Discover how praying in the spirit is a supernatural weapon the devil can’t defeat, and how it allows you to tap in to the will and power of God.

buddy I’m Kenneth Copeland this is the

believers voice of victory broadcast

let’s pray father we thank you today we

praise you and we worship You oh thank

you Jesus

you said in your word he that loves me

he it is that keeps my Commandments my

father will love it I will love it and I

will manifest myself to him and all our

Jesus we are we’re walking by faith

we’re just doing everything that that

that we know to do with a thrill and I

Anna joyful and glad heart to do

whatever you’ve told us to do in your

word and do whatever you tell us to do

day by day and so we fully expect you to

manifest yourself on this television

broadcast throughout the earth today and

we give you the praise and the honor and

the glory for it in Jesus name we pray

it amen hallelujah glory to God let’s go

back to mark chapter 11 I’m where we

began on Monday where Jesus answering

said unto them the 22nd verse have faith

in God the cross-reference says have the

faith of God which we do in the new

birth let me remind you again now and

Peter said this in in 1st Peter chapter

1 he said being born again listener not

of corruptible seed but not not of

corruptible seed but one incorruptible

seed which is the Word of God which

lives and abides forever where in you

and in me glory to God so in that seed

the seed of the word in that seed was

the very life and nature of Jesus of

Nazareth glory to God in our spirit

being the real you you are a spirit you

have a soul made up of your mind your

will and your emotions and that’s inside

your spirit and you and your soul live

in this physical body now get it in the

proper scriptural order the scripture

said spirit that you may be made whole

oh that God make you whole leg does not

not wholly hol what wh Oh ll Y whole

spirit and soul and body

now when you accepted Jesus as we did we

talked about yesterday that seed of his

word is the seed by which you were born

again amen so your spiritual DNA and the

DNA of Jesus is exactly the same you

were born of the Spirit when he came

into this earth he was born of the

Spirit in hell he was born again of the

Spirit the scripture said he was

manifest in the flesh that’s when he’s

born in Bethlehem he was made alive in

the spirit that’s when he was born again

the first begotten from the dead in the

pit of hell where he had just suffered

hell for every man all mankind but this

is the big thing right here if you’ve

never accepted Jesus as your Lord and

Savior do it right now you don’t even

you don’t have to wait the end of the

broadcast you see Jesus come into my

life and do come into my heart and do

something with my life

glory to God the apart

so Paul accepted Jesus with one word

Lord I know good well he had that on his

mind when he was right to the Church of

Garvin’s it he believed in your heart

that Jesus has been raised from the dead

and confess him as Lord with your mouth

glory to God now

I said all that to get down to this in

that seed was faith hang them amen

I’m going to the book of Galatians and I

am in the fifth chapter the fruit of the

spirit now in the King James translation

the word spirit is capitalized there but

in in the Indic in the text in the Greek

text there are no capitalizations and no

punctuation mark so but this is

referring to the born-again human spirit

the fruit of the Spirit your spirit born

of the holy spirit and the holy spirit

is residing in you if you’re born again

is love joy peace long-suffering

gentleness goodness and faith faith

actually it is the fruit of faithful

Ness but how could you have the fruit of

faithfulness how could you be a hack how

could you have the fruit of faithfulness

grow in you if you didn’t have any faith

amen it’s God’s faith the faith to get

born again the faith to receive

salvation amen

well honest don’t know brother Copeland

if I’ve got the kind of faith it takes

to bleed my way out of this mess on me

and hey you’ve already believed God for

the biggest miracle that exists amen

believing God for something in this

natural realm this child’s play compared

you being born again action brand new

creature in Christ Jesus just like God

then it’s a miracle that God didn’t want

to have anything to do with me you but

hey he loved you so much before you I

mean when you has headed straight to

hell he loved you so much that he gave

Jesus just to get to you hitting that

Marlys I don’t preach myself epic glory

to God now then that faith is in there

see it is in you when you got born again

that’s what you got born again with amen

now then how the faith on God

that’s God’s faith it’s big enough to

believe for anything verily I say unto

you whosoever shall say unto this

mountain be thou removed and be thou

cast into the sea shall not doubt in his

heart but shall believe that those

things which he saith shall come to pass

he shall have whatsoever he saith so now

we and what we’re talking about here

that Jesus mentioned saying three times

believing once and and and we’re major

and we major in the saying part because

everybody everybody that’s ever

accepting Jesus as Lord knows they

believed Amen but then not being taught

not not being New Testament taught

particularly under the influence of

religion get the identity just say

anything well you can’t say anything but

it’ll kill you you can’t say just

anything by faith and words release

faith backed by corresponding action now

let’s go back to where we were yesterday

and let’s let’s look once more in John’s

Gospel chapter 6 where Jesus said in the

63rd verse it is the spirit that

quickeneth or gives life the flesh

profits nothing

so words that are generated out of the

flesh out of the carnal mind or in the

flesh natural world don’t have any life

in them they’re full of death to be

carnally minded is death you can be born

again go to heaven when you die and and

live a life that is so carnal you very

rarely ever receive anything from God

well it’s wonderful that you go to

heaven but hey you could have had some

heaven while you’re here on here and

should ahead now then the words that I

speak unto you are spirit and they are


his words are spirit and they are life

now again the 14th chapter of John Jesus

said believe us now not that I’m in the

father and the father in me let me ask

you do you believe yes well did you know

the father’s in you really yeah same as

Jesus same spirit same father because he

goes right ahead in this chapter and

promised that he’s going to the Father

and sin the same spirit now then the

words that I speak unto you I speak not

of myself but the father that dwelleth

in me he does the works now then

yesterday we were talking about speaking

with other tongues let’s go now well now

brother cope now wait just a minute I

you know now I add on a quit arguing

about it would you please that old that

old dog won’t hunt no more I mean it’s

been argued over split one weighing down

the other you need to know that the

reason the devil has come against that

so bad is right here it is right here

in in the 14th chapter of 1st

Corinthians when it says he that

speaketh in an unknown tongue speaks not

unto men but unto God for no man

understands him and neither can the

devil he can’t get in

it and he knows that that’s where the

that is a open door the baptism with the

Holy Spirit is the open door to the

outpouring of God’s holy spirit

manifestations those twelve powerful

gifts praise God

amen and he has no defense for it but

remember the importance of words is this

for every believer let’s check it out

in the book of Mark in that very last

chapter of the book of Mark verse

fifteen go ye into all the world preach

the gospel to every creature he that

believes in his baptized shall be saved

he that believeth not shall be damned

these signs shall follow them that

believe in my name shall they cast out

devils in my name they shall speak with

new tongues now some I’ve heard this

said well now in brother : see that that

just just simply means that that these

other other languages no no no no all of

these are supernatural see they show in

my name they will cast out devils

you can’t cast the devil out with

without the supernatural power God they

shall speak with new tongues that’s

supernatural they’ll take up serpents

and if they drink any deadly thing it

will not hurt them that’s supernatural

they’ll lay hands on the sick and they

shall recover that supernatural see all

of these supernatural things so this is

that this not following preachers this

is anybody that believes that this is

something that is spiritual equipment

for the child of God now I want to point

out some things concerning this remember

now Jesus said my words are not my own

now how can you get over into words

that are not your own in your natural

language you wouldn’t write the written

word of God yes and you can believe

those words that’s true but that’s only

your you’re dealing with it with your

natural mind and well let me help you

with one more step here in the eighth

chapter of the book of Romans and this

is what’s so big to me this was just

been huge in my life in the okay verse

twenty-six eighth chapter of Romans

likewise the spirit also helpeth our

infirmities the Greek word there

translated actually more accurately

would be instead of help of takes hold

together with us against our infirmities

now what are these infirmities for we

know not what we should pray for as we

ought he didn’t say we don’t know what

to pray for we get into the Word of God

we know what to pray for him you’ve got

situations in your life you know what to

pray for but pray for as we ought the

Spirit Himself maketh intercession for

us with groanings which cannot be

uttered now if you search out the word

uttered that the literal Greek meaning

there is cannot be uttered in articulate

speech or a specific language of your

own so it’s obvious it it’s talking

about something that’s happening in the

spirit that is deeper than what your

mind can get to it says with groanings

which cannot be uttered Jesus did that

he stood at the tomb of Lazarus and he

groaned in the spirit you ever think

about that and apply that to this he

groaned in the spirit now Jesus didn’t

did speak with other tongues but he

spoke in the spirit any language he

would anything that come out of him that

he would immediately by the spirit and

on what it was but what he’s doing there

he’s moving in the spirit he groaned in

the spirit what’d he do he went into a

deeper place of the spirit see that’s

available to you and me amen we have the

faith of God we believe in those words

with the same as the same powers we

believe in means he groaned in the

spirit and what they say I know you

always hear me

hurry to God well we can do that we can

we I’ve had the intercessors he’s

interceding there I’ve had that come in

me as I’m interceding I was a good

friend of mine had been the last stages

of cancer years agos at city of faith

and Tulsa and I I was I was at the city

of faith got there the same day he did I

didn’t know that he was coming but I was

in the city of faith that day when they

checked him in so and I hadn’t I’d laid

hands on him and prayed with him and and

went on to church that night still

Wednesday night and I know there in the

praise and worship service and I said

Gloria Oh Gloria well something’s wrong

and who oh oh oh I said a lot of what is

this and I heard the word cancer and I

said I don’t have cancer

he’s and and then I realized what was

happening I was interceding for my

friend and Alice you don’t all don’t huh

I’ve heard people say O Lord O Lord put

that thing on me no no you ain’t

qualified you be shut that up the devil

the devil is will I mean you open the

door to him and in in in foolish things

like that Jesus already borne our

sicknesses carried our diseases weakness

sickness pains grief

sorrows praise God and all you sin

you’re not qualified for that

so I said glory I got to go back over

that hospital own account of brother

Rodriguez so I went over there and the

Spirit of the Lord began talk to me

about what to pray what to do and and so

forth when I got over there and I’m ha

ha are you here what i shoul don’t

reckon o

panama now be cautious about trying to

do that you don’t try to groan in the

spirit you allow yourself to be used of

the Spirit of God because if you’re

doing it in the flesh it ain’t on you

you’d be better off if you just you just

speak with your heavenly language in

faith and just praise God in that heaven

and language still praying for the same

person you understand I just wanted to

show you what’s available to you in me

in the baptism with the Holy Spirit

speaking with other tongue I’ve heard

people say early well what’s the use of

don’t you know jabbering around and

something you don’t understand were you

speaking not on the men but on the God


that’s big well I speak to him in my

natural language not like this you can’t

know you keep doing that you can’t with

your natural language get into the place

where the these manifestations of the

Spirit reside anyway I did what the Lord

said he said go over there now he

supposed to died tonight and he said you

go over there and you take a text and he

gave him the scriptures and you preach

healing he said I don’t know just read

those scriptures turn you walk around

that room just like you do anywhere else

and and you preach you preach until I

tell you to stop I preached for 45

minutes and and proud I preached a

message on faith I mean this man knows

much about the Word of God as I do but

that’s what the Lord told me to do and

so I did it I’m just

walking down that run on preaching faith

to him preach faith in like I said 45

minutes went by and and the Lord said

now crawl up under his bed and pray in

tongues till I tell you to quit so I got

up under there that you know that that

bed was higher than a normal bed of

course I just scooted back up under

there well I’m in a city of faith and

that that whole all the doctors and all

the nurses are all spirit film they

heard me preaching to him they came in

their men and and they’re standing there

praying in the spirit while I’m

preaching to him and and I’m back up

under there and I’m praying in the

spirit and praying in the spirit and

they join me and sometimes they’d have

to leave and go bat around but that they

were just helping me praise God we were

praying in tongues praying in tongues

praying in the spirit praying in the


that’s the way my momma prayed me into

the kingdom of God hallelujah and and so

and it just lifted it just lifted and

when it’ll lift like that you may be

praying for your children you don’t know

what’s going on God may call on you to

pray for something you don’t know what

it is and you find out later you’re

praying for somebody you didn’t even

know but these things are available

praise God well I get lifted and and

sometimes you’re just saying in the

spirit of why are you these are all of a

sudden see this this this groaning this

intercession spirit just just lifting to

all of the Sun ah yep I got it praise

God I left the next morning they went in

and checked him he was totally he he had

he had cancer of rectum that that that

whole part of his body was all brand-new

and they said it was like baby ski whoa

God Helen Oh God amen we hope you

enjoyed today’s teaching from Kenneth

Copeland ministries be sure to get the

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remember Jesus is Lord