A mindset stuck on lack can’t produce an abundance of anything. Always aim for more than enough as you watch Jesse Duplantis, Tuesday morning during the 2017 Southwest Believers’ Convention.

if you got your Bibles let’s go to part

two of what we’ve been menacing on on

2nd Kings chapter 4 I told the people

I’m gonna say it again

probably every service that preaching

and teaching should never supersede

thought they should make you think in

other words after every sermon you hear

every message whatever whether it be a

message in tones and an interpretation

or whether it be us you know people

preaching out of the scripture it should

make you think think like God thinks cuz

when you think like God thinks you get

what God has and you don’t have to wait

for it all you got to do is believe for

it God gave me the greatest statement

not in my opinion my minister said then

I ask you to pay for it I ask you to

believe for it that set me free in 1978

that’s when I went into full-time

ministry and ladies and gentlemen I want

many ministers here I have to say this I

have never had a financial deficit give

Jesus a head clap for that not one time

that a miracle of God why because of my

faith no I don’t think I have any more

faith than anybody else in this building

but I might have a little more obedience

just might old babe you don’t say it but

when he told me that you know me cuz

he’s telling me to do some multi Multi

multi multi-million dollar things all

over the world and he and I said Lord I

saw a lot of money he said I didn’t

actually pay for it what’s up I set you

free I asked you to believe for it he

says if you will believe how more than

pay so we and then he gave me this in

January this year that I’ve been writing

to my partners at my ministry and I’ll

say it again as I said yesterday about

25 years ago I preached a sermon on how

not to fail in this life and it’s still

relevant today because so many people

fail it and then about 20 years ago I

preached a sermon called make no

provision for failure but then this year

as I was meditating before the Lord just

having some conversations he said Jesse

you want to come up where I’m at I said

yes Lord I won’t go with you are he said

failure is not an option he said you can

take it out of your mind forever

he said if you’re taken out of your mind

forever in eternity in heaven why can’t

you take it here I said you got a

scripture on that I need scripture I

don’t know about you but I need

something to back me up you know what

I’m saying not that he’s telling me

something wrong

he said yeah his will be done where

where where where as it is where so we

ought to be living here right now the

way we were we will be when we go into

heaven the only difference is location

according to the word of the Living God

just location think about that so let’s

go to 2nd Kings chapter 4 very familiar

Scripture I want to get into that read a

few things

read the whole passage but this is part

two and then Thursday could be part

three and then Friday would be part four

I’ll do something different tomorrow

night when I and when I minister on the

night session but I want to deal with

this how many of you people no longer

want to think about they there okay you

listen to me I know something about that

I know something about that I know

something about how to be blessed here I

got a new book out called the big 12

things that I use to help me and

spiritually physically and financially

I’m not broke for I’m not even cracked

that’s even better than being cracked

and God is so good so I want you to

understand that I mean and you can live

like that here you always get this yeah

but that’s a problem need to get your

butt out the way and let God do what he

want to do so let’s go to the scripture

I bring out a King James Version the old

King James 2nd Kings chapter 4 I want to

read again now there cried first one not

that crowd a certain woman of the wives

of the sons of the prophets unto Elisha

saying thy servant my husband is dead so

he used to work for you Lysa

the husband and thou knowest that thy

servant did fear the Lord are respected

the Lord but I want to ask you this

question do you think he obeyed the Lord

do you think he obeyed the ministry that

God placed him on

under think about that for a minute

I mean God placed that man this woman’s

husband under Amanda had more power more

vehicles than Elijah who raised somebody

from the dead when he was dead

I think about that won’t he dead or

alive you get it but dead or alive but

notices he may have respect that God but

did he submit to the authority that God

placed him under to learn the Bible says

learned of me what we what we’ve done in

theological schools is teach religion

instead of teach Jesus see that let’s

keep reading here

and the creditor has come to take him to

him my two sons to be bondsman yesterday

I said that man should not have left

that woman in debt how do I know that

the next verse and he likes to said unto

her what shall I do for thee now here’s

a guy that can handle anything she asked

that’s spiritual physical financial he

didn’t say well look I’ll send you some

flowers away you know and things are a

little tough for the minister today and

we’ll do whatever we can but you know

how that is no he said what do you want

what do you want what shall I do for

thee tell me what you have in your house

now he’s looking for something because

you see you can never get something

unless you give something I told the

people yesterday get the option of

failure out of your mind and out of your

mouth because you things together you

are sure to fail I told you to be

fearless and going to God with an open

heart with a clear conscience and with

great expectation I expect when Cathy

goes to the mall I expect her to buy

things it’s more than experience it’s


and when my granddaughter tells me

grandfather let’s go to the mall I know

I’m about ready to get hit which is okay

with me because I’m ill shy dad I just

enjoyed I enjoyed being a blessing do

you know how much God enjoys being the

blessed no you don’t because you would

have when he already gave you if you did

thank you for that Holy Ghost grew up

because you see we put limits I told you

that you will never impoverished God yet

people ask God for barely get by I told

you less that he stirred up people make

noise and noise gets attention you start

making noise I want to tell you

something you’re gonna get some

attention let’s keep reading here Lord


she said versatile me reading any

licensed under what shall I do for thee

tell me what you have in your house she

said thy hand may have not anything in

the house a of a pot on that was what

she thinks she has is not much that

tells me most people do not understand

the power of the value of a seed I’m

gonna deal with seed power on Thursday

oh Jesus I will show you how God with

seed would populate not only the planet

Earth but Jupiter Saturn Mars Venus even

little Pluto and he would do it with a

woman shout ladies I just set you free

I’ll give you a hint

you ready can you handle this

see everybody thinks when he it created

Adam II put him in the garden that you

know be fruitful always producing

multiple hour was increasing right

replenish used what you got and then

refill it then subdue if anything gets

done alone put it down and what happened

was God had him is mine for Adam and Eve

to have a lot of kids do you know every

woman in this building how many of your

own women live your hand up

when you were born you were given two

million eggs each and every one of you

God don’t waste nothing just a little

hint what did God have on his mind

population not only of the planet the

solar system the universe he was gonna

fill it and we still gonna do that

because we’re going back to Genesis 1 in

Genesis 2 and he’s gonna say fill this

universe with God kind of people but

that’s Thursday and you’re the proof of

it because God does not waste the thing

and no pain in the operation that means

you when you were having babies if sin

would you wouldn’t have pain and we

wouldn’t have to pay for because that’s


think about that and where do you think

Lucifer was when he sinned he certainly

wasn’t in heaven he was on the earth

what he said I will ascend into heaven I

will exalt myself above the Most High

God I will sit in a congregation of the

north he was here

who was he ruling over how come we

hadn’t find that class of people because

we hadn’t got to the bottom of the

oceans they excavated you start tearing

up their motion floors you gonna find

stuff you never thought existed but

that’s Thursday

preachers should never super seen

thought it should make you think we

shouldn’t know God’s plan in its

fullness not just as he drops things to

us in his fullness because he thought he

expects us to be full of the Holy Ghost

he’s not halfway it didn’t have no

duplex in your heart are you here let’s

keep reading verse 3 then he said go

borrow the vessels abroad of all thy

neighbors even empty vessels I told you

God and not looking for a full vessel

he’s looking for an empty vessel he’s

looking for an empty vessel that he can

pour himself in he’s looking for an

empty vessel my wet no one can get the

glory when he does something so

financially great that nobody can think

so how’d you do that I’ll know but let’s

God I had a empty vest the next thing I

knew I was in the oil business that’s

why I want an empty vessel most preacher

want a full vessel I ain’t nothing wrong

with a flow of estimate but if t wants

to produce a lot better thank you for

that Holy Ghost groan see that’s getting

up the way he is that before you ask he

answers Isaiah 65 24 let’s keep reading

and when Thorat come in now she shut the

door upon thee and upon thy sons see

there’s something some people shouldn’t

see because because they have eyes of


so the best thing to do is close the

door and she’ll pour out into all those

vessels and thou shalt sit aside that

which is what which is what now he’s not

saying well we can do the best we can ah

he says whatever you can get me empty I

can feel now this is coming from a man

of God under the Old Covenant how much

better can you do it under the New

Covenant so I want to do it I gave you a

little synopsis always spoke yesterday

with this it write this out always aim

for more than enough always aim for more

than enough when Hurricane Katrina hit

New Orleans Louisiana in 2005 I never

forget what me and Kathy did and we had

several ministers from churches there

well Matt said because you know the way

they were talking there was gonna be

totally devastation and it was a lot of

it don’t misunderstand me but one

particular preacher told me said your

buildings probably won’t get damaged at

all can you believe that faith stuff


I wonder said you stupid I want to say

the spirit of stupidest come upon you

boy but I thought I know I’m gonna agree

with that no none of my buildings

none of just offends me gonna get gonna

get damaged he said could you believe

that faith stuff and you know what he

was right

none of our pillars got not even our

trees what did you do we aim for more

than enough we weren’t just interested

not getting damage on our buildings

listen I paid for them trees I paid two

hundred thousand dollars for the grass

not not the smoking kinda planting hi

stand up for its this is Fritz Brown get

my hand clap it brother Britt

he is my oldest employee I hired him

when he got saved if I mention when he

was 18 to think of it you be seated he

comes up to me the other night we in

Chicago and he’s behind me say hey boss

hey boss he’s the one that named me boss

so my whole mission calls me boss

because the fritz y’all know the fritz

stores he’s looking for royalties right

now he comes up to me and Kathy and we

sit not eating it you know he said hey

boss hey boy I’ve been smoking a lot but

he hesitated weird smoking he said yeah

I’ve been smoking some chicken and some

sausage and rib I thought maybe y’all

might want some I said smoking he said

well no mind talking about this

that’s another Fritz story glory to God

now watch it he said they were gonna be

full always aim for more than enough so

I made up my mind that everything I do

in life I should have left over

write that down everything you do in

life you must have left over there

should be more than enough not just get

by see that’s why I don’t deal with need

of any kind you’ve heard me say this

some people don’t believe it but that’s

why they struggle

I never asked God for the need look at

me and I never will why because he

supplies how many how many how many so I

don’t tell him what I need I tell him

what I want

now that’s greed no that’s gross the

laws my shepherd I shall not yes

see I deal with what I want because when

you get what you want you destroy all

your needs you don’t even think about

need when you have what you want see

what the church will said that’s greed

no that’s gross see that’s why people in

heaven thank you sir that’s why people

in heaven don’t have any problem

they got what they want I’m over here

see reading my caste happy all the time

she got what she won’t she got me hey I

learned that from Mike perk if you don’t

toot your horn no one else will toot it


so I don’t deal with need whatsoever at

all I deal with want your children never

tell you what they need they tell you

what they want right oh excuse me

you’re not God’s adults you’re God’s

children what makes you three to another

yeah you may grow to the fullness of the

statue of Christ but you still God’s


my daughter’s going in or what she said

going over she’s gonna be 46 I can’t

believe it she said dad you don’t want

to know how old you are she said can you

believe I’m thoughtless I said yeah I

was there when you was born I was there

now watch it and you know I’ve never

told her no and almost 46 years not one

time cathy has many times I’m I’m not

good at it I’m not I’m not good at it

when she was a teenager you know people

would call the teenage years you know

she said daddy mama said no I said Jody

I’d give it to you but your mama don’t

want you to have it

well I just picked up what Adam said

it’s that woman that gave me that I’m

just not good at that my granddaughter

is gonna be no she’s nine and a half and

I’ve never told her no not gonna shock

you with this I have been preaching but

let me say I’ve been saved since Labor

Day weekend in 1974 I preached my first

message on the first week of January

1976 I went into full-time ministry in

1978 and when I said full-time I’m

talking full time I thought about almost

every day of my life preaching the

gospel you understand what I’m saying

God has never told me nope not one time

well that really impressed you didn’t it

why why does he want to if you just obey

Him I’m telling I’m not saying that as

an overstatement

I’m telling you he’d never why because I

made up my mind that I would obey Him

now there’s some things I did I didn’t

do it with a good heart I didn’t want to

obey Him but I knew he’s gonna win

anyway I knew he was bigger than me

stronger than me and he’d say just to

put a smile on your face when you’re

doing it and I don’t like this but I’m

gonna do it because I love your Lord but

I ain’t got to be happy about it

don’t look at me weird you did the same

thing when he told you to pray for that

guy to cut your guts out for you a

preacher split your church what boy I

tell you what yo go out on our ya ain’t

easy to pray for people you don’t like

always aim for more than enough

what was he likes you asking her beside

just the seed he wanted he wanted trust

trust years ago maybe six seven years

ago I was sitting with some of the

biggest preachers in the country we all

sitting there talking and it got on

finances Keith so everybody I said

what’s the biggest gift of a given to

your ministry you know got all around

and I mean if I named these ministers

you know them all they have major

television ministry they have big big

ministries make a long story

I just happen to be be there and all

that concept so I’m just sitting and

listening because you know you can talk

a lot not say nothing and I can talk and

listen at the same time so to make a

long story short I’ve just sitting down

here for I’ll send this big major

preacher y’all would know him he said

with Jesse what’s the biggest gift you

know some set of million dollars some

set five million you know some 700,000

some said fifty thousand some said you

know ten thousand oh it’s all relative

you know caught in your faith you know

and things of that nature so when they

got to me he looked at me he said you

ain’t said nothing he said I bet you got

hulloa many people love you Jesse

everywhere I’ve got people talk about

you I say well thank you that’s God

what’s the biggest gift anyone’s ever

given you I said trust they went

I said and I will it shouldn’t if you

ever given that you should never break

it because if you break it you may never

get it back and if you get it back it

may take a long time to get it back

that’s what he was asking her will you

trust me now the trust you gotta go do


go with me to proverbs chapter 29 verse

25 Psalms proverbs chapter 29 verse 25 I

believe it is the Bible says in proverbs

29 verse 25 the fear of man bringeth a

snare but whoso put of his trust in the

Lord shall be safe

or actually shall be set on high

write this down trust will always give

rise to words and actions if you find

someone that trust is you they got words

for you and actions for you they will do

whatever it takes to make you happy when

you trust when you lose trust and Innoko

if you lose trust in a marriage it’s

over it is over because accusation comes

constantly if you’re two minutes late

where you been

what you do it let me say it again

trust will always give rise to words and

actions you see ladies and gentlemen

write this down the world needs people

who believe the world needs people who

believe believe what believe what God

says can I get a little political here

for just a second you know the word I

mean this this country is going slap

crazy right now you know you got half of

it believing this half up believing that

and I’ve seen some things in my lifetime

I thought I never would see you know in

the United States of America and you

know whether you’re Democrat Republican

or independent or whatever it doesn’t

really make any difference oh I never

have voted the party I’ve always voted

the person now I belong to a party don’t

misunderstand me but I’m just saying

this I’ve always voted the person

because even though this the Republican

Party got some things on a platform I

don’t like the Democrats got some things

on the platform I don’t like the

independent part

the Liberty Libertarian Party all of

them have different things on platform I

don’t particularly care for but I look

at the person you know I’ve been known

as a good businessman I am listen to me

I serve a Jewish god he don’t pay retail

retail and neither digest it you do what

you got to do it a little Italian mixed

up with it but you do what you gotta do

now let me just help people here and I’m

not trying to put glory to president

Trump up and down on Hillary Clinton but

did you pray feel every day and she’s

been in the woods a lot maybe she meet

Jesus lost a few you right there see

that you got to pray for people you

don’t like well let me go over here get

in listen the word I’m saying here okay

but let me just give you some common

sense let’s forget about I don’t mean

this in a wrong

let’s not get spiritual let’s just get

smart let’s just get right since

President Trump has been elected to be

the president of the United States

little over four trillion that’s where

the tea four trillion dollars have been

added to Wall Street

anybody got any business on Wall Street

I got business on Wall Street okay four

trillion all right now if these crazy

Congress people can get their act

together and pass this tax legislation

yes it just shut not just on the

business thing they want you know the

business tax and take it to fifteen

percent they could probably do 2025 I

think if they did it without in their

ticket to twelve percent we have the

highest business time ladies and

gentlemen there’s five trillion dollars

in offshore accounts waiting five

trillion so that five trillion to four

trillion now you got nine trillion

what’s trillion if they do this because

these companies will not pay tax on it

that’s why that money’s our offshore

accounts you understand but if they pass

this and get rid of the business touch

the death tax bless God Lord I will tell

you something trillions of dollars is

coming into America and that’s it a Wall

Street schools become Main Street you

don’t live on Wall Street you live on

Main Street I’m Jesse Duplantis and I

approve this

listen to me what are you saying show me

the money


let God use who you may not like to get

you out of debt to get you blessed in

the city blessed in the field

let’s go on it and bless going out

because they ain’t gonna pay tax on that

but my god you knocked down at that rate

Jesus because Americans buy things how

many y’all bought something already had

the believers convention see not just

common sense

well they worried about it the deficit

my god they talking about if you did 4%

5% of growth huh you can do you cut that

thing to 12 percent I’m telling you the

whole world will become Americans

listen to me ain’t a shortage of money

it’s just in the wrong aim

you’re wrong wrong wrong hands I’m

asking you trust me do you see I said no

how come people can’t see that this time

these people are Harvick Yale Princeton

Duke graduates they can’t see that they

blind my lord you know ain’t a problem

making money he’s keeping it and even

God told Adam that in the garden it took

you something to dress the garden keep

it which means if you don’t keep it you

can lose it oh you hear what I’m saying

so trust will always give work rise to

words and actions so the world needs

people who believe now I don’t care I

don’t care if someone would have wonder

if she would have won the presidency I’m

talking about Hillary that’s I mean the

president is the president no matter

what that’s not the issue but to see

what you got to understand that we two

people the government is you see a lot

of people think the government somebody

over there no the government is us one

time I had a quote certain government

agency trying to tell me what they’re

doing I went back off I said I don’t

work for you you work for me

I do you understand that I didn’t like

it but I could feel it Tabasco sauce

coming up my legs

because the government don’t like the

word new whoa that shakes the government

now I talk going out to causing a

revolution but sometimes you need one we

need a revolution in the church and not

against each other against the devil we

got to get the devil seat out the church

but the book of Revelation says that

he’s got a seat one in churches who

invited him hmm

now you see what I’m talking about this

night people say oh that’s just crazy no

no it’s not daydreaming write this down

daydreams or idle thoughts they’re a

form of escape oh yeah it’s kind of

fantasy daydreams aren’t idle thoughts

they’re a form of escape what God has

given you is determined thoughts what

are they determined thoughts have

purpose that means Anchorage in the

times of battle and direction that means

you know where you’re going you know

we’re gonna do do when you get there

there are thoughts with intent in other

words the full of things let me say it

again daydreams are idle thoughts they

are a form of escape but determined

thoughts have purpose and then they have

direction there are thoughts with intent

they take you places they take you where

you want to go

that’s what Elijah is telling this woman

not only am I gonna get you out of debt

but I’m gonna give you a retirement plan

that you never have to worry about

including his family you got to

understand by God he never just meets a

need he’s always more than enough he

takes care of her stops the sale of the

sons of the slavery and then gives them

a retirement plan and her their whole

life that’s the God we serve but you’re

not gonna do that with daydreaming

because those are idle thoughts they are

a form of escape it’s nice to see

superheroes but you ain’t super just

because you saw I wanted to be Superman

when I was a kid Oh Mighty Mouse here I

come to save the day you know

I used to love mighty muscles I asked

him how did he get mighty that he broke

into a supermarket hey some super food

and I literally thought about seven

years old I am Superman

tired of tile around my neck got on the

roof of the house and fell in my mind I

could fly like to kill myself

see with daydreams or idle thoughts but

determined thoughts of purpose and

direction they are thoughts with intent

kind of like that they take you places

see wandering around in daydreams never

let you believe what it takes so you can

change what it takes to start doing what

it takes

let me say it again writing down

wandering around in daydreams never let

you believe what it takes so you can

change what it takes to start doing what

it takes that’s what he’s trying to tell

that lady he’s telling it your destiny

is not for fun none of our destiny is

for him ladies and gentlemen it’s

according to your faith to make things

happen in life just because God said

something won’t work because he said it

you got to say it with him if two of you

agree to how many you believe in for

something look at me I’d be you – I’d

beat you – you ain’t gotta look for

nobody else I’d be your – and I’ve said

this something – just think of all the

church became twos just think of all

your church that went around say what

you believe in for well I believe it I’d

be you – okay and you get all everybody

being – you’d be a bunch of tutus but

you are too buddy now things start

happening because destiny is not fun

right this time this your destiny is not

firm your freewill has been given to you

to make choices and destiny happens one

day at a time remember little song one

day at a time

wait yeah

that’s how Texans sing it you know your

destiny is not firm your free will has

been given you to make choices destiny

happens one day at a time

do you understand what I’m saying this

is he’s trying to tell this woman give

me some empty vessels bar it out a few

failures not an option I’m here and if

I’m here God’s here some of you

preachers need to stop saying stuff like

that sounds arrogant and cocky but it

isn’t it’s the truth

you walk into a bad situations they

don’t worry about it God’s here and I’m

here two of us now let’s go to work on

this thing see you see what I can’t

stand that happens and a lot of building

programs that people get excited cuz

they want to build something wonderful

and that’s great because gods into

buildings fact we go on the church the

technology has not been giving you to

stop going to church I know you can

watch it at home but when you get to

heaven you’re gonna get out your mansion

and you going to the tabernacle are we

all gonna fit see destiny is not God is

in the building but some of these guys

they start building them and they get

everybody excited about them and people

are given ok you heard me say this

before people that give in my god and

the church people are give it and people

man that’s just wonderful then because

they did not count the cost to build

that tower didn’t use business with

their anointing write this down business

must be mixed with your anointing

because I don’t care who you are you

hadn’t for bankruptcy if you don’t

understand how to work business with

your anointing you want me prove that

jesus said pick up the fragments that we

have no loss my god II saw it on TV fed

5,000 people they were so happy about

that manifestation they were throwing

the best away there was 12 baskets he

said this is do some business here

that’s 12 baskets here do you see that

you have to mix those two so that your

destiny can be confirmed because you’re

living in a world that needs change

so this is was gasa in the world needs

people who believe so when you see with

that what I’m saying here all of us uh

needs a girl if you do this I will honor

you well what happens to some of these

guys they didn’t count the cost of the

tower then they start looking at the

economy that’s number two mistake

because the economy ain’t got nothing to

do with what God’s called you to do

he’s the supplier not Exxon not oil

industry not technology all of a sudden

the people that have been giving and

give it I know some of you have

experienced that I’ve been giving and

giving and you work in a foreign

ministry they have to lay you off now

how can that be when you got up there

and said god I bless you in the city

bless you bless you go on huh here y’all

and you might be a youth leader maybe

and you just love working for the church

and all of a sudden listen we’re gonna

have to lay off cuz you know we got to

finish this building yeah but I gave the

build me see that causes confusion and


that should never happen because that

person did not mix business with their

anointing and then you know what the

person that gave the expecting is the

one that suffered when that shouldn’t be

neither Cathy tells me this all time yo

you got so many plans you got playing a

B C D all the way to Z because if one

ain’t working I got another one

you heard me say this but maybe 15 years

ago I was believing God for more 50

thought aloud and 50 times I was still a

lot of money but back then fifty

thousand dollars Carolyn was five

million bucks

and I was I was starting with a Cox

cable I was doing television stuffing

and I needed fifty thousand dollars to

do this special so I went to the Lord I

didn’t know nobody who could give

$50,000 and I wouldn’t have the guts

they asking for it anyway had nothing do

it pride I thought well I’m a generation

that works I’ll do whatever it takes you

know see here’s something else you got

to be very careful of it

trying to meet your needs that’s not

your job

say I couldn’t meet in my knees years

and years and years and years ago that

is a big problem in the body of Christ

trying to meet the needs that’s not your


that’s God’s job your job isn’t telling

what you want anyway so I went to the

Lord I said Jesus listen to me I need 50

he says this okay I thought he heard

what I said he think he think I said

five dollars but that just to eat I said

Jesus Jesus Jesus I need $50,000 he said


he ain’t here to work does he is it busy

you know would $50,000 is say that’s in

the letter that’s a range and research

that’s induction and reason which

doesn’t work with spiritual God found I

said Jesus he said what I mean

fifty thousand dollars he said I told

you okay twice that don’t bother you

he said no all Robert just asked me for

five million I said he did he said yeah

I said would you say to him he said I

said okay then I got mad Keith you mean

to tell me you gonna give all Robert

five million and all you won’t give me

is a lousy 50 Docs

he said you don’t have a five million

dollar plan turn on the hard light now

when I go to God I got a five million

dollar plan I got a hundred million

dollar plan I got a six billion dollar

plan I ain’t gonna be caught without a

plan C without a plan you don’t know

where your destiny is this is what

Elijah is telling this woman you get me

some empty vessels

I’ll deal with closing the door on the

last session that’s very important and

I’m gonna make these babies for C write

this down you must aim to be what God

has made you and what has he made you

the head and not the tail above and not

beneath you know why you don’t like

being po po we call that poet New

Orleans before or why you don’t like to

be on the bottom because you never were

created to be on the bottom your species

that was created on the god class or now

we’re gonna get some ugly letters here

on this the god class he said what is

man that are mindful of him the son of

man that I visited him thou has made him

a little lower and is people without any

courage they said we can’t say what God

said the original says well he said

what’s the man that mindful him son of

man that visited eyes made him a little

lower than God no you’re not God

Almighty no that’s not the issue but

you’ve got liquid God flowing in you

when we get to heaven I love this new

body I’ve been studying it

you see cuz I want the I like to just

have the body I had when I was young I

married myself

y’all think I’m kidding you I had a one

fine body sir

I had a six-pack I got a keg and a half

on this side but oh I had a six-pack you

couldn’t grab my skin to get this now

let’s go get some ice cream I said hey

you eat that again I would go I would I

would drink raw egg remember that guy’s

katha go oh why rocky she told me the

other day but later but she said yes you

look good myself she ain’t got a glasses

on I took a shower this morning my

bellybutton so deep I leaned over water

fell out my belly just told me nuts I

used to have a round belly but not a

sucker like yeah

yeah don’t laugh you got it too

I saw some of you ladies saying hey and

your arm was just a slapping in the

booth don’t you get on me I can get on

you’re not well if God made me the head

in the tail then I need to get off I’m

not a bottom-feeder

I’m not a bottom-feeder you go to the

darkest depths of all the oceans in the

world you’ll find fish with no eyes

there’s no light God didn’t make you a

bottom-feeder I preach the something

called living off the top you ought to

get that thing I’m telling you son God

made you to see that they like so you

must ain’t let’s go to Deuteronomy 28

verse 13 let’s just read it here y’all

enjoying this part did Jimmy 28 verse 13

and the Lord shall make thee the head

and not the tail

thou shalt be above only and thou shalt

not be beneath if that word if thou

hearken unto the commandments not the

suggestions the commandments of the LORD

thy God which I command thee this they

do observe and to do them people say now

he was talking to Israel go with me to

Genesis chapter 12 see a lot of people

say I can’t teach oh I can bring you to

a hundred scriptures and that don’t mean


do you understand every one of them

that’s that that’s what you need to know

when he’s talking to Israel Lord general

Genesis 12 verse 1 not the Lord said

unto Abram get thee out of thy country

and from thy kindred it that a great

statement wouldn’t you love I tell you

to get away from your family but anyway

it’s all I’m saying about that let me

let me go please jeez give me a word no

no okay now the Lord said unto Abram get

thee out of that country from thy

kindred from thy father’s house to a

land that I will show thee o show thee

you mean you don’t know where you’re


no howbeit when the Spirit of Truth is

coming on guide you in all truth what

are you worried about all truth he guide


even the stuff works or it doesn’t

I like the next statement I will make a

via great nation honor that is success

going somewhere to succeed I will bless

thee thy way empower you to do even

greater and I’m gonna make your name

great now famous comes with it and

you’re gonna be a blessed which means

you’re gonna be a giver I so obscene and

a Reaper of harvest I like verse three

and I will bless them that bless thee

curse him that curseth thee stop for a

minute let me read let me finish it and

in you or in thee shall all the families

of the earth be blessed

ladies and gentlemen are we the seed of

Abraham the second Timothy 3:16 and 17

kicks in and a new covenant whether you

believe in grace or not that all

Scripture is given by inspiration of God

and is profitable yesterday what I’m


I’m the CETA Abraham now what should I

have if I’m the seed of Abraham I

inherit what Abraham has ah let’s find

out what he’s got Genesis 13 verse 1 a

bra went up of Egypt he and his wife and

all the head and lot with him into the

south now that’s a mistake

well I leave you Kendrick Lots his

nephew yeah but I like him I don’t care

you got to do what God says so that’s

what we dis now verse 2 is what Abraham

has and I Braun was very rich in cattle

and silver I didn’t go look at me what

good did it do you to know how rich

Abraham was God is trying to tell you to

mix business in the anointing right here

I mean what homiletic are hermeneutical

philosophical theological revolution

that cause of Revelation did you get

knowing just how much Abraham has cattle

silver and gold God’s trying to tell you

what’s belongs to you so why does the

devil have your cattle your silver and

your gold

you’re an heir with the father and a

joint heir with Jesus Christ that’s why

he put that in there all Scripture is

given by inspiration of God and it’s


so I know what’s mine since I know it’s

mine then I can go get what’s mine now

that’s making my destiny firm now

failure not an option so write this not

that makes you the head and not the tail

now right above and not beneath if if

you obey my Commandments not suggestions

he’s not asking your opinion like I said

yesterday you got to get rid of your

opinions here’s a good definition

opinions of transitory forms of thought

floating on the ocean of life they

change whatever wave I sound smart huh I

read that in a dictionary I like that I

read the dictionary

I read encyclopedias I am a man that

loves information I have the Torah mind

or do I have fritzsche it though I have

one of the best libraries anybody’s ever

seen fritz Tobin they say boss if you

die I don’t think I’m gonna die of

something yeah yeah yeah if you’d like

to give your library to me it would be

greatly appreciated it’s whoever gets

that library oh yes it’s phenomenal oh

yeah everything you can think of in


I like information I want to know why

women do what they do so I found out man

and I think when Cathy hit menopause I

had to read some books

the menopause meet men pause now I got

to understand that look at Carolyn

Silvio’s out that beat you brainy though

well I mean you know you don’t have to

have an argument if you know why if

she’s kind of upset it’s called hormones

and vice versa I guess both ways you

don’t say well that’s called life it’s

all part of it see so I want to know

some things because God is not a waster

and why are you having hot flashes

anyway what’s the reason for that well I

know why I hurricane its dispensing heat

so are you a hurricane that you got to

dismiss heat no no right all a hurricane

is is a heat displaced dispensing

machine just taking the heat off of

there it’s one of the most amazing thing

it’s taking the heat off the ocean

what’s this it’s sucking up salt water

changing it and raining fresh water now

how does that happen that’s amazing

isn’t it even something that destructive

I mean here’s a little hint they were

not made to be destructive they were

made to bring water and to water the

earth but not in destructive forms Satan

got involved then they turn this thing

around and then they started naming back

way back when all hurricanes were named

by name women’s names

I didn’t do that but that’s true finally

somebody said you know that ain’t right

so now we got hurricane Claude and you

know nobody worry about hurricane Claude

but Katrina I want to be the head not

the tail above and not beneath so now

let me look at the camera here put that

close are you mad at me because I’m

blessed let me help you so you better

take your tongue off of me you know why

cuz God said because I’m the seed of

Abraham come a little closer to me imma

bless those that bless you and I’m a

curse those that curse you you better

not mess with me you’re gonna get cussed

you’re gonna get cursed see that’s that

other part that’s that other part you

better get your tongue off the body of


because you’re gonna get cursed that’s a

fact God said let me taste them I get

angry when people speak evil of you and

you know what it’s over jealousy and

envy over a house or car or a diamond

know whatever you think wealth is when

you ought to be glad you know somebody

got a house y’all be glad if you know

somebody has an airplane

Keith more than them got a beautiful


I haven’t actually physically seen it

yet but Phyllis

we love Phyllis because she’s a she

Keith’s medication girl man got some

wisdom she she was took she was born in

New Orleans and hotel dude qith anyways

she sends pictures of your beautiful

plant me and Kathy just had tears and I

this oh god that’s so wonderful

if anybody deserve it he does preaching

the gospel all over going hit going

there I love that I mean and what’s

amazing about keeping of it we like the

same colors boy and I saw that new paint

scheme if I said man I I didn’t say he

stole my colors stupid but stupid

oh he’s playing is bigger than mine

great great

what a blessing when brother Copeland

got the citation ten Oh I said float

like a butterfly sting like a bee

and then they’re unbelievable let’s go

to gulfstream v believe in God oh Jesus

and if you notice something about God to

all the KCM staff not only is he doing

the gulfstream v at the same time he’s

doing the infrastructure at the same

time see we tend to kind of do one thing

at a time

God said I’ll do it all at one time if

you’ll believe me I’ll do it all

together every bit of a lock stock and


so let me get to this point a mindset

stuck a mindset stuck on lack can’t

produce an abundance of anything see you

stuck if your mindsets on lock and you

know how your mindset gets stuck on like

when you’re looking at the thing you’ve

been believing for the meat you need and

it wasn’t God I went to a convention in

Ohio I won’t name the church several

years ago and I was the last one there I

didn’t know everybody was saying well

you know it’s gonna be a tough year and

you know ministries are cutting back

blessed God and blah blah there’s no

like I don’t know anything you know

Carol I just flew in you know and they

picked me up and I got it and I tell you

one when I got there it wasn’t a favor

of God it was it was it was it was vogue

not fog Lord Jesus on I said what’s

wrong with y’all I started preaching by

the end of that survey they were

screaming I said how come it in bed for

me you think God’s a respected person no

didn’t bless God I said if I’m blessed

you should be blessed by the time it’s

all said and people screaming howling

two days later pastor Carl back said

Jessa can you do the whole convention I

said no I can’t do the whole command

didn’t do wrong he just went but what

they see they got stuck I like what

Jerry’s preaching you know he used that

Micah seven when I fall I shall arise

failures not falling and failing is

living in the mud of life just get up

just do something get up you see a

mincer mindset stuck on lack can’t

produce any abundance of anything so I

believe in abundance now the first thing

people think of is money well that’s

just one small fast today how about

abundance of happiness

that’s great now I don’t have to pray

for abundance of joy because it’s the

fruit of the Spirit so if you don’t have

any joy I take a piece of my fruit I got

so much joy and so much that me make

some people mad who did he think he is

they’re just waiting for me to fall well

if I fall I’ll get up but I ain’t

believing for that because I’m not even

making that an option not every day that

Satan’s coming at me with something

about something you see what I’m saying

but I don’t pay much attention to him

he’s on the limits of retardation do you

understand what I’m saying

he is not no longer a cherubim angel

Bible said the book of his secret you

don’t see how big is he but but this big

right now he said is this the thing the

this this is what deceived the nations

this I like to aggravate the devil how

you do that Richard I live in one of the

most sinful cities in America it’s

called New Orleans some of y’all call it

New Orleans it’s naturally knowledge

it’s called the Big Easy because any sin

is easy to get and I man I’m knowing

without sounding properly I’m known all

over that city I can’t walk anywhere

Lord you I have some ministers that come

they want me to take them to the French

Quarter I love different squad you know

but I say they say I take his number but

no no I ain’t gonna do that but you want

to go I’ll let you go cuz I know I get

on Bourbon Street I’m gonna be on Fox 8

channel 4 and channel 6

he down on bed mercy whatever stupid is

but you’re not that kind of doubted that

I said you know now if I go preaching

that’s a different thing so we my

favorite restaurant in New Orleans and

Jerry Carol really less vested year

it’s mr. B’s he said I can’t come to

noise without my gumbo Yaya so we go

down there we just enjoy myself but

there’s some time I go down there and

and I can’t talk where I wanna Park so I

have to park over by Saks Fifth Avenue

that and I walk and there’s there’s a

strip bar as I pass by you know going

toward Royal Street and it’s not on

Bourbon this is just a side street now

this is how aggravate the death floor

devil don’t know it’s coming at you know

you know and obvious and that you see a

girl she’s in the front she’s in Tyson I

just walk up like ethical J cos and the

devil ha and I just keep walking it’s so

fun to surprise the devil I was with

John Hagee at the Omni Hotel and not

here there you know it’s Stefan checking

in me I love John John and I and it’s

just wonderful feat Jonathan he said boy

he said we’re gonna eat I said we would

we can get you anything John what do you

want man I said we I know I know the

best food I know where to go so this

person comes in stand track my John kind

of a sweet devil solemn I’ll say about



so I kind of backed about two steps away

from the count of the front deaths and

John’s checking in office unsweet turn

this hour so John just turn around looks

like this the prayer and this sweet

devil says this what are you doing yeah

in my city

John goes we got us a devil over on this

side I went I said I’ll find you in


Oh Lord I got to go just got to go turn

sweet and took off

failure is not an option I’ll cast the

devil out on the street I don’t care

what people say I cast the devil on

Delta Airlines but you should have seen

that sir can I say fluke I gotta get

Jerry this thing here I’m walking faster

as I walk with this person go I went

that’s why I did kid I did and normally

I never sit in the back but I was I had

a backseat

the Lord said did you see that devil I

said I certainly did he said cast that

develo I said Jesus I’m on Delta heaven

he said I know where you are I’m talking

to you oh yeah you mean you’re gonna let

that devil stay in that person I said

yeah she probably going to hell anyway



they gonna come with the whitecoats and

pick me up

I miss this boy I had my own plane no he

said walk I was aggravating God you mean

to tell me you have power to deliver

someone and you won’t I said I’m on

Delta that don’t know bother God that

sounds like Peter we fished all night we

caught he said I said God they will

arrest me he said you don’t have to

touch him

start rebuking the devil in your seat I

said oh okay I can do that that person

was about 5 cm ahead of me so I guess

I’ll find you you demon devil from him

also now see this finger


now the person picks the book

person gets up like


this is so much fun that’s what I missed

by having my own plane cuz I ain’t

letting no demon-possessed person get on

my plane jumps up tunnel it was kid they

went hello anybody freaking out and I

could starts it that person got a devil

in people went oh oh what I’d ever come

to fail in them you know what God leave

me said you killed

I said no see just free the best part

was a kid he must have been six seven

eight years old he said look at their

mama Bo army here come new I said don’t

touch her she’s had a devil in her she’s

up people

Oh Kano so I reached over there and I

said father just help this anyway to

make a long story short she got a

strength back I said Joseph I said

that’s all right sweetheart everybody’s

just looking at me I should have

received an offer and I bet out I got a

big offer I’d have paid cash for myself

necks right there because I would have

said it now you know this Devils looking

around here and getting some eyes back

I get that money out your pocket with a

devil well it got to the captain captain

come back and look he went sir I said

that’s it there let’s say I’m going to

jail son you know because that captain

that’s a fat you don’t say that’s you

mess up on that glass of federal offense

so I come on I said listen it ain’t my

fault I tried to let the person state

demon possessed but the Lord wouldn’t

let me he’s just looking at me like I

said I know what I saw I’m crazy if you

think I’m nuts ask her she free he said

would y’all please Chloe told her flight

attendants they will cost stewardesses

that close closing the curtain over the

curtain he says so let me get this this

person had a devil I said yeah they were

demon-possessed and you cast that out I

said yes sir

he said that’s amazing

I said yes he said you know I wish I

have a seat he said you know he said I’m

charismatic I wish I’d have seen that


I said you catch nothing he said yeah

I’ve been wanting to see a devil cast

out he said you think there’s any more

I want to say no they all went to

American Ella did the joke

just a joke but he was excited I just

knew I was going to jail and I thought

many Christian people would love to see

the devil defeated by being cast out

most people would be afraid that man

wasn’t afraid see our mindset stuck on

lack can’t produce an abundance of

anything that’s what I’m talking about

God’s Word so fenders not an option

see God didn’t see I was going to let

that person stay possessed because of

the environment I was in you know that

that’s making failure an option and it’s

wrong so let me go over this again

always aim for more than enough trust so

we’ll give always give rise to words in

action proverbs 29:25 the world needs

people who believe you must aim to be

what God has made you the head not the

tail above and not beneath a mindset

stuck on lack can’t produce an abundance

of any thing and get to this other point

daydreams are idle thoughts they’re a

form of escape determined thoughts have

purpose in the direction there are

thoughts with intent they take you

places I love this with you wandering

around in daydreams never let you

believe what it takes so you can change

what it takes to start doing what it

takes and then finally your destiny is

not firm your free will has been given

to you to make choices destiny happens

one day at a time

so when you understand that this is what

Elijah is trying to say to this girl

now I’m gonna preach something different

tomorrow night when I do the the night

service that’s one direction of the Lord

but let me just give you this it when I

come back Thursday I’m ordeal and what

do you have yes sir

I’m gonna deal with see the blessing

always rest upon the seed of the

righteous why see that’s power I’ll say

there see creates ripples in the

atmosphere I call them spiritual


I’m gonna get into that really strong

because see all you need to have in life

is a seat they say man can create life

no he can’t

he has to take life to create life we

may be able to clone but we got to take

life to produce life God didn’t have

life that’s the difference

I’ll say this 99% of our DNA matches

every gorilla and chimpanzee so that’s

why they say we came from the ape family

no it’s it’s that 1% that makes the

difference that 1% that made the

difference between us and an angel that

1% because when’s the last time you seen

a gorilla become you see it’s that 1%

see the theological or the theoretical

physicists think you gotta have all that

to produce this so they say it’s called

evolution it’s not see it’s that 1%

notice this one number one let’s make

man what’s a man that’s what angel said

I never heard of that

they knew the wheel within the wheel

they saw Sarah Prince chairman’s

Archangels military angels okay well

what is a man do you know they’re more

excited about seeing you than you are

seeing them I know you don’t believe

that but that’s true because in the

midst of everything with this wonderful

gift called free will even though Satan

may have attacked us we said Lord we

with you that Angels marvel at that and

the ones that fell they say in the same

thing Satan said 2,000 years ago if we

would have known we don’t never

crucified Him

ladies and gentlemen your enemy is

defeated restricted and rejected all

he’s got to give you is failure and it’s

not an option that’s what I’ve been

writing every month to all my partner

and I use different examples Jonathan

one of them ha ha ha oh when that lady

said yeah even the dogs eat the crumbs

Oh see it don’t make no difference you

know may not that makes no different the

world’s doing that’s why I’m not worried

about North Korea because I prayed for

President Trump in the cabinet I pray

for the Congress I pray for the local

state and federal officials because God

said live a peaceful gentle quiet life

if you do that I was really proud of

that senator would he hire honored

brother Copeland and sister Copeland

last night that blessed me I took some

guts to stand up why would anybody be

mad in trying to save life see that’s a

mindset stuck stuck see can’t even think

intellectually much less spiritually

because you’re destroying yourself did

you enjoy today

yep Jesus won Hancock come on