The church is not just a physical place; it’s a people. WE are the people! In Week 3 of the Fresh Fruit Sermon Series, Pastor Charles preached a powerful message that reminded us of the power of the church. Our presence is needed to keep the church FRESH. We pray that this message causes you to walk in your authority as the church, invite people, and be formed in a local church so that you can produce fruit. Scripture References: Matthew 16:13-18 NLT 02:27 – Matthew chapter 16 verse 13 through 18 NLT 08:17 – The Church may be broken, but it’s still God’s bride 13:23 – Ekklesia: ones called out from the world and to God 15:30 – Church is first a people and then a place 23:30 – 3 ways to keep church fresh: 1. Keep passion alive 29:48 – 3 ways to keep church fresh: 2. Keep perspective healthy 34:38 – 3 ways to keep church fresh: 3. Keep possession powerful Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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hi my name is Bri and I have the

privilege of serving as Chief of Staff

here at Transformation Church at TC our

vision is to represent God to the lost

and found for transformation in Christ

and we just want to say thank you so

much for tuning in from wherever you’re

watching from if you haven’t already be

sure to like And subscribe we believe

that God has a word just for you so

let’s jump into today’s

message we’ve been in a series called

fresh fruit somebody say fresh fruit

fresh fruit and uh I’m excited to share

today a word um that’s on my heart but

uh man I want to let you know this is

such a special season of our church and

um I’m so grateful for our church I’m

grateful for our lead pastors pastors

Michael and Natalie Todd can you give it

up for our lead

pastors they are so special and uh I’m

excited because this is the first week I

get to preach um as the campus Pastor

here which is a

crazy exciting

thing me and my wife get to serve as as

the campus pastors here at a Tulsa

campus and um I had people in the lobby

that was like what does that mean what

you what does that what does that

actually mean first of all calm down

okay take a deep breath what that means

is that Pastor Michael has such a heart

such a care for this place um that he

has done just like in scripture where

Jethro came to Moses and he said listen

if you try to sit here and talk to these

people this is what the Bible says it’s

not good for you or for all the people

come on come on and Pastor Michael would

be in that Lobby until

2028 praying for every single person

talking to every single but what he did

he said you know what I got to raise up

leaders and a team that can do that and

so that’s what me and my wife are here

to do we are here to be an extension of

our lead pastors to bring their

Vision to

pass and uh I’m very excited for this

season uh we’re going to jump into the

word okay so I need you to open up your

bibles if you got your bibles if you

have a real Bible you get more person

more points than the person who had to

charge their

Bible it’s in Leviticus you’ve just

never read that part

so if you got beef go read all of

Leviticus and then come back to me be

like what is a Leviticus uh okay I’m

going to read you a portion of scripture

and then we’re going to take off okay

this is Matthew 16 starting in verse 13

and it’s actually the song we just sang

It’s like we planned this thing anyways

um Matthew 16:13 it says this when Jesus

came to the region in Philippi he asked

the disciples who do people say the son

of man

is well they replied some say John the

Baptist some say Elijah others say

Jeremiah or one of the other prophets

then he asked them this but who do you

say I am Simon Peter answered you are

the Messiah the Son of of the Living God

Jesus replied you are blessed Simon son

of John because my Father in Heaven has

revealed this to you you did not learn

this from any human being now I say to

you you are Peter which means Rock and

Upon This

Rock I on come on not social media not

YouTube not your attendance upon I I

somebody say I I I will build my church

and the powers one translation says

Gates the powers of Hell will not


it I could jump off this stage right now

with how excited I am I’m going to pray

real quick

god build your church amen am all right

um I’m about to tell you the whole

sermon in one sentence and then I’m just

going to preach the crap out of it and

then I will come back and if you’re mad

that I said crap you’re about to be real

mad okay um throw it up on the screen uh

my whole sermon please if you got that

the long sentence that I text you guys

if you could throw that up there this is

the whole sermon right here the church

somebody say the church the church say

it again the church look at your

neighbor and say the church the church

all right the church its people and its

place was dreamed Des designed and

destined to be the primary vehicle

through which God radically redeems and


Humanity I believe this more than I

believe this jacket is green I am

telling you the church the people and

the place was dreamed designed and

destined by God this wasn’t a man’s idea

nobody sat up in the corner and cook

this thing up this was not imagined by a

couple of gods this was dreamed designed

and destined by God to be the primary

vehicle through which God restores

redeems and transforms the entire

world and I came to remind some of us

and to reignite something on the inside

of you to remind you of the power of

this thing we call the

church friend I know for some of us it

is just become a box to check I know for

some of us we’ve had experiences I know

for some there’s a lot of different

ideas and Concepts and Views and YouTube

channels about the church I get it but

let me remind you and restore to you

today very clearly what the church is

all right the church its people and its

place was dreamed by God you need to

know this thing we’re sitting in and the

people group we are this was God’s dream

you know how you have dreams things that

your your heart is full of things that

you’re so excited about the things that

overtake your sleep and that you

constantly find yourself going to sleep

thinking about and waking up thinking

about can I tell you what that is for

our savior it’s the

church and and here’s the thing so many

of us for real reasons have slowly lost

this beautiful fire and passion and

desire to understand that this thing we

call the church might be the greatest

gift ever given to

humanity I heard one person say it this

way they said the church at its worst is

still the best thing to ever happen to

the world that’s it that’s

it now here’s the thing I want to be

very aware very sensitive and very uh uh

um acknowledging of all of our different

experiences but I want to separate

something just because you had an

experience with an

individual with one

place please do not and here’s not I’m

not begging you for no other reason but

for you I just don’t want you to miss

out on the beauty of this thing I just

don’t want you to miss out on the power

of this thing I don’t want you to miss

out on God’s greatest

Dream It’s the

church there’s no place like the church

friend there’s a lot of good things

there’s a lot of nonprofits that help

people there’s a lot of nonprofits

that show up in a time of need there’s a

lot of nonprofits that serve people in

this life but can I tell you there is

something unique about the church it

serves people in this life and the one

to come there’s nobody there’s no place

like the church there’s no place where

it doesn’t matter how much money you

have in the bank and you’re still

welcome there’s no other place where it

doesn’t matter what you smoke or drink

before you came in and you’re still

welcome if you’ve had issues with the

church let me tell you what type of

church we are this is the church where

no matter what you’re going through no

matter how hurting or broken you are

this is the

church it’s God’s

Dream It’s the thing that he loves it’s

the thing that he cares about and it’s

the thing that he said I will build it

I’m going to build my church and here’s

the thing the unique thing about the

church is so beautiful because I I wrote

this down I want you to write this down

the church may be

broken but it’s still God’s bride

I want to acknowledge something for you

you want to know why it’s broken cuz we

sitting up in

here let me be the the issue is not with

the system it’s with the people in the

system so let me separate something for

you you can go to an amazing restaurant

where the chef is doing his thing and

then you have some janky server come out

like what you want what you need or Ser

that don’t even look at you they act

like they too bougie to do the job they

applied for it’s like I’ll be feeling

that all the time like if you don’t want

to work here quit like I didn’t ask you

to do this you mad at me you need to go

to counseling like I’m sorry your life

didn’t work out I don’t know sorry i’ be

going down a whole

path but please do not mistake the

attitude of the waiter for the intention

of the owner of the


it’s not even their fault it wasn’t


dream it’s not they didn’t sit there

thinking about the power it would be

they didn’t sit there dreaming of how

people of different races would come in

they didn’t sit there thinking about how

it would radically change the

environment that it was around please do

not mistake your experience with the

waiter for the intention of the owner of

the restaurant he has plans for you

plans to prosper you and not to harm you

that is the


and I’m afraid some of us have forgot

that this is his

bride if you were to come up to me after

this service in the lobby and you said

man Charles You Preach so good that was

really good hey he was dressed like a

avocado man that was so

cool but you


Abby I just I don’t

really I don’t really mess with Abby I

mess with

you but I you know aby’s just kind of

weird you wouldn’t get weird out of your

M it would be we you would I would

Pastor Charles stole off on somebody in

the lobby some of y’all don’t know a

stole off on y’all don’t even know what

that means that’s one that’s a punch

from back here it’s a specific type of

punch where you ring it back and

B y’ you should you if you ever get in a

fight no this is my moment to stole

off you got to wh okay I will go stand

up I have to keep myself

in you couldn’t

say well I mess with you but I don’t

really want to mess with

her because the two have become


it’s it’s my bride

now I totally understand if you had an

experience that maybe was like ah I

don’t know but but but there’s something

intrinsically connected to the heart of

God and his

church now here’s the thing uh when I

start talking church I know there’s a

lot of different thoughts in here so I’m

going to try to bring these together so

we can all work from the same premise to

move forward together when I say church

I wrote this in in the thesis statement

um it’s the people and the place

the people and the place the word Church

in in scripture it’s a word eklesia okay

is the word I’m going to teach you a

little bit we’re going to go teaching

right now come on spiritual formation we

about to do it right here welcome to the

first formation

class take out your notes write this

down impress your friend in your tribe


somebody come on tribe some like what’s

a tribe oh just wait on

us eklesia mentioned in scripture 114

times times in the New Testament it’s

only mentioned twice in Jesus’s lifetime

twice in Luke the first mention of this

word is the one we just read in Matthew

16 here’s what would have happened when

Jesus said this word he said Peter you

have this Revelation you have this

understanding and now I want you to know

I will build my eklesia and the

disciples would have been like yo

what this was not a word they were

familiar with they would have looked at

each other like eka what did he say eka

who hey you know ekaa you seen her

around I what’s her name ekas

ekas okay and what Jesus was doing is he

was introducing an enely New Concept

this was not a bite off of some other

religion this was not some I he said

this you ain’t never seen nothing like

this before and when he’s saying the

word eklesia what this word means is

ones who are called out from the world

and called to God it’s the called out

ones and this messed me up I was talking

to my friend and he said this the

concept of church that we understand as

a building was not in any believer’s

mind for hundreds of years wow they when

they when they said Church nobody

thought of a building nobody thought of

a place they thought of the

people and this is super important for

you to understand because if not you

come here and you come here here and

then you leave it here because you think

church is something you go to not

something you

are I’m trying to teach you this morning

church is not something you go to it’s

something you

are John Mark comr in his book

practicing the way he says we have

confused so much the word disciple

because we treat it like you like it’s a

verb and not a noun let me explain it to

you it would be like some people use

this language I just need someone to

disciple me disciples it’s not something

that happens to you it’s something that


are let me make it plain it’d be like if

you said I need you to Christian

me what I I no no no no it’s who you are

the church I don’t Church you this isn’t

where why I I church at you no no no we

are all in here as the church becoming

the church growing as the church to walk

out and be the

church you know where church is it can

be in your cubicle at 10:22 on a Tuesday

morning you can start having

church and wherever the CH church is

There’s Hope wherever the church is

there’s light wherever the church is

healing can happen wherever the church

is the good news of Jesus is preached

wherever the church is things change

wherever the church is stuff starts to

act different wherever the church is

there are things that break open doors

that nobody else could have opened up

wherever the church is

is where our God

is you need to know this the

church is first the

people and then a

place first the people

group we are the

church it is first the people group and

then it’s the place we come to and

here’s the beautiful thing in the

forming of the early Church in Acts is

where this word explodes 72 times onto

the scene is where we see church start

happening and there’s a beautiful thing

that happens and I’m trying not to nerd

out on this stuff but again we in

formation class I’m going to give it to

you there’s a beautiful thing that

happens and there’s one Theologian who

writes that Believers must understand

the dual aspect of the church it is

first it first has spiritual

implications the spiritual nature of the

church is that when you are saved you

become a part of the church God go read

it in your Bibles Jesus is the head of

the church and we are all parts of his

body we are different members with

different functions so we have different

gifts we have different abilities some

of y’all are just naturally the most

welcoming and hosting people ever some

of y’all are not that but you have

amazing other gifts that we

need we are all different parts of the

same body so there’s a spiritual

implication that happens when you give

your life to Jesus you become a part of

the global

church that’s important for you to

realize realiz friend because this is

not about us in our Corner sitting

behind Chick-fil-A there’s a church all

around the world that is Raging against

the gates of hell and we are better

together than we could ever be a part

please do not get it twisted this is not

a ploy to get you to come to

Transformation Church this is trying to

get all of us to become the

church there’s spiritual

implications but it is so important that

we understand after we become that the

reason it’s set up as a physical

place is because it is the only

way that you are actually formed to


fruit the reason we come in here the

reason it’s so important that you’re a

part of the place of church is because

it’s hard to produce kindness staring in

a mirror by

yourself it’s hard to produce patience

when you isolate yourself yes here’s the

beautiful thing about Jesus again we’re

we’re walking through what the church is

Jesus did take times where he was by

himself and prayed but he always came

back come

on he always came back from his times

all throughout scripture you’ll say

Jesus he went be alone to pray and then

he returned to his disciples here is the

thing we do not run to prayer we do not

run to church we do not run to Times by

oursel with God to run away from people

we go there for the sake of the people

your prayer time is not an escape

mechanism from your other Christian

friends it is a place to go to say God I

need patience God I need peace God help

me forgive them and then I go back to

that person and I’m with

them come on Sir the

church it is first the

people and then it is a

place and here’s the beautiful thing

what I have realized about the church

is Against All Odds beliefs and

questions the church is a worthy

Endeavor I know it’s not

perfect I get

it but the

church is God’s

dream and I know we all got questions

and I know we’re all real busy

but friends I tell

you there is far greater things about


church there are far greater things

about his church than there are bad

experiences for every one random story

you’ve heard about some person some

person at a church some Pastor something

can I tell you there’s millions of

things you haven’t

heard there’s millions of faithful

pastors who’ve been serving for 50 years

and they’re going to keep serving until

they die there’s millions of volunteers

who had a beautiful experience and

became exactly who they were created to

be in the four walls of a church please

do not anybody sell you anything

different yes there are people but let

me tell you the history of the church

will be on our side we are still a place

of hope we are still a place that

redeems we are still a place that takes

care of

people can I be honest with you and this

is just this is just raw cuz here’s

where I get messed up you know we we

just announced we doing Ransom again and

boy when I tell you I could punch a hole

through that television I’m so excited


ransom last year people took Ransom out

of context started running with it you

know what they didn’t take out of

context the $8 million we gave away over

the last couple years ain’t no news

stories ain’t no reporters searching

around like why did you guys buy out a

shoe store and go give it to all the

kids who don’t have any shoes and don’t

have any F why are you taking care of

widows and orphans why have you guys

bought multiple houses for single

mothers and given it to them why do you

give millions of your dollars away every

single year we can’t no no no no don’t

get it twisted this is the church and

whether they write about it or not

whether they say anything we will keep

being the church we will keep blessing

families we will keep serving we will


giving this is the church we’re a part

of and this is the church we will be no

matter who sees it no matter what they

say no matter who comes or who goes we

are the church and we will not back

up and here’s the thing I’ve realized

about church depending on your

experience there are some churches that

have asked way too

much they try to get up here and preach

you that this should be your life if

you’re not in church every week come on

man what do you do you going to go to

hell don’t expect don’t expect your kids

to love God if you don’t prove it to him

by never missing church and you somehow

leave here more ashamed like I got to go


church ducking in cuz you

late come on somebody like dang I

was y’all do worship at the 10:00 a.m. I

ain’t never did y’all stop doing worship

at the

10 I love you I’m so glad you’re

here but some Churches ask way too much

and that’s just weird and I’ll say the

other end of the spectrum some don’t ask

for enough and that’s

weak there is something in you here’s

the way I’ll illustrate through

scripture um I I like to say it this way

there are some things that don’t come

out of you until something is placed on

you so like being a father didn’t come

out of me until the responsibility of my

children was placed on

me there are some gifts

some things that God has put on the

inside of you that I want to tell you

you will not get from halfway

participation every 6

weeks it’s just not going to happen that

way there are some things that are weird

some of that is weak but here at TC we

have this beautifully imperfect mix that

I truly believe is a worthy

Endeavor and here’s the thing about the

church believe the church is a worthy

Endeavor and there is a way to keep it

fresh I’m going to give you three things

and we going to be out of here and you

can go get you some french toast

somebody said avocado that was a little

disrespectful I’m not going to fire back

because that would be

flesh three

ways I could fire back though so just

whoever’s over there there just I’m

going to keep

it oh gosh okay let’s get back to the

spiritual matters at

hand three ways to keep the church fresh

number one write this down you got to

keep passion

alive got to keep passion alive now

here’s the cheat code about this sermon

I’m going to go ahead and tell it to you

this is you could put how to keep blank

fresh you can put anything in there you

can put your marriage you could put your

breath I don’t know maybe I don’t know

about your breath but anything in your

life that you are trying we’re in this

Ser fresh fruit not new fresh Church

ain’t new I’m not here preaching to You

Like A New Concept of church church has

been here it been here long before me

it’ll be here way after me but there is

a way to keep your engagement your

relationship your participation

as remember we’re setting separating two

things you are the people but how do I

keep my engagement in this place fresh

the first thing you got to do is you got

to keep the passion alive good here’s

here’s two two little notes on how to do

that the first thing is

presence you got to you got to be

there it’s your presence that keeps it

fresh and here’s let me tell you

something something that maybe you’ve


heard the most

encouraging and uplifting thing about my

Sundays is seeing your

face it is I’m

serious your

presence it’s not what you

do it’s not you like well if I’m on a

serve team and if I’m doing this and I’m

no no no no it’s

simply your

presence now there is a difference

between presence and attendance come on

come on come on

break just I want to be you you can be

attending but not be

present and if you want to keep this

thing fresh you got to bring your

presence I was at breakfast the other

day um with my grandfather and I was

telling him and he’s just navigating a

hard time right now his his wife of over

50 years just passed away and and it’s

just it’s it was such a beautiful

conversation but he was talking to me

like Charles I just don’t know and you

know it’s just hard navigating this and

and what I told him I said he was like I

just feel he’s so he’s so sweet he was

like I just feel so sad to be

around I wanted to cry I was like poppy

that’s not true at all and here’s what I

said to him I said pops you have no idea

how grateful I am to be able to text my

grandfather come

on it’s your it’s your presence it’s

just the fact that I had somebody I

could go to breakfast and sit ac across

from a grandfather and say what’s going

on it was his presence yeah that was the

ministry yeah can I tell you you showing

up and just being here with a smile on

your face giving somebody a hug looking

for your seat walking around say it’s

just your

presence that keeps things fresh and I’m

asking you if you want to be a part and

you say you know what I want this thing

to stay fresh it’s going to take your

presence if you’re going to keep the

passion alive if you want to keep a

marriage alive you got to be present if

you want to keep the relationship with

your children alive you can’t just be

around or in attendance of their

basketball game you got to be

present yeah the other thing if you want

to keep the passion alive another note

under that one um and it’s kind of a

secret weapon it’s

people it’s people if you want to keep

your passion alive for the church the

craziest thing you could do is bring

some people with

you when you I don’t know if you’ve ever

had this experience I have had this

experience as one of the pastors of the

church I be inviting people to come to

church and then like 2 seconds before

they get here I panic because I’m like

hopefully they don’t meet anybody

weird and hopefully we’re singing the


today oh come on we got Hits come on

then we got some new ones we’re trying

let’s be honest some y be like okay this

is nice man okay what are we doing okay

like but there’s something that happens

in my heart when I’m bringing somebody

on when the relational Equity I have has

been been put on the

line you know what it does it has you

prepare differently on some of y’all

ain’t never thought about serving or

being aware of anything you bring a

friend you would be in the bathroom

wiping up all that water off the

counters that everybody hold on before

they walk in here let me check how y’all

doing TC kids y’all need anything we

good we got okay parking lot anybody

angry over here if you had a bad day get

the heck out the parking lot my friend’s

coming I don’t


I don’t need no

attitude if you didn’t want to be out

here sign up for a different team but

our friend is coming

today it’s the

truth people bring a different passion

out of you and if you want Church to



invite some

people okay you got to keep passion

alive is the first one or I remembered

it I thought I didn’t okay um

you got to keep your perspective

healthy keep your perspective healthy

now this one messed me up because I

believe one of the most beautiful and

underrated things the church has to

offer is

perspective here’s the thing about

perspective you’re getting perspective


somewhere you woke up this morning and

you got a perspective of the world from

multiple different places you got it

from a friend you talk to you got it

from social media you got it from your

past experiences you have formed entire

perspectives and one of the most

beautiful things that the church has to

offer is a healthy

perspective go with me you’re at

work and you go up to your cooworker

you’re at the water cooler

talking and uh you’re like

man marriage is pretty tough right

now and your friend’s like your marriage

is tough the old lady won’t get off my

back you’re like oh yeah I guess you

know it’s not that bad though ah well

it’s not that great though is

it ain’t been great since 86 brother if

you know what I’m

saying as a matter of fact I was talking

to Sheila the other day and uh have you


Sheila Sheila hey I’m not hey I’m not


nothing but if anything goes

down now that

was one

conversation day after day

and eventually you have formed a

perspective of the person you prayed to

spend forever with yeah and now it’s not

that big of a

deal scenario

B show up to your

tribe that’s our small groups by the

way you’re like man marriage ain’t that

good First Response all not all that

different cuz we all human man I feel

you what’s going


well 10 years

ago we had this thing happen in our

marriage and ever since then she hasn’t

really trusted me and so now I feel like

I’m trying to be better but she’s always

kind of on me and I get it though

because she’s hurt but also I’m trying

to become a different

man the person you’re tried the couple


oh have you heard our

testimony let me tell you a story 15


ago my spouse was in a completely

different lifestyle I had no idea and

then God redeemed it and brought us

together and we’ve been in counseling

and now we actually the whole reason we

have this tribe is to talk to people

like you and tell you that it’s actually

okay and here’s what you can do if you

start doing this and start doing and

just commit to coming back to the tribe

and have you come to Wednesday night we

do prayer on Wednesday come to prayer on

Wednesday night then you’re going to go

to the relationship goes class and get

in there make sure you meet have you met

uh there’s this girl named Sheila Sheila

you know Sheila’s in there and her

husband Derek they’re amazing couple

Sheila is beautiful and everybody be

trying to holl shap but they’ve been

married for 52 years and they just been

rocking and




perspectives and I have to tell you um

if you want to keep Church fresh most

beautiful thing this church has to offer

you is a perspective but I got I I got

to tell

you to get the perspective you’re going

to you’re going to have to get

involved because there’s only so much

perspective I can give

you in this little segment we got up

here I’m trying to give you all the

perspective but I may not have been

through what you’ve been through and I

may have may not have the testimony that

you need to hear today wow but when you

get in when you get on a serves team

when you start coming just early just to

hang out in the lobby yeah we put

couches out there not just to make it

look cool but so that you would hang

out to maybe get some

perspective okay you got to keep the

passion alive perspective healthy the

last one is keep your possession

powerful okay now here’s what I’m first

of all I ain’t talking about no devil

possession demons don’t get none of my

time out of churches who talk I don’t

know why people oh are you worried about

the devil no I ain’t worried about the

devil Devils don’t get none of my time

they dumb and we chilling on that so I’m

not talking about that go to YouTube

going to look at some weird

video I’m talking where where the

football at M come here real quick I’m

y’all give it up for

ma now you stand right there cuz if I

get too close I’m going to look short so

you stay

uh every every time I meet somebody

they’re like you’re a lot

shorter in person like well sto

up okay when I’m talking

possession talking how do you hold

it how do you take ownership of

it how how how do you embrace your

church how you want to know how stays

friend you have to keep your

possession powerful yeah and here’s the

thing we going to switch I’m going to do

what you was going to do okay so here’s

what many of us do this is how we hold

Church wait don’t hold on stop don’t

take my

happiness oh wow don’t okay give it to

me give it to

me oh

Jesus get behind me Satan that’s I got

angels on my side don’t you

dare touch the God’s anointed

okay but when your

possession is

weak it’s very easy for you to fall off

the mat for eight weeks come

on cuz your

possession was then there are sometimes

you know we got a nice little like okay

okay well then you strong


okay I’m not going to fall I appreciate

that don’t

okay okay

okay but you see this is how this is how

I’m going hold a

church come on boy what you going boy

get off me boy get off me yeah you can’t

touch me oh what you running this wasn’t

part of the

illustration that’s what I

thought give it up for


wo we didn’t talk about the running

micaah I don’t know what that was

man and somebody said ain’t you been

cycling no I fell off the

wagon that wouldn’t have happened if I

had been

cycling I’m actually out of breath I’m

going to sit down

how how do you hold the

Church Pastor Michael said it last week

the goal is not just that you observe

the vision is that you own the

vision now I get it this is not in a way

that this is your life and this is all

you do and this is the only thing no no

no no we we we’ve all got

lives you got a job you got kids to

raise your bills to pay friendships

dreams but what I’m submitting to

you is that

maybe just

maybe God dreamed up

one of the most

beautiful and radical

ways for you to become the best version

of yourself God what

if God built this whole

thing where we come together and we get

encouraged and equipped and inspired to

live in a way that we never thought was

possible and you go back out into your

place and your ownership is so strong

that you realize man I got I got so

encouraged on Sunday and then I was in

the lobby talking to somebody and I met

somebody new and they actually just

moved here from from Florida and I I

remember I moved three years ago to be

here and and I was so inspired by the

faith and it just reminded me that man

God really has taken care of me since I

moved here and gosh he’s so good and and

then you’re sitting at work on Monday

and your friends like I don’t know what

I’m going to do and I just feel like

I’ve been in this situation and no you

know I actually I do this thing um every

Friday we throw this party at my house

that’s my secret word that’s how I’m

gonna get all my friends to come to my

tribe I’m gonna be like I throw this

party and it’s the dopest party you’ve

ever been to and everybody’s super cool

and everybody’s super chill and they’re

so cool you don’t have to be drunk to

have fun actually it’s like

way they’re like I don’t know about

that come see for

yourself I’m

just I’m completely sold

out to this

thing I

just trust me if if I I this was not my


plan like the church I thought I was

going to do something else and and like

but this

is is the church for

me it’s God’s Dream It’s all of us being

in here

now here’s the thing I have to take an

excert because there’s a beautiful thing

that God has done in allowing this

ministry to expand all over the

world there are people who are watching

from all over the world I want you to

know you are a part of this

church you you are a vital important and

valuable part of this

church logging on and having friends

over to your house and and the way you

you’re keeping pastor by sharing this

and sharing the sermons and and giving a

tithing teing Nation you are an epic

part of this

church and here’s what I

realized I was talking to my dad and

it’s funny I just it’s like this passion

for the CH church was transplanted in me

like I didn’t even I didn’t even want to

have it but me and my dad were talking

yesterday and he said you know what

Charles it’s always been the church for

me because the church has always been

there for

me I’m just thinking there’s nowhere

else I could have

gone there’s this beautiful portion of

scripture and I’m about to close right

now we going to be out of here by

11:35 we’re going to get out of here it

says this Jesus is talking and he’s

talking to the

disciples and Jesus says are you going

to leave


and the disciples say one of the most

beautiful things he replies he said who

else would we go

to and I’m telling you I wanted to go a

lot of other

places I wanted to go out and do my

thing but I didn’t have nobody else to

go to come on it was the

church it was getting in this room and

when we worship together there’s nothing


it even if it’s not just style even if

it’s not your flavor there’s there’s

nothing like a group of imperfect people

singing to a perfect God there’s nothing

like this

church there’s nothing like being in a

place where you can come in and say you

know what I don’t have all the answers I

still got some

questions but there’s nothing like the

church I heard this story and I’ll close

with this I heard this story this guy

was telling and he said he had two

dogs and uh when they were really young

they would sit on the back porch and

they had all this

land and they would look out onto the

land and they would both be sitting

there looking for a

squirrel and the second they would see a

a movement in the trees or one run out

they would both take off sprinting they

would Chase these squirrels with all

their heart he said But as time went


daysy her eyesight got

bad and say she stopped being able to

see the score

squirrels but what Daisy

learned is instead of looking out into

the trees for the

squirrels she

turned and she looked at the other

dog and she couldn’t see it for

herself but when she saw something

happen with

him when the hair on his neck stood up

when when he started to twitch when when

his ears sat up she realized I don’t

know what it is but I can take off

running can I tell you that is the

church at its

greatest is you walking in not being

able to see where God’s taking

you is you walking in not knowing what

he’s doing in your life and sometimes

you don’t have the energy to look for

yourself cuz you feel like you’ve lost

sight but can I tell you the reason it’s

important to have your

presence is because sometimes you’re not

looking up this way you’re looking at

your neighbor

and you’re thinking man if they can


worship they clearly feel something

there must be something going on in


life I’m telling you friend the

church was a dream of

God to still

be the primary

vehicle through which he

restores and redeems


standing all over this

room I’m going ask you to stay still

just for a few moments if you don’t have

to leave I’m going to get you out of


11:35 I’m telling you I know you really

want a pancake I get it

so they stop serving it too I know it’s


here’s the thing I want to talk to two

groups of people the first group of

people actually I’m going to I’m going

to separate it into three first group of

people is um maybe church just doesn’t

feel fresh

anymore you’re here but it just it

doesn’t have that

same energy like it used to the

scripture says it this way return to me

the joy of my salvation

some of us maybe you’ve just lost that


Fire you lost that feeling like you have

a place to

fit here’s the Assumption in a church

this size oh they got it all figured out

they must not need

me can I tell you nothing could be

further from the

truth if you’re in here and you say you

know what I I just I want that spark

back I’ve lost something I’ve lost the

the even desire to be present I’ve lost

my desire to want to even bring my

friends I used to maybe be excited about

that or honestly I’ve got some weird

perspectives and I don’t even know what

to do or maybe my my ownership of this

thing hasn’t hasn’t even been that

strong but today I want to I want that

back I want I I I need some kind of

spark I need something if you’re in this

room and that’s you you say you know

what I want I want I’m just going to ask

you to do something I just want you to

raise your hand right now if you say you

know what I I this thing is kind of I

need help with this thing being

fresh here’s the thing I want to pray

over you Jesus I thank you for every


lifted I pray

supernaturally there will be a fire

ignited ignited in the hearts of your

people for them to come alive for their

passion to be awakened for their

perspective to be alignment with you

Lord God and for their ownership their

possession to be something that’s

beautiful you can put your hands down

there’s a second group of people in

here everybody can look at me for a

second there’s a second group of people

in here and uh I’m going to do something

bold I don’t know if we’ve done in a

while I’m going to ask

you to help

me me and my wife we are more gassed

than ever before to see this Tulsa

campus reach our

community but the truth is we can’t do

it by

oursel we need people who say you know

what I’m

down I’m down to reach this city I’m

down to represent to every single person

I’m down to show love to every neighbor

I’m down to serve I’m down to show up

early to help set up something I’m down

to come up in the offices during the

week and and call people who it was

their first time and tell them how much

we love them I’m down to I just I want

to be a part of building this thing

there this isn’t for everybody so don’t

feel no pressure of like but there are

some of you in here you feel like no I I

want to help build this thing I want to

help do I’m here like I’m not going

nowhere and I am here to build this

church what I’m going to ask you to do

is directly after service like 10 or 15

minutes after service is over what time

is it now it’s 11:34 o I got to speed up

to keep my word

okay right across here in the South

Ballroom me Abby and our campus staff

Pastor Amberly our tribes pastor we

going be in there and we going to have

our first madeup campus core team

meeting y’all didn’t know we was

launching a church in Tulsa

Oklahoma and if you say you know what

I’m down I want help I want to be a part

I don’t know what that means I don’t

know how much time I got and I don’t

even need to figure out all those

details but I want to help build this

church I’m going to ask you after

service get you listen here’s what we’ve

had uh TC kids prepared they going to

keep your kids some of y’all going to

come just for an extra 10 minutes

minutes where out your

kids but I want you to meet us 15

minutes after service is over so let’s

let’s go with 11:50 11:55 we going to

get started right across here in the

South barroom now some of y’all this

ain’t new some of y’all been

volunteering serving y’all been holding

this Vision down since GCC so this ain’t

nothing give it up for all the people

who been

down but if you want to make a fresh

commitment to help us build this campus

I love to see you in that room every

head bowed every eye closed we’re going

to get out of here if you’re in this

room and you haven’t accepted Jesus as

your lord and savior it’s the greatest

decision you could ever make the

greatest thing that changed my life and

it’s the biggest Fresh Start that I have

ever seen happen in my life and through

the life of so many people I love if you

want to accept Jesus into your life here

is the good news he loves you right

where you are he is proud of you and he

wants nothing more than a relationship

with you you do not have to earn it but

you simply receive it if you are in this

room and you want to take the step to

give Jesus Christ your life I’m going to

count to three and I want you to lift

your hands when you lift your hand is an

outward expression of an inward decision

of what’s happening in your heart if you

want to accept Jesus as your lord and

savior I’m going to count to three one

he loves you two he is so proud of you

three all around the room lift your hand

if you want to accept Jesus I see you

right here I see you brother so proud of

you up there I got both of y’all over

here amazing I see you right there

amazing so proud of you so proud of you

I see y’all so proud of you everybody

out loud would y’all repeat this prayer

with me everybody say dear heavenly

father dear heavenly father thank you

for loving me thank you for L dear Jesus

dear Jesus I admit I I’ve made mistakes

I made mistakes I pray you would save me

I pray you would save me change me

change transform me I’m yours in Jesus

name I pray amen hey can you celebrate

people who just made the decision oh

come on let’s celebrate people who just

made the

choice thank you so much for watching

this message we pray that it encouraged

you we also want to say thank you to our

faithful partners and givers here at

Transformation Church it’s because of

your generosity that this Vision has

been made possible if you like to

partner with us in giving you can text

give to 82

8282 or you can visit our website also

be sure to like subscribe and check out

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Sunday experience that begins at 10:45

a.m. Central Standard Time now go out

and live a transformed