Weather was often God’s weapon throughout Scripture. At the 2020 Virtual Victory Campaign, Kenneth Copeland shares a timely word about the coming supernatural heat wave. See several instances in the Bible where weather played an integral part in the deliverance of God’s people. Our God is a mighty wind!

open your Bibles to Genesis chapter 8

verse one hang on a second


and God remembered Noah and every living

thing all the cattle that was with him

in the ark and God made a wind to pass

over the earth and the waters are swage

or I dried them up

the Lord dealt with me and spoke to me a


oh it’s been what was it Lord several

several weeks ago and I will I’ll get on

into it as we go now this afternoon this

very day just just a little while before

well in fact I was I’ve spent all day

with Jesus just just in my study all day

as I’ve done now day after day of today

but listen carefully this man I’ve known

him since mid 1980s prophet of God had a

glorious experience with God over this

thing and the Lord said now I’m having

to do this remember because I had to get

he had a chance to write it down I mean

it was it was more than just a just an

experience I mean it was a glorious

thing it penetrated his being penetrated

the being of his wife in the room with

him and the Lord said I’m not going to

stop this thing and so forth I’m I’m

waking my people up and the Lord said to

me it’s not going to last as long as you

think now which is right both brother

Copeland I just don’t understand that

how could both of you be right because

both of us heard from God and these two

messages dovetail because we’re talking


and about a supernatural God the L

should die God the God is more than

enough hallelujah amen

and it is the way that you react and

respond and that I react and respond and

you’ll see something here in a moment

God’s weapon whether God made a win now

then before before before I go any

further with this

we know that Jesus spoke to the wind and

he spoke to the sea now the Lord showed

me this I mean when when John and Kelly

was just just little and and I saw it

vitally and experienced it we were

flying though into Arkansas up to our

prayer Kevin and there was one big

thunderstorm just one of those big

isolated storm but that thing was huge

you don’t ever want to get within 25

miles of one of those things not in

cruise flight I could see our place from

where I was and so I just set up holding

out here and I’m looking at I’m looking

at that that storm

Gloria’s brother Stanley was in the

right seat of the airplane

and now our place was over here that

storm was right over there and all of a

sudden the tornado just jumped out of

that and here it came I hollered at the

top of my voice in the name of Jesus you

get back up there where you belong the

wall flip it lid now one evening John

and Kelly were small we’re headed to

church from our little house over in

south part of Fort Worth we drove out

the driveway that night headed church

where I was speaking that night that our

home church of grace temple that I’m

here in Fort Worth and one way that we

could see this storm cloud over there

and there were a couple of tornadoes and

I I started to speak I said Kenny you

kids talk to that thing bad I’m telling

you they holiday Jesus in the name of

Jesus because we taught them how to do

it and those things went back up we

learned that we learned that 45 years

ago that we have command authority over

the weather I never will forget Michael

Cooley almost and Jessica bless their

heart Michael was over and out here at

the airport visiting with me about faith

and so forth and praise God and man

alive as wind started blowing and and

little clouds starting and and they were

reporting you know severe thunderstorm

night and and it was just ripping and

roaring I said let’s go stop that thing

and I’ve started out the back

my hanger on the front door my hanger

off is out there right out on the ramp I

said you come in and he came and I just

started walking up and down there you

don’t touch this property this is holy

ground you don’t come here in the name

of the Lord Jesus Christ by the

authority of his name get out of here

now and I’ll just walk up and down and

draw the line over this property you

don’t do it you don’t do it you don’t do

it you don’t go you get you get out of

here bless God you get off of this


well I didn’t think any more about it

I’ve been doing this 50 years and

Michael was stunned by what we went on

back in them we went on back in the

hanger office were where we were

visiting I forgot about it

I mean you’ve spoken to the thing that’s

the leaf I know what James 4:7 says

submit yourself to God resist the devil

there flee and I never thought anything

about it and it wasn’t but about 15 20

minutes guys until almost clear all

right God’s weapon whether

his purpose to deliver his people Exodus



verse three Moses and Aaron came in unto

Pharaoh and said unto Him thus saith the

Lord God of the Hebrews how long will

you refuse to humble yourself before me

let my people go that they may serve me

else if you refuse to let my people go

behold listen to this behold tomorrow

tomorrow I will bring the locusts into

your coasts

they will cover the face of the earth

that one cannot be able to see the earth

and they will eat the residue of that

which is escaped and remain of unto you

from the hail and you shall eat they

shall eat every tree that grows for you

out of the field

they’ll fill your houses the houses of

all your service the houses of the

Egyptians hmm he turned himself went

from Pharaoh

verse 13 Moses stretched forth his rod

over the land of Egypt and the Lord

brought an east wind upon the land all

that day and all that night and when it

was morning the east wind brought the

locusts and the locust went up over all

the land of Egypt and rested in all the

coasts of Egypt very Grievous were they

before them that were before them there

were no such locusts as they neither

after them shall be such verse 16

Pharaoh called for Moses and Aaron in

haste I’ve sinned against the Lord your

God and against you now therefore

forgive I pray they might stand upon

this once and then treat the Lord your

God you may take away from me that’s

death only and he went out from Pharaoh

and entreated the Lord and the Lord

turned a mighty strong west wind which

took away the locust and cast them into

the Red Sea there remained not one

locust in all the coasts of Egypt

praise God

I think some of you see rough going for

this I heard the Lord say this to me

several weeks ago Kenneth you believed

me for a heat wave well this is

backwards from from what I’ve done

before I said you know I see it Lord I

see it I walked out in my backyard and I

did the very same thing I do against

those storms and against those tornadoes

and I spoke it in the name of Jesus coal


Southwind I call for a strong

high-pressure system I called for a

supernatural heat wave all over this

nation and anywhere else in the world

where it is needed I speak to this

atmosphere burn now living here in Texas

I’ve seen it I was raised in this state

I was raised in West Texas where it gets

hot and then right here in Fort Worth

hey a lot of you remember this this

hadn’t been but what what what Barry

what a couple of years ago and may three

years ago in May in May it hit triple

digits and it we broke every kind of a

heat records you could imagine what

we’re about to do it again we are about

to have it again our deliverance heat

this virus hates Heat eighty ninety

degrees up you just burn this thing burn


hallelujah nobody’s ever seen a virus

like this it doesn’t follow any of the

patterns of a virus straight outta hell

some people don’t even get sick how no

fever and others just show coming down

I’m in it hey come on we’re the body of

Christ we have authority over the

weather in this planet right at the very

beginning God created the heaven and the

earth and he gave it all them in leaving

the authority with men it is that it is

men that have authority over the weather

it is men that have authority over

sickness and disease it is men most

particularly the body of Christ the

kingdom of God last Sunday all guys hey

okay come on that you gotta love this

those of you that saw that last Sunday

oh I’m telling you it was so strong in

me and on me just the Spirit of God in

judgment over this thing just bring

judgment down on this thing and it was

the strong in me I don’t know how to

explain that just that prophetic

anointing and just just very interesting

Aspel judgment on it

we have a partner we have several

partners but one most particularly in

Holland now many of you have heard me

talk of her and a lot of you have seen

her testimony during the partner

services how her young autistic son

heard over and over and over and over

and over and over

she played Gloria’s healing CDs she

played well this this goes way way way

back there maybe even back during the

tape Daisy I don’t remember exactly but

anyway he had to go to a special school

and he left one morning bless his heart

little 15 year-old autistic self

and he got back from school that

afternoon he said mother I want to know

why I have to go to school with his very

strange people that will never look at

you he has become a lawyer he has a

family very successful man now she saw

last Sunday’s video of my standing on

that platform exercising judgment over

this virus on the most popular talk show

in Holland with subtitles and they said

well you know but they saw it talk about

the revival capital of the world I hope

you guys are watching tonight but they

saw it

and they’re seeing this tonight all God

needs to do to deliver us

is a heatwave a supernatural heat I was

driving from my home to the sanctuary

tonight which is just you know from home

the years only before the less than five


and the temperatures you know it’s just

not kind of nice and cool and I said oh


right goodness it’s hot in here you know

usually you get the the the what they

call the Easter spell when you think

everything’s warming up and all of a

sudden you get a cold front well no this

year it’s gonna be the Easter heatwave

ha oh Jesus turn the air conditioner go

through all the moles what am i doing

corresponding action amen

and it’s hot so you guys notice how hot

it was driving over here tonight I mean

boy I mean right here you know come on

man the second day of April who ever

heard of such a thing being 80 90

degrees in April man dear God oh thank

you Jesus

man it’s hot in this building tonight oh

come on

that’s gonna get so hot in New York City

it’s gonna get so hot and muggy it’s

gonna hit that place glory to God and

it’s gonna burn that virus it’s good you

know what it’s like in New York City at

85 or 90 degrees it’s gonna get however

hot it has to get there to kill that

thing right now all over this nation and

the rest of the world where it’s needed

I got some of your dancing around in the

floor right now get on up out of bed

come on come on get up there on your

feet gather up right around that

television set George David Barry come

on up here please

David Ellis you guys gather up here

accident don’t you touch me with this is

the new laying on of hands hey we are

gonna have healing school Saturday

morning then sang Moses and the children

of Israel this song under the Lord

saying I will sing unto the Lord for he

has triumphed gloriously the horse and

his rider have he thrown into the sea

the Lord is my strength and song he has

become my salvation he is my god I will

prepare him a habitation my father’s God

and I will exalt him the Lord is a man

of war the Lord is his name verse 6 the

I ride hand o Lord has become glorious

in power your right hand O Lord have

dashed in pieces the enemy of covet 19

and in the greatness of thine excellency

thou has to overthrown them that rose up

against thee that you set forth by Wrath

which consumed them as stubble and with

the blast with a bash with the blast of

thy nostrils the waters were gathered

together the flood stood upright in a

heap and the depth were congeal in the

heart of the sea the enemy said I will

pursue I will overtake I will divide the

spoil my lust shall be satisfied upon

them I will draw my sword

in the world you are destroyed forever

and you will never be back thank you let

it happen

the wind of a strong it doesn’t have to

be a fast wind then say anything about

it being blowing over 40 miles an hour I

don’t have to just hot hey we know what

heart is in Texas this thing is going to

hit in your –lens well I’m telling you

it gets hot down there I’m in jail like

Jesse says is having a heart down there

man because it’s right there on a coat

he gets lucky and that’s what it takes

to kill this thing it hates heat it

hates humidity it hates water it just


burn burn now win it’s even better ice

heard the Lord to say this because I’ve

witnessed it hey it’s even better if

there’s no wind at all because I want to

tell you you know you a California boy

you don’t know much about this but son

you ain’t never seen heart until it gets

hot in Texas and it gets muggy down

there in Houston and in New Orleans and

it gets oh oh god I can’t even go

outside that’s good stay in the house

let her know their condition and watch

that demon die that’s what you died

right in front of it just get some money

you can’t stand it yes then just let off

just enough to keep the heat from

killing them people New York


numbers eleven numbers chapter 11


twenty-eight Joshua the son of nun the

servant of Moses one of his young men

answered and said my lord Moses

forbidden Moses said unto Him envious

now for him for my sake would God that

all the Lord’s people were prophets that

the Lord would put his spirit upon them

and Moses got him into the camp he and

the elders of Israel and there went

forth a wind from the Lord and brought

quails from the sea he fed him with the


our God is a mighty wind and he’s a fire

from the loins and the Lawrence now

we don’t kill this need it’s dead

just an old muggy high-pressure system

just supernaturally move in over this

place and just cook it just cook this

place all over this nation and as I said

any place else in the world where it is

needed just home muggy heat somebody

ought to be shopping and giving God

thank you Lord forevermore

thank you Lord forever thank you Lord

Jesus thank you lord thank you lord

if you’ve never had the opportunity you

have it now if you never accepted Jesus

as your Lord and Savior do it right now

today is the beginning of the rest of

your life

oh how well I remember Gloria nods as

two little lost bumpkins so broke we

couldn’t pay attention and I was running

from God with everything I had and

Gloria was sitting there than on a

rented rollaway bed we hadn’t been

married but just a little

six months

I messed us up man my big deal you know

I wasn’t supposed to be doing that I was

supposed to be preaching you know have

sense enough know that

she set right there on that little six

dollar rollaway bed we rented with

mattress about that thick she picked up

a Bible that my mother had sent me Ken

precious my mother wrote seek ye first

the kingdom of God and His righteousness

and all these things will be added to


Gloria read that Gloria was raised in a

denomination that didn’t know anything

about the new birth that a mean that one

not one any I’m saved because her

grandma was like Katie whoa I’ll tell

you that woman knew Jesus in heaven now

and but I was raised in the Southern

Baptist Church and so I’d heard of

salvation and and and all that I knew

what the new birth laws

I’m out looking for a new job she said

right there when that little rented

rollaway bed

hello a rinky-dink thing and a coffee

table that I made in metal shop stunning

door he called it old goodwill goodwill

people and had this thing I wear that

thing wound up L terrible and all she

knew how to pray was Laura I certainly

need things take my life

and do something with it and he did yes

he did

that woman’s preached healing all over

the world

10th chapter of the book of Romans other

than John C 3:16 the most precious

chapter in the New Testament force 9


verse 8 no first night

if you shall confess with your mouth the

Lord Jesus or that Jesus is Lord and

believe in your heart that God raised

him from the dead you will be saved for

with the heart man believeth unto

righteousness and with the mouth

confession is made unto salvation just

pray this I will lead and then you pray

out loud and these men will assist you

dear Lord God in heaven Oh Lord Jesus

the author and the finisher of my faith

I believe with all my heart that Jesus

has been raised from the dead I receive

you Lord Jesus come into my heart

take my life and do something with it

fill me now for I believe now I’m born

again I have confessed your name brother

Copeland you mean it’s that easy I

didn’t feel anything

hey he did all the hard part not any

feeling – aw little car no eh hey but

the feelings are just simply and you’re

you know in in the soul is part that’s

wonderful hey don’t knock feel it but

don’t let them run your life because

faith Hey

17th first faith cometh by hearing and

hearing by the word you heard the word

tonight you’ve joined in

and you did what he said you asked him

to come into your heart

and say father I now receive your holy

spirit to end well me and overflow me in

the baptism with the Holy Spirit

I expected to speak with other tongues

right now as you give me utterance you

mean he’s gonna speak through me no I

didn’t what is that he can’t speak

through you it’s your voice David you

ever noticed that on the day of

Pentecost they were all filled with the

spirit and they began to speak they

begin Smith they began to speak he’s not

gonna talk in tone do you

you’re his voice now you’re born again

of course the Spirit of God is in you

when you’re born again but the Spirit of

Jesus said the Spirit of the Lord is

upon me for his anointed me speaking

with other tongues is the gateway to the

supernatural oh we’re gonna get into

this and don’t frown no it’s a gift

thank you for this gift of speaking

Grand Valley I trust you with my tongue

now that I’m born again and I know it I

trust you with my life I trust you with

my body and I give you my tongue Amod or

take equal laments great push Nicholas

that’s anchored brother Barry I’m so

unworthy hey any man any person that is

in Christ is a new creation old things


and behold look all things have become

new and all things are of God now I’m

gonna throw some diss just pure old

slang at you he listen to me God else

should die God God he doe me no unworthy

new creatures no that’s not who you are

that’s who you used to be hallelujah

Annie I’ll tell you I don’t care I hate

it doesn’t make any difference

you may have that Cove in 19 right now

he can deliver you that quick just like

he did the man that used to be mad in


he’s no longer the mad manager there he

used to be six thousand demons possessed

with a ruler of the darkness of this

world and all those six thousand demons

coming and going there not one if there

is ever a man that could could have

stopped him from worshiping Jesus it

would have been him

but he fell on his face and he worshiped

it are you listen to him

and Jesus you’re Jesus

Giorgi zhis he did everything but pray

your prayer you had to do that

he delivered that man that quick

he deliver you right now 2,000 years ago

he delivered you and you just now

received it aren’t you glad

aren’t you