This week, we had the honor of hearing from our very own Pastor Brie Davis! It was a special Sunday because it was the first week of our new series, Help, I’m Hurting. Pastor Brie taught us about the power of pain and how we are truly healed. All of us are facing pain, but the encouraging truth is that pain is a meeting place with God! Check out this message and share it with someone in your life who needs to hear it!

well good morning transformation

church listen

i am so excited to be here

okay thank you i am so excited to be


um and sharing a word from god with you

today and i

truly have a word from god today

i’m really excited about this sermon

series you guys

heard it’s called help i’m hurting um

we have went through a lot as a world

over the past year and a half

and we really do believe that going

through this sermon series over this

next month we’re going to have some of

our home

team come and share the word this month

that while we’re doing this that there

really is going to be hope and healing

that people’s lives are going to be

changed and chains are going to be

broken off of the lives of god’s people

and that is

truly what it is that we desire and what

we are standing in expectation for

well if you don’t know my name is bree

and i serve as the chief of staff here

at tc

this is my my family’s in the room right

now and

um i am i have the privilege and honor

of working here at this church and have

been since 2012.

and and with this basically my job is to

help run the organization but really i

have a whole lot of fun and get to do it

with a whole bunch of people that i

really really love

and so it is such a joy and an honor to

be a part of this team

i am married to the love of my life mr

aaron davis


y’all might have saw him up here jumping

around just a minute ago do we have a

picture of aaron and i

that we can show the saints


okay with you um i recently have been

calling him baby doll and he doesn’t

like that but

it’s my thing now um we’ve been married

for the past six years

um and we have the honor and the

privilege of not only

sharing our life together but sharing it

with this church and this organization

as you know our lead pastors pastors

mike and natalie are out right now

for the they’re on a sabbatical time so

they’re in a time of resting

and rejuvenation and just as a church i

want to encourage you to

continue to pray for our lead pastors

the task that god has given them the job

that he has placed in their hand is not

one that is light or

easy and so as a as a body of christ


continue to surround our leadership with

prayer and encouragement

i have the privilege today to share and

i’m going to be sharing a word

um that might rock your socks okay

rocket science is a term that i’ve made

up on my own this may rock your socks


today we’re going to be talking about


yeah i know pain is one of those topics

that we really don’t like to discuss


like as a culture but especially as a


culture oftentimes we stray away from


this topic of pain but today we’re going

to dig into it and we are going to

dig to the bottom of it okay so if you

got to get your tissues out if you

whatever you need to do today

go ahead and prepare your soul because

we’re going to be talking about pain

and the first thing i want to say to

everybody just to kind of

burst the bubble i have no like surprise

ending at the end of this or anything

like that

just to kind of burst a bubble clear

goals for today

today what i want to be able to share

with you today

is that everybody is hurting and that’s


everybody’s hurting and that’s okay

let’s pray

lord we thank you so much for who you

are in our lives

god we thank you that you are healer

that you are a redeemer

that god you are a restorer of lives of

broken hearts god

and broken dreams and god

we’re not going to pretend like we don’t

have any pain or any hurt

we’re bringing all of that to you today

and we believe that

in us bringing it and surrendering it to


that you have the power the wisdom and

the authority

to heal that’s what we see you as today


our healer many different names you have

but today we’re leaning in

to the fact that you are our

healer we thank you for your healing


speak through me into me today god open


ears open up hearts let him that have an

ear to hear

let him hear today it’s in the name of

jesus we pray amen

amen amen okay so today we’re talking


uh pain and let me kind of give you a

story just to start off here

not too long ago i went to the dentist

and i got some work done on my teeth

and if you know me at all you know

i have a slight addiction okay the

addiction is with sugar we have a very

loving relationship

i tend to eat sugar often and candy is

my thing

and gummy candy that gets stuck in

between my teeth is my favorite i don’t

know why

so needless to say i’m always at the


like all the time every time i have to

call pastor mike and say hey

i need a day out because i got to go get

this root canal he always

says you gotta stop eating that sugar

every single time

but anyways i was at the dentist not too

long ago and uh the dentist came in and

she numbed

uh my gums with some some gel and then

she numbed it with some some shots

some numbing medicine and she said to me

she said while i’m laying in the chair

vulnerable and at her disposal

she says to me if ever during this whole

operation you feel any pain raise your

hand and let me know and i’ll give you

some more

numbing medicine well number one i don’t

want to know that there is a possibility

that i can feel this pain okay so when

she said that i immediately got nervous

and all i could think is i need some

more numbing medicine i don’t care what

you how much you put in here i need more

well what i did when i laid there i

promise you this one prayer

came to my mind and all i can say is

god please don’t let me feel this pain

and is that not how we live our lives


that we know there’s an operation that’s

going to

be painful but at the end is going to

produce some type of healing and yet and

still we go

god please don’t let me feel this pain

and so what we do in our lives is we


we do everything we can to pad ourselves


numbing medicine sex drugs alcohol

religion self-righteousness and control

we do everything we can to numb

ourselves from the pain that we

know is present but we don’t want

to feel it and today

we are making a bold decision to no


numb the pain but actually experience

the pain in a way

that god can be present with us in the

midst of

that pain now here’s the thing i want to

say and i don’t

there’s no condemnation here we all hate

pain why because it’s painful

nobody wants to be in pain but even more

than that

if you look back in genesis at the

garden of eden we were never

supposed to experience pain

god’s original intent his original


was for us to live in this utopia-like


where we never had any pain any sorrow

any weeping

but the fall of man happened and when

that happened what it did is it brought


and sorrow and suffering into the earth

and we are not the only people that

don’t want to experience pain

jesus himself in the garden of

gethsemane went and said

god if there’s anything else that you

can do

i mean please if you got a plan b please

let’s work the plan b we’re not the only


that don’t like pain jesus himself

didn’t want it

revelation 21 tells us that when we get

to this new heaven

that god is going to wipe every tear

from our eyes

that there will be no pain no sorrow no

weeping no

sickness and that’s what we have to look

forward to but in the meantime

we’re in the in between and what do we


in the in between when pain

is present what are we supposed to do

today we’re going to talk about that now

what i know

is i have a couple different people that

are listening to me right now

okay i i have some characters that i’m

going to just

lay out for you we have two types of

people that are probably listening to me

and maybe you’re in between these two or

you are one or the other

okay we have i know joe and we have no

pain jane okay so here’s some pictures

of our people right here i know joe

y’all remember

uh pursuit of happiness one of the most


movies ever honestly let’s be real he

listen he was in a lot of pain he liked

it but anyways

i know joe and then we have no pain jane

over here wonder woman

these two individuals are listening to

me right now and when i say

the title of the sermon is help i’m

hurting in their minds they have two

different thoughts

i know joe is thinking yes i am hurting

and i need god to help me

no pain jane is thinking oh this may be

good for such and such this sermon

she she got a lot of pain going on this

would be real good for her

i know joe is aware of his pain okay

no pain jane she’s not aware of it

matter of fact she feels like she’s

living in a very blissful life no pain

that she has to

that she’s dealing with at all no hurt

matter of fact she wants the sermon to

be for somebody else

because this is not for no pain jane

but both individuals have pain

both individuals are hurting and how do

we identify

whether or not we are hurting maybe you

are i know joe

simple question where are you hurting

just as simple as that

you know exactly you know x marks the

spot you know the pain points

you can point it out for no pain jane

i have a different question for you to

identify your pain

in what ways are you not like


this is a question right there because

the bible says

be holy as i am holy right first peter

he’s not just talking about externally

our behavior

and the way that we act he is talking

about something deeper than that

see the root word of holy is whole

in other words in order for me to behave

in a holy way

there has to be wholeness on the inside

of me

so the more that i allow god to heal me

change me and make me whole

the more my behaviors and my actions are

going to look

holier so in other words we all have

pain why

because ain’t none of us perfect

everybody in this room everybody

watching online

there’s something in you that doesn’t


like christ maybe it’s your lack of


maybe it’s the lack of love that you

have jesus said to love your enemies oh


that’s not your thing maybe it’s the

control the need for control you’re

white knuckling yourself all through

life because to give to give space to

god to control

somewhere in all of us there is pain and


and all we have to do is ask ourselves

in what way am i not like christ

and x marks the spot

just because we don’t look like jesus

that means that there is some pain


brokenness on the inside of all of us so

when i

say everyone is hurting i mean everyone

is hurting

i mean that there’s something in all of

us that jesus wants to transform to


to heal and redeem but we have to be


that we’re in that number too that we

need healing too

because pain is a meeting place

with god now listen

if we don’t address pain and if we

aren’t aware of pain

how many meeting places with god are we

missing out on

how many times is god wanting to whisper

some sweet truths in our

ear just commune with us be with us

change us and transform us

but we have gotten so used to numbing

the pain

we won’t even allow him into that space

we think we’ve got it all together we’re

no pain jane we got it buttoned up

and armored we’re suited and ready to go

and god is saying but i want to meet you


you know that father wound that you keep

acting like it’s not there and you’re

one of the few that’s all fine and dandy

even though your dad neglected you as a

child that wound

i want to heal that you know that

people-pleasing thing where you just

think you love everybody really really

well but

actually you’re doing that because you

need acceptance and approval from people


i want to heal that god is saying

today god is probing us

he’s saying i’m coming to you and there

are some things that are out of

alignment and i want to heal them

but first you’ve got to open up and let

me in

when we talk about a meeting place jesus

in the bible had meeting places all

the time jesus would meet people at

wells he would meet people in cities at

their homes

jesus met people all the time and often

times when jesus met someone

there was healing that took place there

was some type of change some type of

transformation that took place so for

somebody today

maybe you’re i know joe you’re all the

way already aware of the pain

jesus is coming to you and he’s saying

what do you want me to do

if you look at the story of blind

bartimaeus in the bible

he was blind he couldn’t see he was

shaking down trying to get jesus


and jesus finally sees him brings him

over and he says to blind bartimaeus

what do you want me to do now clearly

we know what blind bartimaeus wanted

from jesus

he was blind but jesus wanted him to


what pains you my son my daughter

and what do you want me to do about it

for somebody else jesus may come a

little more

stealth-like and this meeting place

looks more like

the rich young ruler where he came to

jesus he said how do i inherit the

kingdom of god

and jesus says to him he says you have

to follow all the commandments he says

well great i’ve done all of that

he said well there’s one more thing you

haven’t done

i need you to give all your possessions

away to the poor

and the rich young ruler was like okay

i’m sorry

i can’t do that jesus and left

for somebody today jesus is probing you

and he’s saying here’s where i want to


and if you feel yourself clench up

that’s exactly where he wants to go

that place in you where you don’t want

anybody to talk to you about it

it’s sensitive it’s wounded and so you

don’t want anybody really discussing it

that place in you you think about but

you don’t say out loud in your mouth

like that place that’s where jesus wants

to come in

and heal the rich young ruler had an


to be healed by god

to be healed and transformed by jesus

but as soon as jesus probed an area

where he didn’t want to be touched

he left the scene for somebody today

there is a conviction or a convincing of

the holy spirit right now

you feel him you know what it is that he

wants to do

he wants to confront something in you

but it’s going to take healing for that


to come about we have to be open to

whatever god wants to do in us

so whether you are i know joe or no pain


we all have a clear understanding that

there’s something in all of us

that still needs to be healed there’s

something in all of us

that is still hurting and so i want to

go to a scripture

here a story in the bible we’re going to

go to luke

23. now this is a story

um about jesus’s crucifixion okay so

after jesus was crucified this is what

we’re going to pick up

in scripture jesus has been crucified on

the cross now in verse 50

it says now there was a good and

righteous man named joseph

he was a member of the jewish high


and he had not agreed with the decision

and the actions of the other religious


he was from the town of arimathea in

judea and he was waiting for the kingdom

of god to come

he went to pilate and asked for jesus


joseph goes to pilate as for jesus body

he took the body down from the cross and

wrapped it in a long

sheet of linen cloth and he took it down

from the cross

wrapped it in a long sheet of linen

cloth and laid it in a new tomb that had

been carved out a rock

this was done late on friday afternoon

the day of preparation

as the sabbath was about to begin as his

body was taken away

the women from galilee followed and saw

the tomb

where the body was placed then he went


and prepared spices and ointments to

anoint his body

by the time they were finished the

sabbath had begun

so they rested as required by the law

so this story is telling us that this is

right after jesus died on the cross

joseph a good man he goes gets jesus

from pilate wraps him up in cloth puts

him in a tomb

and then mary and mary mary mary they

followed him

they saw where they he laid jesus they

went to go get some ointments and some

spices so they could properly prepare

jesus’s body for burial at this time

uh in history you would go and get

spices and ointments and you would


the dead corpse in hopes that it would

cover the smell of a rotting or a

decaying body

okay so they went to go get these items

but before they could come back

the sun set and sabbath began now here’s

what i need us to think about

what happened on friday we tell this

story all the time

easter every single year about the

resurrection of cries oftentimes we stay


sunday but friday and saturday did


okay for to get to sunday friday and

saturday had to happen

but what happened on friday

i need us to think about this

people that have been healed from jesus

whose lives have been

changed because of jesus stood on the


watching him being crucified

that’s painful i need you to think about

the woman at the well

who after years of being mistreated and

going from man to man and probably abuse

to abuse from betrayal to issues and

all kinds i mean she met jesus at the

well and he loved on her so

much that she became an evangelist

she saw no evil in this man

standing there watching jesus die

i need us to think about the man at the

pool of bethesda who had been lame for


many years and jesus

walked past everyone else that was

sitting at that pool

to go straight to this man to have a


encounter with him and he said do you

want to be healed and that man

that day picked up his mat and walked

standing at the grounds watching

jesus be crucified

i need us to think about the woman with

the issue of blood 12

years bleeding going from

doctor to doctor to doctor

and no one could heal her and all she

had to do

was touch the bottom of jesus’s

robe and she was healed

12 years of suffering gone like that

watching jesus die

every disciple watching

jesus died having years of walking with

jesus and talked with jesus and seeing


only only only do good

and yet he’s on the cross dying

mary an angel came to her

had a virgin birth it wasn’t just her

savior on that cross

it was her son

she knew was blameless and full of

integrity she saw him from the day he

was born to the day that he died and saw

that he was only

good for god’s people knew he was the

son of

god that by a miracle

she was impregnated and had him she knew


and yet she had to watch him

die the pain of friday

is something we don’t get to skip over

the pain of friday is something we don’t

get to avoid

on this earth what’s your friday

what’s your friday is it is it the

marriage that you had put all your hopes

and dreams in

only to divorce is it the business that


you have built from the ground up only

to have someone betray you and it all

come toppling down is it the fact that

your body

which you telling such a good job of

taking care of has failed you and taking

a baby full turn

what is your friday

we don’t get to skip past friday what is


i know my friday

i know eight months in to being married

and sitting on my living room floor my

laptop having to google

the hardest thing i’ve ever googled how

do i get divorced

i know that pain

that i thought you said yes to this god

jesus on the cross think about this you

sent him

why would you send him for him to die i

don’t understand

the pain and the confusion of friday

i get it you get it we all get it

friday happened and as these women were

preparing to come back

and properly bury their savior

through tears through sweat through pain

probably even feeling physically sick

from what happened

jesus was on that cross and he was

beaten so badly that you couldn’t even

recognize him anymore they just wanted

to bury their savior properly

that’s it and yet the son

said before they could ever come back

and that was the start of sabbath

here’s the thing i want to say to

somebody today

darkness isn’t always the devil

in isaiah 45 the scripture tells us

god says i have hidden treasures

in darkness

those places in us that we don’t even

like to remember those memories that

that we try to act like one of the

things those things that we have

created so many nothing medicine around

that we act like wasn’t a thing but it


still torments us god says in those dark


i have hidden treasures

friday happens the sun sets

and saturday is silent

if you knew and you loved jesus you sat

confused on saturday because

we had we know the end of the story we

know that sunday was going to come but

they had no

idea and here’s the thing about saturday

especially in this culture

what was just saturday to us was sabbath

to god

think about this this this this mess me

up think about this

god knew that they were going to go

through the hardest pain

that they had ever experienced that

their savior was going to go on a cross

and he allowed the sun to set now this

is the creator of the

universe he could stop the sun if he

wants to he’s done it before

he could stop the sun but he allowed the

sun to go down and sabbath to start

what is sabbath sabbath was a day

of rest it was a required

jewish uh law that god had put in effect

all the way back in genesis he worked

six days and then on the seventh day he

rested it was sabbath

it was in the ten commandments that this

is a holy day

that you’re not to work on this day but

you are to rest in other words

god asked them to rest in their pain

in other words when they wanted to go

and cover up the smell of a decaying

body god said stop

in other words when they probably would

have used the next day to busy

themselves to act like yesterday didn’t

happen god said stop

god said i want you to stop right here

and i want you to rest

now this doesn’t make sense to us

because of our culture we have been

taught that

busy is at the edge of a hunter that the

busier you are the more significant you

are the more important you are the more

successful you

are but god put this rhythm in place


as a day of rest on purpose

there is something that god was saying

now why

would god make them rest

in their pain when he knows

all we want to do is get past pain

he knows that he knows that naturally

what we want to do is hurry up and get

past the pain that we’ve experienced in

our life and god

yet god says i want you to pause right


have you stopped in your pain

are you still engine running trying to

hurry up and go

speed ahead get to sunday and not

realize that

saturday was in the order of what god

had ordained

a loving gracious good god

put saturday smack dab in the middle

of pain and resurrection

for somebody today you’ve experienced

your friday you know what your friday is

today i want to encourage you before you

try to race towards sunday

stop it saturday because pain

is a meeting place there’s something in


that deepens in the midst of pain

god had the power to raise jesus 15


after he was buried wow he could have

done it

but he said no i want to stop right here

here’s what i want to say to somebody


in your pain now i know

that is counter-cultural i know that

feels like oh that sounds like i’m just

wallowing in my pain no no

in isaiah 30 and 15 it says this is what

the sovereign lord the holy one of

israel says

only in returning in me and resting in


will you be saved here’s what i want to

say to somebody today

when we experience pain and we don’t

take the time to actually deeply think

what god is doing and saying to us in

the middle of that pain

we are asking ourselves to be


it’s a quick fix right so we think that

we’re healed but

actually what we’ve done is we’ve

altered our life for that bruise to not

be hit anymore

so in other words it’s like i get let’s

say i just i cut my leg one day

so instead of actually allowing my leg

to heal properly i just roll my pant

legs up

and tell everybody that’s the new

fashion like this is just what i do now

no no

the reason you have it rolled up is

because your leg is hurt

so for somebody you’re not really healed

you just ain’t talked to that person in

a long time


for somebody else you’re not really

healed like you think you are

until your dad calls you on the phone

that’s when you know whether or not

you’re actually

really healed from the situation or not

you’re not really healed you just don’t

work there no more

that don’t mean you healed you just

altered your life to have bowling


all around you so that you never have to

go in the gutter but the truth is you’re

not actually good at bowling

you just put up parameters so that your

ball always goes in early

you’re not actually good at it you’re

not actually healed

you’ve just altered your life to make


feel like you’re healed

we have to stop in the pain

and acknowledge it stop

acting like you’re not hurt

we don’t get a badge of honor or be or

we’re not holier than other people

because we’re not

hurt jesus the son of

god expressed pain

he told god this is painful i don’t want

to do this

and yet for some reason especially in

the church

we think the less pain the better i am


less pain the closer i am to god the

less pain the holier i am

the less pain the more mature i am

that’s not true paul said i

boast in my weaknesses

i boast in my weaknesses i’m not trying

to show you how strong and great and

successful and important i am i’m trying

to let you know i’m just a human being

to say yes to god

i’m trying to show you this is my score

this is my wound

why why do we run past pain

somebody today god is saying stop

you have put on a show long enough

and you fooled everybody but me

i can’t heal what you won’t reveal

and somebody’s thinking breathe but if i

actually spend time acknowledging the

pain that i

am and it’s going to make me feel like

i’m i’m out of control

well that’s great because you never had

it in the first place

somebody else is thinking but if if i

actually acknowledge my pain

then what if i lose my faith incredible

because of faith that can’t go through

suffering isn’t a faith you want it at


somebody is thinking well but breathe

what if i drown in these sorrows i’ma

tell you what they tell every

drowning victim to do wreck rest

and look up relax

relax because

when you’re in a drowning situation the

more you move

the quicker you go down somebody today

you need to unclutter your schedule

somebody today you have filled up every

single day

with some type of numbing medicine you

got a party here and the kids thing here

and you got this here

god is saying stop stop stop

you’re running with a broken leg stop

i’ll never forget not too long ago i i

went to run

at a park and what i would typically do

when i did this run i would i would run

a mile then i’d walk them out then i’d

run another mount

and i get there i run the mile and i’m

starting my walk and i feel this really

tightness in my chest

and i was like i felt the holy spirit

say do not run again

until that is gone that pain is gone

well i’m like okay cool i got a mouth i

can do this i’ll just walk for a mound

then i’ll run again

so i start walking and i’m getting

closer to the end of that mouth and i


this pain is not going away like i’m not

going to be able to finish my

typical routine of my exercise that i do

and and i’ve still felt the holy spirit


like do not and i have all these racing

thoughts in my head i’ll be 100 with


all i’m thinking is i mean all these

people running past me there’s no way


if i was running i’d be besting all them

up right now i’m thinking of all these

different things but i knew

that i needed to recover

i knew i needed to rest before i ran


somebody is running without recovering

maybe even doing the work of the

ministry without recovering

maybe parenting your kids without


trying to be the best employee at your

job without recovering

trying to help everybody else but you


haven’t recovered resting is to

recover is to say god here is where i’m

broken and i need you

right here and it creates a meeting


jesus said come to me

everybody that has heavy burdens and i

will give you

rest true maturity in god

is to be able to rest in the midst

of your pain to not try to work it out

fix it

pull your bootstraps up and keep on


god ain’t asking us to do that we put

that on ourselves

god has never asked us to do that so

sabbath this idea sabbath

and what jesus what god required the


of god to do after jesus crucifixion was


he asked them to rest in the midst of

their pain

the second thing sabbath is for is for


not only did he ask them to rest in the

midst of their pain he asked them

return to me

i think um what i love about sabbath and

i practice sabbath on a weekly basis but

this idea and this principle of sabbath

is something that that i’m trying to

explain today

what i love about it is it’s a day


focused on god

you don’t get to use your titles or your

significance out in the real world or

whatever like on this day

all we are is a son and a daughter of

god and he is who he is on sabbath this

idea of sabbath what god was saying is i

want you to rest and i want you to


to me oftentimes if you watch a child

when they go to play with some friends

they’ll go out they’ll play with their

friends and then they come back to their

parent every now and then

and this is this is a part of psychology

101 it just helps you

the child to know that they are still in

a safe environment even though they’re

going go

out to play with everybody else they

come back they just return to their


if you’re a parent you’ve seen this just

to make sure that they’re still safe and

taken care of

this is what god is asking us to do in

the midst

of pain return to me

god when pain happens we run everywhere

we run to all kinds of people we run

to all kinds of false healing we run to

all kinds of ways of being in all kinds

of addictions and god is saying

i just want you to return

to me you return to your own identity as

being a son

and a daughter of god but you also

return to god

because here’s what we know if healing

if we were able to heal ourselves we

would have done it already

healing and transformation is totally


of our jurisdiction it’s not our lane

that is only what god can do

so when we run to other things and other

people and even ourselves

to get healed we’re wasting our time the

only thing

the only person that can actually heal

us is god so what he’s saying is

return to me not because he’s some

egomaniac deity

he’s saying i’m the only thing that

could heal you

i’m the only thing that’s going to set

you free i’m the only thing

that has the ability to do anything

about what you’re going through

so return to me we’re reminding

ourselves when we return to god

that he is our healer that he is our


that our god is our deliverer

and somebody today as you are becoming

or are

already aware of your pain and your hurt

god is asking you stop and come here

like a child that went out to play with

his friends

come back to remind yourself

that you’re taken care of that i’m

already here that i already have a plan

to heal you come back to me

if god thought that if he put us into

an enchanted sleep and allowed us to

sleep past

all the pain of the world or or to go


forget all the pain that has happened if

he thought that was good for us

he would have done it but he allows us

to experience

pain because he knows that there’s

something in it

for us for somebody today you have been

really really brave very brave

you’ve had your armor suited up you


you’ve shown everybody how resilient you

are that’s one of those words that we

hold on to i’m resilient

today god is saying i want you to take

one more step of bravery

and i want you to come to me and

surrender the pain

surrendering of the pain returning to


it’s deciding that you can’t do anything

about it

that takes confidence

that takes bravery that takes tenacity

to know

that as much as i want to do something

about this i know

i actually can’t so all i’m going to do

is give it over to you all i’m going to

do is

give it over to you this is one of the

reasons why when people go through

like aaa or or some type of recovery


that it can be so successful is because

you get to a point

of dependence sabbath

is a day of dependence

what god did in the midst of the hurting

and the brokenness of

jesus dying on the cross he asked his


don’t try to outwork this don’t try to

fix this

depend on me

now what they probably wanted to do was

either go

and anoint jesus’s body maybe they

wanted to go everybody surround the tomb

and walk around it like jericho and

we’re going to pray them out of here and

we’re going to raise jesus back from the


god says stop rest right there

and give it to me somebody today god you

have done

everything that you can do to fix the

situation god is saying stop

and bring it to me i want to do

something about it

you know why god didn’t allow

the women to make it all the way back to

the tomb he allowed the sun to set

and sabbath started so they had to rest

do you know why

because what they were coming to do was


the tomb prepared jesus’s body in case

of decay and writing

that they were coming to make sure that

they covered up the smell

of a rotten body but god knew from the


when jesus went to the cross that he

wasn’t going right there

he knew from the time that jesus went to

the garden of gethsemane and was praying

for him he knew from the junk that he

was going to resurrect jesus

from the dead and what i want to say to

somebody is

you can rest here why because you are

not going to right here

that we know our god is a resurrector

that he is a healer so you can go ahead

and take

the weight off of yourself baby you

don’t have to fix it no more

go ahead and stop right here and

surrender this to god

and allow him the space to heal because

our god

knows he knew there was no spices and no

ointment that was necessary jesus wasn’t

going to be there long

and for somebody today our god is saying

to you

you can rest right here because i

promise you

i’m not going to leave you here

for those of us that maybe have


with the idea of pain i just want to

nudge you

in one direction today rest

and return but breathe it feels so hard

it’s so difficult rest and return

but brie i think if i do this and this

and this i could probably fix this

rest and return but it feels like i’m


nothing it feels like i’m not i’m not

worth anything if i’m not doing anything

about it rest

and return

that’s all god is asking healing

and resurrection is on its way

but before we get there we have to stop

a saturday

this day wasn’t just a normal day of the


it was a holy day could it be that

some of the most holiest moments that we

share with god

is in the midst of our pain

resurrection was going to come we were

going to shout and sing because jesus

was coming back from the dead but

but before we get there god wants to

meet you

on saturday he wants to meet you right


right here where you can’t control the

tears they just

come right here where it makes you sick

to your stomach even thinking about what

happened to you

he wants to meet you right there right

there that thing

that you haven’t told anybody not even

your wife

or your husband he wants to meet you



you know how good our god is

he’s so good that even in the bad times

he is all that we need

he’s so good that he doesn’t say i just

want to be a part of the happy moments

of your life like

some of our friends may be no no god


i want to be right here with you

for somebody today rest

and return hear me

you have done enough you have done


you have tried you have you have

worked your fingers to the bone you have

white-knuckled yourself through life

god is saying stop you don’t have to

perform for me

you don’t got to fix yourself and

everybody else that’s connected to you


right there and rest in me

and return to me

and resting and returning we shall be


the saturday sabbath after jesus is dead

was significant prior to jesus dying on

the cross

there was a yearly event called the day

of atonement

and on the tenth day of the seventh

month of every year on this day

no one could work and the priests would

sacrifice animals to reconcile

the people to god it was an act of


and returning they rested in god by

acknowledging their pain and their sin

and they returned to god in repentance

and in worship the nickname for this day

of atonement was

the sabbath of sabbaths then jesus died

and my god it changed everything

jesus’s death signified the final


meaning because of his death jesus

reconciled us to god

forever the priests were no longer

needed to speak to god

on our behalf jesus was the bridge to

god the blood of animals were no longer

needed jesus blood

was a final sacrifice essentially

the saturday following jesus death was

the ultimate

sabbath of sabbaths because of jesus’s


all we had to do was return to god what

he always wanted

ourselves today

return your pain return your hurt

return your sorrow

because it’s in our returning that we

will find



are you hurting and broken within

overwhelmed by the weight of

sin jesus is calling






forgiveness was


the father’s arms are open


the precious blood of




the pressure




today in the midst of our pain

we’re resting and returning god

every person under the sound of my voice

every person god that has heard your

word today lord

god we’re tired we’re tired of trying to

make it work on our own

we’re tired of ignoring the pain god

today we acknowledge

our pain we acknowledge where we’re

hurting god

and we return to you we surrender it

over to you lord jesus

because we know that only you

can heal it you’re the only one

you’re the only one that can heal our

pain god

so help we are hurting

and we know that in the midst of that

that’s right where you want to meet us

maybe today you have listened to this


and you know that you want an intimate

relationship with jesus maybe

today you want to receive the gift of

salvation one that has

completely changed all of our lives

today if that’s you i want you to say

this prayer with me

i want you to the bible tells us that

all we have to do is confess with our

mouths and believe in our hearts and so

we’re going to confess this

through a prayer so pray this prayer

with me

lord today i freely receive

the gift of salvation


i believe that jesus

died on the cross and resurrected

on the third day forgive me

cleanse me transform me

it’s in the name of jesus amen

amen amen hey if you

receive that gift of salvation today

we want you to text the number to the

text save to the number that’s on the


what we know is that god wants to meet

you right where

you are and we are rejoicing with you

but today before we go

i know this is a tough message

this is one that that you’re not going

to shout a man from the rooftops the

whole time i get it

but what i do know is right where you

are god wants to meet you

here’s my encouragement to you don’t

rush past this moment

don’t hurry up and move on to the rest

of what your day is stop

right there it’s in resting and


that we shall be saved we love you guys

so much

go out and live a transformed life