If you’re needing healing in your body, you’ll want to watch this Healing School with Kenneth Copeland. Not only are there testimonies of people healed at the end of the service; there are two people surprised by being healed /in the middle/ of the service. Share in their excitement and let it build your faith to receive your healing. Get ready for miracles, manifestations and healing as you take it today!

Oh father we do bless you and we praise

you this morning lift your hands to him

we worship you we worship you we worship

you Jews

Oh hallelujah Alan

we worship you just lift your voice and

bring worship and bless his name

Thank You thing do you think

thank you thank you thank you praise you

for praise you lord

Oh hallelu

tell you what I want you to do I want

you to be seated and just continue to

worship and praise the glory is here

because the Spirit of God is here


Oh hallelujah come on lift your voice

and sing with me gromer initially chorim

every minute he some of our monkey brain

is still Alicia punky

la cámara mean love remain several

Goethe Sita

we worship you we worship You Jesus we

worship You Heavenly Father

your presence is precious to us



I love your father with all my heart all

my soul all of mine and all my strength

I love my neighbor as myself because

that pleases you we love the Brethren

even as you love the Brethren Lord Jesus


keeping and satisfying all the law and

if there be any other Commandments there

satisfied in that one statement

we love our neighbor as ourselves and we

love the Brethren even as you know the

sport of MMA


Prada he finished


all manner of lung disease and breathing

disorders are being healed right now

throughout this audit or and everywhere

people are watching online video via an

amenity she dearly 3 Colin I’m but I

mean he still eats a lot capacity social


throat problems are being healed


someone came here today specifically to

be healed of a bad cold or that cold

virus is I curse it and it is dead right


glory to God your sinuses are draining

right now all sinus problems are being

healed right now throughout the building

from a helium but our gluttony sneaks

you for a report getting addicted

someone is being healed in the right

hand from arthritis pain worse in the

right hand that it is in the left just

just start working your hand right now

or it up god it’s even it’s it’s healed

the pain is gone the pain is gone I said

the pain is gone how they look now just

lift up both hands and begin to praise

begin to praise


someone a very painful elbow something

happened to your your elbow well praise

God in the name of the Lord Jesus speak

that name speak that name speak the name

Jesus Jesus we’ve been talking about the

awesome power in that name well it’s

working right now healing your elbow

it’s working right now healing your

ankles it’s working right now healing

cramping toes toe cramp hallelujah

couldn’t about all kinds of stomach

disorder is being healed thank you Lord

liver conditions are being healed

liver cancer is being a curse cancer

today in the name of Jesus you’re a name

bow your knee cancer to the name bow

your knee to the name bow your knee to

the name of Jesus hallelujah Yeshua

HaMashiach King of Kings Lord of lords

law hallelujah the one who himself

personally defeated you cancer

thank you Lord Jesus for I had a

mystical go ahead do you keep oh oh we



we worship you

we praise your name lalala English deity



the glories you


just reach up and take it it’s mine I

take it down I take my healing I take my


I take healing and deliverance for my

family for my loved ones that are not

even here today I take healing for them


well brother Copeland my know my brother

my sister my cousin they’re not living

all that right

well repent for them say Jesus I see can

we do that well certainly the scripture

said if you see a brother sin a sin

which is not unto death I ask I’ll give

you a life for them that’s it

that’s good news

prepare for glory to Jesus Oh glory to

God glory to God glory to God

oh we worship you this morning we

worship and we praise we worship you and

praise you Lord Jesus blessed be the

name the name the name that’s above

every name the name all glory be to God

all glory all glory all glory to God

thank you lord thank you lord

thank you Lord Jesus thank you Lord

Jesus come on just thank you thank you

thank you



I’ll let all the anxiety go away

listen to me for a moment if you’re

anxious and worried you are violating a

commandment from God Jesus said don’t

allow your heart to be troubled neither

let it be afraid now anything jesus said

like that to me as a commandment I don’t

have a right to violate that just

because I feel ugly or something no no

no so just say it mine

don’t you be anxious heart don’t you be

anxious about anything

I roll all my carry over on you Jesus

I’m not equipped to carry it you

demanded in first Peter five that I cast

my care of ur on you I thank you very

much you take care of it thank you lord

thank you lord thank you thank you you

know as well as I do that the book of

Philippians says very plainly be careful

for nothing there by the translation

said don’t be anxious or fret about

anything but in everything through

prayer and Thanksgiving that you won’t

be made known to God


oh don’t be anxious about anything I

just can’t have it brother gopis are now

is just shut up don’t tell me you can’t

help it

Jesus wouldn’t tell you to do something

you can’t do besides that he didn’t

intend for you to do it he intended for

you to decide to do it and then he will

help you do it and the grace will

enforce you and empower you to do it and

his word will build you up to do it


say it no fear here no fear here

no anxiety here but brother Copeland I

have anxiety attacks well attack back

I mean it and instead of shaking and

quivering do like the like Kelly did

when they announced that that Lindsay

was gonna die she said I refuse to fear

I refuse

something’s happening here anything I’m

telling you is happening right now

and it is she let me tell you fear is a



the spirit of fear is also the spirit of

death you don’t want to be messing with


think about it fixed fix it in your mind

here’s Jesus Jay iris is right here by

him and the crowd is freshed in I mean

they’re just squashed in there together

and Jesus

there’s headed to Jay Iris’s house and

they came up in order to say this to Jay

iris they’re standing that’s too close

Jesus heard it he said your baby’s dead

don’t trouble the master anymore

there’s no years now she did Jay iris

never had a chance to answer jesus


now he could have said a lot of things

he could have said let’s pray you

remember what he said fair enough

actually actually it says this stop the

fear now how you gonna do that and they

just told you your baby’s dead I mean

somebody tell you something like that

and make you just want to just hit

whoever’s are closest to you man you

just that’s what the devil would like

for you to do is just lose it right

there had he done something like that

hidden baby would have stayed dead what

did Jesus deal with fear how many times

I dare you to count them up how many

times the Bible demands fear not fear

not I’m with you fear not I’ll never

leave you fear and on in in in Luke 8

Jesus said to Jay Harris fear not

believe only and she will be made

you can apply that statement to your

healing today fear not believe only you

will be made hope it’s happening right

now you don’t have to feel it for that

it’s happening you right now it’s

happening chief we’re receiving here Oh

glory glory glory glory glory thank you

Jesus I’ll tell you I tell ya I love

what I do

don’t you keep that no spot on earth

like right here oh thank you Jesus

I’ve found this to be true I heard

brother Hagin make this same steepness


there are two things that will block the

healing anointing in a healing flow in

my opinion more than any other we’re

going to deal with with with with the

second one later but not being totally

convinced that it’s God’s will for me to

be healed and even agreeing mentally

that it is because if you I mean if you

travel with this from this bunch you

know you hear it all the time it is his

will but yeah but you know I got stuff

in my life and and that’s the second


sin in your life or a sense of sin and

unworthiness amen well we’re gonna get

rid of this this morning

now I got this out of brother Keith

Moore’s God’s will to heal book I highly

recommend you get that book oh dear Lord

it is so powerful and and and get to get

the CDs of it download it I mean one

thing about it well then when you’re

dealing with more Life Ministries you

don’t pay for anything when it comes to

downloading material and like brother

Keith says and no expense no excuse a

man and I mean get that book it’s it’s

it’s a large book and and this is in the

very back of it and hang on just a

moment okay standby how do we know

whether it’s God’s will to heal us or


it makes little difference what others

say about it What did he say about okay

now and this is what I was saying

earlier faith doesn’t come by wondering

about it faith comes by hearing and

hearing by the Word of God so even

though we know it’s God’s will to heal

us to to go see what he said about it

well I’m gonna tell you what in just a

few minutes from now your faith and to

receive healing is gonna be higher and

it ever has been in your entire life I’m

already gonna

through this before I came out here

there’s my I’m already to gun up for

lookout Shore feet and and I quote the

the famous Keith Moore aha yeah if you

want to hang on to your sickness you

better get out of here cuz it is in

grave danger right now if you will keep

that old sore back I mean you better you

better help yourself right out of here

right now cuz your back is being here

why I speak a man you can be like me and

just wake up in the morning there be no

back pain I mean they’d say this

and and the dancing eyes are open just

any moment you want to you can get in

that aisle and just dance like David

Mann just just throw you a thank you

long you want to come testify girl come

on this testified come on here healing

his poem



Oh Sidney much here and I’m 45 years old

I work 29 years of my life taking care

of the elderly they couldn’t take care

of herself I’ve been through suicide

three times in five years and I shared

my testimony tonight with a cup of my

people beside me and one man sitting in

front of me God told me tell him your

testimony and I’m sitting there my foot


I have neuropathy

from my toes up to my knees I am

hammertoe I have hammer toe on this foot

if that I didn’t look straight four

years ago in Mountain Home Arkansas I

could not move my big toe mom I don’t

know what’s wrong I sit there I’m not

felt my foot pop I didn’t mean to scream

interrupt you I develop retinal

hemorrhage in both eyes seven months I

was blind couldn’t even see who is in my

face them glasses I have to wear to

drive I’m going to the enemy’s camp

my daddy told me this go to the enemy’s

camp and you gave him back everything

then he give to you and I never listened

there’s nothing on Facebook but I heard

a man on there on the train laughing

with something in his ears every bond

that train started laughing and as I

watched that video I said devil this is

to you I’m gonna give you everything

you’ve done to me

you stole from me you took my vision I’m

too young to go through this I’m not

going down like this what’s happening to

your eyes right now I can see without

them glasses on







yes but because I can’t go no words get

out of the pity party and give the devil

a kick in the Heinen come on get up on

your feet and help our brains gone get

up on your feet and help her enjoy have

her enjoy her joy glory glory glory

globe with you thank you Jesus Oh


you can be seated hallelujah thank you

Lord remember that God is no respecter

of persons he never changes so what he

said to them yesterday he is saying to

you and to me today God’s Word is God’s

speaking to me

now these statements are taken directly

from the Bible with little or no

variation the verbs and construction

have been changed to apply to you

personally and to sum up the thoughts in

some instances many of these statements

are prefaced by phrases like if you walk

in my Commandments if you believe obey

and so forth so what did God say 101

things God said God said I am the Lord

that healeth thee Exodus 15:26 your days

shall be 120 years Genesis 6:3 you shall

be buried in a good old age Genesis 15

15 you shall come to your grave in a

full age like a shock of corn cometh in

his season job 526 when I see the Blood

I will pass over you and the plague

shall not be upon you to destroy you

Exodus 12 13 I will take sickness away

from the midst of you and the number of

your days I will fulfill exodus 23 25

and 26 I will not put any of the

diseases you’re afraid of on you I will

take all sickness away from you

Deuteronomy 7:15 it’ll be well with you

and your days shall be multiplied and

prolonged as the days of heaven upon the

earth during anonyme 11 9 and 21

I turned the curse into a blessing unto

you because I loved you

Deuteronomy 23 5 in Nehemiah 13 2 I have

redeemed you from every sickness and

every plague Deuteronomy 28 61 and

Galatians 3:13 you choose life

Deuteronomy 30:19 as your days so shall

your street be Deuteronomy 33 25 now

when you when you hit you ate is as goes

to looking good

hey hallelujah the strength and divine

energy the joy of the Lord is just think

about that statement the joy of the Lord

this is not something we have to work up

on our own it’s his joy and do you know

that it was joy set before him that he

endured the cross now the joy of the

Lord can certainly endure anything you

and I face a mint and it’s in there it’s

in there when you got born again because

he’s in there say I have the joy oh I

have the joy

therefore I’ll have shrieks hallelujah

I have found a ransom for you excuse me

your flesh shall be fresher than a

child’s and you shall return to the days

of your youth I am a very close friend

of glory in mind and and my mom and

dad’s prison he pastored in Puerto Rico

and he had I got some water yeah

he had rectal cancer and and just he was

so close to dead he said I I want to go

to Tulsa I want to go to the city of

faith they said you’ll never make it

yeah he said I’ll make it while I was

there at city of faith when he came in

and so that evening excuse me we were

over – we’re praising we were church

service that evening and and Oh in the

intercession just just came down on me

and I said Gloria I’ve got to go over

and pray for Israel so he Israel

Rodriguez is named so I went over excuse

me and the Lord said now I want you to I

want you to preach healing in his room

you go over there and preach and it it

was hard to tell whether he was you know

even receiving what I was saying he was

I’m telling you the man was all but dead

and then he said you take your healing

text and you preach it don’t just don’t

just read preach walk around the room

preach they’d like you to do somewhere

else then he said and you know the

hospital beds are high

you know he said I want you to sit down

on the floor and scoop back up under his

bed and pray in tongues til I tell you

to quit and so I just you know I just

obeyed did what the Lord said well in

the city of faith that’s it you talk

about a place to pray for the sick well

a couple of nurses and a doctor heard me

preach in him and they came in yeah amen

glow rate of God yes amen i scooted back

up under then started praying in tongues

and they started praying in tongues I

mean there and but they of course they

had duties to go do and and I don’t know

I didn’t time it may be something like

somewhere around 45 minutes or so that I

prayed in the spirit and the Lord said

okay you go now so I just went over and

kissed him on the forehead and went on

the next morning the next morning

your flesh shall be fresher than a

child’s that’s what that said there on

the end over thirty three twenty four

twenty five the next morning all of the

flesh around his rectum had just been

eaten away with that cancer it was just

just gone but the next morning soft baby

skin completely replaced in that

wonderful well hey it’s happening right





hallelujah number thirteen I have heals

you and brought up your soul from the

grave I have kept you alive from going

down into the pit psalm thirty first

wanted to I will give you strength and

bless you with peace psalm twenty nine

eleven i will preserve you and keep you

alive psalm 41 – why don’t you see it’s

on the screen why don’t you start

reading about loudly number sixteen I

will strengthen you upon the bed of

languishing I will turn all your bed in

your sickness psalm 41 3 I am the health

of your countenance and your God Psalm

43 five no plague shall come now your

dwelling Psalm 91 10 I will satisfy you

when long live Psalm 91 60 I heal all

your diseases psalm 103:3 I set my word

and heals you

and delivered you from your destructions

psalm 107:20 you shall not die but live

and declare my works some eighty seventy

I healed your broken heart and bind up

your wounds Psalm 147 three the years of

your life shall be many proverbs 14

trusting me brings health to your navel

and marrow to your bones bones are being

healed right now right now osteoporosis

is being supernaturally healed your

bones are strong again praise God

say I have strong bones I have strong

bones praise God I have no fear of my

bones being broken


Jesus bones were not broken well neither

are mine someone that had a broken bone

that that committed me could not believe

it as an ankle but it counts for any

moment and it didn’t mend back right and

it’s been painful well it’s Mitch hey

it’s fixed this morning

your bones are fixed this morning praise


number 25 trusting me brings health to

your navel and marrow to your bones

marrow bone marrow leukemias healed

glory to God

leukemias heal glory to God ha ha ha

glory to God thank you Jesus hallelujah

this happened in in one of Billy Burke’s

meetings in church in in Miami Florida

and closures come and a word sister

Jerry Morris is pastor there where this

woman came up fourth stage for leukemia

now these are days of signs and wonders

we need we need to be expected make more

of that signs and well that’s a sign and

a wonder happened in here this morning

even that’s a sign see that when the

power God hid her and and she just

shouted and screamed out like that

that’s a sign amen

you know what the first thing I thought

she signs and Wonder first thing I

thought I wonder what happened her


I love you girl I’ll tell you what that

set me on fire this morning

perfect gum amen

well she came out up and and brother

Burke laid hands on her and boy she just

went out in the floor well she got up

went home and went to bed

felt great got a good night’s sleep woke

up the next morning and just absolutely

just things just feeling a wonderful but

she looked there was blood all over her

night clothes there was there was blood

all over the bed she said she told her

daughter she said I feel I feel fine

she said well still I think we better go

call the doctor right now well of course

they you know they got a who keep me a

doctor they called him he examined her

he said there is no sign of leukemia in

your blood her daughter said check the

blood in her gown in her robe he checked

it he said it’s full of leukemia

now God has healed you know untold

numbers of leukemia cases but this is a

sign this is a sign I mean he did he

openly did a transfusion just in case

there is anybody saying that whatever

isn’t that wonderful let’s do 25 again

trusting me brings health to your navel

and marrow to your bones proverbs 3 hey

my words are life to you and health and

medicine to all your flesh proverbs 4 22

my good report makes your bones fats

from hurts 15 20 lower into God fat

bones are good my pleasant words are

sweet to your soul and health to your

bones proverbs 16 24 my joy is your

strength a merry heart does good like a

medicine Nehemiah 8:10 in Proverbs 17:22

a merry heart does good like a medicine

a merry heart does good like a medicine



come on you mr. devil I’m like my sister

this morning’s a nanny’s give you back

everything you tried put on me

I’m not having me




thank you Jesus

well the scripture said we’ve been

raised up to sit with him right in

heavenly places well the scripture says

he sits in heavenly places and lash at

the devil ha ha ha

now I had to I had to learn this and

mine days killeth BC I suffered with

depression and all be hiring a kite one

day and Lorna snake’s belly the next and

that spirit hung around my life even

after I got into the word of faith and

I’d get real tired and in yield to that

spirit of depression well I had learned

better than that brother Keith help me

with that and and then listening real

Hagin helped me with that I heard

brother Hagins say this and it was the

word that clicked he said if you’re weak

in your body you’re weak enjoy

I found out I can laugh when it wasn’t

nothing funny just put it on ha ha ha ha

it will be low particularly if you’ll do

it looking in the mirror or ill you know

you stand in that trying that you know

you’re standing there trying to frown


medical sciences has seen it you mean in

work for a sinner it especially work for

a sinner and it was a guy approved it he

he had cancer and was dying cancer and

so he decided engines he just went and

got old old comedy movies old

black-and-white covet oh you know just

slapstick stuff Three Stooges

did you know you remember curly I got a

letter from him one day

brother Copeland he said and he went

talking to me about the word of faith

and and had thrilled him and curlies

famous statement I’m trying to think and

nothing’s happening

now see that front leg to get you Mary

Hart go thank you Lord and they’re good

well just ha ha ha ha ha

this man got all just got that slapstick

comedy just just just and and and just

lay there in the bed and watching it and

just kept watching it and you got to

laugh it and and just this belly laugh

and just laugh and just laugh and just

just laughing and and God heal too can’t


amen and far as I know didn’t know the

Lord but see the words true because

you’re a spirit being whether you say it

born-again or not

did you know confession will work for a

sinner well it will you couldn’t gon say

I read I read an article about a guy

that decided he wasn’t gonna have the

flu anymore and so he just sat in front

of the mirror and said I refuse to have

the flu

I’m not gonna have it I am NOT going to

have the flu I’m not gonna have it I

refuse to have it I refuse to have it

they never had through any more didn’t

know the war but see mark 11:23 is true

whether you saved or not

because you have what you say whether

you saved or not oh come on let’s get

back to business here glow rid of God Oh

what number we own number twenty-nine

and my joy is your strength a merry

heart does good like a medicine number

thirty the eyes of the blind shall be

opened the eyes of them that see shall

not be deal the ears of the Deaf shall

be unstopped

right now right now ringing in the ears

is stopped nerve deafness is stop and

open praise God hallelujah

thank you lord number thirty-one ears of

the Deaf shall be unstopped number

thirty-two the tongue of the dumb shall

sing glory to God the tongue of the


shall be ready to speak plainly Wow

number 33 the lame man shall leap at the

heart shall leap as a deer hallelujah

Isaiah 35 6 I will recovery you and make

you to live I am ready to save you I

want to tell you something about the

word saved the Greek word translated

save shall be saved is translated

healing as well as salvation so it

amazes me when somebody says well we

just we preach the new birth we preach

salvation well you know we don’t we

don’t preach that healing a preaching

don’t know it

because it’s the same word Sozo it means


it means delivered it means set free

from danger saved say saved saved from


anything you need saved from save from

poverty oh yeah big time

alright number 34 I will recover you and

make you live I’m ready to save you I

give power to the faint I increase

strength to them that have no light whoa

Isaiah 40 29 i will renew your strength

I will strengthen and help you ourself

40 31 and 4110 I like this to your old

age and gray hairs I will carry you and

I will deliver you

I said 46 for I bore your sickness

Isaiah 53 for I carried your pains

Isaiah 53 for I was put to sickness for

you isaiah 53:10 with my stripes you are

healed isaiah 53:5 I will heal you

Isaiah 57 19 your light shall break

forth as the morning and your health

shall spring forth speedily isaiah 58:8

i will restore health unto you and i’ll

heal you of your wounds saith the Lord

Jeremiah 30 17 I’m out of the mouth of

two or three witnesses

and we’ve had 44 and we had had done

that’s a good place shout right there

number 45 behold I will bring it and

talking he was talking about the city so

I will bring it the city health and cure

you can believe that Scripture for your

nation you can believe that for your

house yeah I’m talking about your

physical house amen stuff keeps going

wrong with your house put your foot down

glory to God

I learned this many years ago many years

ago I was shocked when I first heard it

I thought can you do that we were

blessed to have aim an airplane that it

was a Vickers VY count and a man on our

Board of Directors owned that airplane

and his financial situation hadn’t come

to the place where particularly after he

got after he got born again and a lot of

love I won’t go into all that but that

airplane had been parked for several

years and it was a four-engine turboprop

airliner so this is back in the days

when George first came along and and oh

man we had we had fun in that old

airplane didn’t well we you know we put

that thing back back in the service we

went through that airplane from here

from from nose to tail and then and they

they did x-rays of the fuselage and

everything looking for corrosion and

there was there was some no wasn’t

wasn’t all that bad

but there was there was the x-rays

showed that there were some spots of

corrosion and so hours I was praying

over it and just as plain the Lord said

to me lay hands on it I’ll heal it

I never heard him flame well he said

Kenneth he said corrosion comes from the

curse he said I provided that airplane

for you didn’t I said yes sir he stands

on it okay and I started praying in the

spirit and the more I prayed in the

spirit the happier I got so I just want

to oh man you talk about laying hands on

that thing I laid hands on it all over

and he’s a big ol airplane it took a

while to do it you know laid hands on

that thing just laid hands on it all

over and praised God laid hands on that

and commanded that corrosion to leave in

Jesus name they did more x-rays and came

back there was just one little old spot

there I said what were they no he said I

want to remind you I said what are you

reminding me of he said they could have

said maybe the maybe the x-rays world

he listened so he laid hands on it again

in his go now one dime Kelly when we

were in there in Tulsa had a floor

furnace that went a little hot grills

over the top of it and she was just four

years old she fell and she stumbled and

fell and did and did this and fell right

on that furnace and I mean her little

hands like look like a waffle oh she

screamed and blowing up call her up and

I got some you foil fol did to put on

burn I grabbed a two before and put on

that little hands and she was in her

room and and glory and I would busy and

she was playing around in there and she

hadn’t because she stopped crying almost

instantly and she said daddy I want a

nurse she said

get this stuff off my hands its messing

up my books

so I cleaned it off not one mark

I mean and then you can even smell the

flesh when she didn’t accept one little

mark right there I said Jesus he said I

don’t want the grease getting the credit

for it


thank you for Jesus Holly Oh what number

wheel number 45 talking about the city

now now look at it I will bring the city

health and cure and I’ll cure you and

reveal unto you the abundance of peace

and truth well that’s exciting in number


I will bind up that which was broken and

will strengthen that which was sick

Ezekiel 34 16 behold that means look

look I will cause breath to enter into

you and you will live anybody suffering

from asthma emphysema any kind of any

kind of lung thing right now in the name

of Jesus God is giving you breath he’s

giving you breath right now clear clean

clean Oh

just breathe down in there whoa


do it again oh thank you Jesus

thank you do I read do I remember yeah

yeah yeah yeah the the Spirit of the

Lord spoke to merkel OSHA’s to me write

it read the beginning there’s your

scripture right there hallelujah thank

you lord

no number 147 I caused breath to enter

into you and you will live I’ll put my

spirit in you and you will live Ezekiel

37 5 whithersoever the river shall come

shall live they shall be healed

and everything shall live where the

river comes Ezekiel 47 them seek me and

you shall live Amos 5 for it to see I

have risen with hee

in my wings my beams Malachi 4:2 New

Testament that was all just in the first

covenant 50 witnesses already and it

only takes two or three for a thing to

be established I will be thou clean

Matthew 33 I took your infirmities

matthew age 17 I bore your sicknesses

matthew age 17 if you’re sick you need a

physician I am the Lord your physician

well Exodus 15:26 now the great

physician is practicing in here this

morning now there’s there’s something

about him you don’t have to wait out in

the waiting room now now think about

this the moment you speak his name he

begins the great physician say Jesus is

my personal physician

he’s the real caregiver

because he’s the caretaker he takes my

care and gives me his care he’s my

doctor don’t forget that don’t forget


think about that meditate on that until

it’s on your mind a lot on your mind a

lot all the time he’s my doctor he is

he’s my physician amen

number 55 I am moved with compassion

toward the sick and I heal them and I

put right up omana put out there that

means me I heal all manner of sickness

and all manner of disease Matthew 4:23

according to your faith be it unto you

Matthew 9:29 I give you power and

authority over all unclean spirits to

cast them out and to heal all manner of

sickness and all manner of disease

matthew 10:1 Luke 9 1 I heal them all

Matthew 12:15 Hebrews 13:8 as many as

touched me are made perfectly hold

Matthew 14 36 healing is the children’s

bread Matthew 15 26 I do all things well

I’ll make the Deaf to hear and the dumb

to speak

Matthew 7 37 if you can’t believe all

things are possible to him that

believeth when hands are laid on you you

shall recover mark 16 18 my anointing

heals the brokenhearted and delivers the

captives recovers sight to the blind

and sets that libertad’ those that are

bruised Luke 4:18 Isaiah 10:27 and 61:1

I heal all those who have need of


Luke nine eleven i am not come to

destroy men’s lives but to save them

Luke 956 behold I give you authority

over all the enemy’s power and nothing

shall by any means hurt you

Luke 10:19 sickness is satanic bondage

and you ought to be loosed today Luke 13

60 second Corinthians 60 in me is life

John 1:4 I am the bread of life I give

you life John 6 33 and 35 the words I

speak unto you are spirit and they are

life John 6:63 our place before you life

and death blessing and cursing therefore

you choose life that you and your seed

shall live Deuteronomy 30 18 I am come

that you might have life that you might

have it more abundantly John 10:10 I am

the resurrection and the life John 11:25

if you ask anything in my name I’ll do


John 14:14 faith in my name makes you

strong and gives you perfect soundness

acts 3 16 I stretched forth my hand to

healed acts 430 I Jesus Christ make you

whole acts 9 34 I do good and heal all

that are oppressed of the devil acts

10:38 my power causes diseases to depart

from you acts 19 12 the law of the


life in me has made you free from the

law of sin and death glory to God

free from the law of sin and the law the

same spirit that raised me from the dead

now lives in you and that spirit will

quicken your mortal body Romans 8:11

your body is a member of me

1st Corinthians 6:15 your body is the

temple of my spirit and your to glorify

me in your body

1st Corinthians 6:19 and 20 if you

rightly discern my body which was broken

for you and judge yourself you will not

be judged you will not be weak sickly or

died prematurely 1st Corinthians 11 29 –

31 I have set gifts are the healings in

my body

1st Corinthians 12:9 my life may be made

manifest in your mortal flesh and

Corinthians 4 10 and 11 I have delivered

you from death I do deliver you if you

trust me I’ll yet deliver you 2nd

Corinthians 1:10 I have given you my

name and have put all things under your

feet Ephesians 1:21 and 22 I want it to

be well with you I want you to live long

on the earth Ephesians 6 3 I have

delivered you from the authority of

darkness Colossians 1:13 I will deliver

you from every evil work

second Timothy 4:18 I tasted death for


I destroyed the devil who had the power

of death I have delivered you from the

fear of death and bondage Hebrews 2:9 14

and 15 I wash your body with pure water

Hebrews 10:22 visions 5:26 lift up the

weak hands and the feeble need

don’t let that which his lame be turned

aside but rather let me heal it Hebrews

12:12 13 let the elders anoint you and

pray for you in my name and I’ll raise

you up

James 5:14 50 I love that pray for one

another and I will heal you brave God

he’ll wait a minute

now thank you all right Nyjah let’s do

97 again pray for one another and I will

heal you James 5:16 buy my stripes you

were healed first Peter 2:24 my divine

power has given unto you all things that

pertain unto life and godliness through

the knowledge of me 2nd Peter 1:3 number

100 whosoever will let him come and take

of the water of life freely revelation

22:17 beloved I wish the cross reference

set the cross references I pray now this

is not a novice this is the Apostle John

beloved I pray above all things that you



somebody oughta shout Amen right there

John said I pray that above all things I

pray that that you prosper and be in

health even as your soul possible having

somebody come on come on pray praising

praising praising

now I have two videos I want to show you

and well let’s go ahead and play those

in you know then I’ll talk to you about


where she at

you got healed online watching online

what do you mean you got healed online

I got a hilt online from what I had a

stroke uh-huh I used to be a

professional pianist and used to play it

healing me things like this okay and you

were watching online from where Farmers

Branch in Dallas Texas which is about 45

minutes to an hour away okay

I asked the angels to get us here I said

husband we have to go my husband Brett

right here’s your home okay so you and

then on the way you called for shingles

your husband has shingles okay but I’m

talking about you you and me yeah yeah

yeah you me talk to me what happened

I could start filling my fingers again

they’re starting to work I guess come on



come on



your name




so this vibrating this shaking tell me

what this is these tremors what caused

this shamoto styro died Hashimoto

and it’s she has over 80 illnesses over

85 illnesses that caused by wet bad tire

a bad ass I Roy that’s your body

temperature as connected your thymus

gland direct your thymus and I died

almost died last week yeah and if I die

three more times this week I should say

hi no your you came all this way I can

feel my toes you can feel your toes


move the chair move the chair


she’s getting 30




she’s getting stay

she’s getting very steady




look at this


go ahead sing it David go


get her up get her up














my god




come on come on










she with you









now when they got there that night

in the car she was like this and her

husband and a couple of our guys had to

literally pick her up like that by the

time she got inside the church heard

like she was saying look my fingers

my fingers

she said then Sunday morning in church

she said she said I got home and she

said I played the piano for two hours

and 12 years she hadn’t played and she

said I’d like to drove my dogs crazy

said that they never heard me play and

then amazing hallelujah now I want you

to watch this this other one hey guys

what do we got down here what do we got

here what do we got here



Oh Walker the whole time I’ve been here

in and I was back here naked

see I’ve been saying I’m healed of the


I’ve been say nine I know I’m here what

I got here

okay I’m not taking that walk around

here with me and I was back for myself

and my husband and my daughter woke up

here and I just kept doing things and I

haven’t won telling you listen he knows

look they’d be screaming right now I’m

telling you

come on up do come on up here man

come on up in it

that’s it is that your mother that’s

your mom

that’s your that your what yes come on

talk to me about you hey George







thank you lord


George I want to hear on here is just



man oh man oh man well tell us about

what can you say

she’s in constant pain she go look at

her walking glory that God that’s

America is she bringing a walkers up

their song bring the Walker down here

answer amen thank you Jesus I thank you

how long how long had this been going on

I had injured my right knee here years

ago in nursing and then my right knee

because I was using it so much over the

years of being a nurse seeing me walk a

lot and I then I had cancer and God

healed me of that but after the chemo

therapy hi the my joints like hi all my

joints were unbelievably painful and my

knees got worse after the chemo they

don’t tell you they don’t tell you

everything you know and so like we kept

saying we kept watching brother Keith

brother Copeland

Kenneth Hagin brother Keith brother cope


here Jesus

okay so so get rid of it

I can’t believe it I can’t believe it

I’m looking at my own self and I just


like that there is no other there is no

other gone


praise God praise go talk from the


I want to hear your side of this Wow God

is so good in 2015

May 28th I was diagnosed with leukemia I

was at work one day had some symptoms

going on I had to go to the hospital and

they said you know that I had leukemia

some like we couldn’t get hold of my dad

did somebody call my dad cuz you know

hey my my hero and faith in just a

couple of months before I got sick you

know he always listen to brother Hagin

and it was by no mistake that God

brought God’s will to heal from Keith

Moore across his path and it changed my

life I was saved but I I never looked at

it like that’s not God’s will for for

you to be sick you know and I remember

the day that I just I just soaked it all

in on my iPad day after day after day

that’s all I did you know and the nurses

would say why don’t you come out you

know I didn’t have time to come out like

I just and that’s what I just told him I

feel like I like I know I’m I just spent

so much time just taking it all in and I

remember the day that he said on every

day you know God did this and it was

good it was good

listen it was good you know and what day

did God make cancer you know and it just

all I find you’re right you know it’s

not because people tell you you know God

must know how strong you are to give

this to you and you got this girl and no

God didn’t give this

me you know get your I want three of you

right here please the word of the Lord

just came to me saying this case and

this curse that the devils tried to put

on your family sir is over your

household is free I declare it by the

power invested in me as a prophet and

representative of the Lord Jesus Christ

in the name of Jesus your household is





I’ll tell you the look on your face it’s


but then the look on his face


proper life Obon yeah come on come on

come on


his name is higher






his name is hi














come on give him brain


you may be seated all Lord Jesus thank

you thank you lord

now Joan green the woman you just saw in

the video received in a combination of

things she’s she’s watching on lines and

the power God began to come on her then

she I want you to notice what she did

she said get me in that meeting get me

over there right now get me in there now

what is so important about that there’s

there’s there’s something happening here

right now in corporate faith very

important very important she got in it

and then through manifestation of the

laying on of hands gifts of the Spirit

functioning through brother Burke now I

want you to watch this my name is

evangelist Lachey McKinney this is my

father apostle SC McKinney and I am his

personal assistant I worked with him

hand-in-hand in ministry we have grown

immensely in 33 years and all of a

sudden I began to my body began to show

signs of sickness and I had ignored it

for about a year then after a year I

started getting worse even though I was

speaking to my body but I wasn’t seeing

any results and I instead of getting

better I was getting worse so I asked my

father okay what should I do

he said go on in to the hospital find

out what’s going on and that’s what I

did when I got there I took about two or

three of the ladies from the ministry

and we were in the waiting room

taking the bloodwork I think I stayed

there about five hours and then what

happened was when the doctor came in

he said I have good news and I have bad

news and I said the good news is I don’t

have cancer and he said I can’t say that

but long story short he gave me a piece

of paper and he told me this is a doctor

I need you to call a cancer specialist

and I did on that Monday and when I

called I didn’t have the money at that

time so action I didn’t have any

insurance I didn’t had the money to get

an examination or to even see him I got

a telephone call from one of our pastor

friends who told me that she had already

made an appointment for me to go to the

Greenville School of Medicine and when I

got there they diagnosed me with

lymphoma cancer and the doctor said I

had only 30 days to live they had given

me a breathing apparatus they said I was

breathing like a 93 year old woman my

liver was 200 times larger than what it

was supposed to be and so was my spleen

I didn’t have the energy or the breath

to do anything I remember walking by the

mirror before I laid down and I saw the

shadow of death and fear gripped my

heart and I knew by the looks of things

I wasn’t gonna make it and instead of

fighting I kind of sir come to it and I

remember that day when I was laying on

the couch and he came to me and he

didn’t sounds too nice he didn’t show

any pity because he knew that I was in a

fight for my life and he said you’re

gonna die if you don’t get up from here

he said you’re a minister of the gospel

and you have to know that the devil is

fighting you because of what you’re

doing positive in the kingdom he said

physician get up and heal yourself

that’s exactly what he said I grabbed my

Bible and I began to walk back and forth

I read something from Gloria Copeland

that talked about how we should take the

word like medicine and that we should

use it just like we would medicine and

use it three times

and if situation get worse to double the

dosage I would never forget that and

that’s what I did for 28 days I had 30

days to live now for 28 days

I walked three times a day and I got my

Bible and I quoted every scripture and I

prophesied and spoke them over my life

and I didn’t feel anything different in

28 days but at the end of that 28 days

something happened I don’t know what it

was but I knew faith kicked in yes faith

kicked in and I said he was wounded full

of Shange transgressions he was bruised

from the shades iniquities and the

chastisement of my case was on him and

with those stripes I am healed and I

knew that day that I was healed and I

had two more days ago in the 30 days

that thirtieth day I went back to the

doctor and they looked at the exam and

they took x-rays again

and they brought in one specialist and

they brought in two specialists they

kept looking five specialists came in

that day I’ll never forget it they were

talking among themselves but I didn’t

know what they were saying so finally he

came over to me he said this is what it

looked like 30 days ago where is the

cancer it’s not here we have to

understand that the Word of God is for

us that he’s not just it’s not just

something out there or something in the

Bible this is a Rhema word and it comes

to life when we take it

that’s what glory always says – like if

somebody’s given you a cake it’s not

yours until you receive it well the word

of healing is for us but we have to

receive it and so it’s important for us

to take it and when we do it becomes

life now I want you to see the

difference I want you to see and

recognize the difference now the Shea

was healed on her own faith by just

simply totally immersing herself in the

word you follow me this is so important

you’re never too busy if you’re too busy

quit something or get up earlier or stay

up later immerse yourself in the Word of

God amen

she just immersed herself in it and I

want you to notice there was a moment

what if she had quit that on the 27th

day and said I’m not getting any better

you know I ain’t got but three days left

to live I’m not getting any better I

feel this like I did feel I’ll just feel

awful I can hardly put one foot

the other one and just go over there and

get in the bed and say well thank you

lord I know I’m saved and and I thank

you and praise you she’d have died she

didn’t quit I was so impressed by and

then this is one of the things that that

broke through for me those of you that

don’t know my testimony back in 2004

right after the Southwest believers

convention Sunday morning who it and it

had been a there were situations and so

forth and so on that that really had had

caused extra stress on me and on Gloria

and so forth and Sunday morning after

that Saturday night I’m just standing

there in the shower and just letting

that hot water run old men great and

thinking things like Lord I’m glad

that’s done and it was it was there’s a

lot of pressure and a lot of stressing

at me when I walked in the shower I just

pitched my washcloth in there there’s a

bench inside of my Charlotte I just

pitched it over there well they didn’t

make the bench and it fell over and the

corner of the floor of the south I

turned and bent over to pick up that

washcloth and a disc in my low back

ruptured it literally blew up and it

knocked me to my knees and I couldn’t

get up and I screamed with pain OH

what I want know that that started that

well I heard brother Hagin with this

giving this testimony of two different

people one woman was her her eyes when

she was born they put they strapped

glasses on her head when she’s six

months old to straighten her eyes out

and she just couldn’t see without her

glasses she wore very thick glasses well

she took her glasses off the brother

Hagin laid hands on her and she’s and

everything don’t misunderstand me it’s a

good thing to pull those glasses off but

now don’t be foolish particularly if

your driver’s license say you got to

wear them to drive and if you can’t see

without well I’m acting on my faith

that’s wonderful yeah and you need to do

that you need to do something you

couldn’t do and she told brother Hagin

she said I can’t see the drive she said

I’m driving my children to school she

said I’m just liable to run over


what am I gonna do he said put your

glasses back on but he said every

morning she told him she said the first

thing I do for I get out of bed I put my

glasses on

he said you when you pick up those

glasses you say I believe I receive my

healing for my eyes I believe I receive

it and he said when you when you put the

kids in the car you say I believe I

receive my healing for my eyes mark

11:24 see I believe I receive it

I believe I receive it and and he said

now you say it every day you say it

every time you every time you put your

glasses on every time you take them off

when you

get up in the morning do it all day long

every time the crosses you might I

believe I receive my healing for my eyes

thank you Jesus

well two years later they that they were

good friends of the Hagins they stopped

by to see them and she didn’t have her

glasses on and her eyes were straight

and he said what happened she said I did

exactly what you said do she said I

practiced it religiously I mean I did it

every day she said I did it for six

months and if it if I was getting any

better I couldn’t tell it now see she

could have quit right there six months

and nothing but she said I just kept

home I just kept home she said in in

three more months it began to change and

she said then at the end of three months

and I see that be nine months do you

realize that’s nearly a year but who

cares what I’m saying is don’t you ever

quit don’t you ever quit she said at the

end of that that nine month period she

said I had 20/20 vision in both eyes


well that fired me huh I said hey I’m

not putting up with this any longer out

and I took hold of it glory to God and

got all my confession and put that thing

back up where it needed to be I would I

wouldn’t I just quit paying any

attention to the pain now it wasn’t it

wasn’t it bad like it was when it first

happened but it but I lived with it all

the time it was there all the time


I am pain-free Florida buff Amen well I

just don’t understand that brother

Copeland you’re a prophet of God and

Union you preach healing and you lay

hands on the sick listen to me healing

is not a reward heating is not a reward

I’ve laid hands on people that that

their backs were hurting and damage

worse than mine and they got healing I’m

standing there hurt and when I laid

hands on them healing is not a reward

Healing belongs to you I don’t care if

you’re a prophet or a sunday-school


I don’t care what you do it healing

belongs to you Healing belongs to the

world not just the church because Jesus

is the gift of God to the whole world

Chloe go Rico Rico Rico a man I said a

man hallelujah glory to God thank you

Jesus Matthew chapter 9 want you to

notice this

he entered into the ship passed over and

came into his own City behold they

brought to him a man sick of the palsy

lying on a bed Jesus seeing their faith

said unto the sick of the palsy now you

know this is this is in three of the

accounts and we know that they broke up

the roof and let this man down through

the roof but I want you to notice what

he said to it and I know he’s standing

there watching him come down through the

roof now before I go any further and I

believe what I’m hearing from the Lord

we’re gonna talk about this more tonight

he was in his own home he was in his own

house in Capernaum when this happened

and they broke this up I just see he’s

dead in her smilin now notice what he

said son be of good cheer thy sins be

forgiven thee a sin consciousness a

condemnation consciousness what will it

will stop the the healing flow

unforgiveness will stop the healing flow

but unforgiveness is a sin mark 11:24

mark 11:25 and when you stand praying

forgive if you have aught against any

that your heavenly father may forgive

you your trespasses see that’s a faith

destroyer God is love

he’s forgiven you you ugly thing


and it’s all over the Bible you remember

what Jesus said the King forgave the men

of this enormous debt but he wouldn’t

forgive somebody that old him $15

now the scripture says in the eighth

chapter of Romans there is therefore now

say now there is therefore now now you

can’t say now in the past tense every

time you read that it updates if you if

you believe it therefore there is now no

condemnation turn over there turn over

there you need to put your eyes on that

I need to put my eyes on eighth chapter

of the book of Romans there is verse 1

there is therefore say it now no

condemnation to them which are in Christ

Jesus how many in here are in Christ

Jesus that’s a hundred percent who walk

not after the flesh but after the spirit

who walk not after the five physical

senses but after the word when you read

that you have to believe that or it

doesn’t work amen

there is no condemnation God is not

condemning you amen

thank you Jesus what for the law this is

a spiritual law it works the law of the

spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made

me free from the law of sin and death

and all sickness and all disease and all

poverty and

all of the curse is in under the law of

sin Annette and we’re free from it we’re


that’s what happened to sister the

smooth now see she’d been appropriating

that you’ve been appropriating that and

believe in God for it but she walked

into this anointing this morning and

whoa the love of God manifested in here

as it’s still here working and working

and working it and working and working

and working and working and working

bringing healing I walked into one a

brother Hagins services one time oh I

hate he’s any clothes I didn’t miss I

don’t care what’s happening to me I had

sprained my ankle really really bad I

mean it swelled up and I and I thought I

don’t know whether I want to go there

and sit there tonight and you know y’all

know I said no no devil you doing that I

don’t care ankle a no ankle I’m going

and so we walked in there and I’m

telling you that thing was hurting so

bad I just had just nearly come to tears

just hurt so bad woke on in there though

and and sat down there and of course

when I first sat down and started

throbbing because I’m sitting there with

Eddie and all got in the word sometimes

during that time I received my healing

and didn’t know it I wasn’t paying any

attention to it and as brother Hagin was

was teaching and and of course men I

understood engrossed in and what he was

saying what happened faith came lacks

mâche said faith kicked in say faith

cometh faith cometh now faith is coming

faith is coming faith is coming faith is

coming faith is going faith is coming

faith is coming

faith faith thank you

how many drops of water does it take to

overflow a cup

Gloria calls it when when faith boils


boy that that that rich says you’re

sitting there watching it that with the

water and it not do anything let me tell

you something there’s no such thing that

water that won’t boil if you put it on

the heat and leave it there that was the

problem with lukewarm people they had a

chance to be hot and got off the fire

they could have stayed there to them all

over any of those little tiny bubbles in

there hey it’s coming it’s coming she’s

gonna ball here glow red eye God you

just stay in there see you can’t feel

faith it’s a spiritual thing you don’t

feel it it’s but it is automatic when

you’re when you’re under the word when

you’re doing what Lachey is doing and

you’re in there and the Word of God is

talking to you and you’re just massaging

your spear you feeding your spirit

you’re feeding a hungry spirit with the

word you don’t feel it coming but it’s

coming it’s coming

how do you know you know she said I knew

that moment of knowing happens you stay

there till it does you don’t let up to

that knowing comes and you may get a

little shadow of it and then it kind of

recedes a little bit just keep it

pumping just gonna keep it just keep a

feeding keep on feeding

I mean glory to God you get your Keith

Moore tapes out see I’m still a tape guy

well CDs okay you know we were all

tapeworms bagged another you heard of

bookworms we were take for it that’s the

way glory and I got it

amen I mean the first the first tape of

his I heard Tara Lauren it hit me like a

freight train coming through a tunnel

brother I wound up in the floor under my

mother’s coffee table I was so shocked

ah but now you eat this you just stay

there you just stay there just stay

there and that knowing begins to come

and it begins to come and it begins to

come and begins to come and it may kind

of move in and move out but there’s a

time when it I I don’t know just exactly

how to how to say it because it’s

spiritual thing see now bothering me a

bit so don’t worry and what boy when it

well who when he comes out that debt is


that debt is aid one of my partner mine

years ago large farmer big big farm big

old big old tractor and air-conditioned

ball in the farm on my grandpa’s farm

there Lord there was no air condition in

the house much less on the track and but

he’s out there listening to tapes and

all of a sudden he comes roaring in in

the middle of the day and his wife

thought it wasn’t matter with him he

said we’re gonna pay off this farm he

said we’re healed and well we all know

all that but glory to God we’re gonna

pay off this farm this debts paid this

debts paid you understand

she said yeah and they prayed and agree

he said call him call the bank and find

out how much and pay off is we’re gonna

believe in God well see what hit him it

hit him so strong he was now a farmer

you don’t quit in the middle of daddy

brother no no but he came home in the

middle of the day she thought something

wrong with him it was but it’s right

with him you know now it hit him see in

his insides that debts paid faith Marlo

faith came faith cometh faith color

faith cometh by hearing and hearing and

hearing and hearing and hearing and my

spiritual father Oral Roberts put it

this way he said Kenneth faith has to

come to a climax and he said and he was

talking about that point of contact and

the woman with the issue of blood when

she touched that garment her faith

context and pulled that anointing out of

Jesus and she was made oh she called the

bank they said we’ll get back to you a

couple of weeks reading by Nadine go she

called him again she said nobody called

me about about our loan and we need to

know what the payoff is we will

they said okay hang on a minute mr.

so-and-so whose good coming so the the

loan manager I think anyway it was an

executive of the bank got on the the

line he said we don’t have any record of

your loan

she said will you write me a letter to

that effect he said yeah I guess so yeah

but see that happened when he got that

out there in that tractor what happened

faith came when faith comes like that

people say well the healing was instant

yeah but it took a while for faith to

come but when faith came then it

manifest you understand that you

understand where we are praise God

now then I want us to go to Isaiah 43

now remember no condemnation say no

condemnation win now say it again now

now now now don’t you love it

Isaiah 43 verse 25 I even I am he that

brought us out by transgression

for mine own sake and will not remember

your sins put me in remembrance let us

plead together declare thou that thou

may us be justified or that thou mayst

be declared righteous now

standby just a moment I want to read

that to you from the New Living I yes

ILO well blot out your sins for my own

sake why would he want to do this if he

remembers your sins he can’t bless you

that’s excuse you can see that the sin

is a blessing but even if you have

repented of that sin when you repeat it

you need to repent in faith not in

feeling or guilt

what do you mean biblical take Jesus at

his word he is faithful and just or

righteous to forgive us our sins when we

confess them and cleanse us from all

unrighteousness if there’s is no

unrighteousness what’s left

righteousness I don’t care how you feel

your feelings did good this gold wild

but you can get to the place where you

just tell your feelings shut up

listen I’ll see what Jesus said here now

you go back to mark 11:23 and 24 and 25

I believe I receive it thank you Lord

Jesus I have what I say according to

mark 11:23 and in the name of the Lord

Jesus Christ I repent of this sin call

it by its nasty name not your little

problem something happens when you call

sin by its name call it repulses your

spirit then that’s good in the name of

Jesus Lord Jesus I did it

don’t come on with a bunch of excuses I

just did it I did it I repent dry up

your tears

oh I’m sorry shut up

come to attention your soldier in the

army of the Lord you’re obeying command

I did it and I repent I confess the sin

of and I judge myself of it I believe I

receive my forgiveness therefore I say I

am forgiven by faith I believe I receive

my cleansing of this unrighteousness and

I am cleansed right now sir thank you

sir they don’t make one ever this how

you feel about it

feelings that go away you’re walking and

now in the righteousness of God amen

ah yes I alone

listen carefully we’ll brought out your

sins from my own sake and we’ll never

think of them again so he’s wiped them

out of his consciousness let us review

the situation together and you can

present your case to prove your

innocence see this in legal case who is

the righteous judge God the Father has

turned all judgement into the hands of

the son he told a man few years ago he

said my people know me as Lord they know

me as Savior but they don’t know me as

judge he said I am the righteous judge

see all judgments not bad

the father judged Jesus said Steve good

if you judge yourself the scripture says

you will not be judged with the world

not condemn yourself judge yourself amen

I judge myself as that I did that I

judge myself of it Jesus I repent him I

confess it before you well I’m a free

man I’m not under condemnation here amen

the devil came he can’t hold this as a

case against me in Heaven’s courts

anymore no sir I’m innocent I’m innocent

Kelly did a super kid movie back number

of years ago called the judgment oh that

was a good show and I got so thrilled

they brought her up before the court and

they naming all of this stuff against

commander Kelly and she’s standing up

there and that the nasty judge says how

do you breathe then commander Kelly said

I plead the blood

and all the little kids a lot of those

little kids now in 2530 years old

they’re still going yeah we plead the

blood of an innocent man and that fool

back before November of 1962 it’s dead

he dead and gone I’m a new creature

I’m a new creature old things passed

away and all things have become new

and all things are of God hallelujah

he’s in me he’s in you don’t let don’t

let the devil pull that on you tell him

son oh you ain’t got no case against me

I stand before the righteous judge and

you stand up for the righteous judge and

he says I got somebody to talk to you

about it okay oh yeah amen he’s not

bringing something up to condemn you

with it he’s bringing something up so

you get rid of it

and it may not be it may be something to

don’t look all that wrong to you but

listen to him he said come let’s leave

this case together and you come for him

he said no well and he said ok let’s

deal with this let’s take care of this

oh yes sir don’t start crying moaning

groaning bugs just take care of it

change your heart change your mind

that quick amen

and then healing can be that quick think

about this

the madman and Ghaderi here’s a man

completely totally possessed with an

unclean spirit okay he was a cutter any

of you watching online that you you’ve

been cutting yourself you’re free

three to six thousand demons under the

command of that chief demon in this

man’s body and if there was ever anybody

ever any man that Satan could have

stopped him from falling down and

worshiping Jesus it would have been him

he couldn’t stop him he fell on his face

and he worshiped and Jesus set that man

free and healed him that quick in his

right mind and called a preach a


compassion preacher go to go preach what

great things God has done and had

compassion and he went throughout the

Decapolis in the ten cities preaching

the love of God and the compassion of

God in just a few days ago as a raving

maniac living in the tombs never slept

naked cutting himself with stones you me

tell you something else he didn’t have

any scars on his arms from cutting



young man testified to come here a few

weeks ago he was well I’ll tell you it

was Todd white and he what he was

ministering to some young women and and

and they that some of them had been

cutting and so forth and and they’d

gotten saved and and and then he’s

baptizing them and when they came up out

of the water the scars and they’re there

the needle scars work folks it’s eeling

time it’s healing time it’s miracle time

it’s here it is here it’s happened in

here today and it’s still happening

right now it’s just happening right now

it’s happening it’s happening it’s


amen that takes care of the sin question

if you believe this gospel that I have

preached to you this morning you’re

ready to receive the power of God under

deliverance for your spirit your soul

your body stand up on your feet right

now if you can’t stand up get up on the

inside as a minister of the gospel and

as a prophet of God I take authority

over all sickness over all disease I

take authority over all the devils

hallelujah say this the gospel I have

heard is the power of God under my

salvation my healing and my deliverance

I confess Jesus Christ and Lord over my


spirit soul and body I receive the power

of God to make me sound whole delivered

saved heal right now I act on the Word

of God and I received the power of God

sickness disease weakness and pain I

resist you in the name of Jesus

cygnus weakness in pain

you’re not the Willa god I enforced the

Word of God

I unfortunate on you I will not tolerate

you in my life

leave my presence I never allow you back

my days of sickness and disease are over

I am saved I am healed the power of

sickness has been forever broken over my

life Jesus bore my sickness he bore my

weakness he bore my pain I am forever

free sickness shall no longer Lord in

over me

sin shall no longer lord it over me fear

shall no longer lord it over me

I have been redeemed from the curse of

the law I proclaim my freedom in Jesus

name today today the gospel is the power

of God to me

unto salvation I receive the gospel I

act on the gospel I made whole in the

mighty name of Jesus

take it

take it move something new something

hallelujah I mean do it man go Rinnegan

bend over he could bend over man see if

you could dance shout if you couldn’t

shout lift an arm you couldn’t win

hallelujah do it man

blow those glasses off and see without

them thank you Lord you’re healed I said

your he I said your well I said your

throne I said you will never be sick

again for hereafter forever glory to God


now brother Copeland how can I say that

well I’ll tell you how you can say that

all you have to do is go to Exodus 23 25

it says I take them I’ll take sickness

away from the midst of it

whoa I’m just driving down the driving

down my driveway headed out towards the

highway and that scripture came up on

the inside of it and I just shouted

glory be to God

I’ll never be sick another day in my

life hereafter forever amen we don’t get

sick in our house we just don’t get food

we don’t tolerate it

amen now we have a lot of opportunities

like Gloria said talking about the kids

she said she said you know we just

witnessed pass it by

we just pass it

hallelu thank you Jesus

come on Luke somebody’s shoulder just

just got turned loose right there yeah

thank you how many have actually

received the manifestation of you he do

it come on up your brother you need to

be testifying to that come on up here

anyone else okay yeah if you’ve actually

received your manifestation of your


come on come on up here come on up here

we go get some testimonies you glow

ready to go glow ready to go

glory to God just go down – yep going

down therefore they can get thank you

Jesus thank you Jesus

go ahead and be seated glory to God

thank you lord

I’m from West Plains Missouri I just

feel the Lord’s presence and I’m

declaring my life right now because of

addiction problems and certain things in

my life but they’re done they’re dropped

off they’re not on me no more they don’t

belong to me I don’t want him in my life

and the Lord is just filling me and I

like Copeland said it’s gonna overflow

and I’m declaring that my life right now

that I’m healed that I am whole in Jesus

name yes thank you you’re a new man okay

just a few short testimonies here

anybody that has something really

dramatic that’s happened for you today

and anything is dramatic amen hallelujah

thank you lord thank you lord thank you

lord thank you Jesus you remember Jesus

had the woman with the issue of blood to

testify he had to he had her tell it

yeah he had her today that’s part of

your victory all right Lynn now tell us

your name and where you’re from and what

the Lord has done for you I’m Shirley

Martin and I’m at Disney Oklahoma we’re

about an hour this side of Tulsa and

I’ve had lung and asthma problems for

many years and they’ve been getting

better because I’ve been walking by

faith but today I just felt that special

touch I haven’t had any medicine today

and it’s like

and I have one other thing I want to say

I’ve sung for the Lord I’m not the best

singer in the world but the last year

I’ve been hoarse till I couldn’t sing

and I’m believing God for complete

deliverance a mess though that I

continued to sing for Jesus Oh


Missouri she’s battled lung condition

for 23 years

but and been on oxygen for three of

those years and said this morning when

brother Copeland had that word of

knowledge about lungs being healing she

could tell the difference since she’s

breathing great story the god I breathe

in but I wasn’t getting the oxygen back

out they said that it was a disease that

I picked up from chickens when I was

small and the scars and then three years

ago I was working and got I must cut

cone contact with some pneumonia it

didn’t stop me from working but they put

me on oxygen a lot



with this gentleman this is Robin from

Arcadia Missouri this morning had

arthritic pain in his right wrist and he

says it is gone sir this morning when I

got up it’s been bothering me a lot

lately and that and I was looking in the

mirror I’m thinking well this is gonna

I’m a carpenter and I was thinking man

this is gonna I like working and I don’t

want to retire and so this is gonna mess

me up and it was hurting and then when

brother Copeland said there’s somebody

that’s got arthritic pain in your right

wrist well that’s the one this one never

bothered me but it was this one and as

soon as he said it it just quit hurting

right it’s fine the carpenter healed the

carpenter good morning this is Darlene

and she’s from st. Joseph Missouri and

she said when the other lady was up here

testifying this morning she realized

that the floater in her right eye was


praise if she doesn’t feel it and she

said the screams were but kind of cloudy

but now she could see them clearly and

in her right finger on her right hand

she said that arthritis is going

amen thank you what’s going on yes sir

this is Denise Fairfax from Branson

Missouri she says that she was healed

from pain and nervous issues from

shingles today awesome been dealing with

it for four months but this morning

everything of it is gone

very good only place for singles is on

your roof now we got two for one we got

two healings right here one taken the

testimony at one giving a door good

pastor this is clean a trip from rosebud

Arkansas she had trouble in her right

shoulder for years she said it’s been

over a year they were gonna have to

replace her rotator cuff what happened


after the ministers conference I fell

off a horse

and I separated my shoulder real bad and

then it was about 95 percent better in

this morning we said move it the last

five percent gone Kathy what is going on


well this is Ray from Omaha Nebraska and

he had a broken ankle screws in it the

whole thing very painful and when

brother Copeland was reading the

scriptures about bones

what happened ray well the I felt a

stirring in my ankle and it start to

tingle and then all of a sudden there

was a calmness and I felt no pain and I

got up and I went to the bathroom


Laurie thank you lord praise there’s

feet in that name and ankles in that all

right that’s right this is Barbara from

Yellville Arkansas she has had left

shoulder pain all winter long she said

it’s been bothering her in a few minutes

ago when brother Copeland called it out

to move your shoulder it immediately

left praise go yes thank you Jesus thank

you thank you for my healing I had back

surgery last July and I am nearly mended

and I feel and know I am healed in my

knee also thank you what’s that I had

sciatica in my right leg that was

driving me crazy my back was okay from

the from the surgery but it’s finished

I’m done

this lady and what is happening here

this is joy from Marietta Georgia

Judy Marietta Georgia and two years ago

she said she was in a car accident and

she had from a reckless driver and had

many broken bones including her neck her

ribs her shoulders and it has been a

process but she’s received her healing

she listens to be vov 24 hours a day

seven days a week and she had come here

with a cane she left the cane in her

hotel room and she was running around

the atrium

praise God


the infection he was speaking about I

was in bed the last six months we know

exactly what was going on something was

with my thyroid and I’ve got the nurse

said I had five percent chance of making

it because the infection started coming

out all of my pores because of B field V

you know BD incide been following the

key the key to zone I had to put my coat

on and run outside be sure the pants it

and fall off but a meal

Wow you can run will run right here for

a second



this is Angela from Lebanon Missouri

thank you lord

best George this is Angela from Lebanon

Missouri she’s had back disease

degenerated this disease they said for

about three years suffered a lot of

injuring plane he said she used to like

to hike and wasn’t able to do that and

she’s been coming to these meetings a

long time getting her faith built up but

she said this morning on the way in the

car she said I’m not keeping this pain

any longer this is the last day for it

and she said just she noticed you’re in

the services the word was being

ministered that anointing came and she’s

lost that pain and so supposed to

demonstrate glory to God Lou yeah praise

God look at that look at that thank you

he goes shower off you heard that she

said I run to right now hey man

Mike yes this is Jeannie Kelly from

Spanish Lake Missouri when Lawler

Copeland prophesied in spoke that

somebody shoulder was being healed she

was dealing with pain in her eyes Mike

hang on just a second yes sir




his name is Jesus


his name




okay Mike all right this lady’s name is

Jeanie Callie from Spanish Lake Missouri

when brother Copeland mentioned that

somebody’s solder was being healed she

felt something in her shoulder she’s had

trouble for a long time and pain with it

and she has no pain she can lift it now

and that hit you just this morning huh

exactly when you said that it was like a

I don’t know a feeling and then I was

able to do this and I could not do this

without absolute horrible horrible pain

for how long three or four years and now

I can do this I couldn’t do this I

couldn’t reach I couldn’t reach out and

touch you like that I couldn’t do any of

it praise to God Leon and he’s from

Colgate Oklahoma and again with his left

shoulder when brother Copeland put his

hand on his shoulder and tell him what

happened 40 years ago cattle and horses

and I had a horse get upside down with

me 40 years ago I don’t go to doctor as

much and I’ll just kind of live with it

and when he put his hand on his shoulder

as soon as he did I put my hand on my

shoulder and I felt hurt I hadn’t been

able to do this and for years and years


ago I’m on speaker I don’t get in front

of people

his name is Jesus


his name



is a


Kathy brother Copeland this is Steven

from right here in Branson and for

months he said ringing in the ears

Steve until brother Copeland what

happened yes ma’am so a little earlier

brother Copeland called out ringing in

the ears just stopping and I’ve had it

for about a year and the moment he

called it out at manifests thank you

praise go ahead this is Joe Malden from

Little Rock Arkansas not only is the the

fruit of KCM prison ministry he did nine

years in the penitentiary and we

listened to brother Copeland in his dorm

room every night he said he was after

losing his father where he was the first

real man he’d ever seen but but he’s

even even been having irritable bowel

syndrome up to and including the last

several days and he says he’s all well

and whole and good thank you thank you

can I testify I’ve got my two minutes

with you okay

I lost my dad post register that’s okay

I grew up with a mom to just cut me to

pieces I needed up in prison because of

bitterness and I never heard of Kenneth

Copeland her Kenneth Hagin or Keith

Moore another men

I grew up fighting beating they’re just

swinging everywhere everything I got to

prison my spiritual mentor brother Woods

had a whole army Locker box full of

Kenneth Hagin Kennecott them both I

never heard of you there men like you

the first book he let me borrow it was a

believers Authority by Kenneth Kenneth

Hagin and he told me he said now you’ve

turned that book in you’ll get another

one to read I said fine never heard of

guys like you second book he gave it was

the believers Authority but Kenneth

Copeland never heard of you okay

started reading nine years okay I was

just I read and I read and I read and I

read and look this is my chance okay for

the first time of my life I saw a real


growing up okay my heroes were when you

know Bruce Lee Chuck Norris oral switz

Negron John Wang and of course we know

John Wayne was 2 foot tall and

bulletproof okay not what wouldn’t okay

but for the first time in my life I saw

a real man and the Holy Spirit showed me

this morning it was because you reflect

Jesus Christ okay

she grew up in a bad alcoholic abusive

home and we want you and we now we see

because of a man that dared to stand in

another man that dared to stand on the

Word of God we see what we can have

thank you okay






obsessed with you and I didn’t have

people tell me oh you stay away from the

Copeland bunch okay but I saw laughing

you I saw prosperity and you I saw a

real man and that’s what I saw in you a

real let me tell you something what’s

your first name Joe let me tell you

something Joe

before Jesus got hold of me yes sir

I look good on the outside sir

how the coward yes sir but oh the grace

yes sir

you know what I’m talking about yes sir

and the word yes sir

I was the biggest liar yes I lied for

fun that I didn’t just see if people

would believe it 94 years old I was a

chronic alcoholic I was having ten-hour

blackout spells at a time didn’t know

where I’ve been who had been with and I

would but like I said when I ended up in

prison the first man but I’d I started

reading these books never like I said

never heard of Kenneth hanging or killer


could have cared last to you because I

was real bitter but I just started

reading I started reading I started

reading and I was reading 40 50 chapters

a day of the Bible and just reading book

after book I could get my hands on

that’s why you mean so much to me and me

and my brother thank you sir sirs you

reflect Jesus Christ of broken people

like me in my wife and that’s why that’s

why would it gave my life now I’d like

I’d like that when I got a person I want

to come to Texas and work my way up you

become your right hand man okay

my brother coconut arm Joe I’m sorry sir

let’s don’t talk about me no more or

less yes yes yes let’s just talk about

Jesus yes sir yes sir he’s the one yes

sir yes you talk about a real man they

beat him nearly to death yes sir I mean

they beat him nearly to death yes sir

and over days yet hanging on that cross

he shouted with a loud voice whoa you

don’t matter man he’s the reason mean

you could be a man hallelujah that Joe I

know yes sir

free man yes sir

free man yes sir thank you Jesus name



his name is




so what miracle has happening here glory

to God this is Rhonda from Branson and

she said she had injured her shoulder

her left shoulder in karate 13 years ago

and when brother Copeland called out

shoulders her shoulder was loosed and it

is working perfectly

amen that’s happened a lot today for a

lot of people good good praise the Lord

toll ready God there this is John Norris

he’s from here at Branson from this

church he said that when he came in here

he had a hearing apparatus um and he

took it off and then when brother

Kenneth mentioned the scripture and

Isaiah and then started top mentioned

here and he said hit his tones were

immediately sharper and clearer and he

can hear a lot better now yeah praise

God when I came in here I took the

hearing apparatus out and brother

Copeland when you read that scripture in

Isaiah about the ears it hook off man it

just took I could feel the difference in

the depth I could feel the difference in

the actual tones changed I don’t have a

hearing aid in now but here’s something

the Lord gave me that I had never heard

before and I was sitting back he said

you give so I’m gonna give what he told

me about this situation he says now you

can hear with the eyes of an eagle yeah

yeah I said Lord whoa what does this

mean he says as the eagle sees in a

distance you’re going to be hearing from

far more distance yes sir he says your

hearing is going to go to supersonic

possible what’s that mean he says

hearing and say sound is Laird

as you break through layers the tones

and the depth increases you’re going to

break through more layers now your tones

are going to be sharper the depths going

to be better you’re hearing overall

hearing because you’re hearing at a

higher sound frequency you’re breaking

through those layers at a higher

frequency praise God

praise God thank you Lord as a result

I’m hearing clearer sharper I have come

a long way it’s been a process but today

it’s like I made tremendous progress and

the word he gave me he says it’s for


yeah Oh sister see and it’s going to

it’s totally changed my hearing

thank you Lord give the Lord praise this

is Kyle from Sarasota and he came here

and had a terrible head cold and that’s

what brother Copeland had called out

that someone came to receive healing

from a terrible hair hair head cold and

that their sinuses were draining and he

has completely received his healing this

is another testimony like this master

George this is Millie from Waynesville

Missouri and she’s been battling sinuses

really all of her life sinus issues she

said in drainage and and said it was

really swollen her throat what’s wrong

this morning when she came in but when

brother Copeland ministered that word of

knowledge she took it and said she felt

the swell and go down in her throat so

she’s walking in the healing right now

brace gone Lori we are bring with you go

ray there God

yes sir

Kathy George this is Margaret from st.

Cloud Missouri st. Charles Missouri

excuse me and she’s had several problems

and that she’s been working on healing

for and during some of that treatment

and ent put a tube a scope yeah go ahead

and it caused immediate right it shook

up something in my ear I had ear pain

fullness and then ringing since July

non-stop ringing so Ken called out this

today and it left I had to go outside

and cut my ears neck is swallowing

problems that’s healed I mean that was a

few months ago pastor George this is

Katherine from Ada Oklahoma she’d been a

smoker for 40 years and she said she

came to this meeting believing that she

wouldn’t smoke again

she hasn’t smoked since Wednesday she

was diagnosed with the symptoms of COPD

but she says this morning she can

breathe better and she had a bulging

disc now she has no pain in her back and

no numbness in her toes and she wanted

to really thank Kenneth and Jessie

because she’s been watching Kenneth and

Jesse so much this changed my life if I

can even even believe in four teeth now

seven and teeth and 15 years teeth and

gums yes your teachings I listen to you

a lot and has changed my whole life pray

great the power of every kind of

addiction every kind of nicotine

addiction every kind of prescription

drug addiction I break the power of the

diction of pornography I break the power

of alcohol I’ll break it in the name of

Jesus you will never have another urge

to smoke to drink to do drugs again

hereafter forever I declared saying the

Lord take it take it the glories here

just take it you say I take my

deliverance make my delivery I’m free

I’m free I’m free

glory to God sweetheart I remember the

day oh I’ll tell you I hated them

cigarettes and of course back for got

Sailor man out I was in love with a

beautiful and and then I got got born

again glory and I gotta say man I’m I

get so mad at those things and I’m so

about the car winning and turn around

and go get them standing out there in

the weeds trying to find them where I

threw him out the guard out there you


but I went to my first meeting where the

word and faith was being told you know

and when I got there I stuck with

cigarettes up over the Sun buzzer and

there for three weeks somebody came and

said you know wish broke we didn’t have

money enough glory to come to and

somebody hand me some money and said go

and get your wife she needs me yes thank

you jumped in the car and I looked up

there and I thought they quit me you’re

free sweetheart

you are all give the Lord praise our

last one here okay okay and then tell

the story here yes sir this is William

from Battle Creek Michigan he came here

with the intent of receiving healing for

his lungs

he’s been off of his oxygen unit for

over an hour he came in on an oxygen

unit in a walker and he’s been off of it

for over an hour and it’s still at 97


awesome awesome Oreo you got more thank

you for coming up oh there’s something

there’s something yes sir there’s

something going on here there’s

something going on in your blood

yeah in the name of Jesus by the blood

of the Lamb the cleansing power of his

blood being exchanged for your blood

from the crown of your head to the soles

of your feet healed and well as you

remember the way that the scripture said

the nobleman’s son began to amend from

that day yes your amending from this day

wonderful then you will continue to

amend and continue to and get stronger

and get stronger and get stronger when I

got married

59 years ago and I need you back sewing

reastaurant well yeah it started today

right and three months from now you know

they’ll be able to all to tell yourself



well I was 80 and it’s good

Rage God give the Lord of praise give

the Lord of prey yeah again I claim it

for you when I claim it with you

great amen good horn player needs a lot

of win how they Lou you came it all

already got his name






this Navy



hallelujah pastor George when brother

Copeland prayed over that family and

released them from the curse this is

Sandy surfer she is driven all the way

from Roseville California she got filled

with the Holy Spirit last year she

prayed in tongues the whole way for all

of her family and she said when she

heard that family get released she

suddenly knew her family was also

released from the same curse her mother

was almost killed several times through

health and through accidents she was

almost killed several times through

health and accidents as she says she

knows that curse is broken yes





thank you from thank you Jesus thank you

lord thank you lord the believer shall

lay hands on the sick and they shall


yes are you a believer I want you to

turn and face that direction over to go

now lay hands on the person in front of


everything that needs a week thank you

now say this I lay hands on you

in the name of Jesus receive your

healing from the top of your head to the

soles of your feet

amen amen

all right turn around face me and turn

that way lay hands on the person in

front of you in the name of Jesus in the

head I lay hands on you be heal heal

from the crown of your head from the

crown of your head to the soles of your

feet through the soles of your feet in

Jesus name in Jesus name Amen

and now turn and face me lay hands on

the person in front of them I’ll lay

hands on you


in the name of Jesus in the name of sees

me he’ll be healed from the crown of

your head from the crown of your head to

the soles of your feet to the stones in

Jesus name in Jesus name now turn around

and face that way lay your hands on the

person in front of I lay hands on you I


in the name of Jesus in the name of

Jesus be healed from the crown of your

head to the soles of your feet

in the name of Jesus amen

now wait a minute


you have been prayed for one three four

times you’ve had believers lay their

hands on you say it I recover it’s mine

and I’m gonna fire that name

I have big faith in that name

thank you Jesus thank you Jesus thank

you Jesus thank you Jesus thank you


how do you now don’t turn loose of it

don’t turn loosen continue to cook

because I tell you the devil do his best

eat it often don’t let him have it

then Jesus say he comes immediately to

steal the word don’t don’t believe

symptoms those are lies amen

that there was a lie and his symptoms

are lies said I am the healed not the


I’m the heal Satan tries to steal my

health but he can’t



one more time here name




is there


God loves you we love you and Jesus