One of Pastor George’s favorite teachers of vision is Jesse Duplantis. He always stirs his faith to believe BIG. And this week, Jesse joins Inside the Vision to talk about walking out your vision. You’ll want to bring your Vision Journal and get ready to take some notes, because Jesse is a “Vision Specialist.” What he says will inspire you to take the next step into everything God has spoken to you about the future. In this episode: * Jesse shares not only how he became a visionary—but why he believes YOU are connected to Kenneth Copeland Ministries. (You’ve got to hear this!) * Hear why Jesse says it’s important to tell your partners what you’ve done, what you’re doing, and what you’re going to do. * Enjoy the testimony of a 16-year-old in EMIC’s youth group who started believing for a Tesla…and received one in a surprising way. It happened all because he took hold of God’s promises and wouldn’t let go. He had vision! Become a KCM Vision Insider and get access to ALL Inside the Vision episodes PLUS extended interviews, bonus downloads and more. Ignite the vision God has placed inside you today!

hello I’m Pastor George I am so glad you
joined me today on inside the vision
this week would normally be a week where
we have Vision school and as you know
Vision school is where we Deep dive into
what the word of God says about Vision
like how can we get vision and how can
we walk out Vision but I have something
really special for you on today’s
program joining me is one of my very
good friends and mentors the one the
only the vision specialist himself
Duplantis now brother Jesse has been a
tremendous inspiration to me for the
many years that we’ve known each other
every time we talk on the phone he
always stir my vision to believe big so
right now let Jesse stir your vision
allow me to take you inside the mind of
a vision
specialist I can’t tell you how excited
I am to have this man of God on this set
with me today Jesse duplis he has been
preaching for many years he is on the
board of Kenneth Copa Ministries and he
is a vision specialist how appropriate
it is to have Jesse duplis on inside the
vision Jesse welc it’s an honor to be
here so glad that you’re here well I
appreciate you asking me to come because
I love the vision of KCM Eagle Mountain
International Church cuz people they
doing some stuff and it’s about time you
know we can get this thing shut down if
we get this goel preach to the world and
you don’t know when to slow down I don’t
know when to slow down Kenna don’t know
when to slow down so bless God we speed
up let’s get it done well I I want to I
want to thank you for being an
inspiration for what we’re sitting in
right now because really Jesse this
program you and I have had talks many
talks about the importance of
communicating to our partners what we’ve
done what we’re doing what we’re going
to do for them to be to realize what’s
happening with finances that’s right and
so here we are inside the vision and I’m
with a real vision specialist you know
we go to your Visionary conferences
which you need to go to a Jess Planet
Visionary conference because I always
come away with fresh Vision ideas I’m
doing all the Talking I want you no I
like I like your talking well you can’t
have a future unless you see one yeah
you see there’s a wonderful scripture in
Proverbs he said my people perish for
lack of a vision yeah so if you really
want to Decay is when you don’t know
what you’re doing you don’t know where
you’re going so you’re not going to know
when you get there yeah and that’s the
problem with a lot of people you know
they just they go from day to day hoping
that it may work I don’t deal with that
I deal with what God called us to do I
asked I tell people this all the time
George why did God put George Pearson on
the earth what is your destiny what is
your destination now we all preach Faith
but you see we got to have a vision
because God is a Visionary he’s a
Creator and when you understand that
when when you understand what God will
do and God he’ll do the most
unbelievable impossible yet doable
things and and so vision is not static
it’s not stationary it’s going to move
you to complete the destiny and reach
the destination Jesse you started in
Ministry about the same time that I
started working
for6 were you seeing back then what you
are doing now I mean you’re all all over
the world preaching on television what
what was your vision like when you
started in the ministry well I really
argue with God about preaching the
gospel yeah now I said look you want me
to you want me to play music I play 11
instruments I can do that see and but
when the Lord start directing me toward
that pulit Jo I said oh no no no I’m not
qualified yeah and the Lord said that’s
why I’m calling you because you’re not
qualified he said because you see if you
made a mistake you wouldn’t know you
made a mistake CU you don’t know what
you’re doing cuz you’re going to walk by
faith and not by sight when God called
me and I answered that call and it was
on a Sunday morning just kneeling down
at the altar I immediately got up and I
began to have visions and dreams of what
I was going to do wow and he said I’ll
take you all over the world now I didn’t
know how yeah I didn’t know when but I
didn’t need to know that what I needed
to know was to obey what he tells me to
do right and if you walk in obedience I
mean it’s better to obey than to
sacrifice yeah you know jge the church
knows how to sacrifice just beat me
Jesus beat me up I don’t want to beat
you no no no but they don’t know how to
obey yeah see to obey what God’s word
says so I began to see it and I knew I’d
preach all over the world but I didn’t
know how I was going to and that came
very early on well the first week there
you go I saw myself doing those things
but you when you say that back then they
say oh man you never going to do that
it’s always somebody trying to kill your
dream right you know Kathy preached a
sermon I think it’s my favorite sermon
that she’s ever preached Beware of the
dream Killers you know you know and it’s
just so true but you know dreams have no
expiration dates so the Lord said keep
your vision to yourself because they’re
not ready for you you see so a lot of
time when I begin to say things I tell
people they say
well you can’t do that I said you’re not
ready for me yeah and so they think
that’s cockness and arrogance but it’s
confidence and Assurance cuz God Don’t
Make Mistakes that’s right see he
doesn’t make mistakes and so I I saw it
and I began to work toward that yeah and
so you weren’t surprised as things begin
to in develop and unfold yes between
from driving to a a church to Flying to
churches oh yeah I mean it was amazing
how the greatest statement God ever gave
me was when I was driving to a church in
apaloosa Louisiana
and I passed by the Lafayette
Municipal uh airport and now you
remember Jo I made a lot of money before
I was saved I was a rocker and all gave
all that away because I thought you had
to be poor to be a Christian because we
never read the Baba Kathy never read the
Bible until after she got say I we
didn’t know nothing about that yes so
but once we got born again we got an
insatable thirst for the word of God to
make a long story short when I was uh
passing that a citation jet flew over my
head and the Lord said look up and I
looked up he said I’m going give you a
plane and my mind went to the fog you
know I thought my God I can’t pay for
pay gas for this Toyota cuz you made me
give me all your money how how I’m going
to how I’m going to get a plane but it
was part of my vision and that’s when he
had to holler at me literally had to
holler at me to get past the cobwebs of
fog he said Jesse Jessie and I went yeah
yeah I didn’t ask you to pay for it I
asked you to believe for it see that’s
the reason why people’s Visions doesn’t
come to pass they think they’re supposed
to pay for it sure no supposed to
believe for it and then when you believe
for it God pays for it in every area of
your life so I did that now you know I
made a mistake that same day I went and
tell that Pastor while I was preaching
out what I was going to do and he said
oh you can’t do that and I remember I
said he ain’t ready for me yeah or he’s
not ready for God to do what God wants
him to do and he could not complete his
Destiny right because he wasn’t ready so
what I’m saying so that’s why when the
lord gave me that statement never let
people forget what you’ve done always
tell them what you’re doing yeah and
tell them what you’re going to do now
why do you have Partners family see
partnership is not just supporting this
ministry or supporting the vision it’s
family and if you want a good family
unit you got they got to have
information Y and that’s what you doing
on this program to tell the partners
what you do with the finances most
people don’t know they send in money to
a Ministry and they don’t know yeah but
if you let them know what’s going on
it’s amazing it excites them most of our
Partners don’t realize until it happens
whenever a disaster strikes we have a
call program immediately that goes into
action calling our partners checking on
them sending people out to those places
in the same way that we sent folks out
to your place that’s right you did when
when that hurricane hurricane Ian but
let me tell you something Ida excuse me
watch this I’ll never forget the first
time I saw that those people that you
sent out yeah and and this is when
Hurricane Katrina yes sir and that’s
back in 2005 yeah now you had a guy I
don’t know if he still works for kind
Ministry he looked just like Jesus
Christ he I mean he had the hair like
Jesus the beard and I never forget and I
and y’all sent him to St John Parish
because there was a lot of damage there
in laas Louisiana and I was preaching
that had a chent set up and the pastor
asked me to preach so I’m just George
this is true I’m preaching I turned
around I thought my God Jesus is here I
looked I said Jesus he said no I said
well you sure look like him and he was
part of that thing that you had to send
people out to help people and I never
forget people how they cried what
Ministry would do that you see not too
many of them you see but and what I mean
by that is those people that went out
they said what can we do for you and not
only do that you had a guy with a
checkbook yeah and you wrote people
checks yeah which made me think H I’m
learning today well that’s brother cop’s
heart that’s what he desires to do he is
a Giver there’s no question about it a
giver yes he is and speaking of brother
Copeland you first came in contact with
him oh more than 35 years ago yeah well
I first met Gloria uh she had come to
our church um when I say our church I
was going to a church called Victory and
we went out and eat lunch and she says
you know Jesse she calls me Jess she she
said Jess Kenneth has heard about you I
said well I’ve heard about Kenneth but
that was about it you know we you know
we had DIN and all that kind of stuff
and who how I actually got involved with
Kenneth copelan Ministry was through a
guy named Jimmy Hester yes sir who was
the pastor of a Arlington Christian
Center M and he called me I was in Miami
and I was stuck he said Jesse could you
come to Fort Worth Texas I want to go
anywhere I just get out of Miami but
everything was shut down he said we’re
doing a motorcycle
rally and uh I thought he said would you
preach a Friday night make a long story
short yeah I said well if you can get me
there they stuck and that’s how it
started and I met Kenneth I mean face
the face yes and it was Kenneth and
Jerry and he looked at me and he said
Jesse I was supposed to preach Friday
night Ken was going to preach Saturday
night and Jerry’s going to preach Sunday
morning this was the beginning of the
team say so I’m not I’m not going to let
you forget how we started yeah so what
happened Kenna said you know we do this
all the time me and Jerry Jess said
let’s all tag team preach I’ll never
forget that he said why don’t I I start
tonight Jerry you get in the middle and
Jesse you close the gate yeah I said
okay and that’s how it started and that
was the very beginning
of me coming to preach with Kenneth as
long as I preach I remember it so well I
was in the audience watching you and you
you were saying things that were making
us laugh but we’ve never we had never
laughed quite like that before and we
kept looking at Kenneth to see if he was
laughing and he was laughing so we were
laughing well you know I told Kenneth
and uh uh I told him you know brother K
he said he asked me he said would you
join this team and become a part preach
one of the Believers convention I said
Kenneth I’m so different than you are
I’m so different than Jerry I said he
said that’s why I want you yeah because
you’re going to be you and I’m going to
be me and Jerry’s going to be Jerry yes
and it started team and now almost 34
years we’re still going most of us know
Jesse deanis yeah most of us know that
man is a
Visionary we he’s always speaking
talking VIs vision and you’re always
listening with your mouth just dropped
open thinking oh my gosh I thought I had
vision and I need to grow and we’ve all
seen all the things that have happened
because of that vision and sometimes we
think to ourselves yeah that that’s just
way Beyond me but it’s not it’s not it’s
not Beyond you it’s not Beyond me it’s
not Beyond you age or location or
wherever you’re
at God is looking for people to work an
impossible Miracle yeah God deals in the
realm of impossibility when it looks
impossible to man God’s going this is my
favorite kind work exactly what what for
us looks impossible for him is just easy
it’s every day I mean the creator of the
entire universe so getting to sit down
and interview some of our partners and
friends it’s that encouragement that we
get every every interview every time now
I wasn’t able to talk talk with this
young man but one of our youth pastors
Holden the Handley did and his story is
so inspiring because it looked
impossible 13-year-old believing God for
a Tesla you know this is something your
daughter is doing right now yeah I’m
wondering if I should show her this
testimony or not but go ahead but we
want you to see what God is doing
doesn’t matter how old you are doesn’t
matter how young you are see what took
place so we’re here today to talk about
a pretty significant testimony that
happened in your life mhm uh tell us
what happened so ever since I was 13 my
parents told me I need to start looking
for a car for when I turned 16 and I
didn’t really know what I was going to
look at but then on YouTube I saw a
Tesla and I looked at the Tesla I was
like oh that’s pretty cool and after a
while I was like oh I want a Tesla now
and since I moved to California I don’t
want to have to pay that gas price sure
yeah so I I started praying every night
for a blue Tesla with white interior a
model 3 2020 with nice rims I started
telling my parents after a while and
they were like really a Tesla and I was
like yes I want the Tesla it was about
to be my birthday probably like a month
before my birthday my dad was um getting
signed up for this uh Thing Once you
turn a certain age to like lower your
taxes or something like that and he was
being super polite to the guy because
the guy lost some of his files which
usually people like would get super
annoyed about that and mad at him but my
dad was like polite to him and so gra he
said in his 20 years he never had
someone so nice to him and he so he told
him there’s this um thing that you can
sign up for that not that many people
know about that if Once you turn a
certain age your kids if they’re under
18 you can sign them up you get paid a
certain amount and so for literally
doing nothing it’s like I’m unemployed I
get $100 a month wow until I turn 18 and
so that was enough to get me my Tesla
and and the the night that they told me
that I was so happy but I knew it too so
I wasn’t like going too crazy cuz I
already knew I had my Tesla amen but it
was it was really cool then after you
got you got back paid too correct mhm
yes yeah so not only did you start
getting the $100 a month but you were
back paid yeah which was what put you
over the top and gave you more than
enough to get your car so then after a
month I think it was a week after my
birthday we found a car we went to Santa
Barbara and we picked it up at the Tesla
dealership man that’s awesome mhm so let
me ask you this what made you believe
God for this specific car was it just
cuz you liked it like what you saw it on
YouTube you said but what made you want
to believe for this car I love
technology I love all the new things
that come out so being getting a Tesla
is basically just a part of what I like
to sure use where did you learn and how
did you learn to start living by faith
um I actually remember it in Middle
School whenever I had you and Pastor
Katherine you’d always uh teach us about
faith and staying strong in it and so I
think that’s where it started off faith
comes by hearing and hearing by the word
of God right so let me ask you this what
scriptures did you stand on throughout
this process to believe God for your
Tesla it was mainly Ephesians 2:8 for it
is by Grace you have been saved through
faith and this is not from your it is a
gift of God see you just received that
Tesla as a product of Grace that you put
Faith in and received your gift yes
that’s awesome what advice would you
give to a teenager who says the Bible
and that Faith stuff M airor quotes on
that face stuff can wait until I get
older and they just kind of shove it off
for the future I say you you shouldn’t
wait if you start young then whenever
you get older you’ll have more
experience with it and then if you um
if you start believing when you’re
younger it’ll just get bigger and bigger
what you believe in but you have to stay
consistent on it you have to keep keep
thinking about it and um stay strong
with your faith eventually God will do
something big for you I’m really happy
for you I know we in 1440 and emic and
all of us we are thrilled about what
God’s doing in your life and what he
continues to do cuz it’s going to be big
stuff yes amen
amen I love hearing simple faith
of just I know this will work God has
already given me the promise I’ve found
it in his word and it’s going to work
how many times have we just thought well
yeah it works for somebody else works
for the Copeland works for Jesse works
for somebody else but maybe maybe not me
or even started out committed but maybe
Midway through the faith process you
start to doubt a little bit right or you
know well I don’t have money for the
Tesla but I could get this Toyota
4Runner and you know it’s a car Sor it
works but that’s not God’s best now
we’re not judging anybody if you’ve
changed your vision if
you’ve accepted less than what God put
in your heart but we’re saying there’s
more there’s always more and don’t let
go of the vision God put inside of you
if a 16-year-old can do it you can do it
I love that he didn’t waver right and
I’m sure that that’s an easy thing to do
it’s an easy thing to doubt because it’s
easy for our flesh yeah it’s not easy to
hold fast to what we know God said to we
know what we’re believing for and when
you have the vision in front of you
you’re going to hit the target yeah but
if we keep we lose sight of the vision
we don’t write it down we don’t know
what we’re aiming towards but Caleb knew
he knew exactly had the color had the
model knew exactly what he wanted and he
got it and we want you to know that
we’re here for you we have licensed and
trained prayer ministers who are ready
to pray in faith with you give us a call
at 8
77281 6297 and if you have a story of
Victory you’ve seen your vision come to
pass will you want to hear it and maybe
we’ll share it too so just let us know
at insidethe
testimony how how did that Vision that
anointing as a vision specialist how did
that happen let me just say that I want
to read this verse of scripture Proverbs
29:18 where there is no Vision the
people perish you see uh let me just say
that where there is no vision God
becomes an opinion instead of a living
reality so I begin to think how can I
get people to see God as a living
reality Vision See Vision going like
going like Star Trek says where no man
has gone before you see and I thought
yes so when I begin to get involved with
quote quote the word of faith I said
they have cir them circled them himself
mhm they only think Word of Faith does
this no Word of Faith needs to be
completely exposed to the whole planet
yeah because you can’t please God
without faith right so that’s how I
begin to preach and the Lord said he
begin to show me everything I saw I
couldn’t do yeah because see he doesn’t
work in the realm of possibility that’s
our job yes he works in the realm of
impossibility that’s when he shows up so
he began to tell me do this do that and
I begin to preach that at the believer’s
conventions and different things and um
and you know why would God tell you to
go somewhere and not give you the money
to do it or give you the partners to do
it now the reason why you are partner at
kop ministries Yes you’re helping this
ministry but God wants to to to take
your vision and bring it to the level
you need to have it everybody why did
you why did he put you on this Earth
yeah you have a Destiny and a
destination but if you don’t see it
you’re going to miss the mark on so
that’s what I begin to bring quote to
the word of faith when you a traveling
Ministry you have to learned to preach
like a Baptist a Methodist Episcopalian
pres Church of God Church of Christ Word
of Faith Assembly God you know uh Church
of God a prophecy in Christ all that
kind of stuff because you’re going into
so many different churches but then I
realized I said the word of
faith and and Kenneth and Gloria
understood that needs to be exposed in
different lights in different places
beside just quote the word of faith
right things that’s why Victory came
into existence good see to go all over
the world see and of course you’re going
to get
but you going get persecution as a
Baptist you’re going to get persecution
as this and that and all this kind of
stuff but I saw that and I believe I
brought that to Kenneth Copeland
Ministries to and all of a sudden
Kenneth start getting a little funny you
start getting a little funny and whoever
thought that me and you would do a a
victory th together and I knew it was
you you know because you know they said
do whatever you want to do but Jess I
said I want George Pearson George No No
George is kind of he he’s the Clark Kent
you know know you got to get another
Superman cuz you know you woo I said no
no I want George Pearson and I knew it
was the Holy Ghost and I it it worked
and I knew and brother that first that
first victon was amazing and I think you
found out stuff about yourself you
didn’t know about yeah well when you’re
put in a position like that you better
find something and then you the things
that I learned you learned the things
that you learn that you that you have I
learned and God began to work it see
because we we if we’re not creating if
we’re not expanding we’re wrong yeah
right now the universe is expanding
faster than the speed of
light why yeah why is that why is God
doing that yeah because he’s a Creator
now watch that he called it nothing but
he’s about ready to put something in
nothing right and that’s the reason why
God wants you and thank you for being a
partner in the casm because you see you
may have nothing and God’s ready to put
some stuff in your nothing see
and it works just that way and what
happens I can say this about KCM because
I’ve been here a long long time is that
the the the soil has to be fertile one
thing I know about Ken cop Min I’m on
the board of directors of Kenne cop Min
so I know everything that goes on George
and them takes them almost 12 hours to
tell us everything and and because this
this is a big Ministry but what happens
is you the the power of your seed is
amazing when it gets into what I call
fertile soil yeah but what I like about
this ministry is not only do you have
fertile soil you keep fertilizing it
right you see what I’m saying yes keep
why so when this gospel is preach to the
world the end shall come yep so that’s
why we get together and you know in all
these years me and Kenneth and and we
never had arguments we never tried to
compete you know why we’re a team and
team effort is what get things done you
are partner you are part of a theme when
brother Copeland goes to South Africa
you going with him and then watch all of
a son you’ll begin to see shoots and
when to grow up in your field you begin
to be blessed you know why people need
money George you ever wondered why tell
me because they don’t know what they
want they know what they need yeah boy
you can you ask them what they they
going to tell you but they don’t know
what they want right you see look I want
to say it this way Psalms 23 the Lord’s
my shepherd I shall not want why do you
want things Vision now why said how many
times you saw something you said I don’t
need that yeah you know it’s not about
that but but it still gets on your mind
you know what you know what your your
faith is saying you’re not using me
right oh you’ve made me static I am not
stationary yeah he’ll make you go get
something you want to move your faith
toward it you see which is Destiny and
destination exactly you see what I’m
saying I’m see and when he said the Lord
is my shepherd I shall not want I said
this there at your church he said you
would not want you’ll never get to the
point of would want you shall not so
what want does instead of people calling
it greed it moves your faith your faith
is slowing down cuz all you thinking
about is need yep you see what I’m
saying so that’s why all these things
that you see at kop Ministries is do
they need it no they doing enough work
my God they’re not getting much sleep to
start with but what made that want come
on was the vision God gave this ministry
yes one of the purposes for this
broadcast is to encourage their Vision
right not just the vision we have here
but the vision of the partners and the
people that are watching us I want you
to speak directly to them to their
vision and pray for them if you would I
have a point here I want to say to you
real quickly so you can understand your
vision vision is not stationary it’s an
active communication that comes from God
with a majestic Authority see God has
called you to do something the reason
why you’re a Kenneth Copeland partner is
because because of the Fess of this
ministry it is producing and causing
your vision to come the path when you
see that then you understand what the
vision is given so God’s word can go
forth but your word is mixed up with
God’s now listen to this when I say this
Vision does not live in the rim of
possibility no it inspires you to break
free from the boundaries of natural
thinking oh that’s good you see it makes
you break free that’s why you have all
this you broke free on it but this is
just the beginning Joy yeah you can’t be
stationary yeah but I’m not qualified he
is you see oh you got to do is make that
step because see not only do you love
kopan Ministries but God has your vision
in mind
too I know you enjoyed today’s special
version of vision school with our friend
Jesse duplis you know Vision starts with
a word from God often when God speaks to
you it might feel impossible after all
though God works in the realm of
impossibility and as you walk it out by
faith and not by sight you’ll see your
vision come to pass you know we have so
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and stay connected and thank you for
joining us on inside the vision before
we go let me pray for you father in the
name of Jesus I pray over this one and I
pray over the vision Lord that you give
to them they are a person of vision
they see how you see and they realize
and understand Lord that you have great
things for them to fulfill on this Earth
and we receive it and take hold of it by
faith in Jesus name amen and amen now
remember this God loves you we love you
and Jesus is