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thank you Lord thank you Jesus let’s

receive our evening offering father we

thank you tonight thank you for your

word we come before it expectantly with

open hearts thank you father reveal to

each one of us tonight what our part of

this offering is this is a praise

offering tonight we bring our offering

before you in praise and worship and we

thank you for all of the wonderful

marvelous things that you’ve done

Thursday night and all day Friday and

then all day to day glory to God

wonderful things marvelous things people

have accepted you as Savior people have

been baptized with the Holy Spirit

people have been healed restoration has

come and we thank and praise and bless

you for and tonight’s offering father is

an offering of worship

yes sir I’ll do that I’d yeah yes sir

yes sir yes sir thank you sir praise in

Jesus name Amen

well the Lord changed my direction a

little bit but you know I just work here


then when the boss says go this

direction I mean that’s you know we’re

hook up and go to me open your Bibles to

the book of Galatians leave those of you

that are familiar with the believers

lost Victor broadcast you know that the

Lord told glory of me years ago many

years ago now and that to make let me

let me back up here just a moment

because there are those of you that that

may be new to our ministry and so forth

since 1968 when the Lord revealed to us

we were preaching in our hometown in

Fort Worth and I was I was just getting

ready for the service that night and and

I’m walking around with staying there in

my Mountain my mother and dad’s home and

and preaching in our our home church our

pastor in those days as brother Harold

Nichols and grace Temple Church and so

he had invited me to come from meeting

in it and I’m just walking around in the

back room there and just praying in the

spirit and and I had my Bible in my hand

my eyes fell down on Romans 13:8 oh no

man anything but to love him I thought


I’ll get the amplified on this and it

said stay out of dead I didn’t help me

any its although how do you do that and

so I hollered at glory I said Gloria

come here look at this

she read that and her face fell dislike

mine because you know I didn’t know you

could do anything without that I mean I

that was just our way of life and and

and of course like I glory said she

married me in my notes and so I said

well Gloria look at this and she said

huh well you put a finger on that verse

she said if that’s what the book says

that’s what we’re going to do amen

but see the thing of it was I didn’t

know I didn’t know anything about how

the kingdom of God function financially

I had no anything about that and so I

had to learn how that system worked I

had been trained in the Babylonian

system and the reason we call that the

Babylonian system is because at the

Tower of Babel we know what Adam did

with the blessing of the Lord and then

came Noah and his sons and God blessed

Noah and his sons and said said exactly

the same thing to them

that he said to Adam exactly the same

blessing ham and japheth nor to sons did

the same thing with it that Adam did

with it now Sam didn’t he stayed with it

but then he stayed with the blessing of

the Lord now

at the Tower of Babel there began there

began a system of man attempting to meet

his own needs without God now Adam was

the first one to do it

but he’s off the scene and then

beginning with Nimrod and coming on up

I’m going to take time to go through all

that but that that system that was born

there at Babel where they said we don’t

need God and God said whatever they have

conceived in their heart they can do so

he had to stop it

now I want you to unless you get this

this I wish we had time to dig into this

tonight more but but we don’t God said

Babel the word Babel means confusion now

that word spoken

do you understand the dominating power

of the word of God think about this

the prophet Micah said a child will be

born in Bethlehem

715 years later the Word of God

dominated nations dominated people

mooned things around so that Jesus was

born in Bethlehem right on time

isn’t that awesome

I mean just this think about the

dominating power of the word and it

hadn’t gotten any less and you and I

have been given the honor and privilege

to speak it whoa

and if we walk in it my faith is just as

dominating in our lives of the things we

speak to as it is when God speaks to it

at any rate I wanted you to see that so

that in the spirit realm there is a cap

and every natural nation rises up big

powerful nobody like us until it hits

that cap and without god mister you

ain’t going any higher because man is

never ever going to meet his own needs

he’s not qualified and it hits that cap

and collapses now in times past things

have lasted hundreds of years some even

a millennium but it hit the cap and down

G now in recent times as the time grows

closer and closer and closer what

happened what happened to communism what

happened to Russia it to cap down it

came see none of them can last well now

in the United States there’s an

exception there not an exception but

there there is the set of circumstances

here that are different there’s set of

circumstances in Israel that are

different because Israel will never fall

again amen

but see we’re pushing time we’re doing I

mean it’s just about quitting time here

break yeah I mean to tell you you know

it’s two minutes to five with time to

quit but now the United States is the

only nation in history that was ever

formed by a people that love God for the

purpose of worshipping Him only whatever

now God created the nation of Israel

because he loved them but this nation

was created

because of people that love God and and

he’ll never forget it there’s there’s

covenant between this nation and God but

the Babylonian system in this case has

it’s been called progressive socialism

that began attacking this country 115

years ago and you go back and check

check out the history and all that it’s

hid the camp now people call it judgment

and rightly so but now you see judgment

is not a bad thing it’s a good thing

because if it wasn’t for judgment you

just keep on going till it just destroys

you amen

the judgment that we’re experiencing the

United States is not under judgment that

Babylonian system that’s been attacking

it is under judgment this is not the end

of the United States it’s the end of

that system and it’s come to a close now

thank you lord thank you Jesus

hallelujah say that to me again more

thank you Lord thank you Jesus if you

look back 1913 great outpouring of the

Spirit of God my the great stone street

revival in Chicago my my the Chicago

World’s Fair

I’m telling you Chicago was what was

headquarters for the miraculous during

that time

no wonder the devil attacked it like he

did so on the other hand you see that

you see the devil moving trying to

destroy things

in 1913 was when they passed the Federal

Reserve Act which should never have

happened in the United States and it had

they tried to do it and try to do it and

try to do it and Congress would just

kill it every time he’d come up because

it just cuts the throat of a of a free

economy because you put all the currency

into other people’s hands anyway won’t

go into that but I want you to notice

this it was done secretly President

Woodrow Wilson called a special meeting

of Congress on Christmas Eve which ain’t

nobody going to show up on Christmas Eve

and in pay attention to it but they had

certain ones picked enough to make a

forum that showed up and voted in the


we’ll reserve a one of the first steps

towards Babylon amen now just just

follow what happens here when that that

cap now we know what happened at at

Babel in fact the word Babel means

confusion like I said and and Pete you

know people have the idea that all of a

sudden two people standing there talking

to one another and suddenly one of them

speaking France and Netherlands speaking

Mongolian or something no no no that

wouldn’t have confused anything because

you give them a year they learn the

language they were speaking the same

language at the time but there was so

much confusion among them they couldn’t

understand what they were doing enough

to build anything do you understand that

you could all be speaking the same

language and all of a sudden if

something starts happening to your mind

and you’re getting confused and

everybody’s got a different idea how

we’re supposed to build this tower and

and we suppose none you know no no no

let’s build no no no and a fight breaks

out because we can’t get along with one

another that’s what happened on that day

now as they dispersed other languages

began to develop out of that but the

confusion that took place confused

everybody to the point that tower could

not be finished it collapsed now that’s

what happens now and at you and I are

living in a time that is so accelerated

and so exciting we are seeing more than

one or two or three or four governments

around the world hit that hit the wall

at the same time

and they can’t figure out how to do

anything once built on the rock

another’s built on the sand that that’s

the that’s the parable that Jesus used

to explain this the and the same storm

hit the same people the same storm hit

both houses at the same time what I’m

stood the other one didn’t and that’s

that’s what he’s referring to now we’re

in that time right now glory to God and

we’re seeing it we’re seeing it function

and it is a function of seed time and

harvest now here’s what the Lord

reminded me of a moment ago when I asked

him to show me that again now not now

listen to this the judgment that we in

this time frame and will continue like

this up until the time of V judgment God

is not just judging someone no it is a

function of seed time and harvest you

keep sowing what you’ve been sowing and

you’re going to reap the harvest and if

you’re so into your flesh it’s coming

down if you’re so into the spirit and

judging yourself like the scripture says

judge yourself that you not be judged

not condemn yourself judge yourself a

father I judge myself of that in the

name of the Lord Jesus hallelujah and I

repent of it judgment doesn’t come on

you you judge yourself but you just keep

sowing the same thing the same thing the

same thing thinking every year you’re

going to get different results you can’t

do that that is the definition of


that you keep doing the same thing over

over over over over expecting any minute

to get different results it’s just not

coming you just keep saying the same

thing the same thing you keep planting

you keep planting peanuts thinking I’m

going to get a cotton crop someday no

only a fool would do that well see the

same thing is true in the spirit have

you found the book of Galatians

I talk long enough where you know no now

you have you have noticed that we in all

of our on they believers voice of

victory broadcast for many years on

every Friday is offering day and the

Lord said many years ago he said now see

we that’s where I first got into this by

not borrowing money you’re not tied to

that Babylonian system because the

borrower is servant of the lender amen

and that and borrowing from the world is

under the curse it’s listed in 20 a

chapter deuteronomy under the curve so

the Lord said to us there stay out of

that system well like I said we didn’t

know the first thing about it but then

then as we began to learn as we begin to

walk in it made a law on a mistake

goofed up here and then God forgave us

and picked our dumb selves up you know

and and and helped us and we just kept

getting stronger and stronger and

stronger and stronger and stronger out

of debt unconnected to that system

that’s what’s so big about staying free

from dead now Jesus preached the

acceptable year of the Lord

that’s the great Jubilee that was the

time of super natural debt cancellation

very important to God to cancel debt see

where you don’t get where you don’t just

get strung out there and you and you owe

the world and and that system then

you’re tied to it now I’m going to ask

you a question I ask God this question I

said Lord water I know I mean you know

we’re in favor of doctors we’re in favor

of medical science I mean doctors

particularly strong Christian doctors

are fighting the same demon sickness we

are amen and I said I understand that

but what’s the difference between going

to a doctor and going to a banker I

couldn’t I couldn’t find the difference

in them do you know

to go to the doctor you don’t have to

enter covenant go to a banker you have

to bow your knee that’s huge

what am I going to do brother kokum I’m

already in debt well smile sweetheart

glory thank god there’s a way out of

this and God supernaturally deliver you

a partner of ours that’s all years back

he was a farmer farmed a big lot of land

and had lots of cotton a lot bigger than

West Texas just just big farm and this

is you know one like two old tractors we

used to have there the Lord of mold man

killers go opposite you have to want to

I did I like to drive them I sure didn’t

like to work them go well I didn’t like

to work but anyway well the one thing

about it I wasn’t afraid of work I’d lay

right down beside and go sound asleep

but anyway ah that’s what my grandpa

said and he was right so but he’s out

there that he got that air-conditioned

cabin he back in those days with tapes

you know and he got those tapes going

and I’m preaching on you know on on debt

freedom and and Angela he got excited

man and you know when I when a farmer

turns around and starts coming to the

house in the middle of the day he’s

either had an attack of pendous at us or

he’s seen an angel or something I mean

you don’t come home in the middle of the

day man he come running up the house and

his wife said what’s the matter he said

nothing glow red a god he said we’re out

of debt on everything but this farm and

I’ll tell you what my faith is alive and

we’re going to get out of debt on this

farm and they shut down and they prayed

he said call it call it

loan company and find out what the

payoff is on our farm we’re breathing

God and you know and went on back to the


so she hits all of her papers up and

everything and and calls the people the

hill alone on that place and told him

that said we’ve decided that we’re going

to work towards paying off our farm

would you give us the final payoff

please they said sure we will we’ll

check it and we’ll call you back

well she didn’t hear anything a couple

of weeks went by she didn’t hear

anything so she called him again and and

and they said would hang on just minute

so they got the loan officer on the

phone and this is not just any loan

officer this is one of the executives of

the bank and he said um we haven’t been

able to find record of your loan she

said really and you know I mean he knew

good and well they had they knows these

people they’re local farmers but and

he’s kind of sheepishly saying we we

can’t find any record of your loan she

said then that means I don’t owe you

anything he said I guess it does

she said would you write me a letter to

that effect and he did he had to so the

blood of Jesus not only eradicate sin

it’ll wipe the night it’ll wipe the

hangover you note brother yeah go ready

go that’s supernatural dad cancellation

and and our testimony files are full of

stuff like that well things like that of

habit but it doesn’t happen to you to

you zero in on that thing and you begin

to read what Jesus said that he’s in the

Spirit of the Lord is upon me for he’s

anointed me to preach the acceptable

year of the Lord and you go read those

scriptures over there and in the to Ryan

you find out how God would blow the horn

of freedom and everybody went free

praise God and I don’t care if you two

lost your home place because you got

sold into bondage for notes you couldn’t

pay in all of that I want you to know

praise God you go back home the property

was yours again see God and won’t his

people tied to debt let me tell you this

God all my he Jesus Christ of Nazareth

your Lord and your Savior does not want

you he does not want you obligated to

anybody but him

amen hallelujah and that wonderful

praise God I remember oh the last that I

had man I was so blessed and my dad’s my

but the bank were Mount where my dad did

business then this is back when they had

the state banks and they were local

banks and everybody knew everybody you

know and so I mean the president of that

bank and my dad were good friends and

and my dad was you know such a man of

his word dear Lord I mean so I wasn’t

all I wanted to be things just wasn’t

working out right Benny way I had this

$2,000 note and I’d pay on it I’d pay on

it something something that happened and

energies went on and on and that was one

of them

one of the notes of Gloria married amen

well and and of course he was he was a

friend of my dad’s and his so but here

we are at all Roberts University and and

we’ve stepped out now from the

University we’ve gone into into this

ministry full-time and I called mr.

McCanless and I said sir

I want you to know the Lord Jesus Christ

has made a great change in my life and I

said glory and I are

believing God and I want you to know I

will pay that note and I will pay it

just as fast as I can get my hands on

the money he laughed he said Kenneth he

said somebody came in here last week and

paid that note I said why and I said who

he said I’ve been sworn to secrecy they

just told me to tell you that Jesus told

them to do it now see and and you and I

say things well hunters don’t see how

this could take place

that’s cause you and I can’t see

therefore but you have to remember that

God is always always on the other side

of this thing when he told Israel do you

remember when Joshua took over command

after Moses and he sent out two spies

now before he was part of he was 2 of 12

and tenem you know messed up so he only

sent out two he made sure he had to

faith guys before he ever sent about

well do you do you remember what Rahab

the harlot said to the two men she hid

them out and she said where have you

been we have been expecting you

since we first heard about your God

split in the Red Sea she said our hearts

melted in us see God never intended for

them to have to go over there and fight

that bunch he intended from just to go

over then claim it

but they give that they gave the devil

40 years to build up his forces over

there if they’d have just gone on in

their data took it without firing a shot

that have fallen at their feet because

their hearts had melted in them and they

said ho look we don’t want that bunch

coming in here on us so see he’s always

doing his thing on the other side but he

not tell you that because you’re going

to have to walk by faith and not beside

now after you say sir yes sir I’m going

then he’ll begin to reveal to you things

that he’s doing so don’t ever forget


I went into I mean oh Lord

when Gloria and I first left Fort Worth

going to Tulsa I weighed 240 pounds and

and so man the day I left Fort Worth

eight nine boiled eggs a day man because

the Lord said you and get that fat off

of you boy and CISO and beggar then

that’s the only thing I knew to do and

so and I’m steadily going down going

down going down finally got down to 200

and then then started down under 200 I

only had one suit and it fit me at 240


and then this is the man that was

altering that suit oh brother

and I’m you know I really did look funny

man and I kept taking my suit back over

there and he kept alternate and he said

he said mr. Kenneth I can’t alter that

suit no more man

she’s I can take a shoot down no more

I said one he said what I think it was

my thinking pass up any more to our WOM

MIG pocket right in the back and I did

but what it’s all you got breath so you

got alright here’s a lodge got my suit

when preaching praise God well we’re in

footwork and there was a man there again

and in fact it was on not the trip that

I was talking about find out about that

but it was the next no it was on that

trip anyway there the man that good

friend of my dad’s and and and he bought

his clothes there and I and I knew him

Jewish man and wonderful man I mean I

really enjoyed him over the years and

and I knew him as a as just a young boy

and so I went over there and I said

mister Howard it’s time for a new suit

go rate how God I had the money brother

God had blessed me now back in those

days a hundred and sixty dollars for a

new suit son I’m gonna tell you what

that’s fifteen hundred eighteen hundred

dollar suit now the Lord had blessed me

Amen now at the where that thing with

them big pockets on the bag

I went in there and I knew right where

that suit walk Brian I just see it today

of course it was blue and so I I went

over there I put the suit on and and of

course he marked it up for me you know

and I went back in the dressing room and

you know put my jeans back on my Becca

and I walked up over there and man I was

so excited to get to do this I got the

cash brother and I just laid that cash

down there on the on the counter and he

pushed it back at me he said Kenneth

while you were in the dressing room a

man came in here and paid for you soon I

said who he said he swore me to secrecy

and said I was done that now that this

is this is Jewish menu they said I was

to tell you that Jesus bought it for you

and he said I believe it see he’s

already working on the other side don’t

ever ever ever forget that particularly

in the realm of finances always he’s

working on the other side when it came

time to go across the Jordan he already

had his angels over there he already had

that place staked out scared stuffing

out of everybody over there where

they’re just sitting there waiting to

surrender because they heard what I’m

the Pharaoh Brown that whole army boy

they won’t know that hey that’s the

reason the devil do his best to try to

get you attention on this side amen

so there’s another thing about finances

very very unique it’s different from

healing is different from any and using

your faith for any other part of your


you cannot buy by yourself you can’t

sell by yourself you can’t give by

yourself and you can’t receive by

yourself someone else is involved in

every financial transaction and you may

be doing you may be praying with

somebody and they got a big smile on

their face and they don’t bleed nothing

you were saying or you know they’re

there you’re doing business with

somebody and heard really nice to you

while you’re there and you leave and

they hope you crash and burn so you’re

always dealing in the natural realm when

it comes finances but that’s the reason

it is so important to keep your faith in

line and walk in love all the time

amen walk in love all the time

faith works by love and grace works by

faith no love no faith no faith no grace

no grace forget it

because that’s where all the blessings

are that’s what makes the blessing of

the Lord work is the grace of God

hallelujah God’s grace is his

overwhelming desire to treat you and me

as if sin had never happened next time

you see the commercial where they got

the green trucks and green people green

uniforms and they come in after a flood

or after a storm you know and they run

in there with all the green equipment

they clean everything up and they drive

away like it never even happened

I saw that and I said that’s what grace

is like it never even happened


amen and clean it up oh-ho-ho-ho hallelu

glow ring surely you found Latian six

but not verse six we have never ever in

49 years and eight months of ministry we

have never raised money now enough don’t

misunderstand me

I’m not putting down other ministries

that doesn’t what they do is none of my

business I’m doing what the Lord

instructed me to do

he said I’m holding you responsible for

the laws that govern abundance that

means I’m gonna have to walk in it

III can’t sidestep and and continue to

walk in revelation concerning the the

economy of heaven and the kingdom of God

if I’m not gonna walk in it I can’t do

that so now however but I would suggest

you don’t try to pay for your church

with with bake sales and there’s been a

lot of chickens gave their lives by

little rickety churches forgive me

oh no we got week new better than that

but think about it I had the Lord say

this to me he said I have churches that

owe money to the Mafia and they don’t

even know it because they didn’t they

didn’t know they borrowed it from a bank

or a source where mob money was behind

it so you enter into a covenant to get

somebody’s money to do what you want to

do then what they have in their life

just got a door into your life and

there’s a lot of those folks there’s a

lot of bankers you don’t you don’t want

them in your life particularly in these

days anyway here we go let him that is

taught in the world have you been taught

in the word this week communicate or

respond unto him that teaches in all

good things don’t be deceived God is not

mocked for whatsoever a man sows that

shall he also reap now remember here in

the fifth chapter of the book of

Galatians we find the fruit of the

Spirit we find the fruit of the flesh

listed here in the fifth chapter of the

book of Galatians verse 16 I say then

walk in the spirit and you will not

fulfill the lust of the flesh for the

flesh lusteth against the spirit now

you’ll notice the the english

translators put a large s there do you

realize that in the greek there are no

punctuation marks in there and there’s

no capital letters so it was just at the

privilege of the

translator the more you study this the

more you realize he’s not talking about

the Holy Spirit he’s talking about

you’re in my reborn spirit because your

flesh is not fighting the Holy Spirit

your flesh is fighting you and your

spirit is standing up against your flesh

and we can refer to the book of Romans

which also the Apostle Paul wrote by the

Holy Spirit and and you put these put

those books side by side and you can see

that’s exactly what he’s talking about

so now notice this he said the flesh

puts pressure against the spirit and

your spirit against the flesh for these

are contrary one to the other so that

you cannot do the things that you would

but if you be led of the Spirit you are

not under the law now the works of the

flesh are manifest which of these here’s

manifestation of sowing to the flesh

adultery fornication uncleanness

lasciviousness idolatry witchcraft

hatred variance emulations wrath strife

seditions heresies envyings murders

drunkenness revellings and such like of

the which I tell you before as I have

told you in times past they that do such

things and not inherit the kingdom of

God but the fruit of the Spirit is love

joy peace long-suffering gentleness

goodness faith or faithfulness meekness

temperance against such there is no law

and they that are Christ’s they that are

in Christ have crucified the flesh with

the affections and the lust if we live

in the spirit let us also walk in the

spirit let us not be desirous of vain

glory provoking one another envying one

another now come back down again let him

that’s taught in the word respond unto

him that teaches in all good things

don’t be deceived God is not mocked for

whatsoever a man sows that shall he also

reap he’s talking

about what he just listed there where

whatever you sow is if you’re sewing on

the flesh side you’re going to reap the

flesh curse it’s what you’re going to

read sewing on the spirit side you reap

reap or you’re developing the fruit of

the Spirit against these there is no law

hallelujah so the devil has no defense

against you when you’re walking in the

spirit now notice this very very

carefully now he that shows to his flesh

shall of the flesh reap corruption but

he that sews to the spirit shall of the

Spirit reap life everlasting let us not

be weary in well-doing for in due season

we shall reap if we faint not

life everlasting that word in greek is

zowie translated everlasting life

translated in this case life everlasting

it is the life of God the life of God is

in your born-again spirit amen his life

is in there that so a life is inside you

now here’s one thing we know the so or

souls the word we’ve sold a lot of word

in here since Thursday night

I can guarantee you because Jesus said

it Satan’s coming some of you he’s

already he’s already done his best start

trying to talk out of it amen

don’t let him steal it

hallelujah now jesus said these are they

by the wayside who have no root in

themselves now we’re supposed to be

rooted and grounded in love how no root

in themselves and when persecution and

affliction arise listen for the words

say that persecution didn’t rise to

teach you something you maybe got sense

enough to learn something out of it but

that’s not the reason it came God didn’t

do it the devil did it trying to steal

the word off either he’s trying to kill

you he comes now listen he doesn’t come

to kill steal and destroy no Jesus said

he came to steal kill and destroy before

he can kill you before he can destroy


he’s got to steal the word the word is

is enemy it is he he has no defense

against it so he’s got to talk you out

of it somewhere don’t let him father I

pray that every person in the sound of

my voice recalls these words in the days

and hours to come and Satan comes try to

steal the word that they just stomped

their foot and said no bless God Satan

you ain’t taking the word out of me I’m

healed just like us like I believed I

received Saturday morning at 11:45

hallelujah the sixth day of August 2015

and an aha

oh you know what Nana hi Chicago oh

we’re in Anchorage that’s good

praise God now reap life and this is

what the offering is tonight it is a

praise offering for what we’ve heard for

what has been ministered how the Spirit

of God has dealt with all of us and and

and we’ve seen many wonderful things and

and revelation I mean I you know I get

the advantage of standing up here and I

see your face when you get that yeah you

know it’s that place where you ps-aguié

to God you see that and and so is it I

seen on what way don’t

Amen you see something in the spirit

that’s revealed knowledge revelation

knowledge not not especially written

knowledge of the book of Revelation but

revealed knowledge is knowledge revealed

directly from the Holy Spirit to your

spirit bypasses your mind and so forth

and you see it I mean you just see it

Amen hallelujah

I’ve already preached me plumb happy of

it good father we thank you and we

praise you and we believe the word that

you have spoken that these words as we

sow according to these scripture verses

here as we sow and as the people so in

praise for the word that they’ve heard

and then they sow to the spirit

and in doing so they receive and take

hold of the word as their own revelation

not just something they heard from me or

from Gloria and we give you praise for

it and we thank you for it and we

worship you and we bless you in Jesus

Holy Name Amen if you need an envelope

for your giving

raise your hand and now twice in this

meeting I have said uh sure’s pass out

the offering pass out the um look Kelly

reminded me that one time some years ago

I’d forgotten about it in Anaheim

we received the offering and the Lord

said count it and divide it up equally

among the whole congregation and give

him back

I said why he said because it’s a good

seed dummy why he didn’t call me dummy I

call me dummy because they didn’t catch

on hearing it and that’s what we did


amen well the best seats out of school

praise God can you can I just share one

more thing with you about finances don’t

ever let anybody steal something from we

went into the airport this is back

before we had an airplane that go

overseas and and so we’re in the in the

boarding area and this is years and

years ago and the ministry the the

Gloria was the photographer back then I

mean Gloria was the photography she sold

books at the table I did the preaching

and then I’ll tell you what even

there were times that I would go back

behind the platform and put on my

overalls and people didn’t recognize me

with my overalls on and I’d come out

there and start breaking down their

system Oh God

Amy well I mean we’re out there you know

and so I had that camera there’s a

little canon camera nice camera

I had it on my shoulder well I got up to

go get on the airplane

my camera’s gone

I said blurry you got the camera no she

said you’re not the camera I don’t have


Kenneth BC began to rise up on inside

I’m gonna find that God and spank him

and get my camera

the Lord said you better watch what

you’re doing he said give him the camera

right now and if they bring him back

over then says this is your account you

tell him no no no no I gave it him

that’s his Amen I’m so in it I’m not

gonna let somebody steal off of me I’m

gonna sew it fast and they can steal it

and I said Lord we’re believing you for

an icon icon if and I want to thank you

for it in the name of Jesus that’s my

seed from an icon well we went we went

to San Francisco where we were preaching

out there full gospel businessmen for a

week and so man I’ve been in that hotel

I hadn’t gotten out of it in several

days we’ve been just one service rut

after another I said come on Gloria

we’re going to get out of here and

they’d leave walk around the block we’re

just walking along there’s just some

little some some little storefront you

know a little small to showcase windows

and door in the middle just row after

row up and we’re walking along there and

out of the cone amount is almost like

that $20 bill in Oklahoma City I saw it

out of the corner of my eye and I went

back over there and I look then in the

corner of the case there was a Nikon F

camera now how many of you know what a

Nikon F is all right now listen to me

now so I went in there I said I’d like

to know how much that that Nikon you

have in display case she said a Nikon

little Japanese girl and I said yeah so

within the display case she went over

there and looked and got it out and I

could tell she never saw that before

she said just a minute let me go ask my

dad so he came back out there and he

didn’t he doesn’t speak any English and

I said how much you want for this Nikon

el otoño and I so I turned around her to

her and she says make him an offer

he don’t know it’s in there either I had

$250 with him traveler’s checks in my

pocket two hundred and fifty dollars

even back there then wouldn’t buy that

box because bath in that was about just

the camera body was round 750 800

something like that and and so I said

well how about how about $200

hi I wrote it just fast I’m ready


so we’re believing God I said what about

the lens come with camera ice okay

that’s good

well I’m believing God for 100

millimeter lens we get to Hawaii and I’m

excited over this because I know me I

know my seeded working brother amen we

get to Hawaii and witness out walking

around and we walk past camera store and

so I had a big chemistry with on colu so

we walk past there and I said good let’s

go in and see if they got 100 millimeter

Nikon lens we walked in there and I now

saw one up on the top shelf there young

saying in a minute okay and I saw it up

there I said what in that isn’t that 100

millimeter Nikon lens case up there he

said it looks like it doesn’t it

he said I’ve died but I don’t I don’t

know where it came from but he said I

guess somebody maybe left it here on

consignment or something he said i I’ve

never seen that I said could you get it

down when he had to go get a stick you

know and get up there like that and

clamp that thing and pick it up and down

and sure enough pristine condition

brand-new I said what do you want for it

he hadn’t got any idea he’s slim to

glass the balls he goes and ask the boss

he came back he came back

Texas talking he came back and he said

how about 100 bucks

I said Stan real Steve

I rest my case

don’t ever let anybody steal from you so

it it’s worth more as a seed than it is

for us as a sale because it’s worth a

hundred times when you saw it