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so what’s up everybody I am here today

on Father’s Day with my father pastor

Tom eat ah the captain and um we’re

gonna talk and have just a conversation

about fatherhood the love of a father um

before we dive deep I’m just gonna ask

you what is the first thing that comes

to your mind when I say these words okay

okay all right

NBA Finals hurry go hurry go what does

that even mean always hurry go because

we’ll have that debate later okay um

Alabama home that’s where you’re burning

right when I say Louisiana grandma

that’s where you okay when I say Tulsa

transformation okay why why you see

transformation when we say talstar

because that’s where the transformation

in our lives starting when I say Paris

Gracie why you say Gracie that’s what he

was Cassie that’s disgusting that is Oh

– anyway so today um dad I want to have

a conversation with you oh I know you’re

one of the most interesting characters

I’ve ever met in my entire life and but

you have been a model to follow of what

a father should be and a lot of people

don’t understand the relationship with

the Heavenly Father because they

probably had a skewed view or a broken

view of what a father is so today we’re

gonna call this conversations with a


and see if we can learn more about

fatherhood and learn more about God so

what did he feel like to become a father

for the very first time it was exciting

for me because you know I had grown up

with my father actually it was not my

biological father

when I was 18 my mother told me that

father that I live with 18 years was not

my actual father so you didn’t find out

that he wasn’t your father until you

were 18 years old till I was 18 years

old how did that change the dynamics of

it really didn’t change anything because

my dad that raised me was a awesome man

he worked hard he was a great provider

so we had a wonderful childhood and then

when I found out about that my view of

fatherhood had already been sick so I

just knew that because of what I had

experienced I wanted to give that to my

children one day so when you have a

child and your father one of the things

that you automatically do is you you

love that child first correct no matter

if they poop on you they pou they mess

us all good it’s all good because

they’re yours that’s right and the other

thing that you do as a father is you you

already in mating you have protection

right you want to provide for them you

want to make you want to teach them and

I think that’s one of the things that

I’m trying to get skewed when it comes

to fatherhood is that as just as a

natural father would want to provide

love protects teach their child God

wants to do the same thing for us well

you know it’s amazing what God can do

when you just say God I don’t know how

to do this but this is innately

in all of us you know I see a lot of

kids they don’t have fathers in their

home but men they have it in them to be

fathers because God put it in I said but

if we would just tap in to what God has

put in us already I don’t have to be

your biological father to be a father to

you while I can be a father to you

because God is a father to me I was

adopted into his family I can adopt

other people into my family and father

them and teach them morals teach them

values teach them life skills that will

help them matriculate through you had

five sons five and why did you have five

suppose we were trying to have again

so you have five sons tell me in a few

adjectives what it was like raising five

sons Wow

exhilarating we come home something be

broke nothing ah okay so so talk to me

um from the perspective of raising these

young men what are things that all

children need to have in their life what

are those values that a father would

want to instill in their children first

though is love unconditional love

unconditional why the Bible says that

love comes and covers a multitude of

sins so again it keeps no record of

wrongs huh and so many kids do wrong

things through life and then when their

parents see that and they act in an

adverse way that plates a picture in

that child’s mind as to how God whoa

whoa hold on you’re dropping bombs right

here dad you’re basically saying a lot

of our views of how we view God comes

from how we were treated by our parents

right and so what what happens with that

because you know some parents you know

there should have short tempers or the

father you know is the one that

disciplines or different things like

that what could you encourage a parent

or a father specifically to do what kind

of traits do they need to have to make

sure their children don’t have that view

of them and then and in turn have that

view of God a man has to be secured and

who he is God has made him that way when

he addresses situations he doesn’t come

from his in security that’s good to deal

with that child he has a level head that

he can analyze the situation and say

okay what’s the best media course of

action that I need to take dealing in

this situation so what is how much of

that has to do with a father or a man

spending time with God for himself

everything everything you know your

relationship with me is going to be

directly reflective of your relationship

with God you know the Bible says

children honor your father and your


if you don’t honor god it’s gonna be

hard for you to honor me well as your

father so that this has been a fun

conversation talking about the love of a

father talking about how love

disciplines love has grace love is

giving and um you’ve been an example of

all those things so I just want to say

thank you I Love You Man would you just

pray over all of the father’s whether

they’re doing everything they’re

supposed to do now or they’ve had a bad

set up we just pray that God would allow

them not to be perfect but progressing

so father God I just thank you for all

the father’s will thank you in the earth

today Lord God but you have given us the

gift to be father’s Lord God and you

thank you Lord God and as we grow and as

we go through the life’s journey that

we’re on on God that you will put people

in their lives to encourage them to be

better fathers here if they’re absent

fathers we pray that you would encourage

them to have a conviction to see their

children and to be a part of their lives

we thank you for who you are our Father

you have our Father we thank you Lord

God for all the things that you have

planned for us as your children and your

a good for good and we love you God we

praise you in Jesus name an amen amen

look I love you brother from my father

to yours happy Father’s Day