Welcome to the Believer’s Voice of Victory. Today Jeremy Pearsons and Joseph Prince bring a message on the abundance of grace available through Christ and the gift of righteousness available by grace. Now, let’s join Jeremy.

hello welcome to the believers voice of

victory broadcast I’m Jeremy Pearson’s

it’s been my honor to be your host all

this week we are going to get right back

into the Word of God today let’s pray

and we’ll do that father we worship you

again today we bring these broadcasts

before you Lord and we are so thankful

for the opportunity once again to come

around your word and to find out who you

are from the pages of this Living Word

your Living Word to us and in us I’m

thanking you today Lord I’m so thankful

to you that you are so eager to reveal

yourself we ask you today to give us

again eyes that see Jesus and ears that

hear his voice and hearts that

understand who he is in us and who we

are in him we thank you and we praise

you today in Jesus name Amen

listen if you haven’t been a part of

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with us because we have been sitting at

this table with Pastor Joseph Prince all

the way from Singapore sir thank you so

much once again for being on these

broadcasts this is a longtime friend and

partner of this ministry Kenneth

Copeland ministries I know my

grandparents were in your country 2005 I

think and I you were a strong support to

them in that meeting and I know they’ve

never think about helping them and I of

course they love you and they love your

ministry and this this unrelenting

desire that you have that people see

Jesus and I can tell you to serve

personally that when when I sit and I

listen to your ministry

I quit looking at you I hope you’re okay

with that but I just look at Jesus amen

I just see him and I’m thankful that’s

been a blessing what I desire both

everything else that people see Jesus

fall in love with him it’s not about

Joseph being on Jeremy Priya since you

know it’s not about it’s about us it’s

about him yes it is that must be why my

my son says he doesn’t want to be a

preacher like daddy I you’ve heard me

tell us on this broadcast before but I

asked my son he was now three and he was

2 at the time I said justice you want to

be preacher like dad and he said no

Joseph Pince

and I guess he was having a hard time

with his ours at that one but he he

knows you and even as a two-year-old


we have it on in the house he’s just

soaking it in and your your little one

is not too young to be around the Word

of God to be around the anointed word

Jesus began growing in the Grace on his

life from the very beginning and our

little ones should be doing the same

things right we closed yesterday’s

broadcast by talking about something

that I know you’re met with a lot when

people I don’t think it’s by anybody

that’s actually heard you preach I think

it’s by people who have heard from

others something that you’ve said or or

something they thought you said and I

know that’s something my grandfather

even 40 almost 47 well over 47 years ago

now started preaching so strong on faith

in God and faith in Jesus faith in the

word and people almost immediately

started talking it was well hyper faith

oh yeah and in saying all this stuff but

you know what it did is it made people

run out there and get these tapes what

is it I’m not supposed to be listening

to which is kind of funny because that’s

what the law will do to somebody you

tell a little kid don’t go on the street

don’t go on the street don’t go on the

street well what do they want to do

no one goes right yeah well the same

thing has happened I believe to you in

some cases in your ministry where people

have heard something that they thought

you said was they well he’s he’s just

preaching a message that you know

anybody can go out there and sin and

I’ve heard you say this too once you go

ahead on this broadcast and just tell us

where you stand on sin I always say I

Joseph Prince and I’ll rattle off my

serial number oh man conventional ID in

Singapore and I’ll say that I’m

categoric categorically against but

humanely against sin yeah

okay sin will take your father then you

want to go keep you longer than you want

to stay it will cost you more than you

want to pay all right sin destroys

there’s no doubt about it all right I am

for holiness

I think we’re differ from some people is

this how to get there from here yeah

all right this says by your efforts

right you do it hard enough strong

enough discipline enough I say it’s by

grace yeah okay but grace has become a

cliche I had a had a precious man of God


my country that asked me out one time

for tea and he wanted to know how our

church grew so fast you know in such a

short time so I told him is the grace of

God you know and he looked at me and

says yeah it’s the grace of God what are

you doing

right right you know he wants he wants

the formula but the grace of God is no

longer an answer for many people yeah

he’s a cliche that you put at the front

of a sentence or the end of a sentence

but you really mean it yeah it means my

whole life yeah it’s my whole life and I

think that Jesus grace is spelled Jes us

is Jesus you know the law was given by

Moses is 7 but grace and truth came by

Jesus Christ

now this truth is there on the side of

grace but the law is true but that’s not

it’s not law and truth if the law was

given by Moses and who is Moses a

servant who is Jesus the Son and and and

we we esteemed the sermon greater than

the son yeah yeah so that that is the

thing but when it comes to holiness we

touch on this last night yesterday how

when Peter first knew Jesus he knew him

the aspect of his holiness and rightly

so Jesus is holy and and and he’s Trice

holy but his holiness is such debt is

holiness without fanaticism okay it’s

conviction without intolerance or he

could move among the the sinners they

could touch him and they could receive

all right it wasn’t this

holier-than-thou but the one aspect that

the Lord wants us to know him more than

anything else is his love and they will

take an eternity for us to know because

when when Peter all right in in in the

two weeks after his resurrection

Peter was fishing with John and all the

rest and and Peter knew Jesus in his

love now because he’s been forgiven of

denying Jesus with cursing and swearing

so we touch on that and a none good

further in Galatians chapter 4 today we

look at Israel now when Israel was a

Shia look at verse verse 1 of chapter 4

Galatians now I say that the heir

as long as he is a child now in the

great child here is the word nappy oz

the word son is who use who use is full

sonship mature sonship

where you inherit everything but as long

as as he is a child and a pious and

infant he does not differ at all from a

slave though his master of all okay

though his master of all but he does not

differ from a slave

imagine you have a a domestic helper at

home with a friend okay but that friend

is not your heir justice is yeah but

justice cannot cannot fly your plane

he cannot drive your car he cannot you

have a beautiful car you know its

horsepower I mean Lamborghini or

whatever but he cannot he cannot he

gonna tried it I don’t have that he

doesn’t have it I’m just proper slaying

here yeah that I receive it and and the

thing is this but but justice cannot do

that right because justice is still an

infant yeah but is he the heir of it yes

so when issue was an heir the Bible says

all right God put him under guardians

verse to Gardens guardians and ski words

unto the time appointed by the father so

guardians and stewards is the law and

the prophets because the entire book of

Galatians are my law and grace so when

Israel was a Napier’s God put Israel

under law okay the Ten Commandments all

right now even so when we were children

when he mentioned we here here in

particular this passage he is talking

about the Jews he’s identifying with his

Jewish heroes all right when we were

children when we were nappy Oz we were

in bondage under the elements of the

world but what elements here Stoick in

which is the ABCs Greek word for ABCs

elementary or a kindergarten we were

under the elements the lowest elementary

okay but when the fullness of the time

had come God sent forth his son born of

a woman born under the law to redeem

those who were under the law that we

might receive the adoption as sons now

the what adoption is not there literally

it is placement as sons and the word

sons here is not no longer nap yes but

who yours full mature sonship Jesus

brought full mature sonship the moment

you are born again you are full mature

son in terms of your position in Christ

yeah okay and that’s why we can cry all


abba father it is deadly literally

deadly and and the thing is this it’s

interesting when people say that grace

grace is wonderful grace is basic you

know we need to know grace young

converts you know need to know grace but

let’s go into holiness you know as if

holiness is a deeper stuff but actually

the thing is this when Israel was under

when Easter was an infant at baby God

gave them the law for 1,500 years

because God wanted him no all right by

the law no one no one can be made

righteous by the law is the knowledge of

sin not not righteousness when the

fullness of time came God sent his son

and brought grace so which one is mature

all right grace gave us maturity who use

log made Israel and infant you know when

when Jessica was young her friends would

come over to my house okay and I would

tell them don’t go to the kitchen

don’t play in the kitchen all right

don’t touch the guest stuff don’t play

with the kitchen knives also so lost

okay now if you come to my house okay

and I say to you Jeremy

don’t touch the kitchen kitchen knives

alright don’t don’t don’t clear the

guest of you know I’ll be insulting you

and I’m saying so which is maturity when

Israel was an infant God put them on the

law we have it backwards yeah wow we

have to identify we know who our Father

is amen one of the things that I believe

has been so strong and in a revival a

rescues me revelation the way it comes

to you is identifying who your mother is

and I know that sounds strange when

you’re just sitting there listening I

know who my mom is but it’s scripturally

we’re on which side of this walk us

through that because it’ll make much

more sense coming out of here than it

does even at me I sit on the same

chapter in Galatians chapter 4 let’s go

to verse right now we’re in Galatians 4

let’s drop down right now to verse 21

tell me the Apostle Paul says tell me

you who desire to be under the law or

he’s talking to people who desire to be

under the law you who desire to be under

the law do you not hear the law now

before I go through this I must tell

this alright this is this is a powerful

revelation that God just shook me with

it you know if you look at verse nine it

mentions the law the stoichiometry and

beggarly in verse nine the weak and

beggarly elements are ABCs he calls it

weak and beggarly do you know that what

wick in the Greek is the same word for

heal the sick jesus healed the sick

that’s the word for weak the word

beggarly here is the same greek word as

there was a beggar named Bartimaeus it

means poverty so what would the Lord do

it brings you to a place of sickness

alright and poverty nothing wrong with

the law yeah all right well keep you a

slave nothing wrong with the law the law

is holy by cannot make you holy the law

is just by cannot justify you I thought

I just put that in yeah okay but look at

what we talked about just now tell me

who designed to be under the law do you

not hear the law it is written that

Abraham had two sons the one by a bond

woman which is Hagar Hagar was from

Egypt alright

the the other by a freewoman and we know

that Sarah Abraham’s wife but he who was

of the bondwoman of Hagar which is

Ishmael he was born according to the


notice how God defines the flesh


so Hagar excuse me Ishmael was born of

Hagar when Abram still had strength yeah

okay and he are the free woman true

promise which means by the spirit all

right Abram could not perform anymore if

I can put that way he cannot have the

strength and God came in yeah and Isaac

was born so watch this which things are

symbolic these two women they are

symbolic all right I didn’t say the

Bible says it for these are the two

covenants the old and the new the one

from Mount Sinai which gives birth to

bondage which is harder the Ten

Commandments is from Mount Sinai the

laws are from Mount Sinai and Mount

Sinai is Hagar that slave girl and it

produces what bondage for this Hagar is

Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to

Jerusalem which now is and is a bondage

with her children but the Jerusalem

above is free who is the mother of us

all that’s Sarah okay so which are you

right which the viewers that are

watching I like to ask the question are

you my brother are your brother from

another mother yeah you know so the

thing is this we have the same just like

Ishmael Isaac they have the same

Heavenly Father it’s the tenth father

Abraham yeah so we have the same

Heavenly Father okay but they have

different mamas okay Ishmael’s mother is

Hagar which is the law from Mount Sinai

which produces bondage Isaac’s mother is

Sarah which is grace so the Bible tells

us he goes on to say verse 28 bloody

drop down to verse 28 but we brethren as

Isaac was attune of promise but as he

who was born according to the flesh

which is Ishmael then persecuted him

there was born according to the spirit

even so it is now the child of law

persecutes the child of grace is never

the child of grace persecutes a child of

law and what is God’s verdict what is

God’s diagnosis and Goss recommendation

verse 30 nevertheless what does the

scripture say cast out the bondwoman who

is the bondwoman the law from Mount

Sinai cast out the bondwoman and her son

for the son of the bondwoman shall not

be heir with the son of the freewoman is

a very serious question here on

inheritance the heir who will be the


okay so then brethren we are not

children of the bondwoman but of the

free so the thing is this today some of

our biggest problems are coming from

people or people challenged you know who

who tried to assassinate your character

and all that it comes from people

persecution in other words come on

people who share the same heavenly

father as us but not the same mother

they will fight for the law

our mother is Grace yeah okay and just

as it was in times pass all right the

devil is trying to always take grace

away from faith Abram represents faith

twice the devil tried to take Sarah away

from Abraham one true Pharaoh

another time to Abimelech it is always

the devil attempting to take grace Sarah

away from faith because he knows that

when they are together

it’s gonna be explosive and when you

mentioned this to me before when did

Ishmael begin to persecute yes less than

two that real quick and Genesis 21 if

you look at Genesis 21 in the scriptures

it tells us when this happened

when did Ishmael persecute his

half-brother Isaac all right Janice is

21 it tells us very clearly here in

verse 8 the child grew Isaac and was

weaned he was weaned remember we said

that he that is he who defines

righteousness as an act a behavior is

unskillful he does ask you in the word

of righteousness is a babe in other

words he does not know the word

righteousness it means give not an

action that person is a babe but

obviously the body of Christ right now

is being weaned they are not

understanding righteousness and guess

what’s happening at the same time

prosecution when the Ishmael persecute

Isaac when Isaac was weaned from milk

yeah so the body of Christ now is being

weaned from milk they understand

righteousness so the persecution is

starting and that’s also the time that

God says cast out the bondwoman and God

spoke through Sarah’s mouth Jeremie

Sarah’s mouth yeah yeah I hear ya praise

the Lord

I know that this is setting you free as

you’re listening to this right now and

there’s so much going on I think

probably what’s happening inside is your

brain is going wait a second wait a

second you got to get out of that and

let your heart grab ahold of what you’re

hearing right now because it’s truth and

truth knowing this truth isn’t that what

Jesus said what would happen to it what

would happen to me you’d be made free

and that’s what’s happening I believe in

the hearts and the minds and the lives

of people that have praise the Lord

they’re born again they’re bowling

they’re in church and maybe say I have

the same heavenly father absolutely the

same mother you see the the in essence

they are saying what are you saying

Sarah can do a good job in raising Isaac

Sarah grace cannot do a good job

let’s bring Hagar back Wow let’s bring

the law back no Sarah is well able to

raise her Isaac so you know I’m

sitting and looking at the law everyday

you know I’m not reading it going on I

gotta try to keep that but there is

there’s a I don’t know if this is the

way to say it but the the spirit of that

work what how would you describe that

because some nope nobody sitting there

going I gotta keep these trained or

those 600 you’re right

and people are not consciously under the

law one of the best ways to say it is

like this I I think this really helped

me ask the Lord how how to define this

so that people can put it you know into

into practice on in a practical way on a

daily basis and he says this just

remember my law is all about demand my

grace is all about supply the law

demands righteousness grace supplies

righteousness as a year ago the law says

you shall not gray says I will yeah all

right so it’s always demand so if I wake

up in the morning and I have so many

things to do and I’m demand oriented oh

you know my wife demands this of me my

boss demands this of me you know my

congregation demands this of me you are

demand mind that you’ll be under stress

and practically even you understand law

and grace you actually under law but if

you wake up and you say well I got a big

project ahead of me and I gotta finish

this I got this meeting to do I got that

you know preaching assignment I’ve got

this thing but if your supply mind that

God will supply everything yeah it means

always supply it so okay I’ll just flow

into it then you under grace in a

practical way so what we’ve got to do in

our lives is set up indicators right

engages yes the same way you would in a

car if you want to know what condition

your cars when you look at the gauge

right well you don’t know what condition

you’re in where’s the where’s the rest

this level where’s the joy level because

when there’s the nap since this what I’m

hearing you say and you tell me

something right but when there’s an

absence of rest right and I’m looking to

myself and I’m depending on me to get me

from here to your mind minded and you’re

under stress yeah you’re looking to

yourself but you look at someone even to

his busy look at Jesus

there’s never I’ve never seen anyone as

busy as Jesus and yet he’s never so

restful yeah right as you see him in the

in the Gospels in the mists of the

multitude he always has time he always

has time yeah it’s a rhythm of grace

to everything you did the unforced

rhythms of grace you can tell you can

tell when people hear this that there’s

there’s a lot of undoing that has to be

done you can tell the Apostle Paul had a

hard time trying to get it out you know

that’s why I think that’s why he had to

say so many times yet not I yeah how do

I explain this to you I’m I’m crucified

but I’m not but I am but I’m not you

know he had to say yet not I that’s got

to become the description of our lives

hmm I’m alive yet it’s not me it’s Jesus

in me and that’s what he said to said

the same thing when he said I labor more

abundantly than they all

yet not I if he left it there Razia this

this message is ruined

but he said I’m working hard harder than

anybody but yet I’m not yet ant but I’m

not well if it’s not you Paul who is it

it’s the great grace of God which is to

say it’s Jesus and what is so cool is

this Jeremy you know any when he says

when when when Paul says yet not i but

the grace of God that causes me to labor

more abundantly think about how cool

this is the Lord gives you the grace to

be a Bible teacher the Lord gives you

the grace to be a shepherd all right God

gives you the grace to do whatever you

need to do God gives you the grace to do

it and when you do it when you execute

the grace that he gives you he rewards

you for for doing the grace that he

first gave you that he did yeah how cool

is that it’s great you know the one

that’s worthy is the lamb we received

the crowns we know where to place it

yeah you know because it’s all him it is

I want that to resume as we close this

broadcast today identify in your life

and you can do it in a hurry the Holy

Ghost the Holy Spirit and you will help

you Jesus what have I been doing

under my own strength that I need to

turn over to you right now and when you

do it

he is your care taker he’ll take it and

you can be free of it we’re out of time

on this broadcast but don’t go anywhere

I’ll be back in just a moment


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you and you need to receive that gift if

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and then your faith will begin to grow

amen faith works when you know how much

you’re loved so thank you so much for

joining me on this broadcast today

pastor Joseph Prince and I’ll be back

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