Are you fit to finish what God has called you to do? In Week 4 of the Start Sharp Series, Pastor Mike preached a word that is 7 years in the making. As he shared his fitness journey, he made the connection of how it was truly a journey of spiritual growth as well. God has a plan and purpose for each one of us, and we will only be able to fulfill it to the level our body can take it. God wants us to have a healthy heart – spiritually and physically. We pray this message causes you to get your heart aligned with God’s will for you in every aspect. Stay tuned for our upcoming walking challenge – a practical step towards staying sharp all year long! Scripture References: 1 Samuel 16:7 NIV Romans 12:1 NIV Romans 12:2 NIV 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 NIV Hebrews 12:11 NLT 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 NIV Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God. #StartSharp #FitToFinish #fitness 00:00 – Intro 09:11 – Are you fit to finish what God has called you to do? 13:25 – This is not about superficial desire. This is about supernatural discipline 20:11 – 1 Samuel chapter 16 verse 7 NIV 23:20 – Health is all about your heart 35:45 – People should be able to look at every area of your life and see God 36:49 – Romans chapter 12 verse 1 NIV 38:51 – God will never ask you to do something He hasn’t equipped you to do 38:59 – Romans chapter 12 verse 2 NIV 39:29 – Your body is borrowed 39:52 – 1 Corinthians chapter 6 verses 19 & 20 NIV 49:05 – God is way more concerned with your body than a building 51:44 – It takes time to change your temple 51:51 – Hebrews chapter 12 verse 11 NLT 55:51 – Fitness is an act of faith 56:07 – 1 Corinthians chapter 9 verses 24 through 27 NIV ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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hi my name is Amberly and I have the

privilege of serving as one of our

executive pastors here at Transformation

Church we just want to say thank you so

much for tuning in from wherever you are

watching from and if you haven’t already

be sure to like And subscribe we believe

that God has a word for you so let’s

jump into this amazing message I have a

word today um that I believe is going to

change the trajectory of our church and

I say that all the time but I believe it

all the time yeah I don’t be up here

just saying stuff to to like help people

like feel better about themselves I want

us to actually live something there are

tons of churches that are going to tell

you what you want to hear today and

today I’m not going to do that I’m going

to tell you what God told me to tell you

and what he already told

me there is nothing that I can preach to

you that the Holy Spirit has not already

worked in me it is a Val it is a value

violation great for me to come up here

and act like I got something together

that the Holy Spirit has not actually

done a work in me I’m not saying I’m

going to stand up here and be perfect at

anything but I am saying that I have I

will have started the process of

actually walking this thing out and

today the Holy Spirit literally shut my

mouth for over seven years on the topic

I’m about to preach a whole message

about seven years he said shut

up you have no Authority to talk about

that because I’m looking at your

life now I know every Pastor acts like

they are the grand da da of every

subject and they act like they have a

PhD in every subject no no no no no no

no no knowing information and living

that thing out are two completely


things and um today I want to bring us

into this message with a little

illustration that I I thought about does

anybody remember or have little babies

where they had the shapes that they had

to get something to fit

into and and so you know when I was a

child um this game was actually very

exciting for me because um everything

has been a competition since I was 6


old and um and so when I saw this I

would always try to figure out how I

could do it the fastest now that I have

children it’s not about fast it’s just

about getting it in there and when your

when your children are are still

developing their cognitive skills to be

able to figure out what to do it’s

frustration frustrating sometimes as a

parent to sit and watch them try to put

the triangle in the star

yeah no no baby uh-uh no no no no uh-uh

it’s the other one the other one the


one and and many times if you’ve ever

been a parent depending on how your

where your kids are on the learning

level it takes a

while for them he said you ain’t never


it takes a while sometimes for them to

figure it out but once they get it it’s

a beautiful picture well well I feel

like sometimes in in our life with Jesus

we have something that’s we think is

supposed to go in here but everywhere

that we try to put it it

doesn’t it doesn’t what it doesn’t

fit and it doesn’t matter how much I oh

it’s a circle and it’s the same color so


must it

doesn’t why hold on maybe I’ll turn

it and for some reason it

doesn’t I said it doesn’t okay that

makes sense to us and what most of us

would do if we bought this toy from

tar y’all know that’s the that’s the

bougie version of

Target if we bought this from tar what

we would simply

do put this right back in here

get our

receipt and and take it right back to

that low

counter cuz it

didn’t we would tell them I’m so sorry

something must be defective with this it

does not

fit in the same way where’s my man Zion

come here buddy I I need you to come up

here in the same way um Zion he’s one of

my best friends in prayer he he he will

y’all give it up for my man Zion he’s

been here every tonight come here buddy

he’s been joining me in prayer and I

decided I was going to upgrade upgrade

his clothing today and so I brought some

clothing from my closet that I wanted Z

come on put this on Big Daddy he said

I’m ready for the

miracle now this jacket is

expensive this jacket was was made by a

Craftsman but if you were to see Zion

walking around in this you would say it

doesn’t now now it it’s

expensive it looks fresh come on baby

put on these Gucci shoes

baby yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah get you

some Gucci come here come on oh no

you’re falling because you’re in

something that doesn’t okay all

right come on get that foot in

there I can’t fit it what’ you say I

can’t fit it you can’t fit

it I mean it it feels like it should fit

you but it

doesn’t fit and it doesn’t matter how

much I

try this will become

uncomfortable because it doesn’t fit do

some jumping jacks Big

Daddy come on yeah yeah yeah can you do

a push-up you know how to do a push-up o

oh there it is there it is there it is

oh he creasing my shoes come here come

here he is creasing my

shoes stand right oh God In The Name of

Jesus we believe you for a

miracle no matter what happens this will

eventually become

uncomfortable because it

doesn’t come here let me just put you

down here get all my stuff from him okay

here you go take him God bless


you what

if what if God desires to use someone

for 25

years but he looks at the purpose and


person and their body



what if our body doesn’t fit our

purpose talking about starting sharp and


sharp we’re talking about praying for

miracles we’re talking about God

changing things around in our

life and what

if we are not fit to

finish matter of fact that’s the title

of my message


fit to finish now I need everybody to

take a deep breath say Yahweh


again cuz today I’m coming to you


lovingly and I’m asking you not to pray

for anything you won’t prepare

for some of us at the end of this 21

days of prayer and fasting and you’re

like oh man it’s been so good like I

don’t have headaches and and and and I

just feel feel better and I’m waking up

part of it is

spiritual but the other part of it is

just you haven’t been eating

trash come


on and your body for 21 days has been

regulating to not have as much

sugar it’s been I’ve already amen myself

so I I don’t need nobody’s amens today

if it ain’t real cuz I came on

assignment to get your life back

you missed

it many of our prayers are praying for

miracles that could be

prevented if we actually

took our


seriously my question to you is will you

be fit to

finish great great I can’t answer the

question for you I don’t eat with

you I don’t stay with you and this is

going to bother some people because you

think that it’s a vanity message this is

not a vanity message this is about your


value okay let’s just keep

going are you fit to finish what God has

called you to

do let me give you the

personal revelation that happened for

me 7 years ago the Holy Spirit told me

in a time of prayer he said

Michael I only can bless the ministry to

the level your body can take

it and my response to my heavenly father

was that’s not

fair yeah that’s not why I thought it

was to the level that my spirit man

could take it thought it was to the

level that that that my marriage could

take it he said yeah all of those are

true but I’m not going to bless the

ministry past what your body can


and I ignored the word of God your

pastor for four

years got up here yelling crazy

Faith sweating in my back

rolls okay I I’m going be humble open

and transparent today I’m about to

expose myself to hope that one person

makes a

delineation between what you’ve been

living and what God desires for you to

live okay he said I only can bless you

to the level that your body can take it

and I’m not saying that this Revelation

needs to be your Revelation but could I

submit to you could this be true for you

too Lord is God actually looking at what

you do with the

temple and using that as a part of him

factoring in can they do what I’ve

called them to

do and I Challen every person under the

sound of my voice cuz I feel everybody’s

booty tight right now everybody take a

deep breath in let it out okay I

challenge you not to deflect or defend

for 45

minutes cuz some of y’all are you don’t

know my story you don’t know what

thyroid issue I got you don’t know what

okay stop hold on wait my family big


okay okay I I

know but I challenge you not to deflect

or defend because this message is about


destiny this is not about anybody else

today and I hear some of y’all saying I

know tons of people who are fat and

overweight and

successful and I want to agree with

you yes tons of people my my question is

not are there people doing

it my question is what version of them

are we

getting that’s good and and my second

question is if they were healthy how

many more

years could they do what God has asked

them to do okay okay okay so so I want

you to write this down this is a point

okay cuz cuz I I I want you to

understand we’re talking about being

healthy and

holy not just

holy I said

healthy and holy we talk about the

spirit man being


wash my mind

Lord and never talk about cleaning our

Cupboard come

on guys I’m coming to humbly submit to

you that we may be cutting off our

influence our purpose and God’s desire

and design for us because of how we take

care of our

body this is not fat or

skinny crackheads are

skinny okay I can’t be real cuz y’all

got offended by that unhealthy snorting

every shooting up right take ask ask him

to take off the show I have

seen people who are abusing

drugs cuz some of y’all think fat SK no

no no no no

healthy this is not about super offcial

desire this is about supernatural


great this message is not about how you

look and getting six packs and making

sure you got an hour I don’t care

nothing about that I care is diabetes

going to take you out like it took out

your mother and her

mother I care about is is hypertension

going to take you

out like it took out your uncle it

doesn’t matter how much money you have

in the bank when your heart

stops it does not matter how many homes

you have if you have to live in a


home and just so we can even up the

playing field for everybody that’s still

watching I’m about to expose myself so

that you can know I’m not talking to you

I’m talking to

me I’m going to show you me at my

heaviest put it on the


200 and 75

lbs he took his shirt off in

church no no no no I want to show you

what this really looked like I want to

show you the man who was yelling crazy

faith and believing for new buildings

and talking about relationship goals

number one New York time bestseller and

insecure and

overweight and emotionally eating and

drowning my sorrows in cookies and cream

Blue Bell ice

cream with Dr Pepper and gummy bears on

the side with whipped cream and vanilla

Oreos too what in the world was I doing

every Sunday

night trying to manage

stress trying to figure out why did that

family leave and go up the street and

all that never

mind come on

man I know pastors don’t want you to see

this good but the way I overcome is by

the blood of the Lamb that’s what Jesus

did and the words of my own test this is


testimony wearing 4X

shirts my children could sleep in my

clothes without

blankets don’t laugh that hard

mom y it be your own people it be your


people but my my literally my children

could put on my shirts or a jacket not

need a blanket just be on the couch


out I couldn’t I couldn’t I couldn’t

walk how I wanted to I couldn’t play

with them how I wanted to right but I

was a man of

God I was being used every Sunday nobody

ever came up to me and said pastor that

message was great but it looks like

you’re unhealthy in your in your

life come on not One

Mentor not one spiritual covering it was

like almost that people felt that they

could not say

anything while they saw me killing

myself if I put a knife to my wrist or a

gun to my head I would have tons of

people say no no no no don’t do that but

when I put a fork in my hand and a knife

in my hand nobody said matter of fact

they took me to do it

they paid for it get whatever you want

get two of

them take something to go


okay and it’s so crazy that I had so

many hurdles to my health not just

physical I’m talking about entire like

if you look at yourself being a whole

person part of my testimony is I had to

jump the hurdle of

pornography I beat that hurdle I had to

jump the hurdle of lying I jump that

hurdle I had to jump the hurdle of being

a manipulator and all the things that I

talk about but the one hurdle that I

wouldn’t even talk

about was the hurdle of my actual

physical health and nutrition yes and

some of y’all are getting caught up to

like Pastor Mike I just don’t understand

I just don’t think that you should be in

here talking about my body like that

because this is my body it’s the body

that God gave me and I’m just going to

be body a a and I’m going to do what God

God has told me to do no matter what

body I


got and all I’m saying is I I don’t want

you to be this is not an Instagram type

of comparison thing I want you to be fit

everybody say the word fit fit let me

give you the definition a suitable

quality standard or type to meet a


purpose I just want you to be able to

meet the required purpose God places on


life so if he tells you to go to a

remote Village in Africa to minister to

kids can your

body great take it sir some of y’all God

will call you there and you will be

cussing the whole

way not because of any other reason

except your your heart your your your

desire is there your kns

aren’t oh my God


you won’t even go swimming with your

kids cuz you don’t like the way you look

in a bathing suit so you’re robbing your

kids of an opportunity to connect with

you because you don’t like or will work

on stay to my

notes what I’m saying to you is Being

Fit is not about a size it’s about a

standard does everybody hear what I’m

saying I don’t care what size you are

zero anorexia is unhealthy too right do

y’all hear what I’m saying there’s so

many people trying

to you think just drinking water in Red

Bulls okay it’s

healthy we we don’t want the aesthetic

we want to actually be every everybody

say the word to me fifth F so I said

holy spirit you going to have to give me

some real Revelation on this because I

feel like either we going to gain a lot

of people in the church getting healthy

after this message or everybody going to

flip me off and go eat a

burger so I need some Revelation and I’m

telling you on Tuesday night at 3:50 in

the morning the Holy Spirit woke me up

with 1st Samuel

16:7 and this is where Saul was the king

but he disobeyed God and Samuel had to


another and God told him to go to

Jesse’s house and he was going to be

able to pick the next king of Israel and

he tells Samuel but the Lord said to

Samuel do not consider his appearance or

his height for I have rejected him the

Lord does not look at the things people

look at people look at the outward

appearance you know this next part but

the Lord looks at the heart

and I said God that’s

powerful oh my God you look at the heart

oh you look at the inside oh you look at

the motive oh you look at the character

oh you look at the integrity and all my

life in church that’s all I’ve

heard is that God does not look at the

outside thank you Jesus he knows our

heart even when people mess up I’ve even

said it it was like man I messed up but

God know my

heart he know I love him I don’t obey

him but I love him he know my

heart and I said holy spirit where’s the

Revelation he said read it

again he said people look at the outward

appearance but when God goes to choose

somebody for

purpose he looks at

the I said holy spirit you got to help

me he said read it again and no I wasn’t

just talking about looking at it

spiritually I look at it physically

too and I said people look at the

outward appearance but the Lord looks at

the heart are you telling me that when

God is calling people for purpose he

looks at their their Central thinking

system which is the heart of man but he

also considers can your actual


heart take the mission he’s asking you

to go

to and I said holy spirit do not be this

cold he said I was being

figurative spiritual and

literal cuz no good father would send

their kid come on to

die without considering their actual

abilities great now think about it what

is David about to go do right y David

after he becomes anointed as the king of

Israel the next time we see a big story

about David he’s

killing the giant yeah that nobody in

the whole Army wanted to

face so he was looking at the man’s

Integrity but he was also looking at

his my question to you is can your heart


it yes

because health is all about your

heart so then I was like okay okay Holy

Spirit okay some people are going to say

oh he just took that out of he took that

out of I said okay Holy Spirit I I I

want to I want to make sure that I give

people practical handles to be able to

look at this and look I cannot make this

stuff up this is what the holy spirit

said to me he said look up the number

one cause of death in

America I just did a small Google

search and the number one one cause of

death in America in all ages all genders

all Races is heart

disease I said what he said the enemy

has taken out more people with lack of

discipline with their fork and their

health than anything

else that’s true he said there are many

things I want to get done on this Earth

that I can’t cuz I haven’t found anybody

with the heart come

on and can I talk to my brown and black

people real quick I got to talk to y’all

because nobody says this cuz we’ve been

ham hacking it and mac and cheesing it

and sweet potato pie and and upside down

cake and seven Up cake and red velvet

and Crispy Cream dut Daylight

Donuts look at y’all look y ain’t said

that much all service I just start

mentioning stuff and your spirit just

starts but the American Heart

associating Association found that

people were more likely to experience

cardiovascular disease if they lived in

neighborhoods with limited access to

healthy foods spaces to be physically

active or health health care

facilities and I know a lot of the

problems that we face in today are

systemic but this one is not the man

it’s your

meal nobody said it to

me some of y’all are hearing the message

I’m preaching right now and you’re

planning to tear down your temple after

this fast in a way that is

epic you’ve been planning this meal for


days as soon as we went on the fast she

was like when I break this fast I’mma

tear the club

like but what if part of God’s picking

process has to do with your heart being

right and your heart

rate okay God’s looking at David I just

want you to go with me he’s looking at

David and he was like um David doesn’t

just have to be spiritually ready to

face Goliath he has to be physically


to face go life now I know we never

thought about it like this because most

pastors stay out of your personal

business but David had to walk from the

palace back to Jesse’s house all the

time he had to

literally just think about it with me

y’all remember when we talk about and

David faced the bear and David faced the

lion have you ever fought a

bear no no no we say it so

casually yeah he was just fighting a

lion no that’s not

regular do you know what type of

strength on and

endurance and intentionality you have to

have to actually Spar and it be practice

with a

bear on and if the bear wasn’t good

enough then you do it with the lion

too come on and we call that preparation

for a giant

y’all a lot of people talking about God

knows my heart we’re not called to reach

God he’s already reached

us we’re called to reach

people and most of us are not fit to

actually do what God’s asked ask us to

do when it comes to your health this is

a question I had to ask myself three

years ago do people have a reason to



great when it comes to your health could

we copy and paste how you take care of

yourself and would you want to place

that on the people you

love eat what I eat work out how I work

out what would the people what would

your children look

like what would my children look like if

they copied my

habits great see every area of my life

needs to be something worth

following as a Believer when it says

follow me as I follow

Christ in your health great are you

worth following I didn’t say in your

prayer so cuz I know you can pray right

I didn’t say in your worship leading cuz

I know you can lead

worship but in your health are you worth

following I started this journey over

three years ago and it was the most

embarrassing humbling thing I’ve ever

done I will post videos this week of me

telling my trainer I cannot


cannot the only thing that motivates me

is competition

so we cannot just go

running we can’t just go jump rope right

we can’t just lift weights I got to

trick my

mind so can we play

basketball and I just need to start

moving this

jelly oh it was BL

blug you know when you go this way but

your I was like it was doing something

different I go it went back I was like

what is happen happening okay some of

y’all don’t have these problem but I’m

talking real

problems and for 30

minutes I paid

him to come play basketball with

me I’m a grown man yeah with kids and a

job I should be able to do this my you

should be able to do that I

couldn’t I believed so many lies about

where I was

that I needed somebody to come play a

game with me to make me accountable to

start doing something what I’m telling

you is it does not matter where you

start cuz I know there’s some people

here that are saying Pastor Mike that’s

just too much I’m 68 years

old you want five more

years or 15 more

years do you want to live to see what

you’ve been praying

for do you want to see your grandkid be

able to do the things that you never

were able to do but because of your

faithfulness you planted the seeds into

them and now they can walk into a space

in a place that you were never able to

but it is retribution cuz you see them


it or are they talking to your

Tombstone nana I did it I

graduated cuz you wouldn’t go

walk come

on great see when I started this fitness

journey the Holy Spirit told me to shut

up he said this is an area you cannot

encourage anybody

in cuz you have not been

consistent and and me I like sharing

stuff if I’m just two steps ahead I’m be

like y’all come on that’s how I’ve

always lived and the Holy Spirit not in

this area he said I need the work to go

deep and I need it to be

forever cuz when I allow you to share it

it’s going to transform the

world and I said God why are you put

putting all of this on me he said cuz

I’ve tried to do it with several

people and nobody would answer the call


wow and when I started working out

people around me started working out

Pastor Charles is 145 PBS soaking

wet any day he got abs like every day

it’s just cuz he’s skinny nobody cares

I’m just funny he’s like don’t play me


stop but any day every since I known him

but when I started working out Char said

I need to start work my leader yeah is

starting to work out for his health I

don’t have what he has but I need to be

healthy for all these kids that me and

Abby is

having and he started working out

another person in here a year ago

brother will

heckenbach now some of

y’all some of y’all don’t know but when

I when I met will

will was going through a transition he

had been in prison he he tells his story

God drastically changed his life he

starts serving and and and God brings

him here and he does the internship and

he just keeps going to level to level

but as he was going up up up he was

going up up up in his weight

too and I was watching him I was talking

to him will you good he’s like I’m

great but he got up to 350 lbs put him

on the screen

this is my dog full of the spirit you

going to show his belly hair like that

yes because I want you to see the real

testimony when I started working out it

was a year and a half ago as see and

this is what I wish I could do with

everybody but will has shown me that he

can take actual

leadership and and so so the Bible says

it like this better a cut from a

friend than kisses from an enemy I came

to will and I said hey bro you got to

get your health in order and he said I

received that Pastor I’ve been trying I

said I’m going to pay for your first

month of

training and he was like pastor and I

looked him in his face I said I have

four kids do not waste my

money am I telling you that I said do

not waste my

money that’s all he

needed will come here keep the screen


140 lbs

down oh y’all can celebrate with us come

on so proud of you

bro now only bad thing about this my man

be in my closet now get out of


shout out to my man Trevor that helped

him and and and Tanner at Tulsa training

they really focused in on them like

Pastor Mike why you sh shouting out

training facilities cuz that might be

your answer

prayer do you see what Will’s testimony


did no no no no will didn’t say a

word come on

great church people talk so

much cuz your fruit is not


evident great people write this down we

almost done I know everybody’s like when

is this going to be

ever I’m talking to you with a

passionate heart today because I was

right where you were

at people should be able to look at

every area of your life

and see

God and I want you to hear me say this

and I’ve been saying this I think this

subconsciously was a phrase that came

out of my own insecurities that God

purified and used but when when I was

when I was in the place where I couldn’t

even see myself healthy the Holy Spirit

just said progression not

Perfection just progress take a step do

something you wasn’t doing yesterday

progression not

Perfection and I just want to let

everybody know who’s who’s struggling

right now we are not on this journey of

Health from for

acceptance we are on this journey from

acceptance Jesus has already accepted

you he just wants to use you in such a

way that it means we got to change the

way we


okay so don’t wait till it’s perfect let

me give you a couple scriptures Romans


therefore I urge you brothers and

sisters in view of God’s mercy to offer

your bodies as living

sacrifices holy and pleasing to God this

is your true and

proper it’s a what it’s

worship now I need everybody to hear me

say this worship is not the songs we

sing it’s the way we

live and I want you to see how many

times you comes up in this therefore I

urge you nobody can do this for you

right in view of all that God’s done for

you his Mercy to offer your body that

means nobody else can offer

this this is your offer God at the

beginning of 2024 I am offering my body

as a

Living Sacrifice now I would be cool

with this if it just said as a

sacrifice cuz a sacrifice is one

time think about it I’m going to the

altar I’m sacrificing this one time but

why did you add the darn word

living great cuz that means it don’t

fully die wow good so I got to keep

offering it as a

sacrifice every

day so I want you to offer your body as

a Living Sacrifice every single day holy

and acceptable and then he says this

that’s just

reasonable great great

what this this is like the least of what

you could be doing in view of what God

has done for you great keep your house

clean keep your temple

Ted Lord this is

hard well this is the thing I want you

to hear me God will never ask you to do

something he hasn’t equipped you to

do Romans 121 and2 I’m going run through

these it says do not conform to the

patterns of this world well just love

your body just no we’re going to love

our body and we’re going to progress too

great you can do both that’s you can do

both you can be right here and love it

and you can say but this is not where I

want to

stay it says don’t copy the patterns of

this world be transformed by the renew

of your mind then you will be able to

test and approve what God’s will is his

good pleasing and perfect will I want to

submit to you watch this your body is

borrowed some of y’all still tight but


right you have a borrowed body 1

Corinthians 6:19 do you not know I love

how this starts cuz it just assumes that

we’re ignorant to

it um do you not know that your bodies


temples of the Holy

Spirit who is in you whom you’ve

received as a gift from God you are not

your own you’re borrowed you were bought

with the price therefore honor God with

your now I heard this as a youth for for

for everybody trying to not not burn

with lustful desires

but we keep talking about purity but

this actually is a self-discipline


great how do you treat something that’s

borrowed if somebody let you borrowed

their luxury

car how would you treat

it you usually treat it watch this

better than you treat your own

stuff water bottles in your car

Chick-fil-A rappers in your car come on

y’all let’s be honest dirty clothes I

got to go to the gym I okay I’ll get

them every time you walk in that car

you’re like oh my God what is that SM oh


me but in somebody else’s car

yeah if this ain’t your temple it’s the

Temple of the Holy

Spirit how you treating

it y’all remember last week I told y’all

that we had three settings we needed to

be in a setting of Faith a setting of

friends and a setting of spiritual

formation I brought the setting of uh

Faith back up here because this is the

house of God so so this is a temple okay

I’m move this out the way cuz we don’t

need these clothes no more I need

everybody to see this yeah if this is

the temple the house of

God I’m just going to start acting how

we be acting with our

bodies in the


my favorite is Chinese food and

ketchup Why you so

bothered who going to clean

it yeah this is just the house of

God it’s just a house just a

house just a

house who

cares I lift my hands in the

sanctuary I lift my hands to give you


glory I lift my hands to give

praise and we will praise


you don’t care so

much it’s just a

temple sir all over the

communion don’t care so much over the


too y’all stop acting like you care

about this let me stop acting like this

matters to

you picture on the picture I need to do

some artwork on the

picture see uh oh come on come on come

on oh come on


woo when I got into the mess it affected

the way I walk outside of

it this a Subway s a foot

long dang I hope I didn’t hit a band

member it’s just a



stop acting

bothered you don’t care you don’t

care we don’t care about


this what’ you say we get it no you

don’t it’s been 40


it’s been 50

years it’s been 15

years of not caring about our Temple why

do you care about these eight

chairs and these symbols of

Christianity when it’s not even the

place where the holy spirit is

dwelling I am the

Temple of the Holy


it’s still on me there’s a little bit on

me huh I ain’t even see it until I

looked in the mirror ain’t no napkins up

here but I love pizza and egg

rolls couple

sausages anybody love Ninja

Turtles Ninja Turtles made me thing have

y’all ever found a Ninja Turtle pizza

cuz I never like with the


somebody said let me get a

slice you’ve had



plenty it’s


why y’all keep saying oh y’all know what

I’m about to

do y’ every time I do this you act like

it’s a new

revelation yeah yet they told us we eat

three meals a

day and every time we do this nobody




we get

it now I need eight

volunteers to come sit in


this come

on yeah I need eight

volunteers come here big dog all right I

got eight all right y’all sit

down all right y’all sit down what’s

your name bro angel angel yes Mo sir

what’s your name on hold on just stay

right here what’s your name Kendrick

Kendrick come on come on sister what’s

your name Kelsey Kelsey so nice to meet

you y’all come here come on just stand

right here y’all stand what’s your name

Ariana Ariana and what’s your name

brandy brandy and what’s your name Shere

shereé and what’s your name everybody

just stand just stand so I can still see

this okay and now right there right

there right there that’s


it would be inhumane of

me to make these

people who actually got up and washed

their face brushed their teeth and look

cute to go sit in that

mess yet every single

day we make the Holy

Spirit inhabit a

place that we do not care about making

making sure it’s


clean the fact that these people even

came up

here is a

testimony to how hard it would be cuz I

said I need eight I need eight people to

help me everybody was like ah you

thought you was getting

something and I said I need you to come

sit in this and everybody like


oh thank you for being the eight out of


who would be willing to be a


Sacrifice and this is this is now now

now here here what I’m saying is they

they could be up here just cuz they want

to be on TV okay

so I don’t

know but I just wanted to make a picture

there’s a lot less people

willing to sit in the mess yet the Holy

Spirit sits with us every

day thank you you guys will y’all give

it up for them I’m not going to make

y’all sit in it that woman said Thank

You Lord oh my God I just bought this

sweater and it’s

cute we done great great

great what I’m trying to say is God is


always God is always more concerned

about your body than any

building great if somebody did this to

your church if y’all saw somebody in the

lobby doing this

y’all would physically fight them like I

already know y’all but why would you be

more concerned about trash they put in a

building and the trash you put in your

body do you know the one time God was

really mad about how people were

treating the temple y’all remember where

he picked up the Whip and

started why did he do that it’s because

people were doing things in the temple

that weren weren’t supposed to be


there this message is not about body

image it’s about God’s

image the scripture says you can’t love


neighbor until you evaluate how you love

yourself and the truth of the matter is

some of us if we take off our clothes

and we are bare in front of the the

mirror we do not like what we

see we are insecure we don’t and then we

project that on other people and what

I’m saying is this is not something we

need a miracle for this something we

need to

decide if we’re honest some of us hate

ourselves and the crazy thing about it

we’ve been talking about damag but not

destroyed but this is the thing I want

everybody to know what’s not

transformed wow and now you trying to

make your kids not

eat or you trying to give them what you


have you can do both spectrums and God

saying could you please be an example if

nobody else follows you could you live

in a way that at least the ones I told

you to train up in the way they should

go could follow you last thing I want to

say to you is if you were going to

embark on this journey of Health hear me

when I say this the biggest thing that

hindered me is I wanted to transform my

temple in 30

days and it took three

years I need you to hear me say this

today where I am in my health what I

feel like I can do I can I can run

through troops and leap over walls now

like that’s how I feel I feel like I

feel youthful I feel younger I feel

ready to do whatever God’s called me to

do but it didn’t come in 30 days it came

on out of consistency for three years

and this is what I want you to write

down it takes time to transform your

temple Hebrews 12 11 no discipline is

enjoyable while it’s

happening it’s

painful but afterwards there will be a

peaceful Harvest man do y’all know that

Harvest is not a peaceful time if

anybody’s ever had a crop and they have

to pull it Harvest is stressful Harvest

is work but God says if you would train

yourself in discipline you would have a

peaceful Harvest of right living for

those who are trained in this way great

great the real reason that I started

working out y’all is because of a little

boy that has my


MJ and um my son as most of you guys

know is special needs he currently has

autism and we’re believing God for a

miracle in his

life but I

don’t I don’t deny

facts to be able to live in in the

future I apply my faith now so that the

future can be different and so one of

the only ways that I could connect with

my son is he loves playing go

tickle and it’s where I chase him around

and then I catch him and then I throw

him up in the air and I tickle him and

MJ can do this for

hours no no no no this is not an

exaggeration it’s when he’ll look me in

my eye when he I mean I just see my son

and he’s having so much fun and he’s

laughing and go tickle Daddy go tickle

he uses his word one two three go go

tickle go tickle and MJ has been wanting

to play Go tickle for six

years and MJ would say Daddy Daddy go

tickle and I would come home from work

come home from Ministry come home from

and he would go I could go one or two

times and I didn’t have the energy wow

and I saw the disappointment on my son’s

face that he could not articulate with

his words

that my Daddy doesn’t want to play Go

tickle with

me it’s not that I didn’t want to I

didn’t have the heart for

it all because of what I was eating and

because I wouldn’t take time to do the

things that were hard I couldn’t do the

things that would make him

happy and he started wanting me to pick

him up and he kept growing and I didn’t

have any muscle to do it it it went from

like throwing them up in the air and

then there was no


like you

know trying to give sound effects to act

like we

like no

air on but I made a

decision that if the only way I could

connect with my son is being physically

strong enough to be able to play with

him and throw him up in the air Daddy

was going to do the hard things to make

him happy and I couldn’t think about him

as five and six I had to think about him

as 18 yeah see people don’t know why you

going so hard is because I might be

having to throw a 18 year

old I might have to wrestle a

bear great great great but I promise you

one thing is that I’ll have the heart

to be able to do


it I know depending on where you’re at

right now this may be a tough pill to

swallow but I swallowed it and I’m

swallowing it every day I have not

reached Perfection but I was released by

God to share this message because I

wanted I believe God wanted people to

know that this is this takes Faith too


faith is Fitness is an act of

faith and I don’t care where you are and

what lie you’ve believe I think that God

has a huge plan for your life and you

have to have Fitness to actually finish

the plan 1 Corinthians 9:24 last

scripture and we’re out of here do you

not know that in a race all the runners

run but only one gets the prize run in

such a way as to get the prize everyone

who competes in the games goes into

strict training they do it to get a

crown that will not last but we do it

somebody say we do it say it with faith

we do it we do it to get a crown that

will last forever therefore I do not run

like someone running

aimlessly I do not fight like a boxer

beating the air no I strike a blow to my

body yeah to to make it my

slave so that after I have preached to

others I myself will not be disqualified

for the

prize I will be fit for the Finish will

you stand all over this building

please this is what I’m going to I’m

going to pray for

you and then I’m going to challenge

you the prayer is going to be the

genuine prayer that that I had to

pray God I thank you that you will give

me the

desire and the power to do what pleases

you this is scripture and I prayed that

every almost

day but then I’m going to challenge you

don’t leave yet hold on hold on wait a

minute you don’t I know you’re mad but

just hold

on and then I’m challenging us for a

28-day walking


I didn’t say Lift bench press that I

said because we walk by and we going to

walk by steps

too and I’m challenging everybody to at

least I don’t care what Fitness level

you on I want you to do this on top of

whatever you do I want you to at least

walk for 30 minutes every day for 28

days now listen listen listen some of

you this is going to be easy for you and

then the holy spirit’s going to tell you

to take it up to something else for

others you already in something and

going this going to take discipline to

just submit and

listen I’ll do push-ups I do and you


listen you do everything everybody tells

you not to do but just slow down for a

season and

listen but we’re going to walk as a

church and I believe that one day this

church WIll own a gym it will become I’m

I’m prophesying to

us it will become a central Hub of

Outreach and inreach imagine a place

where you can come every day you come to

the gym when you’re actually serious

about it more than you go to a church

and imagine the music and the atmosphere

being charged with faith imagine you

walking in and people are greeting you

with love sir imagine you seeing a glass

room with people meeting in small groups

all over imagine your kids over there

having volleyball practice and

basketball practice and three or four

nights a week I’m just painting a

picture and they’re recording it cuz

it’s going to happen somebody say it’s

going to happen it’s going to happen

imagine you inviting your friends to it

and it being a place where they meet

people that believe like you before they

ever have to come into this

Arena imagine along with thousands saved

in our yearend metrics we have pounds

lost what is that doing Pastor Mike it’s

adding years onto our life so that we

can go into all the world and make

what which means a disciplined

one hands lifted father I thank you for

our church for my family for people that

are just like

me who father you’ve done a lot of

miracles in different areas of my life


Health was a hurdle that I needed your


in and God I’m asking you father that

people would not hear any Venom in this

message that they would see that they’re

actually valued

yes god father show them how you showed

me that this was a conversation of love

yes that really said you had so much

more in me than I thought I had in

myself God I thank you that you would

give us both the

desire and the power to do what pleases

you because we are the Temple of the

Holy Spirit I come against doubt

confusion past patterns and even the

fear of

failure and I thank you Father God by

this time next

year everybody under the sound of my

voice and everybody they send this to

will have a testimony of progression not

to be compared with anybody but to give

you glory father God we will be fit to

finish the purpose you have called us to

and father you’ve placed us in a house


transformation let us live that

out with another

level of

decisiveness God we want to honor you

with our bodies cuz it’s our reasonable

worship now whatever the next step is

God you can tell us and you can show us

and we will be careful to obey in Jesus

name somebody say we agree we agree we

accept we accept we expect we expect

amen Hey listen real quick real quick

real quick I believe in

you no look at me look at me look at

me I believe in

you and this next step is going to be

more spiritual than you’ve ever imagined

cuz the holy spirit’s going to help you

every single day if you believe it let’s

give God one shout of Praise In This

Place oh come on come on for where we’re

going y’all we are going to be fit to


listen next week we are celebrating

50 years of Bishop and Pastor Debbie 25

years of our church and listen I’m

releasing the word of the Year okay I

couldn’t do it until I taught this

message I need you to send this to 50

people and I need you to bring 50 next

week we’re going to turn up and have a

party listen to me if you’ve never

accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and

Savior today is your opportunity I know

there are people moving cuz they so

excited to get to the parking lot but



the Holy Spirit has been knocking on

your heart this whole message and today

is the day of salvation if you want to

accept Jesus Christ as your personal

Lord and Savior right now I want to give

you the opportunity to make the greatest

decision of your life don’t do this life

without him it took me from being a liar

a manipulator somebody who was addicted

to pornography and I was carrying around

a bunch of

weight not just physical but spiritual

too and the Holy Spirit said give me

your heart and I’ll help you change your

habits if that’s you in this room on the

count of three and if you’re watching

online or watching on rebroadcast I want

you to lift your hands and we’re going

to pray the Prayer of Salvation and I’m

telling you your whole life is going to

turn around one you’re making the

greatest decision ever two I’m proud of

you but more than that your name is

going to be written in the Lamb’s Book

of Life three shoot your hand up all

over this building I see you right there

all online I see you I see you a whole

family right there come on

Transformation Church I see you my

brother I see you my brother come on

Transformation Church let’s

celebrate glory to

God I see you but more than that sister

God sees you and at Transformation

Church we’re family nobody prayers alone

can we lift our hands one last time and

say God God thank you for sending Jesus

sending Jesus just for me just for me

today today I admit I ad that I have

messed up I have and I need a savior and

I need a I Repent I repent and I Turn to

You and I Turn to You change me change

renew me R transform me I’m yours I’m in

Jesus name in Jesus name amen can we

celebrate every oh y’all y’all better

turn up in this place glory to


transformation Hey listen if you made

that decision hit the QR code on the

screen and we’re going to give you some

things to help you walk this out if

y’all need prayer for anything man I

want to let you know don’t leave this

church without getting get in prayer the

altar workers are going to come up to

the front people going to start talking

and leaving but God wants to meet with

you if you want to come back to Monday

night prayer tomorrow we going to be


praying I I just want to let you know

this 21 days is over but our spiritual

connection is just getting

started I love you I believe in you

don’t leave here without prayer until

next week go out and live a transformed

life I love you sing Yahweh one time

say thank you so much for watching this

message we pray that it encouraged you

our vision is to represent God to the

lost and found for transformation in

Christ and if you would like to partner

with us in giving you can text give to


8282 or visit us on our website also be

sure to like subscribe and check out our

other sermons as well our service begins

every Sunday at 10:45 a.m. Central

Standard Time now go out and live a