What controls you: money or God? Your answer to that question reveals what you’re cuffed to. This week, Pastor Mike teaches us how cash is important to life, but it cannot be the center of it. The only thing that can provide us with a truly fulfilling life is Jesus, and finances are always something He calls us to use to build His Kingdom. Our money will always have control until we can give it. If you’re looking for some help with your money, this message is for you!

hi my name is Amberly and I have the

privilege of serving as one of our

executive pastors here at Transformation

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jump into this amazing message

I really believe this cuffing series

has been delivering people

like P anybody who’s checked in to this

series Full Throttle

they’re they’re having to face


like we talked about being cuffed to


almost six months ago

let’s take a poll

how many people now we’re hot humble

open and transparent

look at somebody said

how many people are still cuffed to cake

in this room right now as we’re going

into the holiday season some of y’all

are lying thank you my brother for being


some of us are still cuffed to the


what everybody’s saying about us

checking back every three seconds

checking the email

checking to see what like some of us

have been cuffed to constant

let me ask that one how many people are

still cuffed to constant you don’t stop

you keep running

you think somehow you’re made better in

the sight of God if you do more

but he called you a human being not a

human doing

what I believe my assignment is in this

whole series it’s to challenge the

things that have become watch this word

Idols in our lives

some of us are Pace our production our

success our relationships they have

become the thing that have replaced God

so as long as those things are going

good we don’t think that we need him

and it’s not until those things

disappoint us

that we somehow call him back on Jesus

and God said I want you to have the

things that I have designed for you to

enjoy in this life but never at the

expense of our relationship

and the truth of the matter is the

reason why we can’t be connected and

cuffed to Christ is because we’re cuffed

to a lot of other things some of y’all

are like okay Pastor Mike you talk about

this cuffing season this is week 12 of a


we’re not just starting this if this is

your first time hearing this you need to

go back and watch from one all the way

to today because it is a process of

actually shedding the things that we

think love us that but don’t actually

love us back

there are so many of us okay let me just

back up because somebody’s like Susan

cuffing season

are they talking about hancocks

never had that happen before tell me

what is this cuffing season thing mean

let me give you a definition

straight out of the Urban Dictionary

cuffing season is a season where because

of loneliness and Desperation watch this

you settle for a relationship that is

way Beneath Your Standard

this is literally cuffing season the

fall and winter is when people get into

really dumb relationships because they

want to snuggle with somebody Netflix

and chill and end up with issues by the


okay let me okay

and the past couple of weeks we’ve been

talking about being cuffed to control

like some of us have to be in control

all the time and we worry ourselves and

we’re frustrated because we got to know

how everything’s gonna work out and then

last week we went kind of deep on them

and I I kind of snuck it in on you I

said cuffed to contamination but we

talked about the spirit of Jezebel where

there’s there’s a spirit that is trying

to control from the back seat and get

you to do things and say things that are

not like you or not like Christ and it’s

been running your life today

I think this message is going to be uh

more real than both of those

because some of y’all could have dodged

them to like control

contamination nope but this one

see let me walk you into it slowly so

your heart will be prepared for the uh

pounding that you’re about to take in

the spirit today

um anybody ever play video games I need

hands like in the chat video games what

was the first video game system you ever

remember shout it out at me right now

okay Nintendo 64. we gotta go further

back than that which one

Sega Genesis we gotta go further back

she said Atari


okay anybody got further back than Atari

y’all what’d you say

legal vision

Calico vision is is that real

man on the front row like uh

okay cool

so so I didn’t make the Atari

um timeline

but that in the Todd household the first

game system was the original

y’all know what I say


okay y’all remember the gray box and you

had to lift it up and you had

breath of the spirit

pneuma of God

like if you’ve never blown on a

cartridge you haven’t lived it’s the

first miracle you’ve ever seen in your


first miracle ever

they don’t increase your faith

and um me and my older brother Gabe will

play Nintendo but then one Christmas Dad

took it to the next level

and we opened up this box with this

little blue Hedgehog on it

and when the Sega Genesis came in to


that I mean there was nothing like

playing Sega until


came out with this little device with

three circles on it

called a PlayStation

and I don’t know if I was the only one

but I was a professional CD cleaner

I had alcohol see some of y’all know

what I’m talking about because the games

could get scratching if it gets

scratched then you can’t play it no more

so I had alcohol I had cotton swabs and

if you would I mean if you really had to

do it you had to use the bottom of your


I love y’all


and and and and all of these games were

so fun but the one thing I hated about

all of them is that you only could be so

far away from the console

because there was a control that had a

wire that you had to be connected to so

y’all see how I preach like like so

there would be times

that I would be playing and get so into

it that right at the moment

that I was about to win

no no

and I would lose not because I didn’t

have the moves

I lost because I lost connection


and then what ended up happening is


um probably about three years later we

got this thing called a Nintendo 64.

and Nintendo 64 changed the game because

the game started changing on the

Nintendo 64. we got this one game called

NFL Blitz


and then we got this other game called


he’s on fire some people are still

looking at me like what is he talking

about I know you’re too safe for this

but this was Ministry to me


and and then

I still had the same problem with those

things because it had the controller

but then the PlayStation 2 came out

and when the PlayStation 2 came out they

invented this new technology

called Wireless


you could be in another room

and still controlling what was happening

and I began to think about that when we

were talking about being controlled by

things the past two weeks

is that many of us

are being controlled by something we

don’t even think is connected


our wireless controller you don’t see

the connection but it’s controlling your


like this doesn’t look like it has a

direct path but somehow every time this

issue comes up it’s moving something on

the screen of my life


the reason this came to my mind is

because I was sitting in my room

and my kids was playing a game

and I sat down on the couch and the

character on the screen just started


and I’m watching it like wow

they’re going to get beat

this is not the moves they should be


this doesn’t look good and my daughter

starts yelling dad get up

you’re sitting on the controller

and I know my booty mask

I said booty Mass okay m-a-s-s I know it

I didn’t feel it

and she said I promise you’re sitting on

the controller it’s right there I get up

and I was sitting on a controller

and what I realized is because there was

a connection I did not see

when I sat down and it came into contact

with me it started making decisions on

the screen I was looking at but I didn’t

even know it was me that was controlling


I didn’t see how there was a everybody

say connection


what I’ve come to realize is many of the

things that we are dealing with and that

we are cuffed to are because we have

control it has control over our life

without obvious connection

what are the things that are in your

life right now that have control without

an obvious connection

think about it

because there are reasons why you do

what you do

and reasons why you go where you go

and reasons why you don’t like certain

type of people

not not because you don’t even know them

but they remind me of

that anybody I see like that

what is in the background controlling

what you’re doing now but you don’t see

the obvious connection

literally when I’ve been getting to

write down all of the things in my life

God said you can talk about that you can

talk about that you can talk about that

you can talk about that but Mike in this

season you’re coming into right now I

need you to talk about one that has been

controlling people without an obvious

connection and I need you to do it now

and I was like God I don’t really want

to do it now because they’re gonna be

mad at me and he said but they need to

be transformed and I was like but then

they’re not gonna listen to me no more

and he said but then because if they

listen to you they’re gonna be listening

to me because this one I told you to

speak and I said okay guys so you want

me to talk about it he said boy if you

ask me one more time if you want me to

talk about it then we gonna have

problems and so I’m gonna tell you the

title of today’s message is tough to


I didn’t want to

let’s just be very clear cue I didn’t

want to do this

but God told me he said there are so

many of my children

who are cuffed

to cash

they’re cuffed to the idea of finances

you live a life you hate

for cash

you wake up every day mad to go to work

because of cash

I need cash to live in this neighborhood

because I ain’t never going back to the


and literally you pay for a house you’re

never at

e you’re cuffed to the cat

you got shoes

uh did I just step on something

you got shoes still in boxes

that you’ve never want my man in the

back as I oh dude he didn’t have to he

didn’t have to do me like that you got

shoes still in boxes

that you will never wear for the next

five years

because you’re waiting for the right


to kill him you know what I’m saying

y’all know what I’m saying when I pull

these I’m gonna kill him with it okay

you’ve been waiting on the moment to

kill them

but you’re in debt

it’s killing you

but you won’t sell them you won’t let

them go cause you’re cuffed too

they won’t even say it


everybody say cuff to cash

you get a makalaki Taki Taki Tate


every day you don’t even like Starbucks

but the people at your job

it’s a cultural thing oh

you like the good old forager Folgers

is the best part of waking up

his Folgers in your Pub

you you’ve you’ve become accustomed to

that nasty taste

that’s what you like

but you spend eight dollars every day

buying a drink that stays halfway filled

because you’re cuffed to the idea of

what cash gets you

Fendi don’t make you more expensive

Louis does not increase your love

product does not give you purpose


a new truck a new boat a new gun a lake

house that stuff does not increase your


it usually increases your responsibility

I just said a mouthful right there

but the problem is we are going after

the American dream

climbing the corporate ladder missing

out on our children being raised


because we’re good

we’re cut to the idea of having cash


ain’t nothing wrong with cash

there’s nothing wrong with it

the only problem is when it becomes the

thing finances money more

when that becomes your driving force in


it will always disappoint you because it

never has the power to fulfill

I know people with so much money

that they could literally give everybody

in this room a hundred thousand

somebody said where they at call them

invite them to church

but the truth for the matter is when you

run through the hundred thousand

you still depressed

when you run through the hundred


the hundred thousand is just gonna

magnify who you really are

if you pop in two pills you get a

hundred thousand you pop in a hundred

pills if you’re a liar you’re just gonna

be more manipulative in the way that you

lie money doesn’t make it magnifies

oh I’m talking right now money doesn’t

make you it just magnifies who you

really are and because so many people in

the church

so let me give everybody a pass that

don’t love God and doesn’t call Christ

his King okay go after it

it kind of feels good

but everybody who calls himself a


if you’re still cuffed to cash

God may not be your God

I’m a tread lightly today

no I ain’t here we go

first point

cash is critical

but it’s not Christ

it’s a servant not a savior

we gotta have like we got to be able to

function it’s a tool


the truth of the matter is some of y’all

would shout more over a thousand dollars

then God giving you Joy in your heart


you you will act a fool if somebody

walked in Target and gave you a band

but we come in here it’s time to praise



you see my shoes killing them


that cash is critical we need it

but it’s not Christ

it is a servant money works for me

somebody say that money works for me

I don’t work for money

uh see now I’m having to come against

generational curses and and generational

Habits Like I’m fighting I don’t work

for money

I work for purpose

and because I work for purpose even if

I’m doing a job that I don’t like it’s a

part of my purpose that’s developing me

into something or somewhere or some

something that I need for the next step

but I’m going towards what God wants for

me but I don’t work for money



that’s gonna be somebody’s faith

statement for the rest of the week

because some of y’all are just trying to

figure out well if I carry the two and

then I go sell plasma and then if I uh

don’t be acting like y’all don’t be up

there like


when can I come back in two weeks okay

stop it


we’re trying to figure out what God


for those who do his will first

I’m gonna teach you Matthew 6 24. no one

can serve two masters

for either you will hate one and love

the other

you will be devoted to one

and despise the other

you cannot serve God

and be enslaved to money

this is the Bible

you cannot serve God and be cuffed to



do you know how strong that is

you cannot serve God and have money as

your God

I wake up and the first thing I think

about is getting this money

I go to sleep and the last thing I think

about is getting his money

when I look at people I how much money

do you think they got

you look at people’s car like can they

help me make money

hold on y’all

nowhere in the scripture

does Jesus say that needs to be our


it should be our fruit

okay let me let me stop

when we talk about this in the original

language it it this is one of the only

places that God distinguishes himself

against anything because most things

ain’t even worth comparing him to

but he says you cannot serve God and the

the original Aramaic word is a Mammon

you can’t serve both of these let me

take y’all back up because some of y’all

looking at me like because I’m like

really just like really take me and show

me Luke chapter 16 verse 10. so we just

read it in Matthew but Luke is a

Doctrine is a little more detailed than

certain things so you’re going to see a

little more right here Luke chapter 16

verse 10. he who is faithful and what is

least is faithful also in much

and he who is unjust or sloppy or

raggedy in what is least is unjust also

a much clean your car

let me

let me put my glasses on maybe you’ll

take me seriously okay

this is what we call stewardship he

don’t care what it looks like right now

can you keep it in the condition that it

is in or better right now

he’s watching how you handle what’s in

your hand

keep screaming for more but he’s

watching how you handle what’s in your


okay he says therefore if you have been

faithful and on in this unrighteous


who will commit to your trust true


hold on what we’ve been talking about is

like money he said but I want to give

you true riches that’s what I want to

trust you with

and if you have not been faithful oh

watch this one I can’t even I ain’t got

time to even talk about this but if you

have not been in faithful what Faithful

over what is another man’s

imma see oh I’m a boss I don’t work for


hold up

if you are not storing over something

that somebody else’s

there are certain principles you miss

this is for another day

it says if you are not faithful or been

faithful and what’s another man’s who

will give you what is your own no

servant can serve two masters for either

he will hate one and love the other or

else he will be loyal to one man we’ve

been loyal to cash

man we wake up when we don’t want to for


man we will we will throw somebody under

the bus for cash

but what what do you really think about

them because I was thinking about

promoting them you were them well you

know I’ve seen them a couple times

they don’t always stay till it’s time to


and uh

that last presentation they gave



why because you thought somehow their


was gonna take away

your ability to make more cash oh God

how loyal have we been

we we have taken

our character and put it

under dirt

for the possibility of more cash


it says

you cannot serve God and Mammon

this is an arid um Aramaic word that

means riches okay it was a Syrian god

named Mammon it actually came from

Babylon just giving you a little history

you remember Babylon comes from the

Tower of Babel in Genesis chapter 11

verse one through nine and these people

thought that they they could get to God

on their own what this Spirit of Mammon

is write this down the spirit of Mammon

is a belief that we don’t need God if we

have riches

this is the truth of the matter

most people think if I got enough


don’t really need God

if I got enough money what I need to

pray for I’ll pay for it

oh God

if I got enough money I can step in and

be God instead of need God

you don’t say it out loud we don’t we

don’t actually

confess this but this is what we think

and the church has been cuffed

to this Spirit of Mammon and that’s why

we’ve been cuffed to cash and today I

came to tell somebody that we’re about

to break this thing today in the name of

Jesus this Spirit of Mammon is arrogant

it’s prideful and it makes you look to

to other things than God

write this down Mammon promises you

everything only God can deliver

I’m saying this

I’m gonna just tell him the truth

because I used to live like this

I used to think that money if I make

enough beats and Beyonce

allows me to produce her album along

with Usher

and Lil Romeo that was the time I was in


then I’ll make enough money

to be able to come back to the church

and impact it for God

I’m gonna go outside of God make some

cash and then come be effective for


don’t act like you ain’t never thought

that Lord please just let me hit the


they got about a good 52 bill

and Lord I’ll serve you with all of it

these are the thoughts and it may not be

at that level but but what I’m saying is

somewhere we replace needing god with

needing money

and Medicine Man listen that being comes

to cash it promises identity


significance and happiness and it cannot

provide any of that

only God can give you identity


significance and happiness this is the

LIE of Mammon

and everybody has had this thought


this imma prove it to you

either I need God to come through

I need somebody to give me some money

if you’ve ever had that thought

I either need God to come through

or I need somebody to give me some money

you’ve been cuffed

to cash

and the reason I’m bringing this to you

is because I don’t want you to be

Shackled by this another day of your

life I don’t want your children being

growing up in a situation my daughter

the other day she Bella’s becoming more

aware of everything and so literally

we’re at the cash register and we’re

paying for a bunch of people to get into

amusement park and she sees the price

and once she sees the price she said

she said dad you spent that much money

on that she said no no never mind no I

don’t want to do it

hold on

maybe why wouldn’t you want to do this

if daddy’s providing this for you could

you see how much it cost

do you see how much that’s so much

I said I I love your spirit

watch this

but daddy wants to bless you

and you have been obedient

and you’ve done what I’ve asked you to


let me bless you

but Daddy you’re gonna bless all of them


because because you know sometimes it’s

like all right bless me but

get all of them

it’s like but you’re gonna bless all

them I said yeah she was like you got it

like that

and I sit back and say yes yes I do like

and in that moment God said Michael

that’s how I want you to come to me

when you do what I ask you to do

when you’ve been Faithful over what I’ve

given you

I want to bless you

you and you won’t bless all of them too


this ain’t got to be one person or is it

somebody like I’m bless all of them

and I’m like you got it like that

and guess what God Said I got it like



only happens when you keep him in his

rightful place so here we go okay


money is not the answer to your problems

God is always the answer to your


and some of you right now think money

money’s gonna answer that yeah money may

help it

money may be the tool you need but

anytime you have a problem

how did you even get in the situation in

the first place

if you’re going to get out of the

situation and stay out of the situation

you need God to transform your mind

so what I’m saying to you is money might

be a part of the solution but it is


the thing

that is what we need fully God is the

answer to every problem we will ever

have and I know all the way up until

this point some of y’all y’all just

battling struggling because you thinking

about your situation right now and how a

cool 30 000 would solve all your issues

and and take away it wouldn’t take away

the anxiety

you wouldn’t get that alert every month

but you still wouldn’t be able to sleep

why because you need God to do more than

give you cash and if you’re still

debating right now if this is okay

you’re cuffed to cash

I heard one of my friends

um um ask some people he said what’s the

highest form of value and a lot of

people say cash

and my friend Dr Darius Daniels he said

it like this he said get cash money

ain’t even in the top three

of the things that you need he said like

this if I give you a million dollars

today and you die tomorrow which one do

you want the million or your life

you want your life so that means time is

more valuable than cash

if I give you a million dollars today

but then you have to be sick for the

rest of your life

which one do you own you want your help

so that means health is more valuable

than cash if I give you a million

dollars today and then I tell you your

mama Gotta Die Tomorrow

somebody’s like well I know you you

you’re no stop it not my mama

what that means is relationships are

more valuable

than cash

so why are we being controlled

by this thing that’s not even as

valuable as everybody makes it seem

you will get up and work a double

for more cash and won’t go to your kids


I’m provided


your children need more than Jays and


shoes and vacations

they need you to see them

soothe them

Comfort they need light

but the truth is

it’s a little easier because a lot of us

are cuffed too

cash okay so um

write it down to the point finances

aren’t the highest form of compensation

watch this fulfillment is

I have never by the grace of God I have


as I’m about to turn 36 I’ve had some

opportunities to receive some resources

from different things that are like God

how did that happen

and I’ma just tell you because nobody

ever told me like when whatever the

biggest check you’ve ever gotten is when

you get it it feels good for 48 hours

like after you like dang


you start walking with a little Swagger

you go to the bank different though

you don’t do the drive-through you go in

you’ll be like hello hello


like you just be doing random weird


and then it goes into this magical

disappeared land

and then you feel anxiety for a second


did they take it

ah there it is

you check your account

you go eat a nice dinner

and then all the things

that was a problem before

it would be a problem

after the check

I’m telling you I thought it was going

to be like a match like I thought I was

gonna lose weight when I made more money

like I don’t know I just thought it was

like you rich you skinny like I thought

it just it felt like you needed

did he said it

the more money

do you know they take more money

government takes more money when you

make more money

I don’t know if everybody knows that but

like a million ain’t a million

a hundred thousand ain’t a hundred


I mean it looked like that on the chat

do you know people want to be paid

for helping you count your money

no I’m just telling you things that I

didn’t know

that when people find out you might got

a little money

they start asking

if they can have some of y’all

money and it be the people you love too

like I heard God blessing you

why are you telling us

because I don’t want you cuffed to it

I want you to know the greatest thing

the greatest form of payment is


and some of the most fulfilling things

in my life I didn’t get paid for

you are missing moments that God wants

to richly bless you

because you’re looking for there to be

zeros behind it when it might be a hug

some of the greatest moments you may

ever have may not come in commas

it may come in a conversation

like God’s using you

to help somebody else and you are

feeling fulfilled

and and that’s why I just I just want to

help you understand Matthew 6 33 which

is my favorite Bible scripture and I’ve

always been wired for things

um um that that make me understand the

Bible finances all that other stuff and

I remember being 17 years old when this

scripture came alive to me and I took it

to heart this is my favorite Bible

scripture and I’m gonna preach a lot

about it in 2023 listen to this Matthew

6 33 but seek


the kingdom of God and his righteousness

and all these things

all of these things

they’ll be at it

it’s like going to the fast food


and you ordering five baskets of fries

you’re not worried are you gonna get


like you’re not like oh my God

I wonder if I just order all these fries

and I wonder if they’re gonna allow me

to have ketchup

you ordered the fries first

the ketchup is added

like why am I stressing

about what’s added if I did the


and most of us are worried about the

after thing

because we have not done the first thing

when you seek everybody shout at me


the kingdom the king what he wants you

to do how he wants you to act how he

wants you to maneuver money

cash influence

that’s at it

that’s small men when I got this

connection at 17 MO

it changed my life because I had never

heard anybody say just go Full Throttle

after God

and everything that you think you need

it’s added

everybody was telling me go after the

things you think you need

and hopefully God can be a part of it

and this is why some of y’all know y’all

called into Ministry but you’re still

working a job because it pays you six


it’s 19 years and you’re working for a

Rolex and a plaque it ain’t even a Rolex

it’s a Movado let’s be honest they’re

not giving you no Rolex at that job

25 years for a Movado

and a plaque and an insurance plan and

God said it’s been 25 years you’ve not

been working on purpose

why are you saying this because I’m like

I pray for it and counsel so many people

who are cuffed to cash

why don’t you just give them man I just

I’m so burdened

by the problems in this world

all of the homeless people why doesn’t

the church do something

you the church

you have nine jackets

it’s cold outside

you put a heart

on a post by be heard movement but you

didn’t take nobody a jacket

I see I don’t I don’t

but not the


this is a exclude my grandma bought this

for she dead

she doesn’t even

let me start

we make all of these excuses because

somehow that’s giving us value

cuff to it

cuff to it

and why am I so passionate about this

because it almost took my generosity

it being close to cash almost robbed me

of the blessing of being a generous man

of God

I was almost the most stingy


selfish person you’ve ever met until I

found the Revelation that it is more

blessed to give than it is to most

people will never live that out in their

life because they are so cuffed to cash

because the suit makes you the shoes

make you the house make you the clothes

make you what my kid has on your baby

got baby Jordans and they only gonna be

that size for 13 days

you spent 78 dollars on a shoot this big

I’m not judging you but you spend 78

dollars on a Shooters and then keep them

don’t even give them to somebody else

your brother having a baby you’re like

that’s fine but he ain’t gonna look as

good as my baby and it’s like

what are you cuffed to cash


so so when it says seek first the

kingdom and it’s righteousness all these

things are added

um I I wrote this down because it helped

me get it cash always needs to be

connected to the kingdom

like when I seek first the kingdom cash


like if I Kingdom if you’re doing what

God’s asked you to do in the Kingdom

he’s always going to fund it so when

when you get into your Kingdom Purpose

cash come my cash is connected to the


that’s why money should never be the

focus it should be the fruit

stop focusing on cash stop focusing on

money start focusing on helping start

focusing on Solutions start focusing on

being a blessing

when you start focusing on the right

thing the thing you want comes because

it’s the fruit of the seed you planted

you never reap if you did not sow

and everybody looking for God to rain

down the Harvest on seeds they’ve never


why do you say connect because the heart

of the kingdom is give somebody


bless somebody if I seek first the

kingdom I walk into the restaurant and I

was about to buy two of them I’ma buy

one of them and I’m about a person

behind me something

that seek first the kingdom seek first

the kingdom is you know what instead of

my all my kids 50 presents this year I’m

gonna let them pick their top five and

then we’re going to as a family bless

another family with Christmas why are

you saying that Pastor Mike because

that’s the heart of the Kingdom

and when God gives seed he looks for

people who will sow

and most people don’t have sower on

their name tag

laughs have y’all seen any Sowers I’m

ready to give something to somebody

like think about it

yeah I’m coming to bless somebody who’s

A sower

look somebody’s hand they was like uh I

think is this real or is he really doing

it or no I don’t know I don’t is he

trying to really get us

I said who’s A sower in the room


um can you bring me uh my cash machine

real quick

I Need A sower like somebody who like if

if I if I bless you you would bless

somebody else

now in the context of the message

everybody’s like me

Jeffy if I call me Bobby sower

real quick I just need one more person

somebody from this section who’s A sower

uh where where I said I heard right here

come come here right here the one that

said right here who’s that right here

come here y’all give it up for my man

the sower

okay now I want to do this little

example for everybody

just this is a real money machine okay

and we got a couple dollars in it

yeah get my man up on the yeah come on

bring them up here come on what’s your

name my man

Andre give it up for Andre soul

all right Andre

I need you to step inside the money

machine real quick my man come on just

go on here look right here baby right


that was some 50s and hundreds and 20s

in their own country

you got

how much time should I give him

he said um this minute

how much I give him

30. well hold on how much time should I

give him put it in the chat how many she

said 20 minutes no


all right I’m gonna give him I’m gonna

give him 15 seconds okay


you ain’t got no seconds in here why are

you saying nah

how much do I give him Roman 30 seconds

all right we’re gonna give him 30

seconds because Roman said to give him

30 seconds you got 30 seconds

to pick up as much cash as you can


are y’all gonna cheer them all

right go ahead and start let’s go home

start come on start start me up I don’t

know no no no no no no no no no no no no

stop stop stop stop stop stop

put it down no no I’m not playing but

stop the blower



that man said

I ain’t never seen no cash machine you

can’t do that

you gotta stay upright

and you gotta catch it


all right he got 30 seconds to start to

start to start it right now okay now you

gotta catch it now you better figure out

a technique


and encourage him

he didn’t let his belly come out and

everything he’s I’m about to get this


how much we got oh no oh no keep going


all right five four three

two one all right stop it stop it stop

it y’all give it up for my man right

here all right come on come no no no no

no no

he about to give it away no all right

all right okay

um Malia will you come over here with my

man and uh can you just count well I

might just count it with you all right

just you hand it to me hundo



oh Hondo


6 hundo them a lot of hundreds you

picked up right there

700 just passed me to 100 800.

nine ten that’s a thou that’s a band

here we go one

two all right I’ll get it I’ll get it

three he said uh

three come on four we gotta hurry up

five come on six yo you got way more

than I thought seven hey

nine ten that’s another band that’s two

one how much you think it is two

three come on all right we got three

that’s four right there come on five six

brother this is just magical six

okay so now we only twenties we have six

60 80.


without someone he said oh this man is

serious right now so that’s seven right

yeah yeah


okay yeah so is that okay we got oh

that’s the 18th no no no that’s 18. 18

20. okay

um two thousand three thousand hold on

two thousand eight hundred


two thousand eight hundred and twenty

two thousand eight hundred and twenty

dollars y’all give it up for my man okay


you came up here

and I told you that wasn’t yours

so you did the work

to be a blessing

all of the work huh let me do it I’m

ready you found somebody I’m boom boom

you know hold on

this baby is excited I don’t even know

what I asked him to do boom boom boom

like hold on brother okay okay

I want you to find one person

that you’re led to


oh y’all miss the word

that should let you from up here

because all of your work he’s sweating a

little bit he’s like he’s he did


but he did it knowing the purpose was

not for him to keep it

he would be blessed to be a

if you need a for real blessing in the

room right now like they’re like

something for real is going on raise

your hand okay

who you got five seconds

go who is it

oh there my man or over there with the

orange beanie are there a lot of people

over there at the very back yep very

very hey my man it’s you no no it’s you

you turned around yeah you come here

come here

hey he thinks the Price Is Right he like

oh shoot

come on hey bro you gotta hey

come on Bryce is right come on y’all

give him high fives all the way down the

high heels come on

you gotta hurry we on live TV you know

come on y’all come on

yes sir all right so um yeah you’re

gonna have to come on come on bro come

on bro I couldn’t even hurt me brother

all right

yeah he said that’s crazy

until it happened what’s your name bro

what’s up bro

hey watch this

God called you from the back

until it happens

I Know Who You Are

crazy until it happens

God called you from the back he blessed

somebody from over here

to find somebody over there

to be a blessing but this is how God

works half of what you were blessed with

you got to bless somebody else oh that’s

fine okay so who else need has a need in

the building right now okay so just find

somebody real quick just just we got to

do it real fast though a real live


real life example

he said ah

don’t play them like that no no no no no

no no no no no no no no no just just

buddy right here okay right on the Block

right right where right here right here

come here sis blonde right here right

here right here come on

all right come on hurry up

okay so watch this

so watch this

now most people would think

that my man who started it off is the


I don’t know

how you doing since you’re good okay

so you got 1400 okay there’s real money

okay there’s not a fake like it’s like

the real okay all right cool


so the blessing

was provided by somebody’s work

but it was received

by grace

they did nothing

to earn

work like and then they were trusted

to then be a blessing to somebody else

okay now watch I’m trying to tell you

how Kingdom cash works

because you’ve been faithful

and haven’t asked me your Pastor Mike

when uh

when when all this is over you’re gonna

slide me something

beforehand I didn’t know how much he was

going to pull out of there but I already

have five bands ready to give to you

you missed it

you missed it cause I trusted

the character of the one you don’t know

what it’s doing for him right now but

you better get I want you to get a


bless so you can be a blessing but

before he blessed you he already has

something else prepared for you


now now

who leaves off of this stage blessed

I want to invite you to the kingdom

the kingdom is not about one person

being blessed or this group of people

being but I don’t like this scene

because it’s only black people up here

I don’t like this we’re a multi-ethnic



I need you to pick somebody white out

here or Hispanic

there’s a black woman like my daddy

white like no stop

can you pick somebody please

get somebody

hurry hurry come on sister


okay come here now watch then just hurry

just hurry

now now watch before before you get I

need somebody Hispanic or Asian or

come on somebody you come on come on

come on okay okay come here come here

come here come here come here come here

come here come here we got to make some

room oh hold on we got to make some what

some rules

we have to make room because the


has gotten too big

to contain by one group of people in one

space I’m trying to show you our actual

picture of what kingdom is supposed to

do okay

so so so so so everybody 1400 1400 1400

1400 all y’all getting 1400.

you getting five thousand

now watch

that’s watch it

the reason

she said you need African to up there

you need an African

my brother

black wakanda forever

you need African

I said I heard you you ready come on you

come on to International

come on let’s get some International in


I see you

she came ready

see what does she said don’t fall don’t

fall at the end don’t follow just stand

right there


now stop no stop calling I ain’t nobody

else coming up

but that doesn’t mean you can’t be

blessed thank you

because it should not stop


see the only thing I’m asking you didn’t

come to church looking to be blessed but

God blessed you

now he’s giving you the opportunity

to bless someone else



is what kingdom

and cash

this is how it should relate

do you all hear me can we give God

praise for all of these people

y’all can go off Joe’s gun they gonna

take all your information we’re gonna

make sure why you crying bro

you don’t understand


it’s all good bro

we moved here


moved here from Oregon

you have his God through you has

inspired my family

you don’t understand

oh sweet

I never saved money before

I never gave a homeless person stuff

before until I started become a part of

this church


I didn’t never know how to hold a job

following this service to the word of

God through you

changed my life


I was hoping one day I could meet you

and now look what God did he let us meet

in front of the whole world can we give

God praise

for transformation in Christ

that’s what it looks like come on we

gonna talk afterwards brother he he

messed up y’all this brother he

it’s like your drunk friend it ain’t

anything it’s nice

and what he said going off he said it

ain’t about the money

he’s been transformed


five thousand

one five thousand dollars did five

thousand dollars didn’t do that

God did that

the 5 000 just was a catalyst to be able

to point to how good God was in that

man’s life like do you all see what I’m

saying and and I

I’m not gonna make it through this whole

thing but that was a message in itself


so if you want to understand how Kingdom


it means you have to uncuff from cash

there was a Rich Young Ruler you can go

look at this whole story in Mark chapter

10 verse 17.

that he ran after Jesus it says in verse

17. and he he came running up to him

knelt down and asked good teacher what

must I do to inherit eternal life

Jesus always dropping gems and just

making you think why you call me good

only God is truly good but never mind

you ain’t ready for that to answer your


you know the Commandments you must not

murder you must not commit adultery you

must not steal you must not testify

falsely you must not cheat anyone honor

your father and mother nature it’s your

boy I’ve done all of these things

since I was young

looking at the man Jesus felt I love

this genuine love

he felt genuine love for him


Come Close bro

there’s still one thing that you haven’t

done yet he told him go and sell all

your possessions and give the money to

the poor and you will have treasure in

heaven then come follow me

I’ve heard this scripture butchered for


that God wants people to be poor that’s


that’s that’s it doesn’t even make sense

how are we going to bless people if we

ain’t got nothing

like that did it like where I’m supposed

to steal it oh nope that’s one of the

Commandments thou shall not seal what

they’ve misinterpreted the Revelation

and I’m gonna give it to you today and

this is gonna set you free

it said at this man’s at this that Jesus

told me go sell your possessions give

the money to the poor the man’s face


and he went away sad

he didn’t even try y’all

he didn’t try for he had many


one thing

um that we don’t give this Rich Young

Ruler credit for

is um he at least was seeking Jesus

like literally if you look at it in

verse 17 as Jesus was starting out on

his way Jesus was going this way a man

came running up to him and knelt down

he had the first part of Matthew 6 33




he did that part


at some point and I’m telling all

Christians this

you’ll seek can’t just stay a seek

at some point you can’t just be look I’m

going after God

I’m in your presence

I’m here for you Lord

at some point he’s going to ask you to

do something

let me put it in a point at some point

your seek has to turn into a sacrifice

oh that’s nasty Bible right there

keep seeking him

he says to do

at some point seek Him and stop hanging

out with those friends what is that

going to be a sacrifice

you’re gonna have to sacrifice your

social life for a season because you’re

not emotionally as stable enough to make

your decisions by yourself so you need

to get away from them so you can hear

from God and find your own identity

outside of that friend group oops I’m in

your business

what God is going to ask you to

sacrifice somebody say sacrifice

if your seek never turns into a

sacrifice you will never see the

promises of God

and I wish somebody would have told me

this you can’t just sing the songs and

come to church if you not giving up

something it will never materialize what

you’re believing for

and how does Jesus test this man

he says um yeah go sell all your


he wanted his seek to turn into a


and this is not just in money y’all



if you seeking her

you like the way she moving

you like the way she talking and walking

and you infatuated and you holler at all

at some point

it’s gonna go from a seek

through a sacrifice

you you’re gonna have to do stuff you

didn’t think you was going to do

she said I know that’s right

you’re gonna have to put if you like it

I think it was prophetess Beyonce

she said if you like it

you’re missing out on your promise

because you don’t want your seat to turn

into a sacrifice

oh God


some of y’all go to the gym seeking for

the best gym

is it Gold’s Gym is It lifetime is it

it’s my hotel you’ve been seeking for


but at some point

that seat got to turn into a what

you’re gonna have to lift something

you go half shoe gone you can make all

the stretching videos you want to

but at some point the seek has to turn

into a

I just came to tell you

it’s the same thing with money

if you’re gonna seek God at some point

he’s going to say I want some of it

I want you to use it for something that

you would naturally use it for

I know you could go buy yourself another

but I want you to sow into this

and and let me let me show you the the

key to it because when I looked at the

scripture he said go sell all your

possessions man when you really dig into

the Scripture it just changed your life

he said sell all your possession that

was the sacrifice but then he said sow


what do you mean give it to the poor

those are two totally different things

I could sell all my stuff and just have

more for my investment

but he said sacrifice

and then sow it

let me say it in a point sacrifice is

solidified in sowing


there’s something exponential that

happens when you take what you sacrifice

for did y’all see what happened to this

man he sacrificed it was his hands it

was when he was picking up that money

nobody else was working

but it was solidified did y’all see he

broke down crying after the fourth


his blessing sowed into them

this is what God is requiring all of us

this is why God asked us to share our


it’s cause all the crap you went through

does not get solidified until you give

that story to somebody else

I think about my friends who who are up

here Brian Aaron a couple of weeks ago

all the crap that they went through all

the sacrifice all the marriage

counseling all the different things they

went to it didn’t get solidified until

Aaron told me God’s coming into his

Barbershop saying man thank you

for sharing that message me and my wife

were going to actually work on our

marriage now


all the sacrifice was actually

solidified when they gave it away

and what I’m saying is some of y’all

been through a whole bunch of crap that

hasn’t made nothing yet because you’re

not willing to give it away

the same thing with your finances God

said do you know how much I could do if

I had control

of the resources that I give you the

ability to get it does not become

solidified until it’s sown

so um

as I was reading this to bring it to an

end the goal of this Parable was not for

church people to think either I follow

Jesus or I live a broke life

that wasn’t it the goal was not broke

the goal was broken

he was trying to get this Rich Young


to be uncuffed

or broken from the thing that gave him


his title was


they didn’t say his name

they had identified him by what he had


Rich Young Ruler Jesus said if you’re

gonna follow me that can’t be your first


so I don’t want you broke I want you


and there is no telling

if this young man would have not been

the replacement for Judas

in the treasury

because he was obviously good with money

it just was

he didn’t have money

money had him

he didn’t even try

he didn’t even try to uncuff

and today I’m just asking everybody in


if you’re going to uncuff from cash

you got to give it

there’s no other way how I got rid of

Being Greedy in my heart

is I gave it I’ll give it to you in a

point it’s got you until you give it

I’m done

it’s got you

until you give it

anything in your life in your bank

account in your closet that you can’t

give away you don’t have it

it has you

I told I told him bring me that last uh

that last little thing Birmingham shoes

I literally got a pair of shoes last


Mo am I lying I’m telling the truth I

got these last night most seen them

bring me the shoes in the jacket you got

it you got them thank you baby

they not open y’all these didn’t even


DJ Khaled came out with a shoe

called we the best and

these mugs is so clean they’re Jordan


and I mean they just

and I was literally preaching

this sermon to Charles in The Green Room

and just finished I mean on the inside

y’all it’s so I’m not sponsored if DJ

Khaled if you want to sponsor me that’s

fine but um

I literally was in The Green Room

and the Holy Spirit said if you don’t

give them away this morning they got you

it’s my birthday

is mine

and God said what a blessing

that I had you pay for something that

was somebody else’s

and you got to enjoy carrying them


for one day

will come here we’ll uh hegemon

I’ve been watching you so

y’all can clap it up real quick as soon

as soon as the Holy Spirit say you got

to give them away he showed me will

and uh y’all don’t know but will is one

of the best people in the world serves

this Vision tirelessly and


today I just wanted you to know I love

you I appreciate you I care about you

and your family

you the best

another one

but y’all know what happened

God just

allowed me

to graduate

to the place where he can trust me

with anything

those shoes didn’t have me

I had them

and now will has them

my question is do you have cash

or does cash have you

the only way

to break this cycle is to give


we’re not taking No second offering


so this is will be the time in most

churches where they cue the music

and the pastor would be like

I heard the number one million

620 like

I’m doing that crap

because at the end of the day if it

doesn’t come from a pure place of your


it’s manipulation anyway

we don’t want that

all I’m asking everybody to do every

year we do this but I think it’s going

to be a more spiritual act than it is

anything else

on December 4th people are going to come

from all over the country

to sow in Crazy Faith y’all and the

testimonies we have of people who

trusted God with whatever he said not

what we said all we want you to do is

pray God is there anything you would

have me to give in this offering and

this is the crazy thing this is the time

of year like I tithe like that’s the

first level if you don’t Dive Right now

y’all missing out

it’s a protection it’s blessing it’s all

kinds of stuff ten percent we waste it


we wasted on stuff that don’t fit us we

got the clothes that we bought for a

size we ain’t about to be like y’all

know what I’m saying let’s be honest

like we wasted anyway but

uh 90 what God’s blessing is better than

a hundred percent without it

so if you’re if you’re not tied to man

I’m encouraging you start tithing that’s

the first level but then you can

graduate to a second level the second

level is offerings

and when God tells you and breaks it on

your heart to give something but there’s

nothing better than doing it but there’s

a third level everybody say there’s

another level

the highest level is sacrificial


what you mean you just seen one

it’s one that you’d be like oh

that hurt

that’s the level where God starts doing

things you never thought

you would ever see in your life

and it was possible I’m believing God

that this year before this end of this

year I think there’s 40 something days

left in the year like we ain’t got that

much more time

like I’m believing that there’s

thousands of people that won’t just do

the first level of tithing but in this

short span of time we will go from the

first level to the third level

like I’m gonna start tithing but dang

I’ma get before the end of 22 to

sacrificial offering and as we come and

sow in Crazy faith

I’m ready to see God do a miracle

not in the church

in the church

like God has blessed this building we

got a nice building we got everything we

don’t need that we need the spirit of

Mammon to be broken off of our minds we

need the the principles of poverty to no

longer pass down from generation we need

the the goal of greed in our lives and

our families to be eradicated how does

that happen we gotta everybody say give

generosity is the number one

way that people become more like God

for God so loved that he

it’s his core characteristic what

everybody stand all over the world

if you’ve been cuffed to cash

or you just want a a deeper heart of

generosity would you just lift your

hands everywhere because I’m the first

one to say it father

I thank you that I delivered your word

in the best way I knew how

today God I’m asking that you would

uncuff us

from our need

for cash more than our need for Christ

let us be married

to the idea of you being providered

the one who has and the ability not to

just meet our financial needs but meet

all of our needs today somebody needs a

healing today somebody needs

breakthrough today somebody needs their

mind shifted father thank you that we

are going to the one who is the source

of it all

and no longer will we be cuffed to cash

today we are severing

our tie to the spirit of Mammon

we are connecting

to the life-giving source

Jesus Christ

thank you for generosity erupting in

this church

thank you that this we’re looking for

places to be a blessing you

said if you give C to the sower so we

have to make up in our hearts right now

that we’re gonna sow and you will

provide seed

father let us be the answer to prayers

not just praying to get prayers answered

thank you that families change

thank you Father that legacies change

because we will seek first everybody say

first the kingdom

God I thank you that you’ll add

everything else


if you’re in this room and you’ve never

accept Jesus as your personal Lord and

Savior let me introduce you to the king

of the Kingdom

he’s the one that took somebody like me

who was addicted to pornography a liar a

manipulator somebody who had a felony uh

car insurance fraud case and say yeah

bring that all to me

and I’m not gonna make you perfect but

I’m gonna make sure you’re progressing

and today the man you stand that’s you

see standing before you

has transformed because Jesus’s love has

come in and wrapped his arms around me

I’ve experienced the grace of God

and today I want to offer that to you

yeah your eternity will be secure but

that’s not the best part you get to walk

with God every day of your life


today if that’s you and you’re saying

Pastor Mike I want I want to make Jesus

my Lord and Savior not just savior not

just get me out of this but Lord show me

which way to go tell me what to do

because I know your plan is best for me

I want to let you know that’s the best

decision you could ever make if that’s

you on the count of three I want you to

lift your hand we’re not going to

embarrass you and call you up or do

anything like that we’re going to pray

together but I want you to identify just

like if I said does anybody want a

thousand dollars hands will go up right

now this is way more valuable than any

amount of money

it’s a relationship with the one who is

and is to come

if you want a relationship with Jesus

today whether you’re in the room or

you’re watching online on rebroadcast or

10 years from now I want you to lift

your hand today is the day of salvation

one I’m so proud of you two your name is

about to be written in the Lamb’s Book

of Life I hear claps already three

somebody lift your hand right now if

you’re in this room I see you I see you

sister I see you my brother I see you

over wow oh come on church I see you

this is what it’s about

hey Transformation Church is a family

nobody prays alone so let’s all just

lift our hands and pray this prayer

together God

thank you for sending Jesus

just for me


I’m uncuffing

from everything that’s not like you

I believe you lived

you die you rose again from my freedom

and today I give you my life

changed me renew me transform me I’m

yours in Jesus name amen hey can we

celebrate all over this room oh y’all

Heaven is turning up right now can we

celebrate all over this room Hallelujah


next week we’re going to take it to a

whole nother level

this week watch the message back anytime

you get frazzled about finances watch it


because God’s going to uncuff us because

he’s our source I love you thank you for

all the birthday wishes this is the best

Church to lead in the whole wide world

and until next week go out and live a

transformed life hug two or three people

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