oh my gosh




did you have something happen step out

here just a moment step right over here

well I’d ask you what happened but

you’re drunk so forget that yes I saw a

sauce laying hands on her yes ma’am

it’s gonna what is started in you will

be finished

you shall be every with whole no more

curse how to saw organs being

transplanted there’s livers

there’s pancreas there’s kidneys

someone’s on dialysis is coming off with

dialysis the same today today today

thank you long if you need new parts

take it


miss Gloria I would never want to

overstep my backers but there’s a

handful of people that are maybe even on

a list of an organ transplant they’re

there waiting maybe a donor or whatever

I saw just that handful not a whole line

not a lot of people but I saw there are

parts in your hands

there’s heat in other words they’re the

law contacting transmission now if you

want to administrate it differently

that’s fine but it I believe if she got

her hands on him their body part to come

on the inside hallelujah thank you

that’s what I saw

thank you lord I only saw theirs I saw

half a dozen people that are dealing

with such serious internal organ issues

that you’re either on a transplant list

of the doctor has told you if something

doesn’t happen immediately you’re going

to go on a transplant list I’m not

talking about a big long line of people

I’m talking about about five or six

people here I saw in my spirit standing

right here she’s gonna get her is that

you sir step up here no wonder I picked

that up trouble repeat Oh God

you get it your ha ha and you’re not the

only one that’s look look there it is

there it is right there it is there it






brother toto she put her hands on his

head in the depths and somebody’s bit

here just popped open the same anointing

for inside organs are creating into the

cochlea that the even the hairs are

going to go back on the nerve endings of

a deaf ear

it’s a recreative miracle not a spirit

of deafness and inner ear is being

regrown right now anyone with a deaf ear

come bleep

he’ll show us in February I was in the

car today in my hole from my neck down

to my back I had to see 3 4 & 5 2 TL the

t12 and one out all back here cirrhotic

and all of this was none and I like what

I would not have the surgery and since


I just been going through therapy going

through therapy but I took hold of the

word and I know that he said by His

stripes I am healed and I just knew and

I was telling people I’m not having a

surgery the doctor kept something you

need to serve you I said no he’s look

all of this was numb I kept just just

numb and just could not move my hands my

back could have bend over but you see

what we have here already gone go and be

made whole thank you lord

now you can be seated but don’t you turn

your faith off you need to be touching

the seat in front of you like you’re

laying hands on someone just keep your

faith active keep your faith active


yep yep no we said well speak oh but he

just called for Nettie we got several oh

okay now this religion your cell phone

if she said something yeah just right

yeah yeah brother Barry bring I’m right

up here he says here just give us room

to walk


ladies and gentlemen so halleluh

halleluh thank you lord thank you Jesus

thank you yep oh yeah yeah

in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as

a minister of the gospel I take dominion

over every deaf spirit every harassing

spirit and I demand take your hand off

every person standing in this line now

in Jesus name in Jesus name in Jesus

name in Jesus name in Jesus name in

Jesus name in Jesus name

Griff’s abet be open be in Jesus day be

up in Jesus name in Jesus name in Jesus

name a home a home safe

ha ha ha strongly thank you for thank

you Lord Jesus for this divine work and

miracle and my little brother he

oh thank you

thank you lord thank you lord thank you

lord thank you hallelu he’s strong

strong yeah thank you Jesus thank you


what what did this to him one constant

is one boy laying there

thank you this is learning what’s your

name they have any hair – ma’am

these years where do you live I love you

I love it man your heel oh can you tell

a difference hallelujah god jesus oh

Jesus man

auntie this Merrill

I’m out of a stroke

ears his father said he was born without

hearing perfectly he was born without

hearing and he can hear tell him your

name I do



in Jesus name

glory glory glory glory glory glory

glory glory glory glory glory glory

Kovach come comes set up for some

testimonies I want to hear some touch

yes praise God

Cathy you have a few people ready to

testify on both sides we want to take a

few testimonies and hear what the Lord

has done for you just a few of you we

have a moment to do is oh here’s

something going on right we’re

transplant transplant and you come down

and meet with our people here on this

aisle and over here and we want to hear

your testimony

raise your Lord are you ready to go baby

in the name of Jesus get nice lead arm

Oh he-he’ll function in the name of the

Lord Jesus Christ we take it now say

I’ll take a ticket I take my deliverance

in readiness I’ll take my healing ticket

I am here in here in the night I want

you to see yourself standing in that

part rooms

there’s an angel just walked over there

and pull the drawer open got a brand new

kidney out of it and put it in Thank You

life life Thank You life thank you for

hearing my particular station straw lead


what would you have this war a brand new

liver a brand new liver weights the dogs

got slivers doctor says it’s cancerous

in Katie’s father we thank you we yeah

hi amen we commend that liver to be

brand new this morning we take it in

Jesus name Oh Oh in your you – spirit we

break your power you come off her here

right now

explore any man this lady would like

hands laid on her to receive her healing

from Parkinson’s

we don’t want Parkinson’s do it

what’s your name Maureen in the name of

the Lord Jesus Christ in Jesus we have a

audience we created one in here give a

new prosthetic okay in Jesus Peck right

here accepted not a prospect he’s gonna

receive a prostate or been healed deal

glory to God I saw him body type Church

already see clearly most come on pray in

the spirit voices activate your faith no

parks parts Park Prospect Park glory to

God I

for each of our four recipients like you

try key Oh

we give you pride and countries creating

your faith now make some

praise God hold hallelujah we take your

grace thank you by Q 1 by Q Lord we

financially or this new prostate we

thank you thank you seal from the top of

exam to the soldiers

thank you by Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s you are a name the name of

Jesus is above every name that’s name

bow your knee Parkinson’s to the mighty

name of Jesus peace be still

hallelujah hallelujah glory glory to God

glory to God I was diagnosed with I was

at stage for stomach cancer lymphoma

cancer and they sent me home almost two

years ago to die with Hospice but the

Lord has been healing but there is

residual damage in the liver that has to

be addressed in our let’s go to part

room amen

let’s get some new parts


father in the name of Jesus my faith we

receive new parts for Thomas Miller

thank you Jesus new stomach new liver

yeah new kidneys amen and a complete

refreshening of his mint our blood

system all of blood in his body purified

amen by the blood of Jesus it could

either thank you Jesus





thank you

hallelu hallelu hallelu hallelu hallelu

I’ve walked in here without my

wheelchair and my Walker although I kind

of put all my weight on the right leg

but this left leg it’s worse yes it is

it needs to straighten it a new bottle

of Dewar’s um you know you don’t do

here’s what I want you to do what you

give me your name Joyce Joyce here’s

what I want you to do my dear sister

Joyce I want you to sit down there

boy robrucky squamous

thank you

in the names in fact give me both of

them give me move my time no I want some

witnesses here gather up around me here

two or three of you come in

in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I

command this leg to come out even with

the other by the power and authority


you see that you see that little more

come on out there smoke come on out

there sumo

now I’m pushing another direction I’m

not pulling on it


then the name of the Lord Jesus


every bone ever ligament be thou made

whole hallelujah thank you Lord Jesus

don’t you hit me anymore Jesus thank you

are hot I’d take it

now come here joy come on up here with

me hallelujah let’s go for a walk


thank you thank you

thank you by strikes and

now the power God’s working in years you

know you can tell that yes now they the

sensation of it will wane they’re still

they’re still worried now you need to be

talking to their leg I will tell it I

will tell it how much you love it I love

you too late

your mile a mile a your a good leg yeah

you’re walking leg a faith leg a new leg

new bones

hallelujah straight leg now it should

have made a considerable difference just

when when they straightened out the

other one was shorter than than the left

and the right one was short bub what

would you say doc inch I finished an

answer like that and it came out my lord

did you get that you got that on camera

didn’t you did you thank you Jesus

Russia crazy uh hang on me and I don’t

want to see you do this right here Thank

You Lorne hey hey



Thank You long amen

is that there belong to you yeah I

buried it was blessing oh go ready go

jeez go ready go

lesson go Rita go that’s the moon what’s

your name

Trey Trey very room you need to go and

do what God told you to do that’s right

a man’s right No

yes Mikula the powers are to do it thank

you thank you I’m so glad you’re here

now you and bless us all you got a black

boy can I be your white boy yes you are


thank you so much I will enjoy brother

Kenneth we have a testimony here with

brother Kevin the Lord’s been doing

something in his life Jennifer

hallelujah I’ve had diabetes for several

years now that is because I didn’t take

care of my body don’t sleep in need

right so high blood sugar levels in so

they told me that my pancreas was not

producing the insulin that it needed to

and the way that you can tell that your

sugar levels are high is because your

eyesight will be greatly affected well i

purpose to come during the meeting not

to wear my glasses and i got my glasses

right here and I’ve only put them on a

couple times but I was like I’m just

going to go by faith and so today when

sister Gloria said receive a new


I received the new pancreas in the name

of the Lord Jesus and my eyesight is so

good till I can read the exit signs I

can read the numbers

so free Sean thank you

just one last thing this is this is this

is to to the Congress you this is my

29th year of KCM partnership next year

I’ll be a partner for 30 years and

partnership works yes


okay thank you lord

Gloria you can sit down there if you

want to let’s get some new parts here

yes thank you lord

yeah the parks department is open amen

what do you what are you believing for I

have a liver transplant currently and I

may need a new kidney well let’s just

get both okay that’d be good he’s

getting new ones right out of the box

brand-new stuff we haven’t paid enough

attention to this amen

it’s it’s not just healing is not just

repair your spirit wasn’t repaired you

were born again now the scripture calls

it the renewing of your youth that’s one

of your benefits in the hundred and

third song

Amen father we thank you for it

hallelujah hallelujah thank you thank

you Lord for this replacement thank you

for Jesus thank you Lord oh Lord this is

so easy for you Jesus it’s so easy for

you do this thank you thank you thank


thank you thank you thank you thank you

boy wake up comes thank you or thank you

long Thank You rusty Rishi and be


and totally mate oh now hey you laid

holes where are we to God late night oh

baby oh thank you Arnie are too like my

shoe are made or not you have no idea

neo shoe it not help – no now – I guess

you got caught – come on pray in the

spirit with him pray in the spirit with

him pray of the spirit see it in the

spirit you depend on the Holy Spirit in

the spirit you can get in agreement with

her because the Holy Ghost knows what

she’s saying

so get in agreement with her spirits

your shoes Thank You long-standing her

daughter meadow Justin is gonna receive

a new kidney

all right my oldest daughter her name is

Sharon Sharon’s got a new kidney

all right again hombre nice kalon mosque

us home brought these secretly the most

adorable Duchess Triana spirit church

Sharon’s getting a new kidney Lori to

God her daughter Sharon

is receiving a new kidney Paul Bragg is

Clement Ossetia’s shaft

oh we’re gonna let hands on this class

all Bryson we did awesome thank you

Jesus thank you

the healing power and anointing of Jesus

by the law of contact and transmission

the contact of our hands on this cloth

transmitting that power into this cloth

and upon whomsoever it is laid sickness

and disease spirits of sickness and

disease will depart every wicked spirit

will leave everyone according to the

19th chapter of the book of life

okay a motion thank you lord

hey thank you Jesus she is healed and

delivered like Oh Gloria Molina trying

to Jesus praise your love for us

hallelujah hallelujah


haha look a there looky there

go gray to God brother Copeland this is

what the world Lord said yes yes you

said there’s somebody with a cast if

they would on stringer take it off and

run I’ve been running the hallways I had


she had no bones and ligaments she could

not do this this thing is strapped with

the iron she took it off and held her

ankles straight she’s been running

without this thing chose

by polio and they had to do a tendon

transfer I have no tendon because they

had to put the tendon to replace the cap

on so to keep my foot from curling under

and on for 66 0 years I’ve not been able

to run on my toes I in the name of Jesus

I said the manifestation is coming

because I have received every single

part of Jesus finish work but and I will

be able to stand by just on my right

foot raising on my toe that I have it in

Jesus name I have received it I believe



brother Copeland Bella cope and the Lord

said when I saw that breaks coming off

he said if they will receive it and act

on it and she said I heard that I

received it I took this off I’m saying

now if these people will receive

everything you’ve said this morning

they’ll walk out of here everywhere hole

there are rods

someone has got table the color blind so

color blind they can’t function to

certain jobs they wanted to do they’re

getting rods and cones in her eyes this

morning prayed God color hey see me HD

HD he has bones and ligaments and joints

I just heard the Lord say that somebody

that had been color blind you’re getting

a new set of HD i high-definition I go

video God Alleluia thank you lord thank

you Jesus every Widow our sister ready

to run hey man she’s ready come out that

chair hallelujah

she can walk she got some students under

here over here okay sacks like that

against the hero table it’s actually

bottom of her heels you know she was

sent home with renal failure and

dementia and a congestive heart in July

they said that she wouldn’t make it a

week and and we’re believing God for

total restoration of her mind her brain

her kidneys her heart and every sore

will be gone in Jesus name



thank you for

thank you thank you large body strength

fame functioning brain strengthen and

heal in Jesus name thank you Lord give

you all the price for these legs thank

you Lord Shiva thank you thank you

praise You Lord Jesus praise you praise

you amen amen

yeah amen praise go

thank you

everything and the source of pain you be

don’t you be gone you be healed leg and

all pain be gone in the name of Jesus we

thank you Lord for strengthening her

body Lord we give you praise glory Mary

walks Mary walks





ourself now

say this go Mary go go Mary go




let it go





give the Lord praise nautical what to

hear about this one glory be to God you

know when I spoke that when you

commended things to leave someone stood

up the fire shot through their back

happened to this lady and I won’t

brother James to tell you about it she

got a creative miracle today Rock

Copeland this is Cynthia Hill from right

here in Woodbridge she’s battled cancer

stage 4 she’s had seizures and a frozen

pelvic that left her paralyzed on her

left side for six months

today she walks from the back of the

auditorium been standing here for over

15 minutes better walk for you

thank you look she is strong already

hello power of his height thank you low

ready go

sister Gloria and brother go ahead go

ahead Tracy she just said could she say

something quickly what I wanted to say

was what a lot of people don’t really

know is the enemy’s been trying to

attack me for many years I come from a

small island in Puerto Rico and the

enemy’s been trying to attack me for

many many years

and what a lot of people don’t know is

is that the Word of God lives inside of

you and that you know I what a lot of

people don’t know is that son Teddy’s

noise and my family but I know that the

Lord lives and he’s demonstrated his

life in you today

glory to God glory to God and sister

amen hello sister go that word is coming

alive and so many people because of this

ministry today all over the world people

heard what you heard in every nation of

the earth all over international

television a bird of the air is carrying

their voice and people are coming out of

wheelchairs and demons are screaming and

leaving and pastors are being birthed in

a new healing ministries and angels are

flying to the north south east and west

Karen your voice and the dust had been

covered your shoes but as you sit here

today he is delivering nations and kings

and rulers and brings about an army

today in the name

since Christ of Nazareth you are healed

today in Jesus name brother Copeland

this is Dee she’s from Virginia and she

had all kinds of ear damage she could

only read lips and she’s hearing great

now amen she said she could go at home

and turn her TV down when she watches me

and her feet had neuropathy and they

were hurting and there’s no more pain

hallelujah praise ya hallelujah

no couple sister Copeland we have

another testimony right here hello this

is Alice Phyllis ebo from Centreville

Virginia and she said that she has been

a partner with KCM for a long time but

she really has just been in the word for

about a year and she said that yesterday

God healed her heart her right arm was

hurting tremendously and she was

concerned about having a stroke or

something with her heart and she said

God healed that yesterday when they

prayed over and she said then today she

said she had been to the doctor and they

had asked her to come back to do testing

for ovarian cancer and she said she

wouldn’t go back because doctor Jesus

was her healer and she said this morning

when y’all said that she said that

extreme warmth came over all her female

parts and she knows that God healed her

the devil wanted to take my testimony

so when Pastor Copeland and sister

Gloria here mother Gloria at Thursday he

did not make me come forward when Pastor

Copeland said somebody’s heart

you know there’s tightness so I was

going home and you were saying you did

not give your testimony but the emphasis

of Copeland yesterday again made the

invitation so I said I’m gonna stand up

I don’t care what it is you’re down





hallelujah praise God Amen Jennifer who

is this and what’s going on this is Fred

from New Jersey brother and sister

copeland he came last year and he came

forward and miss Gloria you laid hands

on him and his right leg was an inch and

a half short his leg grew out he had

come in corrective shoes and he’s got a

picture of those shoes he used to have

to wear because he’s never had to wear

them ever since he was totally healed

left get a pic alloy man get a picture

of that on camera where people here get

a shot see it on camera we get a yeah

the tripod we’ll get a shot of it there

look at that see that ha ha ha hey good

come on come on come on


all ready go brother Copeland you gave a

word of knowledge a little bit earlier

and you said that new arches were coming

and so this is Diane and she received a

new arch today in Jesus name you did you

said this right before the service she

there was testimonies going on and you

came out there and you went down to your

foot and you said someone just got a new

heart that is me hallelujah I received

and it’s stopping time today yes lord

have more exciting news here what’s

going on well I’m excited today I have

Carlton and Marie Marable with me and I

brought them up here with their

testimony because it’s one where people

shouldn’t give up because you get hands

laid on and you don’t feel the

manifestation today there are people

that in 1996 they came down from New

York to this Woodbridge convention they

had her husband was suffering was severe

asthma he was in the hospital every

month he’s had several near-death


he couldn’t mow the lawn he can do

anything physical Gloria Copeland in

1996 laid hands on him to rebuke that

asthma and as he went he got

manifestation some years later but it’s

been over ten years since he’s had any

sign of asthma he doesn’t have to go to

the hospital he got no


wonderful thank you guys Colerain

brother-sister copeland this is will

from richmond and he’s got all kind of

good things he says going on with him

today first of all he had a lump in his


about an inch inch-and-a-half that

protruded outwards said it’s gone now

had trouble in his head where his brain

felt like it was vibrating gone lungs

have been catching on his ribs going

severe pain in the right tone the right

foot right Victo completely gone he said

this morning panic attacks over here no

more problem with the head and then

finally he said when you kept mentioning

about sinus trouble calls and sore

throats he had had that in this meeting

but completely gone now after the I

think what’s going on here

this is Melissa Scott from Raleigh North

Carolina and 18 years ago her mother

brought her to healing school 18 years

today she had cervical cancer and it had

spread to her lymph nodes and she’s

totally cancer-free to tell you thank

you lord

it’s change I’m alive my daughter’s

alive my daddy the 15 years longer than

he should have because of what I’ve

learned through your ministry and I just

wanted you to know right thank you oh oh

how we told you man oh how would thank

you Jesus thank you Lord so this is

start right here this is Cristina Sood

from Fairfax Virginia now she came last

year and they prayed for during this

meeting her foot was broken in three

places it was shattered and they told

her if she ever walked she’d have

difficulty walking she couldn’t play

soccer or anything like that for a year

and after about six months the doctor

did surgery on her and now she’s walking

she can play soccer do anything oh where

to God you gotta show us that girl

Oh God Megan thank you Jesus hallelujah

this morning I have filled with me and

Phil was born with colorblindness and

today he said he said everyone in his

family just runs in the family but he

says today he can see all kinds of

colors that he’s never seen before

oh my god I mean hey man that’s great

I can see clearly now with new HD his

vision is even sharper than what it was


oh yeah no where to go ah brother Tony

uh the reason we still have this young

lady up here is because number one Jesus

has never finished doing what are you

doing in our lives but number two listen

to the part of this testimony that none

of us just heard last year and um let

her tell it and her words but the reason

I wanted to say something before she did

is because I believe it’s going to

release that very same expectancy for it

to happen completely through this crowd

it’s going to go like a tidal wave

across the crowd and I think it’s not

just the people present it’s their

children it’s their grandchildren it’s

everything they’ll touch it comes off

their family line in the name of Jesus

Christ of Nazareth

these medicated learning disorders are

leaving amen a DD and ADHD and all of

the memory issues they are leaving and

she was touched last year in this

meeting um so when I was younger I had

been diagnosed with ADHD and impulsivity

and because of this I was very impulsive

and I fell off a balcony and that was

last November and this foot

unfortunately had been shattered and

they had told me that I wasn’t going to

run and I wasn’t going to play soccer or

have any anything that I used to enjoy

before so when I came here I was

struggling to believe that I could be


I was struggle

to believe that I could receive the full

healing that God gives to us and I had

been praying and praying and praying and

when I came here I felt that God was

really moving in my heart unfortunately

about two years ago I was unfortunately

a victim of some abuse in a relationship

and I had prayed for many years that God

would heal this person and also heal me

from any kind of scars emotional scars

mental scars I know many people many

women in particular they struggle with

this and I had always struggled in

school as a result but I always prayed

in my heart that God would give me a

humility a humble heart and to be able

to have more faith in him and receive

that healing so when I came here I felt

that my faith had been enlarged and I

felt that God was moving inside my heart

so thank you

hallelujah hallelujah and obviously love

obviously and you know she talked about

impulsivity you know but doesn’t the

word call it lasciviousness there’s a

restraint of grace that heals that

mm-hmm that keeps us from jumping off a

balcony area doing some aim and uh if

you don’t mind me just because you know

that’s what that one with issue blood

did Jesus didn’t know she was there

before she grabbed the hem of His

garment today if it’s alright I’m just

grabbing her pants leg right now and I’m

asking you and behalf of the fact that

Genesis 12 says in you Abraham all the

families of the earth be blessed I

believe that there are some growing

children out here some of them are not

even present but parents who have stood

the watch on their face before God like

that leper said I’m not even looking up

until I know you’ll touch me but I

believe the mercy of the Lord like for

the southeast nation was going to get

them going to bring them healing from

their lasciviousness going to bind those

demons spirits that are trying to drive

that family line and I just believe

you’ll just raise your hand out not just

as the camera but also here it’s going

to go out of this place and through this

play praise God

will you receive that today yeah I would

encourage if you’re if you know that’s

you and you got it you gotta have that

miracle stand on your feet right here

I’d say get ready to receive Holly lose

men agave tomato red glow red glow real

said glory thank you lord thank you long

go go go

this ought not be in the body of Christ

by the COPE is they any sick among you

I’m believing to get to the place where

the question has to be asked yes they’re

worse a hole that there isn’t this kind

of volume of dysfunction and fracture

thank God for the healer you files

unclean binding harassing spirits yes

take your hand off God’s property


yes I know you have to you not only take

your hands off you get out of here

you leave this presence right now you

leave and don’t you dare touch them

again in the name of the Lord Jesus

now you holler at me I’m free my family


this is today this instant a glory be to

go praise the Lord we have another great

testimony today Valerie

she’s from Chesapeake Virginia and she

had a fall three weeks ago and while she

was here in the services Holy Spirit

challenged her to get up and began to

run she had pain in her right knee and

she began to run out in the hallway out

there and praise God the healing power

of God is just flowing throughout her

body even now in Jesus name right you

just got to demonstrate that sister

though ray thank God

hey man thank you Lord Jesus thank you

Lord Jesus we’ve got another great

testimony here – this is Xavier with his

mother Michelle and they’ve come from

here in Woodbridge they’ve been

believing for complete deliverance for

Xavier from autism and she said that

this morning in the service she’s

already noticed changes as the focus has

began to come in so we’re excited about

that makes our faith amen god

we touch the start ring alone by

agreement by agreement because autism is

not from God I don’t know where it comes

from but it’s not from God and it

doesn’t belong to my children my child

was given to the Lord at conception it

was given to the Lord at birth and the

devil doesn’t have my child and he’s

blessed for the language and skills and

he’s smarting he’s blessed and I know

this I know his wholeness is in the

command that was just released yeah will

you take it walk in it today

a young man how does he 13 what now what

age are you 13 you’re 13 the young man

I’m talking about was 15 and he was in

he was in special education and he came

home from school one day and he said

mother why do I go to school with these

people he was perfectly perfectly fine

yeah and he he told his mother he said I

just came to myself I see that in that

young man


yes you can it’s a such an honor I am

such a huge fan of yours I watched all

your shows something I would like to be

a special guess I’m one of your episodes

of victory yes all right

hey man honey when you gonna start

preaching now

follow the bridge you know that

amen he’s got the call of God on his


your call to preaching yeah and you know

that son amen

I just want to come over here and tell

you how much I love you


I’ll give the Lord praise give the Lord


thank you thank you lord thank you lord

thank you we got some tears enjoyed that

was her brother we got some tears of joy

right here this is Elizabeth cross she’s

from Alexandria Virginia and a long time

ago she suffered from depression and

then she did some cutting on her legs

and had some scars and she said there

was a precious pastor that sitting in

front of her in this meeting that prayed

for it she said she felt the warmth go

all over her legs and she believes God

has removed those scars we agree to that

in the name of Jesus now you say this my

mind is my mind my mind is my mind I

take complete authority and control over

it I take complete control and authority

over it nobody nobody the devil or

anybody else can make me think can make

me think or say or say or do anything I

don’t want to think anything I don’t

want to sing to say to say or to do

jesus is my Lord and Savior Jesus as my

Lord and Savior and I think his thoughts

think he’s not and I do what do you say

and I do what he says amen

amen hallelujah you know I love you

little brother right yeah I fell in love

with that kid well I got some news for

you I love you too the whole room

aye aye sensitive about that well just

few minutes ago the whole room is just

saturated with the love of God

stand up with me please oh thank you

Lord Jesus thank you Lord Jesus loving

us thank you thank you thank you thank

you thank you oh absolutely huh if

there’s anyone comes across your mind

and just just forgive them oh there’s so

much love in this place right now just

just forgive just throw away any idea or

thought of anything other than just love

to slalom gonna stick clock brain

killer could lead to kilometer ungrer

horrible oil come broke out he need to

greet the two chicks Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss Kiss hailing Jesus


top of her head to the souls are free

free Jesus said lay hands on the sick

and they will recover here’s our little

friend oh she’s gonna get her hand here

oh you are she’s not a girl she’s a boy

crush the growth plate in my middle

finger my eye

thank you Jesus for healing this man’s

hand people thank you

completely made whole yes thank you

thank you for his life for his ministry

and all you’ve called him to it now we

do something for me

and the name of Jesus Gloria come around

Italy now you do just what I did in the

name of Jesus and I do this in the name

of Jesus

be thou made whole be thou my whole

decision take their taken to God

strength his ability to walk and to run

thanks grace thank you thank you Lord

this is a big day big day some stuff

been harassing you for a long time I’m a

sense fifty years

it’s over it is over it’s old it is over

Thank You Lord God and loves you amen

come down on that hand grip my a yeah Oh

thank you

may Jesus

thank you for honor thank you lord

ain’t ya you take it yeah amen

hallelujah thank you lord thank you lord

you are the faith in that man a lot of

faith in it

be careful with your words you’ve got a

lot of faith in you so don’t say

anything you don’t want come in pass

don’t be sad stuff you don’t want to

happen cuz your faith man

your words are coming to pass you man I

mean what’s your name that’s a good name

is yes hey you ready to get on Thank You

Jean boy go ahead father we just lift

her up to you even for her deliverance

that she is somebody was just healed of

migraine headache wrath in just as I

touched her head how they lose numbers

of those online numbers of them praise

gum thank you lord thank you lord thank

you lord thank you lord

hallelujah wait we were gonna have some

changes in this oh yes hey man hey man

yes hey ready to be healed to be

restored thank you our head to the soles

of her feet

Jews thank you lord thank you

she’s free we call her free in Jesus

name and healed everything already knows

no beds already no sickness no disease

glory glory

oh how the power of the Living God Jesus

is our healer whoa all brawn basically

the board she son oh my god amen I’m

sure thank you Jesus

glory to God fingers be loosed in ya a

man normally yeah mark right in Jesus

yes Jesus gave her these fingers and we

call them healed he gave her heal

fingers feel fingers glory to you mother

thanks get along

thank you Lord Jesus as the Lord thank

you Lord cheeks over the dog butter

kokum thank lrg you must hear this

testimony co-read to god this is a

miracle in the making and something else

was happening I believe just like the ad

D there’s some other things happening

right now I have with me Joshua he’s 18

years old and his parents Vera and Alan

are here and they want you to know that

18 years ago when he was born he was

born with the very worst case of Down

syndrome that could be diagnosed but he

could not walk he could not 8 a year old

hold his head up he could not even what

what else did you say he couldn’t do he

only weighed 12 pounds at 1 years old

every year since he was been born they

have brought him to your meetings and

they have seen manifestation they said

18 years ago all Robert said he was

changing the chromosomes of who said

that he Kenneth Copeland he said that

that God is changing the chromosomes of

all Down syndrome children and they took

that 18 years ago what you see today is

a walking talking seeing two years ago

he was legally

he came to this meeting Tracy Harris

pray for he can see I’m telling you he

is a work in progress




thank you oh thank you Father thank you

Lord for heating my little brother thank

you Lord Jesus preaching man this a

preaching man the anointing of God is on

him the healing anointing is on him and

in his lifetime many many will come to

the Lord

many many will be healed many miracles

will take place and the glory of the

Lord will be manifest in his meetings

and in his presence yes

thus saith the Lord it’ll be that way

and none other



yes yes one of your meetings I know I

want to say it again with him I want to

come to one of your meetings

amen amen oh they said he would never

just legally blond wonderful I mean they

said he would never walk he was legally

blind and now he walks runs and she she

said he does martial arts mister glory

system oh he does karate karate

yes what Amida said he does karate yeah


right yeah

glory glory glory glory glory glory

glory I thank your law

Weston syndrome Russia was 28

she’s 28 yeah she is father we thank you

for making up the lost time and yes war

she is healed and made whole and

everything in this body I speak in

dominions over chromosomes and I demand

the proper count yes yes right now

proper order proper count and I agree

with Gloria for the redeeming of her


that has been stolen from her and she’ll

live out the rest of her days in good

health the strong spirit and a sound

mind in Jesus bless you sister Gloria on

your way back to the platform if you’ll

just touch her on the head she’s getting

a new heart a day a new connection in

her heart today in Jesus name thank you

for heart sight I speak to this girl to

receive her new heart be made whole

everywhere whole in the name of Jesus

and be normal in your heart from now on

glory to God it’s a new day for you in

Jesus name say I take it I have a new

heart I’m strong I’m able I can do

anything through God who strengthens me

in Jesus name hallelujah

real quick pray hallelujah

all right thank you for healing it was

drama believe is ‘dom I’m not a ladder

I’m strong in the Lord and in the power

of his might I go in his strength I go

in his good health

I’m a believer and from this day forward

anyone that I lay my hands on

we’ll recover because I’m a believer I

take my rights and authority

to use the name of Jesus

to heal the sick to raise the dead and

declare victory over the kingdom of

darkness I am a believer I’m filled with

a mighty Spirit of God

greater is He that’s in me than he

that’s in the world I’m a child of

Abraham I’m a child of God I’m supposed

to be well I’m supposed to prosper I’m

supposed to be in excellent health

and I am by faith in the Living God I am

a believer and not a downer

now give the Lord praise and