Where you GIVE, you GO. When you give to Kenneth Copeland Ministries, you share in the outreach and rewards of this ministry and every ministry we support. This is called the PROPHET’S REWARD. It’s based on Matthew 10:41: “He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward” (NKJV). In this episode of Inside the Vision: * Hear about the beautiful work you’re doing in Mozambique—and nearly 40 nations—through Iris Global. * Rediscover the THREE principles of partnership you experience when you partner with a ministry: Seedtime and Harvest, The Anointing Exchange and the Prophet’s Reward. * Hear why partnership with KCM isn’t about what we can get FROM you, but what we can get TO you. Become a KCM Vision Insider and get access to all Inside the Vision episodes PLUS extended interviews, bonus downloads and more. Ignite the vision God has placed inside you today! Get your FREE vision journal and more at https://www.insidethevision.org


hey how was your trip to mozam be really


salvations wait you said over 4,000

people were ministered to I’m sure you

saw amazing Miracles what someone’s eyes

were healed you saw that and so many

kids were reached wow praise God well

what do you mean you didn’t go don’t you

partner with someone who did go well

then and of course that’s what that

means you went maybe not physically but

you definitely did spiritually because

the two of you you came together you

partnered together one was the giver and

the other was the goer and that my

friends is partnership and you may say

Aubrey I’ve always wanted to go here or

go there and it just it didn’t seem like

it would ever happen but I have some

good good news for you you can go

because remember where you give you go

I’m Heidi Baker and I live in northern

mosm Beek caval Delgado in Pemba and

we’ve been in mosm Beek now for almost

30 years the Lord just sent us to the

fields White for Harvest and so we went

and we just said yes Lord and we went

and now our little movement Iris Global

is now in uh nearly 40 Nations

so many people are running to Jesus and

his Beauty And His glory and his

presence is just falling on us and I’ve

never seen a harvest like this in all

the years we’ve been there I’ve never

seen this kind of openness to the gospel

and the gospel looks like love

manifested it’s not just blah blah blah

it’s not just your words it’s your

action Love In Action so if they’re

hungry we bring food if they need water

we drill a well we bring the word of God

audio Bibles and they hear the word of

God and people have another Faith all

the walls that kept them from following

Jesus they just crumbled down and

they’re just they’re just running to him

I want to tell an amazing story about um

Kenneth copelan Ministries and I had

never had contact with with your

ministry I remember my my team called me

and they said um we’re going to have to

lay lay off some staff like probably a

lot of Staff we don’t even we don’t have

the resources to pay our staff I’m

feeling grieving in my heart cuz

everybody has families and I had to go I

was preaching in America I had to go to

where my sister lives brother Kenneth

sent a book to our house my where my

sister lives in Laguna Beach well I live

in mosm Beach what are they sending a

book to lagona how they get the address

I open the book and I mean I know what’s

happening and I knew the amount that was

needed and there is no way I ever dreamt

I mean ever dreamt that this was going

to covered this way I open it up no joke

I open it up and there’s an envelope in

there and I open it up and it’s a check

and it’s

$100,000 and it was the very first um

seed they sewed in and we were

97,000 short of paying our staff that

had to be we had to have it within 2

days so because I was in America and

that super crazy awesome

miraculous uh offering came I was able

to take it to the bank it was there in

time and our entire entire staff was was

paid and it was just it was so amazing

and I’m just so grateful to you all

thank you so much to everybody all the

people that give and allow us to do what

we do we’re so we’re we’re really

grateful it’s just we’re undone by

it what is partnership what is covenant

partnership Covenant partnership is

still God’s way for his people to work

together God has called each of us into

Ministry both locally and globally you

might not be a five-fold minister but

you can partner with one who is

ministering the gospel and sharing the

truth of God’s word around the world

brother Copeland teaches three main

principles of partnership seed time and

harvest when you sew seeds of faith into

the ministry of the word of God you can

expect to reap a harvest the anointing

exchange when we partner together we get

connected to the same anointing so you

can expect the supernatural power that

marks this ministry to operate in your

life and finally the profits reward as

our partner in Ministry you can expect

to receive equal credit for every soul

saved for every person healed and for

every life touched by the word of faith

which we preach these principles of

partnership are the key to victory in

these last days and you don’t want to

miss out when you partner with this

ministry you will maximize Effectiveness

in Endtime Harvest bring Supernatural

increase into your life and be a part of

unity in the body of Christ we are

called to minister together and together

we are finishing the mission to which

God called The Church as you partner

your voice goes where your feet can’t

because where you give you go and

everywhere you go there is

Victory Matthew 10:41 says he who

receives a prophet in the name of a

prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward

in Philippians 4:19 through our

partnership you’ll find yourself fully

supplied lacking nothing what are these

two scriptures referring to well

partnership and the prophet’s

reward what does partnership or the

prophet’s reward actually mean when you

join us in Ministry you can expect a

harvest of blessings which means

blessings coming on you and to you you

receive equal credit for every soul

saved every person healed every prayer

offered and every life that is touched

by the power of God now spiritually we

share in the full scope of God’s

anointing on brother copelan and Kenneth

copin Ministries so let’s break this

down a little more the prophet’s reward

is the anointing of God upon the prophet

it’s the blessing that he walks in it’s

the Eternal credit building in his

Heavenly account in response to

fulfilling God’s will here on Earth and

this very same anointing blessing and

eternal credit can be added to your life

well how is that let’s look at the

example of the woman who assisted the

prophet elishah in 2 Kings chapter 4

have you heard her story recognizing

Elisha as a prophet of God she set out

to do everything she could to help him

carry out his ministry every time he

came through town she blessed him she

provided him with whatever resources he

needed whether it was food or room to

sleep in or room to pray in her motive

wasn’t to gain something but simply to

serve God yet Elisha understood that

serving God brings

blessings though financially well off

she lacked a child that was a deep

desire of her heart yet one that seemed

nearly impossible however Elisha’s

unwavering Faith coupled with their

partnership brought about her Miracle as

a prophet he spoke over her he

prophesied that she would have a son

within a year and she did

that same time the following year she

had a son while there’s even more

miraculous events that happen in this

story I want to focus on why it happened

it was a response to the power of their

partnership it was their connection

together the woman served the man of God

she prepared a place for him and she

prepared a place for the anointing

because she did that same anointing was

available to her in her home to meet her


this same principle applies today and

just like it worked for her it’ll work

for you of course you’re not preparing

food for brother Copeland or giving him

a place to sleep in your home but what

you are doing when you’re financially

partnered with us is making a way for

the profit to reach more people after

all the greatest Vision KCM has is you

partnering with us not only brings

Heavenly rewards but also Earthly

blessings beyond what you could imagine

you might not serve in a Frontline

Ministry but through prayer and giving

you fight alongside us earning Eternal

and Earthly rewards I want to ask you to

consider joining us financially in

Covenant partnership as you pray over

this step know that you’re connecting to

57 years of Mountain Moving Faith do you

need a miracle in your home do you need

a miracle in your business or your

family or in your body well just like

the woman received her Miracle our heart

is to see you through to your Victory

plus there are so many partnership

privileges the greatest of which is

prayer we as a staff are praying for you

every single day Kenneth and Gloria are

praying for you every day and as a

partner you will never go another day

without prayer and that’s a

promise good afternoon


who would like to

pray thank you Jesus for this day thank

you that all have a great time and that

we’re blessed in Jesus name amen amen

amen we’re here to talk about our

partnership strategy partnership what’s

partnership didn’t you read the email I


read what

strategy like I said in my email

partnership is connection it’s when

people work together and when people

partner to KCM there are benefits like

the TIC

exchange is that like why my mom takes

my shirt back for a different size the

anointing exchange is where when you can

walk in the same blessing as who you

partner with the next benefit is seed

time and harvest where to get your seed

like an apple seed maybe a pumpkin seed

mommy says when I swallow a watermelon

seed I’ll grow a little watermelon in my

tummy how can someone sew seeds to the

ministry it’s not like there’s thir to

plan in when people give offerings to

KCM we take their seed and use it to

bless others we also give it to other

Ministries where you give you go when

people sell you can read the hardest

they also benefit by The Prophet’s rward

what’s a prophet it’s really simple it

means that brother cop and ministers the

Lord RS people who donate in the same

way he rewards kin Copeland for every

person who was saved or healed Jesus

talked about in Matthew 10 wow

partnership is a cool idea partnership

is the best way for God’s people to work

together together we are

Victory great meeting thanks everybody

guys I think my U Is Here Yeah I think

my mom just pulled


up I’ve always wanted to be on a team

maybe soccer not really or a cheerleader

maybe or who knows I can even become a



star but then I realized I am on a team

when I signed up to become a partner and

gave for the first time ever I joined

the KCM team where they go I go and

being a part of this team is like the

best ever you should totally join our

team and become a partner like me

because together we are victory

as you’ve seen throughout the program

today Covenant partnership with KCM is

not at all about what we can get from

you but it’s about what we can get to

you that’s what partnership is all about

for us it’s a two-way street working

together to see that this message of

faith is preached that souls are saved

that bodies are healed that lives are

changed and that your life has changed

that is the power of partnership go to

insidethe vision.org to become a partner

because we want you to get in on this

and when you partner with KCM you are

also partnering with all of our

outreaches in the branches of this

ministry and when you become a vision

Insider you’re only one more step away

to becoming a partner hopefully you have

the resources to partner with this

ministry at whatever level you desire

even if it’s just two mites like the

Widow gave in Mark 12:42 and 43 we do

not view partnership as a financial OB

obligation this is about opening the

blessing up to you in a greater way so

whatever you can give no matter the

level God sees your seed and so do we so

go to insidethe vision.org and become a

partner today and remember becoming a

partner means your giving not only

supports the work of this ministry but

it also supports dozens of other

Ministries all around the world we go to

places that maybe you can’t but other

Ministries that we support they go where

we can’t when you visit insidethe

vision.org to sign up to become a

partner 10% of every contribution casium

receives is sewn back into trusted

organizations and Ministries around the

world that’s why we call it twice on

seed your seed has an exponential impact

on what we can do together where you

give you go we are partnering together

reaching even more people than we could

on our own and remember Mimi and Papa

Faithfully pray over their Partners

every day you are not alone becoming a

partner means you’re becoming a part of

the family you could really you could

actually go from being alone in this

world with no one to pray for you to

being in a family in just 5 minutes when

you become a partner today tonight

someone will pray for you at dinner you

will never go a day without someone

praying for you so join our ACM family

today by visiting insidethe


vision.org Josh care is a not for-profit

organization we um look after children

that have been neglected abused and

abandoned they are house in the Joshua

care house and so they live with us and

there’s roughly about 12 kids at the

moment seeing kids grow into who God’s

called them to be to be faith-filled uh

Filipinos that have a passion for the

people around them and have a love that

is centered on the word of God all that

wouldn’t have come if it wasn’t for

faithfulness of um the partners it’s

just a testimony of their faithfulness

that produces this type of

fruit I love our partnership with

Kenneth Copa Ministries because our

heart and our vision and our mission is

aligned and the same in the context that

God will use people to speak um love and

Faith and Hope into the

hearts the faithfulness and the fruit

that comes from just being a partner

with Kenneth Copeland Ministries we

experience not just a blessing but the

teaching that I’ve used multiple times

in Philippines to speak life and to

speak faith into hope situations then we

want to say thank you so much um Ken

copal Ministries and all of our


partners we’ve talked a lot about Vision

on this program and how we’re here to

inspire your vision now we want to start

giving you some practical steps to

identifying and fulfilling your vision

maybe you haven’t fully discovered your

vision yet or you haven’t figured out

where to start okay so try this first of

all grab your inside the vision journal

and start writing come on just write jot

down all the things you can think of

what do you desire what do you need

where do you want to go who do you want

to minister to how do you want to grow

at home or in your

job sometimes the simple Act of creating

a list is all that it takes to ignite

the process this list will serve as a

valuable tool for organizing and

prioritizing your vision goals now once

you’ve done this exercise start praying

over it get some scriptures to back your

vision begin to filter this list through

the concept of Kingdom first what items

from the list affect the building of

God’s kingdom remember the Bible says

seek ye first the kingdom of God and his

righteousness and all these things will

be added unto you that’s Matthew

6:33 as you begin to filter your list

through the kingdom first concept what

comes to the surface something is bound

to jump to the top what Rises to the

surface is your number one priority

these are your top god-given Vision

goals I am Pastor Chris suley this is my

wife Jojo and we are from the Denver

Colorado area we live in Littleton and

we have a church in Centennial Colorado

we uh hadn’t been married for a whole

long time and we we came on part-time

for a pretty big church in the Denver

area we were there for almost uh 16

months uh on the month 15 16th month we

were supposed to go full-time with full

pay on the 15th month the uh senior

pastor of the church called us he said

you know I’ve been listening to your

messages Pastor Chris and what you’re uh

preaching is the the word of faith and

he says I told them meaning the board of

that church at the time he says that

when I took this church over I would not

bring that that message here to this

church and so you have two choices you

can either stop preaching that or you

need to resign and we said if we obey


now we’ll never get the chance to obey

God and of course there was just no

other choice for us we could not preach

what we knew and my wife didn’t stop

crying for for a week so I I said I’m

honey I’m going out and floating the in

the Gulf of Mexico and I’m on a raft and

just praying in tongues and asking Lord

what the next step and I heard the Lord

say I want you to start a church being a

wonderful wife she is she wasn’t too

excited about it but she said yes I’ll

do it and so here we are oh boy 14 years

later and God has just been so faithful

yeah we started the church in our home

we actually start on Saturday nights

because this was the thought I don’t

know if it was a god thought or my

thought but we thought well if we start

on Saturday nights then uh we can give

people a chance to check us out without

having to miss their own church and not

that we were trying to pull people from

other churches but we just we wanted

people that God had appointed for us so

we started on Saturday nights and about

6 months into uh to the church I think I

don’t know exactly the timing uh we

tithed from the very first service to to

cas ACM out of whatever came in and we

just uh I was looking around on the web

and I found an application said you you

know if you would like to have your

church listed on the KCM website as a

recommended Church Kenneth copelan

recommended church then fill this out

and send it in and I said well I’ll fill

it out send it in I don’t know what our

chances are but lo and behold within I

don’t know six weeks it came back and

they said yes but but the result of that

which has been a blessing is that

probably and I can’t give you exact act

number but I would say probably 60 to

70% of everyone in our church over those

last 14 years of course people come and

go have found us because we have a

little visitor sheet and we say how did

you find us and they said on the KCM

website and so we’re so thankful for

that it’s just what a blessing I thought

this was cool last Sunday we had an

individual come to church and uh after

church this person came up to me she

said I finally found my

home and you might hear that a lot and I

hugged her and said that is awesome and

she said no I finally I didn’t know they

had it I went to the copelan website to

find a church and you were listed it’s

been 5 years I’ve been

looking 5 years the same anointing that

is on Kenneth and glory and all the

people that are associated comes on us

as well we share that and you know and

we when we tithe to the ministry uh we

tell our people your your money is being

being Double T it’s being double sown

it’s being swn into Faith Life

Fellowship but then we turn around and

we put 10% back in to the churches and

Ministries that we’re involved with and

so uh I mean needless to say I Kenneth

and Glory have affected this world more

than any other Ministry that I

personally know and to be a part of that

is just a tremendous blessing and honor


us father we thank you this morning and

we give you praise and we thank you that

this building once more for one whole

week will be a sanctuary for people from

all over the world and we thank you

today that this building is full of the

Holy Ghost and power from on high and we

praise you and we honor you today and we

pray these things in the name of the

Lord Jesus Christ of Naz

amen as you know we are praying for you

because prayer is Paramount to

everything we do here at KCM I mean it

is one of our core values but as a

partner did you know that there are some

pretty amazing and exclusive benefits

and resources available to you online so

take for instance our Believers Academy

this is a virtual Learning Hub offering

video courses tailor made for today’s

busy lifestyle and with the flexibility

to learn at your own pace you can

increase your faith whenever and

wherever you want new courses are

continuous L being added to the

Believers Academy so remember to check

in frequently for the newest content and

here’s the cool part everything is free

no charge no hidden fees anywhere it’s

free to you as a partner and we also

have our partner letter archive since

1986 Kenneth Copeland has personally

written a monthly letter to his Partners

now this isn’t something that he just

hands off to another staff member to do

although they could do a brilliant job

writing it he diligently seeks the Lord

on what he should write every month to

you this is an opportunity for him to

share insights and the Revelation that

the Lord is showing to him for you now

at some point all of us could use

breakthrough so we have our bonus

Library where you can choose from more

than 50 books to download topics like

Freedom From Fear God’s success formula

go with the flow fight on sorrow not or

turn your hurts into Harvest those are

just a few of the titles that you can

download again for free to increase grow

your faith and experience that

breakthrough and all of this just

because you’re a partner and as you

partner with this ministry we want to

get as many resources into your hands as

possible and this is a two-way street

because we are in this

together as we close out this program in

Partnership I want you to know Kenneth

Gula Ministries has licensed prayer

ministers ready to pray and agree with

you and you need to know they pray

according to God’s word and all that he

promises if you need prayer please give

us a call right now 877-


97 and if this program has inspired you

to become a partner with Kenneth Gula

Ministries we’d love for you to go to

insidethe vision.org and sign up

becoming a partner with us begins with a

financial gift but this is more than

just money it’s about linking arms

together to accomplish the mission

you’re helping us to help others and

that is what kingdom vision is all about

others again simply head over to

insidethe vision.org and select partner

now and of course once you’re there you

can also become a KCM Vision Insider

when you sign up we’ll send you a

personal Vision journal and a book by

Kenneth copen about the power of

partnership and if you have a prayer

request or a testimony I want to hear

from you send us your testimony by

visiting insidethe vision.org I really

do love to read those testimonies so

please send them along I’m looking

forward to hearing from you again thank

you for joining us on inside the vision

allow me to pray for you before we go

today Father in the name of Jesus I pray

for this one watching right now and I

thank you Lord they are a Visionary they

are filled with your vision your future

your desire and the place where you want

to take them and father I thank you

today that you are revealing to them

that vision and how to achieve it how to

get to it and how to see it through to

victory in the name of Jesus again

remember this God loves you we love you

and Jesus is

Lord the people of faith in

2024 we’ll be standing on Victory Shore

launch out into the deep

and reap Mercy’s

glore the Miracles of my hand saith the

Lord shall rise

strong and filled with fire that those

that come to me living a life of dire

will fall on their face on Victory Shore


2024 this

nation is being

changed by the hand of the Living God

and over it he has stretched forth his

hand like a mighty Rod he’s brought us

to a place where the

Covenant he will honor so the nation is

standing on Victory