It’s time to check your settings! To get the best out of any device you own, your settings must be up-to-date. In Week 3 of the Start Shap Sermon Series, Pastor Mike shows a powerful illustration of the settings we need to check and how they impact our transformation. If you’re ready to start sharp and stay sharp, it’s time to check your settings of faith, friends, and spiritual formation. In order to flourish this year, what settings do you need to update? #StartSharp #CheckYourSettings #spiritualdevelopment Scripture References: Psalms 92:12-14 NIV Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 NIV Proverbs 18:24 NIV Acts 2:42-47 NLT 00:00 – Intro 12:12 – 1. Setting of faith 18:26 – Psalm chapter 92 verses 12 through 14 NIV 28:58 – The settings of faith will make you flourish 29:52 – 2. Settings of friends 33:11 – Ecclesiastes chapter 1 verses 9 through 12 NIV 42:43 – Proverbs chapter 18 verse 24 NKJV 43:27 – 3. Setting of spiritual formation: cultivated 46:03 – Acts chapter 2 verses 42 through 47 NLT 01:04:41 – Don’t desire the fruit of the early church if you won’t commit to the formula of the early church Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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hi my name is Bri and I have the

privilege of serving as Chief of Staff

here at Transformation Church at TC our

vision is to represent God to the lost

and found for transformation in Christ

and we just want to say thank you so

much for tuning in from wherever you’re

watching from if you haven’t already be

sure to like And subscribe we believe

that God has a word just for you so

let’s jump into today’s message today on

day 14 of 21 days of prayer and fasting

I have I have more of a um template than

I do a

sermon cuz C cuz in my life I like

people to tell me like forget all the

fluff tell me what

works you know how some people like they

could have text you instead of brought

you to a

meeting I don’t know about you but like

if it could have been bullet points

instead of me getting

dressed and looking at you and having to

hug you and it smell your bre if if it

could have if it could have just been a

thorough email

give me what I’m supposed to do so we

can keep moving in church a lot of times

we take a lot of times telling them

trying to like like like prove that we

smart enough to tell them what we


them that sometimes it can Cloud the


message so today I just want to give you

a template watch this of what

transformed my

life y’all hear me tell my testimony

every Sunday

at time for at when it’s time for people

to receive salvation I tell you I was a

liar what else I say addicted to

pornograph see y’all know it I was a

manipulator I had bad things held of my

heart it’s so beautiful some of my

friends be making fun of me do do your

friends know your

testimony cuz when I read my Bible it

tells me the way that I overcome the way

that I get over this thing is by the

blood of the Lamb that’s what he did but

the words of my my own testimony it

makes me question are you

overcoming cuz nobody knows your

testimony you married to people that

don’t know your

testimony and so for me I share my

testimony all the time but a lot of

people they be they think I just arrived

there they feel like one day I woke up

transformed I

wish there was a watch this


process shout that word at me process

you cussing in

church if we do not embrace the process

of transformation this year we will end

up very

frustrated because we’re watching the


rerun with a different date over and


again I don’t want your life to be a

syndicated series series wow no more new

episodes of Family

Matters no more new episodes of friends

if you ever see

those it’s what’s already

happened you be acting like it’s new no

you just missed it last time but it’s


old and so many of us are playing reruns

of the same thing cuz we will not

embrace the everybody say the word

process one more time process so today I

want to give you a template of the

process C that transformed my life that

took me from being a liar to a man that

lives in

Integrity that took me from being

somebody who was greedy to a man that’ll

give you everything like I’m so I’m

generous to the point where God

sometimes like I didn’t tell you to get

it that that wasn’t me I God I thought

you say he said I a say you need that

one but that’s not that’s my nature now

okay so when I look at this I wanted to

Simply um tell you a story and then give

you the title of my message um how many

people um get updates on their phone

like updates on their phone okay if you

don’t get updates on your phone you have

a flip phone God bless you we’re praying


you but um the iPhone has done some new


things and and and it’s so funny that

you know I don’t really be keeping up

with when the updates happen I just find

out there’s an update when my stuff sto

working now I don’t know if anybody else

is like that but how you you like I’m a

creature of habit so once I figure out

how to do it just keep doing it like

that st stop switching my

stuff cuz I don’t have time for the

switch UPS you already done switch my


twice got all these first generation

iPhone chargers I need to make a

necklace out of them I got so

many I’m acting like they going to come

back with the first one again they not

now my my laptop and my phone got to

charge on different

cords am I just complaining right what

what am I what’s the point okay oh yeah

um so so my phone started acting up a

while back but my little brother I have

a I have I’ve blessed to have older

brothers and younger brothers and my

little brother comes in and his phone

that is not as good as

mine it’s doing stuff my phone can’t

do and I’m looking at like he tapping my

tapping stuff and my phone like did like

this y’all know what I’m talking about

right tap my phone my phone said ah I

said what are you possessing my phone


you some all the Android users are


like it’s time for the upgrade I’m I’m

just playing

so so so I’m going through this whole

thing and and he said two things

Mike there’s an update

available you didn’t know the update was

available it had been

weeks since the update was

available I just had to watch this

accept the


and I don’t really like all of the the

the reading that goes

on with the ex some of y’all know what

I’m talking about they could be like I’m

going to eat your hair I am going to

take away and you just be like Boop

except except accept so my phone

can he said you got a you got an upgrade

available and then he said he said what

you really need to do Michael is you

need to check your

settings cuz what happens when you do

the upgrade

yeah but it still didn’t show up like

yours showed up great great he said

Michael you you didn’t check your

settings it’s about

to and today on week three of a series

we’re calling start

sharp how do you stay

sharp we said last week we have to

strengthen our

strengths and then the Holy Spirit told

me to prophetically come and tell you

check your

settings check

them what settings are you planted in oh

you thought I was just saying go through

and tell us your

preferences yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

yeah I said check your

settings who are you sitting with

who are you talking to what has your

attention check your

setting if you get your Edge back if you

strengthen your strength and you check

your settings you will be in for the

best year of your life Pastor Mike how

do you know these things

transformed my

life and and again I want to clarify I’m

not not talking about your

preferences I’m talking about your

places what settings do you constantly

find yourself

in good are they

websites are they are they social chat

rooms are they break

rooms are they gossip

threads check great your set your spirit

yeah can be filled with the word and not

flourish because of

theuh uhuh I can’t be I Chang the

stings I’m a thermostat not a th I’ll

turn it off when I come in


okay well you must be greater than

Jesus cuz when he was going out

throughout the towns doing Miracles he

went back to his familiar

setting his hometown yeah yeah yeah and

he was ready to heal all his homeboys he

was ready to change everything and he

said oh we got to get up out of here

this is the wrong setting for

miracles it’s familiar but it doesn’t


faith I there are people that actually

want this they calling me Mary’s Boy not

Jesus we got to get out of here and the

Bible literally say says he could not do

many miracles there because of the way


people saw him in that

setting I’m just asking you are the

things that God is strengthening in you

powerless because of the setting my God

he’s made you a leader but every time

you walk into that environment

insecurity overtakes

you God saying I need you to check your


this bottle of water right

here is going to preach to you because

this I have found out in my years of

travel it it it greatly um increases in

value depending on the

setting at the gas station this bottle

right here is

$2.50 but when I get on an airplane and

go through the airport and I want this

same bottle

of water it’s

$88 the content didn’t change the B they

didn’t even put any name on it you got

to know it’s

water $2 at the gas station $8 at the

airport when I take my kids to Disney



World this bottle of water is



changed could you be more


valuable could you be worth so much

more could you actually be gar

garnishing and garnering the attention

affluence and influence you actually are

worth if you were in the

right so according to acts 242 this is

going to be my anchor and then I’m I’m

I’mma whip it back around at the end

there are three settings that every

believer should be in okay the first one

you need a setting of

Faith now a lot of people have different

think thoughts that come to their mind

when I say this I’m going to make it

very plain everybody needs a

church I think the construct of church

is outdated that is why I am not

constructing I’m

deconstructing this ability

yes every church has problems cuz people


there and if you find a perfect church

when you show up it’s not going to be


anymore yes great but you don’t throw

away the thing that God

says is the answer to Humanity’s problem

and the thing that’s going to create in

you who you supposed to

be because somebody’s done it wrong and

I’m so proud of transformation church

because we’re a church that really does

believe in gathering together but there

are a lot of people that the statistics

tell us that they come to church once

every two

months and be really entitled like like

give me coffee roll out the red carpet

let me know I’m special give me a

t-shirt I’ll be back in two

months and and and I just I have to

believe that that’s not what God in in

intended for us he wanted us all to have

a consistent setting of faith my

question to you is how often are you in

this setting of Faith great great we’re

talking about starting sharp and staying

sharp if if you here because you’re

doing a fast and we don’t see you again


Easter come

on you’re not a bad person and you’re

going to heaven still if you’ve accepted


Christ you just might not be in the

setting that’s going to keep you


sharp and and I just want to say to

everybody you need a church and let me

be clear it don’t got this

one I want I want to realize I am very

self-aware we’re not everybody’s cup of

tea and I’m cool with that we got to

love each other brothers and sisters in

Christ we got to high five each other we

got to pray for our enemies all that

other stuff but I I’m going to be loud

I’m going to be expressive we’re going

to make up

songs and I’m going to sing them even if

I don’t know the words I’m going to wear

pants that are big with paint splatter

on them that I bought like

this I’m going to wear glasses with no

lenses in


them cuz I want to look smart but I

don’t want it to fog up by now if the

lenses was in here this mug would be a


fog hey I’m going to keep it hot humble

open and

transparent until I need glasses all of

them on


somebody like oh my


gosh I’m not everybody’s cup of

tea my mama going to get up here and she

going to but

she this

is you never know what Charles’s haircut

is going to be and

if he may like come on it’s

it’s okay

yeah what I’m saying is find a place

that you feel the freedom to be who

God’s called you to

be what we do our brand of church is

based on the Bible and Jesus it just has

our seasoning on it and if you want

Bland chicken there’s tons of

places I said too


but how come you want your movies a


way but you want your church to not

emotionally move you not be able to you

don’t all I’m saying

is find you a

consistent setting of

Faith there are tons of people who were

here for a season that helped us build

this and they’re right up the street

worshiping at another place I see those

people our kids go to school together I

hug those people I thank them for their

investment here but if the season

changes and they need a setting of faith

that they can be consistently at we are

one body many members that means I’m not

hating on somebody cuz they hanging out

at the thumb and you want to go to the

foot as long as you still connected to


okay does it hurt sometimes yes cuz we


you but if if if we’re acting like we

the only church come on yeah great


demonic and it’s

manipulation you can grow spiritually at

tons of

places the problem is we’ve made where

to go a bigger deal than if we

grow me step on the


tip I’m I’m on the edge right now do you

hear what I’m saying to you well I don’t

go there because they don’t see my

favorite s and I don’t go there because

the pastor you know he a celebrity

pastor and I don’t go there cuz it’s too

small and I don’t get you don’t go

anywhere and the truth of the matter is

you’re only hurting

yourself because according to Acts

2:42 these

people they they they they saw the value

in the setting of

Faith look what Psalms 212 says it says

the righteous will flourish like a palm

tree they will grow like the Cedar of

Lebanon those who are

planted in the house of the Lord they


flourish in the courts of our God they

will still bear fruit when they


Hallelujah they will stay fresh and

green let me break it down you

consistently plant yourself in the house

of God this

year you will be like a palm

tree and a Cedar of Lebanon now we are

in Oklahoma so both of those trees



us okay so a palm tree is one of the

most beautiful I can’t a palm tree

ministers to

me every time I just see it

just it blesses

me but the thing that is powerful about

a palm tree is palm trees are meant to


storms sir what a palm tree will do in

the midst of a storm it bends I feel

like I need to be a dancer

today I’m wild it

bends but it

doesn’t when you’re planting in the

house of God he said yeah the storm’s

come and you’ll

B but you won’t break and then it gives

another example it says the Cedar of

Lebanon now I’ve been to Lebanon it was

my one random mission trip that I went

with with some other pastors and I for

the first time in my life saw the

biggest tree I ever seen in my life you

couldn’t see the top of it you couldn’t

get your hands around it it was hum you

could drive cars through

it they were what God’s saying in this

you will be able to provide



shelter when you’re planted you can’t

give away what you have not been planted

in long enough to grow

into the only way a tree can be used as

wood for a house is that it stayed

planted long enough to grow to the fact

that I had anything to give away and my

greatest concern right now for the body

of Christ is so many people don’t have a

setting of Faith where they stay long

enough to grow big enough to actually be

useful for


anything you cutting down the tree at

plant form yeah yeah yeah what you going

to build out of

it what what what what what are you

going to do for a tree to become big

enough to actually be useful for a table

or a chair or something that we actually

put our weight on it has to grow there


years great great and

every person that gets offended

frustrated or doesn’t like what’s

happening in 2024 in church what they do

is they

become a potted

plant they put themselves in an isolated

place so they can only grow grow to the

level that the container will allow

them and that’s why you can put them in

your window

seal and you can put them in your

apartment many of those trees were meant

to be so large that they couldn’t fit in

there but when you take them out of

their right

setting we call what they do in our


beautiful but it wasn’t their original


and could there be many believers who

are getting hand claps for being

beautiful in a small

area when where if they stayed planted

somewhere they would grow into something

that could be very useful okay TC Nation

I want to tell

you this living like this planted in the

house some of y’all have been more

faithful to showing up and being a part

of what God is doing in this place from

thousands of miles away yeah yeah yeah

then people who right up the street and

they don’t even know if they can clap or

not cuz they don’t know if it’s a disc


them but but I need to I need to

acknowledge your commitment yeah yeah

yeah there are people here that I meet

in airports that’s like oh yeah last

week when you talked about that they

know the messages they know the titles

they made their own t-shirts stop

bootlegging the t-shirts we’ll send you

one you get the the represent is off I


I well all I’m all I’m saying to you is

I love you buddy all I’m saying to you

is is is thank you for your dedication

and intentionality about being planted

and I’m saying to you there may be a

church that God’s calling you to to not

just get full as a tick because you are

a part of Transformation Church part of

being in the church is you got to give


away you can watch this Monday Tuesday

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Sunday at 5: you can watch this but

maybe this is supplemental content maybe

this is something that God’s calling you

and I’m not saying it’s for everybody

but I am saying it’s probably for

somebody cuz if the whole church is

online how does the person that’s

hurting and been through your testimony

ever get

healed is he building up his church or

tearing it down there is enough people

in this world yeah yeah yeah for this

building to be filled 13 times over good

but there are other people that are

waiting on you

to take your place in a setting of faith

I’m going show you this could y’all

bring my church up here real quick and

I’m going show you what a setting of

Faith write this down because I wrote

this down because this has transformed

my life and it’s what the word says I am

at my best when I’m in church sitting

serving sharing sewing sacrifice and

saving I am at my best when I’m in

church sitting serving sharing caring

sewing sacrificing and

saving let me show you what this looks


everybody should have a

place that they sit

in in a setting with other people who

jacked up like

them I don’t know what she going through


cute but I know there’s some things in

her that don’t make her better than me

and when I when I focus on

Jesus and I Look to Him through the

person who God has called to speak

that’s why at TC it don’t matter who’s

on that platform God can use

anybody if if he speak in front of Bible

there is a word in that place for me and

so every person like do y’all see just

the difference in style that’s on the

stage mama got on the p she came ready

to kill them

today she didn’t know she was going to

be on stage but you see that youth in

her right now I don’t even know where

you get a pink stocking cap

from but you look

good man of God what’s your name Robert

Robert how old are you 76 76 year old

what what made you come to

Transformation Church today I love being

in in a church that believes in Jesus

Christ only he loved being in a church

that believes in Jesus Christ only What

ethnicity are you I’m Italian he said



now now now now I want you to see most

people if you put it on paper he would

never be in the church that I’m

leading he black with

braids we we we might not vote the same

way we might not have came from the same

background the thing that connects every

everybody on this platform is

Jesus do do you understand like like

like and and the last piece of that that

that that that little thing that I wrote

out it said that everybody should be

sharing and sewing and all this stuff

but the last one it said they should be

saving and I’m not saying saving

somebody from sin cuz you can’t do that

but you should be saving a seat for

somebody that you’re

inviting cuz if this thing actually

transform your life why would you keep

it to

yourself and the truth of the matter is

God brings people into your life every

single day that he’s saying tell them

bring them tell but you can’t even bring

them cuz you don’t know if you

coming the very answer that they need is

wrapped up in your connection with them

but you have not committed to a setting

of faith

yet I’m asking every person under the

sound of my voice

2024 I want you to

flourish how are you going to flourish

according to Psalms you’re going to

check your setting and you’re going to

have a consistent setting of

faith I’m not going to show up every

other week I’m here every time you don’t

do that at your


it seems like we’re more committed to

things that we

hate date night is optional for you but

that’s the person you decided to marry

for the rest of your life yeah yeah yeah

church is optionable for you but this is

the relationship that always brings you

back to sinner when you want like I just

want us to flip it for a second this

year and I want you to commit to being

in a setting of Faith somebody say I

will I will commit commit to being in a

setting of Faith setting of Faith let me

tell you why write it down the setting

of faith will make you

flourish great it makes you flourish I

was telling Charles earlier I said I

can’t imagine a different setting that

allowed me to go from the sound man to a

lead Pastor to a New York time

bestselling author to a music producer

to a graphics designer to there this

church allowed me to become the man of

God that I was supposed to be not

because I’m on the platform it gave me

something to be accountable

to it had made me get people that are

around like and I’m just telling you

everybody else is trying to build a

master class for you to go

to and the

master has already given us a


class make sure you have a setting of

Faith number two here we

go the other setting that you need to


is a setting watch

this of

friends I like this one cuz most church

people don’t have

friends they have faith they don’t have

friends they have prayer


Honda no

friends can prophesy

next year I see

you transformed it’s like yeah and next

year I see you with nobody else around

you you have no friends on but when I

look at the model of Acts

242 these people had

friends I think that we’ve made it too

deep in

church like friends don’t mean I I walk

up to you and say what did God give you

in Romans 6 six this

week no no no no I feel like you have a

word you have a word right now Roman 6


6 if if Revelation comes out of me

naturally because of what I’m walking

through that’s cool but stop being

weird no no no I need to say this this

this is some of y’all



weird like I’m not no I this is no sh

like have all the scriptures in you but

like if I say how you doing and you say

hallelujah that’s not even a answer to

the question I said how are you doing

Hallelujah that’s not an

answer here and I’m I’m not coming at

anybody I’ve just found that most people

who are strong in their faith still need

friends and if you don’t have them

nobody that’s in your life with you for


a season or a lifetime it’s how the

enemy can allow you to become

self-righteous faith without friends

turns into

self-righteousness cuz you’re

disconnected to the people that God’s

actually called you to help so does it

seem weird that all the people with the

most scriptures are

mean on

God that woman who was at the the

mothers of the church they’re not known

for being

nice they’re know come on I’m talking

about churches All Over America no

matter where they they they known for

being and if the power of God comes in

and they’ll lay you out and give you a


mint but are are the Elders of the

church known for


many times that happens because they do

the right things but they’re not sharing

it with enough

people and when you do the right things

and don’t share it with anybody you


self-righteous so for me I’ll just put

it in the word e Ecclesiastes

4 verse 9 two are better than

one because they have a good return for

their labor if either of them falls down

one help the other up but pity any faith

filled person who falls alone and has no

one to help them also if two lie down

together they can keep each other warm

but how can one keep warm

alone the one one may be overpowered two

can defend themselves a court of three

hold on they we can have more than one

person a court of three strands is not

quickly or easily broken I got some guys

that I hang out with y’all come to the

stage real quick um I I want everybody

to understand that it’s not enough to

just be committed to this

setting this setting’s not

enough being at church every time the

doors open it’s not enough yeah my

friends they they know where I be at

what up dog y’all good it’s good to see

you what’s up but that no matter where

they’re at in their life they not

changing where I’m putting myself right

because I got to be in a setting of

Faith but I have to leave this setting

so nice to meet you my man God bless you

you look beautiful I love that represent

hat baby you killing that to you what’s

up let’s go get some pizza okay here we


go I know where to take you know where

to take me H is Tony going to be there




but I need to be able to fluently move

from this

atmosphere to this one and not become a


person this is what the church has done

a bad job

at we Hallelujah over here glory to the

most high I will forgive and then be

like what the f is

all where the OES


why y’all acting

shot and and and and and and and this is

the truth of the

matter I if if you come into the right

setting I could be like that and this

setting would change me

right see the truth of the matter is I

should be able to sit in a setting like

this and be myself and if myself doesn’t

line up with the word of God it should


me and too many of us are in settings

that don’t challenge

us and so what ends up happening is we

think that it’s okay to go from there

and that is powerless to change the


room so either nobody’s here or the

people here are so weak with their

convictions that I never feel like I

need to do nothing

better and I just want you to What’s the

title of the Ser sermon check

your if all your boys is cool with you

cheating on your

wife the reason they cool with is cuz

they doing it


too you might need to

check you can literally come in and tell

them that you fig bro I figured out to

hack bro we don’t got to pay taxes no

more I was on

YouTube I seen this Tik

tock and we never have bro all you have

to do is find one person who’s under 4

foot make him a part of your family on

paper and then claim a

disability and there be people your

friends really be leaned

in taking notes trying to see who’s

under four feet and I’m literally making

this up but there’s wild stuff like that


happens in SE what what I’m saying to

you this year I want you to check your

settings of

friends real story I was with some

people on this platform that I will

leave and remain



he see it’s funny CU we all actually

spend time together so this is

great for me I have the mic um this we

were talking the other day and many of

my brothers that are here Vic is my

trainer I work out with him every day um

Aaron’s been my best friend today’s

Aaron’s Birthday y’all it’s Aaron’s 39th

birthday we love you baby we love you

baby don’t leave me hanging I’ll slap


okay uh John um styles me and has been

my friend for years the wheels these are

the will of God for my life these wheels

right here are brothers that just hold

me up and push this Vision forward and

so when we get together we just talk

about everything and real stuff we talk

about our

wives we talk about not

um we we we talk about when when that

punctuation comes every

month that’s

real look at them they all blushing like

and you just got to to sit there and

pray and Terry and

fast as God does his work on the inside

of them and and we

talk so he just got it then I was

like we need some more friends here

uh so so we we we we we talk about where

we’re winning we talk about where we’re

failing hear me hear me hear me hear me

and the other day I know that a couple

of my brothers dealt with some of the

testimony that I have of being faithful

and pornography and all that other stuff

because we share our

testimonies there’s nobody in here

that’s like hiding and we know the

unedited version y does everybody know

the edited version of your testimony or

do they know the names of the people so

if they walk


see I was I there was this one time with

this one girl she she’s sitting right

there hey bro go the other don’t come I

have text people in this room don’t come

here yeah yeah why bro I’m dressed I’m

outside go

home bro I thought


home why because there’s accountability

and safety when you actually have real

friends okay remember what it said two

are better than one cuz if I get backed

up against something I got somebody

that’s seeing something else so a real

story happened last week I was telling

some of my friends I was like I don’t

really trust people people that have

privacy screens on their

phone and a lot of my friends have

privacy screens on their

phone and so one of my friends was like

bro you don’t trust me I said to an

extent cuz I know you don’t work for the

CIA and I know the stuff on your phone

is not governmentally

important and I said bro I said I come

from a life of


so anytime I’m around somebody I want to

be transparent with and I can’t see

what’s on their phone when they trying

to show it to me one of my boys was

trying to show me what was on his phone

and I couldn’t see I was standing this

close to him and I had to

go and it was because they had a privacy

screen on their phone and I was like why

do you have that oh bro I just don’t I

said I

just and because we have real

relationship in that moment he was like

bro I don’t need this privacy screen

took took it off of that phone and then

I realized he had a second

phone two

phones and and he took it off of both

phones and handed them to me and in that

moment wow wow what I learned over

here about having the right people in my

life was proven over here and an actual

action that made somebody live

different this proves that that works



sir show me proof that you’re full of

love give me proof that you walk in

Grace give me proof that you turn the

other cheek and you pray for your

enemies that is only

actually proven

in a context without a pastor that’s

good good true check your

settings if you don’t have friends in

2024 I want to give you a secret to get

friends it it’s worked every time


18:24 a man who has friends must himself

get ready be

friendly you are you you are not

friendly change your resting

face I could have said something else

you know what it

is CH why are you walking into places

like you’re getting ready for a

fight can I get a smoothie assai

ball how are you ordering an assu

mad come on y’all

the final setting you

need and this one gets skipped over a

lot but this year God has told me to

make it um

illuminated every person according to

acts 242 needs a setting of spiritual

formation you need a place outside of

your place of

faith that is growing you spiritually

what another night what what am I

supposed to do listen all I’m saying to

you is the transformation that happened

to me in the setting of faith and the

setting of f friends was

exponentially accelerated when I started

wanting to eat for

myself you know this saying the thing in

church where people like I don’t get fed

there I I don’t get fed there the only

people in my life that say they don’t

get fed in real life are people people

who can’t

cook so my kids are the only people in

my life to say I didn’t get fed tonight

cuz they can’t

cook so when a Believer comes to me as

an adult with hair on their


says says to me I don’t get fed


yeah my question to you is do you know

how to take the the ingredients that


given chop it up put a little L on

it and the truth of the matter is we

have been putting so much emphasis on

what the church provides wow as opposed

to what God

provides but when God provides it it

takes your

decision so what happens if God’s

require you to learn some stuff we don’t

teach that

year when they going to do a series on

relationships I can’t to pass my cuz the

relationship goals walking over first

off there’s a

book and the series is on

YouTube but what if God wants you to

read some things and go to some

counseling and become a student again

and it’s not applicable to what God told

me to give to you in the setting of

faith and Your Friends dumb they don’t

even know they don’t even know what God

he’s trying to make you a leader in that

so where is the place that you are


forming Acts 2:42 this is where we going

to end and all the




themselves to the apostles

teaching hold on no no no no that’s not

how I got taught in America you supposed

to devote yourself to making sure I get

taught P pastor’s word wasn’t he was

killing today it’d be funny for me to

hear like people’s comments after I

preach it’s like he was killing today no

you was listening

today I’m killing every

Sunday I’m sorry sometimes I got to

encourage myself in the

Lord I’m killing every Sunday yes sir

now depending on where you’re at and

what you’re listening into and the diet

you had before you got

here it might impair how you’re hearing

or feeling what’s being said yeah do

y’all see what I’m

saying and that’s why I’m saying this

year I believe God’s saying you need a

setting of spiritual

formation everybody got a desk for


now do you have a desk for

study you giving away information that

you just got from somebody else’s page

what I’m asking you is are you studying

and is God giving you a fresh revelation

of anything yeah so good before you get

a mic to say something know

something and the Believers everybody

say devoted themselves devoted

themselves this is the beautiful thing

about it nobody can devote

you you got to devote

yourself what does devoting mean I I

have a vote I don’t want to read that

I’m devoted taking my vote away I’mma


it I am

devoting where I would usually say my

opinion taking my

vote so good God I don’t feel like

getting up it’s the only time you have

I’ll be

devoted I’m not a morning person but you

got four kids devote

yourself you ask me for the kids and you

ask me for

Revelation I’m sick of firing these

people working with these people I’m

sick of this business you pray for

it so I need you to be devoted to

learning so you can lead

them ain’t nobody ever led me

ah but I’m trying to make you better

than what you

experienced so so you got to have a

place where I can speak to you that has

nothing to do with where you’re sitting

serving sharing like I so like I’ll

speak to you there I’ll speak to you

there and I’ll speak to you here watch

this watch this watch this watch this I

did this series called who’s the

minister here a few years

ago and and and and I want you to know

that I’m not the minister

here everybody look at your neighbor and

say you’re the minister here come on you

you you look at you with your


cell cuz the Bible tells us that my job

is to equip you for the works of

ministry so I’m just asking everybody

this year could you get a setting watch

this where you are no longer the most

successful in the

room a setting where you go back to

student Romans 122 okay I I know this

one oh shut

up C no the reason I say that is because

just because you know something doesn’t

mean you have a new revelation on

it students are quiet while the teacher

is talking but being a student takes

humility do you know how many things

I’ve enrolled in and how many classes I

have that that nobody asked me to take

and how many things I read and study and

listen to old tapes I got a tape player

so I could go back and listen to pastors

that they their words weren’t on CDs or

on YouTube but they had Revelation and

it was anointed and I had to go find a

tap player where do you buy a tap player

thank God for Amazon and I got a tap

player and I’m listening to these things

why because I need to be a

student so that means I got to see

things differently and I brought I

brought Amber Lee up here because I want

you to understand that anybody can teach

you the white man trying to keep me down

the white woman is my

teacher so would you rather stay see

some of y’all just offended you right

now and I see I see your flesh Rising

what I’m saying to you is would you

rather forfeit your growth because of

the package it comes

in or would you rather be everything

that God ain’t no woman tell me nothing

a bunch of white women have told me a

lot of

things all my counselors look at my

brother’s like I don’t even know she

ain’t been through my plight she don’t

know my thing what I’m saying is God

does and maybe some of the things that

you needed come in packages you didn’t

know you needed them

in when me and my wife has gone through

counseling I have had middleaged to

older white women counsel me through

some of the toughest places in my life

they my aunties

now and it is literally changed my life

because of the information they had but

my ability to be humble enough they know

I’m a pastor they know all y’all come

and they literally don’t

care and you if you are not in a setting

that does not care about your

accolades does not care about how many

businesses and boats and and and if

you’re not you will never be able to be

everything that God has called you to be

and my question to you is if I came up

to you right now one onone could you

tell me where this setting is

the sad truth is most Believers can’t

they think that first setting is this

setting come on well go to church no no

no no no I’m talking about reading books

about the name of God so when you

worship it’s not just what the worship


says call him something different call

like look up some other things that you


like this is where I don’t need nobody

to feed me

yeah oh you can read books on

finances relation God will speak through

all of that but you’re saying God what

are you trying to say to me and the

greatest thing that you can read is this

word outside of

Sunday this is what will spiritually

form you if you don’t have a setting for


formation it’s going to cause you not to

be able to see everything that God has

called you to see what are you saying

Pastor Mike this year I’m challenging

our chur

church not by the end of the

year by the end of this




March by March I need you to on paper

out of your mouth as well as in action

be able to tell somebody where all of

these settings

are you want the best year of your life



settings because I’ve been faithful in

all of these settings it has

transformed my life because how me and

Pastor Charles actually got together is

we went to a setting of spiritual

formation I called him after he told me

he didn’t want to join with me and

become the Golden State Warriors for

Jesus another story for another

time the Holy Spirit told me to invite

him to Pastor School

in Dallas Texas led by Robert Morris and

me and him went to a spiritual formation

class and one of the guys in there begin

to talk and said some of y’all are

spiritual orphans you’re out here trying

to do your own thing and it’s because

there’s a deep wound there and God is

telling you not to do that and to follow

his voice and I’m like wow that’s crazy

and I look over and dra




I was at the time I was still working on

empathy and getting with emotions so I

was just kind of like dang

bro I’ll never forget it I never forget

it we go to lunch break my man is like

light bright so he’s red everywhere on

like from the crime and we’re standing

in in what was the store uh uh West

what’s the uh Nine West not 9

West no it was some West not Kanye West

but one of them we’re standing standing

in the store and Charles is like I know

God told me I’m supposed in the shoe

section we were in the shoe section of

the store and uh he said I’m God’s

telling me to give up my church and I

was like

wow I honestly didn’t know what to say

to him said wow it’s like well I mean if

he’s saying it you know what I’m saying

God he’s going to do it and he he’s

going his word is fine you know I I just

was and it was just awkward but we were

together stayed in the same hotel room

had to go to another day of session had

to drive all the way back to Tulsa had

to drop him off at a church

service wow that he was about in the

valley of decision of if he was going to

do this I found him a week and a half

later and he was like yep shutting down

my church and God told me that I’m

supposed to come and Serve and Protect

you I was like I don’t have a job for

you no this is

real I heard

God you don’t have to pay me I said

great cuz we have nothing

to hear me a lot of people think Charles

just came up and he’s a he

didn’t please don’t judge anybody from

where you meet them in the

story for 6

months he came to Transformation Church

in North Tulsa every day on time for no

money had a family had a wife but just

was planting himself they had been to TC

one time before they shut their Church

down to come I know Abby was sitting

there like oh my God

like what I’m saying is it doesn’t have

to make sense cuz God saw the plan up

ahead but he was looking would you put

yourself in the right

setting and he has come to me several

times over Abby’s come to me several

times over and said thank

you cuz if we would have done that by

ourselves we would have been successful

but we might not be

married I’m so grateful that God put me

in the right

setting why cuz when you’re in the right

setting you

flourish would everybody stand

please I’m going to read acts

242 to let you see thank y’all thank you

can y’all give it up for all of my

people who have been so

gracious what I’m challenging everybody

to do this week hold on the service is

not over don’t leave yet you going to

miss the moment you going to miss the

moment the moment ain’t happened yet


242 this is Jesus’s plan to build his

church it says and all the Believers

somebody say I’m a believer I’m a

Believer devoted themselves to the

apostles teaching and watch this to

Fellowship it didn’t say

teaching that then turns into to me

preaching to you and we call it

Fellowship there were two separate

things it was the apost

teaching their faith being inspired and

then it was just Fellowship what’s up

dog what you doing baby you feeling good

I like that chain bro them glasses if

you poke the lenses off them I could I

could rock with them up you

know how was the game what’s going on

how’s you and your wife let’s pray about

that what’s going it wasn’t

weird it was it was the apostles

teaching where we’re we’re in a place of

Faith but then we just Fellowship

what does it take to Fellowship three

simple things it takes us being together

it takes transparency and it takes

talking we’ve made it too deep in

church we get together and we we we get

around acts

six and I’m saying that’s cool but I’ve

seen people gather around act 6 and be

be dealing with

suicide how did you try to overdose last

week we was just together

what happened they weren’t talking about

what was really going

on do y’all got what I’m

saying it says it says and they shared

meals together you don’t have to be

spiritual to

eat right

now our church is

hungry for the things of God and other

things do you hear me Wingstop has never

sounded so get behind me

Satan children really are a distraction

on a fast and I just that’s not part of

my message but man I wish I could fast


kids that was just for

me but sharing a meal that’s not

weird that’s just fellowshipping and

eating you know you can do that with

people who don’t believe like

you great let me give you a very weird

concept you can eat and fellowship with

somebody who loves the same

sex I know they going to clip it

up have fun I hope your finger gets

carpal tunnel no I’m just playing I’m


playing what

what what I’m saying where would Jesus


been we talk about zakus like like he

was a upstanding man he was Despicable

yeah yeah he was manipulating and

stealing from people right in front of

their face and Jesus was like yo the

person everybody hates I’m eating at

your house

tonight can you cook yeah it don’t

matter we we’ll talk we’ll talk when I


there how come the church is so far away

from the people that need Jesus

I’m not saying bring those people into

your friend group

immediately but what I am saying is

fellowship at

eating he’s given us the blueprint of

transformation right here yeah he said

they devoted themselves to the apostles

teaching and the fellowship and the

sharing in meals including the Lord’s

Supper a lot of people say it’s just the

Lord Seer it says including the Lord so

we can eat chicken

and we can remember what Jesus Christ

did by breaking the body and shedding


blood and everybody say prayer prayer

that’s why this thing is rumbling in our

church right now and I want everybody to

get here tomorrow for miracle Monday I

don’t know what’s going to happen but I

just feel God said get everybody here on

Monday as many people can get right off

work come here join us online we’re

going to pray together this is the

blueprint it says watch this this is

what I’m praying for our church this

year a deep sense of awe came over all

of them

and the apostles performed many miracles

signs and wonders why cuz it was the

right setting on and all the Believers

met together in one place and shared

whoa hold on everything they

had they sold their property and Poss

not my house not my car not my gooey not

gooey not my Louie not my

Gucci it says

they sold all their property and

possessions and shared the money with


in they worshiped together at the temple

each day and then they met home to home

for the Lord’s supper and then they

shared in meals with

great joy and

generosity all the while through every

one of these

settings they were praising God and

enjoying the Good Will of all all the

people everybody’s win was everybody’s

win and each day watch how the church

grew and each day the Lord added to

their Fellowship those who were being

saved I just wonder how many people were

on the way to the to the church party

and met somebody and was like hey what’s

your name James oh hey bro I’m about to

go with some of my people and we just

going to eat and talk like you want to

come yeah how how could they magically

been added to daily

thousands if people weren’t so

transformed by having the right

setting that they were inviting people

to it but you can’t invite somebody to

something you haven’t committed

to what I wrote down after I read this

is something I want to leave us with

don’t desire the fruit of the early


if you won’t commit to the formula of

the early

church God checked me as a leader and he

said Michael I need you to simplify this

whole thing and I want you to create a

easy formula based off on acts

242 that gives every person that you’re

a leader over the ability to have a

place to strengthen their faith


friends and spiritually

form Sunday morning every time you come

here this the place of

Faith it’s the place of crazy Faith

you’re standing in it you’re sitting in

it we going to inspire you every week to

go closer to Jesus and to do what’s

uncomfortable but that will yield the

greatest results for your life and if we

not your cup of tea there’s Victory Life

Church there’s Metropolitan there’s

Fellowship Church I’ll list them on my

Instagram this week and I’m going have

cards cuz I don’t care that it’s this

place I care that you have a place amen

I said

amen and I’m about to tell y’all this

for anybody who’s been a part of

transformation these two squares right

here in the next three months I’m about

to roll out a plan for our church that

is going to transform how we make

friends and how we spiritually form I

cannot tell you the details today

because my team won’t let

me I am

submitted what I’m telling you when I

roll it out just do

it this will be the greatest year of

your life we have prayed we have labored

we have worked we have asked God what

are you trying to do and he said go back

to what I did in the


and I’m telling you our first

commitment get here every Sunday now we

not legalist like where were you today

stop it ain’t nobody got we growing up

in here nobody got time for all

that but what I’m saying is if we don’t

see you in a month we’re going to assume


wrong because we love being together

they was doing it every day imagine

going to church every day that’s what

they were it said they met in the temple


we just once

week but when we get here yeah and let

me be very clear it’s going to be normal

that if somebody doesn’t know you here

they going to ask you your

name let me just go ahead and normalize

this right now you will not be able to

be a stranger here for

months I ain’t never seen you before

I’ve been here for six years I know it’s

a big church what’s your

name a big church becomes small when you

know somebody’s

name you can walk into an Arena of

millions of people and somebody says

Mike I’m like oh I’m home

now be that for

somebody small

groups and this little thing over

here is

coming but I can’t roll it out until you


it lift your

hands thank you Lord that you have given

us the Playbook to transformation today

that our faith would be

strengthened that we would have genuine

friends who would lead us and help us

and correct us and care for

us and father that we would be devoted

ourselves enough to actually start

growing and learning in the things that

are going to make us who we’re supposed

to be today God I thank you that there

would be a value added to doing what

your word says is and I thank you that

this this

church is coming to a place of

maturity not based on how much we

know based on what we

do God could you please unify our church

like never before from transformation

Nation to everybody in this room let

there be something on the inside of us

that says we want to flourish so we will


planted we need people with us so we

will have friends and father God we need

to grow so we will continue to


form have your way on the inside of each

one of us is our prayer God and I just

thank you for the Lost person who was

invited by somebody who took the real

Great Commission

seriously and they were saving a seat

for them they they told them today I

thank you that today is their day of

salvation thank you for transformation

for all of us I thank you that this is a


moment because our minds are changing

this is not emotional this is a

decision and I thank you that this

decision will impact how we live and

ultimately Lord make us look more like

you we trust you we believe you and we

thank you for your word if you’re in

this room and you’ve never accepted

Jesus today is your

day this the whole reason we meet meet

this is what we’ve been praying for and

people who who have been in this we went

through here and prayed for every seed

in this place if you’ve been going your

own way and you you’ve been lost and

you’ve been frustrated with what’s going

on in your life and you want a fresh

start today I don’t want to just give

you a fresh start I want to give you a a

a way to have eternal

life through the work of Jesus Christ

and what are you saying Pastor Mike

everything just changes I’m saying

saying that everything can change

because of what Jesus did he took

somebody like me liar manipulator y’all

know the next one addicted to

pornography y’all know it cuz I share my

testimony and he didn’t make me into a

perfect man but a progressing man and

all I’m asking you to do right now is

give your creator a

chance to transform your life if you’re

in this room I see you up there if

you’re in this room and today is the day

of salvation for you on the count of

three I just want you to lift your hands

there’s no embarrassment there’s nobody

going to come and shine a light on you

and start interrogating you that none of

that’s going to happen and I need my

church to start praying cuz you know

this is where hell starts telling people

oh no you can’t change you can’t get at

up this is the only faith that if you

give God your heart he’ll help you

change your

habits the things that you’re scared of

showing him he already knows them and he

wants to walk with you through them he

walked with me through pornography he

walked with me through lying and

manipulate he walk with me through that

stuff and he wants to walk with you and

not just alone he wants to set you in a

house of faith and give you friends and

allow you to develop an appetite to

spiritually form I’m just saying to you

today you got to make the decision for

him if you’re in this place and you want

to make Jesus Christ your lord and

savior or you’re watching online or

rebroadcast on count of three just

boldly shoot your hand up one you’re

making the greatest decision of your

life two your name is going to be

written in the Lamb’s Book of Life


three come on shoot your hand up I see

you right there I see you young people I

see you my man come on I see you glory

to God I see you I see you sir and more

than I see you God sees you and at

Transformation Church we’re family

nobody praise alone everybody lift your

hands and say God God thank you thank

you for sending Jesus sending Jesus just

for me just for today today I admit I

admit I need a savior I need a and I

Choose You you change me transform me I

believe you lived you died and you Rose

again just for me just for me I’m yours

I’m your in Jesus name in Jesus name

amen Transformation Church how do we

celebrate I said how do we celebrate

Hallelujah we thank God for you and we

want to walk with you there’s a QR code

on the screen if you’re watching online

or you’re in the room do that we’re

going to give you next steps we have a

bible plan that has all the days of

fasting and praying I want you to join

us tomorrow right back here at 6:00 for

1 hour a power we’re going to see God do

something beautiful if you need prayer

for anything we done put some chairs

down here so we going to have to

maneuver around them today but if you

need prayer don’t leave without prayer

there’ll be altar workers right here up

here at the front if you need prayer for

anything we want want you to come get

prayer ton today and we believe that God

is changing Us From the Inside Out Lord

bless these

people let it be the best week of

fasting we’ve ever had God thank you

that we have favor on our jobs and all

around keep us safe as we go we give you

all the glory we give you all the honor

and all the praise in Jesus name

everybody say we agree we age we expect

amen go out and live a transformed life

I love you so much thank you so much for

watching this message we pray that it

encouraged you we also want to say thank

you to our faithful partners and givers

here at Transformation Church it’s

because of your generosity that this

Vision has been made possible if you

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can text give to 8

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and live a transformed