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♪ I’m not moved by
what I feel ♪

♪ I don’t live by
what I see ♪

♪ Because my God has
made a way for me ♪

I want to read this from
the Classic Amplified.

We’ll go back over to the
book of Ephesians, please.

And the 6th chapter.

In this chapter, he’s talking
about taking a stand.

Take your stand.

“Children, obey your parents in
the Lord as his representatives,

for this is just and right.

Honor, esteem, and
value as precious,

your father and your mother.

First commandment with promise.

Now, you come all
the way down here.

Look at the 13th verse.

Put on God’s complete armor,
that you may be able to resist

and stand your ground on
the evil day of danger.

And having done all the crisis
demands to stand

firmly in your place.

Stand, therefore,
hold your ground,

having tightened the belt
of truth around your loins,

having put on the breastplate of
integrity and moral rectitude,

and right standing with God,
having shod your feet with

preparation to face the enemy
with the firm-footed stability

and promptness, readiness
produced by the good news

of the gospel of peace.

Lift up over all covering shield
of saving faith upon which you

can quench all the flaming
missiles of the wicked one.

Take the helmet of salvation,
the sword of the Spirit

wields under the Word of God.

Pray at all times, on every
occasion, in every season,

in the Spirit, with all manner
of prayer and entreaty.

To that end, keep alert
and watch strong purpose,

and pray for me.”
All manner of prayer.

It’s not all the same thing.

And we talked about the fact
that there is the prayer

of faith, but faith is
involved in everything.

Prayer does not make faith work.

Faith makes prayer work.

Now, one of the first things
that I learned early on

from Brother Roberts,
don’t ever compromise.


Pat Boone introduced me to
his pastor, Jack Hayford.

Well, I knew who he was
because through Pat,

and we were in his office,
and he said, “Copeland,

I don’t think you’re balanced.”

I thought, here we go.

He said, “But you’re
not supposed to be.

You’re a faith specialist,
and don’t ever let anybody

take you out of that track.”

Well, I hadn’t thought
about it like that.

Well, somewhere down the line,
you’re going to have to learn

to apply faith to these
different forms,

different kinds of prayer.

Of course, there is
the prayer of faith.

Now, let’s go to
the book of James.

There is one thing from
the Francis Weymouth

I intended to
bring mine tonight.

Our ministry put that
one back into print,

so it’s part of Kenneth
Copeland Publications.

Two things that he said,
where the King James says,

praying in the Spirit, a
man prays in the Spirit,

edifies himself,
and prays mysteries.

He said, divine secrets.

Don’t you like that?

He said, faith needs
corresponding action

instead of works.

Say it, corresponding
action to faith.

You can go through the book of
James and find these places,

but this is the one I’m
interested in, chapter five.

“Go to now, ye rich men, weep
and howl for your miseries

that shall come upon you.

Your riches are corrupted,
your garments are moth-eaten,

your gold and silver cankered,
and the rest of them shall be

a witness against you, and shall
eat your flesh as it were fire.

You have heaped treasure
together for the last days.

Behold, the hire of the laborer
who has reaped down your fields,

which of you is kept
back by fraud, crieth,

and the cries of them have
reaped into the ears of the Lord

of Sabaoth.” Not Sabbath,
the Lord of Sabaoth.

“You lived in pleasure on the
earth, you’ve been wanton,

you’ve nourished your hearts
as a day of slaughter,

you have condemned
and killed the just.

He doth not resist you.

Be patient, therefore, brethren,
unto the coming of the Lord.

Behold, the husbandman waiteth
for the precious fruit of the

earth, and hath long
patience for it,

until he receive the
early and the latter rain.

Be ye also patient,
establish your hearts,

for the coming of
the Lord draws nigh.

Grudge not against
one another, brethren,

unless you be condemned.

Behold, the judge
stands before the door.

Take, my brethren, the prophets
who have spoken in the name of

the Lord for an example
for suffering affliction,

and of patience.

Behold, we count them
happy, which endure.

You have heard of
the patience of Job,

and have seen the
end of the Lord,

that the Lord is very
pitiful and of tender mercy.

Above all things, my
brethren, swear not,

neither by heaven
nor of the earth,

neither by any other oath.

Let your yea be yea,
and your nay be nay,

lest you fall into condemnation.

Is any among you afflicted?

Let him pray.

Is any merry?

Let him sing songs.

Is any sick among you?”

Now, this refers to the
fact there should not be

any sick among us.

Shouldn’t be.

It’s not God’s will for any
of his people to be sick.

“Is any sick among you?

Let him call for the
elders of the church.

Let him pray over him, anointing
him with oil in the name

of the Lord.

And the prayer of faith
shall save the sick.”

Well, faith in what?

In the name of the Lord.

Faith in the name of the Lord.

Faith in that name.

All right.

Hold your place there,
because we’re coming back,

and let’s go to the third
chapter of the book of Acts.

Acts chapter three.

“Now, Peter and John went up
together into the temple

at the hour of prayer,
being the ninth hour,

three o’clock in the afternoon.

A certain man, lame from his
mother’s womb, was carried,

upon whom they laid daily
in the gate of the temple,

which is called Beautiful,
to ask alms of them

that entered into the temple.

Who, seeing Peter and John
about to go into the temple,

asking alms, Peter, fastening
his eyes upon him with John,

said, Look on us.

He gave heed to them, expecting
to receive something of them.

Peter said, Silver
and gold have I none.”

Actually, that’s a little
erroneous in the King James


It’s more like, I don’t have
anything on me right now.

He was not broke.

They caught enough fish on that
one day to ruin the fishing

market on the Galilee.


But now listen to what he said.

But such as I have give I thee
in the name of Jesus Christ

of Nazareth, rise up and walk.

He took him by the right
hand, lifted him up,

and immediately his feet and
ankle bones received strength.

He leaping up, stood and walked,
entered with them into

the temple, having leaping
and praising God.

All the people saw him
walking and praising God.

They knew it was he that
was at the Beautiful gate.

They were filled with
wonder and amazement.”

That miracle did
not cause faith.

It was a sign and a wonder.

Now this is important.

And as the lame man, which was
healed, held Peter and John,

the people ran together
into the porch,

which is called Solomon’s,
greatly wondering.

Peter saw it.

He answered unto the people,
You are the men of Israel,

why marvel ye at this?

Why look you so earnestly on us,
as though by our own power or

holiness, we made
this man to walk?”

And people will come up and say,
Oh yeah, but they were apostles.

That didn’t have
anything to do with it.

They’re believers.


“The God of Abraham and
of Isaac and Jacob,

the God of our fathers, have
glorified his son, Jesus,

whom you delivered up and denied
him in the presence of Pilate

when he was determined
to let him go.

But you denied the
Holy One and the just,

desired a murderer to
be granted unto you,

and killed the Prince of life,
whom God has raised up from

the dead, whereof we
are witnesses.

And his name, through
faith in his name,

has made this man strong,
whom you see and know.

The faith which is by
him has given him

this perfect soundness.”

It was faith in the name.

Why and how did that take place?

What did he do?

What did Jesus do in
that last Passover meal?

They didn’t know that
in hours from now,

he’s going to the cross and
be raised from the dead.

They didn’t know that.

But he said, “If my words abide
in you and you abide in me,

ask what you will and it
will be done unto you.

And whatsoever you ask
the Father in my name,

he will give it you.

It’s expedient that I go
away, for if I don’t go away,

the comforter, the
Holy Spirit can’t come.

But when he comes, he
won’t speak of himself.

But all that the
Father has is mine.

He will take what is mine
and show it unto you.

And he kept talking, in that
day, you’ll ask me nothing.

But my name, whatever
you ask in my,

whatever you demand in
my name, I’ll do it.

They demanded that
that man walk.

They put a faith demand on
that name and he got up

and walked off.

Well, he just kept preaching.

And then faith came.

He was preaching the name and
he preached the fact that Jesus

went to hell and paid
the price for this thing.

But the name made
the difference.

That’s what the
power of the name,

faith in the name
made this man strong.

Not because we
walked with Jesus,

not because we’re
apostles, not our holiness,

but faith in the name.

Because that’s what Jesus
told them over and over

and over and over.

They came back when he ordained
the other 70 and said,

even the devils are
subject in your name.

So now let’s go back over
there to the book of James.

The prayer of faith
shall save the sick.

Now that brings me
to the word save.

And the prayer that is of faith
will save him who is sick.

Now that is the same
word translated healed.

In the Classic Amplified,
it’s called soundness.

So if you have your
Blue Letter Bible,

look it up and it goes through
all of those different words.

Soundness, salvation, healing,
and deliverance from sickness

and disease and so
forth and so on,

… “shall save the sick and
the Lord will raise him up.

And if he have committed sins,
they shall be forgiven him.

Confess your false
one to another,

pray for one another
that you may be healed.

The effectual fervent prayer of
a righteous man availeth much.”

Okay, now I want to read this.

So that would be 5:16.

“Confess to one another
therefore your false,

your slips, your false steps,
your offenses and sins.

Pray also for one another that
you also may be healed and

restored to a spiritual
tone of mind and heart.

The earnest,” listen,
“the earnest, heartfelt,

continued prayer of a righteous
man makes tremendous power

available, dynamic
in its working.

Isn’t that good?


Dunamis power.

Dynamic in its working.

Go over to Mark 11 and I
can show you from the scripture

more easily than
I can explain it.

“In the morning as they passed
by and saw the fig tree dried up

from the roots.

And Peter calling to remembrance
saith unto him, Master, behold,

the fig tree which thou
cursedst is withered away.

And Jesus answering saith unto
them, Have faith in God.”

Have the faith of God,
the cross reference says.

Well, in the book of Ephesians,
it is by grace we are saved

by faith through grace,
which is the gift of God.

Which one?

The grace and the faith.

Cause it’s by grace
we got the faith.

And the moment we
believed what he said,

that faith came and we
were made new creatures.

That is the faith of God.

So faith in the Word, faith
in the blood and faith

in that faith, even
though it’s living in me,

it isn’t faith in me,

it’s faith in his
faith that lives in me.

And it comes by hearing this.

So I had to learn that it’s
his faith working in me.

“And therefore it is faith that
it might be by grace to the end,

the promise might be
sure to all the seed,

not to that only
which is of the law,

but that also which is
of the faith of Abraham,

who’s the father of us all.

As it is written, I have made
thee a father of many nations

before him whom he
believed even God,

who quickeneth the dead and
calls those things that be not

as though they were.”

El Shaddai said,
“I have made you.”

He didn’t say
you’re going to be.

I have, as for me, my covenant
is between me and thee

and I have made you the
father of many nations.

Your name is no longer
Abram, but Abraham.

So he was Abraham
from that day forward.

Nobody ever called
him anything else.

God had the
authority to do that.

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Being a partner with KCM
was my first introduction

to being part of KCM
as we know it.

I had an opportunity to
volunteer at an event in 2012

and subsequently different
events throughout

over the years.

And at the time of volunteering,
I didn’t really have

any aspirations to work at KCM.

I had a job.

It was a busy job.

And I had very little
time to myself.

So I thought, you know what,
I could sow my time into KCM.

And I know that that is
good seed is good ground.

So I made a decision in 2012
to sow a week of my holiday,

go to the conference and
volunteer in the partner

relations department.

Didn’t really think
too much of it,

but always thought
and said in my heart,

I’d love to work for Kenneth
Copeland Ministries one day,

that’d be a blessing.

And then life moves on.

I had a job and I thought
it was a good job.

I thought it was a stable job.

I was working events,
lots of opportunities.

I thought this is great.

COVID hit and the organisation
was for a period of time

no more.

It was one of those situations
where you have to decide

who is your source?

Is God your source?

Is the organisation your source?

Is your family your source?

I’d also just another level of
what we’d call pressure is just

agreed to purchase a home.

So I had these decisions to
make financially, economically,

what was I going to do?

I remember making that decision
that God is my source.

And I knew that from being a
partner with Kenneth Copeland

Ministries is that
actually the Word works.

And now was the
time to dig deep.

I looked at God Is My
Source by Pastor George

and Gloria Copeland.

And I just thought,
you know,

this is where I have to
understand where my future is,

what’s going to happen,
I need to hear from God,

I need to know what
my next steps were.

So being made redundant for me,
even the word redundant makes

you feel despondent,
you know, redundant,

you’re not useful anymore.

What can you do?

You have to assess your skills,
you have to dust out CV,

and think what can I
actually offer in a role.

But throughout all of that, I
knew the Word I was standing on,

I knew that God wouldn’t fail
me, I had a word from God,

I had a witness.

And I knew from just from what
I’ve been taught and learned

that actually, you’ve got to
get hold of this and start

confessing and believing it and
speaking to anything in your

life that look like lack, or the
fear of lack or anything that

could come on you to stop
you from pushing

through this barrier.

For me being redundant,
there was fear initially.

But what do we do
when fear comes?

You know, that’s the
decision, what do we do?

We either accept it, or we
say, okay, I’m a believer,

not a doubter.

I know what the
Word of God says.

I’m a partner with
Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

So I knew I had a resource.

So that’s where I went to God
Is Your Source and the website,

there was a prayer
for employment,

a prayer for provision, I could
call ministry and get the prayer

of agreement.

And I just felt like I was
being lifted up in prayer.

And I knew that once I
had that word from God,

nothing was going to stop me,
it was just a matter of time.

I had the teachings, I
knew that God is my source.

And I had that from Pastor
George, God Is Your Source,

there is no other
source for you.

And he said, Job 22:27 to 28
says that you shall declare

a thing and
it should be
for you.

When I started confessing that
the job at KCM didn’t exist.

God was establishing that
job, it was being created

in that time, a job did come up.

And I applied for that job.

And it was the perfect job.

Because when you believe God,
what I learned from Kenneth

Copeland Ministries, you
don’t just say stuff,

you don’t just throw words
out, you need to almost,

you have a part of
petition, you know,

you’ve got to put
down specifically,

what you believe in God for,
find out what the Word says

and stand on the Word, because
that’s what’s going to bring you

the victory.

So I didn’t just say
I want any old job.

For me, it’s the perfect
job, because my heart

for the partners is that
they are still connecting

to this ministry in a
really tangible way.

It’s not just, you know, I
partner or I sow a seed,

actually, you’re connected.

We love you, we pray for you.

And that sense of authenticity
that you have as being part

of the ministry is really
important for me.

So that’s what I
love about my job.

Hello, I’m Larry Warren.

Partnership with Kenneth
Copeland Ministry is an exchange

of the anointings of God.

There’s a grace and
anointing that flows

through this ministry.

And there’s a grace and
anointing that operates

in your life in the area which
God has called you.

Both are essential
to each other.

And as you receive the anointing
and supply of faith that is

on KCM, we receive the
anointing and supply

of faith in your life.

As a partner, you can expect to
walk in the blessing of God that

operates in this ministry, so
that the Word is confirmed

in your life with the same
supernatural power.

I want to thank you, partners,
for your faithful prayers

and support.

Because of your giving, we have
resources to make KCM’s

prayer line available to
people around the world.

We have licensed prayer
ministers on staff who are

trained in the Word of God.

They are ready to pray in faith
with you and agree with you

on the scriptures
for your answers.

We have prayer ministers in
all of our KCM offices

around the world.

To contact the office nearest
you, simply go to

Thank you for joining us today.

We’ll see you again tomorrow.

This is Brother Larry reminding
you, God loves you, we love you,

and Jesus is Lord.

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