Comfort. Convenience. Comparison. Those aren’t things we want to be attached to, and yet we find ourselves drawn to them daily. The enemy uses them to keep us in condemnation. But God wants to convict our hearts, and lead us back to Him. In week 5 of Cuffing Season, Pastor Mike brings a word on where condemnation comes from, and how we can step into the grace of God that is given to us. If this message was for you, let us know in the comments & send it to a friend! #CuffingSeason #CuffedToCondemnation #condemnation #conviction Join us for service every Sunday at 11am (CST) and weekly for NoonDay Prayer at 12pm (CST). If you received Christ through this message, text SAVED to 828282. We would love to hear how God is touching your life through this ministry! Tell us your story by emailing [email protected]! If you would like to support TC financially you can give through the TC app, or online through our website by clicking here

. You can also Text ‘TCGIVE’ to 77977. If you need prayer, email [email protected]! For more information about Transformation Church, visit 00:00:00 – Intro 00:06:19 – Condemnation definition 00:11:02 – Condemnation definition 00:12:05 – In Christ, sinning is a symptom of our humanity, not our identity 00:20:17 – John chapter 3 verse 17 00:23:00 – God’s whole concentration was sending Jesus for salvation to destroy condemnation 00:23:27 – 1 John chapter 3 verse 20 00:24:47 – Condemnation is not greater than your calling 00:27:33 – 2 Corinthians chapter 2 verse 11 00:31:29 – Luke chapter 5 verses 4 through 8 00:33:30 – Luke chapter 5 verses 10 & 11 00:35:48 – Your common without Christ is an empty catch 00:42:17 – Commitment to Christ is learned 00:44:22 – Discipline turns into a desire 00:51:49 – At some point, your commitment is going to be confronted 00:52:59 – Luke chapter 24 verses 54 through 57 00:56:23 – Luke chapter 24 verses 58 through 62 01:02:44 – Condemnation always wants control of your life 01:17:07 – Condemnation always pushes you to what is comfortable 01:18:13 – John chapter 21 verses 1 through 3 01:19:24 – John chapter 21 verse 7 01:21:22 – John chapter 21 verses 15 through 17 01:24:54 – Condemnation is fueled by a lie. Conviction is fueled by love. 01:26:28 – Romans chapter 8 verses 1 through 4 01:29:37 – Jesus conquering the grave produced the grace for your greatest mistakes 01:23:55 – Romans chapter 5 verse 20 01:31:09 – The practice of communion conquers condemnation 01:32:49 – 1 Corinthians chapter 11 verse 24 01:33:10 – Communion is not a ritual, it’s a reminder 01:38:14 – What uncuffs you from the lie of condemnation is the love of Christ 01:39:49 – Replace the lie with love

today we are in week five of a series

we’re calling cuffing season let’s give

god some praise today

and um

five has a special place in my heart

because five is the number of grace

and this is the fifth month of the year

and this is the fifth uh message in this

series and actually somebody else was

supposed to preach today

and we’ve been in such a flow the holy

spirit said don’t you dare step out your


i was like lord we had planned this you

know rest

relaxation he said you’re going on

sabbatical in about a month and a half

but i need you to finish

the assignment

i’ve given you

i need you to preach today and so

literally i called pc last sunday i was

like dawg i’m up again he said what


i said uh-uh

the holy spirit didn’t change the plans

and he’s given me a direct message on


to preach about and i said he said what

is it i said well let me tell you this


i i know there’s thousands if not

hundreds of thousands of people that

send transformation church and myself um

direct messages and telling how much the

sermon series are blessing them or

asking questions or trying to see if i

can marry you the answer is no i can’t

marry y’all i’m so sorry i can’t do

everybody’s wedding but

i just wanted to address it all together


but sometimes the lord leads me to the

dms to to find

out what’s resonating and what people

are hearing and seeing

from these messages since we haven’t

been able to meet in person in almost

two and a half years and let me just say

the day is soon approaching

oh it’s closer than you think

when we open up we’re having a party for

five weeks straight i don’t care



get ready

everybody get ready

it’s gonna be a homecoming i don’t care

what month it’s in we’re gonna have a

band i’m gonna wear i’m gonna i’m gonna

be my daddy i’m gonna be a drum major

i’m a back bend i’m gonna do something


but since we have not been open

uh one of the things i do is i feed off

of people

i can look in people’s eyes and see

what’s going on i talk to people i hug

people and since i haven’t been able to

do that

um god has given me instructions to to

look when he tells me to look and

literally i opened up my instagram and

the young lady

she said that she said pastor mike the

messages have impacted my life so much

over the last three weeks

i don’t know even how to express it

she said but

i have a problem

it’s true

i’ve been cuffed to comfort

i’ve been cuffed to convenience and i’ve

been cuffed to comparison and for the

first time in my life at her age i’m

admitting it

i’ve seen it but i’ve never admitted it

and today i’m admitting it

and i can’t help but tell you that

instead of feeling joy i feel


what do you do

when the truth of where you actually are

makes you feel more defeated and want

you to go back to what was comfortable


and at that moment the holy spirit said

that’s the message

he said today i need you to break the

cycle of condemnation

over my people

because they have been cuffed

to condemnation

and see this is one of those that you

may not suspect

but even after you come into the

knowledge of who jesus christ is and you

being who you are in connection with him

the enemy can try to play you on what

you used to do

and how you used to be and where you

should be and if you wouldn’t have made

that mistake you would be so much

further and if you wouldn’t have gone to

that website if you wouldn’t have met

those people and if you wouldn’t have

married that person

and if you would have just been there

when your child was abused

oh come on i’m coming for real stuff


if you wouldn’t have met that person

your whole life and what the enemy tries

to do is cave you in to isolation

through this spirit of condemnation

and many of you have been cuffed to it

when god speaks directly to you that

you’re gonna do something you can’t

accept it because of the spirit of


but what if they really find out who i


what if they find out that every

thursday i still gotta

hit a drink

what if they find out that last month i


sleeping with such what if they find out

that i still owe taxes from five years


what if they find out y’all hear how

silent it is in the building

because the spirit of condemnation has

come to rob you of your life in christ

and today

i’m about to be ignite

i’m not playing with this spirit because

it’s robbed so many of you of the

freedom that is now yours as a believer

of jesus christ but you have been so

cuffed to condemnation that you’re

walking around ball and chain god’s

calling you to do great things you can’t

even see it for yourself he’s put you in

a land of prosperity but you still

remember when you were in a land of

desert god has brought you around

relationships you prayed for but you

can’t even lean into him because you’re

remembering all the people who left you

god is coming to free you from

condemnation today i need somebody to

give god praise and faith today even if

you can’t see it yet today

god’s word is going to uncuff you

from condemnation oh that’s about to be


um um

i i’ve realized

um that too many of god’s children have

a life in christ but they’re living


so so so i need to let you know what

condemnation means write this down

definition of condemnation

it’s a sentence to punishment

you did it so you will be punished for



you had a baby out of wedlock

you will wear that

for the rest of your life

don’t celebrate them fully

don’t don’t don’t be proud of it

don’t don’t don’t no no no it wasn’t an

event it’s your identity

that’s what the spirit of condemnation

comes to do

is turn events into identity


yes it happened that’s not who i am

yes i did it

that’s not who i am

yes i’ve repeatedly done it

but that is not who i you don’t know me


but the truth of the matter is i said it

but you don’t believe it

and we put this sentence of punishment

on our lives after we come to christ

that somehow we think he’s making us


you’re the kid who put yourself in




when it’s found out or you confess that

you did it

you go to punish yourself

and you didn’t even listen to what the

authority said about you

it’s because the spirit of condemnation

has you thinking that god is a punisher

i know

i know you was raised in that church

i know you was raised where was hell

brimstone fire

going to hell

going to hell

skirts hell

lipstick hell

watch as hell

food nah we eat food

i’m gonna do a message on gluttony next




but what happens is

we don’t realize that god is not a

punisher he doesn’t punish

he disciplines

there is a difference

punishment has negative emotion involved

that’s why when you see the person at

the line in the store and their kids are


and they


a million candies in front of them at

the checkout line at eye level you don’t

think that’s on purpose

but i told that little

before we came into the store don’t

touch nothing

you took them into a store with 10 000


at age seven

and you really expecting them not to

touch nothing

what happens if they touch it

put that down little day date

you ain’t going you know we ain’t got

money for that you ain’t gonna embarrass

me in the store and you pop them

you punish them

cause emotionally

it was charged by your fear of being



an emotionally mature adult

can be able to tell them sweetheart

we’re not getting that mommy already

asked you one time please put that down

but if you do your chores maybe next

time you can you’re dis you’re teaching

them something

but when you pop them and now they’re

crying in the store and then you say

shut up before i give you something to



you know

what do you think it taught him


it taught him to do what adam and eve

did hide

and so now we have a culture

that’s hiding from authority

because we think that all authority

is going to lay punishment

on us instead of give us discipline

and so that spirit of condemnation says

hide everything

stay undercover

do it when nobody’s listen cause if you

get found out

you’re going to have a sentence to


rest of the definition

or to pass judgment against

to pronounce to be


if you do it

you’re guilty

and the enemy uses this

because we’re in this flesh suit

do you know the real you is not even his



do you know the realest version of you

is your spirit

some of y’all spirits will we

some of your flesh is way stronger but

the realest the version of you that will

outlast this body

is your spirit and what the enemy tries

to make you feel is what you do in this

body is more important than what you do

in the spirit

okay this is going to take a lot

so the enemy uses all of our mistakes

missteps and our mishaps to keep us in


he uses what we do in our humanity

to sum up our identity

so let me put it in a point because

we’re going to have to journey in christ

sinning is a symptom of humanity not our


as long as you’re in this earth suit

you will sin

now there’s a difference between

actively sinning and trying to do it all

the time and just wilding out

or making a mistake or how the bible

defines sin missing the mark

i missed the mark

i missed the mark

i was supposed to not lie dang it i lied

to them mr mark

i was scared that it was going to cost

me something so i just die

deal with my flesh felt i missed the


you’re going to miss the mark every day

you breathe

it’s a symptom of humanity

but it is not your identity

okay i just got this is the stuff nobody

told me so when i was in my bedroom and


i masturbated and i watched pornography

and i did this stuff it made me feel

like nothing for a month

cause i was

what i

did oh y’all don’t want to be real

it it affected how i enjoyed life

it affected how and and i’m not saying

oh cause somebody i can hear something

are you giving people a license to sin

don’t nobody need a license to send

who whoever needed a license is then

they doing today you did

no no i’m trying to explain to you what

the enemy uses to keep you in that

condemnation cycle that makes you go

back to sin

the longer you sit

in your filth

you become immune to the smell

i’m trying to pull you into fresh air

the pneuma the life the spirit of god so

you can have freedom so when you fall in

him i gotta get this off me ah no no


no i messed up

i got a shower got a shower

but the longer you sit in it


so in christ now notice i’m saying in


because you you have to put your faith

in your life in christ that’s what i was

talking about for everybody who just

gave their life to christ

at the before sermon salvation i like


what ended up happening to you is you

put your life

in christ

and now

you’ve become a new creation

the old has passed away i’m gonna show

you the scripture and behold it

everything becomes new so now

your eternity is secure

but your history

has to be sanctified

so where i’m going

is already settled

but why

would you be living your whole life to

get to heaven and live in

hell i’m walking heavy today i just

and so today i just need you to know

that in christ somebody say in christ

say it like you mean it in christ

i failed but i’m not a

failure somebody say in christ

in christ i messed up but i’m not a


somebody say in christ

in christ i lost but i’m not a loser

somebody say in christ

in christ i cheated but i’m not a


uh oh

i’m coming against culture

once a cheater

according to

who because in

in christ

you may not be able to give me another


you may not be able to forgive me

you may not be able to look beyond my

faults and see my need and see that that

actually came from a trauma that was

trying to be covered and solved do

something i didn’t have the tools to do

but yeah i cheated

but i’m not a cheater

pastor mike how do you know because it

was me

oh you want to be real

before see i know this is stories no

pastors tells you because they want to

let you know that they’ve been great all

their life the devil is a liar

before me and pastor natalie met when i

was 15 and she was 14 the greatest gift

that god ever gave me was my wife

and what ended up happening was i

started listening to culture about three

years later when i was about to graduate

from high school

and i started exploring different

relationships because i heard this one

dude i wish i could sock him in his face

right now

but but i didn’t know i didn’t know

and he was like bro how are you going to


settle down with her and you ain’t never

experienced nothing else

don’t that sound like the enemy

in the garden to adam and eve

i ain’t on the bible then i couldn’t

call it out so i was like

started exploring stuff broke her heart

sent hurt into another relationship that

that that was not good for her went down

a spiral opened up things we both lost

our virginity we’re going through all of

these cycles now we back together but

don’t trust each other and trying to

move and act like we do and all of these

different triggers and traumas and all

of these different things in the

meantime just standing here like god is

going to bring us back together ain’t

talking to nobody no not a part of no

community group trying to figure out how

to navigate life and all they telling me

on sunday is this going to be all right


so i need some house i’ll pay extra

hundred five

give me a come on somebody anybody when

you tell



and we struggling

going through all type of stuff

and there was one moment in that season

where i could not see myself

out from under the cloud of condemnation

because i knew everything i was

suffering at that moment was because of

decisions i made and the enemy was in

the corner hyping me up that’s right

you here and you stuck you might as well

leave her

she’s never gonna trust you

you’re gonna always have to side hug

everybody for the rest of your life

oh these are real y’all don’t

she always gonna call and ask who’s


see these are the real things

she y’all she ain’t never gonna let you

and she ain’t never gonna and the enemy

is just literally

to the point where i was almost like i’m

i messed up so bad i might as well walk

away from the gift god gave me

the spirit of condemnation condemnation

almost made me forfeit

the greatest tool god has used to grow


the truth of the matter is i cheated

but i

in christ

am not a jeter

it’s been over 15 years 20 years almost

since the incident happened

but 15 almost of those years i let the

cloud of condemnation still stay over me

see i couldn’t even share this with you

because i would be concerned about how

you would view me

can i tell you today

i don’t care

because i have been made free in christ

oh i need somebody to hear me

i was tough to condemnation but your boy

is free now

and today i want to offer you the same

level of freedom

because the enemy will try to convince

you that’s who you are look what the

bible says in john 3 17 for god did not

send his son jesus

into the world

to condemn the world

out of everything

the reason why

and i know churches have told you

you’re condemned for that but

god did not sin

y’all know what this is in the bible

this is right after the most famous

scripture that everybody got tattooed on

they chest

john 3 16 say it with me for god so

loved the world you ain’t been a church

in a year that he gave his only begotten

son you don’t know where it is everybody

whosoever believeth in him shall not

perish but have everlasting that’s john

3 16 john 3 17

for god did not send his son into the


to condemn it

this is the one we need to remember


he didn’t come to condemn the world

i know

i know those people came to condemn the


but everybody you hate god loves

i’ma say it again

every single person that you’re opposed

to politically god loves them everybody

that’s in a deaf different sexual


god loves them what i’m telling you is

i’m going to step on your opinion right

now but when god came to the world he

saw all of the mess we would all be in

and he said i came to save you

not condemn you


the religious people just logged off

here we go

for god did not send his son into the

world to condemn the world but in order

that the christians

so that in order that the people who are

my same skin color

the world

might be

saved through

not church

not religious activities

through christ

that’s why everything we do at this

church is for the lost and found but for

one reason transformation in

not michael todd

i don’t want you to look at me as a

savior i’m a tool to point you to the


this is transformation in


and until you get that the enemy will be

able to play you because the people you

look up to when their humanity is


you think somehow god fell off the

throne because they did


first john

go to first john chapter 3 verse 20 and

i’m going to give you a point real quick


god’s whole concentration

was sending jesus for salvation

to destroy condemnation

i’m going to say it one more time

god’s whole concentration the reason he

made this plan after we messed it up in

the garden

his whole con concentration was sending

jesus for

salvation to destroy what condom

first john 3 20

for whenever our heart condemns us

now we know where condemnation starts

condemnation starts in the heart

so that means i don’t even need a group

of people to feel condemned

that means it can happen at any moment

and it says for whenever our heart

condemns us god

is i love this one greater

he’s greater than our heart

and he knows everything this gives me so

much comfort because even the stuff i

ain’t told

y’all he know all of it

and he’s still greater than everything

that has tried to condemn me in my heart

for some of y’all that should be a

praise break because if we all knew

what who you really are

in the hard drives of crap that you got


and the skeletons you have buried in the

middle of nevada


and and all of the things that have

happened not even in your actions but in

your mind and in your heart

and i said i know all of that

and i still choose you and watch this

he’s so good and i’m still going to give

you a calling

i’m going to look beyond all little crap

and give you a calling

and i came to let somebody know that

condemnation is not greater than your


i need somebody to hear me say that that

everything that has tried to condemn you

everything that you actually did

everything that you allowed to happen to

you it is not bigger than god’s calling

for your life

and i’m speaking to the depths of your


who have been believing that god no

longer will use you

because of what you did

and i came to tell you that god’s

position did not change in the universe

because you messed up

it honestly makes him bigger that he

could take somebody as jacked up and as

messed up as me and you and he can still

give you a calling and lift you up out

of that place of darkness i’m telling

you right now his strength is made

perfect in my weakness

that’s why if i’m gonna boast

it’s in the most high god y’all hear me

what i’m telling you is the spirit of


comes to make you think that somehow

that the calling of god on your life is


and i’m coming to speak to that thing

that has had you paralyzed for a decade

because you had the

abortion and now it’s a hot topic


and every time you see a post

you dare not tell anybody

that in a season of your life where you

didn’t have the emotional tools and the

people around you to make a sound

decision you decided to abort a baby

and now it was not an event it’s your


you don’t stand comfortable and


when people are talking about situations

because you feel like you’re defined by

that moment

and today i came

to tell you that god still has a call

for you

even if you had an abortion god still

has a call for you

even if you messed over the opportunity

that was supposed to take you from here

to there god still has a call for you

if you went through bankruptcy and you

no longer have the clout you used to

have god still has a call for you he’s

not in the cloud he’s in the callings


you have been given by god it’s still


but if the spirit of condemnation is

what rules over you

you’ll never accept what’s already



second corinthians chapter 2 verse 11.

the reason i got to preach this today

because i need you to stop getting

played by the enemy

the bible tells us in second corinthians

2 11 it says in order that satan might

not outwit us

that means he’s trying to play you every


he’s trying to scheme on you he’s trying

to make you think that you better than

you are oh girl i’m 60 years old i don’t

deal with that no more shut up

you just older and dysfunction you know

you haven’t you haven’t what are what

are adults older kids with more

responsibility what are you talking

about you still complain you still

compare you still do all that what are

you talking about you just have a

mortgage if you don’t allow god

no i’m serious cause we do this stuff

and like i’m grown

that’s the worst testimony to still have

that attitude and be grown


you still grown and can’t look

beyond somebody’s fault ncaa you s

you groaning you can’t love people

beyond your offense you

talk to me you’ve grown that’s arrogance

as long as you’re on this earth you will

still be learning you will still be

growing you will still be going and

that’s why i’m saying to you right now

that you still need to know the enemy’s

playing for you at 65 at 70 at 75 just

because you’re a seasoned saint you

don’t think he won’t make some of y’all

fall into temptation

you think it don’t matter no more

because you’ve lived for seven decades

okay let me stop

it says in order that satan might not

outwit us

for we are not unaware of his schemes

i want to know what my opponent about to


if i’m playing a game

and somebody that used to play for the

team comes over and said i know exactly

what they about to run

it gives us d everybody say advantage

to be able to go on to that court or

that field and be able to defeat the

appoint opponent well we also have an

advantage his name is the holy spirit

he’s our advantage and when we know the

things that the enemy is trying to do by

god’s word and the understanding of the

holy spirit then we get an advantage

and today i want to give you an


as we break the spirit of condemnation

and i god gave me this really cool way

to illustrate it he said michael my

people are in the cycle of condemnation

it’s a cycle

it’s cyclic

it happens over and over y’all know

every two years

how you move from la to new york to


and every two years

there’s a relationship that takes you


how in the world

have you gone to four different jobs

but you find the same people

at every job

how come

you get to this level in your schooling

and this time of the year and then

anxiety and depression hits you

because you didn’t get an a on that it’s

the cycle

of condemnation and the enemy is playing

god’s people and today i need to break

it so we’re going to look at somebody’s

life who experience everything from the

calling to condemnation and his name is

peter and and peter is one of those

people that i really identify with

because i feel like i like the gangster

that peter has i like the understanding

of like jesus i’m down for you but then

like like there’s a lot of nuances that

i can see in me that were in him and so

i want us to walk with him from luke

chapter five verse one

and let me give you perspective peter’s


living in culture doing what he normally


and he has this encounter with jesus

it says when he had finished speaking

this is jesus

because he was speaking and there were

so many people that came up that he was

like hold on i need a boat and he gets

in peter’s boat

and he says push out

and he’s in his boat and he says push

out into the deep water

let down your nets for some fish

simon said to him and this is simon

peter okay he said to him um

teacher we worked all night and we have

caught nothing but because you told us

to because you said so somebody say say


because you said so

i’ma do it

when they had done this they caught so

many fish that their nets started to

break that’s a whole sermon in itself i

can’t stay there

but it says they called to their other

friends in the working boats to come and

help them they came and both boats this

is what i want you to see we’re so full

with the miracle they begin to sink

watch this

when simon peter saw the grace of god

it doesn’t say that right there but

peter did nothing to earn that type of


he literally was doing it one way it

didn’t work he obeyed jesus he did it

and it worked so much

that he didn’t know how to handle it

when simon peter saw this grace

he got down at the feet of jesus and he

said now this is not my response to the

biggest day in my business history

like think about that’s like you being

an entrepreneur and you having a million

dollar day

watch his response

go away from me

lord because i’m a sinful man

right there something peter had done in

his past

when he experienced the grace of god

could not accept it

and that was the seed of condemnation

did y’all see it

he and all those with him were surprised

and wondered about the many fish james

and john the sons of zebedee were

surprised also everybody was tripping

they were working together with simon

then jesus said to simon

do not be afraid the same thing he tells

you with all of your past do not be

afraid from now on

you will fish for men when they came to

the land with their boats they left


and followed jesus i need to let you

know condemnation the cycle of

condemnation never starts off bad

it starts off with the calling

put the cycle of condemnation up here

because i’m gonna have to help them like

the first thing god is going to do

is give you a calling

he said i’m gonna show you my grace i’ma

overwhelm you with it

and then i’m gonna call you

out of that season you were in of

fishing and i’m gonna give you something

else that’s not gonna negate your skills


he said i’m gonna make you fishers of

men i’m not gonna take away your skill

i’m just gonna change your lake

i’m not asking you to become a different

person i want to use everything you did

there and i want to give you a calling

that advances my kingdom oh my god

so peter is called

but he’s called by someone specific

can i tell you something your parents

can’t give you a calling

they will try to direct your calling but

callings do not come from parents

callings do not come for entrepreneur


callings don’t come from watch this


some of y’all go to college to try to

find your calling

that’s not where callings come from

callings come from one place put it up

there when you’re called no no no put

the lord under called

when you when you’re called your calling

comes from the lord okay

no no yeah go ahead and put the whole

thing up there i’ll walk through it

um sidebar on this scripture right here


when they put the the nets out there

what they was doing what they was

regularly commonly doing it didn’t work

when they did what god said to do

it worked write this down a point this

sidebar i don’t know who it’s for it may

be for you your common without christ is

an empty catch

everything you do commonly without him

you’ll never get anything that nourishes

anybody else

if you keep go go ahead do your little

blog do your little podcast

do do do you little fashion

do your business do it without christ

it’ll never be something that sustains

you there will be no sustenance in it

you will just keep doing it and it’ll be

an empty catch but ask god to come in

here proverbs 3 5 acknowledge him in all

your ways and watch him direct your path

watch the catch be able to bless so many

people that you have to call haters

and competition

to get some of this

because god’s been so good


after this moment peter starts following


and this is where peter becomes

everybody say committed

because the first thing you will have is

a calling you’ll be called by the lord

but then you have to be everybody say


and let me tell you something nobody

told me commitment is learned

you don’t you don’t wake up committed to


and i don’t know why y’all act like

somehow if it’s a struggle sometimes or

you have to do it over and over again or

if you have to develop the pattern of it

somehow it’s not real no no no i’m just


right now as my son mj is beginning to

learn to say words let me say it again

as my son mj is learning to say words

that’s a miracle around these parts

as this miracle in motion is unfolding

his teacher has to go over

and over with him the same thing why

not because he don’t want to learn

he’s committed to learning he got to sit

down every day and do it but sometimes

you gotta continue to practice

what you want to be permanent

and in church we don’t talk about this

we act like you get saved and now you’re

committed to christ

jesus christ


we act like we’re supposed to step into

every situation and have all the answers

and no no no no i’m turning the other

cheek no

i’m learning

don’t catch me on the wrong day

cause i’m still learning

how to be committed to christ

don’t you go to that church i do but i

ain’t the past

and i want to give you permission after

you’ve been called by god

to learn how to be committed

every day i’m learning how to be

committed to my wife

it’s a decision i’ve made

but it’s a practice that i have to

display every day

and so it’s the same thing when it comes

to god

and and peter then goes into this season

of being committed

peter was like that gangster committer

he might have been the first one to say

jesus christ that he might have been

the reason i think that is because when

they were in the garden of gethsemane

he had learned by walking with jesus to

be so committed

that he got real zealous

that when they came to arrest jesus and

jesus already told him it was going to

happen he’s like peter chill

they come and this must be done not not

on the set jesus

i bet i bet you i wish they would come

up off in here and he was just standing

there like this

if you in the hood and anybody standing

like this

go the other way do you understand what

i’m saying do not mess with them

he was so committed when they came up

my man was like on site

some of y’all

becky on site what does that mean is

that a a construction environment no

like if somebody says on site it means

we’re not talking when i see you


that’s that michael jackson



sees the dudes trying to come at jesus

no words pulls out a shank shrink

cuts off my man’s ear

jesus in the back like oh my god

but but

but peter’s passion

was fueled by his commitment

one thing i can work with this is for

every ceo

i can work with somebody who committed

enough to be passionate

like like like don’t just find somebody

who has the competency find somebody

who’s committed

peter was committed and jesus was like

i know

you come

let me help you with the ear

picks it up

puts it back on

peter probably got somebody back like

hold me back fool hold me back and he’s

ready he’s like peter

i told you this

this had to happen

but the thing that i take from this is

peter was committed

the first instruction was follow

and his learned commitment turned into a


sometimes it’s just gonna be a step yeah

that’s good

i don’t really know what i’m doing

i don’t even know if this is gonna work

but we walk by faith and not by

peter had learned to walk with jesus and

be committed so much that what was a

simple follow turned in something that

he would fight for

what i’m asking you is what are you

following that you’re willing to fight


he got committed and you can go look

that up in luke 24.

and so what ends up happening is um

i i want to just say it in a point

commitment to christ is learned

just so that

like you’re gonna have to develop this

give yourself grace


but you have the cloud of condemnation

over you

so every time you mess up

there’s no grace for that you know how

we know it’s because of how you judge

other people when they mess up

the most judgmental people

that is a mirror

of how they actually feel about


i can’t believe that these celebrities

and if i was you’ll never be

that’s why you behind the screen

commenting on what everybody else is

doing have done nothing great enough to

even be commented on your family don’t

even text you about your stuff

let me stop

what i’m saying to you is because of the

spirit of condemnation

you would rather be judgmental and


we need to do that one cuff to critical

critical you rather be critical of


and not celebrate them

but it’s honestly the mirror that you’re

reflecting on others that you actually

believe about yourself

and so when you started your bible

reading plan

and you made it six days

on a streak

and missed the seventh one

you stopped the whole plan

you ain’t even going back to the plan

because you were cold morty you were

more committed to the streak than the


you wanted to be perfect in your

performance instead of actually get the

power of the scriptures oh my god and so

what ends up happening so many times is

because we won’t give ourselves grace to

mess up and start again and to try and

you know what that didn’t really work

out try this business and work we won’t

give ourselves the grace then we judge

other people with that same spirit



and all god is saying is commitment is


and let me say this to you because this

is something i’ve learned in the last

decade discipline

turns into a

desire discipline never starts out as a


nobody’s like yes

let me do things i hate

let me start off

my day

with the things that make me feel small

little and incompetent


anything i have to be disciplined at is

because it’s hard to do for me

you know what is not hard for me to do

eat ice cream

it’s never been hard

to get a pint of bluebell

just run through it

if somebody else want to bite

never been hard you know what’s been

difficult for me

not pulling up that quick trip

like i ain’t been the quick trip in like

four months that’s the best gas station

here in oklahoma


i used to go to quick trip

i got an electric car

why not quick trip


like i don’t need gas

but i was saying

can i just tell on myself i plug my carb

i don’t use the the petrol

quick trip every day

grabbing things

that reinforced my comforts

things that i ran to in middle school



a stick of starburst i can ah i can hit

the whole thing

color combinations

with a sprite oh

the magic in my mouth


y’all gonna act fake up here

gummy worms trolleys

have y’all tried the new fruit punch

jump off

my security brought me some of those i

almost fired him

so good

what i’m saying is

even though i’m 35 i always go back

to my default of comfort

specifically when i’m under the cloud of


but i don’t feel good enough i just want

to feel good

when i don’t feel worthy i’ma make

myself feel worth it you know what i’m

saying and this is how we find ourselves

in a lot of positions

because we didn’t commit

to being disciplined until it turned

into a desire

this morning me and pastor charles was

working out

and our uh our trainer um

i got possessed by the devil i think

and said today

we’re doing mike tyson push-ups

i didn’t know exactly what that meant

but i

i knew it wasn’t good

and so

i’ve learned the reason i need a trainer

is because i will not be disciplined

if i have to decide

what i’m doing

see some of y’all are in such a

leadership position that you’ll never

get somebody over you i pay this person

but i pay him to tell me what to do

the art of mentoring and the art of

being trained should be at every level

of your life

every love i don’t care if you’re the

ceo somebody should be telling you what

to do in specific areas

because i got to be disciplined

this meant charles come here let’s show

them what we did this morning


no i ain’t never done it in a suit we

still walking sideways


come on let’s get down here come on

y’all ready

we can get at least

how many


four more maybe five so he made us put

our our thing up here lean up do a

push-up and then come back in this

crouch position

and and the whole time i was thinking

this is dumb

i shouldn’t be doing this mike you’re a

grown man

get off the floor and the coach said if

you want

to see the results

these are the type of things you got to

do so me and charles guess what we did

you ready let’s go



but listen listen

oh god brother no he said three more nah

you do

you do it


no no no watch

charles i don’t know about you

but if if on the platform was the first

time we had done that




that would have been a lot more


but because in the dark at 6 30 this


we were being disciplined when we got on

the platform even what i thought would

be harder

was actually i said four we did six

and if we had to like if my kids lives

depended on it that’s the only reason

all of our kids all 10 of them as many

kids as you all have

i be pregnant right now i don’t even

know i don’t even know

that baby just keep popping them out



but we could have done more

because we’ve committed to discipline

until it turns into a what desire okay


so so let me give you

this next level of the cycle of

condemnation you get called then you’re


and then you get confronted


as long as you live life

whatever you’re committed to

will be confronted

see in peter’s life

when they take jesus from the garden


he gets uh

plastics gives plastic surgery to the

soldier and jesus fixes it

then they take jesus away to be


and this is the events that happen right



is crucified

let me tell you this point because some

of y’all are really committed to christ

until you get confronted


you talk about i love everybody until

somebody that’s hard to love

god puts right in front of you

you talk about how generous you are

until the 1st and the 15th

see i don’t care who you are life is

going to come to everybody say confront


at some point your commitment is going

to be confronted

and and and and you say

you you say you’re humble

get ready

your humility

is going to be everybody say confronted

this is


i don’t care how much you pray

i don’t call how much you give i don’t

care how many scriptures you know


you are committed to

will be confronted by life

i’m a man of crazy faith i have a son

with autism

you have faith

really believe god

let’s see


why in the world would this happen

we live in a fallen world

there are certain things we can’t


but we can respond

and and and when peter gets confronted

something happens

that i don’t know if too many of us

would be far away from the reaction that

peter had

it says luke chapter 24 verse 54 i’m

just trying to show you the cycle so we

can break it so we can get uncuffed

then they seized him that’s jesus and

led him away

bringing him into the high priest’s


and peter was following watch this at a

distance oh

be careful how much distance you put

between you and jesus

three seconds before he was so committed

he cut off the ear

but as soon as consequences came

he started walking at a distance be


when you start claiming jesus in 2022

and people start giving you consequences

start judging you

do you become quiet about your faith now

are you still unashamed 116. are you


because peter started following at a


and when they had kindled a fire in the

middle of the courtyard and sat down

together peter sat down among them

hold on somebody who was that close and

with him everywhere was able to

blend in with everybody else now


then a servant girl

seeing him

when he got into the light

she looked closely and was like

look look

this man

also was with him

but he denied it

now he was just committed

to cut off the ear but but now the

consequences has come he’s been

confronted with his calling and his


now he denied it

saying woman

shut up

i don’t know him

it reminds me of that meme that says i

hate to say it

i hope i don’t sound ridiculous

i don’t know who this man is

he could be walking down the street

i wouldn’t know a thing

i’m sorry to this man


he denied jesus openly

but walk with him privately


some of y’all so ready to pray on the

prayer line

but will not invite your boss to your


cause you know what they do

that’s exactly why

you should be the hands and feet oh but

you’re not on time for work

so your performance practically has

taken away your power and presence in

their life

this is why we have to live a certain


so that when god calls on us

to be able to be his hands and feet we

have not already disqualified ourselves

by bending to culture character

i’m preaching up here y’all

he denies

i’m sorry to this man

verse 58 and a little later someone else

saw him and said ain’t you

what’s your name

ain’t you one of them

but peter said man

stop talking to me

no i’m not

and after about an hour

still another person insisted saying

certainly this man

also was with him

for he too is a galilean

but peter said

man you better shut up talking to me

i don’t know what you talking about but

you bout i got a knife

and immediately

while he was speaking denying what he

was committed to

the rooster crowd

and the lord turned and looked at peter

at the moment he was doing it

i just want to make sure you know i see

you in it

i just want to make sure when you lay

down you know i saw you

i just want to make sure you know

you don’t have to hide this from me

i know

and this is so deep because jesus told

peter before this happened he said

this is what you’re going to do

and he was so zealous with his

commitment he was like there’s no way


p-rock the same one you said the church

you about to build on me foundation i’m

a solid dog

i got you


peter for life jcp that’s who does us

and he said before

the sun rises

you’ll deny me how many times three

times and the rooster will crawl

he denied him three times he forgot

about it

and then the rooster crows and jesus

looks directly at him

watch the

revelation remember

the saying of the lord

how he had said to him peter the rooster

crows before the rooster crows today you

will deny me three times

and because

jesus looked at him

in the middle of his darkest moment

he responded by going away and weeping



was the seed

of condemnation

he knew jesus saw him in the actual

authenticity of his lie

in the middle of his mess

smelling like everything he had been in

and instead of recognizing the love of


he chose the lie of the enemy


so the cycle of condemnation you’re

called by the lord

you’re committed and you learn that

commitment by walking with him you get

confronted in life

and then if you believe the lie

you walk in condemnation

and i don’t know what lie you’ve

believed today

and i don’t even know the lie that peter


but at some moment he believed a lie so

much that it condemned him that he went

away he watched this he was already

walking at a distance

he went further away

it said he went away weeping bitterly

because his calling commitment and his

confrontation made him come to a point

where he made a decision and now he felt

that he was condemned

and this for me

is the part when he went away weeping


it’s when i believe in peter’s life the

cloud of condemnation formed over his


and this is something that for many of

you is the same thing that’s over your

life right now

you have seen a situation

and you made the wrong decision

and now

it’s caused you to think god no longer

sees me how he used to see me

he sees me defined by the moment i had

and the cloud of condemnation appears in

our life

and it usually starts off really small

you know what

i’m just gonna walk through life with

this situation

and i’m gonna allow it to be something

that’s around me

but then i know it’s always lurking but

then it comes

and it begins to get over my life

and i walk behind this thing

and everywhere i go

and everybody that sees me you know

there’s something back there

but you can’t see who i really am

because i don’t see who i really am

i don’t know if i’m called to lead

i don’t know if god still has a plan for


i don’t know if god is going to use me

i don’t know if everything that is going

on right now will ever change because

i’m still walking under this cloud

of condemnation and the thing is the

longer you stay up under it that’s how

people start to know you

some people have never even met the real


because when they met you you still were

hidden behind the cloud of condemnation

they don’t even know that you’re a

person of joy because you forgot you’re

a person of joy

they don’t even know that you have a

strong calling and you’re prophetic and

that god uses you in all kinds of

situations they don’t even know

why don’t they know is because you’re


behind the cloud

of condemnation

can i say it to you in a point

condemnation always wants control of

your life

it always wants control

the reason it comes into your life is

because even if it’s a sunny day it

wants you to feel like it’s raining

even when god blesses you he wants you

to feel like it’s nothing compared to

how he blessed them

and matter of fact you probably

shouldn’t enjoy you shouldn’t even

celebrate it because you don’t deserve



some of y’all god has blessed you so

much and you have still not accepted the

favor and goodness of god over your life

because you’re walking under the cloud

of condemnation

an enemy is playing you like a video


day after day making you feel unworthy

there’s job positions you should have

applied for and you have all of the

credentials and all of the skills but

you won’t even fill out the application

because you feel like somewhere along

the way you did something that was too

bad to deserve an opportunity like that

what if i fail what if i mess up what if

i succeed should be your idea what if

god is with me what if god allows the

windows of heaven to open and a blessing

be poured out that i don’t have room

enough to receive that’s my right as a

child of god

when the cloud of condemnation comes

over my life

i walk with this thing everywhere

i’m writing a book right now

and uh

i’m i’m working on

helping people walk through damage

i feel like god’s called me

to bust open

this myth and lie that people that god

uses at a high level somehow came out


and i want to use everything when the

spit hit the fan earlier this year

when god healed me of

that moment

he said michael now i want you to use it

in real time

i want you to tell this story all of the

next book you write

i want you to use it not 15 years from


i want you to get up

and i want you to share

what i did for you and taking all the

damaged areas of your life

from childhood all the way to now and

i’ve used it for your destiny

he told me the value is still in you

even though people may think you’re

damaged goods

the content on the inside of you is

still good

and if you would put it in the hands of

a master y’all i’ma preach this thing

that i would take every damaged thing

and turn it into something that would be

for your destiny so i’ve been writing

this book

and the spirit of condemnation tried to

come over me as we started writing this


how in the world

are you about to share the real

of everything that’s happened to you and

with you and you decided to do

and god began to say michael

i called you to do this


there is no freedom if there is no truth

i’ma say it again

you cannot


that you’re going to actually be free

and there are still secrets

freedom only flourishes in truth

so right out the gate

in the second chapter

i talk about how i was physically abused

at age six or seven by a neighborhood



because this is happening in black

communities everywhere

i know nobody says it

i don’t know anybody just a boy in the


awaken things

that were never supposed and i knew it

was wrong had no language

it happened to me

it wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t something

i went seeking out

at that moment

the cloud of condemnation

started to form over my life

and what happened from that point it was

something that i repressed so deep that

i didn’t even remember it

until four years ago

i haven’t told nobody about it literally

we were in the middle of a series called

damaged goods

and i was asking all the people just go

back in your memory

and remember the things that god’s

delivered you from just dumb up here

and i just want you to think about it

and just ask the holy spirit bring it

back to your memory

and bring it to the feet of the master

and i was in here one day

and the sound man was playing worship


and the holy spirit it just hit me like

a ton of bricks

and i got overwhelmed and i started


and all i knew to do was either to hide

or heal

i was already the pastor to church

oh y’all thought this happened before

the ordination so i can make sure that

i’m men of god that’s worthy of the word

no no no no god says i’ll i i’ll heal

you in layers

i’ll do i’ll keep doing the work if you

would just let me do it i’ll keep doing

it i’m the pastor of the church

sitting right here at the altar

i literally canceled the rest of my day

and i had to run to the arms of my wife

and fearful

not knowing how she would judge me

this happened to me but but i don’t know

now that i’m caring as i’m thinking i’m

crying i said now i’ve got something to

tell you she’s like what baby and i told

her what happened

and in that moment god used my wife

as an extension of god’s love on this

earth towards me

and she said only three words

it’s not

for words it’s not your fault

and when she said it’s not your fault it

was like a damn broke on the inside of


and i wept at 31 years old like a like a


because from the point of offense

all the way until the spirit of

condemnation was broken

it had been stored up with all of these

emotions that the enemy still had now i

know i was addicted to pornography now i

know why i was chasing these feelings

now i know why why it’s because that

spirit of condemnation said you got to

prove that you’re not gay you got to

prove that something’s not wrong you got

to prove i’m saying stuff ain’t nobody

gonna say but i’m gonna tell you this

whole thing and as god begin to break

that thing i feel the presence of god

right now as he began to break that

thing up off of me

freedom came to my life

and i realized i wasn’t damaged i was

made for destiny

i realized that if the enemy can’t shut

me up he gonna tear this whole thing up

with my testimony

i am a living witness of the goodness of



condemnation tried to control me but i

found christ

in whom the sun sets free

it’s free indeed

until we get this real in the church

people going to be living these fake

bound cuffed lives

if i got to go first

and if i got to sacrifice the platform

to tell the truth i don’t care

today i’m free

oh i felt that thing today i’m free

you can’t tell me none i ain’t told you

i’m free


it must be exhausting

to continue to live


see the reason i got to confront this

thing a condemnation condemnation

is con condemnation is the deepest root

it’s the deepest root that brings up

fruit that’s negative in our life

like all of the fruit that we see

we try to deal with that



is deeper than what your physical body

is dealing with

so scientists now are saying that so

many diseases and so many things are are

are connected to stress

but stress is still

not the deepest root

of where our pain in humanity comes from

it’s spiritual

can i show you a picture real quick and

we gotta get out of here put up put up

the root of condemnation i i hope when

you see this it never leaves your mind

because it changed my life this is the

root of condemnation

if you can see at the top

all of the leaves are dying

and can you put up what those are see

these are the leaves of our life

sickness broken marriage poverty

everything on top of the surface that we


is always attached to a root and what

the church does many times is we start

cutting the leaves

hoping that better ones will grow back

we go to different churches

hoping that the environment will help us

we move to a different city

we stop following certain people and

following other people

but you never addressed

the root so it’s always coming back

but even when you go to the root system

put the first one down there

everything that happens

this is where science ends

they say it’s because of stress

that’s why we got calming abs

take 15 seconds and breathe

two more times

and we’re just breathing

but even getting healthy doesn’t heal

your soul

your physical health

will not confront

the traumas that happen to you as a


so so so where science ends they’ve

started to look at the bible and the

bible says something that there’s a

deeper root than stress guess what it is


and and and and and they’re saying that

all of these things poverty sickness

depression anxiety all of that stuff is

formed by stress

but stress

is a response

to fear

fear of the future

fear of failure

fear of not being good enough

and do you know what the root of fear is

put it on there condemnation


is the big root

it’s the tap root dad said

it’s that thing if we pull this up

fear can’t live

stress can’t live

poverty brokenness anxiety depression it

can’t live what i’m telling you right

now is this thing of condemnation was

the first thing that the enemy tried to

tempt adam and eve with

remember what it was put this back up

keep it up there i want you to see

all of their symptoms


because god said you messed up you

walked out of my thing now you’re gonna

have stress you’re gonna have to work

and i never meant for you to have stress

i meant for everything to be provided

for you but why did stress come into the

picture is because they exhibited fear

and they hid when they should have

brought it to

god do y’all remember

when they messed up when they made a

mistake it didn’t change their identity

it was an event not their identity

but they believed the lie of the enemy

so what did they do in fear they went

and hid

maybe jesus won’t see the only two

humans on the earth

and they became fashion designers

and made swim trunks and bikinis for the

first time out of leaves

but why did they do that

the fear

was because of condemnation

they thought god was trying to keep

something from them instead of keep them

for something

so they believe the lie

if you eat this fruit

it’s always counterfeit

he don’t want you to know something that

he knows

and as soon as they bit the fruit

condemnation fear stress and all of the

sicknesses we have in this world

what i’m telling you is when you’re

everybody say in christ

you don’t have to live like this

you have another choice

peter had another choice

when jesus looked at him

he could have ran to jesus

and said i messed up

i’m sorry

forgive me

but he believed the lie of the enemy and

ran away from him

and guess what peter went to do

can you guess

what was he doing when jesus found him

guess what he went to do

he went back to what was comfortable

can i say it to you in a point

condemnation always pushes you to what

is comfortable

he spent three years now walking with

jesus learned all kinds of skills

but guess what he went back to

the place where jesus found him

if you live in condemnation when you go

away from god you don’t go to better


you go back to the place that you were


when god came and found you

you go be comfortable in gossip you’re

comfortable in sex you’re comfortable in

being feisty at business you’re

comfortable at being passive whatever

you were doing before christ

that’s your default setting you know

when you’re playing a video game and you

die and it makes you start over again

that’s where we go when we believe the

lie of condemnation

peter goes back fishing in john 21

and it says jesus dies rises and he

comes back to encourage his disciples

i’m giving you a lot of bible right here

but in john 21 verse 1 it says later

jesus appeared

again to the disciples beside the sea of

galilee he went to the place

where peter found himself comfortable

isn’t it amazing that god in his grace

will come find you

this is how it happened several

disciples were there simon peter thomas

nicknamed the twin nathaniel from canaan

and galilee they’re all there and simon

verse three it’s i just want you to see

it simon said i’m going fishing

i’m going to cuff back to what is


keep preaching pastor mike but i have

this cloud of condemnation over me so

i’m going back to the drink

on going back to the relationship i’m

going back to the weed i’m going back to

the peels i’m going back to lying i’m

going back to hiding i’m going back to

ice cream i’m going back to what is


and jesus calls out

and he says oh yeah y’all

y’all doing that net thing again

how’s it going for you

you’ve gone back to what’s common

without me

how’s it going

verse seven

it says then the disciples

caught a bunch of fish and the miracle

happened again and it says then the

disciples jesus loves said to peter it’s

the lord

when simon peter heard that it was the

lord he put on his tunic for he was he

was stripped for work and he jumped into

the water and headed to the shore

hold on what

they on the boat

doing what’s coming they catch no fish

again it’s a repeat of where jesus found


that’s why we got to read so much more

of the bible y’all

because there’s patterns

the same exact scenario

you will find yourself in the same exact


so that god can prove to you from that


he can still use you

they’re up there casting their nets not

catching anything jesus says captain on

the other side again rerun miracle

happens again and this is how peter

knows it’s jesus

i’ve seen this before

that’s jesus

and instead of going away i did that one

time before

i’m going to run towards him even if it

costs me something it doesn’t say he

rolls to shore

the it says the baby was out there

with his chest out

i don’t even understand this he put on

his clothes to jump in the

water he wasn’t even these oh i got

another opportunity let me

like he just he don’t

because when i have another chance

to get it right with jesus

i’m not going to run away i’m going to

do everything i have to do and this man

runs to jesus oh i love it

jesus makes breakfast on the beach for


this one this is what the bible said

and then he asked peter a question

i need you to tune in just right here

after breakfast jesus asked simon peter

simon son of john

do you love me

more than these what did he ask him

do you love me

yes lord

peter replied

you know i love you

then feed my lambs how you know we love


because the last moment they connected

the last moment i saw you

you had believed a lie


i’m now accepting your love

but the last moment was a lie

you’re still

asking me about love

when the last time you saw me i was

caught in a lie

i’m saying it over and over slowly until

it hits you

god will ask you about love

even when he caught you in a

lot okay just stay with me

yes lord peter said reply you know i

love you then feed my lambs jesus told


jesus i got another question for you


do you love me

he asked him the same


yes lord peter said you know i love you

he says okay so take care of my sheep

and a

third time

he asked simon son of john



ask me a different question jesus

i told you i love you

peter watch this watch this

was hurt

that jesus asked the question a third


he said lord you know everything

you know that i love you

jesus said then feed my sheep

when i begin to look at how many times

that jesus asked do you love me




it was the exact number of times

that peter denied him



three he was not asking for information

he was trying to give

peter and all of us a revelation

that every lie

can be replaced with love

that one two three god said one two

three one two three four five one two

three four five one two three four five

six one two three four five six he said

there’s no lie you believe that i don’t

have enough love to cover

some of y’all should be rejoicing


he was hurt over what was healing him


it was peter’s opportunity

to receive the love and replace the

lie all god was trying to do was given

up opportunity to every time he lied

replace it with love

let me just say it in a point

how do you break the cycle of

condemnation with love


is fueled by a lie


is fueled by love


so pastor mike you just tell us to go do

whatever we want to do and da da da no

you missed it

when you’re called by the lord

and you learn commitment and you face

confrontations in life

if you believe the love of god when you

mess up

you’re convicted

not condemned


peter and jesus locked dice

it was not for condemnation

if he would have believed that jesus

really loved him

he would have been convicted

and the holy spirit can fix us

so that we will make right decisions for

what we already committed to so that we

can fulfill our calling it’s one big

circle but if at any moment you believe

the lie

where there’s supposed to be conviction

the enemy will convince you of


so today what are you saying to me

pastor mike in christ

we were never supposed to experience



but we are supposed to experience


when jesus looked at peter

he was supposed to be convicted

that’s why romans 8 verse 1 says

so now

look at this

chapter 8 verse 1

this is how to live a life in the spirit

so now

there is no


everybody say now

no condemnation

say it again now

no condemnation

i don’t care what you believed before

but in christ now

no condemnation

so now there is no condemnation

for those

who belong

by faith

to christ jesus

and because you belong to him the power

of the life-giving spirit

freed you

from the power of sin the reason the

enemy don’t want to get you to get this

because sin in most of your life is the

most powerful force

it’s not the spirit

sin has more control over your actions

than the spirit does

and god’s saying how do you make sin

powerless you believe there’s no more

condemnation for those people who are in

christ jesus

because the power

of the light-giving spirit has freed you

from the power of sin that leads to

death the law of moses was unable to

save us because of the weakness of our

sinful nature because of this humanity

it says so now

so god did what the law could not do

he sent his own son

in a body like the bodies we sinners


and in that body god declared an end

to sins


over us

by giving his son as a sacrifice

remember talking about the blood of

jesus this is where it comes in right

here it was a sacrifice for our sins he

did this

so that the just requirement of the law

would be fully satisfied

for us

who no longer follow uh

we no longer follow

our sinful nature

but instead

we follow who the spirit

i thought about it how many times did

peter deny jesus

help me how many times did he deny jesus

how many times did jesus ask peter do

you love me

how many days did it take him to defeat

death hell in the grave


it was almost if

he said you know what

i’ma put an end to this condemnation

thing forever

and it’s going to take me three days to

defeat death hell and grave everything

we’re scared of

fearful of but i’ve not given you a

spirit of fear

but i’ve given you a spirit of power

love and self discipline one translation


jesus conquering the grave

produced the grace for your greatest


those three days conquering death hell

in the grave

it produced the grace we would all need

to be able to live this life and still

make mistakes

that’s why romans 5 20 says moreover

the law entered that the offense might


but where sin of bounds

somebody shot at me grace

say grace

that’s the unmerited unearned undeserved

favor and kindness of god somebody say


we’re sin abounds

one two three

grace much more balance

one two three four five

pastor mike give me a practical step to

this i’m so glad you asked for that

after we’ve been in this sermon for an

hour and 35 minutes let me tell you

you watch movies this long all the time

and it don’t help you

it actually makes you more condemned

because you think you should be living

that life and god said i have a better

life if you would be content


let me give you a practical tool

when i was uncuffing from the spirit of


something that god told me to do

a lot

is take communion

and i was like what

he said you you got to understand that

the practice write this down of

communion conquers condemnation

could you bring out my example real


it said in first corinthians 11 24 most

of us miss the reason why we do


you think it’s a ritual

it’s not something that we do as a

ritual i’m going to prove it to you he

sits the disciples down and he said i

know y’all gonna have to still live on

this earth

and you’re gonna mess up and make

mistakes so i’m going to give you a

practical practice

that you can do every single day

if you not when the church calls it

not when you have the little cups and

the wafers and the grape juice and the

little styrofoam i don’t know how they

think that’s bread but it is a styrofoam

cup like a little skinny styrofoam you’d

be having us eating

he said but

but as often as you do this

read everybody say remember

so when i’m feeling condemned

i need to


what christ has done for me

when i made the mistake i need to

remember my identity in christ i’m a

joint heir with christ jesus i am the

righteousness of christ when i’m doing

the wrong thing and i’ve gotten to a

pattern i need to remember the promises

of god that he has a plan for me not to

harm me but to prosper me

and jesus said i need you to everybody

say remember

first corinthians 11 24 he says and he

gave thanks to god for it

then he broke some bread into pieces

and he said this is my body

which is given for you do this


remembrance of me

let me put it in a point

communion is not a ritual it’s a


oh that’s nasty

and church has made it a tradition are

you not holy

what’s wrong with you

it’s communion let me come up

people took something that god used

as as simple as

uh uh what are they gonna do all the

time what they gonna do what they gonna

do eat

so since they need to eat all the time

let me give them a simple

reminder when condemnation tries to come

and find them

probably three times a day

that three somethings

father son holy spirit every time i sit

down to eat

i can remind myself

i don’t have to live under condemnation

because any man that be in christ he is

a new creation the old has passed away

and behold aha

abracadabra everything has been made


so let me demystify communion for you

i need you to know

if you just got baguettes at your house

and big pieces of bread

before you sit down and eat

this week

i want you to break some bread

and remember christ

being whipped 39 times

and taking lashes and being nailed to a


his body was broken for you

and i want you to take some grape juice

welch’s my favorite

and i want you to taste it

and i want you to remember his blood

that was poured out

for every one of your sins so you do not

have to live in condemnation now this is

how some of the older saints like to

take communion but can i also tell you

what god honors

french fries


and a coke

oh and a mcdouble i had you in about a

year and a half

you can literally take this and i know

something else that’s sacrilegious it’s

not about

the ritual

it’s about


god as i break this fry

see y’all some of y’all so

churchy god at this moment i made a

mistake this weekend god as i break this

fry i’m remembered your body broken from

me god as i break this pretzel god i

remember your body broken from me as i

remember this gatorade as i’m a soccer

mom and i’m taking it and you can be in

the middle of the field serving your

children and feeling like nothing and

god says take that pretzel out of that

99 cent bag and break it and remember my

body and take that gatorade and take a

sip and remember i quenched

the thirst you would have

for the rest of your life

take the oreo

some of y’all would take communion every


but break it

and remember his body take the milk

pour it it’s not the ritual it’s what


i’ve taken a rice krispie treat before

it’s been years

eight months

there’s only freedom and truth okay okay

when the enemy tried to remind me of

what i did

i’d reminded him of whose i was



and i defeated condemnation

with the simple spiritual act

of communion

what are you saying to me pastor mike

some of y’all need to be taking

communion every day

that cloud of condemnation has been so

over you

that you literally cannot remember the

last time you felt chosen


regarded by god

and today he says

i haven’t changed

my love for you haven’t changed

your ability to remember what i did for

you has

so take


and as often as you he didn’t say every


he didn’t say with your small group of

your church he said as often as you need


do this in remembrance of me

and i’m telling you you want to break

the back of condemnation in your life

remember what christ has done somebody

ought to give god a shout of praise in

this building oh come on if you’re going

to remember what christ has done for you

it’s over what uncuffs you from the lie

of condemnation

the love of christ

if you’re going to be uncuffed

because some of y’all we can keep doing

the series for the next 10 weeks

and you wouldn’t be able to receive any

of the promises of god

because you still think that you’re not


but somebody say in christ

when you get your

when you get your life in christ

he uncuffs you from condemnation the

only way you live in it is you choose to

link back up with it

so pastor mike can you put that wheel

back up there real quick

what are you saying to me

and what you do at that last part is

going to determine how you live your

life you are called somebody say i am


and somebody say i’m learning commitment

life will confront

but i will believe love

because when you believe love

condemnation can’t come in

when i believe love conviction will come


it’ll change you make me feel like oh

messed up need to change some things

need to submit myself need to get more

accountability i need to do this but it

happened but i’m not it

i did it

but i’m not it

what are you saying pastor mike replace

the lie with love

if you don’t take anything from this


the lie

with love

today god i

i did my best to communicate your love

to your people

and i’m asking right now that you would

wash over

your people

and there would be no more bondage

that the chains would be broken over

people father god i’m just believing

right now yeah i feel the presence

coming and invading the lies right now

come on just right now lift your hands

up because there’s no more bondage i

feel like god is about to break chains

over your life he’s uncuffing you right

now he’s uncuffing you from the lies you

believe the condemnation you’ve been

living under that cloud that has kept

you weighted down right now god is

breaking the chains he’s now removing

the stains he’s now removing the shame

he’s now removing the pain father right

now we are declaring there is no more

bondage father that every chain is

broken father god that whom the son sets

free is free indeed god let us believe


that you shared with us through jesus


and no longer believe the lie

heal us from the inside out i feel the

presence of god somebody just lift your

hands and say holy spirit work on me yup

yup cause right now you got to give him

permission right now he’s going to start

doing things on the inside of you that

are going to change the lot of love

you’re going to feel joy again you’re

going to be able to get the ability to

come out of laziness and being lethargic

and you’re going to have passion again

god is renewing restoring and redeeming


so there is no bondage

every chain is broken

there is nobody

receive this over you right now

jesus saw

said no guilt

and no shame


all my stains

and there is



sing that again just lift it up and

worship sendai no

yeah it’s happening right now all over

the world come on somebody say ever he’s

uncuffing you right now from everything

that has tried to condemn you

the divorce

the mistake the thing you did on purpose

he said when you’re in christ he said

i’ll take all of that there’s no guilt

and no


yeah something’s happening y’all come

out here let’s sing this just a couple

more times just lift that up come on

lift your hands lift your voice and say

there is no bondage

something is happening

the presence of god is washing over you

receive the love of god



jesus christ



just one more time


thank you father



if there

has been a cloud of condemnation over

your life

and you want that chain broken or you

want to be uncuffed right now hands

lifted right now all over the world in

this room right now i’m about to pray

for you and by faith there is something

about the shift in your mind in your

heart you are not what you did you are

not what happened you it was your fault

but you are not a failure god is about

to redeem and dis and restore and every

damaged area he’s gonna use it for your

destiny if you would bring it to the

king father in the name of jesus i pray

for every person that has been living

under the lie of condemnation and by

your spirit today i thank you for a

revelation that changes infuses love

where there has been a lie we cursed the

lie father god that has come even to

some of us since a young age father i

declare that the truth of your word is

that we are redeemed that we are

restored that we are righteous not by

our performance but by our position god

i thank you that the bondage of

condemnation is broken over your people

today and i declare

that we

would never confuse conviction and

condemnation another day in our life

give us the proper view of you you’re

not a god that came to punish us

but you’re a god that came to discipline


so that we can be disciples

and see everybody come to you


god i thank you that there’s nothing you

wouldn’t do

to get to us right now father god

i thank you that your love is

overwhelming us yeah even as tears are

flowing even as you’re remembering

things from the past god is saying there

is nothing there’s no shadow


he’s coming after you coming after me he

loves you that much somebody say there’s

no war you won’t kidding down


let us believe father god

like never before god we thank you for

your love


i don’t understand



if you’ve never accepted jesus

and his reckless love for you

today i want to give you the opportunity

to no longer live cuff to condemnation

i want you to live

in communion with christ

that’s what peter had on that beach

he said he had common union with jesus

he remembered

where jesus found him and how much grace

was extended to him from his business

all the way to his life

today god’s saying

would you let me commune with you come

in the common union and would you


this love i have for you

in just a moment we’re going to pray and

i believe that there are people that are

uncuffing from condemnation but you

cannot do it without being in christ

any man who is

in christ he’s a new creation

doing this without christ

is going to come up with an empty catch

today i’m asking you do it god’s way

according to romans 10 9.

he said all you have to do is believe in

your heart and confess with your mouth

that jesus christ is lord and that he

died from you and repent that all that

means his turn

i was fishing on this side of the boat

jesus said turn fish on this side of the


when you repent

that’s when the miracle happens

and today i just want to give you the


to accept the love of god

and i don’t know what denomination you

came from

or what your big mama told you or what

you watched on some televangelist tv

but god is in love with you

there’s no wall he won’t kick down no

mountain he won’t climb up he’s been

trying to get your attention for years

you just good with the cutoff game your

cutoff game is real good

but god god won’t stop pursuing you

and today is just another opportunity

and may i submit to you today is the day

of salvation

this is the greatest decision you could

ever make it took me from being a liar a

manipulator somebody who was addicted to


somebody who dealt with trauma and abuse

in god when i gave it to him he took all

my damage and he wrapped it up into

something that i get to share with you

every day it’s part of my destiny now

i’m free

because i found jesus

i don’t want you to live cuff the bound

another day

so today

would you accept the free gift of

salvation and the thing i love about it

is it’s free so that nobody’s works

could pay for this

nobody being born to the right family if

you’re a right skin color if you’re

democrat or republican it don’t matter

he said this is the free gift of god

to every person so i’m sorry that people

tried to make you pay for what god made



but today i’m i’m offering you the free

gift of salvation and all the payment

required is faith

so today on the count of three if you’re

saying pastor i want to be included in

that prayer

i want to receive


through jesus christ

so i no longer live with the cloud of

condemnation i just want you to lift

your hand on the count of three one

you’re making the greatest decision of

your life two i’m proud of you but more

than that your name will be written in

the lamb’s book of life and you will

start a journey with christ that is

gonna transform you forever three to

shoot your hand up all across the world

yeah there are people everywhere i don’t

care if you’re watching this on

rebroadcast or if you’re in the room

right now god said today right now this

moment somebody say now

he’s changing the spirit of condemnation

that’s been over you

and you’re adopted into his family

you’re a son you’re a daughter

your identity is changing

at tc we’re a family nobody prays alone

so y’all for the benefit of all those

who just gave their life to christ

i want us to pray this prayer together

everybody say god

thank you

for sending jesus

for the final payment

for all my sin


i receive

the grace of god


i believe

the grace of god

and today

i surrender

i believe you lived

you died

and you rose again

with all power

just for me


give you

my life

change me

renew me

transform me

i’m yours

in jesus name

amen can we give god praise oh

transformation church

i need y’all to turn up all over this



is saving people they’re being redeemed


replace the lie with love

tomorrow when the enemy tries to

convince you that didn’t mean nothing

you just was emotional

say shut up devil

matter of fact shut the hell up

literally like shut the hell okay


a new creation

my identity is in christ i’m learning

how to be committed

but i

am going to see what the end of this

call journey looks like

you just made that decision would you

text saved

to the number on the screen and we want

to help you want to give you some


this this is one of the moments that

change people’s life forever and i know

thousands of people watching this

and i just want to say this to you this

will be your best year ever

if it is your best year spiritually

we’re almost at the halfway point of


and your report of how this year was

could be completely different

by the decisions you make to uncuff


so i’m challenging you

if you haven’t watched all of the

the the weeks of this series go back and

watch one through five cause next week

i’m for real i’m i’m teaching a message

on gluttony next week

it’s called cuff to cake


oh i’m i’m when i tell you i’m coming

for all of us me included i’m coming

don’t watch tomorrow and have anything

planned the next day cause we all gonna

be fasting

all i really wanna do is help us

either the word works or does it

i’m not gonna live my whole life being

out here faking some christian life

i want to help us be convicted to move


god is really doing deliverance in all

of us

i’m going to ask you a favor

would you send this message to four

people this week

no no no no no their life depends on it

they’ve never seen

somebody from a platform like this


just one two three like

this is the most concise

ministry of

the gospel that i think i’ve done in all

my years of ministry


you can get everything from this message

so i’m asking you would you share how

many people did i say

maybe i like the other one three

just give me three now if you want to be

extra credit

set over 15.

but at least


i believe god’s gonna do something


and strategic

through your invitation to


father thank you

thank you for meeting us here this week

thank you that we no longer have to live

under the cloud of condemnation

but we are free in you

when the liar comes to lie

let us remember the truth of your love

and father let us extend grace to other

people the same way we need it

bless us until we meet again father god

and i thank you that there’s a hedge of

protection i pray a special hedge of

protection over everyone traveling

i pray a hedge of protection of these

children getting out of school

i pray a hedge of protection father god

for every person father in that day

father if they are a part of

transformation church transformation

nation god i just thank you that i just

i just

i i sinned warring and ministering

angels out

on the our church’s behalf father god

keep us from things we don’t even know

you keeping us from father god

keep us in in

focused on you father i thank you that

we will not let our comfort

forfeit our calling

and we will no longer things that love

things that don’t love us back

we trust you we believe you and we’re


in jesus name we agree

we expect


will you give god some praise go out

and live a transformed life i love y’all