In the kingdom of God, tithing is the foundation of our finances. Jesus redeemed us from the curse of not tithing, but when we don’t tithe, we rob God of the opportunity to bless you. We don’t want there to be a cap on what God wants to do in our lives! We pray this message is a reminder of how we can put Jesus first in our finances. Scripture References: Proverbs 11:24 MSG Matthew 6:19-21 NLT 1 Corinthians 3:10-11 NLT Malachi 3:6-10 NKJV Galatians 3:13a NIV Luke 11:42 NKJV Hebrews 7:8 NKJV 16:22 – Proverbs chapter 11 verse 24 MSG 18:44 – In the kingdom of God, tithing is the foundation of our finances 27:24 – Matthew chapter 6 verses 19 through 21 NLT 27:49 – Your finances expose your heart, and your heart exposes your foundation 42:47 – Jesus is the only firm foundation 43:02 – 1 Corinthians chapter 3 verses 10 & 11 NLT 44:22 – Malachi chapter 3 verses 6 through 10 NKJV 48:17 – When you don’t tithe, you rob God of the opportunity to bless you 51:19 – Galatians chapter 3 verse 13a NIV 52:07 – If you don’t tithe and you believe in Jesus, you’re not cursed. However, some blessings have terms and conditions 53:11 – Luke chapter 11 verse 42 NKJV 55:59 – Malachi 3 is not a weapon. It’s wisdom. 01:02:00 – Tithing is a two-way test 01:03:35 – Malachi chapter 3 verses 10 NKJV 01:07:58 – Hebrews chapter 7 verse 8 NKJV Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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hi my name is Charles and I serve here

at Transformation Church as one of the

executive pastors and I want to take a

moment before we jump into the message

just to say thank you first of all for

watching it means the world to us that

you would be a part no matter where

you’re watching from no matter who you

are I’m believing that this message is

going to encourage your faith and

hopefully transform your life if you

haven’t yet make sure you take a moment

subscribe to the YouTube channel not for

us but really for you we want to be a

resource to encourage your faith and be

with you on this journey of following

Jesus again thank you so much for

joining us enjoy the message today I

hope it blesses

you welcome to week

six of a series we’re calling somebody

shouted me fresh fruit fresh fruit say

it with faith fresh fruit fresh fruit

how many people that’s your desire this

year you you want fresh fruit I don’t

want nothing stale nothing old in my

marriage in my life I want fresh fruit

and we’ve been talking about being

connected to the True Vine what’s his

name Jesus okay staying connected and

and making sure that the gardener can

come in and give us a fresh

cut and if he wants to prune us we’re

not going to run from it we’re going to

know that he is the one that is giving

us a future because he’s cutting the

things off that would hinder our growth

in the future and So for anybody I just

want a little caveat for anybody that’s

feeling like loss means that you’re

losing that’s a

lie when God is cutting on you you lost

actually means that you’re about to

level up you missed it he said there’s

more fruit coming I know it feels bare

right now but whatever you think you

lost check back with me in a different

season and I will have somebody say

leveled up and last week I felt a burden

um to begin to talk to our church about

something that is just a part of the

culture around here it’s just a regular

thing and I don’t know what church

everybody came from and how people

talked about um this certain topic but

when it comes to Transformation Church

is regular we talk about generosity

stewardship and finances and usually if

you’re in this church this year I

usually do a six week series on um

generosity and giving and um how to

properly Steward finances because the

top three things we counsel about is


money and


like the results of all those things and

so people need to know about it but

don’t nobody want to talk about

it come on let’s be honest when it comes

to money everybody’s booty get tight

everybody’s lips get chapped everybody

start thinking about what they don’t

have and I’m telling everybody relax I’m

not teaching you something from a place

of needing

something and I want to I want to say

that to you because in a lot of churches

it’s like y we going to talk about money

today lock the doors

like this building has been getting

built for 59 years and today we

finishing it like it’s not we’re not

doing that because many times if there’s

pressure or compulsion or

emotionalism you don’t give with the

right watch this

heart and giving is all about the

heart and some of your biggest problems

and all the things you’re managing is

not because you’re doing everything

wrong you’re just doing this one thing

wrong you’re not doing everything wrong

you’re doing this one thing wrong you’re

not putting God first in your

finances a lot of my issues was I was

just not putting God first in my

finances I thought it could be a part of


list not the priority of my list and

some of you have convinced yourself well

nobody know my financial situation me

and God got a dealing and an arrangement

and we going to do our thing he know my

heart he does that’s why he told me to

speak this

message cuz you’re

delusional and you want God to bless you

with more of what he can’t trust you


now cuz everybody going to be generous

when they hit the

lottery oh when this job come through

when I got more and God said that’s not

even how the principle works if you’re


faithful with little he cannot make you

a ruler over much and today can I be can

I be completely hot humble open and

transparent can I

be I said can I be completely hot humble


okay when when

many Ministers of the Gospel who look

like me preach about

money there’s

some ulterior motive behind

it and I want to apologize for anybody

that’s been in those Environ ments and

it’s not just black people it’s people

whose heart has been toward turned


manipulation and and my team will tell

you like I’ve been intentional about

this since the day that I became the

lead pastor of the church cuz it turned

so many people off from finding out

about Jesus because they all was like

Jesus the church just want my money the

church just want my money and I was like

man if we could ever become a church

that was like the church just don’t want

my money the church be given a bunch of

money the church actually changes the

community the church is actually going

into downtown Tulsa and finding

blackowned shoe stores and buying the

whole store for people and then taking

it to the boys home for young men that

don’t have parents and giving them sneak

like oh we’re going into it says take

care of the widows and the orphans so

we’re going into actual homes where

these young ladies have aged out of

programs and we’re buying houses for

them and actually hold on there are

people with wheelchairs and special

needs and we’re buying kitted out like

Vans and


like and for n

years we’ve been doing that abely I can

stand here today and the reason I’m just

trying this ain’t for everybody most of

y’all know but there’s like 3% of people

that watching this like I’m not

listening to anything you’re saying

because you’re just going to use this to

take my money no no no no I’m trying to

let you know that we’re going to be

generous as a church no matter what you

do what I want you to do is know that

you may be missing out come on on the

very thing that adds

abundance to your life we partnered with

the Pando app yeah and went into the

jails and gave them Transformation

Church do you know we get hundreds of

letters every single week from people in

prison all across America because

Transformation Church has literally

helped them become men and women that

they would have never been without the

word of God y’all can give it up for

that y’all this is

huge in the last n years we’ve given

away over $12 million come

on man I can’t mess with

y’all I’m going find the exact number

and tell you tomorrow it’s been way over

over that but I was being Tammy looking

at me she said it’s been way over that

I’m I’m trying to be conservative cuz we

always error on the side of being

conservative so you don’t think that

this is a hyp

train the reason I’m saying all of this

cuz I’m trying to ease somebody’s

tension to think that this is a place

that wants to take anything from

you I really want to give you this

principle cuz it changed my life from

being a poverty minded World in this

head that’s and it brought me into a

vast place of abundance and as your

pastor I want that for every person

under the sound of my voice I’m not

talking about everybody making the sound

the same amount of money I’m talking

about everybody living in

abundance there are people with millions

of dollars who still have poverty

mindsets and there are people who work

at a fast food restaurant making minimum

wage that live in abundance this is not

about a dollar amount it is about a

heart position and today church I want

to give you a principle that has

transformed my

life it’s changed me last week we talked

about having fresh

seed and I know some of y’all been

sewing seeds everywhere y’all been like

where I’m going everywhere to sew seeds

and and and there was something funny

that happened this week my daughters

like popcorn a lot and so I went to make

my daughter some popcorn and I don’t

really be thinking what popcorn is I I

mean I I literally like get the Little

Brown Sack I don’t even think about

what’s in here and then I just put it in

the microwave but for some reason I was

talking and I was doing like this and I

was talking and I felt something moving

in there and for the first time in my

life it connect I was today years

old when I realized what was in these

packages it’s a bunch of what

SE y’all got a whole ation at the

microwave I took these

seats and I laid it out in the

microwave and I put it hold on let me

yeah let me put this in here right I put

it in the microwave and then I hit the

little double pump

button and I was sitting here and you

know me uh they tell you don’t stand too

close to the

microwave but I always been a little

rebellious so I’m looking in there and

I’m watching this and the Holy Spirit

begin to speak to me he said Michael

when you take seeds and you put them in

a process that allows them to be

uncomfortable for a

season I said holy spirit don’t do me

like this on a Tuesday in front of this

microwave he said my people don’t see

the expanded version of their

seed cuz they won’t get uncomfortable

for a short season they won’t change

their budget for for a short season they

won’t stop buying the S shoot they don’t

stop visiting Bath and Body Works you

know that is a setup they always going

to have a sale and you keep walking past

that same thing and you got all of this

stored in cabinets but nothing

expanding he said Michael if you would

take the seeds I’ve given you and just

for a moment put them in an

uncomfortable position

he said you’ll start to

hear the

change of what’s on the

inside beginning to

expand and make a little noise so I was

literally sitting here watching this


expand y’all hear

that y’all hear a little bit she said no

check your

ears if you were closer you would hear



expanding it caused a reaction that then

caused another seed to say well maybe I

need to expand

too it’s not just one seed doing the

expanding it is the conglomerate of all

of these seeds being uncomfortable for a

short season that makes everything

around it everybody sh shout at me

expand and I read this script

ooh hold on even when it came out if you

could feel

this it’s


popping dang this is

hot and after I did this little

experiment making some popcorn for one

of my kids the holy spirit said Michael

I I want transformation to sew some seed

and I said said okay what you want me to

do he saidou believing

God off the vision I gave you 37 days

into being a pastor this whole thing

that the the spirit Bank Event Center

would be Transformation Church he said

go back to that and look at all the

stuff I said and one of the things he

said is said this Arena will be filled

three times over every

weekend and I said what I don’t even

know if I want that

Lord he said this is not about what you

want it’s about what I want God

and he said remember when it comes to

seeds some

plant some water but God adds the what

he said I want Transformation Church to

sew with that model and I’m like what

you mean he said find a church that’s

about to plant wow and SE some seed and

I literally saw a church it’s Life Point



TJ and um your beautiful wife who just

moved to Phoenix Transformation Church

is sewing some seed right now and we’re

sending you a check for

$100,000 before you have your first

interest meeting Transformation Church

can we give

God hold on can we give

God like Church Phoenix we got some

popcorn on the way for




yeah I didn’t have to pray about

that I didn’t have to fast about

that why because when God spoke

it the resources of this house are not

mine come on God so if he wants to do

something it’s very easy to obey him

because it was his in the first place

that’s my question is is that the same

for your

house cuz the same exact thing we just

did there that happens to me and Natalie

to the tune of whatever he

says I’m talking about before church I

wrote a check it doesn’t matter about

the amount Mo am I telling the truth I

wrote a check before church cuz he said

to can we talk about something else

Lord can we no y’all every time I start

talking about finan it cost

me I’m not y’all not I’m not I’m being

for real for real this is not about the

church I want the principle to be so in

you that God can tap on your shoulder at

any moment and he say that extra

McDouble see y’all thought it had to be

a lot that extra McDouble go give it to

that man well Lord you know I eat two

McDoubles and two chicken

sandwiches that’s the pattern of


like but the only reason you grieve is

because you thought it was


yours the only reason you get frustrated

because you thought it was I got some

more popcorn here y’all think we should

pop some more

popcorn let me just put the some more

seed off in

here I wonder who that’s for uh

let’s when when it expands when my seed

expands it makes everything around me

get bigger that bag was flat when it


in but because it was put in the right

environment it didn’t just expand the

seed it expanded the bag too you want

your world to get

bigger you might want to plant some more

seeds Proverbs 11:24 the world of the

generous gets larger and larg larger and

the world of the stingy gets what

smaller today I want to talk to you

about a foundational principle that made

my world get

larger and more than my world my heart

be more turned towards the idea of God

and I’m going to be straight out with

you this this one thing exposed my heart

it helped me solidify my priorities and

it honestly helped me defeat


pornography I I I know I know some of

y’all want to stay in the same Cycles

but this was a this was a game Cher for

me and the principle is

tithing I’m not going to sugarcoat it

I’m not going taking 10% of all of my

increase and before I pay everything

else before I make the house the shoes

the outfit my kids sporting events

before I make that a priority I said

God I want you to be the foundation of


life so I’m going to trust first things

first and I’m going to take this holy

portion of this resource that you gave

me and I’m going to put it into the

house of God you’ve called me to and I

want everybody to hear me if your house

of God that God’s called you to is not

Transformation Church take your tithe to

the place that God has assigned you in

this season if you’re watching this as

supplemental content and we’re

encouraging you do not send your tithe

here go to First Baptist yippity doah

that you go to I’m just trying to be

very clear for you and you’re supposed

to sew right there if if everybody does

what they’re supposed to do in the

garden they’re planted

in the entire Kingdom grows and y’all

see this is how you know this is not

about me I could be trying to manipulate

and use our influence to get more people

you should talk to the place who’s

feeding you you should tied to the place

where God’s called

you okay I let me quit let me

quit in the kingdom of God tithing is

the foundation of our

finances great so it’s always tripped me

out that people try to give

offerings when they haven’t tithed

the offering is

illegal without the

tithe I can’t even mess with

you is it

beeping I feel like one of those uh like

uh the people from uh Blues Clues what

was his name uh

Steve is it

B let’s

see some plant on Life Point Church in

Phoenix is about to plant I think their

interest meeting is this week

some that means that would be a church

that’s already going and they just need

a little water on Top This is Hot wow um

somebody text um uh a couple that is in

Seattle um One Church Seattle there’s a

check for

$100,000 coming to you right

now we just wanted to water a little bit

the seeds of God that you are spreading



Seattle y’ y’all don’t y’all done stop

it’s so crazy I’m this is exposing some

people’s heart cuz some of y’all don’t

know the scripture that says you rejoice

with those who Rejoice how would you act

if somebody just text you that your

business organization or nonprofit got

$100,000 unexpectedly

brother Phil more God sees what you’re

doing sees what you and your wife for

doing send them this bag of

popcorn should we pop some more no no

y’all not going to be focused y’all just

going to be looking at this the whole

time so hold

on in the kingdom of


it’s so crazy that that when generosity

starts you don’t know whose name is on

the next




bag pop

it in the kingdom of God tithing is the

foundation of our finances I I I want to

tell something to everybody that that

really helped me understand if you don’t

do what’s

required what you

do that seems like excess is

denied do y’all hear what I’m saying

okay um if you if you don’t do what’s

it’s like it’s like um qualifying for a


meet it’s like we’re going a

state but to run out State you got to

actually hit this time in the regional

meat and people be showing up to State

stretching this what we do in church and

it’s like what are you doing I’m about

to smoke these

fools I’m about to run this race and I’m

going win it’s like the truth of the

matter is you could run this race and

win but because you didn’t


because you put the energy and effort

into the extra thing the exciting thing

the thing that everybody

sees and you didn’t do what was required

your ability great great gets trapped in


neglect the ability that you could be

the fastest person

there gets trapped because you neglected

to do the ordinary thing

that’s what I think so many times when

it comes to our tithe and offering we do

as a church we think we’re tipping

God the church was good today let me

throw a 20 in

there good

job but you are 14 years backed up on



wow you bought car after car house after

house put the mat out that says

blessed and then you come to church

judge don’t serve talk about it and then

when you feel really good you tip

him I just want you to see honestly how


approach and God said like yo Mike I

just need you to tell people that they

can have a watch this is the title of my

message a fresh frh

Foundation a fresh

Foundation this is all about tithing and

honoring God

first and and and let me help somebody

cuz some of y’all the 14e back log you

just got depressed right there you was

like I can never I will never be able to

go back and like stop his grace and

mercy is new every morning okay so so

somebody oh my Hey Oh Glory like I saw

what I’m saying today though is great

could today be the day that it be said

that you Chang your family’s


future cuz as a single woman or a single

man or a a couple with with not a lot of

finances or you balling out of control

and your financial advisers doesn’t

think that this is

wise oh I’m talking about real stuff see

you start talking to people who have

money they’ll try to convince you that

you should honor God in a different way

at a different time of year because at

this time the taxes will be able to I

had to tell my financial people shut

up the only reason you have a

job y’all don’t y’all don’t hear me I

know it would be better for me fiscally

but it won’t be better for my faith so

what I need you to do is 10% of

everything that increases in my

household send it to Transformation

Church well Pastor um M Mr to I

completely understand the heart behind

no you

don’t because you weren’t there when me

and Natalie lived in Bishop’s rent

house being in 700 Square ft using

borrowed couches y’all know them couches

that are like

pleather y’all know the brown ones why

are they all brown they’re all brown

they only make them in brown if you’re

hot you get stuck to them and like y’all

know what I’m talking about some of

y’all know if you still have that couch

I’m praying that you get a fresh

Foundation hear what I’m saying to you

you weren’t there when we were believing

God to change our financial situation

and God said I’m not going to give you

more I’m going to give you more wisdom

to manage what you

have and today as a church I don’t care

if the world gets this this is not a

principle for the world this is a

principle for people who call themselves

Sons and Daughters of

Christ tithing is an ordinary principle

of children of

God and if you don’t watch this you’re

not going to

hell see this is what we try to do we

try to scare people into actually doing


right your salvation can be completely

intact and you still not get the full

benefit of the full life Christ had for

you on

Earth I know I know I know this message

with you it’s like am I a bad person

you’re not a bad person yeah you’re not

you just have not taken advantage of the


benefit of living a life with Jesus

Christ as your watch this everybody say

Lord Lord okay so that’s why Matthew 619

says don’t store up for yourself

Treasures here on Earth where moths eat

them and rust destroys them and where

thieves break in and steal store your

Treasures in Heaven where Moss rust

cannot destroy them and thieves do not

break in and steal watch this wherever

your treasure

is there the desires of your heart will

be also write it down in a point your

finances expose your

heart and your heart EXP exposes your

foundation people come up to me all the

time when I do serieses series on

finances and stuff like that and they

were like Jesus is first in my life

Pastor oh I love Jesus oh there’s

something about the

na and and and you know I’m I’m trying

to be very relationally intelligent and

think about them and and all that other

stuff but inside I just want to say


it you can say anything

but prove it and the thing that I found

out is the proof is in the

fruit when it comes to Jesus being your

foundation show me your checkin

account show me your your Chase bank

statement Show Jesus I’ll do anything

for Jesus show me your last year money

statement cuz I can tell without you

seeing in any no no shut up

mm- and what people start doing is


why other well I mean the house you know

what I’m saying we got in the Bad season

and then the interest rate was and like

but then I mean it was my daughter’s 16

birthday so we had to buy her car

because I told her she was going to buy

her car and then oh that that was a trip

to Miami and me and the guys we had a

good time in Miami so it was my 40th

birthday and I had and

N but he’s my Foundation

wherever your treasure not will

be where your treasure currently is it

exposes where your heart is many of us

our heart is in our

house some of us our heart is in makeup


fashion some of us come on I want you to

think about it where is your TR locate

your treasure right now I don’t care how

much treasure you have where is it some

of Y y’all Tre treasure is sitting on

24s you always wanted a truck riding on

them things and so now you sitting up

high but is that some of your treasure

is in your kids

sports some of your treasure is in


bonds I I Bitcoin

Jesus it’s it I mean some of your

Treasures are in nfts and Technology

some of your like where’s your my

question is is any of your treasure


first for God’s

house and if it’s not today I’m not

coming to beat you up I’m coming to

offer you a fresh

Foundation see because this is what

happens with a

foundation most of us build our

foundation on things that can’t really

hold us




lbs that’s a miracle in

itself but if I want to build my life on

this I don’t know if a

career can hold the weight of my

life and many of us let’s be honest this

is why you go to college this is why you

take that program this is why you do

this cuz you about to build your life

uhoh that don’t even feel a one leg

don’t even feel y’all see how that’s


in somebody say don’t do it but you do

it every

year and you’re encouraging your kids to

do it nuh you going to college hold on

wait right right hold on why why are you

telling me cuz you got to get a good

career to

build oo yeah that

doesn’t and so many of us we build it on

the career and then we be like yeah once

I get a good

career then I can actually take and put

my relationships that’s the only way she

don’t want to go to Cheesecake

Factory so I got to get that

money so then I can find a dime piece



oh no no why is it Ral

concerned cuz it’s what not stable it’s

not stable yet we build our families on


God this is how how in the how in the

world do I put the children that God

trusted me

with like I’m building this on something

that can’t hold me

up and then I’mma put H if I’m just

building on a career ain’t no other room

for nobody even on this

box yeah I’mma get me a I’mma get Shorty

we going to be doing vacations

and and we going

to I’m just

practicing I’m just trying to I’m just


to and we going around trying to

convince people if they get a good job

and they have a decent relationship good

they got a strong

foundation and then what they do is they

be like yo matter of

fact now I got a little money I got to

turn it into something I got to become a

podcaster I got to be an


whoa it feels like she say

cinate okay what do I need to go this

way is this way a little more back over

to the left it’s so crazy that you’ll

have people from the


outside telling

you how to actually

that’s position what still can’t hold


up you can tell me me to move it forward

move it backwards move it over 10x my

company move it to this take a offshore

account you can tell me to do all of

that but if I needed to stand on this

it’s still going to

fall and do you know how many people

instead of walking in a blessing are

balancing that’s so good spend their


life winds start blowing economy start

doing is a shoot we about to

die cuz they built their life on the

wrong what kind of dad would I be to

tell Ava or Bella or Gia to come up here

and stand on

this this is what we’re doing

generationally hey look at

me our people came here we were

slaves and I worked hard so that you

could have a better future so you go to

college and you get this that and the

third the fourth and if you turn that

into a good relationship and then you

better get a boss too don’t marry no

little housewife little little you

better get you a boss real estate


taxes no I’m telling you real

conversations that happen with

people so then y’all

can all that sacrifice I did is so that

y’all but praise

God we love

Jesus we give him the glory on

Sundays but Monday through

Saturday it’s about this career and and

in relationship you don’t even have to

have a good marriage it’s a business

relationship y’all know how many people

are together just because they say it

like this it’s cheaper to

keeper y’all

don’t all we work for then she going to

take half and then n no no

no and your kid sitting there watching

generational dysfunction form right in

front of

them but what

if what

if what if we built our life on

something that was a solid sure right


Foundation I I mean what if I built my

life what’s his name

on what happens is now I get to

rearrange all the areas in my

life if Jesus is my Foundation if if I

if I commit submit and make him a

priority what he says how he does it a

priority then I can be like okay what

can I build oh yeah I can

build yeah my finances on

Jesus and then I can build my

relationship on

Jesus and then I can bu my why nobody


now cuz I’m standing on something


sure nobody’s scared from

me cuz I built my life on something that

had the capacity to hold me

up now listen now

listen I’ll still be standing if the


Falls and if the relationship

Fades and if the finances go I’m still

solid on the rock of Christ the solid

rock I stand all of the ground is

sinking say I build my faith on


and this is the reason why so many

people get

hurt and run away yes sir cuz they think

Jesus forsook

them and he said no you just built your

life on something that couldn’t hold

you today I’m I’m offering you a


Foundation hey AA come here come here

real quick real quick real quick real

quick okay um the beautiful thing about

this moment right here is it’s very

simple and this is why I want you to get

this principle of giving cuz it’s very

simple for me to teach my children to

trust something I’ve already stood

on come here o

jump it’s it’s it’s I want you to see

all she’s going to know is a family that

builds their life

on bring Gigi Gigi come

here come here just bring my baby look

we can we can actually sit down on this

come on let’s sit down come on

oo yeah we don’t got a lot of finances

and all of our relationships won’t be

great but uh I want come here but as

long as we have Jesus come here GG baby

yep it feels like

um it feels like this is what men of God


do hear me hear me hear me hear me hear

me is lead their family first I’m not

saying none of these other things aren’t

important I’m just saying could we build


foundation cuz cuz one day I’ll be

gone y’all stay right there

one day I’ll be out of the

picture yeah keep them on the screen and

right now they’re not

scared because the foundation that their

life was built

on was strong enough to hold them even

when Daddy was gone oh my

God I want I want you to see that if we

don’t teach our

children to build their life Mom and

Daddy why are we moving cuz we got to we

got to we got to take care of our money

a little better are we poor no we’re not

poor we’re

pruning I’m I’m I’m telling you we’re

going to get together as a family we’re

going to play Uno no no no we don’t need

all the technology right now we’re going

to we’re going to draw in together right

now and we’re going to be we’re going to

be close because one day we’re going to

look back on these moments and it’ll be

the best time of our lives and and and

what what I’m trying to teach you is to

build your life on Jesus when Jesus

asked you to give up relationships

finances career ideas things I want you

to know that it’s worth it cuz he can

actually hold it my whole family can fit

on this solid

foundation and and I don’t want to

exacerbate this analogy but I just want

to let you know like we’re not leaving a

good playbook for our children to follow


now like when I look at how people are

frantic around their resources we’re

teaching them you say I didn’t I didn’t

teach them yes you did because some

things are taught other things are

caught they’re catching the spirit of

fear around

finances they’re catching the spirit of


stewardship they’re catch I thought you

said we was cutting back and then y’all

at Olive Garden buying extra drinks and

desserts y’all know you rich when you

get desserts like y’all know y’all know

when appetizers and desserts are

happening it’s like somebody got


ah they’re catching the

spirits and and could it be said that

maybe there should be some new ideas and

identity thank y’all can y’all give it

up for my babies they did a great job

they didn’t know I was going to call


up maybe there can be some some ways she

got it she all right take this

one um maybe maybe we need to build our

foundation on say his name one more time

Jesus okay all right so let’s go Jesus

is the only Firm

Foundation 1 Corinthians 3:10 because of

God’s grace to me somebody say his grace


me I have laid the foundation like an

expert Builder now others are building

on it but whoever is building on this

Foundation must be very careful for no

one can lay any foundation Foundation

other than the one we all already have

laid Jesus Christ you want to know who

the foundation of anybody who believes

is it’s right here what’s his name Jesus

Christ so so today I just hope to give

you um an

undoing of probably one of the the most

manipulated scriptures

in the world about tithing it’s Malachi

3 and I want to give you a revelation

that transformed my life I’m going to

give it to you and then we’re going to

go home okay

I forgot I got one more uh somebody said


popcorn do y’all see how fun it

is do y’all see how fun it is to

actually Steward over your resources in

one season so you can be a blessing to

other people in a different season like

you not getting blessed but you

happy all right here we go Malachi 3:6

for I am the

Lord I do not

change that is very important for you to

understand who’s talking the Lord and

what does he say I don’t change okay

therefore you are not consumed verse 7

yet from the days of your fathers you

have gone away from my ordinances that

word ordinance means ordinary

teaching the OG’s used to do this it was

ordinary and now you new school people

have G gone away from the ordinary

things that we

did and have not kept them return to me

and I will return to you says the Lord

of hosts who’s talking he he keeps

telling you who’s talking just so you

know a preacher didn’t make this up this

is not a minister this not a preacher

this is not a minor Prophet or a major

prophet this he says the Lord of hosts

is saying this to you he says but you

say in what way shall we return I

thought we was with you God I thought we

was in the Tabernacles all the time I

thought we go to church I thought we

sing Yahweh I thought we was with you

and he says will a man rob

God yet you’ve robed me Lord that is not

even funny you know I wouldn’t rob you

how could

I this what it says but you say in what

way have we robbed

you his response in tithes and

offerings he said you are cursed with a

curse for you have robbed me even this

whole nation think about our

nation prayer out of

school coming against churches ability

to have nonprofits it’s like our nation

has turned their by on the money it says

In God We Trust that’s words it’s not in


hearts even this whole nation he said

bring all the tithe into the storehouse

and the storehouse represents the church

or the places that God chooses to dwell

and it says that there may be food in my

house and try me now in this says the

Lord of hosts who’s

talking he keeps telling you this

me this is not Pastor Mike this is not

Pastor whoever you think the Lord of

host is saying this he says try me at

this see if I won’t open the windows of

heaven and pour you out a blessing that

there will not be room enough to

receive watch this now most people when

they get right here they get stuck cuz

there’s two things in this scripture

that Jack everybody

up how am I robbing God and I’m

cursed how me little old me I make

$222,000 a year I’m robbing God and I’m

cursed people like ah I can’t I can’t I

can’t deal with that this is the

Revelation that God show me he said

Michael people read these words and

don’t feel my spirit in it says how does

a man rob God he said I don’t need your

money he said this is just the

requirement to bring you into another

level of

blessing so a good dad wants to bless

his kids but He blesses them based on


obedience so if I tell you to make your

bed but you take out the trash and

didn’t make your bed I can’t bless you

the way I want to not cuz you didn’t do

something you didn’t do what I asked you


do all I need you to do is obey me

somebody say

obey and so all of this is and God say

you keep robbing me watch this this is

the Revelation that God gave me about 5

years ago it changed everything when you

don’t tithe you rob god of the

opportunity to bless you

great he’s like oh I’m about to God you

didn’t do


popcorn it feels like it’s

done some

plant some

water but God adds the we heard about

this church in Atlanta that God has been

expanding it’s called spirit and Truth

Atlanta on pastor work more there’s a

check for

$100,000 oh how you going to Rejoice

there’s a check for

$100,000 to take what you’re doing to

the next level and increase you somebody

give God some praise W that’s

hot send them some

popcorn y’all know the only reason we’re

able to do

that is because when it’s time

great for my check to come in and your

check to come in on the 1st and the

15th come on I don’t even think about it


more it’s gone when I look at my stuff

it’s after God got

his this is worth adjusting your life

for because when you don’t tithe you rob

god of the opportunity to bless you you

got to hear what y’all I’m a living when

I went from poverty mindset hiding

dollars in my

mattress keeping money stashed just in

case I run

out yes sir and God said boy if you

don’t give up that Egypt


mentality if you don’t stop acting like

a slave I own the cattle on a thousand

heels I’m Jehovah Gyra your provider I

will make you the lender and not the


I but I had to break

it by honoring God watch this by

faith it’s not going to make sense it’s

going to make a

miracle you have to start tithing

by how do you get

saved how you going to get saved by

faith worship of God by by faith that

you’ve never seen but then when it comes

to money it needs the math need to be


in what I’m saying is it’s

by okay I’m and everybody’s not going to

get it but I believe there’s at least a

thousand of y’all that’s about to change


foundation of your life watch this when

you don’t tith you rob god of the

opportunity to bless you okay so that’s

how you rob them everybody I’m cursed

let me help you you’re not cursed

Galatians 3:13 Christ redeemed us from

the curse of the law by becoming a curse

for us so so so so when he was telling

this this was in the Old Testament Jesus

hadn’t come yet right so he said you

curse what it curse right now enters

Jesus yeah yeah yeah when Jesus enters

in he says you are no longer cursed if

you don’t tithe that means you can be

saved you can be delivered you can work

in healings and miracles but when it

comes to your finding es you’re not

cursed you put a


cap somebody say I’m not cursed I just

got a

cap I I wrote it out cuz I want

everybody to hear this and see this very

clearly okay if you don’t tithe and you

believe in Jesus you’re not

cursed however some blessings have terms

and conditions wow

good no I’mma Be I’mma Be wealthy I’mma

do this I’mma do that and God was like

yeah until you follow my terms and

conditions I cannot trust you with that

level of

resource cuz all money actually does is

magnify who you really

are you a cheater without money you

become a really really good cheater with

money true you a liar without money you

become do y’all hear what I’m saying

right now he’s saying all I want you to

do right now is honor the terms and

conditions and somebody’s saying well

Pastor Mike that’s Old Testament I’m

going show you Jesus saying you should

tithe in the New Testament in red Luke

11:42 but woe to you Pharisees for you

tithe on mint and ruin herbs and neglect

Justice and love of God these you have

ought to have done without neglecting

the others yeah he’s saying you should

give love Mercy justice peace you should

do that and you should tithe on all your


yeah the way Jesus even put this

bothered me at the beginning cuz I was

like you should have just said

it just say tithe my people tithe and

then it could have just been over but he

said Michael the reason that I coded the

language cuz it’s a test

he said they got to trust me and this is

a test tithing is

a I said but God you could have just

made it really really really really

clear he said I

did he said you tithe on stuff that

don’t matter

yeah and you won’t tithe on the stuff

that is really my heart the reason he

said it he said this is

ordinary we just tied

10% is set aside for

God what does that mean for my finances

that he’s going to have to take care of

them what does it mean for my vacation

that I might not take one this year what

does that mean for my wardrobe wear it

again no no no I’m I’m telling

you this doesn’t become something that

you do if you do not adjust your

life and most people want the blessing

without adjusting their life I didn’t

lose weight by eating the same thing

that I ate to get there to get smaller I

didn’t go sit down and watch movies to

get the transformation I had to change

what I was doing and too many people

when it comes to finances generosity we

won’t change what we’re doing and so the

Holy Spirit said Michael I just want you

to offer the people a fresh foundation

and this is what I found 90% with God’s

blessing is better than 100% without

it and for anybody that’s struggling

with Malachi 3 I did a whole message on

it in a different series I want you to

go but God told me not to go super deep

into this financial thing he said

because my people don’t need a

revelation he said they’ve matured

enough they just need a

reminder some of y’all just need a

reminder you got off holidays was crazy

some different things happened you got

hit with some stuff and God said today

we’re going to give you a fresh

Foundation Malachi 3 is not a weapon


wisdom he’s saying honor me honor me

honor me God what I got for you you

ain’t even ready for think about the

language God say he’s done some pretty

wild things splitting Seas like letting

Ravens be the first Uber Eats he’s like

done all kinds of really good things and

he says test me

see if I won’t open up the windows of

Heaven what does a window of heaven look

like like think about like think of that

like like think of your windows like

think of your he said I’ll open the

windows of heaven and then gets gangster

and says and I’ll pour you out a

blessing you don’t have room enough to

receive when you don’t have enough room

to keep it all it means you have

to he said you tithe I’mma bless you so

much that you got to


so you got to



y’all if I could just if I could just

transfer the level of assurance I have

in you and have in God into you when it

comes to this I’m a living witness not

cuz I’m a pastor it’s cuz I got the


and I want this for every person that at

least calls Transformation Church your

spiritual home we are supposed to change

the world not just through

prayer god dog oh Lord I’m going need a

whole series Lord tell me when I can do

it some stuff I shouldn’t have to pray

about I should just be able to meet the

need but if you’re always in

need you can never meet

then I don’t pray God provide for me

anymore I pray God show me who to



for I’m not oh God and see you up there

in a purple suit what is that velvet you

over here and you talking and you saying

and I I know what I know what the enemy

is telling you he’s taking your money

he’s stealing God blessed me outside of

here God told me me to write a book and

I obeyed him and when I wrote that book

it changed my life they just told me

that the relationship goes just got put

in French I can’t speak one word but I’m

going to Paris with the

book y’all Mo you already know I’m going


Paris I yeah yeah he said you got it

Mike they just called me this week and

told me they starting filming on

relationship go the movie in

June y’all missed it I I can’t play with

y’all I I’m talking about Amazon is

making the movie right

now he said you don’t have to know how

I’m about to bless you but if you honor

me as your foundation I’ll call it from

the north the South the East and the

I’ll allow you to find

income from places you didn’t even know

were available to


you the reason they called me is they

said cuz I told him at the beginning I

said number one I want to make a movie

movie come on okay come on I’m trying to

prepare my church right now for for the

for the backlash okay we’re making a


movie not the Christian like I’m going

after the

lost I want them to be watching romcom

and F relationship goals and I want it

to be real to them where they’re at it’s


okay you can’t clean a fish you ain’t

caught so I’m not making this movie for

church people I let me bring the camera

I’m not making relationship goals the

movie for


you I want to cast it into the

sea where people never come to this


but one of the stipulations is that we

would be a part of the movie like it

wouldn’t be based on the book and then

so they going to come here and shoot

scenes at Transformation Church with all

the people now I’m telling you all that

so y’all don’t act

wild I’m telling you now months in

advance cuz they’re going to be PE like

real actors like if I start naming them

you’ll be like oh my God yes it’s a real

it’s a movie

movie she said Denzel not Denzel you’re

married ma’am sit


out not Denzel Denzel was out of the

budget maybe on the next maybe but if

anybody know Denzel you know what I’m

saying the internet is a powerful thing

if anybody know Denzel relationship goes




movie it’s only

crazy y’all know

how anyway but currently to the budget

he is

not what the point I’m making is when I

decided to tithe there were already

blessings God had that he couldn’t

reveal to

me because if he would have revealed

them that would have been the

motivation and remember giving is all


the he says you can’t know what I have

up here because if you knew that you

everybody would do that yeah that don’t

take that would take somebody who don’t

believe in God would yes that makes

sense tithing is a two-way

test and I love this because you grow up

like don’t question God don’t don’t

first off he can handle all your

questions he is big enough to handle all

the stuff that people can’t answer and

he’s not obligated to tell you until you

get to heaven but he is big enough to

handle it

but this is one of the only places it

deliberately says test

me and and many people don’t know this

that are believers that every time you

get paid you take a

test whom will you honor with your

finances every time that check comes

direct deposit and the first thing that

goes out is who you

honorow and most most of us honored the


company honored the car the the car

company for that car that really was a


boost cuz of the insecurity we actually

had on the inside of us and we thought

if we drove that name brand it would

make us feel better but we found out it

gets dirty and dusty like every other

car and now this payment is crushing me

but it is

not that bad that I would swallow my


and turn that sign into a

Honda I’m talking about real stuff y’all

some of the stuff we don’t need to pray

about we just need to make a decision to

honor God with

it Malachi 3:10 try me test me he say

see if I won’t do so much more but you

got to make me your

foundation hey uh Charles will Scott

come here real quick last analogy we

going home um let’s say I’m going on a

trip and um I’m going to be gone for an

extended period of time y’all come right

here I’mma come be gone for an extended

period of time and um I want to provide

for Natalie my wife and um I’m taking

care of her but I want to provide some

extra finances just in case she gets in

a spot um and I’m going to give each one

of y’all


every hold on it’s just an example okay

just an example Scott calm

down I’m going to provide $110,000 extra

for her through all of you and all I

want you to do is give her $1,000 each

time I send you the $10,000 the other

nine you can keep you can do whatever

you want to do with it but I just want

to give you um that money okay and what

if I talk to my wife every night what’s

up baby how you doing oh I miss you cing

y’all remember cing okay


so I’m I’m talking to her and I’m like

hey you remember those finances that um

I was going to have Charles and uh will

and Scott give to you how’s it been

going and she’s like yeah so um Charles


$1,000 every first and 15th like

clockwork it’s like $1,000 $1,000 like

it just keeps coming I’m like okay that

bet I said what about will will for some

reason since

2000 nice guy I was like what I was like

I just told him to send a th000 I know

but every first and 15th he sends 2,000

and it’s just been consistent all over

and I was like okay so what about the

thief I mean what about


Scott and he said well let’s let’s talk

about Scott for a second God she said


first time he sent

700 the second time he sent five and

this last month he didn’t send

anything and I say

what Scott didn’t send nothing this last

one she said nothing I said but I gave

him the

$10,000 what the other the other nine is

his yeah but why would oh he spend it on

them shoes them shoes is

shine shoes is shining no this is just

an example yes sir okay listen listen to

what I’m

saying who would I stop sending


to not watch this not cuz he’s a bad

person yeah yeah it’s cuz he didn’t do

what I asked to be done with the

resources and if you don’t believe

that’s real go study the parable of the

talents yeah where God literally took

from the one who did not do what he

asked him to do and he gave it to the

ones who W now listen listen to me this

is an example of me trying to provide

for my

bride but

Jesus Calls the

church his

bride and he set up a system that his

wife would always have wealth and

resources to be able to bless

people and when we don’t do with our

resources what but he’s given us the

ability to do it is he that gives us the

ability to produce wealth you’re working

that job but he’s the one that’s giving

you the activity of your limbs the

breath in your life the ability have

your right mind it’s

him and he’s saying you won’t even take

care of my

wife I can’t send no more seed to the

one who won’t

so could it be said that tithing may be

more personal to Jesus us than we

think would everybody

stand Hebrews

7 it says here mortal men receive

tithes but there it’s talking about in

heaven he Jesus receives

them of whom it is witness that he

lives hear what I’m saying at whatever

Church you go to if you’re watching this

online and transformation Nation

wherever you’re at if you give

here I I I need everybody to hear me and

everybody don’t stop moving yet it’s

like I got it Pastor I’m tithing I’m no

calm down hey wait a minute I’m going to

restore hope into you I I want you to

hear what I’m saying however you give by

passing buckets or plates or you send it

online or all that other stuff all I’m

asking everybody to do is make God the

foundation of your life not just in

words but in action how do I do that the

tithe if you work at McDonald’s and your

check is

$578 how much is the


$578 not you don’t got to round it

up it’s blessed at the

mark of the 10% and I think the reason

he did that is cuz it’s fair to

everybody if you make 300,000 or you


300 it’s one penny on every

on church I want to unlock

us and I believe today is going to be a

fresh foundation for so many people

under the sound of my voice I cannot

wait to hear the

testimonies of the fruit somebody

shouted me

fruit of making God your fresh

foundation and this is I have to say

this I hear you Holy Spirit some of you

are saying I make a lot of money do you

know how much money my tithe is

this is not everybody but I’m talking to

a small group of people cuz you if you

started actually tithing it’d be enough

to buy some cars and some

houses and some land and some

Investments and God says I can change

this if you want me to sir I can change

the dynamic of you having so much that

your tithe looks like somebody’s

income it reminds me a story in the

Bible where the man of God realized that

the people weren’t tithing I think it

was Hezekiah and he realized that he was

reading scriptures and found out that

tithing was before the law it was during

the law and it was after the law and he

realized that his his land the people he

was leading was under a curse because

they didn’t tithe and so he made a

decree that all of all of the people

should bring 10% to the house of God

whether that was a fruit or grain

whatever they had the increase of their

house they were to bring 10% he went

away and came back and he looked and it

was so much there as the 10% he said are

the people

okay this is so much and the people

reported back to him and this is what I

believe is going to happen for

transformation Nation he said oh this

just a

10% if you think this is a lot go see

the 90 that the people are living

in somebody should just clap right there

by faith there’s going to be a

turnaround in your finances in your

mindset in a fresh Foundation we’re not

looking to our job or career we’re

looking to Jehovah

Gyra our provider if you want a fresh

foundation in the area of finances and

make a fresh commitment to tithing to

whatever House of God that he’s called

you to would you just lift your hands

now listen before you lift your hands

this is not nobody taking a

screenshot to hold you

accountable nobody I’m just talking

about the

desire I don’t know how it’s going to

happen right now I got to go back and

crunch a bunch of I got the captain and

crunch these numbers I don’t know how

this is going to work I don’t but if you

have the

desire I want you to lift your hands in

this place come on father I’m

praying and the authority that you’ve


me and I thank you Father God that just

as you broke the spirit of poverty lack

and low thinking over my life I thank

you for the people that you’ve called to

this house and those father who have the

faith to connect with this word I thank

you that you would start a

transformation on the inside of every

person under the sound of my voice that

would change

generational relationships with Finance

forever God I thank you that they would

see you as the source of their

life that the job is a

resource that the entrepreneur Endeavor

is a resource that the that the thing

that everybody’s getting into right

that’s just a resource but you are our


God and we decide to build our

life on a sure

Foundation God I thank you for wisdom

right now for every person under the

sound of my voice that you’re going to

show them the areas that need they need

to be intentional to make a

transformation in this one area of

tithing and God I thank you for

longevity commitment and I thank you for

the blessing open up the windows of

Heaven and pour them out a blessing they

don’t have room enough to receive thank

you that our minds are changed because

we have a fresh Foundation by honoring

you where our treasure is our heart

would be and father we are telling you

our treasure will always be found in

your heart in your house we give you

glory we give you honor and we give you

praise in Jesus name right there in this

same moment before we go there’s some

people that they need a heart

transfusion yeah you can’t believe God

for your finances cuz you’ve never given

him your

life and right now if you’re in this

room and you’ve never given Jesus your

life today I want to offer you the most


opportunity it will redeem you from the

curse from Every curse the curse of your

families the curses of people you got to

get under the wisdom the life of Jesus

today it changed me I can stand as a

testimony from a liar manipulator

addicted to pornography had all kinds of

crazy things in my heart and it changed

me not to a perfect man but a

progressing man a man who is standing

firm on the foundation of Jesus today I

want to offer you that if you’re sick of

running you’re tired you’re weary come

to Jesus today is the day of salvation I

need the church to begin to pray cuz

somebody soul is in the balance right

now tomorrow is not promised but we got

this moment right here and I believe

that God’s been drawing you all week

even if you’re watching online somebody

brought you I’m telling you this is your

moment right now to receive Jesus I

don’t care what you will lose you will

gain way

more you want fruit in your life make

Jesus the foundation of your faith on

the count of three if that’s you you

want to make Jesus your personal Lord

and Savior I don’t care how old you are

I want you to lift your hand one you’re

making the greatest decision you’ve ever

made two I’m proud of you but your name

is going to be written in the Lamb’s

Book of Life three shoot it up strong

proud I see you my brother I see a whole

row I see you glory to God oh

Transformation Church I see you glory to

God husband and wife thank you Lord

online just just go ahead and put your

hand up in the chat glory to God hey at

TC we’re a family we all going to lift

our hands and pray this somebody say God

God thank you thank you for sending

Jesus sending Jes just for me today I

give you my life give you and make you

my fresh Foundation

thank you thank you for living for Liv

the life I couldn’t live the life I

couldn’t live and changing my life renew

me and transform me I’m yours in Jesus

name Inus amen all over this place can

we give God a shout of Praise oh come on

can we celebrate people who just gave

their life to Jesus hey I want to take a

moment again before we jump off and say

thank you our church is not built on one

individual but on the sacrifice of so

many and you being a part it means the

world so thanks for watching the message

I also want to say thank you to the

thousands of people around the world who

are generous it means the world and we

are able to represent we’re able to be

generous to meet the needs of people

because of your giving if you haven’t

taken the step to give trust me there is

no pressure at all but if you feel led

you can text the word give to 82 8282 or

you can go online when we partner

together God uses our generosity to make

a difference again if you haven’t take a

moment to subscribe to the YouTube

channel and like we always say go out

and live a transform