The land of Canaan was for God’s people, but the giants had control of it. Join Bill Winston at the 2019 Southwest Believers’ Convention as he exhorts the Church to face the giants, take dominion and advance the kingdom of God. God’s way of getting His people to walk in dominion is by impartation.

all right I’ve got one hour reach it all

reach it out we have three services on

Sunday and the people come in the last

service talk about preach it all they’ve

slept half the morning okay yeah right

all right let’s go back let’s go hey

Matt hey Matt let’s go back to

Deuteronomy Deuteronomy chapter to this

where we started before mm-hmm around me

chapter 2 and we started here at verse

24 now we’re talking about Facing the

Giants Facing the Giants Sina I set my

set my clock here let’s see it go over

to God just do that brother Copeland

does I just touch it when it goes but

facing the Giants

why am I even here

in this topic because

the church one man said it that I’m

gonna repeat what he said that the

church has been on the comfortable side

of persecution long enough oh I like

that comfortable side of persecution and

the Bible says in second Timothy that

all who live godly shall suffer

persecution all who live godly and these

giants were the ones that won the

promised land on that they were living

in it yeah and these practice for land

was for God’s people and the Giants had

it and they were having a good time with


and 12 spies that was sent out 10 of

them came back with an evil report as

you know and all the people got fearful

fraid there’s only two people that that

made it into the Promised Land that was

Joshua and Caleb and you know the story

but they brought back these big grapes

you know to just build the desire of the

people this is that was God’s intent God

wants us to desire what He desires for

us in other words to allow his desire to

be our desire and so what happened was

they died in the wilderness and they

weren’t supposed to this foes are going

to Canaan so it’s amazing how many

people of God are dying without their

promises and that’s not the way it’s

supposed to be and I really want to be

an agent to put it into that

put it into that because these promises

are for us and God wants us to have them

and it’s even through those promises the

Bible talks about we escaped the

corruption that is in the world through

lust some pressure and but these

promises are key for us one man said

this if faith has no proof it’s a fake I

like that too

because our faith should be doing

something you know we we just don’t have

faith to have faith I mean what you’ll

do with faith faith is give him for a

reason you know and one of the teachings

that I learned way back when when I

first started I think Charles Capps and

I was listened to but he taught on the

kingdom of God and the kingdom of God is

a new order of living by faith you got

to live by faith to live in the kingdom

and and what happens is and I went over

there I think last time I think I’ll

cover some of this but Jesus said over

in John chapter 10 verse 9 he said I am

the door and that’s what I talked about

last time not the door in other words if

you want to come in I’m the door talks

about one script he talks about it’s a

narrow way describes a man who’s loaded

up and had to unload him and then bring

him through the door and then load him

back up

but he’s the door he’s the one that we

introduce people to but I really didn’t

want to be introduced to Jesus until I

saw what was in the pasture

okay all right see how I’m gonna have to

do some work here

he said he that innocent will be saved

and shall go in and out and find pasture

so picture that’s grazing that’s

provision so all the provision is back

here it’s through the door I’m not gonna

camp at the door I’m not gonna sleep in

the door I’m gonna go on in the house

and find provision and all these

provisions are in the house healing

deliverance preservation soundness peace

joy prosperity businesses all this is in

the house and we got to get this over in

the revelation chapter 12 12 chapter 5

and verse 12 he talks about it as the

inheritance package over here let me

just tune in here over in Revelation

what did I say chapter 5 and verse verse

12 he says though he’s a god I’ll get it

I know you got it up here he said this

wind blowing here he says verse 12

saying with a loud voice worthy is the

Lamb that was slain to receive power and

riches and wisdom and strength and honor

and glory and blessing

that’s called an inheritance package you

know like you go to a job and get a

benefits package this is it is your

Kingdom benefits package it’s one of

those of preach

and so we we gotta get back here

we just can’t come to a meeting like

this and leave like we came look over

here in Hebrews I know I got to in

Deuteronomy just you told me to to flow

away many where they read what he says

here in verse 12 he was chapter 5 for me

and verse 12

Oh enough for the time we ought to be

teachers you have need of one teach you

again which be the first principles of

the Oracles of God that are become such

as have need of milk and not of strong

meat for everyone that uses milk is

unskillful in the word of righteousness

for he is a baby laud him but strong

meat belongeth to those of full age so

forth is long but I want you to see that

first verse tear verse 12 he said look

what he says he says for wind for the

time that you ought to be teachers you

have need of one teach you again which

be the first principles of the Oracles

of God hey you had it but because it

wasn’t used now you slip back now need

somebody to teach you again and that’s

what I’m saying I’m saying and you come

to a meeting like this all this work

that’s going forth in here I mean you I

remember when I was at a going to school

at seminary oru and I remember I

couldn’t wait to get out of class

because I would load up my car there’s

my wife will to stand up wave phrase God

sister Veronica said that so they can


thirty thirty five thirty thirty six

thirty thirty something years and and

you know when she would load me up in

the car she’d load up the chairs in the

trunk of the car and she’d load up I had

a sound system that I’d purchased she’d

load that up and I head for the north

side of Tulsa and that’s where the

housing government housing project is

more the poor and I’d set it up there’s

always somebody said there was a lady

that I knew I said can I run my cord

through your window and in in half

service oh yeah and you get so you know

and I’d get out there preach like a

house of fire now

I’m saying I’ll tell people how good god

is and that God these people didn’t have

much anything but God is a good guy and

so I remember one time I called for

Souls and a man came up he had his arm

in a sling and he had it wrapped up I

had a cast from from from the wrists

down to the elbow and I I prayed for him

to be saved and then I said to him I

said now what’s wrong with your arm

he said my wife cut me so ok I said now

do you believe God can heal that he said

well yeah and I said ok let me pray for

you boom started praying

once I started praying for him he start

moving his fingers and his hand began to

move on out arm began to move out he

said look at that look at that that’s

what he said now I’m I’m I’m praying but

I got I’m watching and praying cause I

is we asked him it was rough out there


and so and so what happened hmm

was the gentleman that was assisting me

just got saved two nights before so it

was you know he had alcoholism and a lot

of stuff and he was assisting me cuz I

try to get somebody saved and then let

them assist me and so he is syste me so

he’s on this side the guys on this side

of me and the guys looking at his arm

and the guy on this side says are you

healed he said yeah he said well shake

my hand in and grab that thing and start

pulling it like I say oh Jesus

and that the man held his hand he said

look at that I said I said God healed


he went home took all the stuff off his

arm came back and had a little suture

where the doctor had sewed up his arm

just left just a little bit just like

the holes that were left in Jesus’s

hands just a little suture right there

everything else was completely healed up

and he said this I will go home I

believe is healed my back to see she had

cut him in the back in the back to I

said brother I’m glad you here I’m glad

you were able to get things but once

they saw the pasture they couldn’t wait

to know the where the door was

show me the door and I was the same way

I was head over heels and dead also deep

in debt I couldn’t pay attention and I

call it my job and and you know walking

down the aisle it I being like I’m um

you know who to thought it and and

didn’t have anything I mean broke

calling they didn’t have caller ID at

that time so you just have to pick it up

and take your chances and I got I got on

to him do I start kind of disguising my

voice ya ha hallo he not here


I’m hurting and I hear Charles Capps

talking about putting debts on a kitchen

table and pointing at him

this is throwing me into the kingdom

because I got to see some demonstration

huh I’ve heard preachers I had heard

pretty didn’t want to hear no more but

that’s what happened to me I say wala

he’s Charles Capps says God has no

respect of persons Romans

I mean LeBeau shunned Arabic esata did

he because she tear Acts chapter 10

verse 34 Peter said I perceive God has

no respect of person but in every nation

he that heareth him and worketh

righteousness is accepted with him

so that means had the same access to his

blessing I said if you’ll do it for

Charles Capps Charles Capps head he’ll

do it for me man I couldn’t wait to get

them bills put him on that table I said

bills I’m talking to you now you got to

talk quicker they talk back I said here


in the name of Jesus I did that and

started and out of debt flow

one years totally out of debt

oh no man nothing we owe no man nothing

from the time all the way to today as

years buy everything cash discs at what

huh cuz I got ahold of the pasture see

and I declared that in my life

I’m gonna live what I’m preaching I’m

gonna live it when I preach it i’ma

preach it with the authority and I’m a

preacher with all the gusto because it

is in my life and it’s gonna be in yours

I said today is gonna be the last day

you going through what you going

all right but let’s let’s get in here

now and see what the Lord has so the

supernatural is should be natural to the

believer I mean it should be the way the

thing that the education system is

trying to do today is they’re trying to

what I call they’re trying to take their

time to take the spirit out of learning

they’re they’re trying to make it so

that you don’t focus on the spirit but

it’s all soul and body

you got what I’m saying so the way that

Satan goes after doing that is take the

Bible out he’s gonna take the Bible out

so you won’t know anything about the

spirit and let me tell you I’m telling

you all kinds of things has happened

since then but one of our purposes for

being here is to take Dominion that

including that includes changing laws

especially ungodly laws that we’re gonna

get Bibles back in school

well Reverend we have them already in

the in the Christian school no no no no

no no the Bible says the whole earth is

the Lord’s not just Christian school and


what we got to do is we got to first

wake up to identification knowing who we

now let me just start here and let’s see

can we get somewhere with this because

this this this is powerful stuff folks

this is powerful stuff I went down to

Sri Lanka and down in just south of

India and we’re preaching down there

before I preach I’m sitting near the

deer what kind of honoring me at that

time it had a chair right there it’s

it’s packed I mean yeah he had services

but I’d say what time does the service

star just hit four o’clock I said four

o’clock p.m. no am i said a.m. a.m. yeah

I’m from America am

and Soho so I got there around 7:00

packed all outside packed everything

came downtown so then the bishop got up

he said I won’t just say a few worth

before we bring up dr. Winston’s coming

up he said that every Christian now

watch this every Christian after being

saved within nine months should be a

millionaire watch this now I got a

priest behind us and watch what he said

next if they are not there’s something

wrong with them or something wrong with

their preacher that’s it okay all right

let’s open our text – with God all

things are possible you think about it

the first thing you have is the Holy

Ghost same into this the next thing you

have is you are an ambassador you are

sent from a wealthy family

come on now Thanks

yeah you could just add these things up

you’ve got what the world never had

there are things that are possible with

God that are totally impossible with me

I’m not just saying to be a millionaire

to be a millionaire but my point to you

is is there’s a lot you can do with some

money I better come over here there is a

lot I don’t know what you’ve ever got on

the battlefield but you get this gospel

out costs of money all right okay let’s

look at this because there are some

things I want to want to share with you

now I’m gonna finish on time but don’t

rush me all right let’s go do it on me

chapter 2 and verse 24 rise you up and

take your journey pass over the river

arnon behold I’ve given into thy hands I

am the amorite king of Heshbon and his

land began to possess it and contend

with him in battle this day will I began

to put the dread of the in the fear of

the upon the nations that are under the

whole of heaven which is here report of

the until tremble and be in anguish

because of thee

alright let’s go over to acts Acts

chapter 1 in verse 8

okay acts 1 and verse 8 but you shall

receive power after that the Holy Ghost

has come upon you and you shall be

witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and

in all Judea and in Samaria and in other

most parts of the earth all right power

Dunamis why it’s put in your Bible

miracle working ability miracle working

abilities let’s go over to John Romans

please in Romans in chapter 5 Romans

chapter 5 and verse 17 for if by one

man’s offense death reigned by one much

more they which receive the abundance of

grace and the gift of righteousness

shall reign in life by one Jesus Christ

now the amplified says reign as kings in


a king functions by decree a king

functions by decree over in Revelation

chapter 19 he said on his thighs written

king of kings and Lord of lords so a

king functions by decree a Lord

functions by ownership the Lord

functions by ownership your kings and

Lords now if I go on over to Luke’s

Gospel now in Luke chapter 19 over Luke

chapter 19 he says here starting at

verse 12 and he said therefore he said

therefore a certain nobleman went into a

far country to receive for himself a

kingdom and to return and he called his

10 servants and delivered them to in

pounds and he said unto them what occupy

till i come lord have mercy

occupy till i come i said you can put in

your bible advance and hold advance and

hold now what are we gonna be advancing

you’re gonna be advancing the kingdom

you’re gonna be advancing the kingdom

remember what he said the kingdom of God

is not in meat and drink but in

righteousness peace and what joy and the

Holy Ghost everybody’s looking for the

kingdom I don’t care what religion they

are they are looking for the kingdom of

God every one of them they want peace

righteousness they want joy and in the

kingdom of God or all the provisions

that you and I would ever need

until Jesus comes everything’s in the

kingdom now what did he do with the

kingdom we went to Luke and Luke chapter

17 and looking at verse 20 and when he

was demanded of the Pharisees when the

kingdom of God should come he answered

them and said the kingdom of God cometh

not with observation neither shall they

say lo here or lo there behold the

kingdom of God is where in you speaking

prophetically okay they couldn’t come in

two disciples before they got born again

but once he got born again the whole

kingdom came inside of them so

everything that you’ll ever need God has

placed it in the kingdom

it is a Commonwealth the king put it

there and it’s a take care of every need

so when you go somewhere you can’t don’t

have to live from the outside in you

would never design to work for money you

were designed that money worked for you

and so this kingdom is in you now this

is what I was told this is what I was

preached when I got born again I didn’t

know anything but the kingdom and so

when I look back and I took the

scriptures here just if you’ll just bear

with me go back to Matthew’s Gospel

chapter four and over in Matthew’s

Gospel chapter four here I’ll read here

starting at verse 23 he said and Jesus

went about all Galilee teaching in their

synagogues and preaching the gospel of

the kingdom and healing all manner of

sickness and all manner of diseases

among the people Matthew chapter four

and verse 23 let’s go to Matthew’s

Gospel chapter 9 over in Matthew chapter

9 verse 35 and Jesus went about all the

cities and villages teaching in their

synagogues and preaching the gospel of

the kingdom and healing every sickness

and every disease among the people let’s

go to Matthew’s Gospel chapter 10 and

when he had called unto him his twelve

disciples he gave unto them power

against unclean spirits and cat to cast

them out come on down here and start

reading at verse seven and when you as

you go preach saying the kingdom of

heaven is at hand

watch this heal the sick cleanse the

lepers raise the dead cast out devils

freely you have received now freely give

and what is he demonstrating the pasture

he’s demonstrating what’s in this

kingdom let’s go all the way over here

to the book of Acts let’s go all the way

over here to the book of Acts chapter 8

if you will over in Acts chapter 8

here’s Philip he’s going down here to

Samaria and preached and verse 5 then

Philip went down unto a certain city of

Samaria and preached Christ unto them

come on down because there was a

sorcerer now and they’re working in

verse 11 and to him that sorcerer

they had regard because that of a long

time he had bewitched people with

sorceries but when they believed Philip

preaching the things concerning the what

say it louder and the name of Jesus

Christ they were baptized both both men

and women and then he goes on from there

let’s go over to Acts chapter 28 please

Acts chapter 28 over in Acts chapter 28

he says here I’ll start reading at verse

30 and Paul dwelt two whole years in his

own house hired house pardon me and

received all that came to him preaching

the what kingdom of God and teaching

those things which concern the Lord

Jesus Christ with all confidence no man

what forbidding him everybody freeze

Kingdom that’s people need see you need

to see something in our lives that

they desire to have and I want that I

need peace with my house I need my kids

saved I I mean you know I need my

healing I need this I’m just saying and

so this is what we can’t leave out

because there’s a demonstration that’s

needed TL Osborn said this when miracle

ceased people went to dead God’s so we

got to bring the miracles back same into


and we want to do it in Jesus name hi

let’s go now to let’s go and deal with a

word called impartation impartation now

if you with me let’s go to Isaiah 30 la

Shanda let’s just estimate it old I want

you to see this this word is called

impartation I know I wrote it down you

know I get up here sometimes and I tried

it I get things I know I wrote it and

then I get in the back in there it is

you know what I mean

Isaiah 34 and verse 16 please all right

watch this now I’m taking my time youyou

gonna you’re gonna shout at the end but

I’m taking my time alright look what he

says he says seek out of the book of the

Lord and read no one of these show full

none shall want him/her wait a minute

put my lesson just a minute I got it I

got it and read and no one of these

shall fall none shall want her meat for

my mouth it has commanded and His Spirit

it has gathered them now what’s that

last part for my mouth

it has commanded and his spirit it has

gathered them now what does he mean by


put this down in your notes

God has a covenant way of bringing his

people the Lord God help me Holy Ghost

come on now I got to get this come on

name of Jesus a supernatural covenant

way of walking in Dominion that’s what I

want to say he has a supernatural

covenant way of walking in Dominion now

let’s look look at what he what he means

now I’m not gonna go to the scriptures

I’m just gonna tell you what it says ex

Ezekiel 37 this is when there were about

there was a valley of dry bones so this

these bones were in this valley and God

came to Ezekiel and said son of man can

these bones live and Ezekiel trying to

cover himself he said you know Lord and

it says in verse 4 and again he said

unto me watch this prophesy upon these

bones and sand to them oh ye dry bones

hear the word of the Lord thus said the

Lord God under these bones behold I will

cause breath to enter into you and you

shall live verse 7 so I prophesied as I

was commanded and as I prophesied there

was a noise and behold a shaking and


bones came together bone to bone now

when I was in in that church when I was

a kid I remember you used to talk about

they used to sing a song called a neck

bone connected to the hip bone or

something like that all right okay

just stay here what is he saying he is

saying that a way for you to have

dominion is through impartation is

through impartation now Deuteronomy and

chapter 34 says here in verse 9 and

Joshua the son of nun was full of the

spirit of wisdom and Moses because Moses

had laid his for Moses had laid his

hands upon him so here is Joshua taking

over for Moses and Joshua was going to

receive what Moses had by impartation in

other words he didn’t need to go through

what Moses went through to get what

Moses had all he needed was an

impartation are y’all with me her

now this is key because what he’s saying

in Ezekiel and what he’s saying in

Isaiah is that the Spirit is going to

follow the word so when I’m teaching you

it’s not just sound it’s a measure of

prophetic word that has the same spirit

with it that I’m preaching man this is

good here I can listen to tapes or CDs

the spirit of it is on it you can read

certain books and the Spirit of the

author comes with the book


now I’m letting you know that because


this whole impartation piece is a piece

that the people of God need to expect

that there be an impartation when these

speakers are coming up to speak

let’s go over here to First Samuel and

First Samuel chapter 22 please open

First Samuel chapter 22 look what he

says here and I’ll start reading here at

verse 1 and David yeah David they’re of

departed that so forth it’s on verse 2

and everyone that was distressed

everyone that was in debt and everyone

that was discontented gathered

themselves unto him and he became a

captain over them now check it out

here these people with these three DS

and they come and they’re gathering to

David now what has happened to David

David’s laid a giant Saul tried to hang

his armor on it and Saul said you can’t

go up against this guy he’s been trained

in war from his youth David said no


I killed the lion I killed the bear and

I can take this guy as well I like what

one man said David confess five times

what he’s gonna do to Goliath before he

did it because you’ll never rise any

higher than you willing to confess so

turn over to 2nd Samuel and chapter 23

please over in 2nd Samuel and chapter 23

and look at verse 8 these be the names

of the mighty men whom David had the

Tecla night that set in the seed chief

among the captains the same was adeno

the is night

he lifted up his spear against eight

hundred whom he slew at one time wait a

minute where did they get that anointing

from this is a wrong crowd where did

they get the anointing from they got it

from David they got it from David it was

an impartation that that when he was

teaching them the same anointing that

was on him we can – come on them they

could arrive at the kind of Dominion

that he had without going through what

he went through let’s keep going down

here look here amen

look here at verse 15 and David longed

and said oh that one would give me a

drink of the water of the well of

Bethlehem which is by the gate now it

just so happened that between him and

the well was the enemy but three of his

men broke through got him a cup of water

and gave it to him now what did Jesus

teach about a cup of water come on now

over in Matthew’s Gospel chapter 10 you

gonna wake up Matthew’s Gospel and

chapter 10 nobody says here in verse 41

he that receiveth a prophet in the name

of a prophet shall receive a Prophet’s

what the war and he that receiveth a

righteous man in the name of a righteous

man shall receive what a righteous man

reward and whosoever shall give a drink

unto one of these little ones a cup

of cold water only in the name of the

disciple verily I say unto you he shall

in no wise lose his reward now I believe

Jesus was also talking about serving the

man of God that when you serve the man

of God and part of how you can serve him

is with helping him get the gospel

around the world

that when you do that part of the

anointing that’s all this ministry will

now start coming on you now let me give

you a walking living example it’s ish BW

me ah as I sowed into this ministry the

impartation that is on the man of God

and woman of God of this ministry begin

to come on my ministry

are you follow what I’m saying here and

I’m saying this thing works I don’t care

who you are

it works wise God throws you did it he’s

trying to get you into the supernatural

so that you won’t have to spend years

trying to develop something that you can

develop in one meeting glory to God that

some things can happen to you look at

first samuel of second samuel chapter 23

come on down here come on down here to

the bottom he said and benaiah the son

this verse 20 now benaiah the son of

jehoiada something praise god the son

the son of a valiant man and hip zeal

pays God who had done many acts watch

this he slew two lion like men of Moab

but watch this he went down also and

slew a lion in the midst of a pit in the

time of snow now who else slew a lion

not the same anointing that’s on David

is coming on those beer no no are you

with me here now notice what he said my

people are destroyed for what that’s of

knowledge he’s not talking about infamy

she’s talking my revelation that they

haven’t been taught some things and I’m

telling you now that if you go back and

just look at the scriptures look at

second Kings when you get a chance and

look at the fact that Elijah served who

Elijah and he is about to go he said

well if you see me when I’m gone I’ll

give it to you he wanted a double

portion he didn’t want just what was on

that ministry he wants twice of what’s

on that myth come on now come on stay

with me I’m talking about the church is

a supernatural institution glory to God

God has made it so that you don’t have

to struggle any more this this anointing

that is on this ministry is available

for every partner every person that is

on this ministry

the Apostle Paul talked about it in

Philippians chapter 1 and he talked

about that that you are protocol of my

grace same into that and oh you got a do

it believe it

see you got to believe it forth when you

glory to God can I keep going here no

have mercy is so please I want to go

I’ll a by Shanda I feel something now

all right now I’m saying here that God

has a covenant way for us to take

Dominion he knows that the time is short

he knows that there is a way that that

you can get dis anointing on your life

that can shortcut trying to go through

all the schools trying to go through all

the the trials and error but you can be

like a Joshua and just have Moses lay

hands on you or you can be like the

mighty men and just let David teach you

and I’m saying right now you better get

ready cause out of nor these will come

on you

all right let’s go to Luke’s Gospel and

Luke chapter 5 if you will over in Luke

chapter 5 this is the same principle

that I’m about to tell you right now in

Luke chapter 5 here and he said this

close to God and look at verse

hallelujah heard a Bachand ah yes indeed

Luke chapter 4 us mark come on Luke Luke

chapter 5 and verse led verse 17 hmm

alright and it came to pass on a certain

day as he was teaching that there were

Pharisees doctors of the law sitting

which were come out of every town of

Galilee and Judea and Jim and Jerusalem

and the power of the Lord was what

present to heal them now notice what I


the Spirit is gonna follow the word say

amen to that

and as I’m teaching right now watch this

as I’m teaching right now you can

receive a miracle of impartation in your

life right now


let’s go to first chronicles chapter 29

first chronicles chapter 29 can yo let

me preach this first chronicles chapter

29 in first chronicles chapter 29 he did

this he says what’s this verse 4 he says

even no no no no no no no no I want to

start that dude’s head verse 4 I don’t

want to start ok let’s start at verse 3

moreover because I have my affection to


to the house of my god he said I have in

my own a proper good of gold and silver

and so forth and so on

now here’s David and it said and even

the three thousand talents of gold of

the gold of Ophir

and a seven thousand talents of silver

now now now this this three towels

thousand towns of gold let me let me

just stop right here for a minute he’s

giving 3,000 talents of gold oh Jesus

come on come on Holy Ghost help me now

with this here praise the Lord I got to

get this out I get so high came see all

right now

I’m telling you you’re trying to read

now now here’s what I want to show you

look down here at verse seven know verse

six he said then the chief that didn’t

touch that yet then the chief of the

fathers and princes and of the tribes of

Israel and the captains of thousands and

hundreds with the rulers of the Kings

word work pardon me offered willingly to

God and gave for the service of the

house of God of gold

five thousand talents of gold five

thousand talents and ten thousand grams

of silver and ten thousand talents and

of brass now let me just say this

a talent is roughly not don’t please

please don’t don’t look at my faults

look at what I’m about to tell you okay

all right yes just look at what about

take because because I know what I can

do all right five don’t have any fault

thank you brother look what it says here

and it says it they gave they gave they

gave whatever see they willingly gave

lord have mercy

five thousand talents now in my

concordance it said a talent is um

roughly a million dollars that that’s in

mocking : I didn’t ask you about your

concordance in my Conchords a talent

it’s roughly a million dollars now if

they got gave five thousand talents

somebody good in math tell me what that


what is it five billion now these boys

machen David how did they start out

broke busted and disgusted am i right

about that

how did they end up giving billions why

because of impartation

you killed up come on now you got to see

me see what I’m saying I’m saying

because we weren’t inside out minded we

were outside in but you can’t get this

outside in minded this comes through the

kingdom this is a kingdom concept that

if you sit in here through all these

services you should go out rich

you should go heal you should go out

with peace you should go out with ideas


because that’s the anointing that’s on

these people same into this all right

let me keep going here oh wait a minute

wait a minute ah wait that must be wrong

Lord okay hold on all right you with me


so here’s TL Osborn he’s at a meeting he

preaches then he’s time you don’t don’t

pay attention to that

I’m going by that clock back there this

is I’m running a little fast okay now

heed preaching what he’s preaching now

he’s going down to heal the sick but it

gets to the man who’s been hauled in

there on the gurney and the man came in

there because his foot had been crushed

and so they had a sheet over it and when

he came in he had one foot that was

sticking up onto the sheet and when he

laws board got to him doctor are 4.2 him

he said what can I do for you he looked

out at the sheet and two feet was

sticking up he said dr. Osborn I think

you’ve already done it why because then

the word carries the spirit

get sorry all right

so that’s enough of that you you had to

grab it yourself now next identification

say identification come on over to Psalm

chapter 82 please Wow that was tough to

get out man

I’m trying to figure out why is this so

tough good enough all right Psalm

chapter 82 let me know when you get

there are you there

alright nobody says starting verse 1 God

standards in the congregation of the

mighty and judges among the gods alright

I heard again

way back when one of the men of faith

say this if you read that and and and

somebody could correct me if it’s wrong

if it’s wrong I’m just gonna still put

it out there I mean you’ve been

corrected you know I’m open to

correction he said if you look at in

Hebrew it’s Halloween standing the

congregation of the elephant’s and

judges among the Elohim now mmm I

somewhere close here all right now why

am I saying this because God made you

like him he’s creator and your creator

and what he does is he gives you things

in a seed form now stay with me stay

with me so here’s the tree now you’ll

give you a tree now what you gonna do

with it well I can make a chair out of

it well I can get syrup out of it I’m

talking about all I can do with the tree

because this whole idea of creation is

the word fruitful fruitful means to

produce so this production that he’s

calling us to do is he wants us to

produce something I’m not and look at a

definition of the word produce and it

means to bring forward it means to

exhibit to the to public in other words

it means to make something come forth

out of what he’s given produce produce a

witness something that is not there

bring it forth so here is a tree bring

it forth well it’s going to bring forth

a chair now I told you that the amount

that’s brought forth can be monetized in

the fact they call it the gross national

product it’s what a nation has produced

with the resources that it has now the

only reason a person is poor is not

because they don’t have enough money or

a job that pays much the poverty comes

close to God

when when there’s an absence of self

production that’s when it comes when an

absence of self production the when when

when God called the fish out of the sea

he spoke to the cygnets in the book here

the animals were formed from the soil

from the earth I’m saying he called

something out of something and and what

Satan does with oppression is he keeps

you from seeing what’s in it say you you

when when we’re oppressed we can’t

create I mean what is a country that has

come out of time let me give me give me

give me give me eight more minutes here

what is a country that has more natural

resources than hardly anywhere else in

the world what continent what continent

Africa I’ve been to some parts of Africa

and it were just like it was back in the

Stone Age or something all right now I’m

not downgrading Africans because some

other parts of our got billionaires in

it my point to you is what are you doing

with what I’m giving you see what are

you doing with what I’m giving because I

will give you some stuff now you have to

produce something and if anybody lacks

wisdom let him ask of God so notice I’m

going to take what I’ve got and create

something new Bill Gates is the ability

notice what it followed the money

followed innovation the money followed

creativity the money followed uh moaning

I’m saying something here now cuz George

Washington Carver asked oh god what is

it that what can I do with his peanut

and he let him and showed him how to

make everything from face cream to

children’s crayons out of a peanut now

I’m just saying God has put something in

your hands and and and we’ve got to get

free enough so that we can create from

what he’s given us law have mercy the

church should be the epicenter of

invention it should be the place where

stuff we’ve got a lady now we had to

come speak at our church she went and

got uh old recipes she was on welfare

got the old recipes she found it from a

great-grandmother she took that recipe

and start making the syrup that was in

there and now she’s a multi-millionaire

products all over everywhere now I’m

just saying what is it around you that’s

ready for production lo haré merci come

on come on help okay I’m almost I’m

almost done now one of the things

that’ll help you is a sense of

righteousness consciousness

righteousness consciousness now I’m

saying that because when when the the

the thoughts of the righteous all right

meaning all right here here watch this

watch this Lord the people needs the

people need a word Lord now this is me

in Minneapolis when I first started to


I said people need a word I said Lord

then tears king demise Lord it’s

Saturday night Lord and people need a

word no I’m I’m thinking I’m I’m gonna

move God but how did he say they’ve come

before him come bowling I said he said

his voice clearly what are you doing I

said well I’m trying to get a word he

said how do you come to me see what I’m

trying to do I’m trying to ask a Miss

I’m trying to ask outside and out of

line with his word come are you with me

here now I’m trying to cover my pillow

help me Holy Ghost so I’m saying to you

right now that a sense of inferiority

and not being in the gods class it’s

difficult to hear what God wants to do

through our lives so what I have to do

is I have to come back and I said wait a

minute who I Who am I

so I told y’all Superman but now I know

who I am I am a god a little G not big G

and God has things plans for me that are

big plans that I can take this gospel

all over the world now wait wait a

minute wait a minute

so what do I do God says something to me

by their shopping ball now I’m like

Abraham in Genesis 15 Lord I have no

seed see there’s what he said he showed

him he said I have no seed so I said

Lord how am I going to do this he said

take Joshua 1/3 so I took Joshua 1/3

said meditated I began to meditate it it

not only opened up a shopping mall or

safety with me it not only open this

thing up I began to see it

mine it also gave me the strategy to get

it now the shopping mall was a giant but

not the mall was in the hands of

somebody else but that wasn’t where it

was supposed to be God said I want you

to have that shopping mall now notice

how he took me beyond something I could

do into something that only he could do

and the way that he could do it through

me is through faith how does faith come

by hearing and hearing by what the Word

of God

so how about it’s time for me to leave

IBM I tried three or four times to leave

couldn’t leave my name’s was short he

said I heard Jerry Savelle preach on

seedtime and harvest I got to take

listen to it over and over over what it

is doing is changing my thinking it’s

putting a new vision in my heart the

next thing I know I called my wife one

day said baby I’m leaving the company

she said well praise the Lord

what did I do I go in and tell my boss

I’m leaving now understand the economy

is down at that time it would be foolish

to leave but when faith comes it puts

you under the influence so now that

faith is coming I can see myself

successful I wasn’t leaving IBM I was

slowing IBM and now look at what God has

we’re preaching to almost a billion

people every week now I’m saying to you

right now it doesn’t make any difference

because now I had an airplane that was

you Lord what do I do

I need see a guy came in preached from

Africa he preached and he said pastor

your airplane is in Ecclesiastes chapter

10 what do you think I did I went to the

Ecclesiastes said you better listen to


I went Ecclesiastes chapter 10 and I

read it didn’t see an airplane read it


didn’t see an airplane read it again

didn’t see an airplane write it again

the eyes of my understanding got

enlightened I saw verse 20 a bird of the

air shall carry your voice now you don’t

have to have a dime you had already

belongs to you the seed is the word of


so I’m saying I don’t know what your

condition is but if you’ve got the

kingdom in Luke’s Gospel chapter 6 and

verse 20 he told this poor woman blessed

are the poor for yours it’s a king of

God it wasn’t saying you gotta be poor

and just live like this until you get to

heaven he’s saying now that you’re in

the kingdom you’ll never be poor another

day in your life


now how about Joseph’s business school

God speaks to me I want you to put up a

business school that’s gonna teach my

people entrepreneurship and make them

wealthy to the point of Joseph

controlling the economies of the world I

said lord I need seed he said Isaiah 48

17 he said thus head the Lord his head

lord have mercy come on in Jesus name

man it’s tough to preach it

hey he said this he said ah thus said

the Lord that redeem of the Holy One of


I’m the LORD thy God that teaches

theater profit and I’ll lead you by the

way that you should go now I’m saying

that I took it took that verse beginning

to say it now where did the school come

from it came from heaven see heaven is

coming to earth but it’s coming inside

of you so as it came inside of me now as

I begin to decree it it begins to come

out of me and begin to manifest in the

lord have mercy

say creation now I’m saying to you look

at the school now it’s in five

continents of the world

I’m saying it’s turning out we’re about

to start a new class of six weeks to

turn out millionaires in six weeks see

if God lord have mercy I don’t care if

you know like me I’m gonna say what God

said he said to me it will listen to the

Holy Ghost I said it will listen to him

he will teach you how to be a


wahhhh been struggling to get this house

but you go get this I’m telling you

right now that some of you in this

meeting I want you to get your


God is about to do some things for you

that you never thought could be done

we’re about to see the biggest transfer

of wealth


folks you should hear the testimony now

what am I saying I’m saying every one of

you don’t be jealous of me because

they’re haters out there and when Joseph

said what his vision was they’d start

hating on him and the same thing with me

I thought I was cool but when I was at

Lincoln Pulaski that little storefront

Church everybody loved bill Winston then

I moved to Forest Park things started

exploding then this hell he’s alright

and then I moved to another place then I

bought the shopping mall and even the

barbers start talking about me well Rev

and I heard you go by that shopping mall

well they knew that in that particular

place they didn’t let no black soul

nothing like that but they listened in

the kingdom


let me tell you something I don’t care

what color you are if you believe God

God said if he’d be for you

I’m just saying look at it now how

hundreds of employees look what is your

spitting out millions of dollars I’m

saying look what he did not only that

I’m talking about what God can raise up

through you

you see he’s going to use us to fix the

legal system it’s gonna use us to

eradicate poverty

say this with me the kingdom of God is

in me right now from this day forward I

will be God inside minded

I will dig cria thing

and it shall be established no longer

well I play victimhood

I am NOT a victim I am victorious

everything that comes my way that

belongs to me

I want it won’t it


I’m not had a little rough start getting

out there and this is not half of my

message yet but I’m saying this to you

right now

I’m saying this as a man of God who is

God has taught some things I decree just

like this man said he said tomorrow

about this time I said tomorrow come on

now let me tell you something I have

found that I got a watch because some

time believers get jealous of believers

their unbelieving believers is what they

are and the next thing you know they

were all right as long as malls didn’t

manifest come on as long as banks didn’t

manifest that well gets me on the back

met with magnet castles got together and

met with me for the Fed to take the bank

out of my hands I’m telling you why

would you do that to your brother why

would they do that to Joseph I’m putting

up a bank so that the church when they

get the wealth will have somewhere to

put it put it back down in a place they

call use and forgive me man everybody

should be behind those kind of ideas so

I’m saying to you can you stand to be


God is about to bless you beyond measure


yawn better I’m not talking about

millionaires I’m not with pastor I’ve

caused my billionaires in the body of


are you open to receive new ideas I

release new creative ideas into this

ministry on the partners of this

ministry in the name of Jesus now shout

about it and give the Lord of crack

and let me say one more thing let me say

this you black Christians

don’t let this political system use you

and tell you that you are a victim you

are not a victim

come on you you hear me don’t go for

that all they want to do is put you on a

government handout and have you begging

again your days of begging


now I’m scared to talk to y’all we’ll

talk to you right we’re there cuz I’m

tired of these people of color black and

brown being used by politicians

you don’t need another handout you got

the whole kingdom


folks ie what the devil doesn’t want his

manifestation he don’t care how many

times you come in here shout to kick

over the church benches all that cry and

spit he doesn’t care about that and Mao

fact he’s sitting up in here somewhere

I’m not not in here but he said he tried

to sit up in churches my point to you is

God has woo lord have mercy

I hear that today though have mercy told

me to tell a team today is a turnaround

in your life


them Giants have had your stuff long

enough I said today it’s going to be a


that everything that Devils been holding

he’s about to make the wicked scramble

now you decree a thing and call your

stuff in to where it’s supposed to be

he’s about to take you to a fight you

can’t we he’s about to take you to a

piece of property you can’t afford but

Jesus has got your back

it’s already paid


I will let you go

now listen I started out kind of rough

here but don’t pay no attention to that

I came to you to prophesy to these bones

I came to tell you that tomorrow about

this same time come on

one week


reach out like that now pull it in

that’s yours right there who’s coming


give God praise given thank you god

bless you come on give him praise I





this conference is not just any other

conference I said it do you hear me what

I said there’s an impartation taking

place here you go no stuff you don’t

know and something’s about to come to

you that you won’t know how it got there


one of the first things you can do when

you go back home put them debts on that


stand back off of them say bills I’m

talking to you in the name of Jesus be

paid off dematerialized disappear and in

the name of Jesus I am debt free and

with money in the bank

now give God a praise and receipt


oh I feel like God wants to do something

in this place

this thing is right for miracle

give it one more shout