Cutting may be painful, but being cut by God is a promise of more fruit in your life. In this compelling message, Pastor Mike reveals the transformative power of God’s cutting process. Drawing from Matthew 7:18-20 and John 15:1-3, he unpacks how God’s cutting eliminates what isn’t producing and expands what is. We pray this message encourages you to embrace surrender and trust in God’s plan for growth and transformation, knowing that His cuts are ultimately for your good and His glory. Scripture References: Matthew 7:18-20 NKJV John 15:1-3 NLT Hebrews 11:6-11 AMP Proverbs 27:6 AMP Matthew 27:50-52 NLT John 15:5 NLT 02:21 – The proof is in the fruit 06:15 – Matthew chapter 7 verses 18 through 20 NKJV 07:07 – I’m not trying to prove them wrong. I’m trying to produce God right 16:37 – John chapter 15 verses 1 through 3 NLT 20:21 – You’re getting cut either way 22:50 – Being cut by God is a promise of more fruit 27:40 – A cut gives you the edge 32:30 – Hebrews chapter 12 verses 6 through11 AMP 35:16 – What is the CUT of God? 1. Correcting 41:24 – Proverbs chapter 27 verse 6 AMP 41:53 – What is the CUT of God? 2. Unveiling 42:50 – Matthew chapter 27 verses 50 through 52 NLT 45:49 – What is the CUT of God? 3. Testing 46:57 – Proverbs chapter 3 verses 5 & 6 NLT 50:33 – Don’t focus on the pain of the cut but on the promise of the cut 52:39 – How do you embrace the cut? Surrender 52:29 – John chapter 15 verse 5 NLT Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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hi my name is Amberly and I have the

privilege of serving as one of our

executive pastors here at Transformation

Church we just want to say thank you so

much for tuning in from wherever you are

watching from and if you haven’t already

be sure to like And subscribe we believe

that God has a word for you so let’s

jump into this amazing

message welcome to Transformation Church

where we believe in worshiping God and

I’ve never actually um started a ser

without my suit jacket and um because of

the worship that just went forth I had

to take that mug off it was making me

look crazy my collar was up cuz I was

praising so hard and that was a

distraction in the spirit and the

natural looked at myself on the screen I

said oh no like take it

off um welcome to week four of a series

we’re calling somebody say fresh

fruit and um at Transformation Church we

believe that this year God has given us

a prophetic word and the word is

fruit that out of our lives out of our

marriages out of our money out of our

businesses out of our thought processes

there needs to be what is the word

fruit many of us have not seen fruit in

our lives in

decades it’s been the same cycle but I

believe by the power of the Holy Spirit

and the Revelation through teaching and

and and the spirit of God that is in

this place and your desire to continue

to hunger and thirst after those things

that God has saying I believe this year

is going to be a turnaround year for

many of us now you don’t have to believe

that but those who

do there’s something that happens to you

the Bible always tells us according to


faith and you might as well you have

nothing to lose by actually believing

God and so today in the two minutes that

I have to preach this word to

you um I I’m going to try to do

something that that leaves a mark in

your head that will never ever leave you


again the the name of this series is

fresh fruit but there’s a tagline that

we have not emphasized and today I felt

by the Holy Spirit I was supposed to

emphasize it to you the the name of this

entire series is fresh fruit the proof

is in the

fruit write that down the

proof is in the

fruit and and I need to say this to

Believers now if you’re not a Believer

yet I love you I’m going talk to you in

just a second just hold on you can

listen into this private conversation

that I’m about to have with people who

have confessed Jesus Christ as their

lord and savior don’t care if you smoke

don’t care if you had sex last night

it’s all good I’m just glad that you’re

here I know other Christian people won’t

tell you that but your boy I’m with you

why cuz I was there before but hold on

let me have a conversation with my


family um for

believers you talk too


you talk about what you going to do talk

about the bible plan you going to finish

talk about the weight you going to

lose talk about being vegan talk about

being a virgin talk

about but may I submit to you that you

could save a lot of

words by just actually being the

proof of what you desire to do

the proof is in the

fruit cuz nobody can argue with

fruit they can they can act like it

ain’t there but they got to step over it

to move

on and there are too many Believers that

are out here with no

fruit so we have to talk about

everything that we’re going to do and

hypothesize and then because we’re not

producing fruit we criticize

anybody that is cuz it ain’t the type of

fruit that I would you ain’t got nothing

to show for everything that God told you

but you have a lot to


okay and I need to free the church that

wants to produce everybody say more

fruit more fruit from the chains of

trying to prove


there are too many people that are under

the sound of my voice with Jesus Christ

on the inside of them that are trying to

still prove

things you dressed a certain way

today God real

quiet some somebody’s like hold on what

is he going to say I’ll leave it alone

just so y’all hear what I’m saying to

you many of us are doing things trying

to prove things to people who won’t even


it you missed it you’re doing things

today in real life trying to prove

things to people some of them that are

in the

grave still trying to prove to your mama

that you’re worth it still trying to

prove to that coach that you can cut it

trying to prove to that boss who

wouldn’t give you a promotion that

you’re worth it and what I came to free

you from today is that monkey that that

gorilla that’s been on your back

listen the need to prove things comes

from the inward doubt of producing

things so when you don’t believe you can

actually produce it cuz you did what you

said you was going to do you start

trying to prove that I am enough that I

can make it happen you don’t believe in

me watch this and what ends up happening

is the enemy distorts the motivation of


change did you hear what I just said

many of you are doing the right thing

with the the wrong motivation cuz the

enemy creeped in at the point of your

insecurity and started

flipping your motivation so that you

think you’re getting the right results

but it has a bad

root oh

my Matthew

718 a good tree cannot bear bad fruit

did you hear what the word said a good

tree cannot bear bad fruit but at the

same token a bad tree cannot bear good

fruit every tree that does not bear good

fruit is cut down and thrown into the

fire therefore by their

fruits you will know

them everybody gets exposed by their


fruit did you hear what I just said

so this is the thing I want everybody to

switch that has freed me in this new

season of being fresh somebody say

fresh I’m not trying to prove them wrong

I’m trying to produce God

right I’m going say it one more time I

am no longer waking up going to work

dressing to prove them wrong I’m trying

to produce God

right and if you wake up every morning

trying to prove them

wrong you need to

repent I know it actually made you go to

the gym because they said I’d never ever

be able to do it and I’mma show them

I’mma get this I’mma get this and I’mma

Be this and I’mma I promise you but

what’s happening is when you reach it

then where does your motivation come

from what happens when you attain the

thing that was motivated by something

negative today I want you to everybody


repent if there’s any area of your life

that you’ve been doing I’mma prove them

wrong repent what does it

mean I’mma produce God

right did y’all just see how easy that


see what every Christian Life should

look like where that backpack at um uh

does anybody got that backpack pass it

to me what the Christian Life should

look like is US walking

around how y’all doing Turn the Lights

up I’m at the

gym hey

Tammy what’s up brother you good what’s

your name man Alan Allan nice to meet

you bro what’s that baby that baby like

orange juice

that baby got a chain on that baby need

a orange look baby two days old with a

chain black people here we

go you want an orange thank where y’all

go to school nowhere nowhere you look

young you but you you you you’re

blessed what’s up B here you go what’s

up fam you good it’s good to see you you

want fruit your daddy get he want the

fruit dad

I give you another one what’s up Vic you

be telling me to eat fruit all the time

come on it’s my trainer right here take

all this

fruit what’s up big

daddy you should be able to see the

impact of my

life not by where I tell you I’ve

been oh it’s dark on the camera it

doesn’t matter where I’m at you can see



oh you want some he said over here over

here do you see what

happens when you start to produce fruit

you become

desirable I haven’t stopped to watch

anybody eat the

fruit I just produce it and drop it

off at the gym at the job when I

wherever I go my life should be

producing fruit fruit the saddest part

about this moment right now are there

are thousands of people around me that

desire the fruit but the bag is

empty so until I flipped it over nobody

did even knew that I still didn’t have


fruit and this is the season where God’s


people he’s turning the bags

over seeing that marriage look good on

Instagram no

fruit that business they act like they

drive a Lamborghini they in so much debt




fruit so what happens when the church

tells the world come and see our

Jesus no

fruit come and meet the that changed my

life didn’t he change your life 15 years

ago yes what has happened since then

nothing I just carry around my fruit

sack I judge other people for not


fruit your fruit should be riper than

that man of

God where have you dropped off any


preaching Pastor I

know from now on I’m not going to try to

prove anybody wrong I’m going to just

say this small phrase in my head look at


fruit people can say anything they want

about this church I’m not perfect I mess

up daily I’m still trying to figure out

how to be a pastor if anybody wants to

take my position you can have it this is

not sexy this is not fun this is not all

oh yes I want to be a pastor that was

never my

dream and I’m scared of people who wake

up like

that just want to get on the platform

and give God


okay and one thing that I will be able

to stand on when I stand before

God I’ll be able to say Lord I I messed

up several times I did the wrong thing

tons of times time but I always repented

and came back to you but God I I hope

that what I did there was some

fruit the reason I sleep at night when

comments is going

crazy is cuz I know that for every

comment there’s a

kiwi y’all missed it for every comment

there’s a



this this is where the church has to

move to because if we’re going to be

effective on any level if we’re going to

reach those people who actually need

Jesus we’re not going to be able to

explain to everybody everything that’s

happening and why we did what we did and

all the this is the reason why and I’m

just telling you pastorally as a church

this is the reason why we’re doing

Ransom again now listen hold on before

you cheer before you cheer before you

cheer before for here we learned some

things last year we learned our platform

was way bigger than I thought we learned

that there were a lot of people who were

looking for

things to be able and I was like oh

shoot if this was at the P or the

Performing Arts Center they would love

it cuz it was on the wrong day at the

wrong venue and it was kind of

good now let’s be real they want me to

come out here and whip somebody and like

spray some ketchup and it’ be like Jesus


blood come on let’s be honest and they

will clown the church about it and we

were like they didn’t come to Christ

because of that no it wasn’t excellent

at all we saw the Hinds in the

guys so cuz there was it was like Ah

that’s too much and y’all done rewrote

Beyonce’s song and I I mean I know the

song and that wakes my spirits up and I


I get

you so do we stop doing it oh

no because there

was over 600 people got

saved but what but watch this but watch

but we’re not prideful to say yeah we

just going to do it the same no we’ve

been cutting on

it we’ve been submitting it we’ve been

looking at we done rewrote almost all

the songs we’ve we’ we’ve taken the

things that we said could we do this

better and what we’re going to do is

this year we’re going to perfect it in

house this is why it’s not going to be

live online for everybody to see and I

know all my transformation Nation

people’s like forget them Pastor Mike

forget them I’m in Georgia I can’t come

play R for me I got


you I love transformation Nation y’all

are ride or die but hear me

but but here what I’m saying is I have

enough wisdom to know that if we if we

get it right this year then maybe we can

take it on the

road see you miss it you miss it I don’t

quit on things that produce fruit just

because they weren’t


perfect and how many things has God made

fruitful that you just said never mind

they didn’t like how it

looked the first version the second

version the third version didn’t go over

how I

thought God’s saying go back and cut on

it somebody say cut on

it John 151 say cut on it again cut uhoh

I am the true grape vine and my father

is the gardener he cuts off every branch

of mine that does not produce fruit and

he prunes which also is another word for

cut he cuts the branches that do bear

fruit so that they will produce watch

this even more somebody say more fruit

say it like you believe it more fruit

say it like it’s going to happen in your

mind and your life more say it like your

finances is going to reflect it say it

like your family is going to change more

fruit when I look at my bank account

this week more

fruit I don’t care what it says when I

walk into my house what am I saying more

I might be at the brink of divorce but

I’m calling it by faith more


fruit that’s good but for more fruit

there’s a

formula we’ve been talking about fresh

fruit and fresh vision and a fresh

Church you want more fruit how many

people want more fruit in the

building get ready to scream for the

title of the sermon it’s going to take a





oh wo


woohoo hold on a a fresh cut

Pastor a

fresh cut you’re witnessing history

right now um after 10 years of pastoring

um I’ve never ever come on any platform

without a fresh cut

and today I am up here straight off of

vacation where I spent time a lot of

time in the sun Su n and with the Sun s

o n as you can see by my


um I I didn’t get a a fresh cut so I I

decided to use this as an illustration

of what God’s going to do in our lives

and I’m going to get a haircut on stage

in front of you something that is

usually done in private sir sir I’m

gonna do it openly in front of

you so that you can see the benefit of a

fresh cut um Aaron my Barbara and friend

is going to come y’all give it up for

Aaron real quick as he comes

now uh this is my dog and um he I’m

going to let him send but he is actually

terrified of what we’re about to

do because what I’m about to do is very

dangerous cuz the level of passion that

I preach

with and the level of wanting you to get

it um really affects

potentially the way that somebody um

could actually cut my hair and this is

not rehearsed or planned or practiced

this is about to be very


fresh but I want you to know from the

scripture watch this point write it down

I’mma preach this whole time while he’s

cutting me he got the brother how are

you feeling right now are you

feeling feeling you’re feeling great our

friendship is on the

line um write this down you’re getting

cut either

way you’re getting cut either way you

about to no I don’t no no no not this

black thing today is watermelon I don’t

want this use my


cake there we

go got to be on brand thank you

Jesus somebody say you’re getting cut it

either way cut

either this is God’s process cutting is

God’s process of eliminating what isn’t


fruit and it’s also his way of expanding

what is producing

fruit so if you don’t Embrace God

cutting you you are not actually getting

the best out of what you

have yeah and one un cut is going to

cause you pain remember the scripture

says anybody who’s not producing fruit

he cuts them off and throws them

away but the people who are producing

fruit he cuts them so that they can have

more fruit what I found out is one cut

is full of pain and the other cut is

full of

promise what I’m trying to get everybody

in this room under the sound of my voice

to realize is God in 2024 when you yell

by faith more fruit in my marriage more

fruit in my finances more fruit in my

business more fruit in my family he says

let me grab my


scissors are you ready to


cut the thing that really brought me a

lot of Peace cuz when I was asked that

by the Holy Spirit am I ready to get cut

my answer was

no cuz all my life cut has been

associated with something that is either

bad hurtful painful or or an accident

that could end

deadly don’t no don’t play with them

scissors since you’re

young no no no no no no no no no no

don’t use that

knife but God said to me he said Michael

being put cut by me is a promise of more

fruit he said so when I start to cut on

your life I’m promising you I’m planning

to use you

again see what I don’t know if anybody

ever played on a basketball team but but

I was one of those on a team that the

coach would always ride me harder than

he would ride anybody else and I was

like coach you don’t be telling them

that he said shut up and

run Co they the shot too he said I’m not

talking to


coach I got I was a crier when I got

angry like when I got really Ang do I

got any angry like when you get like

real the tears just start falling they

Thug tears believe that you better

believe that yes sir but you get so

overwhelmed it’s got to come out




and one day the coach brought me to the

side he said Michael the

reason that I ride you so hard and I

correct you so hard and I talk to you so

hard is because I know that you actually

have potential to go where none of these

other people have potential to go so if

I don’t cut you

now you won’t be ready when it’s time

for the


and I just came to tell

somebody that the church has been a bad

done a bad job in this last

season of emphasizing how comfortable

serving God would

be I need to say this to you like just

come to God and all your fears and all

your tears and he bottles them and he’s

going to coddle them and and we make you

feel like when you come to God then

somehow it gets

easy and I just I want to let you know

that our desire for

Comfort has made us despise his

cut I’mma say it one more time you think

if God tells you no you’re getting

punished instead of if God tells you no

he’s protecting

you you think if God doesn’t allow you

to get the position you prayed for that

somehow he hasn’t heard your cry but he

actually is answering the prayer you

didn’t know how to form in your Li with

your lips by not letting you get into a

position that you would be locked into

because he knows you’re a people pleaser

and if you got that position you

wouldn’t leave there for 15 years and

three years from now he’s going to open

up the actual Destiny step that you need

so he told you no now to lead you to the

place of


purpose but if you desire

Comfort at the expense of Desiring the


not from anybody just regular I’m

talking about from God you will miss out

on what God has for you I wrote it down

like this because I just came back from

the beach and I wanted to I wanted to

give a praise report I know these we

don’t do testimony service anymore in

church but I want to give you praise rep

Point I’ve been to the beach a lot of

times and me and my wife did a little

withdrawal trip and I just needed to be

refreshed and I’m encouraging every

person to pick time where you actually

get refreshed I know a pastor doesn’t

usually tell you that but Jesus modeled

it or God modeled it in creation and he

literally took a day of Sabbath to be

able to recreate and so I’m just asking

you to do the same thing but that ain’t

my point while I was on the beach praise

report I felt more comfortable in swim

clothes than I ever have in my

life now some of y’all won’t Shout with

me but you weren’t with me when I was

275 I was so ready to take my shirt

off no no no I’m just serious I was like

what we wearing today baby I was getting

my bathing suits ready I wanted to color

coordinate I want you wearing pink today

I wear pink today I

was but what I what I realized is my

comfort on the beach came from the

cutting in the

gym your comfort comes from a place of

cutting you want comfort in your

marriage go get that cutting and

counseling you want cutting in you want

comfort in your finances how many people

would love for their finances to be more

comfortable come on okay y’all come

on cut the

budget everybody wants Comfort nobody


cutting but the cut watch this gives you


edge and this haircut by the end of this

service by the faith and crazy Faith Of

God will be

sharp because what he’s doing to me

right now now she’s cutting me sir

they’re little micro Cuts over and over

and over and over and over

again but what he’s doing right now is


me into the

image of what he sees for me because I

can’t see it for

myself and most people want to cut

themselves and I’m not talking about in

a dangerous way because I know that

people have dealt with that lie of the

enemy that tells you that you’re better

not here and I come to rebuke that right

now and I said that you will live and


die I understand that life I understand

that depression and that despair but I

know there’s hope for

you what I’m telling you right now is

that most people want to get in the

mirror with the Shavers of life and try

to cut the areas of their life they

can’t see J has anybody ever had a bad

haircut before

absolutely now when you see a kid with a

about haircut it’s kind of expected most

of the time it’s like oh look at little

Jimmy god

dog oh his mama wanted to save $15 and

so she put a bowl around his head and

y’all remember them chili bowl cuts like

just and Jimmy walk out like bro what

happened to you my mama bro she


Jimmy don’t mess with Jimmy with the

chili bow he’ll fight

you and then she try to put a part in it

the part is the size of the Red Sea

splitting it’s

just but but with kids you understand it

the thing I cannot

get is grown

men that that really really won’t humble


enough to let somebody else

cut they hair and I know you trying to

save money and I appreciate that but

your haircut makes you look

incompetent I’mma tell you why you don’t

have a


no okay ladies back me up when you see a

dude in his head do not look like he

care you start

judging now I’m being very superficial

at this current moment but I want you to

see the point a bad haircut especially

one that somebody does to their self

comes from somebody who is not humble

enough to submit to the vision of


else I have no idea what he’s doing to

my head I have no idea what guard he has

on I have no idea if he’s feeling fruity

and wants to cut Spider-Man in the back

of my head I have no

idea but I trust


I’ve sat in this chair so many times

I’ve sat at dining room tables he

learned how to cut hair cutting me and

my brothers in my my parents laundry

room so when I’m on this platform

getting my haircut in front of hundreds

of thousands of people I am calm because

I’ve been here

before I trust

him when it comes to your spiritual

life have you been with God long enough

that you will trust his

cut he’ll trust when you tell when he

tells you not that

friend I know that’ll be a come up for

your social media but they not for you

well God we love all the same things and

Lord if you just gave me Conn not

them well God I I I feel what you’re

saying but I’m still around these other

people so if you really want me not to

be around them then you will remove them

from my life he said no no I won’t I’ll

let you have what you

want go ahead have it I’ll just be here

when what I try to protect you

from actually really Cuts

you see the god that we serve is a


surgeon the Bible tells us that his

words can cut through bone and

Marrow and so today all I all I’m trying

to ask this church to do if you want

fresh fruit you need a fresh cut look at


12:6 for the Lord

disciplines and

corrects and

cuts Those whom he

loves God do you love

me yes I do sit still and let me cut

you have you ever thought about God

God’s love like that

cuz most of us want God’s love to be a


hug Comfort Me Lord cuddle me Lord hug


Jesus no come on and God says I love you

so much that I’m about to cut you stay

still stop

talking don’t

move this is going to hurt just a little

bit but I promise you I’ve been cut

worse than this and I went through every

cut that you would ever have to go

through so that you could know that with

me you’re going to make it out on the


side he said the Lord disciplines

corrects those those who he loves and he

prunes every son whom he receives or he

punishes every son who he receives and

welcomes to his heart verse 7 it says

You must watch this

submit to correction for the purpose of

discipline God is dealing with you as

one of his

sons for what son is there whom his

father does not

discipline now if you are exempt from

correction and without discipline in

which all of God’s children share then

you are IL an illegitimate

child and not a son at all moreover we

have had Earthly fathers who discipline

us and we submitted and respected them

for training us shall we not much more

willingly submit to the father of

spirits and live by learning from his

discipline for our Earthly fathers

disciplined us for only a short time as

seemed best to them but he disciplines

us for our good so that we may share his

Holiness for the time being no

discipline brings Joy but seems sad and

painful yet to those who have been

trained by it afterwards it yields the


fruit of

righteousness right standing with God

and a lifestyle and attitude that sinks

seeks um Conformity to God’s Will and

purpose if you’re not submitting to the

cut you will not be able to produce more

fruit so Pastor Mike very

plainly what is the cut of God very


cut correct

ing if you’re getting cut by God he’s

correcting you like Aaron is correcting


sweat that is coming oh dang all in my

mouth sometimes when God

is correcting

you it feels like dang could you could

you not do it a different

way has anybody God ever done something

you be like but this was the way you had

to do it

but but but but but here what we just

heard that when God’s correcting you

it’s because he loves

you I I want to bring back to every

person in this room the idea that God’s

correction is God’s

love so when God tells you no more

sleeping with

them Pastor you said that in church

you’re doing it at your house

when When God says stop spending money

on that

grand When God Says join the church well

God I was heard in my last’s church he

said I’m about to correct some

things but you have to submit to my

corrections watch this and this is the

big thing if God is not correcting you


concerned any area of my life where I’ll

be like every area of my life is good

and God ain’t got nothing else to do i’

be like

uh-oh either I’m not listening or he


speaking and the church needs to be

awakened to the fact that as long as we

are in this Christian walk there will be

something that God is trying to get off


us okay so hear me and I I know a lot of

y’all used to be running around jumping

around and doing all the other stuff and

you’re like man this is different just

watching him sit there I am not going to

walk around all week looking

crazy because I wasn’t still

enough to be in the place that I needed

to be to get cut

on and the crazy thing about a

correcting cut many time God uses other

people to correct us and you would be

fine if it was God

Almighty the big man upstairs going to

correct me he know how to get my

attention and he sent you a

wife and he gave you kids you okay buddy

you you good right there do I need to do

I need to stop for a second cuz you know

you on the front part good good good

okay I’m going just take a second I’mma

pause for the calls


right oh hold on you can’t


okay no no no go back go back to that go

back I’m just going they going to have



now we saying wait on the

Lord and I told him the cutting area and

as soon as he started I

moved no no no no I’ll wait on you I’ll

wait on you I’ll wait on you I’ll wait

on you






this is how a lot of our Christian life

looks that God has you in a position

he’s trying to cut on you he’s trying to

do something and every time and then you

start doing stuff like this what if you

kind of

like like what if

no no no no what if you kind of like

turn it

on you know why God doesn’t turn on a

lot of the

blessings it’s cuz your hand is still on

it it’s it’s because you trying to

direct where it’s going he said this

will hurt you too much if I turn this on

right now if I turn on the favor if I

turn on the blessing if I turn it on I

need you to sit yes


sir that’s so


good and so as I sit

here I’m letting somebody else cut

me God doesn’t give me haircuts Aaron

does many times God does not speak to me

about my attitude Natalie does

y’all are missing it many times God

doesn’t directly speak to me about my

inconsistencies Bella Ava MJ and Gia

do and he’s using

people to correct you and you won’t

listen cuz they ain’t live this life

like I have I’m the bread winner of this

house grown man I’m you can’t teach you

can’t teach your old dog new

trips come on think of all of the

colloquialisms we say but Proverbs 27:6

says faithful are the wounds are the

cuts of a friend who corrects out of

love and

concerned but the kisses of an enemy are

deceitful because they serve his hidden

agenda some of y’all are being killed by

kisses and God’s saying you need to

desire for me to cut on you again cuz

when I cut you it means I love

you so the C and God cutting stands for

everybody say correcting the U stands

for watch this one

unveiling when I come to the barber

shop it’s one of the most vulnerable

positions all men

know when when somebody starts washing

and touching on your

head and and shampooing and cutting you

just start telling business and Ladies

we already know what y’all be doing in

there if they coloring don’t let be

getting a color and a and a a a layering

and all the other stuff that’s happening

y’all just be telling all your

business God said why would you tell a

person that’s cutting your hair all your

business and you won’t tell

me everything that’s going on I know it

anyway but you won’t bring it to me and

when God starts cutting on you he wants

there to be oh watch this an

unveiling the reason that I use this

word unveiling is because there there

was an unveiling that

happened through what Jesus did for all

of us in Matthew 27:50 it says then

Jesus shouted again and he released his

Spirit at that moment the curtain in the

sanctuary of the temple was torn into he

tore the veil from the top to the bottom

the Earth Shook and the Rocks split

apart when Jesus Christ went to the

Cross died for us rose again

what he did is he tore the veil between

man and

God what are you saying Pastor

Mike he said that there has to be no

separation between

us so if he did that work for the veil

or the cover or the separation to be

torn he said if you ever put anything up

between us again I’mma cut

it you put put success between me and

you I’mma cut

it put your family between me and you

I’m going to cut anything I’m telling

you this is why the Bible tells us he

said don’t make anything else an

idol don’t serve any other gods before

me it doesn’t say um any other gods

won’t be

there he said there’s other things that

you will

value but if they’re before me they come

between us I’m cutting

it he said I tore the veil once and I’ll

cut all the other

ones is there anything in your life that

has become a curtain between you and

God I can’t answer it for you but if God

starts cutting you he’s going to start

doing it first with correcting you and

the second thing he’s going to do is

start unveiling things do not be

surprise for the rest of 2024 when God

starts to pull the curtain back on stuff


you sit next to people who you don’t

know who they really are and you have

two choices you either move the curtain

or you let him cut it and some of y’all

he’s been walking up with scissors

saying please just expose yourself

please just tell your wife the truth

please just tell your tell the company

you’ve been stealing just go to

the cuz when he cuts

it it’s going to expose whatever is back

there sir yes sir I’m telling you right

now that’s why Ministries and pastors

and different things are falling at a

rate that is like what in the world it’s

because God’s been telling you he does

it all the time he tries to deal with

people he loves in

private but if you won’t cut it if you

won’t remove the veil if you won’t take

this addiction and this habit and this

thing away that is between us he said

I’ll cut it

up until you have nothing but me so you

want God to begin to cut on you the C

stands for correcting the U stands for

unveiling last one what is the cut of

God it’s

testing when God begins to cut on you

he’s testing

you every time me and Aaron do this

every Sunday morning it’s a test of our

friendship cuz I’ll be preparing my

sermons and the reason he can do this is

because I’ve done this several times

before I’ve been excited about a point

and he’s got a razor on my ch I’m like

bro that is going to be a good point




there and every time I do it the reason

that it was a reflex for

him is because he’s been tested in this

area and so have

I God says I’m going to cut

you but it’s not for you to be terrif

ified I’m just testing watch do you

really trust

me and Proverbs 356 says trust in the

Lord with all your heart do not depend

on your own understanding seek his will

in all you do and He will show you which

path to take the Holy Spirit has been

over and over he’s hey Michael I’m about

to cut you I’m about to expose some

things I’m about I’m about to I’m about

to correct you in a couple areas I’m

about to do this and this is all he says

to me do you trust

me and I’m coming to this body of

Believers today and I’m asking

you do you trust

God do you trust him with your life do

you trust him with your family do you

trust them watch this with your

purpose do you trust trust him

sometimes you got to shut





and take


over have your

way have your

way whatever you want to

do whatever you want to

do have way I’m not telling him what

area to work on

when he just went from my Edge up to my

mouth to the back of my head I could say

bro just do the

mouth then do the back then do the you

doing my eyebrows you you you

special I’m not telling because he sees

what I don’t

see and when you don’t trust God what

you’re saying is I see it better than

you see

it Pastor Mike why is this so important

cuz I just want you to realize that we

are going to produce more fruit this

year I’m going say it one more time we

are going to produce more fruit this


okay but that means there may be a fresh

cut that’s


it’s fine to make people

wait while you get Cut in an area that’s

sensitive it’s fine for your family when

you going to have kids he’s cutting on

me good so

good well I thought you would be a

millionaire I thought I’d be able to

retire you should have picked a better


dad he waiting on me to hit the lottery

sh you need a second job

it’s it’s okay and when God gives you

Seasons where he’s not working on you it

doesn’t mean he’s not

finished don’t focus on the pain of the

cut but focus on the promise of the

cut at the end of every good haircut

there’s there’s um

alcohol now I don’t know if women go

through this I don’t think y’all go

through this do y’all go through this

this hot water okay no then white lady

is like alcohol what mimosas

what no no

no but but

when but when you’re getting a edge up


this there’s a bunch of many micro cuts

that are happening and there might be


blood it might cut me to the

point where it causes something that’s

inside of me to come out of me

and what happens with the barber is at

the end of the haircut he takes alcohol

and he

says get ready cuz every man

knows it’s going to be

spicy and he hits it and and if he’s a

good Barber he might blow on it might

have a fan or might have a something and

them gangster Barbers they just let it

Sizzle they just they just like


if your haircut is $25 or less they

going to let it Sizzle these days they

just throw it on there and laugh at

you yeah yeah do the whole thing bro go

for it

um but if

God allows the alcohol the

cleansing the

purifying of the cuts to burn a little

bit no that it’s so nothing gets

infected the reason why some of the

relationships have gone bad is because

you didn’t let him cleanse

them the reason why that business

partner didn’t work out is because you

didn’t let him cleanse

them so how do I embrace the cut one

word this is our takeaway

surrender this entire service I have had

to surrender to a a seat to receive the

cut that I

needed and most of us have not

surrendered I got too many people

watching me to

surrender I got too much potential to

surrender do you know what I could do

with all the things that God’s given me

and God’s saying surrender what’s

another word for surrender Pastor Mike


down what’s another word for sit down

Pastor Mike stay still

what’s another word for stay still write

this one down

abide John 15:5 goes on and says yes I

am the True Vine and you are the

branches those who remain in me and I am

them will produce much fruit for apart

from me you can do nothing and another

translation it says says Those Who abide


me some of y’all have been moving too

much for God to cut where he needs to

and it not kill


you and God saying would you just stay

still would you just plant in a church

would you just actually continue to go

to the be group would you actually

submit to counseling would you actually

do would you actually just stay still in

a place long enough so I can do this

surgery on you and some of y’all like

what is he doing right

now this is what in the barber World

they call

enhancements see when you get a master

Barbara and they can see what you don’t

see they can fill in the holes in the

gaps that’s good the areas y’all be like

dang Pastor Mike beard be so nice that

ain’t me that’s the grace of

God hear what I’m saying to you it

presents me in a way that my own effort

could not

present it gives me the ability to be

able to have the appearance of what’s

not really mine it kind of sounds like

salvation it kind of sounds like any man

that be in Christ he is a new creation

so when the debt comes up for all the

sin that I made I get the enhancement of

Jesus Christ being the one that stands

in front of me and fills in every Gap

every hole every area that my hair could

not grow every area that my life could

not produce he does not look at

me but he looks at

Jesus and so for every patchy place of


life I get the enhancement of the Holy

Spirit I’ll preach this thing right


now and some of you like that’s fake



favor hey and every woman judging me

shut up dyeing your hair and dyeing your

roots don’t do me oh I don’t do that you

wear wigs okay whatever no I’m

just you got your clip-ins and oh come

on I know white ladies clip-ins I know I

know come

on all of us at some time need favor we


deserve need somebody to cover us when

we don’t actually have the ability to do


ourselves what is it going to take for

us to surrender

courage today I want to pray for

everybody to have courage now listen

everybody that’s under the sound of my

voice right now I know some of y’all are

saying Pastor Mike if God’s gonna cut me

can he just do it in the areas

that you know what I’m saying that you

know aren’t that

serious can he just do it in the areas

you know what I’m saying like like that

that seem comfortable some of these

areas I’ve been growing too long hey

Maxwell come here real

quick I put on Instagram earlier this

week I said does anybody want to cut

their dreads


off what’s up dog good man you good yes

sir how long you been growing them

dreads 6 years 6

years six years of

consistency of growing

something that God may

ask are you okay with letting that

go now now this is how people know

you this is this is your style this is

your swag this is your watch this

identity when people describe you know

the tall handsome dude with the

dreads what if God wants to cut an area

that people describe you by

now are you willing to not be who you’ve

been to become who God’s created you to

be oo that’s good preaching right there

and most of you are so committed to the

identity of the Season you’ve been

in that you will not embrace the cut so

you can have a brand new

identity hey

Aaron I’mma I’m going give I’m going

give my

man this

chair cuz sometimes you’re going to need

courage and you’re going to need people



did you okay this with your wife okay

okay cuz I don’t need Mary mad at me

Mary you

good put it on it you got some scissors

we need some scissors get give me some

sciss you got some shears somebody give

me some scissors you got the shears you

got the thing they didn’t bring it in

the pack Scott took them Scott go get


scissors we don’t mind waiting


what what I’m what I’m saying to you is

and sometimes that’s how God will do you

he’ll put you in the chair and he’ll be

like just wait on


what what like I got to just wait on

you in my hands this is

dangerous but in a master’s


hands just just don’t do them all at the

same time what you I don’t let me I’ve

never done this before you can do this

what you what you think he he actually

said he wants it this you you


cool 6

years a lot of

intentionality a lot of building your

life around something you a lot of

rubber bands

a lot of hot

summers and a lot of warm

Winters but this is what some people

would call

Freedom would you be willing to get cut

by God for him to place give me your

hand freedom in your hand

hear what I’m saying to

you somebody said he looks

goodes God’s not even finished with him

yet here here what I’m saying I know

this is a long analogy and we sat here

this whole time and I got a fresh cut

and he got a fresh cut will


you will you let God cut areas of your

life that you have grown accustomed to

or will you make this the


place that God’s done working on you

standing all over this building keep

going don’t leave my man like that just

keep going we you it can be after church

we just yeah keep that we ain’t going to

leave you like that and neither will

God if there’s an area of your life

watch this before everybody rushes out

please don’t miss this moment if there’s

an area of your life that you know that

you’re going to need courage to stay

still for God to do the cutting I need

you to lift both of your hands right now

okay we’re in the right building I’m

going to pray for courage for you today

and everybody under the sound of my

voice I believe that there is going to

be a

supernatural there’s going to be a

supernatural strength watch this to stay

still everybody talks about the strength

to fight but I’m talking about the

strength to stay still yes the strength

to to to make it through I’m talking

about the

strength to let God do what only he can

do and be still father I pray for every

person under the sound of my voice that

today as you begin to identify areas

that you want to correct them in unveil

things in and even test them in I thank

you that today as a church we will

Embrace The

Cutting because when you cut you cut


Love and today Father God you desire for

us to produce more fruit but God we

don’t get more fruit and fresh fruit

without a fresh

cut so father today we are saying we are

submitted to your

hand not the hand of our friends and our

family but God you are the one that can

actually cut us and it doesn’t kill us

you’re the one that can cut us and it

cultivates us

it brings us into more fruit but father

can we be honest we need courage

today for every person father who you

are placing on their heart an area that

they need to let you begin to do

surgery today Father

God would you give them the courage that

you gave Joshua be strong and

courageous would you give them the

courage you gave Abraham would you give

them the courage you gave Moses would

you give them the courage father you

gave Bishop Gary and Pastor Debbie would

you give us the courage father God that

you gave Daniel and the Lion’s then

would you give us the same courage that

Jesus had to go to the

cross that same spirit that was in him

and that raised him from the dead you

said and your word is in us so today we

believe that you have made us courageous

enough to embrace the

cut and when you do it we won’t run from

you and when you do it we won’t hide and

when we do it we won’t stand and curse

you we’ll say thank

you thank you for seeing me enough thank

you for caring enough thank you for

calling me son and daughter thank you

for loving me enough father to cut away

the things to prune me so that in the

next season I will produce much more


today I thank you that

fruit is going to be the proof of our

relationship with you

and our marriage and our families and

our businesses and the way we love and

the way we forgive and the way we get

angry father let there be

fruit cut what you got to

cut there’s a sweet presence in this

room because I found that any surgery

that you’ve ever been in they tell you

to stay

still there’s some surgeries that are so

deep and so important that they strap


down cuz your movement not the cut but

your movement could cause

you and I don’t know who this is for but

there’s some planting that needs to go

on in your life some of y’all need to

put down roots in places long enough for

God to do the

work some of you coming to church every

Sunday God is saying don’t miss for some

of you it’s getting in small groups for

some of you it’s going to counseling for

some of you you it’s getting in a a

place where you can actually be honest

about what you’re going in but I’m

hearing the Holy Spirit say get there

and stay

there I feel this so strong get there

and stay there some of y’all need to

move others of you need to stay you was

about to go somewhere and God said that

ain’t it you need to stay where I placed

you cuz this next season is about the

cutting stay

still and know

hold on ain’t that a

scripture be

still and know that God I don’t know

what you going to do but

know that I’m God I see it from a

different perspective your life is not

over I’m just transforming you in this

season well I’m supposed to be done with

college all my friends are done with I’m

not done with

you I’m cutting on you

and God today as a church we say I don’t


waiting I don’t mind

Wai i t my

way on you

Lord do what you want to do I tone my


way I don’t mind

way I turn my


way on you Lord at Transformation Church

real quick I just want to let everybody

know we don’t we don’t

care that people are getting cut around

us this is not a big deal for us we’re

in the business of

transformation so when people aren’t

getting cut around us that’s the weird

thing we when when when our staff our

team this thing we getting cut on all

the time all the time why because we

want more fruit and I just want to let

you know that if you come in here and

every week you at the altar and every

week you’re in the right place cuz this

is the cutting

place let him do the work if you’re in

this room and you’ve never accepted

Jesus the one who is the

gardener today I want to give you the

opportunity to except I feel the

presence of God in this place I feel

that some people right now the thing

that you’ve been fighting God is about

to start doing a beautiful work this

time next year mark my

words the fruit because you allowed God

to do the

cutting is going to feed

Generations beyond what you didn’t even

think was

there if you’ve never accepted Jesus I

feel the presence of God so strong in

this place if you never accepted him in

your whole life today is your day invite

The Gardener into your your life I need

Transformation Church who knows what’s

about to happen I need you to start

praying cuz right now eternity is in the

balance and I want to be specific

there’s some of y’all who have known God

and accepted him in your heart but you

have not let him be Lord every time he

tries to cut on you you run away from

him and today is a day that you are

going to repent and rededicate your life

to him you hear me and you’re in this

place and you’ve been saying God I need

a sign here is your sign it’s watermelon

pink today and I am coming to tell you

that God said let me do what I want to

do in your life stop going after the

career that is not working I shut that

door on

purpose so that you would come back to

me if that’s you on the count of three I

want you to just lift your hand if

you’re watching online transformation

Nation there’s no distance in what’s

happening the holy spirit is there right

with you and he’s been drawing you all

week to this moment today is the day of

salvation if you are in this room or you

are watching online on the count of

three if you want to make Jesus Christ

your personal Lord and Savior the one

who kept cutting on me that took me from

a liar a manipulator somebody who was

addicted to pornography had all kinds of

bad things in my mind my heart and in my

actions I was a bad tree trying to

produce good fruit and God said let me


you let me put some new seeds on the

inside of you and he changed me from the

inside out today is your day of

salvation young person hear me I don’t

care what Mom and Daddy are

doing God’s hand is on your life you

don’t have to be a hypocrite you don’t

have to live a double life you don’t

have to struggle financially with that

but how do you get that you find the one

who created

you and today I want to offer you Jesus

one you’re making the greatest decision

of your life two I’m proud of you but

more than that your eternity is secure

and your name is going to be written in

the Lamb’s Book of Life all over this

building and all over the world if you

want to accept Jesus three lift your

hand up all over this room I see you I

see you right here I see you I see you

oh come on Transformation Church I see

you man of God I see you I see you woman

of God and more than that God sees you

can we give God some praise in this

room why do we Rejoice why do we

celebrate cuz we

know what happens when Jesus comes in he

doesn’t make everything

perfect he makes everything

partnership so everything you would walk

with and have to carry a loone he says

let me take the heavy load of that cuz

my burden is easy and my yoke is light

can we pray all together Transformation

Church we’re a big family everybody

nobody prays alone lift your hands and

say God God thank you thank you for

sending Jesus just for me just for me

today today I admit I admit that I I am

a sinner I am a s and I Repent I repent

and turn to you and turn to you I

believe you lived I believe you you died

Di and rose again just for me just for

me change me CH renew me R me transform

me cut me cut me I’m yours I’m your in

Jesus name in Jesus name amen if you

just prayed that prayer Transformation

Church is turning up right

now we love you and we believe the best

of God for you come on let’s give God a

shout of Praise In This Place

thank you so much for watching this

message we pray that it encouraged you

our vision is to represent God to the

lost and found for transformation in

Christ and if you would like to partner

with us in giving you can text give to

8282 82 or visit us on our website also

be sure to like subscribe and check out

our other sermons as well now go out and

live a transformed