With all the noise in today’s world from notifications, calendar reminders, ringtones, music, TV shows, movies, podcasts, and more, it’s very difficult to find a quiet place. But when the world around you is loud, what level is your internal noise? What is the soundtrack of your soul? In week 2 of our series What I’m Hearing Here, our chief of staff Brie Davis brings a powerful message on how we can quiet what’s going on in our hearts and minds, and learn to hear and trust God. If this message has been encouraging for you, make sure to let us know & share it with a friend!

today i get the opportunity um to share

a message that has um been

transformative for me and specifically

recently i just got the honor and

privilege to have a sabbatical this year

my first sabbatical ever

listen i love our pastors for that

opportunity seven weeks away from the

work that god was doing here at tc to be

at home with my husband and be with

friends and just by myself a lot of

alone time and it was just so refreshing

and so rejuvenating what god did during

that time and this message really stems

from that time that i’ve had with god

during those seven weeks i i had an

opportunity to not have any work no

obligations no tasks no real

responsibilities ain’t got no kids so

even more so no responsibility now

somebody else about it could look a

little bit different okay if yours at

home with your kids but anyways um

i i got just a lot of free time a lot of

margin to be with myself and to be with

god and there are some things that he

taught me during that time

that at this point

i have been to

i mean hundreds if maybe not thousands

of church services

the holiest experience i had was in my

own house

during my sabbatical

holiest experience i’ve ever

experienced before the holiest time the

most powerful encounter with god i’ve

ever had

was on my sabbatical and it wasn’t no

big grandiose god came in the cloud and

talked to me

a lot of it was sleep


a lot of it was just going for walks

it was an opportunity to be with god

similar to what adam had in the garden

of eden

a time to just be with him

and it has changed me from the inside

out and so much so that i am completely

a total evangelist for what i’m about to

preach today okay i am absolutely a

fanatic at this point about what god did

during that time because i believe that

it can change everyone else’s life on

the inside so i’m going to pray and then

we’re going to jump right in god we

thank you so much

thank you for this time that we have

together today god lord we want to hear

from you today

so we open up our ears we thank you for

removing any distractions god whatever

may be taking our focus off of you and

help us to hear your voice

in the name of jesus we pray amen

amen now i i don’t want to you know i’m

not going to play around i i want to

just tell you what my title is today


i know normally you know preachers have

a very creative way of sharing this i

don’t i don’t have all of that matter of

fact i spent too much time trying to get

these bulls to stay on this shirt today

i got a whole glam squad in the back

just for these dog on boats so i’m gonna

tell you right now if tammy jaggers come

up here and fix my boats don’t you dare

say nothing

cause it took us an hour to get these

bows right


all right

sorry a little righteous indignation

there all right

the title for today is be quiet and


be quiet and listen and you know it’s so

interesting because i was i was telling

charles this


i was going to keep saying it like that

i was telling charles is that i

i had a title in mind i was on a walk

one day and i knew this is what god

wanted me to speak on this topic today

and the title that i thought was true

tc topic i mean the title

what i was going to say is shut up and


that was going to be the title today

because you know at tc we like the shock

and awe baby okay if you haven’t watched

the fu series i’m sorry

but we like the shock and awe here okay

but as i was on that walk and i knew

that this is what i wanted to talk about

i was being quiet and listening to god

and i said oh i’m going to name it shut

up and listen

the holy spirit said to me no no

because shut up and listen sounds like

i’m trying to do some behavior


when i say be quiet today i’m not

talking about changing your behavior

i’m talking about an internal quietness

a place where our soul is at rest

so so this is the thing when it comes to

quietness in today’s time it’s very

difficult to find a quiet place right

like in our society in our culture it’s

very hard to find a place that’s just

quiet okay so we have telephone uh

notifications we got text messages

emails we got all these doggone

streaming ass my husband done all of

them we got netflix hulu pandora spotify

apple music apple tv apple kids youtube

kids we got youtube we got a lord jesus

fandango we got these are just all the

things on my tv at home okay i don’t

know what you got we got all these

different things that just cause so much


in the world that is hard sometimes for

us to get to a place of


and i think it’s very easy for us to try

to fix quiet by changing everything


turning the tv off turn the radio off

shutting the kids up whatever it is i

ain’t got kids

so things i may say about children i

need y’all to bear with me because

it may be a little wrong i don’t have

that okay i’m just an auntie bless god


and so but there may be things that we

try to do to to quiet the external noise

but today i don’t want to talk about the

external noise because that’s an easy


today i want to talk about the internal


today i want to talk about how jesus

tells us that we can find rest

or quiet for our souls

and the truth is if i were to stop

talking for five minutes

and just be quiet

it’d get real awkward up in here

because the truth is we feel

uncomfortable and quiet sometimes

think about being on an elevator and

there’s no music and it’s strangers it’s

like what do i say i’m panicking the

whole time i’m on the elevator like what

do i say to these people think about

going into a business meeting with some

people that you have you’re doing

business for the first time and the

agenda hasn’t started yet it’s quiet

it’s just weird riding in the car with

somebody with no radio or music or it’s

just awkward because the truth is we

haven’t found the comfort of what quiet

can bring to us and so today we’re not

talking about that external quiet

we’re talking about an internal

quietness and pastor charles says

something last week that that just spoke

to me

today we’re talking about the soundtrack

of our souls

the thing that’s playing over and over

and over again in our souls

now the thing about a soundtrack we all

know what a soundtrack is it’s the music

that goes along with a movie or a tv

show it’s something that reminds us of a

story right so a soundtrack comes on and

we’ll hear it and it’ll automatically

think about the story or the movie that

we heard that that song on i i so what i

want to do is just take a break real

quick i want to play a game with you

okay so i want you to play this game

called name that movie i’m going to ask

our praise team to come out and help me

with this

let’s give it up for our appraised team


all right so i asked them bless them

that they have such patience with me

honestly but i asked them to help me out

with this because you know we gonna get

flagged on youtube if i put if i play

music so i ask them to come and sing it

for me today but i want them to sing

some songs and you and the audience and

you at home everybody that’s watching

online to guess what the movie is that

this song was on the soundtrack of okay

first one

for the rest of your day sounds amazing

wow it’s our problem



all right

what okay

okay what movie was that from lion king

yes okay all right so you know that one

now this one gets a little bit harder

here we go let’s try our second one

you gotta swing with it come on y’all

swing with it


oh yes indeed


okay what movie is that from

greece yes all right that’s good um i

love grease i don’t know why like in my

mind i really want the hair and the

that’s why i wore these pants

that is a revelation i just got okay

it’s neither here nor there all right

next one our next one is


feel this in your heart

fill it in your souls



my heart will go




i think i’m done preaching for today

that was amazing okay what movie is that


titanic that’s right i don’t know i

don’t know how many men out there was

going to let that woman get on that

piece of wood and go on off but some of

y’all would have knocked the broad off i

know what you would’ve done okay see

they’re here no there see me here no

there stand right there all right next

one and all of our parents will know

this song

yeah you feel it already uh-huh

we don’t talk about bruno no no no


do you know what movie that came from

and uh we need to right now stretch our

hands and pray for every person named

bruno because they got shame on their

name already and i feel bad for them

it’s neither here nor there okay here we

go next song


so don’t think you’re going

you’re not going anywhere

you’re staying and taking your share


and if you get afraid again

i’ll be there



we are so much more

than just you and i





oh my goodness

that was so good okay what movie is that


that’s right and if you haven’t watched

dreamhouse let me tell you something

right now you’re missing out you need to

go and watch that’s one of my favorite

movies okay our last one here

is the top selling soundtrack of all


and it goes a little something like this






you better sing that song girl okay what

movie was that from

some people don’t even know they just

know whitney houston saying that oh

that’s all thank you so much praise

steve i appreciate it let’s give it up

for our praise team

thank you so much for playing along in

other words what we see here is that

there’s something that can replay like

bruno and encanto in your mind over and

over again so much so that it feels like

i can’t get it out of my mind

now let’s talk about your souls for a

second the soundtrack of your souls

what’s what’s replaying

is it anxiety

fear depression

complaining control manipulation

bitterness unforgiveness what are the

things in your soul that just like one

of those songs you just can’t seem to

get it out of your head it just keeps

playing over and over and over again and

how is it that we as believers were

promised by jesus that we would have

rest for our souls and yet we have these

soundtracks playing over and over and

over again

there’s something that there’s a

disconnect there

there’s something that jesus wants to do

and give to us to be rest for our souls

now the soul is important okay let me

tell you why

because our behavior and our actions

play follow the leader to our soul

okay our soul is it’s it’s made up of

our mind our will and our emotions our

minds our thoughts go to our emotions or

our feelings that go to our will or our

desire and in turn our behavior follows

our soul

so the soul is like money it’s not

inherently bad or good it just is what

you make it

god has given each one of us a soul we

are a soul being and what he’s asked us

to do is steward that soul well and to

feed it good food so that he can have

good fruit in this earth but it’s up to

us to take care

of our souls

lord we put so much time

taking care of our bodies

so much time and i know and i’m saying

this from experience the nails the

lashes the hair my god it’s so many


so much time that we take taking care of

our relationships

trying to make sure nobody’s mad at us

and everybody’s pleased and happy so

much time we do that lord our money

managing our money so much time taken to

take care of our money but what does it

profit a man to gain the whole wide

world and lose his soul


today god is saying your soul’s the most

precious thing that i have given you

it is the center of your being it is who

you show up in this world as

it’s valuable it’s a treasure it’s a

gift take care of your souls

but how how do we get rest

for our souls

it seems sometimes like they it’s on its

own mission like it’s doing its own


but today i want to talk about rest for

your soul and how in turn that allows us

to be quiet and hear the voice of god we

talk about what i’m hearing here

oftentimes if i were to ask you what are

you hearing here some people may not

have any idea how to answer that


you know why because her souls are so


taking up so much space the anxiety is

taking up so much space i can’t hear god

the fear is taking up so much space i

can’t hear his still small voice

the judgment

is taking so much place i can’t hear the

love of god talk about grace and mercy i

don’t have any room for that my soul is

the judge

of myself and other people

the soul the center of your being

has to have attention

has to have care

the only way that we gain rest for our

souls is through trust

it’s the only way now and i know

if you’re a believer and you believe in

jesus christ you may think you trust god

but being a believer and believing that

god is real and trusting god with your

everyday life are two very different

things now how do we know this because

this is the thing when it comes to

belief and trust there’s a huge gap

between the two

belief gets you into heaven


trust brings heaven to earth

it’s totally different belief is

something that you see and you feel in

your heart you believe that god is real

but trust shows up in your hands it

shows up in how you obey god and how you

treat other people how you treat


this is where trust actually shows up

and how do we know that there’s a


go to the first book of the bible in


the first story of someone ever

disobeying god

eve is talking to the serpent and the

serpent is saying is trying to tempt eve

to eat this fruit and we all can’t stand

eat because she ate the fruit even

though every single one of us would eat

the fruit of wheels and gardens just be

honest okay

the serp is talking to eve and we all

tell the story that the serpent said to

eve eat the fruit

that he said change your behavior eat

the fruit

serpent never said that

what the serpent did was break down

eve’s trust in god

and as he broke her trust down he got a

grab of her soul which in turn her

behavior followed that soul right on out

the door

he said to eve he said did god say that

you can’t eat any trees and she says oh

no just one there’s just one tree right

here he says if we eat it we’re gonna

die he’s like surely you’re not gonna

die that thing never told eve to eat the


he just said god is a guy you can’t

trust and as he told her that god’s a

god that she can’t trust she started to

make decisions on her own as if she is


so there is a difference because believe

me eve believed that god was real

he knew that he was real she knew that

he was real but she didn’t trust him

demons know that god is real


we’re not doing nothing special by just

believing in god believing in god and

trusting him with my everyday life

trusting him with my marriage with my

children with my job with my anxiety

with my depression with my worries with

my fears as something totally different

and the only way that our souls rest is

to trust in god



don’t get tripped up by thinking you’re

doing something fancy by believing that

god is real


that is just the starting line of a

relationship with god

as we grow and mature in god our trust

should deepen

so let’s go to mark 9.

mark 9 is a story of jesus healing a

young boy and i love this story because

one of the authentic most authentic

sentences in the bible was said in this

story now what happens here is jesus

comes to a crowd of people he sees that

they are arguing and he’s like what’s

going on here and the father steps out

and he says well i brought my son to you

who’s demon-possessed and i wanted him

to be healed but your disciples couldn’t

heal him for some reason what’s going on

and jesus says bring the boy to me so

let’s pick up in verse 20 mark 9 verse


it says so they brought the boy but when

the evil spirit saw jesus it threw the

child into a violent convulsion and he

fell to the ground writing and foaming

at the mouth

how long has this been happening jesus

asked the boy’s father and the father

replied since he was a little boy the

spirit often throws him into the fire or

into water trying to kill him have mercy

on us and help us


you can

and jesus says what do you mean if i can

jesus is a straight thug if i can throw

it back into daddy’s face what do you

mean if i can jesus asks

anything is possible if a person


the father instantly cried out one of

the most authentic sentences said in the


i do believe

but help me overcome my belief

in other words

i believe that you’re a healer

i just don’t trust that you’re going to

do it for me

unless if we were to use that same

sentence in our own lives i believe by

help my unbelief what is the thing in

your life that you’re having trouble

trusting god with

and you know

you know where you have trouble trusting

god is where you have no rest in your

soul a telltale sign that i’m not

trusting god with something is by

looking at how restless my soul is when

it comes to that thing

so god i believe that your provider but

my bills seem too insurmountable so i

don’t trust that you’re going to do this

for me god i believe that you’re a

healer but my anxiety i’ve had it since

the day i was born i can’t see you

healing that i don’t trust that god i

believe that you are near us but i don’t

think you’re involved in the details of

my life i believe that you sit in heaven

but i don’t trust that you’re actually

intricately involved in the details of

my every single day every breath i

breathe comes from you i don’t know if i

trust that

today god is asking us

where do you not trust me

because we can see in the garden of eden

how if you don’t trust god

how your life ends up

even if you believe he’s real

even if you believe he said his son to

die for you on the cross

that doesn’t mean you trust him

so this father comes to jesus and he


i believe you but i don’t

i believe you but i need you to help me


some of this i just don’t trust that

it’s going to happen now he done brought

the boy to the disciples disciples

couldn’t do nothing he probably even

more so lost some trust in jesus he was

like your boys can do it i uh i’m not

really for sure if you can do this

and jesus goes on to heal this boy and

he does a miracle this boy walks away

completely free of the demon possession

and then he goes on to say something

that’s pivotal in our lives if we were

to jump down to mark 9 and let’s go down

to verse 28.

afterward after jesus healed this boy

jesus was alone in the house with his


and they asked him

why couldn’t we cast out the evil spirit


we did everything we seen you do why why

why couldn’t we cast them out

and jesus replied in verse 29 this kind

can only be cast out by prayer

now some script some versions do say

prayer and fasting the original

text was prayer here so fasting became a

very important part of a christian

spiritual practices and it got added

into this story but originally it is

said that jesus said prayer that this

only comes out by prayer now

think about that

there’s no way in heaven

that the disciples didn’t pray for this


if they did nothing but what they seen

jesus do

if they just mimicked what they saw

jesus do

of course they would have prayed why

would jesus say this kind only comes out

from prayer as if they didn’t pray now


correct my math if this is wrong in my

mind a miracle only needs two things to

happen right somebody to believe and


and god’s will to be aligned with what

they believe in praying for

boom equals a miracle obviously god it

was in the will of god for this boy to

be healed

it happened

and they pray

but what was the separation

between jesus

and the disciples

and their prayer

i think it calls into question

how we define


because all of my life i believe that

prayer was simply talking to god and

communicating with god and i still do

believe that that is a part of prayer is

talking to god and communicating with


but what jesus was saying in this

instance is that it’s not just

communicating with god that’s necessary

it’s communion with god

there is a big difference between

talking to someone and communing with


communicating with somebody and

communing with them two very different

things now communion is not a word that

is in the regular english language we

don’t just talk about like i’m communing

with my husband tonight we don’t just

say stuff like that so let me break down

what communion means it means fellowship

it means companionship

it means partnership

it means


what jesus was saying to these disciples


this is not a god is not a

slot machine

you don’t get to just throw up prayers

and expect him to come through

this kind what i had to do with this

little boy

only comes out of a love relationship

a friendship with god that just as adam

walked in the garden with god that that

kind of relationship with god is the

only kind of way that you’re going to

see this kind of miracle what jesus was

saying is this kind only comes out

through communion

communion was the separator

just because we believe that god exists

and we have a relationship with him

doesn’t naturally mean that we commune

with him

that we take time just to be with him

i know

we see god as lord

as king

as a master all-powerful almighty

i know that we see him sitting up in

heaven and looking low the earth is his

footstool our god is big he is massive

he is expansive but our god is

our friend

do you see god as your friend

do you see god as the one that when you

are sitting around with friends and

family and you just gut busting laughing

that he’s right next to you cracking up


do you see that the knights that your


pillow is completely soaked with tears

that your friend is right next to you

crying in the next pillow

do you see this god as when you’re

taking a walk during the day that he’s

striding with you every step that you


do you see this god that every time you

whisper anything he hears it

that he’s attentive to it that he’s so

close to you that he’s closer than your

own very breath

or do you believe that our god wants to

use you

he’s anointed you and he wants you to go

do his work

our god wants to be with you

what jesus was saying to these disciples


this is a relationship

that as i see god is not how you see god

how i see god is my friend my best bud

the guy that looks over me but also not

only just looks over me but is with me

in every single moment now when we talk

about the friendship of god

that can be a touchy subject

because sometimes we talk about friends

people haven’t had the greatest

experience with friends

but i want you to redefine what

friendship looks like with god

that our god loves us so much

so expansively

that he knows the number of hairs

on your head

now for somebody they think that’s just

an accounting thing

that guys just want to make sure he know

when you start going bald that he want

to let you know you’re thinning thinning

on top

man when you start thinning just go for

it gosh why do you do that like it’s not

cute god anyways okay

that’s not just a county

that’s a love relationship he’s so in


he’s so in love with his sons and

daughters he’s so in love with his

friends that he counted every


on your head

that our god so wants a friendship with


that he’s not even necessarily asking

anything from us other than to be with


i think sometimes

we overcomplicate what it’s like to be a


and we make it about gifts

and we make it about talents and we make

it about anointings

that is so far down the line of what god

wants to do in you and my life

in our lives what he wants is

relationship he wants friendship he

wants trust he wants a mutual love like

he has in the trinity a mutual respect

of one another that includes includes

loving one another that’s all that god

wants and out of that yes the gifts and

the anointing and the talents and all of

that will come

but before the calling into ministry or

the calling into preaching the gospel or

the calling into starting this business

or doing this or having this family

before the calling into that he calls us

into love

so when you’re quiet with god

and you’re having your quiet time or

your devo time with god

does it feel like you’re being loved on

this is i’m going to say this and

somebody’s going to think totally weird

about this but

on my sabbatical i stopped having

devotion time

i stopped

and somebody’s like she should not be up

there preaching okay oh no

i stopped having a certain time of day

that i gave god

and walked out forgetting what we even

talked about

now if we’re honest in here

it don’t matter how deep and spiritual

your devo time with the lord is

let me tell you this is the funniest

thing hold on sorry i just thought

i used to get so mad with my husband

interrupting my devo time

and he’s coming around like what you

want like

obviously it wasn’t sinking in very well

i wanted to experience something

different with god

because oftentimes i would come out of

my quiet time or my devotion time with

god and still feel anger right

afterwards or still for ins feel anxiety

right afterwards like i’ll get in my car

headed to work and still feel the

anxiety that i felt the day before

sometimes i’ll leave for the day and

didn’t even remember the scripture that

i read but i can remember a conversation

that i had the night before

which let me know that it wasn’t just a

conversation with a friend that i was

having it was ritualistic it was

something that i was trying to do to

check something off of my box something

that i thought like this is a rule as a

leader i need to make sure i’m having

devo time so i need to set this time so

i can come in and make sure i said like

i have my prayer time this morning but

did it actually change me

like did i actually feel loved by god in

that instance or did i walk out feeling

like i had a longer to-do list now i got

to treat everybody riding have peace and

instead of just allowing the holy spirit

to invite me into a space where he just

wanted to be with bree

he just wants to be with you

lord god we have so much happening in

our minds that when we think about a

love relationship with god that we think

there’s so many to do’s and

responsibilities that come with it

and that’s it’s not that that’s false

it’s just before all of that

he just wants to love on you

he just wants to be with you

he just wants you to see him as your


on sabbatical i got the time to eat with

god we had a lot of lunches together

we took some naps together and by some i


every day all day

we took some walks together

it was so intimate

to remind myself almost using my

imagination that he was right there in a

human body with me

and that there was nothing that i was

doing no performance to gain any love

from him

he just loved me because i’m


i couldn’t come to god and say well you

saw the work i did at the church today

i wouldn’t do no work

all he had was me

and all i had was him


and there was nothing else that was in

the middle of that no tasks no


no things that felt like i need to do

this to prove that i love you god

just me and him together

and i know that talking about sabbatical

oil some people are like oh well that’s

you you don’t get it i understand that

and i really do hope that some churches

can hear what’s happening at tc and see

what god is doing here and take notice

of that for their own staff and

leadership because success is not the


let me clear that up real quick success

is not the numbers at transformation

church success is that even though the

numbers keep growing our relationship

with god keeps getting deeper

that’s what success is success is that

our marriages are healthy that our

children love us that we love one

another success is that success is that

we still allow god to speak to us and

humble us when we’ve done something

wrong that we’re still trying to birth

the fruit of the spirit into this earth

that’s what real success is it’s not the

numbers the people the money that’s all


but without relationship it doesn’t


and so

this time that i have with him i know

it’s not normal for other people to have


but i believe it can be

intertwined into our everyday lives

so today i want you to leave here

remembering three things

and i’m calling them the three s’s

somebody say the three s’s

the three s’s include stillness

solitude and silence

that if we want to have a relationship

with god

that transforms us outside of our quiet

time with him

we have to get into a place of being


with no activity

and no performance

being quiet

with no pandemonium and no pride

and being solitude in solitude with no


no others

what happens is it forms a ministry of

separation in our lives

now some people call it detachment other

people call it consecration it’s a

ministry of


that as we separate from other things

other people the noise the chaos of this

life as we enter into stillness solitude

and silence with god it separates us

from god so that we can connect with him

it separates us from the things that are


and temporal and petty the things that

we want worry about and feel anxious

about that 10 years from now we won’t

even be thinking about

it separates us from all of the opinions

of the people all the people that have

something to say about you and how you

lead or how you parent or how you wife a

husband whatever the case may be it

separates you from all of that so that

you can hear one voice and it’s not


it’s god’s

and i know like when i went into the

sabbatical i had a true goal that i

wanted to hear vision from god that i

wanted to know god what’s the future

look like how should i be preparing

myself with next steps for what you want

to do in my life

and for some reason i kept hearing only

one thing

i love you

that in that quiet time with god he he

didn’t want to give me vision

like i thought

that he didn’t want to

to tell me what to do with the ministry

when i got back

that he didn’t want to share prophecies

with me and and visions with me he he


wanted to love on me

he just wanted to remind me

i adore you

not because of what you do not because

of good behavior i want you to think of

every good decision you’ve ever made in

your life

and imagine yourself making the opposite

of that every time you were faithful to

your spouse imagine yourself not being

faithful to your spouse every time that

you tithe imagine yourself not tithing

or being generous imagine the flip-flop

of everything that you consider a good

decision and know that if you have made

every bad decision

in place of a good decision

that god would still be madly in love

with you

we think that love is to change us and

it will

love will change you

but love first and foremost isn’t to

change you it’s to just be with you

right where you are if you decided never

to obey god again he still wouldn’t lose

any love for you

no love lost he can’t love us any more

than he already does right now because

he loves us to a hundred percent there

is no more love that we can get from him

because he loves us with every fiber of

his being as expansive as the heavens

and the earth is as expansive as the

galaxies are that’s how big god’s love

is for his sons and his daughters

god loves you and i know


and church people and i include myself

in that

have said

it’s about changing the way you act

and eventually it is

but not to start

yeah yeah

right now god just wants to

he just wants to be with you

he don’t need you quoting scriptures to


you know the scriptures

he don’t need you using big audacious

words to pray to him

where do we get this from

god wants you to come to him and say


god wants you to come to him and say i’m

here i don’t know why i’m here but i’m


god wants you to come to him and say

nothing because even sometimes in our

quiet and it’s in our silence it speaks

louder than any words we can ever fathom

make up form or fashion to say to god

sometimes all we can do is be still and

be quiet

and as we spend time in silence

and stillness and solitude away from

everybody else

it reminds us

that an invisible invisible god is very


colossians tells us that jesus was a

visual presentation of an invisible god

the more time we spend with this

invisible god

the more real he becomes to us

trust takes


i know today we wish we once we think of

all the things that like oh i don’t

trust god with this i don’t trust about

that that we wish that we can just

automatically start trusting him trust

takes time

time with just being with him

time going beyond just communicating to

him and communing with him

time and fellowship with him i believe

that god does not want to use you on

this earth i believe that god wants to

partner with you on this earth i believe

that god wants you to be you and him to

be him on this earth and that as we do

that we bring the kingdom of heaven down

to earth not because we’re being used by

some god who’s using us as a tool or


for an intended end instead his friend

he’s with his friend he’s anointed his

friend he’s given authority to his

friend he loves his friend he’s giving

his friends some peace he’s giving his

friends some joy some love some

self-control god just wants to be

friends with us and as we get into a

friendship with god our lives and

everything around us has changed but if

you make it more than that you made it

something that it is not

if you make it more than a friendship

if you make it more than just a love

relationship with you a god that just

wants to be with you

you made it more than what it is

and you’ve taken the essence

out of a god

who says he is not just

does he doesn’t just have the

characteristic of love he is synonymous

with love

in other words if my relationship with

god is in first and foremost founded

not first and foremost only founded on


i’m making god something that he’s not

he’s a judge he’s a king he’s a ruler

but first he is love

today my prayer is that

leaving out of here that someone will


to enter into not just a dictatorship

or some other

judgmental relationship with god

but a friendship

you know how you know you got a

friendship with god

it’s how you treat others

love begets love

grace begets grace

as i grow in love and knowing that god

loves me

i too become love

i become united with god in a way

that when people come into contact with

me and you they experience god

they experience love is an exchange of

love with me and my brother and sister

can exchange love we’re exchanging god

one to another

today god is saying

i just want to be with you

today i wanted to um

end this sermon a little bit differently

than we normally do

i think your friend has something to say

to you

and i could i mean i got all kinds of

notes too if i wanted to keep going but

i’m not

because your friend has something that

he wants to say

i know you’ve placed him as king as

judge as lord

and my god he is all of that

but he’s also the one sitting right next

to you right now

he knows your thoughts are far off

he’s numbered every hair on your head

he knows the ending before the beginning

and he is your friend

if we take serious this stillness

solitude and silence and you

discern on your own how you are to do

that in your own life

it separates us from everything else

but it shows us also what we cannot be

separated from

and that’s the love of god

in romans 8


it says

and i am convinced

that nothing can ever separate us from

god’s love

neither death nor life

neither angels nor demons

neither our fears for today nor our

worries about tomorrow not even the

powers of hell can separate us from

god’s love

no power in the sky above or in the

earth below indeed nothing in all


will ever be able to separate us from

the love of god that is revealed in

christ jesus our lord

how is god’s love revealed in christ


because another name for jesus was


that god in his infinite wisdom and

infinite power

decided to

shrink himself down

into a human body and have a human


for nothing else

than to be with us

emmanuel means god with us

he just wants to be with you

don’t complicate it

take it for what it is god loves you so


he don’t want to be with you just to

change you he just wants to be with you

and as you allow that love to permeate

your soul

that trust will grow and that soul will

be at rest

so today

we’re not just going to hear

the title of this message we’re going to

actively pursue the title of this


what i want you to do wherever you are

to get into a comfortable position maybe

you’re sitting by somebody you need to

move get you some space today we are

going to practice stillness solitude and

silence together

if you’re in your house right now maybe

you want to go to a different room maybe

you want to have some time by yourself

and solitude totally fine

this is for us to help model what it

looks like to just be with god

and remind ourselves that we have to

separate ourselves from everything else

going on in the world

to have time with our friend

and as we separate from everything else

it reminds us of what we can never be

separated from

and that’s his love

god today

all around the world

wherever we may be at work at home with

our children with our families

by ourselves

we take a moment to stop all activity

and be still

no texting no emails no phone calls


nothing just be still

and as we are still we decide to to be

in silence

so many things we want to say to you and

the time will come for us to do that but

today we just want our souls to speak to



help us to release the need for noise

that tricks us into thinking that

the louder it is the more we feel you


you want to talk to us in a still small

voice today

and as we sit still and as we sit in


help us to be in a place of solitude

a place where it’s only you

and me

and speak to us

my god

my friend

my lord my king

speak to us today

we’re gonna have just a couple minutes

we’ll listen to some worship

but i want you to just practice


solitude and silence





what a friend

we have in


our jesus

and griefs to bear

what a prince

to care



my sins and grief



to god in prayer


at peace i


needless pain i bear

because i did not care

everything to god





because i do not care




to god

in prayer

so lord i

don’t want to rush on ahead

in my own strength

when you’re right here

lord i

don’t want to rush on ahead


in my own strength

when you’re right here

i’m not in a hurry

when it comes to your spirit

when it comes to your presence

when it comes to your voice

starting to notice


are speaking


i want to see what is


i want to see where you see

cause i’m not in a hurry

when it comes to your spirit

when it comes to your presence

when it comes to your voice

i’m learning to listen

just to rest in your nearness

i’m starting to notice


are speaking

open my eyes

i wanna see you

open my ears

i wanna hear you speak

tell me your thoughts

watch on your


i’ll be your friend

i wanna see through your eyes

i wanna see through your eyes

i wanna see through your eyes

i wanna see me through your eyes

i wanna see through your eyes

cause i’m not in a hurry

when it comes to your spirit

when it comes to your presence

when it comes to your voice

i’m learning to listen

just to rest in your nearness

i’m starting to


when it comes to your presence

when it comes to your spirit

when it comes to your voice

i’m learning to listen

just to rest in your nearness

i’m starting



are speaking

so open my eyes

i want to see you


open my ears

i want to hear you


but tell me your thoughts

what’s on your left

i’ll be your friend

i wanna see through your eyes

i wanna see through your eyes

let me see me through your eyes

let me see your children through your


i wanna see through it’ll rise


in this moment

as we’re still in silent

it’s going to take a couple more minutes


what i want you to imagine

is jesus

standing right in front of you

as your friend

what does jesus want to say to you today


what does he want to say to you about


what does he want to speak over you what

does he want to remind you of today






this quiet time feels long

and extensive

what do you need to hear today from god

that he loves you

that he cares for you

that he delights in the details of your

life that there’s nothing that you’ve

done that will ever make him ashamed of


that he cares so deeply for you

that you are the apple of his eye not

because of what you do or how you behave

because you’re here

that he dreamed you up

and he sent you to this earth to be a

gift to those around you

our god wants to encourage you today

to let you know

that he’s here with you

that no matter where you are in life

that you’ve never gone too far to be in

his presence

our god is so near and so close to you

that every time you think you’re by


every time you think that you’re alone

that he’s right there

he’s so present that he feels every

space of the sky

it’s between every blade of grass

our god is so near that there is no

space that his presence doesn’t fill up

today he just wants to remind you

that he’s your friend too

maybe today you’re watching

and you’re having a hard time believing

god to be your friend because you’ve

seen him as judge as king as lord as

master for so long

i want to pray with you


god we thank you for today

we thank you that you are a god

that sticks closer than a brother

thank you that when jesus came to this

earth he said i no longer call myself

your master

but i call you friend

because a friend knows one another


we’re so grateful that you know us so


and that you love us so expansively

today we ask

your help

in relaxing in that

love and we don’t have to earn it

that we don’t have to perform for it we

don’t have to prove anything to you

we can breathe deep


and relax in your love for us

thank you for being a god that is so

present and so near

we thank you that

as we encounter your presence today that

it goes with us everywhere we go

school pickup

at work

going into our college classes

going home to our family going into the

grocery store

stopping by the bank

god that even in what we consider

mundane activities of our lives folding


that you’re right there

not to dictate us and tell us what to do

just smiling

just in love with your creation

just so pleased to be with us


in this moment there’s somebody that the

bible tells us that god stands at the

door and knocks that he’s knocking at

your heart

and he wants you to receive his free

gift of salvation and he wants a

friendship with you


i want you to think about this

the only reason he’s knocking is because

he’s already your friend

he knows where you live

he knows where you are he’s located

right at the end of your rope

and he’s there to meet you and he’s

inviting you into a love relationship

with him

receiving this free gift of salvation is

our first step into

an understanding of that friendship with


so if that’s you today

you want to experience your soul

to be at rest

you want to experience what it’s like to

walk and talk with jesus

to experience him being present with you

i want you to pray this prayer with me

and for the benefit of those that are

coming to christ we’ll pray this all

together repeat after me say dear god

thank you for the gift of salvation

thank you for sending your son


to die on a cross

and to rise three days later

today i accept your love

i accept your peace

i accept your joy

i accept your salvation

thank you for loving me as i am

and still transforming me

in the name of jesus we pray


amen amen hey if you prayed that prayer

today that’s a prayer that every single

one of us in this room we have prayed

before it’s a prayer that completely

changed my life at 18 years old i prayed

that prayer really really meaning it

wanting a personal relationship with god

not based off on church or my parents

and that thing has changed me from the

inside out

i won’t lie to you it’s not an easy


but the beautiful thing is you have a

friend to take the journey along with


today if you pray that prayer we want to

send you some more information so what

we want you to do is take save to the

number eight two 828282 and this is just

to give you some steps that you’re going

to take as you’ve taken such a

phenomenal step already all of heaven is

rejoicing because of your yes today

everybody in this room is rejoicing

because of your yes today

a friendship with god is the sweetest

thing that we could have

so congratulations to you because it is

going to be a wonderful ride

transformation church we are so honored

that you have decided to be a part of

our service today we love you so so much

from the bottom of our hearts from the

depths of our soul so honored to be able

to share this space with you and so

excited for to see what’s going to

happen as you continue forward on your

friendship with god now go out and live

a transformed life