Discover how God will guide you every day so you have all you need, and will accomplish what needs to be done.

(Singing) I know my God
has made the way for

me. I know my God
has made the way for me.

challenges of life make

it difficult to make the
right choices, know that

God’s desire is that you
always walk in victory.

Today, Kenneth Copeland
teaches us how to do all

things by faith, next on the
Believer’s Voice of Victory.

KENNETH: Let’s go back here
and pick this up again.

John 16:13, “Howbeit when
he, the Spirit of truth, is

come, he will guide you
into all truth: for he shall

not speak of himself; but
whatsoever he shall hear, that

shall he speak.” I was–ha-ha.
I was in a situation where we

shall he speak.” I was–ha-ha.
I was in a situation where we

had–a deficit had grown
up in the television ministry

of $6 million. There was some
things that happened in there

that got crossways,
and–and–and that deficit just

kept growing. And then it got on
me. And I thought, “Dear Lord.”

I mean, you don’t hear–I’m
preaching “out of debt,” and

this thing has grown to $6
million here. Well, see, if you

get just behind a little bit
with a TV bill, that’s 2 million

a month. (Laughter) And then,
you know, whew, boy, you’ve got

to keep picking, you know,
because if you don’t, you

get–in order to make up a
million-dollar deficit, you’ve

got to have 2 million at once.
Well, it had done that and done

that, and it got up to 6. And it
was–man. I did–I–oh, oh, it

was on me. Oh, it was bothering
me. And at that time, Pastor

George wasn’t Pastor George. He
was–he was executive director

of the ministry. He was actually
pastor of the staff back then.

Well, I waited until about
midnight the night before we had

the board of directors meeting
in the morning. I don’t–I do

not want to go in there and face
that board with a $6 million

bill. Well, the whole thing was,
all of the ministry departments

all turned in their reports to
George, and then George did an

overview and turned the reports
in to me, and then it’s my job

the next day to present this to
the board. And so it’s–I mean,

it’s about–well, it’s a little
after midnight because I, “Boy,

this is bothering me.” So I
started through George’s report:

This department, “Well, we have
had the best year we’ve ever

had.” This department, “We’ve
had the best year we’ve ever

had.” This department, “We’ve
had the best year we’ve ever

had.” Television department, “We
are $6 million in debt.”

(Laughter) This department,
“We’ve had the best year we’ve

ever had.” Gloria’s already gone
to bed. I said, “Gloria, get in

here!” She come in there,
“What?” I said, “We’ve had the

best year we ever had, and I
didn’t know it!” (Laughter) And

I–and I saw what I’d done. And
the Lord said to me, He said,

“Every department did excellent
except the one you tried to

carry.” AUDIENCE: Oh. Amen.
KENNETH: Now, He said, “You

better get out from under the
care of that right now.”

“Lord, I repent.” Gloria and I

got on our knees and we
repented. We said, “We know

better than this. We know better
than to carry that care. And

we–we’ve rolled that care over
on the Lord.” And that’s where

this verse of Scripture came in.
And it–and I’ve done this many

times before. “When he, the
Spirit of truth, is come, he

will guide you into all the
truth.” And listen, “He will not

speak of himself; but whatsoever
he shall hear, that shall he

speak.” He is hearing, he is
guiding, he is speaking. It’s

not the Holy Spirit with a
hearing problem, it’s me,

because I’m–I’m full of care.
He’s trying to get through to me

all the time. AUDIENCE: Amen.

KENNETH: I said, “I’m listening.
I am listening.” Well, He

started talking, and I went in
there the next day. And I’m

telling you, I mean, we had a
board meeting, didn’t we,

George? I mean, I preached and
preached and preached and

preached. I don’t think I ever
let George say anything.

(Laughter) I was so excited,
man, oh, man. The board meeting

was in March. Now, you know
this ministry. We–I have never

written an appeal letter in 50
years we’ve been in this

ministry. Well, it’ll be 50
years in January. And this is, I

think, October. So I didn’t say
anything to anybody about it but

God. Gloria and I just set
ourselves in agreement and

rolled the care of it over on
God. And I said, well, you know,

I’m like–I’m like Brother Jesse
said. He got all those TV bills,

he said, “You have mail.”
(Laughter) Amen. Glory to God.

Well, this is March, April, May,
that $6 million was paid.

AUDIENCE: Mm. Amen. Glory.
KENNETH: June, for the first

time ever, we paid the TV bill
in one check. AUDIENCE: Glory to

God. Praise God. Hallelujah.
KENNETH: Why? By listening to

the Spirit that was dwelling on
the inside of me trying to tell

me what to do, and I was too
dumb to listen. But I got over

there in a hurry. (Laughter)
Amen. You understand? So He’s

speaking all the time. AUDIENCE:
Yes. KENNETH: Rufus Moseley,

great–great preacher in the
early days of the 20th century,

he was, I believe, in Chicago.
But anyway, he was laying on his

face in his hotel room, crying
out to God. “Oh, God, help us.

Oh, God, help us. Oh, God, help
us.” And he–and he stopped. And

he said, “Huh. Here lies a fool
that knows nothing, doing all

the talking to somebody that
knows everything.” (Laughter)

When I first went to Oral
Roberts University, I hadn’t

even enrolled yet, we were
there–we went up there in

December of ’66. And we’d had
that car wreck I was telling you

about and then–then the partner
meeting that we went to. Came

back home, got all–everything
all ready, and we went back then

in December and then enrolled in
the school in January. Well, I

couldn’t see how I’m going to do
this. What am I going to do? I

am so broke. The only decent car
we had just got wiped out. And

now I’m driving this elderly
car–(Laughter)–that had

90-some-odd thousand miles on it
when I got it. And back there

then, cars didn’t go– AUDIENCE:
That’s right. KENNETH: –100,000

miles like they do now. I mean,
50-, 60,000 miles and they’re

suffering, you know? (Laughter)
And in this one–it didn’t look

all that bad at first, but it
was a little long in tooth, you

know, here about this time. And
“What am I going to do? I don’t

have any money. Well, I could go
out to the airport and check

around out there. I’ve got–I’ve
got good qualifications and so

forth, got all my ratings,
so–and then maybe–maybe I’ll

find a job out there. But if I
do that, how am I going to go to

school?” Lean into my own
understanding. And it didn’t

understand anything. (Laughter)
I told Gloria, I said, “I’m

going in that bedroom, and I’m
not coming out of there until I

hear from God. And I don’t care
if it takes all night long or

how long it takes.” And I shut
the door and fell on the floor.

Man, I went to praying. “Oh,
God,” I just went to praying.

“Oh, God. Oh, God! Oh, God, Oh,
God. Oh, God! Oh, God.” I don’t

remember all I said, I was just
going on and on. Suddenly I

stopped, and I thought, “I
wonder if I just would be quiet

stopped, and I thought, “I
wonder if I just would be quiet

here–” (Laughter) “–if He’d
say something to me.” “Stand up

on your feet.” Man, I come to
attention. Now, I don’t mean I

heard an audible voice, but it
was audible to me. It was on the

inside of me so strong. I stood
up on my feet. He said, “It’s

about time. I haven’t been able
to get a word in edgewise.”

(Laughter) “I sent you here.
I’ll take care of you here.”

thought, “Okay.” (Laughter) “I

don’t know how you’re going to
do it, but okay.” So came time

to go register and–now, see, I
was wanting to go mess around

with–with, you know, the only
thing I knew how to do.

And–ha-ha. The first day I went
in and registered, I’m sitting

in Mrs. Campbell’s office. She’s
a registrar, and she’s typing

out my deal. She’s putting all
this stuff together, and I’m

fixing to get my first bill
here. (Laughter) (Clicking)

“Call your dad.” “What?” “Call
your dad.” “Mrs. Campbell, may I

“Call your dad.” “What?” “Call
your dad.” “Mrs. Campbell, may I

make a collect, long-distance
call to my dad, please?” “Sure.”

She just kept typing. My dad
answered the phone. He said,

“Where are you?” I said, “I’m in
the registrar’s office here at

ORU.” I said, “I just registered
this morning.” And he said,

“I’ve been trying to find you
all morning.” I said, “Why?” He

said, “A fellow came by here
and–and brought me some money

that he said he wanted to put it
in–in your ministry.” And he

said, “I figured you need it,
so,” he said, “I put it in the

bank for you.” (Laughter)

Took out my tithe, paid that
first tuition, bought my books,

Took out my tithe, paid that
first tuition, bought my books,

and had a dime. (Laughter) I
heard Brother Hagin one time

say–you know, really got down
to a dime–he said, “Let’s go

get us a candy bar and go
broke.” (Laughter) That’s the

way I–that’s what I told Gloria
then. Well, man, I’m so

thrilled. So see, what the Lord
said to me has come to pass. He

took care of me, right?
(Audience Agrees) I’m–so

I’m–I’m–man, I’m headed out.
I’m headed to the house. I’ve

got to tell Gloria what
happened. And my feet stuck to

the sidewalk out in front of the
LRC. Now, this just happened

three times in all these years.
I said, “What is it, Lord?” He

said, “I want you to go up on
the sixth floor.” I said, “Lord,

I can’t go up there. That’s the
Vatican, man. They already told

us you can’t come up here.”
(Laughter) He said, “They work

for me. I want you to go up
there.” And He turned my feet

loose. Boy, I had a choice then.
So I went up. I don’t have a

clue what He’s going–I don’t
know what this is about, so

they–and they’re going–already
been threatened, “Stay off that

sixth floor.” So I got in the
elevator and punched the fifth

floor and went up to the fifth
floor. Now, this is 1967, you

understand? I mean, that whole
floor was empty. It later became

a library, but then there wasn’t
anything in there because the

school was just in its fourth
year. And there’s not anything

there. And the Lord said,
“I told you the sixth floor.”

(Laughter) “Okay.” AUDIENCE:
Amen. KENNETH: So the

elevator–when it opened up, the
door opened up on the sixth

floor. It was about as from here
to Pastor George, about like

this, the elevator opened, and
there was Ruth Rook’s desk which

I didn’t know who she was then.
They later became very close

friends of ours. I still don’t
know what I’m going to do. I’m

here. Why? So I walked over to
her. See, I’m 30 years old, I

don’t look like a student. So I
got away with it up to there.

(Laughter) And so Gloria said
I’m the oldest freshmen in the

world so–(Laughter)–I guess I
was. And I said–I introduced

myself and I said, “I’d–I know
this ministry uses airplanes,

and I’m–I’m a fully rated
commercial pilot, and I need all

the help I can get, and I just
wanted somebody to know about

it.” Man, I felt like I’m just
drawing up. Well, she said, “I

want you to tell Dr. Messick.” I
told him, and he went “Hmm,” and

just turned around and walked
off. And I thought, “Boy, I have

just–I have really messed this
up.” I said, “Thank you very

much.” Then I turned around.
Brother Roberts had walked up

behind me, and I didn’t know
he’s there when he’s that much

taller than me. (Laughter) And I
turn, and there he was. Well,

now, the only time I’d been that
close to him was about a month

or so ago when he laid hands
on me, but this is different.

(Laughter) He said, “I’m Oral
Roberts.” And I said,

“Ah-ah-ah-ah.” (Laughter) Well,
how would you like somebody to

say, “I’m God, who are you?”
(Laughter) And I said,

“Ye–ye–yes, sir.” I really
did do that, “Hi–I–Huh.”

(Laughter) He said, “I
understand you to say
you’re a

commercial pilot?” I said, “Yes,
sir.” He said, “Can you handle

our airplane?” I said, “Yes,
sir.” He said, “Two weeks ago I

started to hire a copilot, but
the Spirit of God said, ‘No. I

have a student coming that
I want to have the job,’ and

you’re my man.” Now, what if I
had fouled that up and gone to

the airport? AUDIENCE: That’s
right. Amen. KENNETH: See, the

one on the inside, the Greater
One had it all already planned

Now, I’m–I want to come up to

the close with this. You’ve got
to hear this now. Listen to me.

In fact, let me read something
to you from the book of Joshua

if you’ll turn over there right
quick, 2nd chapter. 40 years

they spent in the desert because
of 10 unbelieving preachers.

(Laughter) AUDIENCE: That’s
right. KENNETH: And two men of

faith stayed the whole course,
but now, Joshua has crossed the

river. Now, he knew better than
to get 12. He got two. He made

sure he had two faith people
before they went over there.

AUDIENCE: Amen. Yeah. Ha-ha.
KENNETH: I want you to notice

what happened when they went in
to Rahab’s place. And Verse 8,

“Before they were laid down, she
came up to them on the roof; and

she said to the men, I know that
the Lord hath given you the

land, and that your terror is
fallen upon us, and all the

inhabitants of the land faint
because of you. We have heard

how the Lord dried up the water
of the Red Sea for you, and when

you came out of Egypt; and what
you did to the two kings of the

Amorites, that were on the other
side of Jordan, Sihon and Og,

whom you utterly destroyed. And
as soon as we had heard these

things, our hearts did melt,
neither did there remain any

more courage in any man, because
of you: for the Lord your God,

is God in heaven above, and in
earth beneath.” AUDIENCE:

Woo-hoo! Amen! Hallelujah.
KENNETH: He’s always already

working on the other end of what
He told you to do! AUDIENCE:

That’s right! Amen. Hallelujah.
KENNETH: He’s not going to tell

you that. You’re not going to
walk by sight. AUDIENCE: Amen.

KENNETH: He can’t tell you that
because, without faith, there’s

no grace, and without grace, you
can’t get it done. AUDIENCE:

Amen. KENNETH: Hallelujah.

He told Samuel to go to Jesse’s

house. He didn’t tell him which
one was king. AUDIENCE: Right.

KENNETH: He had to go in faith.

Always–see, I’m thinking, “How
are you going to do this? How’s

He going to do this?” He’d
already set this up for me two

weeks before. AUDIENCE: Amen.
KENNETH: Now, you think about

it, that two weeks before was
just about the time I got there

in December, latter part of
December between Christmas and

New Year’s. Huh? He’s just
taking care of everything for

me. AUDIENCE: Hallelujah.
KENNETH: Somebody took money and

gave it to my dad that paid for
my tuition. See, He’s already

got somebody working. AUDIENCE:
Amen. KENNETH: I said, “Dad, who

was that?” “They said–no, they
just–they didn’t want me to

tell you. They said you
just–you just know that Jesus

did it for you.” AUDIENCE: Glory
to God. KENNETH: Hallelujah.

that wonderful? (Audience

Agrees) The Greater One’s
working. AUDIENCE: Amen.

KENNETH: The Greater One’s
working. AUDIENCE: That’s right.

KENNETH: You go to the Word of
God and you stand on that Word

and you expect Him to go to

And you walk in love and you
work in love. And the whole

family’s mad at you, and
everybody’s mad at you, and you

know you’re going to have to go
to that family reunion and you

really don’t want to go. But
hey, you just, kcch, put that

smile on your face and say,
“Come on, Greater One, I’ll walk

in love.” AUDIENCE: Amen.
KENNETH: “I’m going to love

everybody there. I don’t care
what they say. I don’t care what

they do.” You remember what
Keith Moore said about that?

Those of you that were–he said,
“You go–you go to that reunion

and you say, ‘It’s so good to
see you!'” (Laughter) And he

said, “On the inside you’re
just, ‘nrr, nrr, nrr.'”

(Laughter) No, you put that
smile on there. Glory to God.

And just, “Holy Spirit, rise up

within me. I keep the
commandment of love.” AUDIENCE:

Amen. KENNETH: And He’ll start
working. And I’ll tell you,

it’ll turn things. It’ll change
things. People will–people will

change right there while they’re
standing there looking at you.


be in the–don’t–don’t try
to–don’t try to make your own

deal. Don’t try to bail yourself
out. Just say, “Sir, yes, sir. I

did it.” AUDIENCE: Yeah.
KENNETH: “I said that. Stupid,

wasn’t it?” AUDIENCE: Yeah.
KENNETH: (Laughs) “But I’m the

stupid one that said it. And I
repent. I repented to God, and

now I’m repenting to you in the
name of Jesus.” People fall in

love with you. I’ve had people
say, “I don’t know you, and I

don’t know why I’m doing
this.” (Laughs) And I’m

thinking, “I do.” (Laughter)
Amen. AUDIENCE: That’s

right. KENNETH:
Hallelujah. AUDIENCE: Amen.

KENNETH: Just all kinds of
different situations and

things. And we’re out
of time. Hallelujah.