Jesse Duplantis shares a message on how important it is when two or more people agree together. You can believe for anything. Take part in this Wednesday evening message during the 2016 Southwest Believers’ Convention.

I want to before I get it my message I

want to talk a little politically if I

could for just a minute

I have asked many people have asked me

in the state Louisiana they said Jesse

or to run for this run valera I said I’m

not called to do that but I’m called to

be a voter

ladies and gentlemen people ask me all

over the world and I have preached more

churches than most people have ever been

to me and Jerry probably well Jerry and

three or four thousand different

churches all over the world and and I’m

in custody and some of them I’ve been

preaching for 35 and 37 years every year

preaching out that a great that great

grandchildren and that amazin is amazing

will it make a long story short you

might have seen this program I was on

TBN most the time I’m a host I love the

host in them and I enjoy that but Matt

and Laurie crowd suggested we need you

as a guest I want you and Andrew Wommack

I said okay so I walked in there me and

Andrew and I we had no idea what we’re

going to talk about and Matt says do you

believe in Greece I said I’m here didn’t

have grace in my life I wouldn’t be here

devil to kill me a long time ago you

saved by grace and we just got to

talking about that and it was a

wonderful program you might have seen it

was a few months back

and it was just such a blessing of the

Lord and I and several people there in

the in the audience began to ask

questions that what are you seeing up


let me tell you how to touch the world I

want you to listen to me we fought a war

in 1776 we declared independence from an

empire that was the most powerful empire

on the earth that was Great Britain most

of the battles that George Washington

fought he actually ran away from because

he didn’t have the ability to win them

simply because the states would not

support the Continental Army don’t you

listen to this one minute i’ma Paulus

overhead that into the Christian world

George Washington was a phenomenal man

but you got to understand something

the only footprint America could

understand at that time was the

footprint of Europe what they wanted was

free and independent states nobody

called themselves Americans

there was 750,000 people in Virginia

dicker the first five president were

Virginians they called himself a genius

Thomas Jefferson called himself a


think about they’re not so was George

Washington he was from Virginia but see

there was four men that God designed to

see to make this nation what it is and

that was George Washington Alexander

Hamilton who wrote the Federalist Papers

James Madison who wrote the Constitution

of the United States and John Jay the

first first Supreme Chief Justice of the

Supreme Court the first one these four

men understood what God wanted to do

with this nation the others did not

because we were under a thing called the

Articles of Confederation and in the

Articles of Confederation if you studied

history and things of that nature

they said that we became free and

independent say so in 1776 we declared

independence but we had to fight a war

because you see freedom is not free

and George Washington brilliant as he

was and he was the most wealthiest

president we’ve ever had even till today

George Washington he married a very rich


behind every great man is a woman

rolling her eyes and I don’t doubt

Martha did the same thing but anyway

Great Scott if you understand him he had

what I call a revelation from God and

God gave it to those other for Alexander

Hamilton was the first secretary

treasurer of the United States John Jay

was the first Chief Justice of the

Supreme Court and James Madison was the

fourth president of the United States to

make a long story short these four men

understood what God wanted to do with

this nation no one else did because in

the Articles of Confederation they would

be free and independent states so I

don’t know how many times that George

washing had said listen I can’t fight a

war of this magnitude without some

finance to handle this thing because

there were men with no shoes Valley

Forge they were freezing I mean and that

what happened is nobody wanted to pay

the bill but God gave those four men to

understand what we call a federal

government so what James Madison is

called the father of the Constitution

they called the Constitution a living

document my the Lord told me to say this

since I under his direction otherwise I

wouldn’t in James Madison when he had

the preamble wrote he was supposed to

say this we the people of a free and

independent states he said change that

and they said there’s we the people of

the United States of America remember

nobody called himself Americans even

John Adams call himself a Bostonian

Thomas Jefferson a Virginian but when

that Constitution came out it made us

form what God wanted a nation under God

indivisible with liberty and justice

fall not free independent States now

let’s get to the god part how do you

touch the world for the Lord Jesus

Christ on that program Matt crowd said

what camp are you in brother Jesse and

some of you may have seen that and I

looked at him and I said Matt I have to

rephrase your question there’s only one

camp of God but there’s men

different tents just like there’s the

nation of Israel back then but there was

12 different tribes if we’re going to

touch the world we’re not going to do it

by coming together on the same doctrine

that some people don’t believe in a

rapture so let them stay here they’re

gonna wish their God there to go they’re

going to have to die for Jesus Christ in

this day there’s something never going

to believe in speaking in tongues

there’s no use to try it but they are of

one flock and I would say this to every

denomination on denomination and in the

denomination that calls themselves a

Christian that we need to see

Christianity the way God showed George

Washington Alexander Hamilton John Jay

and James Madison this nation one nation

not free and independent states so you

can still be a Baptist and the methods

and the Pisgah pay in the Presbyterian a

Church of God a Church of Christ a word

of faith the Full Gospel Assemblies of

God a United Pentecostal Amish Mennonite

whatever but if we’ll come together and

the unity of our Lord and Savior Jesus

Christ you see

and we hold that banner up because

you’re not going to get everybody to

bleed the same but we all believe that

Jesus Christ rose from the dead believe

if you’re Christian we could touch the

world in a day but what has happened is

is that Satan has made us free and

independent churches until we come

together under this united effort that

Jesus Christ is Lord everywhere

Baptist Methodist Catholic I mean when

brother Copeland went to see Pope

Francis I had more preachers eating my


well as Kenneth going Catholic I said

won’t you call KCM and ask him but my

god man man believe in Jesus and I say

and we believe everything the same

that’s not the issue but you see all

these other people fought and it took so

long that’s why I took George Washington

so long to win these battles God had to

just intervene because he didn’t have

the money to help the governments didn’t

have the money up the army but they

created a federal government and then

one of the Virginians

gave us our Bill of Rights and one of

them is the Second Amendment and it’s a

wonderful thing because you see the

right to bear arms is not to protect you

from criminals or thieves is to protect

you from the government

and if you don’t believe that just go

read it to protect you from the

government so that you wouldn’t be

controlled like it was before we

declared independence now I’m not trying

to put political that point but I’m

saying is this if we’ll stay if the

United States will stay united and if

the churches will come together United

even Jesus said that he was talking to

the disciples he’s talking about the

Jewish and he said there’s other people

that I will call to my name which is us

the Gentiles and there was a mist

interpretation of the word foe he said

it all shall be one fold he said he said

I came to this fold which is the Jewish

people he said but there’s others that

will come there would be one foe if you

look at that in the original wasn’t

Foley meant one flock we may have

different folds in the Christianity but

there’s only one flock we may have many

different tents but there’s only one

camp so you know God is giving me the

honor of preaching Catholic churches

Presbyterian churches Methodist churches

assembly God churches Word of Faith

churches I’ve preached to the Amish I

preached to the Mennonites yeah what did

you do

I just preached Jesus I preached to

Jewish synagogues all over everywhere

why to let my light shine because I

believe that this church must be united

so we can form a church of the people by

the people for the people

you know Abraham Lincoln at the

Gettysburg Address he was right on the

date with what really right when he said

four score and seven years ago our

fathers brought forth really that’s not

true yeah that’s when it started but

they were free and independent states so

thank God that James Madison made them

change the wording that we the people of

the United States the preamble to the

Constitution well I will tell everybody

this if we do this and all your

different churches that call us up Jesus

that you call yourself a Christian this

Bible and this church don’t need any


is actually not only a living document

but a completely perfect document serum

say so receive that so you passes when

you go out talk to the Catholic priest

and talk to the Methodists and say you

don’t have to be what I am in terms of a

Baptist or a Pentecostal

but we must come together because this

nation needs it because we got the

answer that stopping people from killing

people in Chicago like crazy

there is slaughter going on in Chicago

children can’t even play outside they

get shot I’m talking six years old five

years old it’s almost in every state

every city it’s terrible but at this

church the Christian Church but I trying

to fight what we don’t to be Sadducees a

Pharisee I don’t believe in a render

reservation at all that stay dead if you

don’t believe in it that’s not the issue

but come together under the banner of

Christianity and you know what will

change the world I’m Jesse Duplantis and

I approve this message

okay I said what the Lord told me to say

pray so if you got your Bibles with you

turn with me to the book of Matthew

chapter 18 the book of Matthew chapter

18 once again I was in my study and the

spirit of the law was talking to the

Lord about different things and I

actually talked the Lord a lot about

financial things and investments and

talk to him about gifts of the Spirit

and operations and I just have

conversations as well as a reading and

studying of the Word of God I’m a man

that loves information I have a very

lucrative library people that come to my

home they can’t get over my library

especially ministers and it’s truly

amazing am i right fritz Browne my and

my oldest employee here he’s at mark God

projected mile you know your house is


but if you tear if you go by the way the

grave whoever get your library Lord

Jesus and it’s full of every kind of

subject because I like being in

formed I like to talk intelligently

about something and if you don’t know

much about the Jehovah Witness doctor

how you going to talk intelligently

about the Jehovah Witness or to a

Jehovah Witness so you know I read

things I may not believe they don’t

infect me so I can IntelliJ talk and

form a case and I’ve had several people

say you could be a lawyer you could

litigate something I said well no I just

love information I want to know so we

can speak intelligently and revelation

wise concerning things well I was in my

study and I was just sittin lord

and he said what I said you said in

Matthew chapter 18 and the Lord always

does this to me said what did I say

Jesse tell me what I said he loves me to

tell him what he says you don’t say tell

me what I said and I said you said that

of – in Matthew 18 I believe 19 you said

if two of you on earth agree as touching

and before I could finish he said I’ll

be you – I say what he should I be you –

he said Jesse you don’t need to look for

another person I’ll be you – how many of

you believe in God for something I beat

you – you ain’t got to look any further

I beat you – man like God if two of us

believe we can get anything you believe

I want to talk about that tonight I’ll

be you – now think about if your whole

church became a bunch of two’s we’d be a

bunch of – tools

because all you got to do is get

somebody to agree but not only agree

touch see some ministers think that when

they receive an offering into their

marriage they go all glory to God make a

regular and they go on to the next day

they don’t realize that that now you’re

taking on responsibility of what that

person that sold into your ministry and

into your life their belief or their

dream and you have to keep your yourself

holy and clean so that they can receive

what they believe in just like that you

receive what they gave you and I want to

deal with that tonight and when the Lord

Toby says I’ll be you too I said by God

man because I’m known for statements God

gives me statements I didn’t ask you to

pay for it I ask you to believe for it

all my meetings he said but just cost

you something vision bring you something

which one you want to deal with

I said I’ll deal with the vision he said

good see I always deal with the vision

because the best won’t come to play

that’s why I was talking about be vov

early because you see that’s where you

touch the world and you get things done

quickly so when he said I’ll be you – I

just gotta shove it so I walked into I

think Cathy was in the kitchen which was

a miracle of God to start with them be

in the kitchen I’m sorry I said hey we

have a beautiful kitchen they don’t you

wouldn’t use it but we got a beautiful

get it now I give her a hard time she

can’t cook good memories but it was

basically and I walked I said Cathy she

goes what I mean you – she said – what I

said if two of us on earth agreed God

just told me he’d be my – how many I

believe him for something come on how

many all out there believe in something

I’d be you – you don’t need to look for

another person but it would be nice to

get a bunch of tools so I want to deal

with that and I’m going to start in the

King James Version Matthew chapter 18

we’re gonna start with verse 18 now

there’s something really unique about

this verse Jesus talking how many all

believe the Word of God you believe what

Jesus said let’s see what it see if you

do verse 18 says verily I say unto you

that whatsoever you shall bind on earth

shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever

you shall loose on earth shall be loosed

in heaven now what does that tell you

that tells you that you have power in

two dimensions

you have power on the earth – buying and

you have power in heaven to buy in other

words you can bind something here and an

angel of God a syrup and the chair but

our angel and if it’s bound in heaven

they can’t loosen it until you do

because you have power in two dimensions

think about that here and there do you

understand that and when it when it’s

that when it’s bound that no one can

loosen it unless you loosen it that

tells you that you ought to know

something about heaven or the universe

because you have power there you’re the

only species that he gave that power to

everyone else’s servants you are sons

that serve did you see that let me read

that again

he said just in Jesus talking he says

well I say unto you whatsoever you shall

bind on earth shall be bound in heaven

whatsoever you shall loose on earth

shall be loosed in heaven then he says

in verse 19 again I say unto you seek is

he had to say it again because you don’t

get it the first time so G said again I

say unto so he said this before verse 19

again I say unto you that if two of you

shall agree on earth as touching the

word touching is the most important part

because now you’re getting involved in

someone’s dream and someone’s belief and

that means a lot to God it means a lot

to the person that you agree with now

watch this again I’m saying to you they

if two of you agree on earth as touching

how many things how many things how many

things how many things how many things

so I don’t care what the church world’s

is we’re the only spiritual know

anything is spiritual physical and

financial what part of that you don’t

understand because he said anything did

he say it don’t look at me look at the

scripture did he say anything did he say

that I beat you too so it’s not greed to

believe God for finances because

finances is anything it’s not agreed to

believe her husband or wife God say

anything I see so many people missing

each other

see so many young beautiful women said

if I could just find a glorious man a

man that loves God and got a little

money ain’t nothing wrong with that

isn’t anything and yet the case seen

them and I see them all over the place

I see young ladies looking I see young

looking you know in fact a man asking

how many women you think are in the

world I know he had a little lust on his

mind and you can see it how many men how

many women you figure in the world I

said I know exactly how many women in

the way you do I said yeah one her

that’s it that’s all I see right there

one did like that Cathy did you like I

had to repent for the last thing I said

I just want my children again I said I

got to read again again I say them to

you that if two of you shall agree on

earth as touching anything that they

shall ask now you got to get involved in

askin not it might be not this if it be

his will know when are we gonna take God

at God’s Word verbatim exactly the way

you said it if you should ask anything

it shall be done watch this for them on

my father which is in heaven for where

two or three oh now we just been

introduced to the three I’ll beat you

two now that we got a three for where

two or three are gathered together in my

name or what name the name of Jesus

there am I in the midst of them now let

me take you back in time let’s go way

back before this planet was created

before you were created some people

don’t believe in the triune God but it’s


how do I know that because I made in His

image I’m a spirit housing a soul and

clothing about it so I am a triune being

myself God the Father who’s number one

because everything Jesus did he came

that I might you might know the father

everything he does is to please the

father the father had a business meeting

for lack of a better way to say it and

most people think Jesus died two


years ago Gong golfer and that’s not

true that’s his physical death the Bible

said he was a lamb led to the slaughter

before the foundations of the earth you

know where the scripture is you looking

turn to it if you want God the Father

said something that was phenomenal he

had a business meeting

number one he said you know I want to

create a species and number two Jesus

number three holy gold said okay and I’m

a creative species like I’ve never

created before where all these species

that you see in the scripture the wheel

within the wheel that creature with all

the eyes the Sarah pens the cheiron’s

their ark angels I mean my god God got a

vivid mind of creation he’s still

created right now the universe is

expanding faster than the speed of light

the speed of light can’t catch it

think about that at 186,000 miles a

second it can’t catch it

what’s this he said I want to create a

species and I’m gonna give them my power

oh I’m gonna give them dominion over all

the works of my hand what does that mean

Sarah ppens Chairman’s Archangels the

wheel within the wheel the creatures

different things of God through this

universe now we believe in there such

thing as multiple universes I can

understand that with God but they’re

gonna mess up they’re gonna mess up

they’re gonna disappoint me and they’re

gonna sin and I need someone to help

them and Jesus said I beat you too

this is Voight over here I need you to

I’ll take on flesh what you create I

will call myself the son of man and I’ll

let you call me the son of God and I’ll

get him back and showing up we know the

story of Jesus Christ he was the – boy I

mean he said I came that you might know

the father I only say what my father

says I only do what my father says to do

what’s it so something is happening here

that’s why Satan hates you because you

were created or higher order on a higher

creation than him that’s why you have

dominion over him that’s why he would

not bow down the atom I will not not yes

you will see some more people love the

first atom more than they like the

second atom but watch what Jesus did he

said I’d be you – so we know about the

death the bearer of the Resurrection and

the Ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ

so when Jesus ascended into heaven do

you know it’s possible to be captive in

paradise it’s very possible you to be in

captivity right in the blessing of God a

lot of people don’t even realize that

well I mean my god you can be going to

the most Bible believing Church sitting

in it with the photos of the Holy Ghost

and still be in captivity Jesus had to

go to Paradise to set the captive free

you would think it’d be pretty good

brother a neighbor him Musa bright they

were in captivity how many people have I

seen Jerry how many you see in churches

that are in captivity and we’re sent to

set the captive free to do the work of

number two Jesus but when Jesus ascended

we lost our – and the whole ago said I’m

changing my number

I’ll be the two so now the Holy Spirit

is the two and you got to understand it

this way that the heart of God look at

me the heart of God is the Father the

face of God is the son Jesus Christ the

voice of God is the Holy Ghost but the

hands of God is the church number one

number two number three in me and you

number four do you see that you have a

number Jesus was the first begotten of

the Dead what number you you have a

number do you understand that

so when Jesus ascended Holy Ghost said

we need a to someone to believe with us

and to only Swiss it does the same thing

Jesus only say what I hear the father

say it – exactly the same thing so when

you understand that I’ll be you – I

don’t care what you believe in for all

you need is one and God is all you

already got that with God but it’s good

to get another and get a whole church

believe it in – well my whole church

Cathy built the church called covenant

sure everybody’s twos why we need to

develop that in every area so not long

ago I was I was outside and the

Methodist minister walked by and he said

you Reverend just to the plan I said yes

I am

he said I’m the Methodist pastor I said

how you doing I said how things are

going he said well you know we believe

him for some things I said I’ll be you –

he said – what I said – Oh on earth come

on give me my hat give me your hand I’ll

touch it I believe God wants you man I

can do that he should with you not

Methodist I said do man finish believe

in Jesus said yes I said I’m a Methodist

how you doing I believe one camp right

I’m not gonna be a free independent

Christian I will be a United Christian

that call anybody that calls themselves

that Jesus is Lord of their life you see

what I’m saying

so write this down if you’re taking

notes when you understand this method

what method if Q and Earth disagree is

touching what happens doubt loses its

power number one ready done that loses

its power and your soul enlarges it its

capacity when doubt is no longer a part

of your life it’s amazing what will come

in your life remember years ago if you

learn to doubt your doubts you won’t be

a dot on the mukajee thousand doubt

because you learn to doubt your doubts

that the only thing the devil got is

doubt so when the devil throws doubt in

your mind say devil I doubt that and the

devil said you can’t doubt that I’m the

one with the doubt yeah but I doubt your

doubt no no I’m the one that dot yeah

but I doubt it now the devil gets easily

confused because he’s the author of

confusion he don’t know what to do

because he’s decaying he’s not as smart

today as it was yesterday he’s on the

limits of retardation did you understand

that you’ve got to be a complete idiot

to think you’re gonna win a battle

against God see so all Sun Devils start

talking to judge listen I put doubt in

the man my knee died but you just I put

doubt in his mind and he doubt you mean

to tell me you put doubt in his mind any

doubt that’s exactly what he did

what should I do I don’t know I doubt it

myself he’s only one seem to know what’s

going on ask him let me slow down if you

learn to doubt your doubts it won’t be a

doubt learn more your doubts have been

doubted because you’ve learned to doubt

your doubts so when God gives me

something unbelievable and impossible I

hear another word coming in doable so

when he somebody said Jesse believe me

from for that Falcon 7x I said okay Lord

he’s out to you too let’s go for the God

glory to God baka and I went to a church

to Sacramento bill calls it he’s around

here somewhere

he said Josh I beat you two people just

became a twos we’re a bunch of to twos

and the Holy Ghost is our to remember

you buying something in heaven an angel

can’t loosen it if your mama’s in

Heaven’s you can loosen it you’re the

only one you do that because you working

in two different dimensions when you

understand that and Satan is the Prince

of the power of the air that’s why he

hates television we have to go through

his living room to preach the gospel he

hears more religiously he hears his

preaching more than anybody else you

know he buys a lot of my tapes

I call it tape CDs and stuff I had a

lady one time she ran horses she ordered

member that Fred $5,000 way back when

and bought the whole series and she

played him four horses in the stalls God

is my I said are you sure she say run


yeah well the dogs ran for oral and the

horses are running for me but Scott and

my time the truth you filled the order

them horses don’t doubt they just run

seed out loses his power and your soul

is enlarged is enlarges because of its

capacity to receive what God is saying

I’ll be you too so everything I’m

believing for right now I cannot do and

if you believe it for something you

can’t do that you can do you’re not

walking by faith you got to get out to

go where no man has gone before you got

to get out where no one can help you

other than the Lord Jesus Christ because

he’s your first – but boy if you got

someone that’s understanding you said

I’ll agree with it I’ll touch it with

you Bridget who now I got two tools and

you get a whole church believing that

you’ll get your church out of debt like

that you’ll get everybody in your church

out of debt like that

why because agreement has great power

listen you can’t express wants that you

do not feel write that down you can’t

express once I talk about needs

you can’t express wants that you do not

feel a war is way greater than a need a

war will move you more emotionally than

a need will because see a war will make

you happy and I need to make you sad but

if you get what you want instead of what

you need you will destroy what you need

because your war is way more powerful

than your need but you can’t express or

want that you do not feel but just I

want to I want to pray right he who

wants of God will always pray right if

two of you again I send you if two of

you shall agree on earth as touching

right this now when you come together

something happens 1:1 unity of spirit

number two unity of mind and number

three unity of purpose what does those

three do they produce agreement they

produce reaction you understand I want

you to listen to me I know what I’m

talking about here I’ll be your – in

every area you see when I go to a doctor

and I don’t like doctor I mean I like

doctors personally I just

like what they do and they start telling

me about what can happen bad that’s whoa

whoa whoa I didn’t come here for us on

it I just came here to see how good you


now you can you diagnose something well

you got to tell me your symptoms I’m

kind of like Nebuchadnezzar I tell you


tell me the dream man I never forget I

never forget one time I went cathing

want me to get a you know they don’t

even they just do things I don’t like

colonoscopies look God put it in the

back ain’t never seen it

I don’t want to talk about my colon and

they get so excited you know how clean

you’re calling it now

but I looked at him and I told Lyle if

that night I never forget it was at home

a medical and surgical clinic I looked

at him the Holy Ghost came on me I

thought would Jesus I looked at was how

you doing doc he said I’m doing fine

make you sit on that paper you know you

move that’s not hit I don’t like that

people I looked at him I said you’re

sick he’s got his he got his glasses

like this look what I said you need me

more than I need you

you’re sick he just looked at my skin me

your hand up he say excuse me I said

give me your hand

I’m a doctor too he said you are I’m a

doctor of divinity I got it on the wall

I wouldn’t lie I got it on the wall I

prayed my grab him boy he didn’t know

what to do when’s the last time you pray

for your doctor I said Jesus touch him

it habit bless him he go who he look he

says I’m Catholic cuz that’s okay

Jesus touch it he said can I can I make

the sign of the Cross yeah use your

other hand

because I had his hand I ain’t turn to

Lucy’s head if two of you agree on earth

as touching God told me to pray for that

man I don’t know that man he know more

about me he’s seen things about me I

ain’t never sleep

he asked me said how’s your prostate I

said where is it he told method it’s

fine that’s all I’ll say about that

out of sight I’m not no no you need to

get checked out sports that’s there I

prayed for him he forgot to do but they

call it a electrocardiogram it had to go

through he forgot because I shook him up

so I went back the next day I had to go

back to finish this thing you know and

I’m standing there people standing

everywhere and the guy said you mean you

yeah it’s gonna take a long time to get

in there I said I don’t think so

what makes you say that I said I prayed

for him yesterday pray for who pray for

the doctor you did I said yeah I did all

of a sudden the little lady sliders and

she said Reverend the planets are you

out there

now I mean in an hour I just got in

there maybe two minutes I said yes the

doctor like to speak to you I looked at

the medicine you see I walked in he said

referee takes me out the room what it

did he said you know what I did after

you prayed for me he said I finished my

practice and I went home Ivan won’t eat

red beans and rice for a long time I

couldn’t eat my stomach he said I hate a

whole plate of red beans and rice I said

did you eat the sausage with you he said

yeah I said cholesterol and all he said

yeah I said how you feel he said he said

you have never had and I’m in practicing

40 years and I’ve never had anyone pray

for me I beat you too

I said dr. Lord sent me here and told me

you were saying he said you know I have

I’ve never felt this good in years he

said I think I’m gonna eat some more red

beans and rice I said you need to lay

off that sausage today a little bit

there that’s a true story

you see doubt loses its power I got

together with God and unity of spirit

unity of mind and unity of purpose which

produced agreement and reaction and the

man received this healing see when you

understand that you see this should be

happening all the time

now ladies in my want to ask you a

question what’s the difference since we

have power in two dimensions I’ll be you

– come on since we got power dude what’s

the difference between us here and the

people in heaven there’s only one word

that describe it all discord

there’s no discord in heaven this

discord in here now if you got the power

to bind on earth and you got the power

to bind in heaven why are you having

discord here disagreement when God said

have two of you agree on earth as

touching anything there anything that’s

why people in heaven are not struggling

because there’s no discord God the

Father is not fighting God the Son and

God the Son is not trying to help God

the Holy Ghost but your spirit is trying

to get your soul to get right so your

body will get an effect see if we

fighting each other there’s no discord

that’s why you see in heaven people said

the law is my shepherd I shall not want

everybody’s got what they want and my

father’s house are many mansions

spiritually physically financially and

there’s an economy going on out there my

lord and the universe is our street you

understand I’m saying and God is doing

so many wonderful things but because

there’s no discord and he said you got

to agree to disagree

by being agreeable I wish everybody

spoke in tongues i’ma say so I’m gonna

make people mad I wish everybody was

rich as me

I’m not bragging about that idea it’s

just the fact J Robinson said to me I

sure wish I had Jessie money but you’ve

said that whew yes I wish you were I

would love it

but you see you think oh that just that

just happens once in life what that

would make God a respect to a person so

I disagree with you on that

but I do it agreeably now you got to

understand it I don’t try to prove

nothing to nobody I live in a beautiful

home Lord Jesus my god and I’m telling

you what and but I heard Cathy said

Jessie could live in a tree huh I don’t

get I’m not out to prove nothing to

nobody in any way shape or form I’m just

going to please God so I’ve had people

say I don’t believe in speaking in

tongues I said in you never will I don’t

believe in healing you hadn’t got sick

enough but okay I don’t believe in are

falling down stuff all right

you see I don’t preach what’s wrong I

preach what’s right if I preach enough

right the right will change the wrong do

you understand yeah I just preached

what’s right at first people you know I

just keep a smiling it’s amazing what a

smile will do it’s amazing what you just

don’t give up you just keep believing

the AMA – and then out of time I do that

if I’m in a restaurant I said so what

are you gonna do while I’m going to

collagen and and you know I gotta I

gotta pay all these bills I said I’ll

beat you – you been – what well I should

I agree with you oh you will well thank

you let me pray here oh yeah I’ve done

it at funerals right at the casket I

mean I’ve had people say he looks good

no he looked dead he’s dead he don’t

look good he’s dead but God’s sake man

quit being a fool don’t start lying

right in front of the dead corpse he’s

dead uh where would you pray for me I

said we’re bout you right here with the

guy in a coffin ain’t gonna hear us

I just pray why that sounds here no

because see sometimes you need a two in

the place you never thought you needed a

to Jesus if you agree on earth what’s

this he’s given you power to bind things

that are in a dimension that Satan

cannot touch one time I prayed for God

to do something and the Lord and the

Lord the angel of the Lord said to God I

can’t loose it unless he loosens it oh

this is good when I thought minute I got

why I’m made in His image when I go to

the throne of God angels broken one of

the sons of God is coming before the

father shut up hello him and his name is

Jesse meant him doors fly open people

said that’s arrogant no that’s position

that’s position because jesus said that

so the reason why I haven’t is so

different from Earth is because of

discord city glasses they cost about 20

bucks I think I bought them out of their

gonna let drugstore a man criticize me

the other day about this he said you

know are you believing healing no which

I said yes sir why do you wear them

glasses I said there’s some things I

don’t want to see

and just some things I don’t want to see

bill and one of them was him he didn’t

know what to say some things I just

rather not discuss I don’t get in

discord with people I’ve had the media

come and say we heard you’re head of jet

I said you heard wrong I’ve had three of

them oh they just freak out well you

know the Bible said I said now don’t get

on the Bible because you look like an

idiot you’re getting on my territory man

standard journalistic a you get on the

Bible I’m will eat your lunch you don’t

even know what the Bible is write this


never come to church without

consideration why goes read the

scripture consider the Apostle and high

priest of your profession Christ Jesus

what is the ideal church what most

people think it’s the Lord’s Church no

most people think it’s a middle sized

Church no then some people don’t want a

large Church of it they want to go to a

small Turkey they like know everybody


Christians are knows it Lord Jesus is

that the ideal Church know what is the

ideal church let me show you the

christ-like church there are a lot of

people in hell that went to church there

are a lot of people go to church that

don’t know nothing about the scripture I

love what Joel Osteen says go to a Bible

believing Church I love that the other

day Catholic suggests I want to show you

something and I don’t know where she got

this and it was somebody I don’t if they

put it on Facebook I don’t exact what it

and it was John old steam preaching and

brother was he shucking corn pour out

our God you know he kind of stand like a

alright I mean he just preached I said

man John Osteen is Pentecostal boy

he was just going at it what a blessing

yet I’ve had some people and I love I

love those things am I knew him very

well well you know Joel’s not like John

he ain’t supposed to be as he Sun

seekers God the Father is totally

different God the Son God the sons

totally different God the Holy Ghost

yet they three-in-one you think

get out because God the Father still

number one Jesus and humble too and the

Holy Ghost number three but here he’s

number two but they don’t argue with

each other there’s no discord

you never heard Jesus say now father

father father no yeah for y’all don’t

know what that is like whether Keith

Moore was preaching on that this week

oh you don’t hear that before that slap

thing got my rib I got a revelation

because I say Kathleen she go like that

they ain’t doing that


we got an argument not too long ago we

every once a while were getting one I

look at someone tell you someone to calm

you a woman well I mean she was I mean I

mean the fur was up the claws without I

ain’t the same dumb stupid girl you

married 46 years ago I said I miss her I

liked her a lot

she said I got a revelation for you

she’s dead I said what she’s dead


how’s that okay I need some agreement

here I be – good good

never go to church without consideration

the ideal Church is the christ-like

church not the Lord’s Church

what does I’ll be your two means two

words Jerry presence and power you got

to have presence and you got to have

power that’s what the two does you come

with your present cuz you touching and

believe him with this person and then

power to produce what they believe in

God for you and I’m saying and when the

Lord just interrupts me I’ll beat you –

so now I’m preaching that all over

America my god they got to share people

I mean they said good god I liked it

it’s just a simple statement but it has

a revelation truth in it and when

brother Copeland was praying for your

healing he was a – he was getting to get

listen I’m with you man I’m with you so

when you understand I be your – means

presence and power then you got to

understand God just doesn’t count heads

when people pray and agree he counts

hearts out of the bundles of the heart

the mouth speaketh right what’s not

people think he’s counting here no he’s

counting heart remember brother Hagin

said he laid hands on empty heads I

think how he said that years and years

ago there are some people with dumb

spirits and then I possessed then I

possessed they just flat down just some

of the most stupidest things you ever

heard of in your life

I want God to give me a million uh

listen man you can’t even believe for

five dollars how you gonna get a million

dollars you got to start where you can

believe but something start to work with

you see prayer always depends upon your

manner of life people ask me all the

time how long do you pray I never tell

them because to me prayer is when you’re

asking God things you’re coming forward

the petition and supplication with

Thanksgiving to me that’s prayer I don’t

do that very often I shocked you than

that but I have conversations with God

on a daily basis I get up in the morning

I say that hello Jesus you say hi Jesse

I see what you’re doing he said watching

you sleep then I’ve had God so many

times say what we’re gonna do today

remember where his hands and I’ve had in

wake me and said listen I want you to be

very aware there will be an opportunity

that will come by very quickly if you

don’t seize it it will never come again

and it could be spiritual it could be

physical it could be financial it could

be me walking in a parking lot at an

individual and it coming in something

happens be very aware I never get years

and years ago he suggested the devil

could try to kill you three times this

year as a

what you gonna do about it you know what

God says I’m not gonna gay

try gay it’s gonna rise my back he said

no what are you gonna do about it

because death and life said about your

tongue I said I’m gonna live and not die

he said to be careful man I’ve been shot

at people tried the knife man they put

240 votes on my microphone if I had

touch that I it had told me just killed

I’ve had some crazy things happen I’m

still here but I knew it right before it


bend down in three airplane crashes

that’s the most amazing thing and I

ain’t you don’t want to believe for that

it’s amazing how people I ain’t never

I’ve heard people literally scream

enough to break glass and I ain’t never

heard anybody say Buddha or Muhammad

I’ve heard people just scream the name

of Jesus I have and I never forget with

me one time Cathy we were flying back

from Dallas going to New Orleans

he said ladies and gentlemen fasten your

seat belts there’s a lot of

thunderstorms in the New Orleans and

this is a Delta flight it’s in their

records so okay Cathy was with me that

time make a long story short man

I knew cuz I’ve flown so much and cuz

yeah there’s a lot of water around New

Orleans I said man but there was some

fungus I mean I mean some bad black

thunderous clouds and on a wind shear

and that’s something you don’t want to

get involved in if you’re in an aircraft

because it pushes you down all of us

said I mean I we were 10 minutes away

from landing I mean I knew where I was I

could see barely see down they said lazy

now we got to turn around

we cannot land this yet we’re gonna try

to go back to Shreveport stead of going

back the devil I thought laughs good

yeah but I said okay all of us are

believable but Oklahoma I mean it I’m

talking turbulence that uh that makes

you you speak in tongues

because there’s rattling your job I mean

bad turbulence and then the pilot comes

on or captain says we were not can’t we

can’t it this stuff is in circles we

cannot make it back to Shreveport we’re

gonna have to land in Lake Charles I

said several years ago he said the

runway is not long enough for this jet

I’m gonna burn the tires off I thought

to myself well here we go and the Lord

said didn’t I tell you I said yeah all

of a sudden they say lightning doesn’t

affect the plane because it’s not

grounded yo mama this was some powerful

like I’m sitting in the aisle seat

bulkhead 10 B I heard this o1 a lot of

boom I did this and all of a sudden

water hitting me in my neck and I look

up and blew a hole in the fuselage this

big right above me people are screaming

the flight attendant died

we’re gonna die you don’t like a delta

person telling you you’re gonna die am I

telling Trinket we’re gonna die we’re

going to unbuckle my seatbelt and I

grabbed her and I shook her remember

your training

that’s what I said remember your


she goes yeah she freaked everybody

crying screaming I can’t sit down again

I’m getting soaking wet she said you

have to sit down well I said I’m on when

they said him I said well if you

wouldn’t be going Gray’s out of side

down but I did boy she buck Alyssa I’m

dead when we hit I mean that I’m Danny

well you can smell blue smoke CBC blue

smoke smoke

I mean burning the eyes and as these

ambulances and fire trucks waiting for

you remember Nick ever Kathy was with my

saket are you okay oh yeah I’m fine

I’m with you Jesse you said you’d always

take care of me and I thought well if

the rapture come down how we gonna fill

out that little hole but we’re gonna do

that over there but let them handle this

thing it was bad son and all of a sudden

the trucks there going down the runway

behind us you could see I mean it

someone going in I’m a foreigner you

could and I thought oh Jesus because I

know once that that’s that gear hits

that mud something gonna break son

because they’re not designed for that we

stopped about one foot from the end of

the runway tada

now that was scary and then the back

door flew up and Hickam a fireman with

an axe in his hand not telling the truth

got it I’m not running with an axe I

thought if he trips somebody will be



running like it with that axe


now the funny part was this captain

Kemal said want to thank you for flying

Delta in the future dear for me

I’m not telling the truth my telling to



i bill it was it was Herod and I said

you know Kathy we got stopped believing

for this airplane yeah we need to leave

with this airplane I said cuz I ain’t

gone another letter fireman with ax get

on it well they shut everything down I

mean people are mad but it gladly on the

ground on the konsta so it’s gonna take

three hours to get buses to come to Lake

Charles pick people up try to get them

you know all kinds of stuff I’m standing

I say well gonna be here a long time and

Delta captain said I said yes sir he

said I want to thank you for helping my

flight attendant compose herself I said

listen I don’t know why I said that he

said I’m glad you did he said she should

not have done that I said well you know

there’s pretty hair-raising I said what

was you doing he said hollering just

like you were he said God he’s oz

praying I’m doing everything I knew the

wrong camera

we had to come down fast and we were

coming down there that he had everything

think of wind chip you name it man hail

every I mean this was bad stuff and he’s

just come with me in and that’s I went

in there and I don’t know how he did it

but he got us a car and I met him we

left no more than what 10 minutes after

walked in it was like an FBO and people

said where are you going

I went home

he said I thanked you for helping my

flight attendant

they called him Stuart stewardesses

muthi and I thought I was her too and

God I said and he said Reverend I tell

you what he told me he said I’d be more

people pray doing we going on i text

we’re going down that runway I said yeah

I should have took an offer and I bet I

got a bunch of back tithe people give


see prayer always depends on your manner

of life I didn’t say that Jesus I’m a

no-good but no I just prayed I said with

long life with God satisfied us and show

us his salvation I ain’t satisfied and

Lord I don’t want my wife experiencing

this ever again and Cathy has it I don’t


well one time it over the water in


there was a Maui that’s another one

along with Jesus so you know what within

six months we had aircraft it was a

great day and you know what God did

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland call me up

and see it Jessica’s coming I say

brother cool how fast you can get up

here I said what he said how fast you

can get up he’s 12 o’clock I said what

there’s a delta flight that flies out in

New Orleans to Dallas at 105 he said

come now I’ll have someone pick you up

on my mission at the airport and Kathy

was hitting it off and said Kelly we’re

going to Dallas what side shut up woman

calm down come on we got time so she

this year we were going I said I don’t

know welcome to be up there he said I

think we found your plane and I’m gonna

fly you up on my plane member that it

was me and Gloria at Kenneth’s at glory

in Canada nunca and and that daran daran

of the mechanic daryl and showing them

and I walk in the hangar and that was my

first plane he should just I believe

this is it I said I think so too he said

yes Burke home said if you don’t buy

this I’m about myself I said you ain’t

getting my plane he said well I’m

setting myself on the green but with and

brother with him what I don’t know an

hour so like that talking to people we

cut the deal

walked out and it was a wonderful time

and that was the third time that Deborah

tried to kill me and I said no more this

I will determine my destiny from now on

because I’m all set myself an agreement

with the Word of God says not some of

the time but all the time and the Lord

said I beat you too he always says tell

me what I said Jesse go ahead and say

tell me what I said and I love telling

the Lord what he said let me close with

this when you understand this promise

what promise

that if two of you shall agree on earth

as touching anything that they ask it

shall be done of them by my father for

things happen write it down a new dawn

lights up in your understanding a new

dawn I mean I’m telling it’s like the

Sun comes lights up in your

understanding a new warmth glows in your

heart you begin to feel not only know it

spiritually but it’s physically a warmth

that are coming to your heart

number three a new power is given to

your will

a new power I’m gonna go over it again

so you get if I’m talking too fast a new

power is given to your will and then

number four I love this a new tenderness

is given to your conscience so let me

say it again number one a new dawn

lights up in your understanding a new

warmth glows in your heart a new power

is given to your will and a new

tenderness is given to your conscious

and I want to close with this one story

on the tenderness of conscience 1980 me

a cafe decided to go buy some furniture

watch this a new tenderness is given to

your conscience so we knew this story

had some nice furniture who we drove

over there walked in to the store in the

manager that said sir I said me and my

wife come to buy some bedroom furniture

he said well let me take you upstairs

and introduce you to our sales

representative I said okay walked up

there he said uh what is your name

I said I’m jest offense you a preacher

aren’t you

I said yes he said well Reverend the

plans I’d like you to meet Raymond

there was a little black man about this

big he says hello can I help you I said

Raymond we want to buy some furniture

for that bedroom and I said y’all have

such a wonderful selection he said

Reverend I will show you exactly what to

get he said today is a good day because

things are on sale and this man was

phenomenal I have never had an

experienced sense like Raymond did when

he sold us that furniture so we were

looking at this particular bedroom set

over here he said no it looks good but

it’s not very good it won’t last he said

not this one over here I said well we

saw that it was Drexel heritage I know

if you know what that is

he said now this in here I said well

yeah and that’s a lot more expensive

well today it’s not it’s actually

cheaper than this one because they just

they just called us Drexel people and

put to put it on sale he said I promise

you you’ll have this as long as you want

he said I’ll make sure if you decide to

buy it I will be with the delivery

people to make sure they don’t waddle

out the screws and do all that kind of

stuff and put it all together I have

never had a salesman do that this man

knew his business about furniture it was

such a delight

I said Raymond III never I’ve never been

so happy in my life

he said I want I’m gonna make sure that

you’re totally completely pleased in

your purchase so we sat then wrote the

contract up blah blah this and that and

did it show it up man we wouldn’t want

and those a they delivered it pretty

fast it was like two days and they were

there and Raymond was there he said now

he said we have these men you want to

move it around as many times as you want

see so you can see different things I

mean this it just don’t get no better

than this so we bought it fine he says

if you ever need my sister’s anymore you

know I’m at the store we can help it we

said thank you it was one of the most

pleasant a contractual agreements that

we ever did in my life I mean the

furniture was just dutiful nice it was a

rice bed y’all know what a rice bed is

not like I said you know anyway to make

a long story short about three and a

half four years later me and Kathy

decided we got to get some more

furniture not change that one just we

got to buy some other things I said

Kathy I wonder if that guy Raymond is

still working at that store

watch this a new tenderness is given to

your conscience so we went to the store

different manager

I said hello I’m Reverend Jesse

Duplantis sir can I help you I said we

want to buy some one about two or three

sets of furniture oh good thank you I

said up is Raymond still working here he

goes so I waited for him to clear his

throat I thought something’s wrong with

him you know I I didn’t know I said

maybe didn’t I said we had such

delightful experience with a young man

named Raymond when we bought I said this

he still work here I thought what’s

wrong with this guy you know he said

well let me take you upstairs he didn’t

answer the question so up the same

escalators we went now I know exactly

what Raymond looked like because it was

such a pleasant experience so he says

Raymond is no longer here but we have a

person in Desiree Desiree so Desiree

turn around and look just like Raymond

what a hair flip like this


so I look at cafe she look at me she

goes Oh Reverend Reverend is so

wonderful to see Oh Reverend I want to

say what happened Raymond what he says

my name is now Desiree and I’m a woman

I’ve always felt like a woman about you

know I bet I feel like a woman I want to

tell you I feel like Hercules from II

don’t know one remedy but the reason why

Hercules I ain’t got the equipment now I

don’t want to see this

I’m not interested in it I’m trying to

buy some furniture

Oh Reverend it’s so wonderful to see you

okay I’d read there’s a raise your neck

yes Hale flipped up false eyelashes



sounds like today don’t it

sounds like today darn it I look at Kath

and she said you owned your own Jetta I

said well I said Desiree

let me show you what you need


so I thought maybe I do a little Lido

and Hachi I ain’t coming for this I’m

just trying to get some furniture yes

there Desiree is just this good and

Raymond Desiree knows furniture remember

a new tenderness is given to your

conscience shows is the pieces I’m

telling you what know that business like

the back of your hand this person was

amazing and I just didn’t know what the

call at sorry rare

that you said Desiree right yes I don’t

care that I’m having a hard time kind of

hitting on a fantasy she says you do you

can pick the furniture I’m just gonna

stay here and watch you

he says let me have your hand hey man

I’ll show you okay here’s a preacher

walking with Desiree Lord Jesus I don’t

know what to do but I ain’t going there

for that I’m going to buy French had the

most pleasant experience in terms of the

friendship Newt I will go to your house

that’s okay

I said that’s okay you’ve done so we can

figure this our selves I’m not really

rhyming I just want to be a blessing to

you I said okay there’s a way I just

appreciate that

then I started acting like that crazy

manager I’m freaking out here you

understand when you’re raising a man’s

man’s world

Desiree don’t fit


so we’re riding up the contract

contractual agreement stuff like that

and I said hi how you doing there

there’s a ray I mean how did this all


Huckabee’s luckily luckily and then

there’s ray stop crying

Oh Reverend I’m so confused I’ve always

felt like a woman

and I am a woman you’re looking woman I

was gonna Bella guys it cuz you look you

look at it Raven do you do it does the

ring I thought like say but I’m talking

perfect in terms of that furniture then

the ministry kicks in and the Lord said

appeal to the sensibilities appeal to

the sensibilities why don’t you talk to


brevet others don’t know what to do I’m

so confused I said what’s the problem

Desiree I wanted to say you think you’re

a woman if you want to know check your

equipment it tell you what y’all but I

don’t feel I don’t feel like Hercules

why well you might never do it you gotta

have the equipment unit she said watch

I’m so just disappointed in this store I

said you are they won’t let me use the

woman’s bathroom it’s not right cuz I am

a woman whether I’m not a woman I go

okay there’s a ring so you want to use

the woman’s bathroom yeah and the ploys

are just having fits about there this is

years ago the Lord said appeal to the

sensibilities I looked at Desiree sir

Desiree let me just say this when you

were dreaming we never forgot you and we

will never forget that’s right I said

you made our shopping experience one of

the greatest pleasures I think I’ve ever

had when I went to buy anything you know

you’re so competent in your work ethic

Thank You rep just thank you

I said let me ask you a question if they

would let you go in that woman’s


would you ever touch a child Reverend I

would never do that or maybe some I

guess no I’m not that kind of person

I said Desiree if you push this you

gonna open up a door for sexual

predators to get in a place they should

not be in I said I don’t think you’re

that kind of person she said I have to

say she she said I know I would never do

that it would be so wrong and you know

most transgender people are not like

that they just confused they’re just

trying to find themselves they don’t

know they’re all they’re all messed up

that was done everything he could to

destroy these people I said and if you

open that door I said somebody could be

hurt that make me not not by you I said

but there’s some people they’ll do

anything to get in it and I saw when it

hit you know Reverend you’re right I

never thought of that

you know I’m a withdraw my request cuz I

would never want anyone hurt you know

that’s really true I said yes it is

I said Desiree I’m gonna pray for you

Lord said hold the hand both of them.we

I felt funny people I’m not going to lie

I felt funny but you’re not moved by

your feeling you’re moved by your faith

and I prayed for Desiree I said Lord in

the name of Jesus help Desiree find

herself by finding you because it

doesn’t really find you

I didn’t say there’s Raymond gon show up

I said and blessed this person because

they have been such a wonderful blessing

to me and Cathy in Jesus me pray I mean

digit paulina squad now you know that’s

many years ago and I walked out of there

I could have hurt Desiree terribly I

could eat her heat her her he she

whatever you want her lunch his lunch

but I decided to let I decided become a

to with God to help someone who

desperately needs help not that I’m

better in any way shape or form now I

don’t know if Desiree arraignment is

still living today that’s been so many

years ago do you know that bedroom said

I still have it and happy Carl well and

Gina call well slip in at miles

we call it the English room and every

time I walk it now I think about that

that’s a little Lord help that person

because you see if you rejoice in things

like that something’s wrong and I close

with this statement consulting together

brings intelligence an agreement get

God’s attention so I can accept it with

the Lord ha will handle this so when

those things come up and they do come up

now quite a bit because the world’s

change so much I appeal to the

sensibilities of that person because the

minute you say we hate the sin and love

the center you even messed up there that

may be true in one sense but you got to

understand then they’re not under God’s

law because they don’t even believe in

God’s law and you’re trying to make them

understand the spiritual concept when

the Bible says the natural man receiveth

not the things of God because they

foolishness unto them and neither can he

know them because they spiritually

discerned go find that scripture you can

put that it in the notes so I just

appeal to their sensibilities I let my

light shine bill now am i comfortable

around that concept no I’m not I’m not

going to lie I’m not but you know what

they don’t know it

and I just pray God helped me so I see

one on alcoholic I pray God help

I see a drug addict I pray God help I

see someone struggling financially I

pray God help you know I ain’t telling

everybody what’s wrong I’m just going to

preach what’s right and if I preacher

never right it will change what’s wrong

not some of the time but all the time

did you enjoy it tonight I’ll be you –

I’ll be your – you don’t have to look

you don’t have to look any further I’ll

be you – but if you can get your whole

church to become tubes you can get every

but it’s amazing what will happen