It’s week 4 of Fun Month, and we are joined by lead pastor of Embassy City Church in Irving, TX, Pastor Tim Ross. In this message, Pastor Tim shows us that although Jesus is the only One who brings us from death to life, each of us also has a part to play in helping others find freedom and healing. If this message has been encouraging for you, make sure to let us know & share it with a friend!

what’s up people

that’s good enough for me let’s give it

up for jesus one good time

tc nation give it up for jesus one good

time thank you god

thank you god for jesus you may be



i love you

it’s so good to see you i’m so grateful

to be here with you all and

um grateful to join you for fun month uh


i am literally

the most relaxed person in the world

right now i’ve been on

sabbatical this entire month

enjoying my family traveling and

it’s been great i’m i’m so rested i’m so


which means i’m so ready

i’m so ready to preach

so this is fun month right

so so i want to calibrate your thinking

for for for this day this is this is

going to be one of them churchy days

okay this is

think of your best churchy day growing


i feel like this has that energy to it

like that good churchy energy and then


churched us

and that was all the confirmation i

needed so if i wind up hooping

or moaning or tuning up or any of that


just go with me

all right

now if you don’t know what any of that

means just fake it

and then next week you’ll be back to



if you have your bibles i want you to go


the gospel according to saint john

chapter number 11.

the gospel according to saint john

chapter number 11. there you will find

my assignment

for today

i’m starting from the 34th verse


means that i’m leaving a lot out

in terms of reading i will actually go

back to give you context to

uh verse 1 through 33 so that

34 makes

sense okay but i want to read from uh

verse number 34

reading from the new living translation

of the bible

here’s what it says it starts with


words in the form of a question

where have you put them

that’s what he asked him

they told him lord come and see



the people who were standing nearby said

see how much he loved them

but some said this man healed a blind

man couldn’t he have kept lazarus from


jesus was still angry as he arrived at

the tomb

a cave with the stone rode across

his entrance

roll the stone aside

jesus told them

but martha

the dead man’s sister protested lord

he has been dead for four days

the smell will be terrible

jesus responded didn’t i tell you

that you would see god’s glory if you


so they rode the stone aside then jesus

looked up

to heaven and said father thank you for

hearing me

you always hear me but i said it out

loud for the sake of all these people

standing here

so that they will believe you sent me

then jesus



come out

and the dead man came out

his hands and feet bound in grave

clothes his face wrapped in a napkin

jesus told him unwrap him

and let him go

that was good all by yourself

if you’re taking notes on this message

the title of this message is

he can get me out of here

that’s what i want to talk to some

people about today

in this room he

can get


out of here

i want everybody in tc nation to know

that he can get



of here

bear your heads pray let’s pray over the

word before we get started shall we holy

spirit help us get out of here


in order for this narrative to make

sense i have to take you back to verse

number one

john chapter number 11 starting at the

first verse is outside of jesus’s own


the most compelling narrative

and story

leading up to jesus’s own


mary martha and lazarus are jesus’s dear


because they are dear friends

when lazarus gets sick

they know where jesus is

and they send a request

that should have sent jesus running

scripture says that

mary and martha

sent a message to

jesus by a messenger

who arrives at

jesus location

on the day

that lazarus

is at his worst

the message is very simple


your dear

friend lazarus

is sick

not a stranger

not some random guy that just heard

about jesus miracles

not somebody that didn’t want to follow

jesus but then got in trouble and then

all of a sudden is calling on him

this is a dear friend

to the family

and so the message

carries that weight your dear friend


not a stranger like blind bartimaeus not

not not the woman at the whale who who

who you just randomly ran across on

purpose not not not somebody that you

don’t know somebody that you have a

relationship with

somebody that you have a connection with

somebody that you’ve broken bed with

somebody that has held you accountable

somebody that has has supported you and

encouraged you on days and weeks when

nobody wanted to be around you that


anybody beside me think you have a good

relationship with jesus that if you call

on him that he would he would show up

for you

lord it’s me standing in the need of

prayer someone that’s been been

following you for 12 years somebody

that’s pushed back their plate and

fasted for you somebody that has been

with you on days when they could have

ran from you i have been here with

you i’m the one calling on you

your dear


is sick

and on the day that the messenger

arrives to tell jesus

jesus receives these words

and says okay

i’ll be there

just not now

the disciples said sir

this is your friend

where’s the urgency he’s like well you


just so happens that this is a situation

that’s an opportunity for my father to

get glory

and don’t worry about lazarus he’s just


the disciples not understanding what he

meant by that said well then if he’s


he’ll be well soon

because you know when you rest your body

that’s when your body has a chance to

recover so if he’s sleeping

then he’ll be well soon and and jesus

goes y’all still don’t know

how long do i have to be with you

you still don’t know what i meant

so scripture says that he says to them


lazarus is dead

and i’m glad

for your sakes

that i wasn’t there

because now god’s glory

is going to be intensified and magnified

by what i do next

i i want to take my time in this space

right here because it is important for

us to realize that that that there are

requests that are in this room

that are that that are watching this

stream right now that have gone out and

we expect god to move as soon as we ask

not understanding that god has a time

table that is not on your schedule

i hate to break it to some people in

this room but but but god has never been

on your schedule you have always been on


the old saints used to say he may not

come when you want him to

but when he does show up

it happens to be

not just on time it’s on his


the day that the messenger gave jesus

the message is the day

lazarus died

which means lazarus died waiting

for his miracle

i don’t know if anybody in this room can

relate to lazarus just

laying up in the bed

coughing and

waiting and

y’all sent the message



yes lazarus yeah did y’all tell jesus

did y’all tell jesus about

about what was going on with me yeah we

told him we sent the messenger today

okay okay


mary get martha

martha comes in the room yes lazarus

he can heal me

we’ve been watching him a long time

and i saw what he did with that deaf man

i saw what he did with that blind man

i saw what he did with that dead boy

remember that little girl

and he said

to me

cool me


so this sickness is light work for him

i know he’ll be here

he dies


he dies

with faith

he dies

without complaining

he dies

without contesting



and mary and martha

on the day that he dies

before they can get the response

from the savior

like good jewish women would they

wrap him up

and put him in a tomb

because in jewish custom

the day you die is the day that you get


there is no embalming of the body there

there there there is a

there is a a

a process by which they they wash the

body and that they they they put

ointment and and and different spices on

the body but then they put that body

away same day

and jesus has been chilling

two more days

while his friend


now there’s some people in this room

that haven’t got an answer in two weeks

you already back at the club


you already went back to your own

lifestyle just cause he hasn’t answered

you in two weeks

jesus says hey y’all

let’s go see lazarus

and they start walking back

to where this man used to live

he doesn’t run he doesn’t jump on a


he casually strolls back

into town the same

town that just a week ago they wanted to

stone him to death

that’s how gangster jesus is

i know y’all trying to kill me but i’m

coming back for my friend

don’t think god won’t come through all

types of turmoil test trials

to come get you out of the situation

that you’re in he doesn’t care how much

hell you got yourself into he doesn’t

care how twisted up and tied up you have

got into your bondage when when god gets

ready to come for you he’ll step across

every generational curse that you’ve

ever been through he’ll step across

alcoholism and molestation he’ll he’ll

step across low self-esteem and

insecurity when jesus gets ready to come

get you he’ll he’ll come get you in the


of your situation he doesn’t need you to

meet him in the church house he’ll show

up at the trap house he’ll he’ll come

get you wherever

you happen

to be he

he literally walks into

a dead situation

and casually walks back into the dead

situation and and mary meets him first



if you would have been here

my brother wouldn’t have died

and he said um

do you believe that i can

still do

what you requested for me to do i sent

word back

that i was coming did y’all not believe

i was coming

and she said i know i know he’ll be

raised in the last day

i know you’re going to raise him up

again just not now

jesus says to her i


if he would have stopped there

all the hell would have collapsed on


if he doesn’t finish this sentence all

of heaven stands up to testify the rocks

would have started crying out had he

stopped that i


he said he said i am



not a



and the life he was like this this i i

came for this


she still doesn’t get it

she runs back and gets married mary is

in the house

and there’s some local mourners that are

around and i don’t know if you

understand uh the significance of this

but but back in uh

actually not back in those days up until

this day

uh in the middle east there there are

professional mourners

they they they show up

just to express

the grief that you’re having

but sometimes they do it in a more

exaggerated way

and so


runs out of the house because martha

says jesus is here

and the mourners run out with


thinking that she’s going to

the burial site

of lazarus

and when she gets out there

she’s like if you would have been here

my brother wouldn’t have died

and i know jesus at that point is like

here we go again

didn’t didn’t i tell you

that you see the resurrection

if you only believed

and the

mourners the professional mourners

they were exasperating the situation

scripture says that jesus got angry

he wasn’t angry

with the grief

i believe he was angry with the



it would be cruel of jesus

to be angry that

people were grieving their loved one

but it’s the drama that was surrounding

the grief

that i believe began to perturb him

it’s a good word look it up

see sometimes you got to move some

people out of your life

that are exasperating situations

that keep you distracted from focusing

on jesus

some people that are around you are not

around you with good intentions they’re

they’re co-signing on a on an expression

that that does not need an exaggeration

he’s angry at the moment

the scripture says that jesus breaks

down and weeps as well

i got five points to this message

because there’s five statements jesus

makes that i believe

are going to literally


our lives

point number one

jesus shows up to the situation and

after seeing all of the drama and the

antics and being questioned by mary and

martha he has but one question to

ask where have you put them

point number one where


you put them

now the reason why this question is so

important because i believe every single

one of us needs to answer this question

today where have you put

the thing that you’ve been waiting on

jesus to respond to

where have you put it

is it in the same place

that it was when you made the request


have you buried it

thinking that jesus was never going to

address the situation

it’s a question that needs to be asked



you put it where did you put the promise

he gave you where did he put where did

you put the dream that he gave you where

did you put that prophetic word that he

gave you is it in the same place

that it was when you received it or have

you become so grieved that it hasn’t

happened yet

that you buried it

jesus wanted to know where did you put


because i know where he died

and where he is now is not the same


lazarus couldn’t have put himself in

that tomb

so i can’t hold him responsible

but the ones that are that were still


i have a question for you

where did your faith stop


because if you had the faith to believe

that i was gonna do exactly what i said

he was that i was gonna do

then this man should be in the same bed

that he died in

as unethical as that would be for jewish


if i told you i was coming

somebody should have believed me

where where did you put them where did

you put that promise where did you put

that dream where where did you put that

word that god gave you is it in the same

location or did you bury

it you let somebody talk you out of it

is it in

a tomb

point number two please write this down

they showed him

where he was he said where’d you put

them they said right there

they just pointed to the location he

over there

he said um

i need you to roll away the stone oh i

got to take my time here



to step into this situation

and do anything

that they can do

jesus shows up to a dead situation and

he doesn’t come into the situation and

say stand out of the way i’ll take it

from here

he shows up

asking questions

where’d you put them we put them over

there okay

right in there

yeah with that big old stone in front of

it yeah

you roll it away


hear me

i’m not showing up this is jesus this is

this is strongly implied he doesn’t say

it but it’s strongly implied i am not

showing up to do anything that you can


see when miraculous things happen in

your life it’s because you participated

with god not because he did it all for

you it’s because you participated in the

healing you participated in the

breakthrough the reason why you’re debt

free is not just because god made you

debt free it’s because you finally got

on a budget instead of spending money on

louis batons

the reason why you broke a generational

curse is not just because he snapped the

curse you refused to go back to familiar

places that would make you get back into

the same behavior that you were in

prior to where

so so so you want this miracle to happen

you roll away the stone

i didn’t put it there

i won’t move it

you rolled the stone

away roll the stone aside you do it i’m

not doing that for you

you got to do that for yourself

so can you imagine those people getting

over there

frankie come

on they probably weren’t no frankie’s

back then but


okay we got some momentum


because see sometimes it’s hard

to let jesus into a space

that you rolled a stone in front of

for jesus to get back into a space that

you’ve buried sometimes there’s some

work that you have to do there there

might be some therapy that you need to

have there there may be some counseling

that you need to get into there may need

to be some accountability that you have

to submit to and

we shouldn’t ever put him in here

it seems like it’s harder work getting

out of this situation


than it was getting into the situation

have you ever got yourself into a

situation overnight but then it took you

11 months to get out of the situ anybody

beside me know what it feels like

to have one relapse in

judgment and then spend two years




oh that was work

jesus said something

that blows my mind right here


he has another question that he asked

and i’m telling you this


by itself makes me want to do lap

around the whole church

point number three please write this

down didn’t i tell you


verse number 40 jesus responded did not

tell you that you would see god’s glory

if you only believe didn’t i


you when jesus says that to you

that means he’s about to clown you

when jesus shows up into your situation

and says didn’t i tell you

that i was about to do something that

you could not take credit for that only

god could get glory for didn’t i tell

you that i was going to bless you did

not tell you that i was going to make a

way didn’t i tell you that i was going

to provide for you didn’t i tell you

that i was going to heal you

he said

he said you you

y’all need to understand

that when i say something

i mean

god is not playing with your emotions

and even when a situation is dead

you know what jesus calls it


i don’t know who that was for right


you think the promise is dead

in jesus eyes it’s just sleeping

you think the miracle is over

all he’s saying is it’s just sleep

you can’t wake it up cause on your side

of things it’s dead on my side of things

it’s slumbering

and i know how to wake dead stuff


didn’t i tell you

point number four i gotta go point

number four pulling forward


come out

now listen

theologians uh

would say that

if jesus did not call lazarus by name

every person

in a 100 mile radius

would have got up

from the dead

had jesus left off lazarus name and just

said come out

everything dead would have woke up


now now let me tell you what makes this

miraculous lazarus has been dead for

four days

somebody say four days

not three not two not one four days uh

uh i went to school uh uh uh to be a

homicide detective i i was gonna i

studied administration of justice in

college and and and i thought that was

what i was gonna do with my life i i

never saw a preaching in in my life at


and uh so so i had to study the

decomposition of bodies

i had to look at autopsies i had to

study how uh uh bodies decompose in

different environments hot environments

cold environments when it’s wet bloated

bodies in the lake all that kind of

stuff pretty gross to y’all

dead bodies don’t bother me

they can’t talk back

not a big deal

lazarus died of some sickness

after four days his body would have

already gone through

rigor mortis

the blood would have literally all

congealed to the bottom of his body the

extremities in the lower part of his

body the back of his uh uh body would

have been dark bluish

purplish color

uh the enzymes in his stomach would have

already started to eat out

through the bowels

to help the decomposition

break down

so when jesus said lazarus’s name

he wasn’t just talking to lazarus

he was talking to every enzyme

every bug

every parasite

that had started to decompose his body

and when he said lazarus what he was

saying to everything else was put him



i don’t know who needed to hear that but

when god calls your name he means to put

you back together again in the same way

he intended you to be

before the death even happened to you he

literally says put



because i’m bringing him out put her



because i’m bringing her out put him


the way that i made him to be put him


prior to the rape put him back prior to

the molestation put him back prior to

the abuse put him back

prior to the negative words being

exposed put



lazarus was dead

and jesus called him

where’d he do that at

i have two kids nathan and noah

and when i call them

i call them

because they’re alive

and they can hear me

and it’s because they are living

that they can hear me and respond

jesus calls

a dead man

which explains why he said he was asleep

because if something’s truly dead you

can’t call it

because it can’t hear you

lazarus was no longer in his body

but he was somewhere


and wherever lazarus was

when jesus called him

he hurt him


and came back to the body

that god had put him in

then he woke up

but it’s how he woke up

can you imagine

being dead

wrapped up from head to toe

with a cloth tied around your face

whoever put you here

never expected

for you to get up


i don’t know who that is for but there’s

some people

that have tied you up

and put you away

thinking that you are never going to get

out of that situation you are never

coming out of this circumstance you are

never coming out of this issue you are

never going to get over that trauma you

are never coming out of that pain so you

are tied up

and lazarus

wakes up

bound up

i don’t know who this is for but but but

this should encourage somebody in tc

nation that god doesn’t need you to have

it all together when he gets ready to

call you he will call you tied up he

will call you wrapped up he will call

you bound up he called him he caught him

he called him he caught him he called up

he got him he said



come out



because trying to come out bound is

tough you know


i heard him call me but i i can’t even


i heard him call me but i’m so tied up

in my situation that i don’t even know

which way to go i i i i can’t walk by

sight right now uh i’m gonna have to

walk by faith because hearing


is for the faithful


when you’re tied up and jesus calls you

how do you get up the best way you can

he just





he couldn’t walk out of his situation

he couldn’t walk out of his bondage

he couldn’t walk out of his pain

he couldn’t walk out of his dead place

so he just did the best he can

i’m here to tell somebody if you can’t

walk out hop out if you can’t hop out

crawl out if you can’t crawl out slide

out whatever you got to do to get to the

master’s voice just



he hopped his way

to jesus


still tied up

still wrapped up

still can’t see

don’t know what who’s around him all he

knows is i i i came to the voice that

called me

and it gets to the voice

which brings me to point number five


before i tell you point number five

can we just

marinate on the fact right now

that jesus

has only done

up to this point

what they can’t do


i’m not going to locate them

you don’t want to bury them

i’m not rolling away the stone you don’t

want to put it there

the only thing i’m showing up to do

is the one thing you can

and that’s resurrect

so he calls him

he don’t even go into the tomb to help

him out he stays right oh thank you holy

spirit he stays right where he is i need

to tell somebody god is always calling

you out of something he doesn’t get into

your life to keep you where you are he

always comes in and then takes a step

back and says come on baby come on come

on this way come on this way i’m leading

you out of darkness i’m leading you out

of bondage i’m leading you out of

temptation i may have showed up

where you were

but it’s never to keep you

where you

are so lazarus sitting there

standing there rather

and then jesus says this it almost

sounds so flippant

lose him and let him go



this was the stinkiest situation we have

ever been through in our life

you don’t want to call them out

and you’re not going to even

untie him

here’s jesus i didn’t tie him up


so i’m not going to untie him

here’s what i believe this is not in the

text it’s just i hope the theologians

don’t get mad at me i but but i don’t

believe the people that tied them up are

the same people that untied them

there’s some people that you got into

some situations with yeah yeah yeah yeah

they were responsible for tying you up

in some stuff

but god’s gonna send you a different set

of people

to help untie you

from some situations that you’ve been in

and here is what jesus is saying it is

so strongly implied that if you don’t

get it i’m so sorry for you

jesus is saying that um you’ll never

experience freedom

hear me

outside of community

oh i hope y’all get that

you will never experience freedom

outside of resurrection you can

experience that with nobody else around


but freedom

i’mma leave you in community

to experience

that because i can never let you have so

much pride that you walk around saying

god got me out of everything

and i don’t need nobody all i need is me

and jesus

no no jesus left

lazarus bound

and ask the community


you gave your life to jesus

but in community you get untied

from a promiscuous lifestyle

you gave your life to jesus but in

community you start drinking you know

some some lacroix instead of sorak you

you gave your life to jesus

but in community you you stop hanging

with people that that produced

negativity in you and start hanging with

people that produce spirituality in you

he he leaves you in community

so that they can untie you

for you to be the best version

of who you’re supposed to be i i i

i felt this so strongly in my spirit

that that today is a day

for you to come out

and and

i felt this churchy thing on me

and i thought i was about to be

preaching and running around and i

realize now that ain’t what this was


the church of jesus christ it just done

to me right this minute

this is how basic i am i don’t know

stuff sometimes until it just happens

the church is called the ecclesia

the called out



when i when i was feeling churchy the

lord just reminded me

that wasn’t it

not the church that you experienced the

church that i made

i’m calling people out

from dead places i’m calling people out

from dead relationships i’m calling

people out

from dead thinking i’m calling people


from dead behavior i am calling


out lazarus


come out of your pain

lazarus come out of your bondage lazarus

come out of that dead place lazarus


come out

so here’s the way i’m going in this



anyone in a dead

place out


no hype

no drama

no exaggeration

if this is your message


come out

from wherever you are




this is your time


right here right now

to come out

of bondage

to come


of manipulation and to control and

control to come out from low self-esteem

to come out

from destructive behavior to come


from cynicism to come out of negativity




on i love these babies

my best co-signers

would you bow your heads and close your


all over this room and in tc nation

if this was your message i just want you

to stand i just want you to stand

i just want you to stand thank you thank

you thank you thank you thank you thank


thank you

thank you


so first thing lazarus had to do was


he couldn’t come out until he stood

i don’t believe the the hardest part was

getting to his feet

i believe the hardest part was taking a

step forward

to move out of the position he was in

into a place

where the community

could help him

get untied from the things that he was

wrapped up in

and so if that’s you

i just want you to come forward

you you stood up but i need you to take

a step forward i don’t know where that

is in this room but wherever you are

just step


the place where he

through his community

can untie you


you unwrap you

loose you

and let you go

this is

the churchiness that i felt in my heart

it is


ecclesiastical called out church of

jesus christ we step

out of dead places




come on come on from wherever you are

from wherever you are i feel it

and my heart is so sweet oh it’s so

sweet i love you jesus you are amazing

let me tell you what i love about

lazarus coming to the front

stepping in front of all those people

jesus said loose him and let him go and

nobody said but he

stinks he smells like four days of death

can we get him a shower first nobody

said that

they just started unleashing there was

no judgment

his breath

is death literally

nobody had any negative comments

he was in a safe space

around safe people

so even though he was thinking

he was around some people that wasn’t

and they helped them get to the place

where they needed to be

if you read through chapter number 11

all the way to chapter number 12 the

next place we find lazarus is sitting

down next to jesus having dinner

if this ain’t life i don’t know what is


chapter 11 lazarus is dead

chapter 12 lazarus is at dinner

i need to tell at least 50 people in

here you’re about to dine with jesus

you’re about to sit down with the king

from a table that you never have to get

up from as long

as you live




this is a coming out party


if this ain’t if this ain’t a fun day i

don’t know what kind of fun day you need

to have this is a coming what better way

to come out

than to come out to meet him

so beautiful jesus thank you


thank you for bringing us out

of bondage thank you for bringing us out

of pain thank you for bringing us out of

abuse thank you for bringing



out i got a couple of minutes left let

me just share with you very quickly

when i was eight years old i was

sexually abused by a neighbor that lived

across the street from me a teenage boy

for about six months

and i don’t think i need to explain how

much that tied me up

my teenage years were filled with

pornography promiscuity low self-esteem

low self-worth

and at 20 years

old sitting in the back of a church

while i was wrapped up and tied up in

all of my stuff

real soft real soft the holy spirit said

come out

there wasn’t a sermon that was preached

there wasn’t an altar call given

church service had just started the holy

spirit said come


i had a porn stash under my bed this is

late 90s this is before phones

y’all don’t even know what a porn stash

is you just

you just know the site

we had books

i had a porn stash under my bed

and i told the holy spirit i had never

heard him he had never spoken to me

before that i heard in my life and i

said i got to go home and clean that up


like i feel convicted of my sins i want

to give my life to you but i got to go

get some stuff straight

and then i’ll come back and give my life

to you and he said as clear as i’m

talking to y’all now he said tim

if you don’t walk out of here with me

you will not go home and do what you

want to do

you have never been able to do

what you wanted to do with your own


you still like porn i don’t


so you better take me home with you or

you won’t have anybody to convict you

to do the right thing

in that day i received jesus

and the holy spirit and from that day to

this the last 26 years

i’ve been out of the tomb


i think somebody needed to hear that

because you need to understand that when

you’ve been walking around with grave

clothes for a long time

it feels weird when you don’t have them

on normal

you could be sitting at the table with


and the grave could be calling you

and it feels so tempting to lay down

in a place where he’s told you to stand


but i want you to know

empowered by the holy spirit

you can do exceedingly and abundantly

above all that you can ask or think

according to the power that works on the

inside of

you let me pray for you real quick who’s

coming after me


is anybody coming after me oh it’s just

me oh charles

let me pray


tc nation

let me highlight you real quick


if you’ve tuned in this long i need you

to know

he wants you


to himself

there were two names last night before i

went to bed that he told me to say and i

know this sounds weird but i’m gonna say

it anyway


and tawanda

those are the two names he gave me last

night i don’t know where you are in the

whole wide world

but there was a

tiwana and a tawanda

that he told me last night to tell you

to come


he has a purpose and a plan for your


life i couldn’t even go to bed your

names i don’t even know who y’all are

so wherever there’s a tiwana and a tawan

duh specifically those two names

they close but they’re different

i don’t know if y’all twins or sisters

or cousins i don’t know who y’all are

it’s time to come back

to the one that made you and the one

that has saved you

father god

i thank you

that you have given us the opportunity

to come out of the grave

to come out of the tomb

to come out from amongst dead things

god i thank you for every lazarus


at this altar for every lazarus that

came out

in the chat god i thank you that you are

going to take us from where we are to

the place that you want us to be lord

god i come against every spiritual

attack of the enemy that would try to

block and hinder what you have started

on this day and i pray right now in

jesus name that empowered by the holy

spirit that you would allow us to be led

by your voice

to the dinner table

to dine with you

let it all be for your glory and none of

our credit

in jesus name we pray

everybody that loved him said amen