Go, go, go! Hustle. Push. Work. That’s what this world teaches us. You can’t rest until you’ve put in the time. But what if that’s not kingdom culture. In week 9 of Cuffing Season, Pastor Mike teaches us about the gift of rest and how it can unlock the blessings of God in our lives. If this message blessed you, let us know in the comments and send it to a friend. #CuffingSeason #CuffedToConstant #rest #sabbath Join us for service every Sunday at 11am (CST) and weekly for NoonDay Prayer at 12pm (CST). If you received Christ through this message, text SAVED to 828282. We would love to hear how God is touching your life through this ministry! Tell us your story by emailing [email protected]! If you would like to support TC financially you can give through the TC app, or online through our website by clicking here https://transformchurch.us/give/

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today i want to

i want to confront something in our

church in our culture

that is going to challenge most of us

and we’ve been in a series called

cuffing season

and um i’ve been really walking through

um what i’m i’m calling a deliverance


because many of us

have been cuffed to things so long watch

this that we think it’s normal

some of the things that you

have stopped praying about

are not supposed to be a part of your


and you’ve summed it up this is just the

way i am

i just go off on people

that’s not good

like i just overeat i have my security

guard scott

we travel everywhere together scott i’m

about to put your business out there

we’ve been gone for how many days 11


and and

we’ve been going and scott get to see me

at my best and my worst

he gets to see me when i’m on it he get

to see me when i’m

totally fell off

he gets to

understand my interactions at different

things and so the one thing scott gets

the privilege of doing and i call it a

privilege because i think god’s anointed

me to do it he gets to hear me speak all

my messages

and the one thing about scott is scott

will tell me

how the message impacted him whether i

want him to or not

so when we drive it in the car


he he passed a mighty

my that was a good one

we in miami

and me and scott made a decision

together corporately because you need


that we were going to do our best

in a city that breeds vacation

like if you go to miami it’s not like

stay strict on your diet and

be focused and get up every morning and

work out it just feels like chill out

like yeah have some ice cream like

that’s what miami feels like to me

and we made a decision

we are going to work out

and we’re going to eat right even though

we in


so we started that process

and then one day scott told me pastor

mike i messed up

i said scott what you do

he said i ate a whole bag of

family-sized eminem’s last night

i said scott

what are you doing and this is what he

told me watch this well

aware of what we had committed to

he said i’m still cuffed to cake pastor


that gluttony message i ain’t got it yet

it’s progression not perfection ain’t

that what you and he keeps going to this

home like

he said yeah

that’s god

and he begin to

watch this though he begin to


his awareness of what he was cuffed to

an excuse

for his constant


to making that mistake

he said to me i ain’t got it yet

so i’ma keep doing this

until i get it

now scott’s big enough to handle this so

i’m coming in this business right now

but i want you not to think about scott

i want you to think about you

i ain’t got it yet

so i’m going to keep doing the thing

that keeps me cuffed

hoping that one day i magically get it


the perspective the thinking and the


in many of our reasonings is keeping us

cuffed to things that we now know are

killing us

i do not want you to leave this series

with understanding and no action

and all you’re getting get in under

but faith without works is that it’s not

enough for you to know

and i i’m sick of being in church

circles and in a place where people can

tell you why

they do what they do

but do not change

any of the actions surrounding the

environment of why they do what they do

i just always end up with the wrong guy

stop going to the club


you dress in a mini skirt

that if you sneeze we gonna see your

black meat let me stop


oh god

and you keep attracting with the baits

you put out there

you catch the same fish because you’re

and you know that you’re getting the

wrong result

but you will not change the environment

that’s the thing

you know you’re a workaholic

yeah let me come to some because

everybody can point out a hoe

but can’t nobody

come for the businessman who provides

the home



you are a workaholic

your value is in how much money you

bring home

but you have a home

you have a house but you do not have a


and the truth of the matter is

you know let me take my glasses off sir

the job you’re working

is going to kill you

your soul is leaking

you no longer have any joy and have no

energy when you get home to the family

you prayed for

and because you’re so attached to those

dollar signs comma and that tax bracket

you will not let go of

what is killing you every single day

you know

you know what’s taking away

your intimacy with your wife

and you won’t let it go

for a jaguar

for a house in a gated neighborhood

you would rather live in hell

in for the next 15 years and and your

children not know you

than to actually address the real issue

you’re cuffed to oh i know what it is

you’re cuffed to comparison

because as long as your brother makes

that much money

you got to make that much money

and since little league you’ve been been

in comparison with him

and because you’re cuffed to that

comparison you knowledge is not enough

if you know

and don’t change this is why

the bible says wisdom cries out in the


and it’s asking somebody please use


use wisdom what is wisdom pastor mike

wisdom watch this

it’s applied



most people have knowledge and

understanding but don’t have wisdom

because wisdom uses the knowledge and

applies it

some of y’all know you should shut up on


but you don’t use wisdom

you just by posting that thing that we

saw just took away the next connection

that god was going to use on something

that is completely unrelated to what

you’re talking about right now but you

just exposed your character

and because you didn’t use wisdom

you lost out on the next thing that god

was going to do

i’m just begging us

as this is the last week of cuffing

season for now come

everybody say for now

i feel like god’s doing something i just

don’t want you to have nine messages of


and no action

if this summer does not drastically


your walk

then this was worthless

stop posting about what you will not do

stop telling everybody how great service

was and you’re not going to do anything

about it i’m begging you

the reason the church is powerless is in

many circles is because you all talk in

no walk

and i’m just done

i’m just i’m just done i am not

interested in leading a church

who is a bunch of puff and no actual


you can keep all of that

give me about 500 people who gonna walk

this out you can have a church of 50

000. give me 500 soldiers give me

gideon’s 300. give me people that’ll

actually get down in the trenches and do

the hard work

to progress

i didn’t say be perfect

i’m messing up weekly


but the reason i mess up is because i


your try

is going to come with failure

but the failure

is going to produce in you

other ways to try

and until you start becoming familiar

with failure

it means that you have not triumphed and


it’s time for the body of christ

to start triumphing and trying

let’s switch the goal

let’s not try to win

let’s just try

let’s not try to be the best

let’s just try

let us actually do something beyond what

we’ve done today i’ve not gone to the

stop thinking about three months from

now in the gym you may not make it there

this week

i just want you to try i want you to go

to the gym three times this week i want

you to get out and walk this week i want

you to say i’m sorry to your husband or

your wife that i just want you to try

because when you try

you will be met with failure

but failure is going to teach you a new


to try


transformation church will be a trying


and what happens when you start trying

you’re trying turns into training

this ain’t a part of none of my notes

but the holy spirit is just this for


some of you

have not started trying so you have been

delaying your training

everything i know came from trying

failing succeeding

trying again you do that a few times you

look at it and it’s training it’s the

thing that god is using over and over

and over again don’t talk like that

don’t go into those type of situations

with that attitude hey hey hey watch

this watch this and then take notes on

it god nobody told me to take notes i

haven’t done a report in 16 years i’ve

been out of school i’m telling you to do

this report there’s information in this

that you’re gonna need and as you start

trying you will look up and you will

have trained

every room i walked into that god

provided i was ready for it

because i was trying in another season

failing learning a new way to try and

god called it training

some of y’all looking for a college to

validate your training

and god said if you would just serve

the people in the places i put you right


he said you will find out that the

training that you needed did not come

with a degree attached to it

okay let me stop

but some of us are cuffed

to how we think it should happen

and today i want to free you in an area

that i said it before but i’ma say it

again this one’s going to be challenging

for most of us because we’ve been

conditioned against it


somebody say i want to be uncuffed

we’ve talked about being cuffed to

comfort cuff to convenience cuff to

comparison cuff to condemnation i’m

asking everybody to please go back and

watch these messages cuffed to the cake

cuff to the comments and last week

pastor jimmy

rollins preached us

cuff to the ground can we thank god for

pastor uncle jimmy rollins

but today i got one for you

today the title of the message

is cuffed

to constant

today i gotta confront you

because you

are cuffed

to constant



constant hustle

constant marketing

constant performance

constant work

constant feedback constant scrolling

constant images constant news constant


you got more stuff you don’t use

you don’t even remember when you bought

some of the stuff

you go through your stuff and be like

when did i

where did that come but there’s constant


and some of us in this room are cuffed

to constant

cuff to constant shopping constant

emails constant notifications

why does everything have the ability to

interrupt you at any moment

and you gave it permission it asks you

when you download the app do you want

notification you got notifications for

breathing exercises

you got notifications that somebody in a

different country

like the post you made seven months ago

no wonder you can’t study the bible

no wonder you can’t focus on your wife

you got that phone on the table more

concerned about the notification from

people you don’t know

and the people the person you committed

to is sitting across the table from you


it’s going to be quiet in here today and

it’s okay amen myself before i got out


constant appointments

constant meetings

constant relationships some of y’all

i don’t

facebook instagram myspace they don’t

jack this up

how many friends

do you feel like you can actually manage

no no no no for real i want everybody

just off the top of your dome how many

friendships if you actually

gave to them spent time answered their

phone calls text them back

oh yeah yeah no we friends you don’t

even answer their calls

they’re dying and you’re like ah not




i need y’all to yell out me a number how

many friends do you think you can


somebody said two three

four come on i need y’all in the

comments five

six what how many


okay listen

the truth of the matter is

what we call friendship and the dilution

of that word through culture

has now given us a warped view

of how we pursue relationships

i need to be friends with them no i just

need to be business partners with them


i need to categorize

these relationships because i’m

constantly networking constantly trying

to see how i can kiss but to get in that

room i’m constantly trying to figure out

how to get these people to like me so

that they will position me

i’mma say it cause you doing it

got another follower

17 new friends no

and the ones who will actually be there

or something happen

are feeling completely neglected

let me stop


but we’re trying to get constant


constant watch this moving

some of y’all as my grandma would say

can’t sit still

you just can’t you just what day is it


what i’m doing tonight

what i’m doing tomorrow

you will call people and interrupt their


to create a scenario

well i was just looking at the instagram

and trying to see because you was cuffed

to comparison and you saw that other

people were doing things

tonight is the

we should go you know i just love having


and god was going to give you a plan for

the next five years

in that evening that you made margin

but because you’re

cuffed to constant movement

you have no margin

you know what margin is

one person said yeah

okay let me give you an elementary um


you know when you used to learn how to

write in elementary school and they

would say put your name in the margin

all the other lines were very small but

the margin

was a thick area because it was supposed

to be

made for titles

main points

and the name

in the margin is where god gives titles

main points

and affirm names

many people have written a lot of

purpose down

with no title

with no main subject no purpose

and no affirmation of the name god’s

called you to walk with

and it’s because we have

made our lives little white lines

and we have made no everybody say margin

because we’re cuffed to constant

what’s next

what do i post next

constant activity

and many of us

are cuffed to constant worry

which leads to watch this being

constantly weary

constant worry

leads to constant weary

and if i look around at the state of the

body of christ

what i see more than anything

it’s weariness

people tired

tired of praying for people to be healed

i’m tired of hoping i’m tired of

going to conferences i’m tired of

yelling amen and there’s a hole in my

heart and i’m i’m weary

today i want to give you the cure

for constant weariness

write it down



i’m about to preach this message on rest

as the greatest revelation

that you think you know about

but it don’t show up in your life

if you actually rested you wouldn’t be

so weary

some of y’all hopped up on red bulls and

power and coffee right now

your body was not meant to need all of


i’m i’ma say some stuff that culture

won’t say

some of y’all turn into a different

person without your folgers in the


can we be honest

the best part of waking up

is folgers in your no no no the best

part of me waking up is the father

giving me a new day with grace and mercy

the best part of me waking up but that’s

not how we feel because culture told us

you need to produce more

you need to grind more

you need to make more

you need to outdo the next person and if

you black you need to be three times

better than them so that you can even

get recognized i’m just telling you what

people have programmed

that is not kingdom

and i’m gonna say what it’s very

contrary to say because i don’t care

i don’t care about you coming back i

care about you being told the truth so

that you can actually be healed and


god is not requiring what culture is yes


oh this gonna be good today

what you have believed

that you have to do to stay relevant and

current is not kingdom requirements it’s

culture’s requirement

and it proves you don’t trust god

write it down on the point

culture is constant

kingdom watch this is consistent

there’s a difference

between constant

and consistent

god puts patterns in place



clap with me say clap oh come on at home

come on come on clap uh

the beat right here yeah it’s constant

it’s constant everything we doing in the

place is constant it’s constant it’s

constant everything we doing in the

place is constant we’re in unity hey

we’re in unity hey like right now

because i set a pace

we are all in different countries and

different zip codes we are all right now

in unity because there’s consistent


oh even white people clapping on b look

at that hey

hey hey

okay all right she’s like i did it i did

it i did it

and i’m just like

i’m just playing i’m just playing

i’m just playing

okay listen

what happened

what happened there

is because there was a pace set

we were able to be in unity

because it was constant

if i say everybody clap but follow me

come on

my clapping was consistent

but it caused discord

because it wasn’t

okay it was constant my clapping was

constant but it caused discord because

it wasn’t consistent

some of us are doing things constantly


i’m sweating all of that clapping

it took the same amount of work

to be constant

but there was not as much fruit

as being consistent



so so culture is constant

constant change constant news feeds

constant grinding constant hustling wake

up rise and grind

get up before the sun

you’re beating everybody who

who am i beating


what what am i

what am i working towards

what what

where do you find this in the box tell

me where rising grind is

in the bible


matthew 11 28

then jesus said

come to me

all of you rising grinders

who are


it’s not that the rising grind mentality

doesn’t create or produce fruit

it just doesn’t produce lasting fruit

see a lot of people get messed up that

was like this produce for me this made

it work for a season

but there’s no way you do that level of

intensity for that long and don’t lose


you may not know what it is yet wow

some of y’all are working so hard to get

away from how you grew up

that you are losing

things that are going to actually matter

15 to 20 years ago from now

and the bible says there’s a different


there’s a kingdom way

jesus said this there wasn’t a disciple

this one one of his homeboys this wasn’t

somebody who spent time with this jesus

come to me

all you who are


and watch this and you can be a hairy

heavy burden


leading that family as a single mother

that’s a heavy burden

running a company and you’ve never led

anything before and your daddy didn’t

pass you the company you started this by


you don’t even know how to start a


you don’t know nothing about taxes

who is fica

who is this person that’s stealing from


every first and the fifteen that one

took like thirty percent of my check

that must be a heavy burden

being the prototype

in a different perspective of living

and god says there’s a place for you

come here

come to me

and i

will give you


come to me

with your burdens and stuff and i’m

gonna give you work no

i’m gonna give you an anointing



come to me everybody who’s heavy and and

and burden and i’m gonna give you a


come to me and i’m gonna give you a

prayer assignment

i want you to stay up for 48 hours

and i never want you to drink

eat or sleep

i want you to ward in the spirit

no i’m

i’m saying the things that i grew up in

that may have been


in us not fully having a revelation

of trusting god completely

he said if you are weary

and heavy burdened

come to me and i’ma give you a gift

and out of everything i could give you

the thing that’s gonna help your

weariness and the heavy burden more than

anything else is not me laying hands on


jesus could have laid hands

come here

lift your hands

you’re weary i feel that

heavy burden

i’m god i know

lift your hand

come here

i got an instruction for you

turn the email off

shut your phone off

go lay down on the couch

that’s it


that’s too easy

easy i’m glad you said that word


take my yoke

upon you i know culture tells you you

got to you you gotta white knuckle your

way through this season

and prove to all the haters

that what they thought was gonna keep

you down

you can rise above

take my

young and let me teach you something

your parents didn’t

let me teach you something your culture


let me teach you something that no

school taught you

because i’m humble

and gentle at heart and you will find

what is the word

not just for your body

some of y’all getting eight hours of

sleep and still weary

you got a purple mattress peely


posturepedic i don’t even know how to

say you got a 8 000 mattress cooling


neck pillows you in good sleep

but you haven’t rested in a decade


sleep and rest

two totally different things

and god said i don’t just want to give

you sleep

i want to give you rest where for your


i want your mind to rest

i want your will to rest watch this one

i want your emotions

you triggered by everything every scroll

every governmental decision every

political party thing every decision

that’s made god said i need you to

withdraw so i can give you the gift of


watch this

rest is not a luxury

it is a necessity

and this is where i’m coming against



many of you

have worked

to receive


so you

don’t stop

because the thing you actually need

which is approval

will stop

with the people around you if you’re not


i’ma say it no matter what

your sense of value that you need from a

parental or a guiding or uh uh somebody

above you god builds us to need that

we need that approval we need that well

done we need that thing that says i’m

proud of you you’re good but it’s not

supposed to be based on our performance

it’s supposed to be based on our


because i’m your son because i’m your


because i’m your student just because

before i do anything

there should be approval there but many

of us see rest as a luxury i’ll rest

when i’m dead

i hear people

people in i’ll rest when i’m dead what

where did that come from

where is that engine that’s pulling you

and grinding you that hard and

you feel better than people


allows you to stumble into pride

and judgment looking at other people

who aren’t doing the amount of reps

you’re doing

they’re not as constant as you and so

somehow you think you’re winning

and the whole time you’re giving digging

a grave


we have to go visit the trauma

of where work


our engine for approval


yeah this this booties is tight in the

room right now


i’m going to read verse 29 again take

i love this

take my yoke upon you

he’s not going to put it on you


come here

take this but don’t take it

he can touch it

and still not take it

he can be close to it

and still not take god is saying i’m

giving you


you can have it

but it’s going to come down to your


to take the gift

that god is placing in front of and some

of you god has been telling you to rest

for years

and you keep pointing at it like one day

god just wait on me

one day i’m gonna i’m gonna take the


and you you think it’s something that’s


you think it’s a luxury for people who

get to a certain status

you think that it’s a gift for the elite

in god

but god says i’m giving every one of my


the ability or excuse me the choice

to take rest

take it

when you take it god’s not saying no

give it back to me

now work extra for it

he says this rest got your name on it

nobody else can claim this rest

this rest is built for you

your mama can’t have it your cousin

can’t have it i

if nobody if you don’t take this rest

then nobody gets to experience the


the gift

the anointing

that’s on this rest

except you

now watch this this is why i found out

over the past seven years of my life

this may be the most impactful

revelation of your life rest is a weapon

people ask me all the time

how did transformation

do what it’s doing and how did god bless

the church

i said honestly there’s a lot of factors

that people could point to but i’m gonna

tell you what i think it is

i said

i’m not a better preacher than a lot of

people there are a lot of really good

preachers i said there are people that

definitely can run an organization

better than me i only had one job before




you know what i’m saying like i want to

be very practical like i i wasn’t a

harvard business school like like

graduate that happened to come into

ministry like i went to tcc community

college tulsa technol tells the

community college for six months and

failed nutrition


but but somehow i’m leading


that that are are conduits of tens of


god really could have a

really different person in here doing


but when i got into this position i had

a mentor named tim ross

and tim set me down

and and he said michael we’re going to

do a couple of things we’re going to

practice principles that jesus practiced

and i felt like that was dumb for him to

say it’s like duh i’m a pastor

i was like yeah we’re going to practice

he said many people

listen to the message of jesus but don’t

follow the method of jesus

they know the message

they don’t do the method

he says so what you’re going to do many

times in the bible

it says and jesus withdrew

and jesus withdrew before you can go

study it before most of his major

miracles the bible makes a point to tell

you that jesus withdrew and he went to


and he said michael we’re going to pick

up watch this word a rhythm

of rest

and it starts this year

and i told him i became the lead pastor

of transformation church february 1st

2015 many of you know this story he told

me that in june of that year that’s not

even six months i was taking a month off

i told him there will be no church to

come back to

these people don’t even like me already

so if i go away

for one month

there’s no way

he said michael you’re either going to

trust god in this journey or you’re not

either this is god’s church and you’re

his man or you’re not

either you’re going to handle this out

of your works or you’re going to let god

work his thing he said so this is going

to be watch this an act of faith

and he said and you’re going to teach

the people

how to rest while god’s doing miracles

all around you

so i got up with my knees shaking

i said transmitting church has been a

great five months

thank you

for staying and being committed

to the mission

i said me and personally are going to

take some time

to rest and recuperating and just and

just seek god

and those people looked at me


you’re about to what

you going on vacation

no i said i’m going to rest


you just gonna go

and leave

your post


you know i’ve looked in the bible

several times

i mean you got to understand the

pressure i’m under like

i’m like

and this is one of the things that i


you can be doing the wrong thing

and people praise you for it

because it’s tradition


i’m can we just have like a real

conversation today okay

so so

many of my predecessors

bishop included will tell you he was in

the back with me right now


my bishop

never took two weeks off from this

pulpit in 16 years

can you imagine

the burden

this is burying his father

his mother

going through situations with his

children and

people expected this man had a heart


throughout his back and people praised

him that’s my bishop

he had a back hernia but he was up here


the house down

y’all trying to kill him

this man

may be one of the most prolific


in our not just state but our country

but people

the expectation of people

will try to kill you

at a game they can’t make you win it

nobody chose bishop god chose it

nobody put him in place god put him in

place but then we spend our life


on platforms

for people

who gonna choose to leave anyway


when he decided to get me to church the

same people

that was praising him

for killing himself

left the church because they said you

don’t have vision for the future

i’m trying to let you know

that god does not require

what culture requires from you

god wants you to uncover from constant

and he wants you to enter into say it

with me


rest is a weapon

let me go all the way back

to genesis


genesis on day one what did god create


let there be

and there was

day two heavens and earth day three dry

grounding plants day four sun moon and

stars day five birds and sea creatures



he created land animals

and us


day six

boom my greatest scream he looked at he

said daddy gummit

i did a good job

it’s not good for him to be alone

go to sleep

rip out oh there it is

that’s good



gives us the pattern watch this of work

he gives the first thing he doesn’t give

us a prayer calendar the first thing he

does not give us a plan to the pastorate

he does not give us three prophetic

signs for the nations the first thing

god gives all of humanity

is a pattern of work

give me six days


and then i’m gonna show you


what you need to concentrate on because

it might be the hardest thing

he didn’t create man on the second day

and then let him watch him work for four

more days and then take a day

he didn’t create man on the third day

and say now watch me work for three days

the first thing we experience with god


on the sixth day he creates us the very

next day

a day of rest

he does not give us the name the animals

today no he said the first thing i’m

gonna teach you how to do

because i know that you’re in a fallen

world and it’s going to try to speed you

up the thing i need you to learn before

anything else

is how to rest for a whole day


that’s so good

that is so good and the whole body of


has trouble

doing the first thing

god ever showed us how to do

let me show it to you in the bible

genesis chapter 2 verse 1.

so the creation of the heavens and the

earth and everything in them was

complete the work was complete

on the seventh day

god had finished his work of creation




from what pastor mike like rested from

doing things resting from he

rested from oh

it’s just an i just got to send an email


i just got to clean the gutters today

because it’s my only day to actually

oh i really

just have to go to the sale because it


he rested from all his work

but watch this watch his watch

and god


the seventh day

there’s no other blessing

on any of the other days of work

the only day that was blessed was the

day of rest

and some of you have been missing your

blessing you’re talking about you living

a blessed life and you think it’s only

connected to the money you give your

blessed life is cor is connected to your

rested life and god is saying to some of

you i cannot bless because you won’t be



booked and busy

booked him busy

let me see i don’t i don’t know if i

have booked them

busy god said keep doing that

and choke the blessing i have for you

if you would just


god said i bless the seventh day and

watch this

i declared it

what’s the phrase of this year here


holy what if the only thing god was

trying to get you to get a consistent

pattern of this year

what if the whole reason why the last

thing didn’t work

is because if it worked

you would have started

being cut to constant again

and god says that’s not worth me losing


so i need you to teach you the pattern

of rest so then i can bless

when i tell you

i obeyed

the leadership of my oversight pastor

tim ross

and when i didn’t understand it because

my engine was grind hustle the fact that

i’m preaching you this message

bree stop laughing

bri been with me in ministry for almost

13 years

she knows

i’m the pastor

that would paint the stage on saturday


play the drums for praise and worship

get up and preach

then i will go after and counsel people

like it was like i gotta do everything

i gotta do everything cause somewhere in


if i wasn’t performing i wasn’t good


i wasn’t approved if i wasn’t performing

my value was in what i gave not in who i


and when i


the command

of rest and i uncuffed from constant

and it was a process

let me just tell you that’s not a oh a

switch you flip like

yeah i’ve been going like this

for two decades

and then i got the revelation

but i hadn’t figured out how to walk it


so i had to watch this try

i had to try

and at first sabbatical it took me two

and a half weeks to stop thinking about

the church

like no

it took me two and a half weeks to be

like ah just oh god please don’t let

service blow up today lord and please

let whoever’s speaking and please like i

was praying more for the church on

sabbatical than i was when i was here

and then i finally started to rest for a

couple weeks took my kids on pk vacay

and we went to the beach and we did

different things came back took my wife

on a trip and then came back and and it

was like oh

it felt like a sip of water

after not being able to drink for days

it was like

and it just when it just you know how

you know when you’re really thirsty and

you can feel it going all the way down

right when i finished it was like back

to work


that first year

nothing changed

that second year i said y’all

can we just upgrade this from four weeks

to six weeks because i it’s going to

take me two

to just

unplug i don’t know how to do this

and that

after that two weeks had come

i started relax

nelly said you think about the church

not at all

that’s god’s church

i’m thinking about my bride he got his

broad i’m thinking about you what you

want to do

uh see

i came back rested

off of that sabbatical

the first message i preached was

relationship goals

the message god would use to catapult

our ministry came out of rest

the thing that has changed the commas in

my bank account

and the generations for my family i’m no

secret about it the the selling of

relationship goals has changed my

family’s financial future i’m i am ba

i’m b l e


because god used the moment where i had

margin to create a miracle for my

children’s children you missed it but

i’m telling you right now it wasn’t in

my performance it wasn’t in my work it

wasn’t in me doing more it was in me

receiving what already had my name on it


and out of me resting

and having the margin for a miracle you

don’t have the margin for the miracle

i came off a sabbatical and god gave me

relationship goals crazy faith first

series off of sabbatical

planet not buried first series off of

sabbatical fu first series officer like

it was like god saying i’m going to


you honoring my word and i’m gonna give

you stuff that’ll go across the world

when we were in the prison

y’all that was the most life-changing

experience preaching to incarcerated men

who are free oh my god you miss what i

heard what i said those men were so free

worshipping god saying i’m no longer a

slave to sin hands lifted knowing that

they’re not getting out of prison for

another 20 years

one of the dudes came up to me said

pastor mike it’s such an honor to be

here with you

i was like you know who i am he said we

watch you every week in here

we get our our

our tablets with the pando at which

which was created by god behind bars and

they said and we watch you he said guess

what my favorite series is i said what

he said f you

and the whole time i was preaching it

was like

and it brought me so much joy he said

i’ve had to forgive so many people

being here and nobody’s taught me how to

do it

but but that series that’s blessing

people in prison

five years after i preached it

came because i had margin and i


i’m just trying to give you the cheat


cause you can live the rest of your life

working and grinding from an empty place

and never experience what you’re working


okay let me just

it says and god bless the seventh day

and declare it cleared it holy somebody

say here is holy

the reason he declared holy i love when

the bible over emphasizes the why

he did not

declare it holy because he did it

he did not declare it holy because

they experienced something special on

the seventh day watch this because it

was the day when he rested

from all his work

it was holy

whatever day you decide

every week

to quit the constant

and be consistent with the day of rest

that day is going to become blessed and


this is bible

and some of y’all i can’t do that you

don’t know the job i have

no i don’t

what i’m telling you is

god can double your income

when you obey his principles

more than you can work you can have

three jobs

trying to make ends meet

and god said just obey my principles

it’s going to take faith to do

some of y’all have crazy faith for a

house and not crazy faith to rest

you will believe god for a car that’s

going to break down

on you in four years

but won’t believe god for a sustainable

lifestyle that’ll keep you alive for the

next 40.

let me say it like this

this is the law of first mention

like there’s there’s a practice that

when you study the bible like wherever

god first does something you study it so

that you can see the principle that he’s

trying to teach you that needs to become

a pattern

so when god teaches us six and one

everybody say six work

one rest say it again six work

one rest

god is not legalistic on this but in a

seven day period

you should have one day where all work



this means you’re gonna have to

rearrange your lifestyle

this means you’re going to have to break


that you made out of ignorance


to sustain your life for legacy

this means you can’t coach your son’s


and be the pta president

and run the sound at your church

and be the one that picks up the

cupcakes for all of the gatherings for

your friends and be the one who hosts

the meal every night and you can’t do it

all there has to be this is not just the

year where he says here is holy this is

also the year of intentional limitations

for our church if you’re a part of

transformation church god gives us a

phrase and and and really kind of a

definition that goes along with it in

this year the year 2022 he said here is

holy wherever you’re at is holy and this

is the year of an intentional limitation

for some of you this is going to be your

spiritual act this year

to intentionally limit things so that

you can have rest


the law first mentioned

he gives it to us in genesis that means

humanity is supposed to replicate this


when you do god’s principles you get

god’s promises


so this is where i want to tell you

something that nobody’s ever told you

rest is a gift of god’s goodness

he’s not asking you to do good before he

gives you the gift of rest

he’s not asking you to perform well most

of us feel that we need to earn rest

instead of live from rest

most of us earn i’m a work

my bleep off

then i’mma rest

and god said who

who told you to do that

that like i need you to work

but then i need you to work from a

rested place

you don’t make good decisions

when you’re not rested

oh god

my worst decisions

is in seasons where i stayed up till two

and three and four in the morning and i

had to get up for a 6 a.m class

don’t i made dumb

cause your body

was fashioned

to be able to function

off of a rested soul

okay so so so

i got to confront a lie real quick

because some of us has believed the lie

and the pattern of performance and

production this is what you believe

performance equals approval and praise

so if i perform i will get praised and i

get approved

the truth is position equals approval

and praise

let me prove it to you

should i say it


if you only praise your kids when they

do good

you are creating

a workaholic

you are actively fashioning

because all of us need the approval of

our parentals

but if you only tell them they’re doing

good and they’re pretty when they’re

dressed up

and they’re handsome when they have a


if you only tell them that that they’re

oh that’s my boy that’s their there they

are i see you when they get a’s and when

they do that

you are creating

a monster

that will know nothing else

except working for men’s approval

when it’s the last time you praised your


in an extravagant way

just for having your last name

when’s the last time it wasn’t because

they scored a goal

it wasn’t because they brought home it

wasn’t cause they cleaned the house

that’s my baby i love how you clean your

room that’s what i’m talk

about breath stinking

hair wild

just turn around and look at him i’m so

proud of you

to the point where they question for


because you’re mine

i’m so proud of you and i love you so

much without you doing anything just

because you look at that smile look at

the joy you carry look at how you and

the truth of the matter is many of us

did not receive what we needed

so we performed to get it

you out here ta

every day

at school

at work

in relationships

to get what you need

that somebody that did not have the

emotional intelligence to give you


i’m asking you to put away an uncuff

from that lie

that performance equals approval and


and position

okay let me prove it to you in the bible

jesus can we all agree that jesus is in

our example he’s our example

i said can we all agree that jesus is

our example okay matthew chapter 3 verse


let me just give you backstory

jesus born

12 years

with his mom and daddy goes to the


starts rolling with the big dogs it’s

like yo i’m jesus this is what this

means this is what this mean he forgot

to tell his mama where he was going

12 years old you don’t tell your mama

where you going

trouble is

on the horizon

mary had to be a little effing because

she was like jesus



not come here comer

one word

where you been woman

like that would have been it for me


but she let him talk


don’t you know

i was about my father’s business

i’m in the synagogue

and we don’t hear from jesus

after this moment you can check the

bible for 18 years

i don’t know she punched him i don’t

know if she i don’t i don’t know what

child abuse laws were back there all we


jesus comes off the scene

18 years

jesus is 30 now when he pops back like

hey y’all

that might have been the first time he

got consciousness what’s up

what’s up

this is how i read the bible y’all and

he’s he’s literally at a wedding as mama

says hey they don’t ran out of uh the


jesus do that thing you did at the house

last week turn this water

into one

jesus says

it is not my time

y’all do whatever he say to do he about

to turn up like that’s that’s in my mind

that’s what happened

before jesus does one miracle

i’m going about i’m going back to just

showing you the pattern of god that he


require performance before he gives


he goes to john to get baptized

in matthew and he’s baptized by john

and as soon as he obeys the commandment

it says in matthew chapter 3 verse 17

and a voice from heaven said


is my dearly loved son

who brings me great joy this is the boy

that’s mine my only son

and i’m well pleased in him

jesus did not perform one miracle

he did not

heal sick

lay hands on the blind yet

all he did

was obey god

and god approved him before he performed

it’s hard to


when you don’t get approved before you


i just want to acknowledge you

that this is going to be an act of faith

because god like he did for jesus

is saying if you never produce anything

great again

i love you

and i’m pleased with you

you bring me

great joy why god because you’re mine

and i’m telling you it’s going to be

hard to receive the rest of god

if you don’t receive the gift of just

his goodness

god’s just good like that

what’d you do to deserve this nothing

just received him

and that’s why i want to let you know

this rest is god’s will

god i want to know my you’re real for my

life really yeah yeah


trust him

believe that he’s going to do what he

said and actually stay focused on being

consistent in rest

some people are working far more in

ending up with far less

because your pursuit lacks rest

you’re doing so much to get so little

and you still don’t get the gift of rest

this is what you didn’t understand and i

didn’t understand watch this rest

is a command

this is not an option

oh god

thou shall not kill

thou shall not murder

thou shalt not sleep with another man or

another woman’s spouse

we all agree like yeah that makes a lot

of sense

thou shalt honor the lord thy god

not make idols yeah that really feels

like what we should do

everybody should take a day

off is that like the extra

bonus point

is that like

is that like

you put that in the ten commandments

it’s the longest the sabbath

because he knew we would be fighting it

has the most


out of all you can go search it

all the ten commandments is sentences

the one about the sabbath is a paragraph

they say y’all ain’t gonna know how to

do this

but it is the same level of sin


as murdering somebody okay



it’s not just good for you and a gift

from god and when you don’t do it

you’re disobedient

let me say something to you it’s not

noble to work harder than god requires

oh you know what i’m saying you know all

my life all i know how to do is what

this is what is what and god’s like i’m

not applauding that

you’re disobeying me

okay i didn’t make exodus 2010 because

some of y’all looking at me like show me

in the bible

but the seventh day is a sabbath day

of rest

dedicated to the lord your god

on that day no one in your household may

do any work

this includes your sons your daughters

your male and female servants your

livestock and anybody who’s foreign

staying in your house everybody needs to

take a break

the truth of the matter is

you don’t have control of your own life

so when god puts a command in place

you come up with so many excuses to

deprive yourself of a gift that would

give you what you actually need

and god is challenging all of us me as

your leader and everybody a part of


to take a day off

every week


the level of faces

that are looking at me right now

is so interesting because many of you

have been so built

to think

that you’re better than others

because of the work you put in

if i take away your work

i take away your worth

i’m just trying to tell you this was me

if you take away me doing everything

who am i and god says exactly so i can

tell you who you are

so i can redefine what has been defined

for you and this is what i’m asking our

church to understand and new and afresh

y’all how many people love chick-fil-a

in the building right now

okay chick-fil-a say it like you mean i

know we did cuff the cake but you okay

the christian chicken

do you know in a world of constant

chick-fil-a is one of the only


that is closed on sunday

because you’re my chick-fil-a

clothes on sunday yeah like thank you

yay for that song

it’s a principle that has made them more


than every


chain now watch this

chick-fil-a is open from i believe nine

or ten or early in the morning to ten

o’clock at night okay

six days a week

principle and pattern

close on sunday

some of the other retailers that i will

not mention

are open 24 hours a day

they never close


and let me

some of the service is very poor past a

certain time

how is your ice cream machine always

down no let me stop

y’all going

never works okay cool


the average mcdonald’s franchise

makes a million dollars gross is a

million dollars a year

the average chick-fil-a franchise

averages five million dollars




consistent principle

more fruit

work constantly

less fruit

and all right at reputation

choose you choose you this day

who will you serve culture

or are you going to serve the king this

is a principle of getting the reason why

i’m methodically working through this

because i’m trying to tear down

the ideas that you’ve lived by for so

long and now you’re forcing on your kids

can i can i i’m gonna show you a

scripture that scares me actually

god is so serious about rest

everybody say rest is a command

not an option

either you will rest willingly or you’ll

be made to rest

where the camera look at me

either you will be

willingly resting

or you will be made to rest

half the sickness



injuries all the things it’s because we

do not rest

and god’s so serious about this in

exodus 23 10 11 he told his people the

people he loved his chosen people look

what he said


and harvest the crops

for six years

but let the land be renewed and lie

uncoated don’t work the land

the seventh year

don’t touch it then let the poor among

you harvest whatever grows on its own

leave the rest for the wild animals to

eat the same applies to not just what

happens in your business

but in your personal vineyard

in your house

and your olive groves

he told his chosen people

this is not just a pattern for the weeks

this is a pattern for your life

so every six days work rest one day

every six years work and then let that

thing rest

the people didn’t listen

cause they were cuffed to constant

i mean it’s good land

there’s still fruit there

there’s still crop there

so do y’all know what god did

cause he said i’m not gonna go against

my word

he allowed the entire nation

to be taken into captivity and

overthrown by a different


to let the land rest

this scares me

he allowed them to be conquered

so that the land could rest

let me just ask you a question

what are you still working

that god needs to rest

the reason why the business is not


the reason why that relationship ain’t

working god says i need you just give it

a rest for a little bit

i need you to come out of this and this

is the point of it constant activity

leads to captivity

keep working what god says for you to


he said out

i’ll let you to get into that

relationship that’s horrible

and be taken into captivity for years

because you will not listen to me

stop hanging out with them

i told you to let it rest

you won’t let it rest

take them

take them

no no no no this what they wanted

i gave them the ability to accept the

gift of rest

but they so cuffed to constant

that they won’t accept my gift

yeah anxiety take them

depression you can have them they don’t

want peace

i’m the prince of peace they don’t want

to easy yoke

they want to struggle

suicidal don’t take them

i’m giving them a different option but

they won’t


so if i’m in constant activity i’m a

step away to from captivity

now i got to say this just because i got

to come to close because some of y’all

can’t take no more right now your faces

look like like

oh my god why did i come to church today

to get healed

to get uncovered some of y’all are going

to have to watch this so many times

because because it’s got to wash over


this word but i’m telling you what the

bible said like

now now just for everybody who’s like i

heard about the bible today

constant activity leads to captivity i

ain’t doing nothing

forget that trash don’t matter

i ain’t doing nothing i’m on my side

this i’m not doing anything

that’s not what i’m saying

the prerequisite for real rest is real


rest and laziness are not the same thing

some of y’all been saying i’m resting

and you’re just lazy

like anything that requires anything of

you you want to blame it on and that’s

why poverty has found you and you have

laid in that bed and god is not pleased

with that it was six days of real work

that was the prerequisite for real rest


we have to do the real work

to actually experience real rest

but that’s why we cannot commit to

laziness we need to commit to legacy

when you’re not building for yourself

you know when i get up to work

this is for something beyond me

do you think transformation church is

doing all the things we’re doing for us

god has bless we good what we’re trying

to do is pay off other people’s

buildings what we’re trying to do is go

into the jail system and really re

reintroduce people into real life we’re

trying to help people beyond us

but that takes six days a week doing

real work

but what we do for our staff we tell

them take a sabbath

take a day off and some of them are


i’m telling you right now we got 130

something staff some of them came from

churches and places that all it was was

constant they weren’t good if they

weren’t constant

and we telling them

take a break

we tell them take your vacation

we telling them take all your pto you

got 18 days of pto and you just got here

where they do that at transformation

church we’re trying to make this an

environment where there’s margin

and there are people that in the year

that work here

nobody thinking they did god’s work

by not taking the gift

that god gave them here

you are fooled

you have gone against

the gift that god has given you

racking up i got 48 pto days

that’s dumb

let me stop they can fire you any day

and you

you not take it you mad every day you

own the job

but won’t take a day off

who told you

i’mma leave it alone cause i just felt

write this down rest

takes crazy faith

every year i’m

i’m going on a sabbatical this is my

last week preaching until the fall

i’m out of here


now watch

whether you like it or not

i have reaped the benefits

of being consistent with the rhythm of


y’all wouldn’t want to hear from me

if i had an affair

but many people that are having affair

it’s not because they wanted to have


they made a poor decision

when their soul was weary

they just did not rest

the financial situation they got into

they weren’t able to see a clearer path

because they didn’t withdraw and rest

and so they got in bed with somebody who

was going a lone shark and a bad person

is still like if what nobody wakes up in

the morning it’s like today i’ma trick

my life off


it’s what it’s what happens

when you’re weary

that’s my last sunday preaching and this

is some of y’all’s like well this is my

last sunday till you come back hold on

where’s your trust

is your trust that god can deliver a

word to you

in me

because i’m gonna tell you that’s a bad

place to put it

i’ma just be frank with you

this mortal man is not the place where

you won’t put all your hope in faith

it’s in god

the one that can speak through a burning

bush the one that can speak through a

donkey the one that can speak to your

cousin or co-worker or whoever we have

on this platform one of the greatest

signs of spiritual maturity

is that you’re able to receive god’s

word from whoever the servant is he puts

up there

if viewership and people’s participation

goes down that’s not a sign of the meal

we prepared

that’s a sign of the maturity of the

person sitting at the table

okay let me stop there at transformation

church every summer if you’re just new

here every summer this happens

for eight years we’ve been doing this

and i’m not breaking the rank because

when i come back



having experienced recreation which is

recreation when i get when i withdraw

i make margin

for god to produce in me

the things that will produce miracles in

this church

and and a lot of the times the miracles

aren’t signs and wonders

with me touching you

it’s a principle that i’ve adopted that

we start filtering through this church

and then you start seeing the outcome in

people’s life and how it changes is

because you cannot go where your leader

will not take you

that’s why it’s very important what

church you’re in there are churches that

preach against this

the tactic of manipulation is to work


to the point where it can’t function

without them

and they’re watching people lose their

families and their husbands and their

wife and their sanity and when they go

crazy they’re not even there for them

i’m trying to break the cycle

your pastor is telling you

take a rest

take a vacation

do something

that will recreate in your soul

a place in a space where god

can give you margin

and you can receive a miracle okay

last two things and we out of here


or just write them down because i ain’t

even got time to talk about them rest

requires retreat

you can’t rest if you’re always doing


some people’s birthday parties you not

going to

i got a strong birthday text game

and some people i can’t i can’t i love


but the mental space it takes for me at

this season of my life

to remember everybody’s birthday and go

to everybody’s baby shower and

experience everybody’s everything

is draining for me

i don’t have the margin

and i have a great mandate

not because i’m a pastor

because i answer god’s call

if you’re a single mother god has given

you a great mandate

if you’re a father god has given you a

great mandate there are certain things

you can’t do and what i’m saying is you



retreat the bible go search every place

in the bible where it said and jesus


they were trying to crown him king and

he was like hold up


i don’t really want to do this no more

these people is crazy out here

but you got a purpose and a plan for me

you gonna give me wisdom

send them

send them i sent them out on the seat

y’all seen them

you about to you about to hit them with

a storm

you want

you want peter to walk on water

oh that’s why you sent me here

to rest

so that i could have the strength for

the greatest miracle a man has ever


okay it’s 3am

okay let me

walks on the sea

peter is that you

before you just heard me call your name

if it’s you lord bid me to come

come on out here peter

could it be

that the miracle that peter experienced

was a direct connection

to the rest

that jesus took

before the miracle happened

what if jesus was in the book signing


taking pictures and selfies with


sony signing their tablet stones j

c like what if he

what if he was doing all that like

and wasn’t rested

he wouldn’t have had the power being

fully man and fully god


to be the example for what

simon peter would be the only man to do


rest is


weapon rest requires retreat watch this

rest produces recreation


will not recreate

until you do something recreational

some of y’all don’t know how to have fun

so literally if you take time off all

you’re thinking about is organizing


if you take time off you’re trying to

think about how to get ahead when you

come back

go do something

that has no

tangible result


go skating

i ain’t skating in 32 years

but you used to love it

you used to get out there and was ah



go learn to swim

what what uh what i look like 50 years


out there with the kids with a floaty

like somebody who’s trying


you won’t even go on

the cruise cause you’re scared that if

something crack off a titanic moment

you can’t swim

but you want to go on the cruise but

you’re fearful cause you can’t

so just start with

let’s just

let’s just try to learn how to swim

it might take you four years

and and

especially for black people

no i got to say this because i lead a

multi-ethnic church where

slavery they intentionally taught you

not to swim

because most of the perimeters were

surrounded by water so they could keep

you cuffed

and captive

if you did not know how to swim and so

what they did was drown people

to give you the fear and generationally

something that has been passed down


and even when you get into the 40s and

the 50s they used to go to public

swimming pools when they did segregation

they used to come because they did not

want to have joint pools with white

people and they would dump acid you can

literally research this stuff

into pools which made parents say you

ain’t going to the pool no more we’re

not swimming and now we’re in 2022

where people got pools in their backyard

that they can’t swim in hot tub we hot

tub all day

a negro will sit in the hot tub

and we will get a drink and relax and

have a great day by the pool watch the

language buy the pool

not in it but buy it


it’s time

it’s time i’m just saying like maybe

some of the stuff ain’t as deep as you

think it is like

it’s time to


and recreate

learn a new skill

do something you’ve never done color

again when the last time you colored

you used to be the best the shading

the outlining

some of y’all know what i’m saying like

some of y’all could ah

i’ve been looking like how you make

scooby doo look like that

but somehow at eight


that sense of doing something that would

never be shown in an art gallery

but would be displayed on a refrigerator

it would recreate something on the

inside of you

and i’m just asking you

that’s what

that’s what rest produces do that again

rest is a reminder

that you’re not all that

when you leave the company and it still

runs you’ll be like damn

thought i was holding it together

thought i was the big dog

every year when i go on sabbatical

around week


i’m like man i bet they miss me now

and god was like no they’re fine

sent words sent messages talked to

people gave

i was like god but you know

don’t bring a special twinkle no no no

you’re important but not that important

my work don’t go on without you

stay obedient

this is a privilege

this is an honor

it’s an honor to raise them kids it’s an

honor to love that wife it’s honor

please don’t take this for granted

rest is a reminder

you not all that

it keeps you humble

which keeps god’s favor on your life

let me say this one rest is winning

like the sign of of of health and wealth

a hundred years ago

was the time you got to spend

with your family and in leisure that was

the picture of wealth a hundred years


the picture of wealth now

is flying from this city to this city

private jets high-rises meetings like

it’s like you’re wealthy when you got

photo shoots and this and that

where did that come from

the enemy

the enemy said if i can take away their

weapon arrest

i can keep them so delusional

that they’ll accept anything

and what the enemy

can’t get in front of and stop

he gets behind and pushes

some of y’all have been pushed

to the brink

of producing

and god said would you please

uncuff from culture

and follow my kingdom pattern

and enter into my


rested somebody say a rest is winning

and i couldn’t comprehend this because i

thought while i was resting somebody was

beating me

well god

i’m i’m just sitting here

what he said

their movement

does not equate



movement doesn’t equal multiplication he

said when i touch something

then it multiplies see we don’t believe

the bible promotion comes from god

so god looks at people who are doing it

his way

and not doing it his way and he says yo

i can promote them because they got the


i am not that good i just follow the

principles of generosity the principles

of rest the principles of prayer and

it’s like god blesses more

and i’m doing less okay they got mad at

me on that one charles just let me stop

last one

rest restores

when you rest

i i’ve been working out and i’ve been on

this journey y’all and my my whole

little situation is changing right now

i’m i’m i’m having to buy different

clothes now because the things that i

really liked they don’t fit no more i’m

having to get stuff tailored god’s doing

a transformation and your boy



tucked in shirt what

a year ago this would have been um

got my hoochie daddy shorts how

my wife liked them okay

when i’ve been in this process now the

discipline is turning into a desire

so like while i was in miami i was

working out still i found a trainer in

miami like i’m working out and doing

these different things and

one of the things that i found

i was asking the trainer i was saying um

all right how do i take it up to the

next level how do i go he said there’s

two things that you need to maximize

your workout in this next season you’ve

mastered all of these things two things

that are the secret weapon to

achieving the physique you want

water and rest

say what

i thought you was going more more weight

more burden more struggle more strain

he said no no you’ve you’ve you’ve been

doing everything consistently stay

consistent at that

the things you’re not doing are the

things your body needs

they need to be hydrated

and you need to rest

how much rest should i begin eight hours

hey my body don’t even stay asleep that


it’s because your mind is filled

with things that let me get up let me do

this let me

he said water and rest and it was a

revelation maybe

your next level is not about more

maybe it’s not about addition

maybe it’s about subtraction

say stop drinking pop stop drinking

juice just water

and you need a gallon and a half a day

i said do you know how many times i got

to pee

he said that that’ll just be a byproduct

of how you feel

when you’re hydrated

and he said then i need you to rest

i started to think about

how the rest in the water restores

it restores what i can’t even see

there are things on the inside of you

that have been thirsty

and needing a break

and god said would you come to me

all of you

who have had this heavy burden

and are weary and i will give you what

is the word


you already know a lot of uh me and

natalie’s story


we have a son in whom i’m well pleased

mj and he was diagnosed with autism he

currently has autism and he’s a miracle

in motion we’re believing god

for uh a miracle but

as we believe god for a miracle we do

not deny

our current situation

faith is not acting like something real

that’s delusion

so so god’s doing miracles

um but that took

an extreme toll

on me and my life

in the middle of the church blowing up

in the middle of crazy faith and

relationship goals and we winning on the

outside to everybody else and our soul

is leaking cause our only son

was diagnosed with autism and they were

telling us all these things he would

never be able to do

that opened up a window

specifically in my wife to just

childhood trauma and hurt and all these

different things and y’all there was a

season where i was like hold up


i don’t know if i’m gonna be able to be

a pastor

and we gonna walk through all of this



god sent me great community

and i have friends that actually care

about us if we never were pastors

like i actually have people that don’t

care how much money we make don’t care

if we got nothing like

they’re not ministry friends because i’m

mike todd they’re like my friends

and my friend saw

that we were hurting and called the

counselor for us

they called the counselor for us and

said hey

you’re going to this

i was like what are you talking about


in my culture and family like we pray

about stuff

i don’t go to counseling

the lord can fix this

and he can

but maybe the method

is through counseling

maybe i need to cry at the altar to

start it

but i need to talk to somebody to finish


i’m just i gotta say some stuff because

there’s just cultural things some of

y’all when i’m i’m 60 years old never go

to council and you’ll die like that

you’ll die with that burden and then

you’ll leave your kids here

to fight

and to struggle

through things you could have just told

them that’s not what i meant

okay let me stop

we went to counseling

intensive counseling this wasn’t like

once a week for an hour

this was five days

three hours a day every day for the

whole week

this was exhausting

it was work

and we went every quarter for two years

all of your favorite messages

in between the weeks i would preach to

you on sunday and i would fly out on

sunday night

and i would be in colorado with my wife

with somebody else watching our kids for

five days

all the time talking about molestation

talking about being hurt talked about

where did this work engine come from why

do you like have to do this and

um there was a moment

where i saw that my wife needed me

to be the one to help restore her

and this was my assignment and this is

why god gave her to me

it’s not for relationship goals the book

is to sacrifice


we had a conversation and she said mike

the enemy is tormenting me at night

i’m the pastor this church and my wife

comes up to me i’m just going to be

transparent with y’all

comes up to me the enemy is tormenting

me at night

and it intensifies every time you go out

of town to preach to other people

i’m here i don’t sleep i’m getting wore

out by the devil and i need you to be

here with me tears in our eyes and i’m

thinking like but i gotta go

i gotta work i gotta get

this is my moment

this is what we prayed for this is how

we gonna get out of poverty this is how

we’re going to everybody’s calling me

she says i need you to choose me

and after that conversation the holy

spirit dealt with me so strong he said


i need you to uncuff from constant

i need you to stop striving

i need you to start striding instead of

running walk and i promise you i’ll give

you everything you thought you were

gonna run to i’ll bring it to you


but that was


in theory

but when i had to call

every person that i booked arenas and

conferences for

in in in from july to december and tell

them i was canceling my name on the


that was not easy

but i made the decision i want you to

see a moment that i don’t even know why

i recorded this

but i recorded the moment

that i sacrificed what i thought was my


for god to use resting with me and my

wife to restore

her into another level watch this video

i’m just documenting the journey

been kind of going since god’s done this

whole thing and

yesterday and this morning he kind of

hit a reset and so

this right here 2018 calendar

and um canceling everything from july on

just to focus on natalie

focused on relationship goals focus on

music focus on

the church and just make room for

whatever god wants to do

striding 2.0

this is uncomfortable and weird but

i just know when i follow god he does

more than i could ever do so

i’m sorry to everybody we’re having to

cancel on

but i just can’t be whited out of the

purpose of god trying to please me so

now listen before you clap before you


that wasn’t a moment

and it was over

that was a continued decision

that i had to make over and over and

over and over again some of the very

people that told me to put family first

got mad at me and never invited me back

because i did what i knew i had to do

for my soul to have rest

me and natalie just celebrated our 12th

year anniversary this past sunday

i love you baby



and my wife don’t really do social media

that much but that video was on her

phone i didn’t have it

and i don’t know how many times she

watched that video or saw that video

but she decided to post that video

for our anniversary

and she said i thank you for choosing me

and when i tell you

that meant more to me than being on any


the level of restoration and healing

that god has been doing

and my wife and my family and our home

we are the happiest we i literally

i would drink that woman’s bath water

no i’m not even lying like i’ll do it on

camera like there’s like i don’t

i actually don’t care like

i love her so much and i would not be

the man i am today

if god wouldn’t give me the opportunity

to choose culture’s rhythm

or kingdom rhythm

i chose rest

and and

and i just want to be very practical

with you

your thing may not be my wife or my

husband your thing may be cutting off

netflix a day a week

you binge watch to find comfort and god

says just matter of fact cut the service

off for the rest of the summer

see who you are without the option

some of y’all forgot who you were

without streaming services

you forgot who you were without knowing

the latest mute i don’t know when

everybody drops albums no more and i

don’t care

because i i i got something god’s

building through me

that i can’t be bombarded with the


it’s so practical to me



every single sunday night

at eight o’clock nine o’clock i turn off

my phone

and i have a sabbath

from eight o’clock on sunday to eight


on monday

if you’ve ever called me on monday and i

didn’t answer because i didn’t see it

and it ain’t everybody’s business but

i’m telling you that it’s practical


i have

four mondays

a flip phone

i told my wife this summer as i was

coming back for the sabbatical i’m

buying a flip phone

she drove me to atnt and she was like

what are you doing i said i’m buying a

flip and i just told you

i have two cell phones

now three because i have a flip phone

and she was like what is this for

i said

for me to prove to myself and to god

that i’m going to be committed

and constant

and putting him first by honoring a day

of rest

when i got that cell phone in my hand

too many people and too many things have


to bombard my soul

i don’t even know how to text on this


look at the graph look at this

i know the green button is to call

and look where’s the camera bring the

bring the up close camera i want you to

see there’s only two numbers in here

okay bring it right here

this right here hold on back it up


and my wife

brie also has this number

they’re the only three people that know

this phone number

cause they the only people that can call


when i’m in a season arrest

and they already know it has to be an

emergency and i’m usually with my wife

and scotty don’t ever call me except

that one time he called me



what i’m telling you is


it’s not spiritual until it’s practical


stop telling me what you’re gonna do

it’s not spiritual

until it’s practical

i’m asking you yeah

what is your flip phone

what goes against culture

what is your actual sign that you’re

gonna honor god well i’m not telling

everybody to go out and buy a flip phone

that may not be necessary to you you may

have the strength to put your phone down

or actually not answer like i don’t

i’m not trying to act like i do

if too many i just preached on sunday to

thousands of people and i can get

feedback like oh that was the message

and doctor

i would be on instagram all night

looking at how it blessed people and god

said cut it off can i cut it off on


and nobody talked about it on thursday

he said no i needed you to cut it off at

the height

of where it could feed your ego

no i did it

and folk go change the diaper and

go go on a date with your wife and

go throw mj in the air and

watch him count to a hundred now when

the doctor said he couldn’t like click

blood’s like

the light let’s


let’s do something to recreate like

let’s go get a pedicure i started

getting pedicures now i like i like it

i like they be ministering to my feet


i’m rediscovering

who god called me to be

as i make margin for miracles

as i’m leaving to go on sabbatical

god told me to tell this church

that the main thing that rest produces

is revival

when you rest

you actually will have the stamina when

god calls for it

to be able to do the miracle signs and


the reason why god doesn’t pour out on

many people is because it wouldn’t be


it would be

a flashing of hand

your body couldn’t handle the weight of

glory that god wants to use you in

if he called you on tour right now to go

from city to sit you couldn’t do it your

eating habits are working against your


god’s saying would you just rest would

you receive this gift

so that i can birth the revival

transformation church i’m telling you

when i come back

we are going to start

a revival

that is going to upset

the kingdoms of hell

no i’m i’m i like y’all i’ve been

praying i’ve been seeing it

from the time we opened back the



the version 2 conference

to what’s going to happen after i’m

telling y’all we’re about to see a move

of god like never before but i’m asking


to do the hard work that takes faith

before we see the revival

and the hardest work for many of us

will to be preparing by resting

resting doesn’t mean you don’t spend

time with god it means you spend more

time with god

i’m saying like when i rest y’all should

see me out there on the beach

i’ll be that’s the place that god speaks

to me

because it’s the only place and i want

to be very practical with you

it’s the only place where i feel when i

look out at the endless ocean and the

sunrise and the sand and how it stops at

a certain and how the gravitational pull

of the moon is making the waves happen

like when i get out there i feel this


and it’s the only place where i feel

like i can’t add anything to it

so the reason i go to the beach is

because it’s a place it’s an atmosphere

where i actually can


there’s nothing i can add to this

god been doing this consistently

before any of us were here

and when i go there it’s like my body

just like

and then i pray

and i read

and i love

and i examine

and i restore

and i jump off of cliffs with scotty

and i

like i recreate and i ride sea dudes and


look at my toes in the sand and see how

my pinky stone still sticking up in the


it’s just still up there all my other

toes in the sand and that one is just


i just allow god to do a work on in and

i’m saying you don’t need a beach to do

that you may need a bench to do that

you could go to a bench in the park

and just go to the gathering place go to

that neighbor and let god

overwhelm you

oh i feel the presence of god right


let god overwhelm you with this creation

let him overwhelm you with this goodness

you can’t even see how good god’s been

to you

if you don’t take a break and rest

you in the house that you didn’t even

think you could get into for the next

five years you’re at a job that god

brought you to

move you from a different city and set

you up you’re in a place mentally and

emotionally that you thought it would

take you here but you haven’t even been

able to stop and thank god

because there’s no margin

today church

i just want you to uncover from constant

and i want you to accept

the gift

of rest hebrews 4 9 11. there remains

then a sabbath rest for the people of


for anyone who enters

god’s rest also rests from their work

just as god did from his watch this

so let us everybody say let us

come on say it like you mean it let us

let us therefore make every effort

to enter into that rest a lot of people

think rest is like oh i’m gonna rest

yeah it’s gonna take you effort

to rest

but it’s saying let us make every effort

set up the babysitters put some accounts

together make some extra money so you

can pay for that do a staycation once a

month like go if you’re if you only can

go to kowita for vacation go see


ride with somebody else like j like

i’m just saying like

making effort it’s not gonna be easy

because if it was easy

then the enemy

wouldn’t have so much control over your


today i’m asking you to rest would you

lift your hands i just want to pray for


would you stand up yeah let’s stand up

all over

as a pastor

it is my job to teach you the things

that god has taught me

from his word

and then at other times it’s my job to

impart into you what god has imparted to


today i don’t want to give you

information i want to give you an


i want

i want to pray over you

that you would receive the revelation of


and it will become practical


and then it will become duplicatable

the only reason my sister’s back

y’all don’t know it but transformation

church has been different because bree

has been on a sabbatical

for the past two months

if you love our chief of staff at

transformation church make some noise

i love you come here

come here

now this is her first sunday y’all give

it up for bree some of y’all don’t know

but she makes this thing run

that’s my sister

we’ve been in ministry for a long time


and um we’re getting better

because we develop the revelation

of rest

now this is the one thing she texted me

the other day

and um she said to me she was like mike

you’ve done some great things for me i

love you you’re my brother you’re my

boss but the best thing you ever did

was learn the revelation of rest

because you can’t give away what you

haven’t experienced

my sister is a one on the enneagram

she’s basically perfect at everything

she’s she works hard and it was hard for

her to receive the revelation

of rest but when i got it

and i started telling her the benefits

of it and we started reading some of the

same books and we started looking at the

benefits and seeing what god i was like

all right

it’s time for us to move past

just me imparting it and giving you

information i need duplication



you’re going on a two month sabbatical

and i didn’t even know what i was going

to do

for two months in this ministry this is

my right hand is natalie in brie god has

anchored me with two very strong women

and then brenda todd is behind me yeah

yeah like that’s my


when we got back yesterday we went over

to my sister’s house and my brother’s

house and i said how you doing she

looked different

it’s been

10 years of hard work

and we ain’t even know how to rest

i’m trying to give you and duplicating

you what we didn’t know we needed

so that we can do this forever

and then when i said breathe you’re

doing this about it because she was like

i think it’s time

for tammy to do a sabbatical too

and so two weeks

and our business tammy been with me


before we became transformation tammy

went through the trenches with your boy

and timmy’s never taken a break

and i said it’s not enough for me to

have the revelation and to have the

information we got to start duplicating


my parents brendan tommy todd i’ve had

to fight with them

because they are helpers by nature if

they’re not helping here they’re out

somewhere praying and lifting up another

church and doing all that other stuff i

told them in wednesday sabbatical

august august

and pastor barbara

all right y’all

ain’t doing nothing

but rest and you saw the 70s in them

raise up


all we do is work for the kingdom of god

i said no

i said you got a rest

and i looked at my daddy and my mama i

said no engagements outside of the city

no prayer conferences no gap standards

no and

you just saw it’s like i was spanking

them it was great it was like this wow

they don’t even know

after 40 years

in ministry the first time you’re going

to take a month off

it’s in your 60s

what if god didn’t require that


today i just want you to know the

leadership of this church charles isn’t

getting a sabbatical this year but he’ll

get one he’ll get one next year

i’ll just play coming soon

he got a lot of energy he’s like 21. no

i’m not just fine i’m just like

but but but what i’m trying to say i

just want you to know we’re not talking

about it

we’re modeling this

i will not be a pastor that hides on


most of my friends don’t even post what

they do because they know you won’t come

to church if they you know that they’re


oh i have so many words


forget that

because you need an example of how you


serve god and rest

and you can go on vacation go on


get a massage that’s a good one

every monday

shout out to carla she blesses me

what i’m all i’m saying is these are

things we don’t hear in church

they say pray more

serve more

do more

give more

i’m saying rest more

receive this gift father today me and


we pray

that our church would experience would

you lift your hands right now

they would experience

the revelation of rest

today father god you had to teach me and

bree and natalie and you had to teach us

today we’re giving away

the revelation that you taught us but

god is still going to take people faith

to practically do this god

so today i’m asking you would you be the

holy spirit that you are and guide your

people into all truth there’s truth in

this principle god

would you help hubs and husbands and

wives prioritize would you help people

say would you help people plan would you

help people father just trust you to

take the fa the same faith it took to

start the business is the same faith

it’s going to take to rest father would

you restore the years

that the enemy has stolen by rushing us

and hurrying us through life father god

father would you please do a miracle in

the margin

would you give us

the grace

to run at a pace that’s sustainable

today god we surrender come on lift your

hands and say god i surrender

everything to you


my pace whoa

today father i thank you that we as a

church and transformation nation

are uncuffing from constant

and we are becoming committed

to the principle of rest

we’re withholding nothing

hands lifted just say with hope i did


come on and just believe with all


said i surrender say us

come on lift your hands

it’s going to take you to surrender

some of us have been workaholics all our

life but but

everybody hey


withholding nothing

i’m not defined by my work anymore hey

i’m defined by who god says i am

and i’m receiving the gift of rest

just one more time say i surrender

come on all over this world

god i’m becoming untouched to constant

i’m gonna find the rhythm of grace the

rhythm of rest

and god i’m gonna need your help so i’m


i’m giving you all of me right



you can’t do

a principle of christ without christ

it’ll be a good effort but you won’t be

able to last so today

there are some people right here that

are saying pastor mike i need to give my

life to jesus

like actually

everything that i’ve been doing

has been culture’s way of doing it today

i want to try this new kingdom way i

want to give my life to christ

and i’m telling you the only way this

shift was made in my mind along with the

shift of being addicted to pornography

and then living in purity and god taking

me from being a person who was a liar

and a manipulator i had a felony case

for car insurance like there was all

these crazy yeah the pastor that me

jacked up

and god said come on over here


you you weary aren’t you

got a lot of burdens huh let me give you


and the rest came

from me accepting jesus christ

and today i want to give you that

opportunity i don’t care who you are

where you’ve been

what you’ve done what you were planning

to do after this

god is saying to you right now i’ll meet

you come everybody say come

say it one more time say come

come to me

i can see it in your eyes you’re weary

i can see it on your attitude

that burden you don’t you don’t want to

carry that no more he said let me give

you a different yoke it’s easy and it’s


and you can carry that

if that’s you

on the count of three we’re about to

pray and if you’re saying pastor i want

to be added into that prayer today i

want to give my life to christ for the

first time or i want to rededicate my

life i want to you know what i’ve been

doing my own thing i know about god but

i ain’t been living for him i’m putting

my faith back in jesus christ and i’m

not just going to let him be savior i’m

going to let him be lord of my life

i’m going to

listen to the principles

get in community you’re saying pastor

that’s me i want you to lift your hands

on the count of three one you’re making

the greatest decision of your life two

i’m proud of you and i need the church

to begin to pray there are people’s

lives in the balance right now

two you’re making a great decision and

i’m happy for you but your name is about

to be written in the lamb’s book of life

your eternity is about to be changed in


three lift your hands if you want to

accept jesus as your personal lord and

savior there are people in the room

there are people’s hands going up all

over i believe there’s hundreds of


now transformation church

according to romans 10 9

you have to believe and confess with

your mouth that jesus christ is lord and

we’re about to do that together

and i don’t care who’s around you this

is the decision that’s going to change

your life

and a transformation church we’re a

family so nobody prays alone so

everybody let’s pray for the benefit of

those who are coming to christ right now

let’s pray this together everybody just

say god

thank you

for sending jesus

just for me


i’m committing my life to you

take over

i believe you lived

you died

and you rose again

with all power to save me

and today

i surrender

all to you

change me

renew me

transform me

i’m yours

in jesus name

amen can we give god praise oh y’all

come on all over this world

let’s give god a praise for everybody

that is coming

to know jesus oh i feel the presence of

god hundreds thousands

cause right here


just lift your hands and declare then


here thank you for the work you’re doing


said right here

lift your hands caleb sing that part

real quick just say


this is what you do when you rest lift

your hands

fall into my knees i’ll seek your face


one more time

dog ever


just one more time dog something’s

happening right now


so i will wait on you in a secret


holy holy holy








can we all sing that together just like

heaven everybody lift it up and say holy



yes sir

come on lord god

he’s giving you rest

he’s big enough to handle the situations



holy join the angels




sweet person


cause he’s the gods

why can’t we trust them because it’s god




let’s just


your resting place

is a holy place

as we move this week

we’re gonna be able to declare that

right here

marriages are about to be restored

businesses are about to take off god’s

about to recreate in you a clean heart

and a right spirit just declare it that








um if you just gave your life to christ

i want you to text the number on the


um we want to help you we want to give

you i feel the presence of god y’all

some of y’all about to enter into

another level the point that i left off

that i wish i would have told you


that now you could take

is rest is worship


it’s not just a weapon

when you rest you’re worshiping god

because you’re saying i trust you


like you actually got this on the

greatest thing some of y’all could do is

worship god and rest

for everybody who just gave their life

to christ we want to walk with you we

want to help you i’m trying to stay on

point y’all

i feel god’s healing and restoring some

stuff y’all jesus

walk with us

i’m asking the church

let’s grow while i’m gone

like what if


you invited people to watch with you

serve with you

and it wasn’t built around a personality

it was built around the principles of

god god will use a personality now like

that’s that’s i feel like i’m

specifically called to transformation

church to this generation all those

other things but it can’t be just built

on that

what if it’s built on community

what if this bill don’t like i never met

pastor mike but man i meet all kinds of

people from transformation church and he

not the best thing about the church the

best thing about the church is the

community the best thing about the

church is serving in the family and the

love and and how we can reach out and

how people will like


what if we grew in maturity this year

that while i’m resting and recuperating

and rejuvenating and recreating

that god would allow our church

to grow to such a place

that other people and other churches

would come here for rest


i’m telling you

the church is weary

pastors are weary

people who work and sound men are weary

people who make the videos are weary

and i believe that as we embrace this


god’s gonna give us property and houses

and land and campgrounds

and we’re going to be i’m prophesying

right now y’all when i start doing this

stuff stuff they recording it it starts


we’re going to be a haven for the body

of christ

to transform through the revelation of


i’m believing one day we will have

facilities that will rival

the ritz carltons and the destruct and

they won’t have to pay a dollar

we’ll have counselors on staff we’ll

have people back on y’all don’t hear me

i need a church we don’t just need to


uh church services we need to have

trauma therapy we need

we need to be able to let somebody sit

by the pool for a week and a half and



but we will never

put our money towards something we don’t

even believe in ourselves

what if we can’t extend the revelation

until we receive it

church let’s grow

i’m asking you for three things

while i’m gone would you please pray for

me and pastor natalie in the todd family

um the enemy hates us

like i want to be very

very clear like we get up here and smile

and all this other stuff the attack that

comes against us

on a daily basis

is nothing to play there is still a very

real spiritual warfare out here

and because of the impact that god has

allowed to come through this platform

the enemy

hates us

and we good

because we are covered and we feel


i’m asking you for anybody who has not



bandwagon of praying for your pastors

this may be your first time and most

pastors won’t ask i need your prayers

i am not too prideful to ask y’all if

you ever think about me and my wife or

my four kids or anybody surrounded our

home would you just once a week

just add us get a picture of us take it

off instagram and just put on your

refrigerator and be like bless them lord

and if god gives you anything specific

you don’t know what i’m battling at home

you could be praying against the exact


like everybody say prayer has power

that’s what we believe here

so would y’all pray for us i’m asking

y’all will y’all pray for us y’all

pray for us the second thing that i want

you to do

is be present at your church

so that god can give you the words that

you need even when the pastor’s gone

like i’m telling everybody like take a

break take a rest all the different

things but don’t all take it at the same


so like if next sunday if ain’t nobody


you heard the word but maybe we can

spread it out just a little bit so that

we know

but but i want you to be present i

believe that

my highest responsibility is to make

sure this platform

is covered with people who hear from god

to speak to you

and this summer y’all is about to be

all i want to say is phenomenal like

because i know what we have curated for

you to get fed

only a baby can eat one way

if you’re a baby you gotta have the

breast for the bottle

but when you mature

sometimes you gotta cut up some stuff

because it might be a little tougher

but you can get nourished differently

when you eat

from the table this this summer i want

us to eat from the table amen

so be present watch the message even if

you don’t catch it on sunday do that and

the third thing i’m gonna ask everybody

to do

is don’t come to church one week

i know no pastors ever said that to you

but one sunday i want you to take that


and i want you to give it to yourself or

to your family

and i know this is going to take faith

for some of you to do because you think

it’s sacrilegious right now and then

others are y’all like that school is my

first monday back in six months and she

said like you good with that uh what i’m

saying you need to keep showing up but

the other people

i just want to give you permission

to let you know that god is not a

legalistic god

he wants covenant with you it even says

because some of you are like well what

if on the day of my rest

then something break down and god

even in the bible you can read it i

didn’t have time to go into other but he

said if your ox falls into a ditch on

the sabbath go get your ox

just rest the next day like don’t like

don’t be don’t be foolish about it i’m

not legalistic but what i am saying is

it’s a difference between something

always coming up

and there being a consistent pattern of


let’s try i want you to not come one

sunday and not just not do nothing i

want you to dedicate playing that time

to spend time doing something that

recreates in you

maybe your day is monday tuesday

thursday friday i don’t care what day it

is this next seven days

you need a day of rest

and the week after that

you need a

day of rest and the week after that

guess what you need

a day of rest and the week after the

four weeks in a row guess what you get

it’ll it’ll start going from what you


to what you get


i told my team every sabbatical before


i’m talking a lot y’all cause i’m gonna

miss you

every sabbatical before this

i’ve needed a sabbatical

this is the first year

that i’ve rested so well and

consistently throughout the year

that like

i’m okay

like i’m walking away not weary


y’all i can’t tell you how big of a

testimony it is

i’m walking away not ready to fire


i’m walking away with joy still in my

soul like i could preach another week

like that’s how i feel last year the

year before that just i i was it’s like

if y’all don’t get me off the stage i’m

gonna cut somebody out like

it’ll go from i have to til i get to

and when you receive the gift of god’s


watch god multiply everything you

thought was gonna be little

he says i found some people with my


and now i can bless it father bless

transformation church

let them be more prosperous than they’ve

ever been as they receive your rest god

we are your church take care of your

bride i bless this amazing church that

i’m humbled to lead for other god and i

thank you that as i’m gone they’re gonna


they’re gonna know you better father god

they are going to be inspired father to

represent you to the lost and found for

transformation in christ god we give you

all the glory we give you all the honor

and we give you all the praise that we

are uncuffing from everything that has

been killing our calling you are a good

god and you love us enough to deliver us

we trust you we believe you and we thank

you in jesus name everybody say we agree

we expect

amen will you put your hands together

and give god some praise

all right we out of here


transformation conference tickets go on

sale at 3 p.m central standard times

they may sell out today go get your

tickets go out and live a transformed

life i love you i’ll see y’all in a few